Training Center [HINES]


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Jenny’s First Day Begins: Miss Danvoksi, the very efficient Assistant for Arrivals at the Training Center, watched as Maid 23 prepared to march Jenny off to her assigned cell. Of course Maid 23 just had to add her own punishment to that that had already been applied to the new girl.

Once a new girl arrived, her tender, untried body would be constantly whipped, paddled and caned by all the Maids and Mistresses at the Center; that was the best way to rid them of any hope and to rip away their spirits.

The Center’s Mistresses and Maids were experts at the art of inflicting extensive punishments without leaving any permanent markings. The Training Center specialized in the preparation of innocent young maidens for a life of slavery. The moneyed interests who were the customers demanded the slaves be thoroughly broken – but without markings or scarrings of any kind.

The Experienced ladies who wielded the leather and the wood were among the best at what they did.

Jenny was being taken to her cell where Maiden 23 would immediately begin her sessions of hard, merciless beatings and humiliation; hours of it.

Things would only calm down when the Maiden would tire from her efforts and allow Jenny tongue to make things feel all better…

Miss Donvoksi fingered her wet pussy at the thought of her upcoming visit to Jenny’s cell that night. Jenny would be frightened and weeping after all she would have gone through in the next twelve hours or so. Miss Donvoksi would provide Jenny with the comfort of her needy, shaven cunt for Jenny to lick and worship.

A new girl was always willing to do the nastiest kinds of pussy eating, just as she was instructed.

УYouТll be a good little obedient cunt, wonТt you Jenny? We and I gonna spend some quality time togetherЕ. ItТs gonna be a long, wet night for you. Mostly for your faceЕ gonna teach you a lot of tricks youТve never heard of before. You wonТt like any of themЕ but IТm a very patient trainer. And like them or not, youТll end up mastering all of themЕФ


Mistress Anna Makes an Advanced Sale: Mistress Anna Ranski was one of the three Ranski sisters who had long owned the Training Center and who oversaw every detail of it’s daily operations.

Known as very serious owners with very serious and dangerous friends, the Ranskis has run their business since they were in their 20’s, in their Eastern Europe beginnings. Now they had relocated to another locale entirely, a place that afforded them protection and access to transportation links that helped in the logistics of moving slaves.

The usual way of the Center was for sales of broken slaves to be held once a month. That was when the hoard of anxious, eager customers arrived and bid against each other for the slaves who had been prepared just for them.

But there were some exceptions, of course; like now, when Mrs. Nordal had arrived early with an offer of a payment in vintage gold coins for the privilege of being able to make an advance bid on a certain slave. Anna Ranski was always willing to make a good deal…

“So this one is the girl that you’re so interested in buying for yourself?” Mistress Anna eyed the small bag of clinking gold coins in Mrs. Nordal’s hands.

“Yes. I couldn’t take the chance of anyone else being able to buy her. Can we make a deal for her?”

“Of course. It depends on just what your bid is.”

“My bid is two hundred thousand, U.S. Is that alright with you?”

Mistress Ranksi was somewhat taken aback by Mrs. Nordal’s offer. “It’s more than alright. One which I cannot refuse!”

“May I ask why you are willing to pay so much for this slave?” Mistress Ranski was curious. УIt’s simple. She’s my niece. I hated her no-good father and mother. I want her to spend the rest of her life eating and licking all my holes….”


Jenny’s Second Day of Suffering: it was only her second day of captivity but Jenny was already thinking about the ‘whys’ and “‘hows’ of her circumstances less and less each hour.

More and more, the only thing that managed to stay on her mind was the pain that came constantly, almost non-stop, from the relentless whippings at the hands of the Maidens.

The Maidens, confirmed lesbian sadists that they were, had chosen Jenny as their favored target among all the other captives. Jenny had long gone past the begging and crying; her mind was numbing now, getting less and less aware of anything other than the hurtful impact of each Maid-inflicted blow.

“Ohhhhhhh……,” Jenny’s voice was now hoarse from all the screaming. She was becoming less aware of her surroundings now…

“Be careful,” Maiden 27 warned the two others who were joining in this session on Jenny. “I can see a couple of purple marks on her. Gotta be more careful….!”

Maiden 35 scoffed mightily. “Speak for yourself! My whipping doesn’t even make red marks, only a lot of pink that fades after an hour!”

“Same here, No.27,” Maiden 15 put in. “I’ve been doing this since 1998 and none of my bitches have had any permanent marks!”

“Okay, okay,” No. 27 conceded, not wanting an argument. “I just saying that if those purple marks get any darker on this one, we’re all going to be in a lot of trouble! The Ranski Sisters will deduct her value out of our own payments if they think she’s too damaged!”

” Anyway we can finish whipping this one after a few more minutes. My arm hurts, IТm starting to feel tiredЕ” said Maiden 15.

“Okay, just a few more,” agreed Maiden 27. “Then I going to have fun breaking her cherry with my trusty, industrial-strength strapon!”

A Double Strap-on Penetration

Jenny felt as if she was being split apart as the two visiting dykes shared her between their oversized strap-ons. She had ungone many strap-on fucks from her Maiden Trainers over the past couple of weeks, but never had she been subjected to a double penetration fucking! Jenny wanted to scream but the pain was so intense that it was all she could do to manage breathing as the two long dildoes screwed her two aching holes.

“Hold her still! In position! Yeah-h-h-h…Just like that!”

Mistress 145’s voice was gruff as she pushed her strapon even further up poor Jenny’s ass. Mistress 145 loved teaming with her lesbian buddy, Mistress 78, in double-fucking a slave before she was thoroughly broken in. Nothing like seeing and hearing the torment in a young slave girl as their two artificial cocks pounded her. Sometimes they got too rough and injured the slave and had to pay whatever the Ranski Sisters demanded for their loss – but 145 and 78 could well afford it; they both looked forward to their monthly fuck-journeys to the Center.

“What’s the matter, girlie? Can’t you take it? You know you can! You just have to get used to it,” Mistress 78 half-cooed to the distressed Jenny, who she held firmly in place as Mistress 145 began slamming Jenny’s asshole with her big strap-on.

“Ahhhhh…! Ahhhhhhh….!!!” Jenny’s eyes were unfocused now from her agony. Mistress 145 started to also whack Jenny’s butt while she slammed her asshole with her big strap-on. “Yeah, sweetie, we’re going to drive you crazy tonight! After taking it from the both of us, you’ll hate to do it with any man!”


Jenny’s Turn for Toilet Duty

Jenny had undergone through so much pain and punishment over the past three months!

She was almost ready to be declared as ‘Broken’, therefore eligible for being put up for sale. But there were other standards, some say much more important standards that Jenny -now known only as ‘No. 35’- had to be judged on before being granted the honor of being a slave.

Jenny (No. 35) had not been beaten or dyke-fucked for three days. She now missed the pain. She wondered if perhaps she had done something wrong, if she had somehow did something to displease one of her lesbian Trainers or Mistresses and if they were preparing something even worse -and final- for her.

But she needn’t had worried. For No. 35, it was merely time for her to enter another phase of her Training: Acceptance and Humility. She had learned to endure whatever pain inflicted on her without complaint. Now she was to be trained in the joys of humiliation. No. 35 must not only accept humiliation, she must be taught to need to be humiliation. Her future Masters or Mistresses would have so many shameful, disgusting and humiliating things for her to do.

She only began to understand the true depths of the humiliation in store for her when she was taken to meet Maiden ShoRhonda down in the Toilets. Maiden ShoRhonda was so glad to meet her…

“So this is my new little student,” Maiden ShoRhonda said as she drew Slave No. 35 close to her. “Kiss me, honey, you’re so pretty!. After my other student here gets through cleaning out my asshole, you’ll take over her duties. I just know you’ll do a good job!”


Slave No 35 is Judged To Be Worthy

It had been along 6 months of captivity for Slave 35; so many things had happened ; so many things had been done to her. She now couldn’t remember her original name, only the ‘Slave 35’ name that they had given her. Her owner would name her as he or she pleased. T he word around the Center was that Slave 35 was such a darling girl, one who would endure whatever pain given to her, someone who would willingly follow the nastiest, most shaming orders without hesitation.

Even the Ranski Sisters themselves had heard of this slave girl, Slave 35.

Slave 35 trembled as Riann Ranski entered the chamber where she had waited kneeling on the rough concrete floor.

“Ahhhh, so this is her,” Mistress Ranski observed cheerfully. “Don’t look so worried, my pretty little slave. I’ve heard only great things about you! In fact, if everything I’ve heard about you is true, I have better things in mind for you than just putting you up on the auction block. Would you like that?”

The terrified slave kept her eyes cast downward as she dully answered,” Yes, Mistress. Whatever your wish.”

“Such a good girl. Just the kind me and my sisters like the best. I hear you do the really nasty things that we women like a slavegirl to do. Even Maid ShoRhonda talks about how good you were when you served as her Toilet Girl! ShoRhonda is very hard to please.”

Mistress Ranski stepped closer, her swollen clit nearer to Slave 35’s face.

“I’m going to keep you as our special girl. Just for me and my sisters. We have many women friends and special parties where they would enjoy a good girl like you. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress…”

“Then lick my pussy, slave. Show me how thankful you are.”

Mistress Ranski’s big clit began to pulse as the slavegirl continued to lick it with her obedient tongue. “Yes, we won’t sell you. You eat pussy too damn good. My sisters and I are going to keep you really busy…. Now keep ready for a massive cum shower, I’m a hell of a good cummer and I want you to swallow every single drop!”

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