The Pits Of Hell [EU INOCENCIUS]

The Pits Of Hell

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Two months ago, Sanchez saw Olivia for the first time. The curvaceous blonde was working out at the gym where he’d been hired to scrub toilets. Seeing her firm body clad in tight yoga pants and a tank top was like waving a red cape in front of a psychotic bull.

Immediately he knew that he’d crawl to Hell and back to own her, to make her his property. He spied on her during her workouts, taking many breaks to masturbate in the same toilets he’d been cleaning day after day.

By the time her exercise routine was over, his massive pecker was rubbed raw… Damn fuck! That bitch moves so sexy, she’s so hot!

He followed her to the parking lot and wrote down her license plate number. Since then he’s been stalking the young woman. Learning her movements, where she lived, who she knows. Finding out who would miss her if she suddenly vanished.

After two months, Sanchez can’t hold himself back any more. Like a muscle bound tornado full of sickness and violence, the hulking loser is ready to strike!

He has spent months on a meticulous and sadistic plan that will drag Olivia down into the pits of hell.


“Gotcha! Where you think you’re going, fuckmeat? I gots all the dick your sopping cunt can handle, and then some! You shouldn’t be on the road anyway, you know what they say about women drivers! Probably kill someone trying to drive while putting on your whore makeup or yapping on the phone. The only safe way a women can travel is in the trunk! HAW! That way you ain’t distracting the driver with your endless babble!”

“Now be a good girl and take a big sniff! I don’t mind crackin’ you over the head, but if you pass out this way, it doesn’t make a mess!”


“That’s right, honey. Time for you to go nighty-night and let Sanchez take over. This is the best day of your life, but you’re too stupid to know it. If you start screaming, I start breaking bones! Now be an obedient bobble-head and take a big whiff of the gas. Stuck up cunts like you got brains the size of rat turds, so this stuff is gonna work fast. If you were smart, you’d spread those legs and beg me for a screw! But a blonde bimbo like you has to find out what you’re good for the hard way!”

“Close your eyes and go to sleep, princess. When you wake up, you’ll be in a magical castle filled with lots of toys for you to play with!”


Beyond the edge of town Sanchez has his home. The land was originally planned to be used for new apartments and urban housing, but when the economy collapsed those plans evaporated. The only places still standing out here are rambling shacks and termite riddled shells. Many miles separate neighbors, and most places don’t have any neighbors at all.

Screams out here go unheard by anyone but desert snakes and buzzards. …

Sanches’s dirty hovel, out in the middle of a god forsaken desert, will be Olivia’s home for the rest of her days…


“There you go, girly. Welcome home! Got a splitting headache, eh? Kinda like a mule was trying to kick your empty head off your pretty shoulders? Well your Owner is here to take care of you now. You ain’t gotta worry about anything but being an obedient fuckpet from now on. I’m gonna tell you when you can eat and when you can take a shit. You ain’t gonna even breathe without checking with Sanchez first. Comprende? Now get up off your ass! Just cuz you ain’t learned my rules yet, don’t mean I gotta put up with a lazy whore. You’re a workin’ girl now, bitch! You gotta earn your keep!”


“Recognize me? HA! Didn’t think so! Snot nosed cockteasing whores like you don’t look twice at a guy like me. If a dude ain’t waving around a wad of cash and driving a sweet set of wheels, he’s invisible to you! Well I’m the most important man in your life now, fuckmeat. I’m Sanchez. When I was serving hard time in the state prison they used to call me “Sanchez Sickfuck”, but you call me ‘Master!’ I don’t want to hear you call me anything else!”

“Dunno what I’m gonna call a hot lay like you. “Olivia” is too nice a name for a woman I’m gonna use like a human jizz-mop. I’m thinkin’ of calling you fuckpig or snatchface. Or fucktoy or maybe slut, or just whore, or cunthole, or titmeat… Whatever name I decide on, I’ll carve it into your forehead with a razor so I don’t forget!”

“I served 30 years in a cage with dozens of lowlife animals. Only been out for a few months, but I’ve been busy! Every waking minute I’ve been preparing a little slice of paradise for myself. Figured I deserved it after not even getting a sniff of juicy twat for three decades! Got it all ready. Locks on all the doors and windows, soundproofed walls and chains bolted to the floor. All that was missing was a tight snatch that I can pound whenever I want!”

“Now that I got ya, I don’t need nothing else! When a man’s got three fuckholes to use and shoot gobs of spooge into, he’s king of the world! Yeah, don’t you worry none. I know you long legged, big titted sows are real horny and I know how to give your slutty cunt the kind of pounding it needs.


“I earned a reputation in the slammer for being the biggest, meanest, most fucked-in-the-head badass ever locked away. I could make the guards shit themselves just by lookin’ at em! They thought I was sick in the head when they first put me away, but after 30 years, they ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Every night I thought of the most twisted ways I’d use a woman if I ever got out. I musta replayed fantasies a thousand times in my head. Grabbing some hot piece of ass and smashing her face into the ground as my dick ripped into her cherry. Pissing into a whore’s tight cunt until she’s ready to explode, then punching her in the gut till she erupts in a shower of piss and shit! Squirting a sticky load over some crying sluts face as she begged me not to snap her neck when I was done. Ah! Good times!”

“And when I thought of how I’d turn a hottie like you into my devoted cock-worshiping slave, I stroked myself. Night after night I beat off in my cell… thinking of today… and what I’m gonna do to you! Mmmm…. your skin is so soft and silky. It’s gonna look real nice when it’s all red and bruised from my paddle. Yeah, you’ll be feeling that a lot during your training! You’ll be meeting whips and canes, and all sorts of toys in the coming weeks! Aren’t you a lucky slut?”


“Here we go! Our little love nest! Say goodbye to whatever you were before I got you, snatchface. You’re a brainless chick now. You ain’t been broken in properly. But after a couple of months sleeping in cold, slimy puddles of spooge and you’ll be an eager cum-swilling cocksucker! You’re gonna feel more pain than you ever thought existed in the whole world, and I’m gonna make you cum even as you cry in terror and disgust.

Haw! Guess which one you’re gonna hate more! Anyone can cry while getting their ass whipped while they gag on a crusty dildo. But only a shameless whore gets wet while she’s being degraded! You’re gonna be feeling such incredible pain and unbearable pleasure in this room that I’m not sure you’ll ever want leave! Yeah, you’re gonna fucking love what I’ll be doing to you!”


“Better get wet quickly, princess! It’ll make our first screwing less painful for you! I don’t mind dry shafting a whore, but you’ll feel like you’re getting fucked by a rusty power drill!”

“I’ve been waiting for this for 30 years, planning every detail. They locked me up a sick freak, but they released a horny animal! I got decades worth of jizz bubbling in my balls, whore. And I’m gonna blast every drop into you. Your belly will be swollen with my jizz, and cum is gonna be leaking out of your ass and twat when I’m done with you. There ain’t gonna be any part of your body that’s not gonna be slimy with my ball-snot once I’m done reaming you! You’ll probably think you hate it at first, but that’s only cause you ain’t never had a real man plowing your fuckholes before! Once you feel my big cock bruising your cunt and tearing your ass, you’ll fall in love with me! I promise!”

“After being locked away in a filthy cell for years, this place is a palace! That smell of sweat and wet socks makes it cozy. Waking up in the middle of the night with roaches crawling on your skin and lice wiggling through your hair lets you know you’re home!”

“I made this room special for you, fuckpet. Your Master wanted to chain you in the doghouse at night, but the coyotes would rip your throat out before you finished your training. So your Master is letting you stay indoors with him. See? Your Owner is kind to his worthless blonde cumdump!”

“That ain’t the only thing I’ve done for you. I got a stockpile of toys that will keep your dripping crack happy!”

“So what do you think of your new home? Nice, ain’t it? You’ll notice your new master has been workin’ hard to make sure your every desire is met!”


“Enough talkin’, time for pumping! I spent years in solitary confinement, so I don’t talk much. You’re gonna get real good at knowing what I want without me telling you. A slap on the ass means get on your knees. Twisting your tits means open your mouth and look into my eyes. Smacking the back of your head means start sucking!

You gonna learn real good or you’ll be beaten like a boxer’s two-timing wife!”

“Sanchez knows how to deal with chicks who don’t appreciate my cock stabbing their poon. I would’a been locked up for life if they’d found all the women I’d had to punish for being too stupid to thank me for stuffing their holes!”

Don’t you move now, I don’t wanna cut up that nice soft skin of yours! That’s not on the agenda until much later…


“I’m gonna fuck you, slave. Even a braindead cow like you musta figured that out. I’ve watched you at the gym. You take care of your body, making it all firm and tanned so that guys will stare at you. You want attention, bitch? You got it! Ain’t no way you were gonna be jiggling those jugs without paying the price!”

“I’m gonna be dickin’ you so deep that you’ll taste my jizz when I cum! When I smash your gash, it’s gonna feel like I’m ripping out your soul. And this is just the first of millions of rough poundings I’ve thought up for you!”

“You ready for your first fuck, slavecunt? Is your pussy getting all wet and slimy at the thought of my hard rod stretching your hole?”


“You’re mine now, slut. I own you just like I own my stained underwear! Did you think that a cheap piece of ass like you was anything more than a disposable cumhole? Ha! You’re a natural blonde, no doubt about it! Only a spoiled, rich bitch would think that she she’s allowed to say ‘no’ to a man! I’m your Master and you’re my jizz-slurping slave. After a few years of having my pole poking your guts, you’ll get to like it!”

“Lemmie get you ready for that first cunt busting, whore. For a dick-addicted fuckpig like you this is what you’ve been craving all your life! You want it to be special don’t you? You want to remember this for the rest of your life, and I want everything to be perfect!”


“Ain’t you dreamed of this, twatface? A Mexican stud claiming your clit as his personal cock holster? I’ve been locked up longer than you’ve been alive! This is your destiny!”

“Ain’t nothing beats the real thing! I’ve jacked off to unwashed panties, ripped nylons and sweat stained bras. I’ve chewed on women’s shoes while beating my meat… sending ropy wads of jizz down my hairy thighs. It was good, but nothing satisfies like shooting a load deep into a crying woman’s womb. It lets her know she’s no longer innocent and pure. She’s as used as a second-hand condom!”

“A nasty slut like you must be gettin’ real turned on by now right? Just think, you’ll be getting fucked raw by a prick that hasn’t felt a woman’s cunt walls in thirty years! I’ve got so much spunk saved up for you, it might well come out your mouth when I’m through!”

УYou can fight all you want, bitch. AinТt gonna do you no good. Might as well do what your momma told you and lie back and enjoy it. Once you feel my swimmers wiggling inside you, you might even like it! I can tell youТre a slut. You dress like a hooker and youТve got big tits. Pretending you donТt want to ride my dick is just pathetic!Ф

УAll you sexy chicks are the same. You like making guys hard. Shaking your ass as you walk down the street, showing off your long legs by wearing fuck-me heels and tight skirts. Fucking cockteasing whores! I want you to tell me how sorry you are as IТm pumping your sloppy cunt, bitch. This is gonna be payback for every guy you gave blueballs just so you could have a laugh!Ф

“DonТt struggle, slave! Trust me, I know whatТs best for you! A thorough, hard shagging and rough ass-fucking is just what you need! There ainТt nothinТ you can do to avoid it, so just get lay back, spread them long legs of yours, and enjoy my cock in your tight holes! All you sluts are nymphomaniacs and masochists at heart, just give into it!”


УOh yeah! You got nice feet, dickbait! IТm gonna love sucking on your toesЕ licking the soles of your feet and tasting the sludge between your toes. Damn that turns me on! My pecker is throbbing just thinking about it! I lost count of how many kinks I developed in prison. When I went in I couldnТt think about anything but poon. But after not even seeing a woman for 10 years I started fantasizing about some really sick stuff to get me off. Hell, I probably invented a few kinks while I was wasting away in the state pen!Ф

УIf youТre a good lay IТll let you keep your toenails. Try biting my cock when IТm slamming it down your throat and IТll rip them off with pliers one by one until youТre crippled with pain!Ф

УYouТre gonna learn to jack me off with your feet, cumslave. Even when IТm putting out cigarettes on your soles, youТll still be stroking my meat eagerly like a domesticated harem slave. You canТt even imagine the things youТre gonna learn, fuckpig. There ainТt nothing too depraved or humiliating that I canТt make you do with a big smile on your pretty face!Ф

“Yeah… gonna train you to make me cum with them feet! And walk in seven inch tall stiletto heels! And every time you fall down in them, you get a hard whipping across your tits and ass! I may not have mentioned it yet, but IТm a hardcore sadist, and I got all sorts of nasty shit planned for you!”


УNow thatТs what IТm talking about! Spread open like a dish of cunt being served for dinner! Probably not the wedding night you dreamed about as a little girl, but youТre a ball-sniffing woman now. Time for you to act like it! YouТre gonna give up that snatch, honey. Your gonna give it to your Owner again and again until your sweet clam feels like itТs been cracked open with a hammer. This is gonna be how you say СI belong to youТ to your Master!Ф

“Feel them iron bars youТre handcuffed to? Yeah, thatТs real tough iron there, none of that aluminum shit. This bed here is just as tough as me, so it wonТt give out under the brutal fuckings that I plan on givinТ ya!”

“Once youТre properly trained, IТll let you keep your legs free so you can hug them around your master and pull me even deeper into your cunt!”


УHaw! Bless my maggot-eaten soul! A shaved gash! DidnТt I say you were a cocksucking dick magnet? This proves it!Ф

УSNIFFF!!!! AHHH! Sweet and tangy like an oyster dipped in honey! I ainТt smelled puss this fresh since I picked up that hitchhiker in my daddyТs Ford. Damn, I wonder if they ever found all the pieces of her after I was through ruining her twat for anyone else. Who knows? I had my fun, and thatТs all that matters!Ф

“Mmmmm… you smell good. There ainТt nothinТ I hate more than a fucking smelly, fishy cunt! Better keep your cunt fresh for me, cause you donТt want me cleaninТ it thatТs for sure! I got a nice wire brush for just such an occasion!”

УYeah… SNOORT! Honeyjugs, the smell of your poon is bringing out the animal in me! IТm getting so hard you could smash bricks with my dick! You got me horny, but IТm at my most dangerous when IТm ready to drill a chickТs cooter. HAW! Just ask that hitchhikerЕФ

“Hot damn! You’re a sopping mess! Your twat is running like a faucet! Guess you want to be owned by a real man, don’t you slut? All those white sissys you’ve been playing with can’t get your kitty purring. You need an alpha wolf to tame your nasty hole!”

“Keep that puss-slime flowing, whore. It’s just proof that you’re nothing more than a worthless slut only good for soaking up jizz like a porn shop’s cum-rag!”

“Yeah… silky smooth and real moist! You’re a horny little fuck slave aren’t you? This is what you’ve been waiting for your whole life, someone like ME to take you in hand and give you the hard poundings you’ve been dreaming of?”

“Feel my fingers, cunt? Sliding real deep? Soon that’ll be my cock, and it’s so much thicker and longer! It’ll be battering you open soon, stretching you out and filling your cunt so full you’ll feel like you’re bursting!”


“Relax… feel my fingers wiggling inside your muff, bitch… Gonna be sticking my dick up your shaft next. I bet you like it rough, don’t you?. You’ve been begging your boyfriends to slap you with their dicks or crush your funbags while they tittyfuck you, uh?. But they couldn’t satisfy you, could they? You got an itch that only a deranged ex-con with a foot-long dick can scratch! I’m the answer to your dreams, cow! I like hurting women when I fuck them! You’re gonna be in wet-whore heaven!”

“What the fuck! Are you CRYING? What’s wrong with you? You’re real lucky to have found such a macho, big-dicked, and rough-lovin’ stud like me! Cheer up! I’m gonna fuck you the way you like; real deep and real hard! And just when you think it can’t go any further, I’ll just ram even harder and fuck my way into your womb! Even in your wildest dreams you can’t have imagined the kind of raw power fucking I plan on giving you!


“Stop crying you good for nothing cum dumpster fuck!!! You think your snapper is too good for my Mexican fuckstick?!! I’ve been busting my ass day and night getting things ready for you, and you’re sniffling like a spoiled brat who didn’t get a pony for Christmas?!! You ungrateful fuckpig!!! The honor of licking the sweat from my ass crack should make you delirious with happiness!!! What the fuck is wrong with you?!!! I’m nice enough to give you some foreplay, the kind of stuff every fuckin’ bitch on the planet says she wants, and you fucking cry over it!?!!!

Are you telling me you don’t like your Master’s fingers up your fuckhole?!!! You think I’m fucking doing this for my health, slut!?!!! You think I want to dirty my hands on your smelly, worthless cunt for nothing!?!!!

Are you so stupid that you’re trying to get me pissed off?!!! You don’t think I’ll punch your teeth out and make you slobber on my pecker until you beg me to kill you?!!! You are the stupidest cum-gargling slut I’ve ever met!!!”


“Dumb ass, white cumdump!”


“I’ve been too gentle with you. Allowed you to think that we’re equals in our relationship. I tried treating you like a god damn princess and this how you fucking repay me!? Rejecting me like I’m just another of your god damn sissy boys that buys you dinner and begs for a fuck?

I guess that being locked up with every scumball and coked-up junky in the state made me forget what women are really like. Well I ain’t gonna make that mistake again. From now on, I’m laying down the law!”

“You ain’t got any rights, you ain’t got any dignity. You exist so my dick has a warm and wet slot to pump spooge into. The moment you start thinking you’re anything more than a worthless cunt with legs, I’m gonna really get rough with you!”

“You’re gonna fuckin’ regret your god damn arrogant attitude! I’m gonna fuck that holier-than-thou attitude right out of that tight little body! You hear me, slut!?!!! You have fucking pissed me off, and now you’re gonna regret it!!!”

“First, let’s get you in your slave uniform! You will be naked for the rest of your worthless existence, whore! Clothes are for people, and you no longer fuckin’ qualify you slutty fucking queen of whores!”


You don’t need to dress like a streetwalking crackhead any more, slut. You already got me turned on! I know you were dressing like a tramp to get me hot… yeah… you were just begging for it, and now you got it!

A slave isn’t allowed to wear clothes, so you’re gonna be bare-assed naked from now on. That way I can make sure your cunny is shaved and smooth and your nips are hard as diamonds. HAWR! It also lets you count your bruises so you’ll remember every time you screwed up and forget your place!

You will never try to hide this body from me, slut! You do, and I’ll whip the skin right off your cunt! This is mine, now, cunt! I OWN YOU!”


“Let me introduce you to Big Johnny. You’re gonna be spending more time with him than you are with me. When I’m sleeping or taking a dump, you’re gonna be licking and sucking him like a nun with a lollypop!”

“Big Johnny ain’t been inside a cooter in ages. But he knows what to do once he gets there! He’ll be slamming your womb like a kickboxer working a punching bag. Once your snapper clamps around him, he ain’t gonna let you go till your snatch is plastered with thick, Mexican baby-batter!”

Yeah… You and him are gonna get to know each other real good now. You’ll be spending every wakin’ moment with him, sucking and fucking him! Even if I’m sleeping you’ll still be locking those sweet lips around him! And you better keep him happy, ‘cause if he ain’t happy, he’s pissed! And when Big Johnny is pissed, I’m pissed! And when I’m pissed it means whippings and paddlings and canings and all sorts of sick shit that will ruin your pretty little body!”


“Pretty scary looking, eh? A stupid blonde cocksucker like you has probably never seen how a real man is hung! Your boyfriends have got peanuts between their legs next to my 12 inch baby maker! Sticking this up your wet gash will be like seeing a minnow thrashing around on a boat hook!”

“I expect you to go balls deep when you give me a blowjob, bitch. Just because I’ve got a crotch full of crabs doesn’t mean you can’t give a deepthroat like a Tijuana whore!”

“Give up the poon, bitch! Sanchez is coming in, ready or not! Yeah! That’s a tight fuckhole you got, slut! It’s like trying to drive a tent peg through concrete! UNNNGH! But Little Pedro has a job to do, and he ain’t gonna stop till he’s buried to the balls in your snatch! Damn, that feels good! Little Pedro is gonna be all the way in your womb if he has to poke a new hole in you to get there! YEAHHH!”

“You can’t do nothing about it, slut! I’m taking your snatch and gonna ride you like a pimp interviewing a new hooker. Squeeze that bone bitch. You can clamp those pink lips on my tool all you want, but you can’t stop me from ripping you wide open!”


“What? Bottomed out already? Why aren’t you deeper, slut? Ain’t you been riding enough dick to stretch you out properly? Haw! Guess you ain’t been able to find a man big enough to stretch your nasty slot! Well you got one now!”

“What the fuck am I hitting? Is that your cervix? You think that’s gonna stop me, slut? I gots three more inches of fuckstick to pound into you, and ain’t no cervix gonna stop me! I’m gonna be buried so deep in your dripping snatch that when I cum it’s gonna shoot out your ears!”


“Yeah, that’s what I’ve been dreaming of. Feeling a whore’s heartbeat while she thrashes around on my cock. Every day in jail I thought about this. You’re doing good, fuckpig. You’re being an obedient lay for your Owner. Your mamma would be real proud if she could see you now. Laying on your back with your legs spread, getting shafted like a cheerleader at prom…. nice and silky on my cock…. “

“This is what life is all about. Having a hot chick beneath you, trying to hide her excitement as you drill deeper and deeper into her tight cunt. Ha! Too bad my cellmates couldn’t see me now! They’d cut off their left nut for a chance at screwing a white hottie like you!”

“And to think that I get to splash in your gash every night for the rest of your life! There ain’t gonna be a single day that you won’t have my spooge oozing out of one of your holes.

“SLUURP! I can’t get enough of your salty tears, whore. I can almost taste your humiliation! You don’t seem so high and mighty any more. Once a woman’s gash is being stretched by a thick dick, she’s nothing more than a pathetic wet crack with tits! The only reason for you to be able to speak is so you can scream as I’m hurting you!”

“Little Pedro is inside you, whore. Can’t you feel him squirming around like a python inside your pink clam? He likes you. He’s decided to keep you around for awhile. As long as your cunny can milk out every drop of his ball slime, you’ll be safe. But the moment you don’t show total devotion to Little Pedro, he’s gonna make you beg for death!”


“NNNNNGH! These are quality melons, twatface! Firm and juicy, and all natural! I like slapping around fat tits. It tells a woman who’s in charge! You must have been proud of growing these udders for me, slut. SLLURRRP! I don’t got a problem with chicks with tiny tits, but when whore has a rack this big it lets the world know she’s ready for breeding!”

“MMMMNNGH! I’m gonna chew off your jugs, princess. Flopping these udders around in front of a horny ex-con is like waving a steak in front of a starving pit bull! Ya gotta be careful or he’s gonna tear a chunk outta your hide!”


“GGGGGHHHH! Take every inch, stupid whore! Sanchez ain’t been able to dive into sloppy poon for ages, and he’s making up for lost time! NNRRRRGH! Fuck! Stuck up, worthless piece of meat! Ain’t nobody looking for you, ain’t no one gonna rescue you. You’re my fuckslave now! Yeah! Clamp that snatch! Squeeze my pecker as I pop my wad! You know you want it!”

“GGGGGHAAA! All the way to my hairy nuts! That’s right, bitch! Grind your slit into my crotch! Gonna flood you with your Master’s cum! Little Pedro is throbbing inside you all ready to knock you up like a college girl on spring break! UNGH! Squeeze it, bitch! Milk my dick dry or I’ll rip your fat tits off!”

“My balls are throbbing, I’m building up a load! Keep working that all, slut!”


“C’mon whore! Work for my cum! I ain’t no white sissy you can just flash your gash and make him cream. Squeeze that dick! YEAAAAHH!!! Squeeze my pecker raw! You stupid, dumb ‘ho! You’re only good for gulping cum and choking down your Master’s turds! Prove to your Owner that you’re worth the trouble of fucking!”

“YEAAAHHHH! Work that twat, bitch!”

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