The Nunnery [HINES]


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The Nuns of San Rafael Nunnery were busy; another batch of new girls had been left off at the Nunnery’s gate and needed to be taken in and processed. Processed as the newest involuntary novice nuns, bound for a life of indentured physical and sexual service to the Church.

The girls were stripped naked and given a taste of the lash even before they were walked through the gate and inside the entry of the Nunnery. Such brutal treatment served to shock and disorient these already frightened young maidens, making them easier to be controlled right at the very beginning …

It was to be expected that some of the more stubborn novices would need to be subjected to an immediate program of painful re-education. The Head Nun had decreed that when a flame was employed as a discipline tool, it should be applied to the forearms and/or feet, therefore preserving as much of the girl’s attractive facial and bodily features as possible.

And a night ( or two ) of enduring the agony of carefully applied candles was usually sufficient enough to produced the desired behavior.

The ranking nuns had plenty of experience at instructing and guiding the constant supply of delectable young cuntmeat in the ways of the Nunnery. It was a matter of showing these scared bitchettes how much more pleasant their new lives would be when they accepted their fates and gave in to the desires of the Church and their Nun Superiors. From the first forced bouts of kissing with the Superiors, a girl would discover that her efforts, if sincere, would result in less time enduring the uncomfortable restraints of the rope or biding straps; that willingly opening her legs to the probing fingers of the Superior was a far more preferable alternative to having her tight pussy whipped raw with a birch stick. …..

…And upon her first tentative acceptances of sexual submission, it was then a matter of being given a more intense and concentrated introduction to the forced joys of servitude to her Superior, her Nun Mistress. She would truly discover why the elder ladies of God were the more privileged among the Sisterhood. She would learn her place and she would earn her place. She would spend countless nights confined in a Superior’s personal room – being broken of any lingering doubts as to her slavery and being made to actually begin to love her Superior…

After a novice’s training had progressed to an acceptable degree , she would be given the honor of being chosen to be a fuckslave to the Nunnery’s resident group of misshapen and mentally retarded male servants and laborers. It was only appropriate for these sweet, comely maidens be experienced in the being at the service of those beings judged to be less fortunate.

The Head Superior had both a profound concern for her favorite slaves and servants – and a warped sense of humor.

In one of her periodic fits of concern and/or boredom, the Head Superior had a most marvelous idea. It would be such an interesting thing to arrange the marriage and coupling of her favorite little manservant, an African Pygmy named Malu and the latest slave novice who had been sharing her bed and who had displayed such an eagerness and ability to please.

The little Malu was equipped with a cock the size of a well-endowed normal man. And as he had demonstrated by his constant fucking of his three dwarf and midget wives, Malu was virile and quite oversexed.

It would be quite a an enjoyable divergence, the Head Superior mused, to witness her beloved Malu in his aggressive and insatiable mountings of his new, normal-sized wife. And it would be so interesting to see what the children would be like…

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