The Nest [CORTEZ]

The Nest

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The Nest
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

The sun had reached its peak of blazing heat before the drums finally fell silent. Silence was the signal for Salahs guards, the villagers and their women, to appear from the huts scattered among the trees. They move between the trees, making their way to the edge of a small clearing. It is nearly time for the punishment ritual to begin.

Salah himself, his two wives at his side, is the last to arrive. Salah hook nosed, muscular and with the piercing stare of the fanatic is absolute ruler of this jungle stronghold, a man feared across the island for his slow cruelty and quick anger, a man who enjoys wielding power and the dark, sadistic pleasures that such power brings

Like all the women, his wives are almost naked, just a waist string and a beaded apron each. No one among the crowd is fooled by their soft looks and downcast eyes, all know that these two are as dangerous as vipers; matching their master in their love of cruelty. They too have their part to play in what is to come

Behind the waiting villagers there are sounds of a struggle among the trees, then three muscular warriors march forwards with the writhing, whimpering figure of a naked woman held between them.. She is about twenty-five, full hipped and slim waisted with large heavy breasts, breasts that are dancing and bouncing wildly as she fights against their grip However, her hands are tied behind her back and the men they hold her easily, grinning in delight and enjoyment at their victims wild dance.

The little procession halts on the edge of the clearing. The area is ringed by thick jungle and tall trees but the coarse, gritty sand only supports some straggling bushes and a series of low, domed mounds of dry, fine sand, each one spaced at an equal distance from its neighbours across the clearing.

Salah, his face set in mask of cruel enjoyment, watches as his warriors halt in front of him. The villagers close round, forming an arc on the edge of the sand, knowing what is to happen and ready to enjoy the spectacle of this particular punishment. Salah steps forward, close to the gibbering woman. He reaches down; deliberately fingering the red, swollen lips of her sex, says a few quiet words and smiles. The woman lifts her head at his touch and gives a single, desperate squeal of agony. His fingers on her bruised flesh are just too much.

The warriors took their pleasure with her many times yesterday then, last night, it was the turn of Salahs wives. Judging by the redness and swelling on her nipples and the lips of her sex they must brought her to unwilling, screaming pleasure many times during the night. The wives are cruel but not as cruel as Salahs justice

Salah turns to his people and lifts his voice.

СThis one has betrayed us; plotted to help the Sultans forces to attack our homes then, returned as a spy in our midst. She was discovered before she could betray us all. Now, now she must pay the penalty for such betrayal, and failure I, Salah, sentence her to ride the Mound of Suffering

The womans animal screams drown out Salahs final words; the warriors, despite their size and strength, struggling to hold her still as she bucks and threshes like a mad thing against their hands.

At Salahs nod the three warriors force her forwards into the clearing whilst his wives walk delicately across to one of the mounds. A mound that has strong bamboo stakes already driven into the ground beside it.

Carefully avoiding any touch on the smooth surface for as long as possible, one of the warriors seizes the woman from behind, lifting her into the air whilst the other two other spread her legs wide apart. Ignoring the womans frantic screams and pleas they position her body, holding her just above the silvery grains before forcing her to sit down right on the top of the mound. Leather ties are lashed tightly round her ankles as the two warriors stretch her legs achingly wide to secure them to the two furthest bamboo stakes

The one holding the womans arms keeps calling instructionsUntil he is satisfied that she has been placed exactly on the summit of the mound, her legs held far apart by the cruel rawhide thongs.

Now the men work quickly, moving up each leg to tie her knees down against two more stakes, these ones driven so far into the sand that they are all but hidden. Salah watches the preparations intently; his eyes alight with hot excitement.

After all, she must be properly secured the ankle ties to hold her open, the knee ties to stop her lifting or moving her body from what must come. Their tasks done the guards look up, Salah nods and they move away. It is womens work now, for it is they who know how best to open the victims tenderest flesh for the attentions of the vicious red ants in the nest she now straddles.

The leather strips bite deep into the womans flesh above each kneecap, clamping her splayed legs flat against the hot dry sand of the nest. She is whimpering and crying now, rocking slightly as she flexes the muscles of her buttocks, trying to clench and close her bottom cheeks in some vain hope of protecting at least a small part of her most delicate flesh from the torture to come.

Her movements are quite in vain for Salahs two wives are expert in this work. The woman too knows their cruel skills only too well. After all, they are the ones who forced her to climax time after unbearable time through the long, hot night. Newly washed and groomed for the show, shining with palm oil and fragrant with forest herbs the wives gleam and glisten as they begin. The younger one cuts the womans wrist tie. Immediately, she starts trying to scoop the hot sand away from the wet, sticky lips of her cunt and the soft vulnerable flesh of her vagina. The two wives only wait and watchthey know what will happen next.

СSilly, so silly but then, they always do that, Salah murmurs to his guards. СIt only makes things worse The womans movements suddenly change and she begins to beat wildly at the sand between her thighs. The villagers laugh because they can see more and more of the hurrying reddish insects appearing, swarming out as all the womans frantic efforts simply disturbs the nest still further.

The wives wait until the woman is hitting her own skin in an effort to dislodge the insects. As she feels the first stinging bites burning the tender flesh of her inner thighs, with exquisite cruelty, they catch the flailing wrists. Each of them slips a soft rawhide loop into position before pulling her arms straight, forcing her body down until her wrists can be tied to the same stakes that hold her ankles.

As she is bent forwards, the womans buttocks are gradually spread wider and wider apart. As the wives know from other victims who have been forced to ride the mounds before. this position ensures that the whole open length of the womans cunt, as well as the crinkled rosette of her anus, will be pressed against the newly disturbed surface of the anthill.

Bent double, the woman finally lifts her head, looking despairingly at Salah, and the hot, cruel faces of the people enjoying her torture. She screams out at them in a final desperate appeal.

СP-p-please, Aaaah, theyre biting me inside, ARRRRGH! It hurts so much; please I cant take any more Ah, ah, Aaaahhh!

Salah turns to the chief of his bodyguard, the man who found the traitor, as they both enjoy the womans growing agony. СPerhaps she should have thought of that before she accepted the money. He smiles as one of his wives moves close to the womans pinioned body СAh, I expected that Mai Wah would want to help her a little more That one will need to slake her own heat before long but such exquisite cruelty in one so young.

As he speaks, his younger wife kneels down, calmly resting one hand on the womans arched back and reaching in between her thighs with the other to fondle her sore and aching cunt. She whispers in the womans ear as she works, ignoring all the piteous screams and gabbled pleas for mercy, occasionally wetting her own fingers as she slides them in and out between the sore, swollen lips.

Bent so far forwards, the womans heavy breasts swing freely, the dangling peaks just grazing the surface of the mound with each twist and turn of her body. Despite her frantic efforts, one or two red shapes have already found a grip on the nipples themselves.

СNo! NO, NO! Noooooo dont, please dont, IIIIEEEEEEEEHH!

The final peal of screams are wrenched from the woman as Mai Wah deliberately digs her hand into the mound of sand before raking gritty fingers to and fro along the moist wet valley of her victims cunt.

After a minute of so of applying the torturing friction of the sand to the womans exposed sex, Mai Wah kneels up. Then, instead of moving away, she moves until she can straddle her victims curved back, arms reaching down and round so her hands can fondle the full globes of her victims breasts. She pauses; licking her fingers before teasing and rolling each tender peak until it is thick and rigid and glistening with Mai Wahs moisture.

After looking across for approval she presses down, very slowly. She bends the womans body even more until she can brush each wet, jutting nipple into the sandy soil of the nest, coating the tips so that each scraping movement allows more and more of the angry insects to sink their jaws into the nerve-rich stubs.

Within a few moments, the woman is screaming in even greater agony as yet more ants swarm across the naked bulge of her mound; biting and stinging as they scurry between her legs into the warm, wet openings of her cunt.

Content with her devilish work at last, Mai Wah brushes stray ants from her hands as they crawl up the soft curves of the womans breasts. She sits up, riding the womans back, pressing her own wetness against the constantly moving and twisting muscles beneath her. Now the young sadist is intent on using the womans torture for her own pleasure.

The womans agony continues, the noises becoming shriller and shriller, and the demented flexing and wriggling of her breasts and buttocks becomes wilder as the insects burrow deeper. The agonising pain of the venom forces wrenching muscular spasms from her tortured body but the frantic movements only serves to increase the ferocity of their attacks and the depth of Mai Wahs own arousal

Salahs smile broadens as his senior wife; Lei Lin joins in the game. Careful to avoid the activity at the crest of the mound she stands close behind the straddled figure of Mai Wah. Her long nails rake up and down her sister-wifes back, forcing the younger one to arch in delight so her small, sharp breasts stand out like spikes. Lei Lins fingers follow a familiar trail, caressing soft, olive skin until each hand cups a little fleshy cone.

The woman screams and writhes madly as the ants bring fresh agony with each stinging touch. Salah smiles more broadly, enjoying the sight and the growling approval of the show from the crowd. He knows from her expression and movements that Mai Wah is nearing her peak.

Lei Lins expert fingers are busy milking the sharp black nipples; nipples that she knows are particularly sensitive. Countless times she has worked Mai Wah to a climax in this way as her sister-wife sits impaled on Salahs long thick penis in the darkness of the sleeping hut. She knows that the pleasures will be returned tonight. Returned in full when she sits on Mai Wahs face so that her tongue can work its magic. Lei Lin shivers as she imagines the double pleasure that awaits. Salah behind her, slowly sliding the hot wet shaft of his manhood deep inside her anus while beneath her, Mei Wahs busy tongue laps her into frenzy after frenzy.

Mai Wahs orgasm is a quick, shuddering spasm. Her knees grip the womans back like iron bands although her short panting screams of pleasure are lost in the louder cries of anguish. She is still for a moment, then Lei Lin helps her to stand as they both brush stray insects from their sandy skin.

As they walk hand in hand towards Salah, the womans screams rise to a new peak of agony behind them. With Mai Wahs weight gone, she has suddenly been able to move a little, exposing new flesh to the pitiless jaws. Within a few minutes, the womans groin and breasts are carpeted with a red, wriggling mass of ants, their biting jaws flaying the skin from her most sensitive tissues whilst the pain drives her towards the brink of screaming madness.

Salah looks up to the sky. СLeave her until the shadows touch her body. If she lives, see to her wounds then banish her. If not put her in the river, the piranha can finish what is left

Salah has spoken. It is done. He leads the villagers and warriors back to the huts among the trees.

Behind them the shadows move slowly across the ground and the splayed, bent figure continues to scream and twist in the sunlight.

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