THE DENTIST [Diabolist]


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The Dentist
by Diabolist. All rights reserved
Posted June 4th, 2002

Debra Pennington was royally pissed off. Here she was in that creep Dr. Steele’s office, there were no other patients, and she was having to wait nearly half an hour to get seen!! Even the receptionist, Linda, was gone for some reason. Debra was used to getting her own way, and not waiting for anyone or anything; as a very attractive woman spoiled first by her father and then her husband, she got what she wanted when she wanted it. At 37, Debra Pennington was the classic, hot-looking Soccer Mom. After two kids and ten years of marriage, her body was still firm and toned from countless health club workouts and aerobics sessions. Her collar-length honey blonde hair was done in a pert, glossy style that showed off her high cheekbones, blue-gray eyes and pink lips highlighted by her deep tan. The clinging sleeveless jersey and fitted hiking shorts she wore showed to full advantage her solid, muscular thighs, well-formed arms and high, firm 35C breasts. At 5’ 6” and 115 pounds, she was in excellent shape. As she got up to pace the waiting room in annoyance, she displayed her superbly toned ass cheeks and the rippling muscles in her athletic legs. Debra Pennington was the perfect model of the fit, good-looking, self-assured Soccer Mom. Her confident, assertive manner and stride showed that she was well aware of her looks, and she enjoyed showing off her face and body whenever possible.

But now she had to wait for that fat, short balding old bastard Steele. Debra had always had supreme contempt for such flabby, ugly geek types and did not hesitate to show it; however, he was a very competent and highly recommended dentist so she stuck with him, though reluctantly. Suddenly the door to Steele’s treatment room swung open and he shuffled in, as hideous to look at as Debra remembered. She turned on him at once, exclaiming in an annoyed, bitchy tone: “Look, Dr. Steele, I’ve been waiting here for thirty minutes!! I’m not going to put up with this! Now I want you to give me my checkup RIGHT NOW and no more bullshit, got it??” Steele immediately assumed a docile expression, muttering an apology and ushering Debra into the treatment room. “I’m terribly sorry, Mrs. Pennington, I was unavoidably delayed…please don’t be upset.” Debra didn’t bother to reply; she just tossed her blonde hair peevishly and sat down in the dental chair with a disdainful sneer. “Come on, let’s get going,” she snapped. So distracted was she by her annoyance that she failed to notice Steele quietly locking the soundproof treatment room door.

Dr. Steele had her open wide and began to probe her teeth in his usual careful manner. Then he clucked his tongue, saying “I’m afraid I’ve found a rather nasty cavity in one of you incisors, Mrs. Pennington—it will have to be filled.” Debra cursed; she had planned to get home early, well before her kids got home from school. She had a special reason to get home early, too: Nick, a construction contractor who was doing some home improvements for her husband, would be there, and that big stud had been fucking her brains out twice a week for a month. She was getting wet right now, just thinking of how good it had felt to have his massive cock shoved deep into her rectum, and how he made her suck that huge shaft straight out of her asshole and then swallow his come. Oh well, maybe it would have to wait until Friday. “Does it have to be done right now?” she asked in a testy, irritated voice. “Oh yes, it’s quite advanced and could form an abscess…we’d better take care of it right away,” said Steele in his usual whining tone that drove Debra to distraction. “Well, all right, but make it quick!” snapped Debra, her mind already drifting off to fantasize about being made to perform perverted sex acts by that coarse brute of a stud, so much better than her own ineffectual husband. Maybe on Friday Nick would bring his girlfriend and force Debra to engage in a three-way, as he had threatened at the end of their last session….

“Would you prefer gas or Novocain?” “Uh, gas, I guess,” said Debra. Steele fitted the mask over her nose and told her to breathe slowly and regularly. As Debra did so, she felt herself slipping into unconsciousness. Once she was fully under, Steele quickly brought out the items he been arranging while Debra was in the waiting room. Duct tape, a dental gag, a length of strong elastic rubber. And then of course there were his usual dental tools, but on this day he had selected a special drill bit for the work he had planned; a drill bit that would ensure the maximum of agony and terror for this spoiled richbitch. He had long lusted after Debra Pennington’s superb body, and resented her arrogant, stuck-up attitude and rudeness; he had finally decided that he was going to teach that snotty cunt a lesson. Moving swiftly now, he tightly bound Debra’s wrists and ankles to the arms and legs of the chair with several layers of tape, followed by more tape around her upper thighs. He wrapped the elastic twice around her forehead and then around the back of the headrest, tightly securing her head. Finally, he inserted the dental gag in her slack mouth and locked it open at the widest setting, leaving her jaws immobilized and her gaping mouth fully exposed. Now she was ready.

Dr. Steele removed the mask, shut off the gas, and cracked open an ampoule of ammonia spirits under Debra’s nose. Immediately Debra began to rouse, opening her eyes dazedly. In a moment or two, as she regained full consciousness, she jerked suddenly with the realization that she could not move her arms and legs. Her blue-gray eyes opened wide with terror as they flickered down at her trapped body. Frantically she struggled to free herself, but she could not defeat the tape and rubber. She tried to turn her head but it was completely immovable. The Nautilus-developed muscles in her upper arms and thighs stood out in definition as she strained to rip free of the bonds. Her head held motionless by the elastic, Debra was forced to stare straight ahead as she tried to shout, to curse Steele, to demand that he release her. But the dental gag, holding her jaws locked rigidly open, prevented normal speech, and all that came out of her gaping mouth was “UUUNNNHHH!! OONNHH!! NNNNHHHH!!!,” a series of babbled and unintelligible grunts and groans.

Steele watched impassively for several minutes as Debra Pennington continued to writhe wildly. He admired the way her flat, taut stomach rippled under the jersey as she fought to lift her buttocks from the chair, and how her well-defined arms and strong thighs flexed as she tried desperately to tear free. Her body broke out into a sheen of perspiration, sweat pouring from her brow and shaved armpits and soaking through her jersey front to outline the erect nipples. After a time, Debra grunted and let out a despairing “UUUNNNNNUUUUHHH!!” as she realized that her muscles were beginning to relax involuntarily from fatigue. Her eyes began to glaze over as her thrashing slowly weakened. After about 15 minutes or so, she sat limply, unable to struggle any longer but still moaning and crying out in a vain attempt to speak.

Dr. Steele walked to stand by Debra’s side; unable to move her head, she could only follow him with her eyes. “Well now, Mrs. Pennington, are we all calmed down now? Or should I call you Debra…yes, that’s more fitting now that we’re about to be intimate.” Debra let out an agonized wail of rage, but the only audible sound was “UUUUUUAASSTTAD!!! LEHHHMEEOOOHH!!!” Dr. Steele smiled. “Let you go, Debra? Why, I haven’t taken care of that cavity yet.” He slowly reached for the electric drill, and as he picked it up and flicked it on, Debra’s eyes grew wide with terror. She again jerked frantically as her eyes helplessly watched him approach her gaping mouth with the instrument, and she resumed her frenzied gabbling. She emitted a high-pitched howl of terror as the drill made contact with her bleached-white upper left incisor with a crunching noise and quickly cut through the enamel and dentine. The drill had been specially modified. The usual water spray to reduce heat and friction had been rendered inoperable, and the bit had been specially dulled to increase the amount of tissue destruction. The incisor cracked open, and wisps of smoke rose from the blackened hole in Debra’s tooth. Her cries were almost drowned out by the shrill whining of the drill—until, that is, the red-hot, dulled bit struck the super-sensitive nerve root.

Debra Pennington’s smooth, shapely body arched upwards in a convulsive spasm of stupendous agony. From her locked-open mouth a shrieking “EEEYYYAAAGGHHHHH!!! YYYAAAAHHHHH!!!” erupted with a spray of saliva. Tears poured down her cheeks and blobs of mucus spurted from her nostrils. For about thirty seconds Dr. Steele kept the drill steady, methodically destroying Debra’s tooth while she jerked and shuddered spastically in the chair, emitting a constant stream of agonized howls. Finally, he withdrew the drill, and Debra’s body slumped back against the chair. Her screams were reduced to blubbering sobs now as she babbled for mercy, pleading with him to stop the terrible pain.

Dr. Steele looked down at her impassively, listening to the once-proud, affluent suburban bitch crying piteously and gabbling a stream of choking, distorted pleas. Calmly, he said, “I don’t know, Debra…that tooth looks pretty bad. I think we’ll have to extract it.” As he reached for the dental pliers, Debra’s eyes bugged out of her head with terror. Her body strained yet again against the tape, and suddenly the air filled with the ammonia smell of fresh urine. As Debra slumped back, a large wet stain formed at the front of her khaki shorts, and yellowish streams sprayed from the leg openings to course down her sweat-soaked thighs and puddle under her ass. Debra sobbed chokingly in shame and humiliation as she helplessly emptied her bladder. Dr. Steele scolded in a mocking tone, “Now that wasn’t a very ladylike thing to do, was it, Debra? Wetting your pants like a little baby.” And then he quickly reached over and grabbed hold of Debra’s shattered incisor with the pliers. Once more Debra Pennington let out an earsplitting “EEYYYAAAHHHHHHH!!! NNNNUUUHHHH!!!” Dr. Steele gently tugged at the broken tooth, wringing screams of agony from Debra as the movement of the tooth brought pressure on the swollen, inflamed nerve. Waves of sweat streamed off her body, laving her tanned arms and legs wet and slippery. After about thirty seconds, Debra’s thrashing body suddenly went into a convulsive spasm, and there was a loud wet splurting noise from her ass. The room instantly filled with the stench of diarrhea. Debra’s colon, involuntarily stimulated by her terror and the overwhelming physical shock, had released a massive load of semi-liquid stool into her rectum; her anal sphincter, no longer under control, had relaxed involuntarily, expelling the load into her shorts. Her Victoria’s Secret thong panties could not contain the enormous bowel movement, and two large blobs of loose shit spurted down the trembling insides of her full thighs. A moment later the tooth tore free with a ripping noise and a spurt of blood, and Debra Pennington fainted.

Dr. Steele left Debra undisturbed for a few minutes, then again applied the ammonia spirits. Debra roused groggily this time, her senses dulled by shock. Blood was pouring down her chin from the hole in her gum, causing her to make burbling noises as she dazedly babbled out a flood of anguished groans and pleas. “Well now, all set for the next treatment phase?” Dr. Steele cheerily asked. Debra feebly moaned and shifted her hips, and as she did she smelled the strong odors of her urine and feces, and felt the warm, squishy mass between her trembling ass cheeks. “You did a very nasty thing, pooping your pants like that. So, you’ll have to be punished. You know, I’ve always admired that firm, tight ass of yours, Debra…and now I’m going to see just how tight it really is.” Dr. Steele picked up a scissors and began to cut away the tape. Debra Pennington was now completely broken from the shock of the dental trauma, and the consummate humiliation of urinating and having a bowel movement in her pants. She made no move to run or fight as she was freed from restraint. When the last of the tape was removed and her head was released, Debra slumped limply in the dental chair, her shattered mind no longer able to resist and focused only on avoiding more pain. When the gag was taken off, with her swollen mouth she mumbled “Pleeth, pleeth duuntt hutt me ennymuh, pleeth…uhhll duh whaeveah oo aant….” Dr. Steele chuckled, “Your attitude certainly has improved, Debra. From this moment on, you will do what you’re told, when you’re told…is that clear?” Debra Pennington nodded frantically. “Now, let’s see that hot body you’re so proud of—strip naked, bitch.” Slowly, Debra obeyed. She took off her jersey, and her perfectly formed, braless breasts bobbed gently, the pink nipples made hard and erect by her terror. Her shorts came next, exposing a huge blob of shit nestling in the crotch of the flimsy white panties. The big fecal mass completely filled Debra’s ass crack and overfilled the thong, some of the turds squeezing out either side onto her buttocks. Debra sobbed as she was forced to display her bowel movement, and cried even harder as the stench of her incontinence grew stronger. Dr. Steele handed her a towel. “Now wipe yourself really well, Debra, so it’s nice and clean when I buttfuck you.” Debra was beyond shock now, and she made no protest other than a garbled whimper. She slowly removed her shit-filled panties, then wiped the stinking mess from her firm ass cheeks and from the deep cleft of her asscrack. When she was finished, she looked at Dr. Steele, weakly awaiting his next command.

Dr. Steele gazed excitedly at Debra Pennington’s superbly toned, tanned body. The pert, firm breasts and flat stomach, the muscular buttocks and full thighs tapering smoothly to strong calves. Through her trimmed patch of light brown pubic hair he could see the prominent pink labia, now damp with urine, and the large hood of her clitoris. Even in her traumatized condition, the Pennington bitch was in magnificent shape and would make a perfect fuck toy. In a blur of disordered thought, Debra knew that if she were home now, that big stud Nick would be giving it to her in the mouth and up the ass…and here she was, about to get the same thing. “On your knees, you fucking slut.” Debra immediately went down, knowing what was coming but too terrorized to resist; once a proud and self-assured soccer mom, she was now completely submissive and obedient. Dr. Steele unzipped his fly and removed his erect penis. To Debra’s surprise and dismay, it was huge—even bigger than Nick’s. “Start sucking, and keep sucking until you’re told to stop.” And Debra Pennington did.

Debra’s smooth, tanned cheeks hollowed and sank as she sucked deeply on the huge cock. Her eyes were comically crossed as she stared down dazedly at the massive shaft sliding in and out of her mouth. She was, she knew, a superb cocksucker, her skills honed on the series of pool boys, repairmen, and bar pickups she had fucked during the ten years of her marriage. She applied strong suction to the head and took it deep down her graceful throat, trying to get the man to come as soon as possible and end this nightmare. Dr. Steele looked down at the frantically sucking soccer mom, and said, “That’s very nice, but I think there’s something you’ve missed.” Debra stared up at him uncomprehendingly. “My anus is all hot and itchy, Debra; I need you to clean it with your tongue.” Dr. Steele pulled out from her mouth, turned around and spread his flabby buttocks wide, exposing a large, hairy brown hole. “Stick your tongue up my ass, bitch.” Debra stared, sickened, at the filthy opening, but she knew what she had to do. With a muffled cry of humiliation and degradation, Debra Pennington thrust her face between the man’s cheeks and began working her tongue vigorously around the hairy anus. She grunted with disgust at the foul smell and taste of Dr. Steele’s unwashed shithole, but she continued to swirl her pointed pink tongue around the puckered orifice. She could hear Dr. Steele uttering excited groans of pleasure as she stimulated his anus. After several minutes her turned around, shoved his giant erection between her lips, and again began to fuck her mouth. But Dr. Steele did not come. After a few minutes he withdrew from her mouth. Debra looked up at him, blood and saliva drooling down her chin, her blue-gray eyes bleary and unfocused, dazedly wondering what was next. “Get on all fours, slut.” Debra obeyed immediately, assuming the dog position. “We’ll just lubricate you a bit” she heard Dr. Steele say, and then she felt his fingers forcing their way past her anus into her rectum and coating the passage with some kind of slippery goo. Debra let out a despairing groan of pain and humiliation. She loved to take it up the ass but had always been very selective about the men she permitted to buttfuck her; only the best-looking studs had been allowed access to her rectum. Now she was completely helpless, and would be sodomized by this ugly bastard whom she ordinarily would never have let touch her hand. Suddenly her nervous system, already overloaded by trauma, triggered a wave of uncontrollable nausea. Debra lowered her head, gagged, and then vomited up her lunch. A dense green-yellow column of partially digested food, chunks and liquid, erupted from her mouth and splattered into the tile floor. The explosive force of her vomiting forced spurts of diarrhea to spray from her anus in rhythm with her heaves, splattering over her jerking buttocks and puddling on the floor. For over a minute Debra continued to expel her gastric and rectal contents in convulsive waves, and then the spasms gradually died away. She stared down at the huge puddle of foul-smelling vomitus under her, sobbing in shame and revulsion.

Dr. Sharpe clucked his tongue. “Tsk-tsk, Debra, what a little mess you’ve made. I guess you’ll need to wipe yourself again.” He handed her another towel, and she weakly wiped the watery stools from her cheeks and asscrack. “Well, let’s just give you a rectal examination now and see if that doesn’t make you feel better.” Debra felt the huge head of Dr. Steele’s penis rubbing at the puckered rim of her anus. “Pleeth…ith too biggg…pleeth duunt…,” she whimpered hopelessly, but Steele paid no attention. Debra Pennington felt an agonizing pain in her anus as the star-shaped muscle ring tried to resist the massive intrusion. She cried out “UUUUHHHH!!! NUUUHHHHH!!!” as the sphincter was stretched far beyond its normal limits, and then suddenly the overstressed muscle tore, letting the cockhead pop through and slide halfway into the tight channel. Dr. Steele drew back slightly and then with a sudden lunge forced the entire length of his erection into Debra’s straining rectum. “YAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!” Debra screamed as her bleeding rectal passage was forced to accommodate the enormous shaft. Dr. Steele began to slide his cock in and out with full-length strokes through the ripped, useless muscle of Debra’s sphincter, looking down at the firm, muscular asscheeks spasmodically jerking and quivering. Debra was emitting agonized wails in rhythm with the savage thrusts. Her rectum was still partially filled with loose feces, and the shaft to became streaked with blood and muddy, dark brown shit stains. After a few minutes, Dr. Steele pulled out his shit-smeared penis and walked around to Debra’s slackly hanging head. He grabbed her by the hair, yanking her head up and making her scream with the sudden pain. She stared in shock and sickened disgust at the reeking cock just inches from her face, dripping blood, semi-liquid shit and rectal mucus. “Now clean that cock, bitch—I don’t want to see a single bit of shit when you’re done.” Two hours ago, Debra had been a confident, self-assured richbitch, getting and doing whatever she pleased and loving it. Now, she was being reduced to a cocksucking, shit-eating sex slave, and this last humiliation destroyed the last remnants of her pride, dignity, and self-esteem. Debra Pennington’s mind snapped. Opening her mouth wide, she thrust the soiled penis deep down her throat and began working her tongue over the shaft to lick off the gobs of excrement. She grunted and gagged as she experienced the terrible taste of her diarrhea, but she did not hesitate or stop. Dr. Steele begin to stroke in and out of Debra’s mouth, forcing inch after inch of his huge cock past her Pink Frost lipstick, and gradually he began to tremble and shake with his approaching orgasm. “Get ready, bitch, I’m going to come in your mouth—make sure you swallow it all!!” A few moments later, Debra felt his cock twitch, and then an enormous gout of thick come jetted into her mouth. Gobs and gobs of semen filled her mouth to overflowing, mixing with her shit, and despite her frantic swallowing two brownish-white trails appeared at the corners of her mouth and trickled down her chin. The blobs of sperm and feces slid slowly down her throat, and she retched involuntarily as the stringy mixture triggered her gag reflexes. Five minutes later, when she at last lifted her head, Dr. Steele’s penis was completely clean. Debra lowered her head again and sobbed as the full realization of what she had done struck her—she had not only sucked off this pig and swallowed his come, but she had willingly eaten her own shit. The destruction of her spirit was complete.

Dr. Steele walked around the figure of the kneeling woman, looked down at the broken, shattered zombie who had once been hot-soccer-mom Debra Pennington. Debra’s smooth, firm, tanned body was wracked with sobs of humiliation and shame at her total degradation. Her ruptured anus gaped open, and trickles of bloody diarrhea were running down the backs of her muscular thighs. Her lips and teeth were coated with a brown-white sludge, and more dripped from her chin. Debra’s mouth was filled with the hideous taste of sperm and feces, and her once-immaculate body stank of semen, shit, urine and sweat.

“Well, Debra, you seem to be a bit dirtied up. I think you need a good shower.” Dr. Steele lifted Debra’s chin with his left hand, and with his right pointed his half-erect penis directly at her face. Without warning, a jet of hot urine sprayed into her half-open mouth. She snapped her mouth shut but a gush of urine overflowed her lips. “Open that mouth, bitch!!” In spite of her disgust, Debra was too terrorized to disobey. She opened her mouth, and Dr. Steele directed the spray directly down her throat. Debra frantically swallowed, feeling her stomach fill with urine and uttering choking, gurgling noises as she was forced to become a human toilet. Finally, after she had ingested well over a pint of the foul liquid, the flow stopped.

Urine dripping from her tanned face, Debra Pennington dazedly looked up at her tormenter. Dr. Steele went to the wall and pulled back a glass panel, revealing a video camera. “Now, Debra, I think you should know that I’ve captured our entire play time on film. I’m going to have the film doctored to obliterate anything that can identify me, but I’ll keep the footage of your little performance. If you say anything to anyone about this, I’ll release copies of the film to your husband, the local newspaper, the tabloids, and the Internet. You don’t want that, do you?” Debra’s eyes widened in shock, then glazed over in resigned acceptance; she bowed her head and slowly shook it from side to side in total defeat. Dr. Steele pulled Debra to her feet, handed her the urine-soaked jersey and shit-stained shorts, and dragged her towards a back door that led to the alley alongside the building. “Now get these on, and get the fuck out of here. Remember what I said about the videotape.” Debra clumsily pulled on her stinking jersey and shorts, and staggered out the door. As it shut behind her, she shuffled toward her car in a daze, scarcely able to walk. Her mind was barely functioning, but she realized dimly that she would never be able to be confident and self-assured around men ever again. Her arrogant, stuck-up, cockteasing personality had been destroyed, leaving her a cringing, terrorized shadow of her former self. Debra Pennington, the hot richbitch Soccer Mom, was gone.


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