Sex Hostages [HINES]


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It would take some time for Cindy Ellen’s family to put together the huge ransom that Cindy’s captors had demanded for her and her sisters’ safe return. But the mobsters weren’t worrying; they knew that the Ellen family had millions in assets and they also knew that the Ellen clan adored their young daughters. Yes, the family already had their minions busy choosing which real estate assets, treasury bonds, etc. to liquidate in order to present the twelve million dollars in cash.

In the meanwhile, Cindy would be providing some much-appreciated relief and relaxation to her captors. Of course, this was only after she had undergone a few hours of punishment. Amazing how a little bit of paddling and strap can change a 19 year-old girl’s mind when it comes to giving up all the pleasures that her body is capable of.

“C’mere, you sweet little white bitch,” one of the mobster’s girlfriend demanded loudly as she snatched Cindy by the arm. “My boyfriend says you got some good pussy, so I gonna find out how good you can be at makin’ me feel good! These other ho’s just gonna have to wait ’til me and you is done doing our thing, right?”

Big Mack’s big cock hurt so much as it started stretching open Monique’s Ellen’s virgin asshole.

“I don’t care if yo’ daddy buys you back or not”, Big Mack chuckled as his peckerhead pushed its way deeper into the captive’s anus.

“Either way, you is gonna make me some good money, whether it’s yo’ daddy’s cash or if you ends up sellin’ your pussy on the street fo’ me. Yeahhhh, either way – you is gonna make Big Mack happy!”

“Oh, Godddd…… NO!” Sweet Monique’s cute mouth screamed a cry of anguish as Mack’s black dick now was working it’s way up her ass, now almost up to the hilt.

“Ughhhhhh….. Ughhhh-h-h-h,” Monique’s head rolled side to side as Mack began pounding her close-in, pinning her back up against the rusted metal door of the dank concrete bunker.

“Don’t fight it, bitch. Give in to it. Take all of it! Give up every inch of that asshole, Bitch! Give it up!”

Myra Ellen cried both from pain and shame as her trim, elegant body tried it’s best to move in rhythm with that of her captor Jason. Her cunt was totally filled with Jason’s wide and long cock as he began to yet another rape-fuck of her once-proud body. As the eldest Ellen sister, 25 year-old Myra was used to looked up to by her two younger siblings. But she was so thankful that neither of them could see her now as she was forced to rotate and buck her hips like one common street whore.

“Yeah, gal….yeah-h-h-h…..” Jason groaned as Myra lifted her hips, lifted them just right to meet one of his jackhammer thrusts. “Yeahhhhh….just like dat,” he whispered in her ear as she obediently grinded her pussy against his cock. “Just like a ho’….” He put his weight on her now; began fucking her like the black men fucked black women down in the ghetto….

Myra’s cunt was tormented by the power of her captor’s long cock as he began again breaking her down with his cruel fucking. Her insides had spasms of pain as his big cockhead slammed hard against the deepest walls.

“Mmmmmm…You a much better fuck than yo’ sisters, bitch! After we get through, I’m gonna paddle ya until I know you gonna be real ready to put on a show for your sisters. They gonna watch ya as you shows them how to be a real ho……….”

LeRoy was taking it easy after engaging in yet another rape session of Doreen, his hostage of two days. By now, they would have discovered the note he left for her drug – dealing father to find. And her father knew that he was in no position to call the police to assist in finding Doreen. Of course, Doreen’s dad had a lot of power and muscle on his side – but LeRoy also had a lot of fellow crazy gangbangers who weren’t afraid of anybody. So right now, the only thing that had his attention was this gorgeous piece of white pussy laying beside him.

This pretty bitch was drivin’ him crazy. His huge cock was beginning to throb again, starting to swell up in size. Pre-cum forming at the head. LeRoy didn’t say anything but Doreen noticed it and pleaded, ” Please, please don’t! I’m so sore…….!”

LeRoy didn’t speak, but it was clear what he had in mind as he slowly but aggressively dug a finger, then two fingers in Doreen’s asshole.

His victim quivered with the dreadful knowledge of what was coming and that she could do nothing to stop him from doing what he wanted.

“Oh, no….No-o-o..! Please don’t……..please!” His fingers were digging deeper now, hurting her more….

LeRoy’s voice was hoarse. His dick was swelling to an almost monstrous length. “Turn over, baby. I’m gonna break you in real good…gonna teach ya to like it!”

Some women weren’t abducted for money, only for the unrestricted sex that they could provided their captors.

That was the case with Carolynn and Gloria, two college girls who got lost while exploring the Big City and made the mistake of accepting a ride from the wrong people.

They initially resisted, of course, but it only took a few hours of ‘attitude adjustment’ to make them both servile and compliant. These gang members were not patient; they wanted to fuck some white pussy and that was that.

Back at the gang’s hangout, the two captured girls learned how sex was practiced in the ‘hood. It would be almost a month before they were totally broken and put to work making money for the gang as drug-addicted, back-alley prostitutes. Never to again see their families or the people they were raised with…

Carolynn and Gloria were forced to put on quite a show back at the gang’s headquarters; the first of many such sex-shows for the amusement of their gang captors.

Gloria pretty mouth was thrilling to Bobo as she learned how to suck his black cock; managing to cause his nuts to push their supply of heavy cum up the long length of his shaft and flood into her waiting throat. Bobo threatened ” You better not spill a drop! Swallow it all!”

Carolynn was also learning to take orders and do what she was told, no matter what. And it hurt her a lot as one of the gang’s females forced her to lower her asshole and impale herself on a gang thug’s thick dick. The pain was overwhelming, but it was a way of teaching Carolynn to fuck no matter how much it hurt. She also learned the basic fact that gangsters liked to fuck girl up the ass……

Anna Peoria was a 19 year-old tourist who came to the States and was captured one night and never found. No one could discover what had become of this beautiful young from a foreign upper-class upbringing who arrived one day to visit and had simply disappeared….

What they could discover was that Anna had been a ‘Special Order’ kidnap victim; the kidnappers had spotted her as she left her hotel; saw that she almost perfectly fit the specifications put out by a powerful inner-city brothel Madam named Mama Malene. Mama Malene was tired of all those tough black gals she had been involved with over the years – ” I want one of them cute white gals with blonde hair,” the Madam had decreed. “And she gotta have a real nice tongue that can lick all my holes and make me feel good all over!”

Amazing what fifty thousand dollars can buy when the right people are contacted.

Mama had a nice little room waiting down in that big cellar of her house. Soundproof. Locked metal door. Air conditioned…

“You mine now,” Big Black Mama Malene told her thoroughly frightened slave. “I is gonna keep you until the end of my days. And if you want to live, then you is gonna have to please me every time I comes down here to visit you. I knows you hurtin’ from me punishin’ you. But if you do a good job of pleasin’ all my holes, I is gonna treat you real nice, understand? If you dares to disobey me even once, real bad things is gonna happen to ya. Real bad things!”

Anna could only cry as Mama lowered her big body down on top of hers.

“Give Mama a good kiss, sweetie. Show me how much you belongs to me….”

Mama’s thick tongue was wet and dripped thick saliva as it found Anna’s repulsed mouth …..

Betty and Beatrice’s drug-dealing father had thought that he could yet again talk his Asian suppliers into extending his repayment deadline. After all, they had done so the four previous times when it came to paying up for the high-quality heroin that sold so well on the streets. The trouble was that he had gotten into the habit of snorting half the supply up his own nose. His wife and two daughters had no idea of their dad’s true profession; he had always described his business as “import-export”. But now there would be no further doubts left about daddy’s business – and it’s unpleasant consequences upon them.

The Asian druglords had made it very clear that Dad and his entire family were going to be killed unless he had some way of coming up with the money. Dad had begged and pleaded for the lives of his wife and two daughters to be spared. No, he only could repay a half of what he owed. Could something be worked out?

Well, after looking over his beautiful cowering wife and equally attractive daughters, 18 year-old Beatrice and 20 year-old Betty, the gangsters decided something indeed could be worked out….

Betty and Beatrice and their Mom had no choice: Work off their father’s drug debt or be killed along with the rest of their family. For the next six months, the three women would serve as well-used whores for the Asian gang’s senior members who had relocated to the States. Any resistance or failure to obey would result in their ‘permanent disappearances’.

But so far, their Asian captors were pleased with the deal they had made. At the moment, Mr. Hiyashi was especially pleased as Beatrice’s pretty mouth teased the last of his cum from his cock. Mr. Hiyashi loved how these American bitches submitted to his frequent whippings in order for him to get his dick hard. After a rest, he would come back start again by rolling the beautiful mother on her back and fucking her while her two daughters were forced to watch and learn….

Cathy was crying and wilting under the repeated abuse of Senor Martinez and his wife. She had no idea of where she was – only that it was a small shack somewhere south of the border, in a place where they spoke mostly Spanish. And she also knew that it was her own father who had peddled her off in order to save his own life. The Latin drug cartel were not known for their forgiveness of monies owed to them, so Cathy’s father had made a deal. He agreed to say anything when they came to take his very attractive daughter and would plead ignorance when the authorities came to investigate her disappearance.

Senor Martinez had farmed his cocoa crops for the Cartel for many years. It was hard work, but the pay made it all worthwhile. In spite of his peasant appearance, Senor Martinez had quite a bit of money stashed away in tax-haven accounts. Yes, the money was good. And so was the Cartel’s gift of this pretty Anglo bitch for whatever use he might see fit. He was thrilled and so was Senora Martinez, who looked forward to all the pleasures that Cathy would be providing to her long-neglected old pussy…..

It was only the second night of captivity for Cathy but it had already seemed like months. And it would only get worse. Senor and Senora Martinez would keep Cathy bond and beaten for at least 6 months before they relented even a little …..

“Si, you’re getting better at your begging. I like that. My wife likes it too, I can see. But it does not matter. We will punish you for months and months before we let you have the chance to show us how grateful you are. Si, go ahead and cry all you want because it is only just beginning for you. Things are going to get worse for you here. So much worse!”

“Oh, please! Mercy!”

“No, girl. There will be no mercy for you yet. Be patient! There will a day when you will not remember even your name and you be so happy to work hard in the fields and so anxious to service the both of us in bed…”

Milo and his partner had purposely let the dance club owner get behind in his payments for all the heroin that he had been putting up his nose. Milo knew that the club owner, a man named Damon Clives, was weak-willed and didn’t have a brave bone in his body. What Clives did have, however, was a beautiful, young – looking wife (37 years but could pass for 25) and an attractive, trim-bodied 18 year-old daughter, Vickie .. Milo had decided he wanted the two of them the first time he had visited the Clives’ home. Mrs. Clives had been made uncomfortable by the way he stared at her and by the very visible hard-on in his pants as he was already thinking about how he wanted to fuck her.

“Make a choice right now, Clives,” Milo had said while holding his pistol to Damon Clives’ head. “Either you phone your wife and daughter to get their asses over here pronto or else I am gonna put a bullet in your head. Make up any story you have to get them both to come over, but get them over here! If they’re not here within an hour, you’re dead and we’ll still grab them, fuck them and dispose of them when we’re done with them. If you get them here, you’re gonna walk your sorry ass out the door and you won’t say a word to anybody about this. If you do, you know what will happen to all of you, understand? Me and my buddy here are gonna enjoy fuckin’ your wife and little girl for a couple of weeks, then we’ll give them back to you….”

Clives gulped and made the call.

Mrs. Gwen Clives looked even better without clothes than with them on. And she was so spirited, too. Milo loved how she fought him when she realized what her weakling of a spouse had done to her and her beloved daughter. Only a series of hard slaps that rocked her face from side to side and the threat of seeing her daughter killed had subdued Mrs. Clives. Milo liked how humiliated Gwen was as she was forced to return his deep tongue kissing and when she had to open her legs wide as Milo fed his huge, thick cock into her tight pussy….

“Take my cock like you’re some whore, understand? Show your daughter over there how to fuck like the bitch you are.” He liked how she sobbed silently as he pounded her pussy and heard Milo’s partner having his fun fucking her daughter.

“Mom…! Oh, Mommy…!” Daughter Vickie’s voice was shrill as she was forced to give it up over there on the couch….

Milo held the captive wife’s ass steady as his cock slowly began to stretch her tiny pucker. She started to scream but muted when Milo growled, “Be quiet, bitch or I’ll go over there and slit your daughter’s throat.” He had already fucked Gwen a half-dozen times and had made her watch as he had also put the dick to her daughter. Now it was time use that nice bubble-butt ass of hers. So inviting as he had bent her over the back of the loveseat.

Gwen could only clench her teeth as Milo started fucking her asshole. She tried to tune out the sounds of Milo’s buddy teaching her daughter to the painful joys that came from paling her own asshole down on an eager cock.

It had been three weeks of captivity for Gwen Clives and her daughter. Three weeks of suffering from belt-whippings and all the fucking of their holes by the sex-mad Milo and a few other trusted thug friends who got share in the rape-fuckings of daughter Vickie. Milo didn’t share Gwen; Gwen was for himself and no others.

He had gotten birth-control pills for Gwen to take; the way he was fucking her over and over and the way he was always shooting big, thick cum-loads deep in her cunt, she was sure to get pregnant if not given the pills.

She was such a good fuck now, a great fuck. Now she was so obedient, knowing how to give it to Milo just like he wanted it. She knew how to raise and gyrate her butt to meet the brutal thrusts of his oversized cock up he ass. She knew how to eat his asshole while her daughter dutifully sucked his dick and she forced herself to over come the humiliation of being forced to kneel beside her daughter and share with her the thick cum that he jacked from his spasming cock. She began to wonder when he intended to let her and her daughter go as he had said he would….

“Please, Master, you promised that you would set me and my daughter free. Please tell me when you’re going to let us go,” Gwen asked pleadingly.

“Hmmm, your daughter just asked the same question last night. Did you forget that she turned 19 yesterday? 19 and such a good little whore, wrapping her legs around me when I emptied my nuts in that shallow pussy of hers. No more pills for her – or you. You’re both gonna give me a lot of babies….”

“No! Noooooo! You promised! You promised my husband…!”

Milo laughed, ” Ohhh, didn’t I tell you? Your husband’s dead.” He was real horny now. ” Now massage my dick with those soft hands of yours the way I like it and spread those legs. It’s time you start makin’ babies….”

It was confirmed now. Both Gwen Clives and her daughter Vickie Clives were now pregnant with Milo’s babies.

To celebrate, Milo invited his brother over for an “anal party”. Lots of cheap wine and lots of fucking the two kidnapped females in the ass.

Milo’s bother was so impressed at how well-trained Gwen and Vickie were. So good at following every order….

“I gotta tell ya, Milo. I’m impressed. Really, really impressed,” Milo’s brother said. “Never saw a guy fuck a gal in the ass and then pull it out and cum in her mouth like you just did. God, she almost managed to swallow it all, too!”

“I told ya she was a bitch who does what she’s told to do. She could have swallowed everything if her mouth was a little bigger.”

“Well, my cock’s not a monster like yours. Mind if I fuck her ass and then see if she can gulp down all of my cum?”

“Sure, after all you’re my only brother. Share and share alike…”

There are always debts to pay and many times it is left up to the innocent to repay them. That these innocent girls may have had nothing to do with running up those debts – or may not have even met the debtors is frequently besides the point.

That was the case of the 19 year-old college sophomore Janice. Janice had only met the guy named Preston once while attending an off-campus party. She had spent perhaps a total of 15 minutes in flirtatious conversation, felt a non-connection and moved on. But that was enough time for an onlooking contact for ‘Preston’s’ drug suppliers to form an erroneous conclusion. Reporting back to Preston’s inner-city debtors, Janice had been mistakenly described as Preston’s girlfriend.

Therefore when Preston barely managed to escape the drug debtors, it was only natural that they refocused their attention unto his supposed ‘girlfriend’.

When they kidnapped her, no one believed Janice’s terrified denials of any relationship with Preston or of any knowledge of his whereabouts. But no worry, the drug gang decided. Janice had a beautiful face and a very nice body. She would more than earn back their money by being put to work in one of their inner-city brothels.

The kidnapped Janice was disoriented and confused at the fate that had befallen her. A case of mistaken identity had resulted in her now being forced into prostitution in order to repay a drug debt. Her parents, friends and the authorities would never find her.

The tall dusky brothel madam Leticia would be in charge of breaking Janice down in order to make her a more compliant fuck for the establishment’s ghetto clientele. Leticia was an expert at preparing slavegirls and she was wasting no time getting the new white girl started out on the road to total readjustment. to her new life.

“C’mon, baby. Be still and take all this nice whippin’ that yo’ Aunt Leticia is layin’ on ya. Just hold on to Aunt Margie there. That’s the girl. Give into it, baby. Let yo’ Aunt Leticia teach you to take the pain…. then ya say thank you likin’ her mucky pussy and grubby craphole!”

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