Sanchez Cartel [HINES]


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The majority of the group of college cheerleading finalists were still partying in one of the hotel suites when the two masked intruders knocked on the door. With Miss Thomas, the group’s chaperone, firmly in their grip, they pushed they pushed their way inside before any of the girls had a chance to react.

“Okay ladies,” one of the intruders warned them. “You’re all so pretty; I hope none of you is going to be dumb enough to scream out or make any noise to warn the others. I’d really hate to have to shoot a couple of you along with your Miss Thomas here. After all, we don’t want you dead. We just want you.”

“Yeah,” echoed his masked partner. “If you all are quiet and cooperate, everything’s gonna be real fine and you’ll might even enjoy the little trip we got planned for you.”

The two intruders swiftly worked to get their intimidated captives gagged, handcuffed and ready to transport. A signal was sent to the big van that would be arriving at the rear of the hotel in a few minutes. Everything had been thoroughly arranged and going according to plan. The hotel’s security had been bribed and the kidnapping of over a dozen cheerleaders would remain a mystery. And while waiting, one of the kidnappers decided to relieve some of his built-up tension by having a fun with Miss Thomas. The orders had been for delivering the cheerleaders fully clothed and unmolested. But no such restrictions had been set for the girls’ older chaperone….

“Uhhhhh….that’s it, bitch. Be quiet ,now. Just stand still and take this here cock in that pretty ass of yours. That’s it, that’s a good gal……just like that….uhhhhhh…”

“Ohhh…please…don’t…It hurts so much…”

“Shhhhh….I told you to keep quiet. Don’t make me have to kill you. Ahhh…feels real snug. I think you’re gonna be a natural ass-fuck. That’s gonna make you real popular, where you’re goin’… Ahhhhhhhh…..”

Used Innocence 8.jpg (148842 bytes)

After a hundred-mile trip in the kidnapper’s van, the cheerleaders and their already-fucked chaperone finally arrived at the warehouse that would serve as their holding location until the special storage truck came to haul them across the border and on to their South American destination. Of course, as college cheerleaders, some of them tended to become somewhat vociferous in their fear and panic. But their captors were part of an organization that had a lot of experience in dealing with reluctant female cargo, so a session of hard whipping to those fine thighs and buttocks soon worked to calm things down.

In their cute, spiffy outfits, the captive cheerleaders were an instant hit with those various warehouse staffers who were there to help keep things running smoothly.

A few of them would have surely been tempted to try and drag off a particular captive but for the presence of Senora Tinsely. Senora Tinsely was the organization’s overseer of White Slavery operations and she took a dim view of any activities that might result in damaged goods. And anyone who dared go against her orders would surely find themselves at the bottom the nearby lake. But the Senora didn’t object to trotting out a couple of her cheerleading slaves for the enjoyment of her crew.

The Senora picked a crying and chastised Monique and Charlotte to be escorted out of their respective small cells and brought before her leering compatriots.

“Okay, you two are used to entertaining a crowd,” she told them. ” So entertain! Bend over and spread those cheeks! Show us what you got , babes! Spread ’em and show us those pink, college pussies and assholes…! Do it now!!”

Their faces red with shame, Monique and Charlotte did as ordered. Senora Tinsely’s crew appreciated the sight, making many rude and degrading comments and suggestions.

One of the Senora’s female assistants, her lust inflamed by the sight of what the captives had to offer, could not resist trying to make a deal for Monique. “Please, Senora! Let me buy that one! I’ll pay you two thousand dollars for her right now”

“Now, now, you know better that that. Each one of these girls is already spoken for and there would be big trouble if one of them did not arrive to their buyer. And besides, the price of each one is many times more than what you can afford.”

The truck that came to fetch the slaves had been especially equipped with oversized fuel tanks so that it’s hauling of it’s valuable cargo from the warehouse to the final destination would be a non-stop trip. Escorted by two additional cars filled with armed guards, the truck’s driver and assistants had very little to worry about. But the girls were very worried indeed; they had no idea of what was in store for them….

The two burly guards looked over the next cheerleader in line to be put in the storage truck. “Now climb in. You can manage that, right? Or else we’ll be happy to just toss you in. Sorry that we’re going to have to gag you, it being a long trip and all. But look, you’ll have all your friends as company. And even your trusty chaperone is coming along for the ride…”

After a long and very uncomfortable trip, the captives found themselves in a strange locale. In a different country. Being immediately separated from each other by strangers. being told nothing as to why they had be taken, why they were now here. In fact, one of the few things that they were told was, ” Do not ask questions. Do not speak unless spoken to.

At this place, a certain Senora Veron seemed to be in charge of day-to-day operations. What she wanted done, it was done. There was no doubt on the part of the others who worked under her that Senora Veron had the confidence of and spoke for the Cartel, a very powerful and dangerous group of people.

And what Senora Veron wanted now was one of these new arrivals, one of these cute cheerleaders…..

“Get down on your knees, girl,” Senora Veron ordered the blond cheerleader. ” Don’t pay any attention to my friend Pablo here. He will only watch us and maybe jack off a bit. Now look up at me and tell me your name.”

“Laurie. My name is Laurie.”

“Laurie. That’s a nice name. I like it, it fits you. So I’ll let you keep your name, Laurie.”

With that, the Senora suddenly slapped Laurie hard across her face. Laurie yelped and fell back, but the older woman caught her by the hair and yanked her back. ” You will always address me by ‘Senora’ or ‘Mistress’ whenever you speak to me. From now on, you will be punished severely any time that you fail to do this. Tell me you understand this.”

Laurie’s eyes were wet with tears now. She was so helpless and so afraid. ” Yes, Mistress, I understand.”

“Bueno, my sweet Laurie. I picked you out because you are so beautiful. You are so lucky that I chose you, that I have decided to give you the honor of serving me. Tell me – and be truthful, because I’ll be able to tell if you lie to me. Have you ever been with a woman?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Mmmm, bueno. I always like to be the one who teaches and trains” Senora Veron gently

pulled Laurie’s head forward. ” Now you will kiss and lick my body. It is always good that a girl like you first learns to worship her Superior, to show that she is grateful and is giving me the respect that I naturally deserve.

“Then I will teach you the proper ways of eating my esteemed pussy…”

Senora Veron didn’t consider herself a cruel woman. It was just that when dealing with slaves, one usually had to do cruel things. A new captive mind had to be shocked out of it’s stubborn thoughts of freedom and independence. The pain and punishment that was administered so harshly to a slave was actually for her own good. The sooner that she was desperate to avoid the overwhelming agony and pain that resulted from her lack of obedience, the sooner that she could start to be trained in the proper thought processes to accompany her new behavior. It was all so simple. A simple way of conducting business.

Senora Veron’s interest in Laurie was not related to her business interests. While the other slaves would be prepared to give their bodies for the use and financial benefit of the Cartel, Laurie would be prepared to give herself totally, body and soul, to the Senora. The Senora had grown tired of having a different , forgettable slavegirl every other night. No, this would not be the way with Laurie. She would train Laurie. She would keep Laurie.

So it was not cruel to have arranged for Laurie to be screaming, begging and pleading for mercy while suffering under the strict attention of Rosita’s thin cane. The Senora had used Rosita’s talents many times before, many because the woman, one of the Senora’s long-time brothel whores, was expert in applying long and severe canings without leaving any permanent markings or scarings on her victim’s body.

Rosita liked her work and she was doing such an intensely good job on Laurie now. Laurie would suffer for four hours each day for two weeks. When Rosita had finally finished with her, Laurie would be a trembling, traumatized piece of human meat – ready then for the permanent mental re-working that Senora Veron had in mind for her…..

For many deviants, the lure of being able to corrupt and abuse an more innocent, sweet sort of lady beats all others when it comes to pleasure. Nothing like a naive eighteen year-old girl when it comes to providing the thrill of being able to break her in and train her properly. At least this was the thinking of Uncle Mortie when his eighteen year-old niece Kathy asked if she might be able to stay at his place while she searched for employment. This was Kathy’s first visit to the Big City; so very different from the serene, rather isolated country farm on which she had been raised by her dowdy, overbearing parents. Kathy wanted to experience the excitement of the city – and dear old Uncle Mortie was all too willing to help her. He would show his niece all the excitement that she could ever imagine.

Uncle Mortie was a crude man. Making his living working for a variety of bookmakers, tended to handle things rather roughly. And at this moment, he was also roughly handling his niece Kathy.

“Damn, my dumb sister sure had herself a sweet little pussy of a daughter. Never thought a bitch as ugly as her could ever have offspring as good -lookin’ as you,” Mortie grunted to his frightened niece as he continued to explore her body with his hard hands.

“Ow! Stop! Please, Uncle Mortie, let me go! You’re hurting me! Qw…” Kathy grimaced from the pain as her uncle grabbed a breast, squeezing. pulling and twisting it.

“Shut up, bitch! You’re not back on the farm. This is my place and I’ll do what I like with ya! ” Uncle Mortie twisted Kathy’s other breast now, hurting it also. From behind Mortie, a tall, hard-faced woman looked on, fidgeting with the slim-bladed knife that she held in her hand.

“C’mon, Mortie. Tell her what we got planned for her.” The woman was anxious, impatient.

“Ha! You always was in a hurry about somethin’ or the other, Bebe! Alright, I’ll let her know what’s gonna be happenin’ ’round here.”

Uncle Mortie grabbed Kathy by her throat and told her, ” Ain’t nothin’ free here in the city, gal. You’re gonna find that out quick. First, me and Bebe is gonna spend a few days teachin’ you what fuckin’ is all about. And you better learn fast, if you know what’s good for ya. Then you’re gonna start earnin’ your keep ’round here. We got a lot of friends who’ll pay some good money for the chance to stick their dicks in ya. And don’t even think about tryin’ to get away! We’re gonna give ya a little bit of beatin’ with the belt- just to give ya a hint of how hard it’ll be on ya if you don’t toe the line…”

“Mortie, don’t forget…,” Bebe started to inject.

Uncle Mortie chuckled. “Oh yeah, almost forgot. Bebe here has always wanted her own personal pussy slave. Don’t worry, she’s real determined that you’ll eventually get to like everything that she has in mind for ya. See that switchblade that she’s holdin’ ? She’s real good with it and she’s gonna carve her initials in one of your tits so’s everyone knows that you and her are an item. Welcome to the big city, girl.”

Uncle Ralph intended to get to know his niece Georgette a lot better. Really better. Geaorgette was only nineteen and still a virgin. So were her two friends, Sara and Betty. Ralph remembered how it was growing up in the religious community that these girls had just recently left. He wasn’t a good fit there and to everyone’s great relief back then, he had decided to move away.

The three girls had heard vague rumors about Ralph and some of the things he had done, but they had discounted most of it as the old-fashioned kind of gossip that was all too typical in that uptight community.
But now they knew that Uncle Ralph was much worse than all that they had heard. Now Niece Georgette and her two close girlfriends were finding out exactly the kind of person Ralph had become….

“Well, niece, since you’re family, I’ll take you first. Since you ain’t never had a cock put to you before, I promise that I’m gonna take my time breakin’ that little pussy in. But you can struggle if you want; I like it when a gal puts up a fight – then I can really get rough and enjoy it like I want. Now c’mon. Let’s see how good a ride you can give me. And you two girls – don’t worry, there’s gonna be plenty of time for me to get acquainted with the both of you after I get through samplin’ Georgette here….”

Niece Tammi’s first visit to the City was also a first meeting with Uncle Jake and Aunt Beth, both of whom were long-time estranged family. Tammi was a pretty, sweet-faced blond and just turned eighteen . She was sure that she could move to the city and get into movies. Maybe become a star. She had packed up and sneaked away from her straight-laced parents in the middle of the night; They would never had approved of what she had in mind. And the secret phone calls to Uncle Jake and his wife Beth had resulted in a wonderful offer of free room and board at their place while she pursued her dream.

“Sure, come on down here, ” Uncle Jake had urged her. “We’ll take care of ya. In fact, I think that I can get ya a part in a couple of movies. I’ve got some friends who make films and they’re always lookin’ for new talent.”

“What are you cryin’ about, girl? Damn if you ain’t one unthankful girl,” complained Uncle Jake as he observed Tammi’s tearful face. ” Here I am takin’ the time to throw ya your own little birthday party because your own parents were too cheap to give ya one – and this is the thanks I get? And old Mister Hillebrand here is gonna be filmin’ us again tonight. He thinks that you’re gonna be real popular in the videos that he’ll be sellin’ all over the place. So stop that snifflin’ and get ready to take this bitch’s place. She’s almost sucked me to where I’m ready to cum, but I’ll let you finish me off and swallow it down. Then your Aunt Beth here is gonna show you some things that she thinks you’ll learn to get good at…”

Amelia’s innocence was about to end – and end much differently than she had ever imagined that it would. Amelia had been saving herself for the one man who would bring love into her young life. She had turned twenty just a few weeks ago; her virginity still intact. It had been difficult for her to maintain her innocence through all the pressures from all those past boyfriends and others who had tried so hard to deflower her. But Amelia had been strong and resolute in her convictions; her hymen and her vow was still unbroken.

But that was before Uncle Alan had invited her to spend her much – anticipated vacation with him at his country villa. Uncle Alan, with his cheery and benign manner. Uncle Alan, who had changed so completely once she had arrived and they were alone….

Uncle Alan paused at the doorway of the small room in which his niece Amelia was bound and awaiting his return. She was blindfolded and gagged, but that was merely for his pleasure; the room was located deep below the main floor of his vacation villa. Built to his specifications, no sounds from this room would ever reach unwitting ears.

“Ah, your dear old Uncle Alan has returned to take up where we left off. But, don’t worry, I’m done with the belt for the time being. Now I’m ready break in that tight little cunt of yours and show you what you’ve been missing. …..”

Bette was beautiful, intelligent and just finishing her second year of college. Bette had always been a ‘good girl’ and that had served her well through her young life. But now it was clear that her days of virtue were almost over. Her world had changed abruptly a few nights ago when she had been snatched and abducted off her university campus by people who thought that her blond, perky looks would be very popular with their discerning clientele…

Bette’s values and faith had helped her to resist the demands of her captors. No, she would never become a whore. She would rather die first. But that was before they began the sessions of whippings and painful bondage. Her kidnappers were professionals who had a good deal of experience in the breaking of difficult slaves-to-be.

Bette’s innocence had been brutally stripped from her over the days and nights after her training had finally ceased – at least for the time being. They had physically abused her until she had actually renounced her adherence to practically every value that she had be raised to believe in. In the end, she had begged them to let her serve them by being the lowest sort of whore to those who would be paying to use her. The punishments had been too much for Bette to withstand.

Miss Hansen was the madam who oversaw the day-to-day workings of the exclusive brothel in which Bette, like so many other slaves, would be forced to serve. Miss Hansen had orchestrated the intense program of rape and degradation to which Bette had be subjected when the punishment had ended. Yes, the girl would be very popular, Miss Hansen thought….

Bette would not be put to work in the brothel until all of the bruises and markings from her training had faded. But Miss Hansen would make sure that Bette’s education would still continue in the meantime. After all, as the brothel’s madam, the old woman did feel an obligation to keep this new slave in the proper frame of mind…..

“Now don’t try to pull away from it, dearie – that will just force me to start really hurt that pretty cunt of yours. Mmmmm….nothing like a nice fist to explore a young pussy like yours. Cocks might be nice, but nothing can compare to an experienced woman’s fist and forearm. And I’m very experienced, my little cutie-pie…..”

Senora Veron had worked with the Salazar Cartel for quite some time. It helped that she had also become close friends with Lotti Salazar, the oldest daughter of Manuel Salazar. Manuel was the first-among-equals of the Salazar men who ruled the Cartel. Lotti Salazar was a big, fat woman who had nothing to do but indulge herself with the many beautiful young slavegirls who constantly being shuttled through the Cartel’s brothel and porn film operations.

Upon hearing rumors that Senora Veron had chosen and begun training a personal slave, Lotti couldn’t help but rush down to see for herself. And Senora Veron was very glad to show off her new slave; she was quite proud of the girl’s beauty and attitude.

“You’re right, she is a delicious-looking little morsel. Ummm…I could eat her alive. Or better yet, she could eat me anytime.”

“Sorry, Lotti, but this one’s is one that I’m gonna keep strictly for myself. This is my own personal ‘pleasure girl’.

Miss Thomas had long since been separated from the cheerleaders whom she had been chaperoning. She didn’t quite fit in with the plans that the Cartel had made for the cheerleaders. Although Miss Thomas was indeed a good-looking woman with a great body on her, it was decided that her assigned duties would be as a pain whore rather than being put to work as a regular piece of fuck-meat. She had been already put through a tough regimen of punishment and fucking, but there was an even more intense niche of service that had been planned for her use. According to orders, her pussy was padlocked to prevent overuse. From now on, Miss Thomas’s cunt would be reserved for the sole use of those customers who like a bit of sex after having had their sadistic fun….

“Now don’t you get all impatient on us, bitch. You’ll be able to spread for a cock real soon. In fact, your first customer is coming tonight. You’ll like him. He’s really enjoys making a white girl scream..”

Miss Thomas had been re-named “Cunt 1” by her owners. ‘ Cunt 1′ was available for the most savage abuse. Her blonde hair had been shaven and ring hoops dug randomly into skin on her face and nipples.

Her first customer was Benito, one of the Cartel’s enforcers. Benito’s idea of a good time was inflicting pain – and with his girlfriend Gloria also taking part, Benito was having a hell of a good time.

“C’mon, you worthless piece of Yankee shit! You better kiss me better than that! I want that tongue-playin’ with mine. I want you to get me all ready for another go at those tits of yours with my belt. You like that, don’t you, bitch? I tell ya what, I’m gonna whip them tits until they’re all purple, then I’m sit back and watch Gloria here have her fun breakin’ a few of your fingers and toes with the little hammer that she keeps in her purse. I know that it’s gonna cost me extra, but it’ll be worth it.”

The cheerleaders who had been selected to serve in the Cartel’s brothels were now being introduced to the brothel staffs. It was important that these new slaves learn their place in the order of things – and that place, of course, was at the very bottom. At the moment, Amy’s bottom was getting a rude lesson, courtesy of Jorge’s thick cock. Another cheerleader was getting looked over on the couch by two more brothel staffers. They enjoy making her watch Jorge plough Amy’s protesting anus and making her cry and beg for mercy. Then it would be the other girl’s turn…

“Look how your friend is having trouble taking Jorge’s cock. She’s really suffering, that’s for sure. He’s gonna fuck her for a long time and after he gets through, you can watch me take my turn.

Then it’s gonna be you down there on your hands and knees. See how she’s cryin’ now? That’s gonna be you cryin’ the same way when me and the guys start rammin’ at your tight little ass…”

While Jorge and the others were breaking in Amy and her friend, slave Trish was also experiencing the agonies of her first anal intercourse. But Pepe was not like those others who enjoyed fucking their slaves in front of others. Pepe preferred to introduce his shaft to Trish’s asshole in private. He could concentrate so much better with her that way. Concentrate on moving Trish’s body up and down on that long dick of his; guiding that captive bunghole to just the right angles to hit her anal walls and drive her crazy; to force her ass down all the way to his balls…..

Pepe has stopped himself from cumming three or four times as he continued to brutally slam Trish’s asshole down over his cock. Her trembling and sobbing only worked to turn him on more.

The little bitch was seeing now that she was gong to be nothing but a hard-fucked and lowly whore – even lower than any of the regular whores there.

Now Pepe was beginning to feel it……..feel the pressure in his balls, feel his dick swell…..

“Uhhhhhhh……” Pepe moaned as he stiffened and his semen began shooting deep inside Trish’s ass. “Uhhhh, bitch….Uhhhhh”

Lotti Salazar had been rejected and ridiculed because of her weight as a teen – but now she more than made up for all that ; The supply of available slavegirls were almost without end and none of them could ever say ‘no’ to even the most perverted of her demands. Her sexual appetite was in proportion to her body – in other words, her sexual appetite was huge – and she was not shy about picking out any slave who appealed to her and taking the poor girl back to her bed. Lotti could do as she pleased; no one dared to complain to her fathers or uncles about her sometimes over-use of the slaves. Lotti wanted what she wanted and when she wanted it. And the slave could not complain of Lotti’s perpetual bad breath and the heavy stink of her pussy…

Lotti preferred blondes and she had spotted just the right blonde for tonight. May Senora Veron was right; maybe it would be better to choose one girl to be her personal slave . One girl to worship her, suck her toes, eat her pussy, suck her asshole. One girl to be there to constantly tell Lotti how beautiful and desirable she was.

This blonde slave’s name was Irene and she screamed with panic as Lotti Salazar dragged her out of her bed and across the floor.

“Say goodnight to your buddies , girl. You won’t be seeing them for the rest of the night. In fact, you might not be seeing them again at all…”

It was only natural that the veteran whores in the Cartel’s brothels would initially resent the new Gringo slaves and all the attention that was being given to them. Some of the whores thought that these pale newcomers might actually cause them to lose money or worse yet, even lose their jobs. So when given the chance to be alone with the white slaves, many of the whores went out of their way to make sure that the slaves knew their proper place in the brothels’ social pecking order.

The management, seeing the advantages of this, did nothing to interfere as long as the slaves were not hurt or damaged.

Vera was a long-time whore in this brothel and she didn’t like Dorthy, the American blond slave, from the very beginning.

“That bitch has probably been pampered her entire life,” Vera would tell the other whores.

“And now they’re gonna set her up in here like some kind of little white queen, taking the best-paying customers away form us! I’d like to really cut on her ass, but the bosses say we can’t. But I think that we gotta show that cunt that she’s like dirt on our shoes.”

The other whores agreed and they made sure that Dorthy immediately got put in her place. They denied her the right to eat regular meals. Instead, the only food she got was that which was regurgitated back up by the whores. Dorthy had tried to resist, but a couple of hard beatings – administered in a way that wouldn’t show too much bruising – quickly changed her mind.

“Here’s your dinner, bitch,” Vera said as she held Dorthy’s head in position. “I sure enjoyed eating tonight and now here’s your turn to sample it. Open that mouth and keep it open! I sure hope you’re hungry, because my friend Mara here really ate herself a big meal.”

Dorthy could only hold her head back and open her mouth as Vera gagged herself to bring her vomit up. It was with the greatest humiliation that Dorthy forced herself to accept and swallow the vile puke from Vera’s stomach. And behind her, Mara was getting ready to add her vomit to Dorthy’s throat. The two whores’ vomit was thick and there was a lot of it and quite a bit of it spilled off of Dorthy’s face unto the floor. But not to worry, they would make sure that she licked it all up. Waste not, want not….

But if Dorthy was not liked by the brothel’s ranking whores, she was certainly liked by Alfredo, one of the establishment’s resident managers. Dorthy’s lithe, creamy white body and her pretty face always made his dick twitch in his pants and he would be forced to drag her to his room so that he could release the tension that she caused in him.

Dorthy could only sob gently as Alfredo fucked her against the wall. He was a hard, strong man and he liked to fuck that way.

“Ugghhhh….” Alfredo grunted as he slammed himself in that pussy to the hilt and then started pump his semen inside her. ” You puta, you bitch! Uggghhh….”

Dorthy was quickly becoming one of Alfredo’s favorites and although it was discouraged, he made it a point to seek her out whenever he had a free moment. She was now becoming familiar with what were his particular likes and dislikes; the things that would make him cum fast, the things that tended to delay his cumming. Alfredo was always more pleased when it took him more time to build up one of his heavy orgasms. The more time it took, the more intense his cumming would be. The stronger and thicker the jism that his balls would pump up through that big cock; the more force with which it would spew into the back of Dorthy’s throat or deep in her pussy or asshole. And the more pleased with her that he was, the more he would keep her isolated away from the even harder chores that the whores tended to have for her.

But Alfredo was also quite the sensitive type. He didn’t want Dorthy to miss out on having female companionship, so out of the goodness of his heart, he also requisitioned the services of another American slave, the 18 year-old Annette. After all, it was the least such a sensitive and caring man like Alfredo could do.

Together, Annette and Dorthy were the perfect team at teasing Alfredo’s cock with their obedient tongues. Such a good job they did; worshiping that shaft, licking it wet, causing it to swell to it’s maximum potential, ready to be either sucked to completion or to be rammed into whatever hole he preferred.

Who’s gonna get the load? Any volunteers? One gets it down her throat, the other gets her asshole fucked…

The whores were patient; Alfredo couldn’t keep Dorthy away from them forever. They knew that he had to sleep or leave the premises sometime – and then that American cunt would belong to them. They had so many things in store for Dorthy, so many new and nasty things that they had thought up between them. So many extremely nasty and humiliating things that would reduce Dorthy’s self-worth and make her accept the role that they had reserved for her in this brothel; that of the very lowest whore, the one who would forever be their resident shoe-licker and shit-eater. She might end up being popular with the clientele, but when the customers left, her status would revert to being that of less that the mangy mongrel dog that ate the food scraps from the floor.

“Mmmm…you’re such a fine little slut,” Alfredo grunted to Dorthy as he began to settle into a hard rhythm, jolting her body with his powerful fucking. It was the third time he rode her that night and her cunt was raw and sore from all that attention. But Dorthy was also aware of the attention that she felt from the whores who observed Alfred and her from the doorway. They had promised to show her “something unforgettable” the next time that they had a chance at her and she shuddered at the thought of whatever that might be.

“Si, that’s it, bitch! Keep moving those hips like that!” Alfredo loved the way Dorthy was doing her best to make him happy. ” Si, si, you little whore. Give it all to your Alfredo! You love it, don’t you?”

“Uhhhh…..yes, Senor.” Her pussy twitched from the pain and abuse. “Yes, yes. Please fuck me, Senor…”

Although Dorthy had truly tried to show the extent of her submissiveness, she was still chosen to undergo more training. As much as she thought that she was giving them everything that they demanded, it was still a matter of truly transforming her mentally into the absolute slave that they wanted her to be. Alfredo’s sexual wants would just have to wait for a few weeks. First there would be two weeks of the most brutal and relentless abuse, then there would be the week’s time, at least that it would take for Dorthy’s punished body to recover to the point that it could tolerate even being touched again. The Cartel was good, very good, at ensuring that their slaves were completely subjugated in both mind and body. This would be practically period of living hell for Dorthy, but it was for her own good…..

Dorthy was crying as Garcia hug her body up to the starting position that he wanted for her. She was crying even more as he introduced himself with a couple minute’s worth of hard swatting with his handy little ruler.

“You’re going to get used to it, ” Garcia cooed to her as he explored her body with a rough hand. ” Or maybe not. But whatever it seems like now, it will only get much, much, much worse – I promise. You will scream and beg, I understand that. But it will do you no good, chica. Nothing will help. Nothing will save you from what is to come.

“And afterwards, you will be on your way to being the worthless slave that we want you to be. I, Garcia promise that you will be perfect….”

It would be a full month later that Dorthy would be have recovered enough to be allowed to demonstrate the success of her training. Her previous effort at complete obedience was now replaced by a mindless devotion and acceptance of her fate.

The name ‘Dorthy’ was now a dim memory; the name sounded somewhat familiar to her, but she couldn’t quite grasp its relevance at the moment. The new name of ‘ Putcita’ was the one that she answered to now. Was that the name that she always had? She couldn’t remember. All that she really knew now was that her mouth, pussy and ass existed solely for the use and pleasure of others. She knew and accepted now that there was no other purpose in life but to serve those who demanded everything from her…

As was his right as her trainer, Garcia was the first to sample all that ‘Putcita’ had to offer – he was not disappointed. The slave Putcita automatically acquiesced to his every wish, satisfied him in every way that he wanted. Her lovely blue eyes teared from the pain as she moved her tight asshole up and down on his huge cock, but she never hesitated either in the frequency or the force of her self-impalement. Garcia could only moan in ecstasy as Putcita hard-slammed her anus down over his dick to the hilt.

“Argggghhhhh…. Garcia bellowed loudly as he started emptying his gonads of their cum-loads, sending it spurting up into the inner reaches of Putcita’s rectum.

“Master, master”, the blond Putcita muttered dully as she now began revolving her hips; moving that asshole hard against his balls in order to milk out every last trace of semen.

Garcia had invited one of the whores in to watch this triumph. The whore was impressed. She would inform the others that Putcita was ready now to start fulfilling the role that they had planned for her. The whore moved her hand to Putcita’s clitoris, then started to pinch and twist it. Putcita only uttered a soft, “Ohhhh’ from the added pain.

Yes, the whores would drag Putcita way before Alfredo returned to again monopolize her time. It would be her first night of service in the whores’ toilet. Putcita had a pretty mouth; a perfect mouth for the toilet duties that the whores had reserved for her….

“Yeah… sqeeze your crapper, little puta… milk the man’s balls… make him happy… this’ your duty as a fuck-slut!”

The Sanchez and Salazar Cartels had long since agreed to avoid any violence when it came to their competing interests in the areas of prostitution, white slavery and the underground pornography market. After all, there were still plenty of slave girls, both local and from the States, to fulfil the ever-increasing demand for firm, young flesh. In fact, although in a very limited way, that Sanchez/ Salazar competition was gradually beginning to evolve into one of cooperation on some levels.

A few years ago, it would have been unthinkable for Sophia Salazar and Miguel Sanchez to even be in each’s presence, much less getting together socially now to share and party with favorite slaves from their respective operations. Such a break-through in relations was an inspiring example of the possibilities that could come from a sharing of mutual interests. Sophia loved nothing better than spending a night enjoying a pretty Gringa with her handsome and virile friend; not only did Miguel always do a good job at giving Sophie the pleasures that she needed, he also never failed to provide her with the thrill of putting one a good show while sexually tormenting and abusing whatever slave or slaves that either of them had brought to their rendezvous.

This evening would be yet another memorable experience for Miguel and Sophia; Miguel was feeling particularly randy and aggressive after having an intense week attending to the business of eliminating a informant who had infiltrated his Cartel ; Sophia had endured a stressful week brought about by the incessant demands of her always attention-needy mother. Both of them badly needed to release some pent-up anger and tension. Luckily, Sophia had spied this newly-arrived slave. The girl was just the kind that Sophia preferred; full-bodied, privileged, young and relatively unspoiled. She had known that Miguel would enjoy this blond bitch as much as she.

“What do you think of her? Isn’t she delectable?” Sophia smiled inwardly at the interested glint in Miguel’s eyes. “Her name is Denise. Just turned nineteen. Comes from a rich family! And guess what – the people who snatched her told us that she considers Latins to be scum!”

The look in Miguel’s eyes hardened a bit at that description, just as Sophia hoped. ” Hmm, is that so? Well, that’s probably because she’s never had the chance to really get to know us, don’t you think? It’s the least we can do tonight is to show her the error of her ways. Show her how much she’s been missing….”

Sophia snorted. Yes, Miguel would be providing her with a nice spectacle tonight. She was already moistening at the thought of how would be using that strong cock of his as a weapon of torture on Denise. Poor, unfortunate Denise. Perhaps she might forgo her own time with the girl, just lie back and enjoy watching Miguel do his work.

“You know, I don’t have to return her”, Sophia added slyly, licking her lips. ” I mean if she’s too battered and damaged……” She left the sentence unfinished, but her meaning was clear.

Miguel’s performance with Denise did not disappoint. But he was not about to accede to Sophia’s implied wish for him to end it all with the white girl’s death. As much as he liked Sophia, he was still sensible; his sadistic instincts would never overcome his inherent business instincts. Of course, he would enjoy abusing this slave, but to take her life was a complete waste in light of what she would clearly earn him when she recovered from tonight. He would beat her and fuck her badly – and then he’d take her back with him to eventually be put to work in one of his brothels or sex shows. Sophia would surely get mad and raise all kinds of hell, but he knew she couldn’t go for long without that great dick of his. She’d get over it.

Denise could only slightly lift her head and let out a dull groan as Miguel brutally began forcing his hard shaft in her asshole. With her body raw with pain from Miguel’s belt and his lips and face swollen from his fists, the hurt now occurring in her ass was just the latest agony inflicted upon her. And the night was just beginning…..

How do you like this, puta? Tell me you like your crap-hole fucked by a real man, by a Macho!

Senor Rupon, one of the many Sanchez relatives, had been a widower for almost a year. He had spied the slim and trim blonde slave named Candice as she was first being trained and processed for servicing the Cartel’s higher-class clients who visited the establishment that he managed. As overseer, he had use of any slave under his employ, but he had long tired of that. Senor Rupon was at the stage now that he preferred to have another wife. Candice, to his judgment, was just right. After her hard training and attitude adjustments, Candice would be the ideal wife; obedient, servile and totally dedicated to his pleasure in any way that he saw fit. Maybe there would be no need to dispose of her like those seven previous ungrateful and disappointing wives….

“Tomorrow you will have the honor of becoming my wife,” Senor Rupon informed slave Candice. ” I know that you will do everything you can to keep me happy. If you show me that you are a worthy spouse, perhaps I will let you have my children.

“That’s it, part those pretty lips of yours. Let’s see how much that mouth can stretch. Hmmm….good. That’s good. You’ll need to be able to swallow my cock up to the balls – because that’s how I like to empty my cum down a bitch’s throat, so that she swallows down every last drop. And I hate it if a bitch throws up.

It was her first day of service in the Sanchez’s midtown whorehouse and ex-cheerleader Jeannette’s very first customer. A little over a month ago, Jeannette had been thrilling thousands of onlookers as she helped cheer on the team from Texas North State. Now she was doing her best to thrill the cock of dark-skinned postal worker. Her Masters had instructed her to move those hips and thrash that pussy around in order to make her customers cum fast, to satisfy them quickly so that more clients could take their turns.

Jeannette was doing as she was told; the young customer, vigorously meeting her gyrating cunt with his own powerful cock-thrusts, could last for more than ten minutes before cumming.

“Aarrgghhhh….!” His fingers dug into her shoulder as he tensed and bucked, shooting his thick load up into Jeannette’s innards. The first satisfied customer of the day. There would be twenty more before she would be put away for the night.

Jeannette eyes teared. This was the rest of her life. In fact, it would only get worse…..

The Sanchez operation was based on brutality – after all, a successful enterprise such as theirs could not survive and prosper otherwise. So it was only natural that some of their ideas and preferences concerning entertainment might contain an element or two of sadism. To them there was nothing more natural than perhaps including a little torture show to spice up one of their frequent social gatherings. There was always an abundance of slaves who could be chosen to provide some interesting moments with their cries and screams as they underwent their first experiences as paintoys. For reasons of security and privacy, these gatherings – along with their various entertainments – were usually held in one of the group’s many underground chambers that were especially suited for such matters. No noises would reach the ears of anyone outside those thick-walled rooms; the sounds of all the fun would be contained within, for the enjoyment of the invited guests.

Pauline had one of those voices that were perfect for these sorts of occasions. Her vocalizations were almost melodic in their pitch; her words were so sincere in their pleas for mercy.

“God, no! Aaiiieeee! It hurts! Please! Please stop! Noooooooo! Aghhhhh…!”

The partygoers knew that Pauline would put on a good show for them, as her torment was only just beginning…

Some of the Gringa slaves were more fortunate than others. Sometimes, through a combination of luck or by result of some personal attraction on the part of a certain Cartel member, a particular slavegirl would be spared some of the more abusive aspects of brothel life. Eighteen year-old Megan was one of those who had appealed to the wife of one of a Cartel lieutenant. The spouse, a rather assertive and pugnacious Mamacita named Pipi, had immediately demanded that her husband get permission to claim Megan. ” I really want that pretty little bitch,” Pipi had said. ” I don’t care what you have to do to get her – just get her for me!”

Of course, her husband, a man who valued his sanity and his wife’s good will, did as she asked.

Megan was taken in as Pipi’s ‘special girlfriend’, her duties were simple – to keep her Mistress happy. That was not so easy, being that Pipi was one of those who needed and demanded constant attention and pleasuring on Megan’s part. Pipi needed her orgasms at least a half-dozen times a day and could be extremely unpleasant if she was deprived. Her new Gringa slavegirl, although somewhat on the fragile and delicate side, was managing to keep Pipi happy – so far.

It wasn’t as though slave Megan had to guess at Pipi’s mood; her Mistress was one who tended to be very clear as to what she wanted and when. This evening, Megan, her mouth still tasting of Pipi’s pussy and asshole from just an hour or so before, was being alerted to yet another command performance. Beginning to finger her clit and pussy in an ever-increasing intensity, Pipi was letting out those throaty groans as she called to her slavegirl. ” Oh, shit! Oh, damn! Come over here, sweetie. Don’t you see how your Pipi needs that cute little tongue of yours?

“Yeah, just like that. Get down there close while I work it up a bit. Mmmm…see those juices? I know that you’re gonna do a good job. I know you ain’t gonna disappoint me….”

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