Safari To Hell [CORTEZ]

Safari To Hell

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Safari to Hell – part one
by Cortez. All rights reserved
Illustrated by DANI

Pushed down the steep river bank by eager hands, the big Toyota Landcruiser bubbled and bobbed in the current for a few moments before it disappeared beneath the brown swirling waters. Grinning rebel soldiers in tattered shorts and trousers, most naked to the waist and barefoot, cheered and yelled with excitement as the vehicle, the lolling bodies of the government driver and the armed guard still inside, vanished from sight.

Both men had died within seconds of each other; both fatally slow to react when the Landcruiser, gaudy in its distinctive pale blue and vivid yellow tourist bureau paintwork, had come slowly round the bend in the dirt road to be confronted by a carefully placed tangle of branches. The driver died instantly, shot by one of the rebels who stepped out of the bushes, pushed his pistol through the open window, and fired twice as he fumbled to get the big 4X4 into reverse.

The soldier sitting beside him to protect the passengers from just such an attack had his feet on the dashboard, lolling lazily as he enjoyed another of the American cigarettes he’d cadged. Like the driver he had no chance. He was still trying to bring his rifle up when the door was jerked open, the gun ripped from his hands and he was dragged out onto the ground. After a slow, deliberate kicking, two casual blows with a razor sharp machete silenced his screaming pleas for mercy.

After that, the three female passengers were frantic to obey their captor’s shouted commands, almost falling over in their haste to get out and stand at the side of the track, hands behind their heads. One man covered them with a battered AK47 while the rest happily looted the cases for money, cigarettes and anything else of value. They stripped the young, tourist official of her uniform and added that to the mess in the back of the Toyota. Two minutes later, the search completed the dead guard was unceremoniously thrown back on top of the driver and, with much shouting and joking the Landcruiser was pushed off the road into the river.

With the incriminating vehicle gone the men turned their attention to the three women, everyone taking turns in poking and prodding their terrified captives as the one in charge flicked through their passports and other documents taken from the women. He snapped out a series of orders and some of the men started removing the tree branches they’d used to block the track and the others got busy concealing the tyre marks where the 4×4 had been pushed over the edge.

Two men secured the women’s arms behind their backs. They worked quickly, using cruel, thin wire instead of rope; two turns round then twisting it tight so it cut into the soft flesh of their upper arms, cinching their elbows together and forcing their shoulders back. Their hands were left free; free to flap and twist uselessly behind them. Each of the women cried out, jerking and gasping in pain as the men twisted the wires.

Two of the women were African, but much lighter skinned than the gleaming ebony black of the rebel soldiers. Nineteen year old Mary Mututu was a well built young woman and had been the one in uniform; a pale blue skirt and jacket over a white blouse, the blazer-style jacket with a big pocket badge that identified her as one of the hundreds of students and other young people who worked as guides and officials accompanying tour parties as a member of the county’s official ‘tourist police’. Now she was standing shivering with terror wearing only her underclothes, shoes and the white blouse. The rebels had ripped off her uniform skirt and jacket and thrown them into the back of the Toyota. That was when Mary had nearly collapsed, convinced she was about to be raped and butchered because she was a government official.

As she stood there half naked all she could babble to the two others between hiccupping sobs and gasps was ‘sorry’. She was sorry because they should never have been travelling on that road at all. When they’d left the Game Lodge at dawn she had been warned not to take the main highway because of a major security operation by government troops in the area. After talking to the guard and the driver she’d accepted their assurances it was quite safe to take the old river road even though the journey would be longer and one section was through an area of forest and scrub that had been under rebel control until last year.

She was also sorry because she knew that she’d broken one of the cardinal rules of cross-country travel in remote areas…in the driver’s impatience to get going she’d forgotten to notify her office or anyone else of the change in plans and route…Even if there was a search, it would start in the wrong place. No-one knew where they were, or even when they were expected…it would be days before they were missed.

Linda M’bele was a year younger, a student travelling during the long summer vacation. She was wearing the universal teenage student uniform; trainers and jeans, on this occasion topped with a tight red cut-off singlet that left her arms and abdomen bare and emphasised the full heavy swell of her breasts. She shouldn’t have been in the Toyota at all but the American lady had persuaded Mary to let her come with them when they’d met up at breakfast after she’d told them she was broke and stranded following a row with her boyfriend. He’d driven off at dawn leaving her asleep. He’d not only taken their hire car but had also vanished with her money and credit cards.

Both young women were attractive in a similar way with snub noses and wide full lipped mouths showing perfect, white teeth. Their short, tight black curls made a striking contrast with the shoulder length blonde hair of the third member of the group, twenty-three year old Jenny Henderson. The young American volunteer aid-worker was tanned and fit from her six months working up-country with a UN relief agency. Even a pair of battered Levi’s and a man’s cotton shirt couldn’t entirely disguise the toned lines of her body; and the slight gape between the shirt buttons hinted at the fullness of her breasts beneath the patterned cloth. For her, this safari had been a promised relaxation as part of her end-of-contract bonus…after all she had over a month before she was due to begin a new job in the Far East.

They’d left the Lodge over four hours ago in the cooler dimness before dawn. Now the sticky, moist heat was beginning to build as the rebels forced them along.

‘Move, move, come on, faster, faster,’ the yelled orders were accompanied by sharp, stinging lashes from thin switches cut from the undergrowth and cruel groping fingers mauling breasts and buttocks.

Obviously under orders to leave the American woman well alone the men concentrated on the other two. Linda’s tight top, and the fact it was clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra, made her breasts a target for especially unpleasant attention.

The same applied to Mary Mututu’s bottom. Her blouse was quite short so all the soldiers could see that she was only wearing a brief, black thong. With every movement she made the thin cord of her thong had ridden up into the cleft of her buttocks so her smooth, firm bottom cheeks were left completely exposed and with her elbows tied she couldn’t do anything about it. Busy fingers, gripped, groped and pinched the jiggling flesh unmercifully as she struggled to keep up with the others.

The men jostled and pushed them into line, making them move faster and faster until the whole column was jogging along road, the three women in single file. Ten minutes later they were order off the rod and the whole column disappeared between the trees down a hidden game trail and the dirt road was once more silent and deserted.

For three innocent women, a routine journey between one Game Park and the next had just become their private safari to hell…

An hour later they reached the village.

Captain Joseph Kipengi stretched and smiled sadistically as he heard the voices outside. Sergeant N’kosi had sent one of the men on ahead to tell the captain of the ambush and the prisoners

He strolled out into the sunlight, adjusting his dark glasses against the glare as he left the hut’s shadow. It had belonged to the Headman and was, naturally, the largest and best available in this small, miserable and totally insignificant village. Miles from anywhere hidden in the bush on the forest edge, the semi-circle of huts was surrounded by thick thorn scrub while massive trees on one side provided welcome shade for the central area of beaten earth.

As expected, the villagers had fled as soon as their vehicles had arrived last night. His sadistic grin widened as he saw the three young women slumped on the ground in a semi-circle of grinning men. An unexpected bonus…a cow from the government, a student and an American who claimed she was an ‘aid-worker’, whatever that was.

Captain Kipengi was certain they knew nothing of value. But, naturally one couldn’t be too careful. Take the silly cow from the Tourist Ministry…the men could have fun some with her…any government official had to be dealt with particularly harshly as a lesson for others. Likewise, students were always to be distrusted and everyone knew they fucked like rabbits anyway so why shouldn’t she entertain a few of his men too?

He looked at the American woman…that one was going to be his own, private reward…It was his duty to make the white bitch crawl and beg. After all it was a well-known fact that these so-called American aid workers were all really members of the CIA so it was his duty to interrogate her as severely as possible.

He grinned again…besides, in a long, boring patrol young female prisoners provide such excellent entertainment… and one never knew they might know something… Having rationalised matters to his own satisfaction the captain walked across the dusty clearing.

‘Good work, Sergeant. You two untie them and let’s look at these so-called ‘tourists’ you’ve captured.’

‘We are…’ Jenny yelled furiously, ‘it’s true…look at the papers…is this your way of fighting…attacking three unarmed wome…OOOOF!’ She doubled over, mouth open and eyes staring wide as the sergeant’s foot slammed into her belly.

‘As I was saying,’ Captain Kipengi went on without any change in tone, ‘you are obviously government spies and captured spies have no rights at all. No,’ he paused and turned Jenny over with the end of his boot, ‘no I’m wrong, you are not a government spy…you are working for those bastards in the CIA.’

‘N-nuh…p-please…hah…ham…I’m a n-nurse…I was working at the refugee camp at Bindwani…please…look at the papers!’ Even as she spoke Jenny suddenly realised the stupidity of what she’d said. Yes, the papers did identify her as an aid worker…but there was also her US issued security I.D. that allowed her access to the US military compound inside the government airbase at Bindwani as well as her official government passes and security documents.

The Captain held up the collection security tags by their neck chains. ‘Military passes and ID Miss…’ he looked at her US picture ID for a moment, ‘…Henderson. You can say what you like,’ he waved the damning tags in her face, but these prove you are a filthy CIA spy. You will talk to me…once you have finished screaming.’

While he’d been speaking two of the men had used wire-cutters to free the women’s arms and all three were now kneeling in the red dirt of the clearing making small noises as they suffered the ordeal of returning circulation.

‘Right Sergeant, I think we’ll begin with a little show for the men, get them on their feet.’ He waited until they had been dragged upright by eager hands. ‘Time for you to show me that you are not carrying any concealed weapons ladies. All of you remove your shirts now please.’

Jenny Henderson and Mary Mututu started to argue but Captain Kipengi held up his hand. ‘Here I give the orders. Since you disobeyed my order you get six stokes each then we’ll try again. Get them ready, here!’ He snapped his fingers and pointed to the clear area in front of the men. The three were grabbed instantly and thrown to the ground, each one pinned face down by three men; two men kneeling either side on her outstretched arms, the third standing with a foot on her neck pressing her cheek into the gritty red dirt.

With their faces turned to the side, none of them saw the big sergeant walk over to the captain’s jeep and take out a long, whippy cane but Linda certainly felt it when the first of six vicious cuts landed across her bottom.

‘Aaaaah! P-pleeeese!’

That scream brought roars of laughter from the rebels as her legs waved and kicked uselessly in thin air. As the beating continued, there was nothing the others could do either… except lie there and listen to her cries of pain and outrage following the dull heavy ‘thwuck!’ as each stroke was applied to her taut, denim-covered buttocks. When the six strokes had finished there was a moment’s silence…followed by a murmur of excitement from the jostling men and the sobbing whimpers of the eighteen year old student.

Jenny Henderson was next…she known instinctively that they’d leave Mary, the unfortunate tourist guide to the last because she was already as good as naked from the waist down. It was also horribly clear that all of them were going to be treated badly. She tried to clamp down on the images welling up in her mind, images of things she’d seen and tales she’d heard of the brutality of both sides in this forgotten and bloody civil war.

Trying not to give way to panic and terror, she was taken off guard when the two men pinning her down suddenly leaned forwards, pressing against her back with their hands. She coughed and retched when she caught the unwashed animal stink of their bodies.

Jenny only just managed to control the nausea when the first blow landed. Despite hearing all the sounds of Linda’s caning she still jerked madly as the first stroke seared a red hot line across her bottom. Even the thickness of her Levi’s offered almost no protection and she bit her lip hard enough to draw blood, determined not to give the bastards the satisfaction of hearing her cry out loud.

Sergeant N’kosi shuffled his feet and brought the cane down even harder, the impact throwing up a little cloud of dust as the rod marked a second line across the cheeks of the woman’s bottom. Once again she managed to stifle her cry of pain even though she bucked hard enough to lift her head a few inches from the ground. More dust rose from where her feet drummed against the earth as she tried to ride the burning pain of the caning.

The third and fourth strokes brought the same frantic threshing but only a series of muffled gasps from the American. The big Sergeant’s face tightened in anger and he took a pace back before bringing the whippy rod down even harder, deliberately cutting across the dusty lines already marking her denim-covered bottom. He smiled as her control broke and Jenny Henderson cried out in agony.

‘Gaaaaaaaahh! Pleeeese!’

The answer from the watching men was a ripple of amusement as the white woman wriggled and pleaded in the dirt in front of them.

‘YAAAARRRRGH!’ Hah! Ha-aaaaah!’

The final stroke of the six was deliberately crossed the other way but delivered just a powerfully and viciously as the one before. This time Jenny’s scream was louder and followed by a series of gasping cries as the pain built up into a burning agony across her bottom.

Before the sergeant could begin on the sobbing Mary Mututu, Captain Kipengi intervened. ‘Get them up again.’ More eager hands forced the three of them to their feet. ‘Ladies, I gave you an order…do what I’ve told you or I’ll let the sergeant start all over again…’

This time, when they were left to stand on their own there was no delay. Linda M’bele’s lack of a bra was naturally greeted with obscenities and wild excitement, but the men were almost as excited by watching Jenny Henderson taking off the loose-fitting man’s shirt she was wearing. Unfortunately for her, knowing the day was going to long, hot and sticky, she’d chosen to wear a white lightweight bra that did very little to conceal the firm fullness of her breasts or the soft pink circles of her aureoles.

‘Hands behind your heads, all of you.’ Captain Kipengi smiled as three sets of fingers locked behind three necks and three pairs of firm, young breasts where lifted and displayed for his men. At a nod from the captain, Sergeant N’kosi walked towards them a razor sharp knife open in his right hand. Stopping in front of the shivering tourist guide he smiled and ran the edge of the blade across the taut, black cups then pushed it down into her cleavage. He waited for her sobs to get even louder then suddenly jerked his hand forwards and there was a soft ‘snick’ as the razor edge sliced through between the cups and the ruins of her bra fell away from her breasts.

There was a shout of excitement from the men as those full globes capped with wide, dark brown aureoles and big, thick stubby nipples were finally exposed to bounce and joggle unfettered. The shouts got louder when the sergeant flicked the tips of the nineteen-year-old’s nipples rapidly with the back of the blade. The deliberate, scraping stimulation made them stiffen despite her sobs until the rubbery tips were standing out hard and erect much to the soldier’s delight.

Jenny Henderson tried to show no emotion at all as the sergeant moved across to where she was standing. She closed her eyes when she felt the blade stroking across the lacy fabric and tried not to shudder as she felt her body reacting to the tormenting scraping of the blade across each cup. Tears trickled down her cheeks as her body reacted to the unwelcome contact; like the unfortunate tour guide she could feel her nipples stiffening and pressing against the fabric like little spikes.

The tears of shame flowed more quickly as the sergeant used the edge of the blade to scratch those revealing spikes, flicking the razor edge back and forwards across the thin lace so her nipples got harder and harder. Just as she was about to scream aloud with anger and frustration she felt the kiss of cold steel between her breasts. Jenny held her breath, not daring to move in case the blade nicked her skin. There was a hard tugging jerk followed by a sudden coolness across her chest and a roar of sound from the grinning black faces in front of her.

The ruined bra fell away, lacy cups dangling from the straps over her arms. Knowing she was now so completely exposed, Jenny screwed her eyes shut and turned her face up to the blue sky; trying very hard not to listen to the obscene baying of the soldiers. But she still shivered and gasped when the blade touched her aureoles and the sergeant slowly scraped the edge along each erect stub in turn displaying her body’s betrayal for all to see.

‘Very nice, and no concealed weapons either I see,’ the captain chuckled. Jenny sucked in her breath and shivered as his fingers cupped her left breast and squeezed gently. ‘Soon…but not yet, first there is the matter of punishment for that one.’ He nodded to where Mary Mututu was being held by two men. Jenny knew the real torture was about to begin when one of the men grabbed the waistband of the nineteen year old’s black thong panties and stripped them down with one, single movement. The sight of her plump cunt lips and the carefully trimmed strip of black, wiry hair on her mound brought another growl of excitement as she was marched over to one side of the clearing.

Jenny and Linda were taken in the other direction and were made to stand under a big overhanging branch. Their wrists were tied in front of them and two ropes thrown over the branch. One end of each rope was tied to their bound wrists then the men simply hauled the ropes taut. Seconds later the eighteen year old student and the American aid worker were stretched up on tiptoe within a few feet of each other, each one scrabbling in the red dirt and trying to relieve the burning tension in their arms and shoulders.

Then there was a cheer and a sound like a wet towel slapped against a rock followed almost instantly by a despairing scream from Mary Mututu. Left to hang there on their own, Linda and Jenny were able to twist round and look back across the small clearing to where, outside one group of huts, an excited half circle of men were watching Sergeant N’kosi at his sadistic work. The Sergeant was busy showing them how to punish a young woman who’d been unwise enough to take a job as a government tour guide.


‘Nnnnnnoooooooo! D-d-d-don’t… nooooooowww!’

Captain Kipengi looked at the two other women and grinned at the flat, vicious sound… and the resulting gabbled squeal of agony from the nineteen year old in the middle of the semicircle. There wasn’t a lot else she could do really; he thought to himself, but the sergeant’s undoubted skill with a length of weighted rubber hose was bringing her song of pain along nicely.

Sobbing and pleading, her chest heaving as she tried control her terror, she had been made to sit straddling an old fifty-gallon oil drum resting on chocks on its side. Once her ankles had been cinched tightly together underneath, they’d bent her forwards, forcing her to put her arms down and round as though embracing the rusty metal. Another rope had been lashed around each wrist and drawn taut under the drum to clamp her body securely in place, flattening the full globes of her breasts against the rusted steel.

The Captain nodded his approval, noting how careful the sergeant had been to seat the young woman at the very end of the drum before tying her legs. Now, not only were the cheeks of her bottom forced apart by the agonising straddle of her thighs, but also they overhung the end so she was deliciously available for their attentions following the first ‘warming up’ beating. He grinned as he noticed that the sergeant had added another refinement by using one of the nylon webbing load straps over her waist to pull her belly even harder against the drum and making her thrust her bottom out even further. He’d also taken the precaution of lashing each knee to each elbow so she couldn’t even wriggle her legs off the end of the drum.

‘Thwockk… thwockk!’

‘Mmmmmmffffffhhh… iiiiiiyyyyyhhhh!’

No sympathy and the kindness of a bamboo cane for her; the heavy four-foot length of black plastic piping hummed through the air before meeting the slick brown curves of the nineteen year old’s buttocks with two more biting, wet impacts. She was certainly not getting any mercy from the sergeant, judging from the noise and the way the pipe had bounced off her arse that time, he thought with amusement… She’ll be wetting herself before he’s finished the first twenty… Still, she’ll be squealing even more when they start to have their fun with her…’

The captainТs private prediction was quite right. With the fifteenth agonising impact from the length of weighted black pipe a fine golden stream sprayed from between the lips of the squealing teenagerТs cunt onto the dusty ground. The loss of control was accompanied by even wilder screams and pleas for mercy. They were answered by a roar of approval from the soldiers; the sergeantТs response being to land the next few strokes even harder before pausing for breath at the end of the first batch of twenty.

Letting the plastic pipe trail in the dust, he deliberately wrung another squeal of pain and outrage from the frantically panting nineteen-year-old by scraping his nails to and fro over the thick, bruised weals criss-crossing her sweat-soaked buttocks. In the bright, morning sun the girlТs skin gleamed like oiled teak, the sweat of her agony dripping from her tangled hair and gathering in droplets at the base of her spine.

One calloused finger traced that wetness into the deep groove of her behind, teasing the puckered mouth of her exposed anus so the girl arched her head back, whinnying in response to the rough probing of her most sensitive places. The callused finger twisted and pressed inward so the girl hissed again, dribbling in fear as she felt it stretching the ring of her opening more and more. The sergeant, so expert in this kind of sport, let the girl relax a little before pressing his hand in again with that deliberately slow twisting movement

He looked up, jerking his finger free as he noticed the captain watching him. СTwenty, Sir! Shall I give her another twenty now, orЕ.Т He wiggled his finger in an unmistakable gesture СSheТs tight, very tightЕ but hot too…Т

СAs I see, SergeantЕ before you continue the lesson, I think you should try stimulating her a little more, ah, directlyЕ but donТt forget to let the men have their turns as well afterwardsЕТ The young womanТs cries became a series of gasping sobs as she saw the grinning sergeant stripping off his singlet. The gasps became more frantic as he kicked off his camouflage trousers and then put his hands on his hips, leaning back so the thick curving shaft of his ten inch penis, still not fully erect, bobbed and swayed directly in front of her tear-stained face. Still grinning at the pinioned girl the sergeant stepped forwards, grabbing a handful of black curls in one hand and stroking the wide purple dome of his glans across her wet cheek with the other.

СJust a kissЕ with your tongue, cuntЕ make him nice and wetЕТ the hand twisted in her wiry curls so she yelped with pain. СЕAnd be careful nowЕ you be all soft and gentleЕ try and bite and weТll turn you over and IТll peel the skin of your titsЕ just for starters!Т

The sergeantТs muscles bunched and flexed beneath his gleaming black skin as he arched forwards. Watching intently Captain Joseph Kipengi stroked his own thickening shaft through the cloth of his uniform trousers as he watched the young girlТs full lips parting round the wide, plum-shaped glans of Sergeant NТkosiТs cock.

The crowd quietened, the other soldiers laughing and nudging one another, gazing intently as the girlТs tongue began to flicker and lap across the shiny dome of the sergeantТs cock. Crude, excited obscenities and muttered noises of encouragement accompanied each movement as he rocked slowly back and forwards, carefully fucking the girlТs face and bringing his manhood to full glistening erection with each long, slow stroke.

СOh yes, yes thatТs it bitchЕ youТve done this before, I can tellЕТ His big, thick fingers moved; grasping her head on either side and tilting it so she was forced to take the wide shaft deeper and deeper into her throat. For the watchers the scene was almost staticЕ just the sergeantТs gentle rocking and the occasional bucking frenzy against her straps from the girl as she fought for air. The only noises were her muffled and liquidly choking protestsЕ and the soldiersТ obscene comments.

СEnoughЕТ the sergeant pulled free, the massive fleshy rod now gleaming wet and rearing back to bounce against the muscle ridges of his belly with each movement, Сtime to see how she likes it at the narrow end.Т Mary MututuТs gasping efforts to get her breath dissolved into another shrill squeal as she felt the sergeantТs strong fingers on her beaten bottom, prising the cheeks apart until he could press the saliva-wet purple glans against her anal ring. СDonТt fight or IТll rip you openЕ nothing you can do to stop me anyway!Т

The sergeant grinned across at the soldiers crowding forwards to watch, paused, and leaned over the struggling girlТs back; shuffling his feet in the red dust and relishing that wonderful gripping pressure as the domed helmet slowly stretched the rosette of the girlТs anus.

СNo-no-no-no-no-no-no! Too big, no itТs too big, please, please donТt Е AH! AH NO! AaaaarrrggghЕ!Т

At the roar of approval from the soldiers, Captain Joseph Kipengi smiled, enjoying the sound of the familiar chanting pleas from the girl. Always the same protests, the same demandsЕ then that single, high scream as a victimТs defences were breached and they felt that sudden, muscular jolt as the sergeantТs cockhead forced its way inside their rectum.

He grinned as her squeals gave way to a harsh rapid pantingЕ Silly bitch, trying to pretend she could cope with the painЕ did she think that was the worst bit? SheТd be screaming even harder in a moment when the Sergeant really got excited and started to ream into her with the full length of that impressive weapon.

СDonТt damage her too much, SergeantЕ just nicely softened up so sheТs a little more willing later onЕ С The sergeant grinned back at his captainТs words as he leaned forwards again, buttocks clenching and driving the full length of his cock up into the straddled girlТs rectum. Then he relaxed, withdrawing the shaft until the rim of his glans popped free, waiting for a few deliberate moments before pressing forwards once more. Each long, slow stroke was greeted with another anguished squeal from the girl as the rubbery ring of her anus was stretched unbearably and the thick, vein embossed shaft scraped and rubbed along the tender membranes of her back passage.

After five long minutes the sergeant shouted and jerked in excitement; the force of his thrusts jolting the oil drum forwards a few inches as he climaxed in a flurry of effort. There was a loud СsmackТ as he slapped MaryТs upturned buttocks and stepped away, his laughter drowned by the girlТs shouted protests, the softening length of his shiny, black cock slapping against his thighs as he moved. Linda saw the other soldiers hurrying forwards, the crowd pressing in and giving the young tour guide no respite as they fondled the tortured flesh of her bottom and fingered the wet, slippery folds of her cuntЕ working themselves up noisily as they jostled to take their turn in fucking the girl strapped over the drum.

The men were fucking her two by two; one using her mouth, the other reaming either her cunt or her anus since both openings were so completely exposed by the agonising splay of her buttocks as she rode the oil drum. The first two finished quickly but there were at least a dozen more waiting for their turn.

Both Jenny and Linda knew that their turn would come soon but they couldnТt look away from what was happening on the other side of the clearing where Mary Mututu was now trying to cope with the attentions of another two more soldiers at once.

The shorter one had stripped completely and was holding her head back with a handful of hair as he thrust his short, but massively thick, penis deep into her throat. The girls was gagging and jerking madly in her frantic efforts to draw enough air into her lungs.

The spastic movements of her body were proving quite delightful for the second of the two men who had not bothered to strip but, with trousers round his knees, he was sliding his long, thin cock rapidly in and out of her cunt as he too, raced towards his climax. Each convulsion of the pinioned girl meant that her internal muscles gripped and caressed his shaft with wonderful silky pressure, milking him unmercifully so it was only a few minutes before he was grunting and bucking madly as he came.

After the first spasms he deliberately pulled out and let the warm spurts of semen coat her slit and her inner thighs with a sticky, glistening coating. Grinning, he let his penis rub up and down the cleft of the girlТs bottom, enjoying the last thrilling sensations of his cockhead sliding over the girlТs smooth flesh. Like all the men before him, he too delivered a series of stinging slaps to the girlТs tortured bottom, making her squeal once again, before pulling up his trousers and making way for the next man. He paused, watching his companion enjoying the warmth of the girlТs mouth.

His friend took a minute or so longer, forcing MaryТs head even further back so the heavy sac of his balls thumped against her chin and the taut skin of her throat with each thrust. The onlookers could see her tongue and the muscles of her throat working frantically as she licked and slobbered around the gleaming black shaft that was stretching her lips to their fullest.

СOh yes, yes, yessssss! Go on, take it take it all bitchЕТ

The soldier arched back, forcing the thick column down her throat as his cock jerked and twitched as he came in long jerking spurts. A trickle of milky white fluid seeped down from the girlТs mouth as the soldier relaxed, letting her gasping breaths caress his softening cock before slowly drawing free so her head lolled forwards over the rim of the oil drum. Thin strands of semen hung from her parted lips, falling lazily to join the wetness of her saliva on the dirt below.

There were still more men waiting. Now only half-conscious, Mary Mututu barely had time to catch her breath, let alone scream, before the rigid shafts of the next two soldiers filled her mouth and anus. This time the shivering spasms were even more intense as the constant, driving friction forced the nineteen year old to an unwanted and unwelcome orgasm that only made the two men fuck her even harder.

The oil drum boomed and vibrated softly as the girl bucked and surged, her body vibrating and shivering in a frenzied series of spasms as she came again and again, forcing the two soldiers to their own climaxes with every spastic movement. She was still twitching in the throes of her orgasm when the next two men took overЕand a thin, high squeal of ecstasy and torment echoed round the clearing as she felt the already sore and now so-sensitive tissues of her cunt being stretched and stimulated yet againЕ

She screamed and wailed in agony and despair…but most of her screams were reduced to nothing more than bubbling, gobbling noises accompanied by harsh, gasping breaths. With her throat constantly blocked with a succession of hard, thick cocks and her mouth filled with a mixture of semen and saliva it was almost impossible for her to make any loud noises at all.

Standing on the edge of the clearing under a massive lower branch of a tall tree, Linda MТbele and Jenny Henderson, watched the scene by the oil drum in horror, the teenager just whimpering a little as the two of them swung on the end of their ropes keeping them at full stretch with their arms over their heads while they waited for their own ordeal to begin.

Only eighteen, Linda MТbele was trying very hard to concentrate on what was happening in front of her. Like Mary Mututu, she was very well endowed with rounded hips and full swelling breasts topped with large, jutting nipples. Jenny Henderson was some four inches taller with a slim, exercise and dance honed figure. Her soft, golden tan was emphasised by the lighter triangular marks from a tiny bikini. The AmericanТs high riding breasts capped by wide aureoles with sharp, prominent peaks, their dusky pink colour contrasting with the dark brown, almost black points of the girlТs bodies.

Both women still had their panties on, LindaТs bright red thong emphasising the swell of her genitals while JennyТs high cut panties, while not as brief, were even more revealing because her sweat had made the sheer white fabric so clinging and almost transparent to reveal every detail of her shaved mound and genitals. Jenny was aware that most of the men were walking across to the tree

Now it was to be their turnЕ

She had noticed that one man had remained at the captainТs side, always keeping a little apart from the others. He was lighter-skinned than most of the African soldiers, his height and thin, wiry build making him look almost fail against the heavier, taller black men in the group. He was of mixed race, the high cheekbones, straight black hair and dark eyes hinting at traces of East Indian ancestry. He was barefoot and wearing only a pair of tattered khaki shorts, his face showing no reaction to the girlТs ill-treatment as he waited silently for his masterТs command

Jenny was right to worry about the captainТs silent shadow, known only as Daniel, he was the captainТs personal guard and even the others in the squad kept well away from him. Keeping watch on his masterТs welfare was only a minor part of his special duties; his real skill lay in the inventive and pitiless interrogation of prisoners.

Jenny kept looking at him, trying not to catch his unblinking gaze as he waited. She knew he was studying her near-naked body and she could sense the unhealthy excitement in him and see the lust and cruelty in his face.

СBlack and white…such a stimulating contrast, donТt you agree NТkosi?Т The captain didnТt wait for an answer. СBut I think our student friend can provide our next entertainment on her own. Daniel, take Miss Henderson to my hut…get her ready for me… but nothing else, understand?Т

The man grinned and breathed a little more heavily; his lips moist with excitement and anticipation as he thought about what he would be allowed to do to that beautiful tanned body in the privacy of the hut. Jenny crumpled to the ground as the rope was untied. Her arms were so cramped and sore that she couldnТt resist when Daniel retied her wrists behind her back. Without another glance at what was happening under the tree he pulled her to her feet and forced her to move, stumbling and dragging her toes in the dirt, across the open space to the dark opening of the largest and newest hut in the village and pushed her inside.

Captain Kipengi held something concealed in his hand. СI like the ones with good long tits…donТt you sergeant? Gives you something to get hold of…Т He smiled as the teenager hunched forwards trying vainly to shield her breasts from the stares of the soldiers. The Captain put his fingers under her arm and lifted her up.

СNo, no… stand up…,Т


The captainТs open palm smacked against LindaТs cheek. She cried in pain and shock, her cry cut off by another sharp Сsplack!Т and she staggered sideways shaking her head as Captain Kipengi backhanded her across the other cheek. СRight, now look at me…,Т he smiled nastily. СThatТs better…now look at my fingers,Т he said, licking the forefinger and thumb of his right hand.

Waiting until he was sure she was watching, he reached up and caressed her left nipple, pinching and rolling the dark stub so it rose and stiffened like a little peg. The eighteen year old shuddered and held her breath, staring down at the tip of her breast now hard and erect from his careful manipulation. СNow Linda…see I even know your name…now Linda weТre going to play a little game.Т He held up a spool of nylon fishing line heТd been concealing in his left hand and pulled the end free.

СWha…pleeese…pleeeese….let me go…please…donТt hurt me…pleeese!Т

СShhhh, donТt interrupt, all you have to do is watch.Т He held up the thin, translucent strand. СSee I make a little loop and then tie the knot like this.Т He smiled at her and the men around all grinned happily. TheyТd seen the captain do this many times before…it was always fun watching a womanТs face when she understood finally what the captain was going to do to her…

СMust make sure it slides nice and easily…then I just….,Т the girl held her breath, shivering violently in a spasm of pure terror, as he slipped the loop over the rigid peak of her nipple. Humming to himself he stretched the tip out as he worked the loop very gently and carefully down the erect stub right to the base. He fiddled for a moment or two making sure the knot was uppermost. Linda sobbed, twisting in the grip of the two men holding her still as she felt the noose tightening as the captain pulled on the long piece of line.

Gathered in a grinning, leering circle the men exchanged jokes and crude comments as they watched the little loops being so carefully fastened round the jutting peaks of the girlТs breasts. They knew exactly what was coming when they saw the sergeant busy hammering stakes into the ground under the big branch. Two, eighteen inch high stakes carefully positioned about three feet apart. The thud of a heavy hammer driving them in provided percussion accompaniment to the captainТs careful preparations.

Linda was crying helplessly and whimpering Сno…no…no…no…noТ in a broken whisper even before heТd tied a loop in another length of the nylon line and fastened it round her right nipple with the same horrible care and attention. Then he stopped and let the two lengths of fishing line go. Leaving the crying girl for a minute he walked across to where the foot high stakes were now firmly anchored; nodded approvingly to the sergeant then added some comment to him, speaking quietly so Linda couldnТt hear what heТd said.

She flushed red with anger and humiliation as the men laughed, joked and commented on her physical attributes with loud, crude obscenities. Behind the captain there was the sound of a machete on wood as the sergeant shaped the top of each stake into a flat, blunt point

Stupidly, for a moment Linda MТbele thought the captain had taken pity on herЕbecause he took such pains to keep the tension on the nylon lines to a minimum when he walked back, picked up the ends and tied them together. But when, with a soldier gripping each arm, they led her across to the pair of stakes she realised that, for her, hell was about to become a reality.

Sergeant NТkosi took his time tying the ends of the nylon line to the rope heТd left hanging over the branch then, with horrible consideration, the two men half lifted, half helped the shivering teenager up to stand in a wide straddle, one foot resting on the top of each stake.

They held her there securely while Sergeant NТkosi adjusted the rope, moving it along the branch until he was satisfied that the end attached to the nylon lines was where he wanted it…dangling just in front of LindaТs breasts.


СAh…finally you begin understand,Т the captain said as the girl screamed hysterically, standing wide astride on her precarious platform. СPlease donТt fall off yet…weТre not quite ready for your performance…Т The grinning sergeant then slowly hoisted her up onto the balls of her feet by pulling on the rope over the branchЕ the end that wasnТt attached to the nylon lines round her nipples. He took her to not quite full stretch…that would have been too unfair…besides, from long experience the captain knew that it was better to start with a little slack for movement…tiredness and pain would do the rest soon enough.

СJust one more thing, Sergeant,Т the captain pointed obscenely at his own groin and the big sergeant grinned happily. There was momentary relief as he let the rope go. Linda, trying to get her breath, screamed and wriggled between the two men as he cupped her cunt with one hand, wriggling his fingers so her panties were pushed up into her slit. Then he reached across and wrenched the red thong down her legs before ripping the fabric to tear the ruined panties off completely.

There was another loud cheer from the watching men as they saw that the eighteen year old had shaved her body hair and every cleft and fold of her cunt was exposed to their gaze. There was a second cheer as he deliberately wormed one, thick finger up into her vagina making her arch and cry out even more.

The captain smiled and coughed, СthatТs enough, Sergeant…letТs get on with it shall we…?Т

He and his men watched carefully as the sergeant went back and again pulled Linda MТbeleТs rope taut a little at a time. Inch by inch the young student was forced to strain upwards until she was arched backwards, her breasts stretched upwards into two blunt, gleaming cones of brown flesh by her dreadfully stretched nipples. Nipples already so swollen that they looked like shiny purple berries at the peak of each breast. СExcellent, NТkosi, excellent…tie her off there and weТll see just how fit our young friend really is…No, keep hold of her until everyoneТs ready,Т he said to the grinning soldiers.

Dimly Linda heard the captain say something about it being all right to let go…and suddenly the pinching grip on her arms vanished and she was left on her own, swaying, teetering and balanced precariously astride on the two stakes. Around the whimpering teenager there was a renewed burst of excited chatter as bets were made and money changed hands. Alone beneath the branch, LindaТs world had shrunk to a tortured blaze of strain and agony.

Linda MТbele panted and sobbed. She would do anything, anything at all, to take her mind of the throbbing, burning pain. There was pain in her nipples, pain in her feet and cramping, burning pain in her muscles as she fought to keep her balance. She knew what was coming, what the sadistic torture was going to do in a few more minutes but still she fought to keep her balance, swaying and teetering in the sweating hell of a jungle clearing.

Minute by minute more men joined the show under the big tree and more money began changing hands…ten minutes, fifteen…It didnТt matter how long it took. The men knew was that…so far…no woman had lasted more than twenty minutes in the captainТs nipple game.

Straddled on her little stakes, tits stretched upwards, the only reason Linda wasnТt screaming was simply because she needed all her strength and concentration to keep her balance. Seconds became minutes and still she swayed and struggled on.

After ten minutes, Captain Kipengi looked at his watch and nodded to Sergeant NТkosi.



Linda MТbele arched forwards, one leg actually swinging free so she swung off balance for a few milliseconds; only held upright by the thin nylon lines attached to her nipples, shrieking madly at the sudden blazing pain across her bottom. Her foot scrabbled for the top of the stake as the sergeant hit her again.



СThatТs better, the captain doesnТt want you to feel left out, Т Sergeant NТkosi smirked as he swung the weighted length of plastic pipe heТd used on Mary Mututu, sending it hissing though the air to land across LindaТs naked buttocks for a third time with that heavy, wet Сthwuck!Т

СNo-no-no-no-noЕ noooooooo! P-please, ah, aaaaah, p-pleaseЕ Arrrggghhh!Т

Ten agonising strokes later the eighteen year old was screaming continuously and rocking wildly trying to stay upright. СSheТs had enough I think,Т Captain Kipengi murmured. He stepped forwards and casually kicked the eighteen year oldТs feet off the stakes. Linda MТbele crashed down on her back and arms, slamming into the ground with a force that drove the breath from her lungs and ripped the two nylon nooses free of her nipples as she fell.


The soldiers roared with laughter and approval as the screaming eighteen year old flopped around in the red dust at their feet. Screams of agony not just from the burning, bloody weals across her bottom but also the new, fiery, thudding torture from her now raw and bleeding nipples.

Captain Kipengi grinned knowingly at the big sergeant. Adding another whipping had speeded things up a little but theyТd all known she was going to fall off soon…that was the whole point of the game.

He nodded in satisfaction, good sport for the men and sheТd lasted longer than the last girl butЕ that was half the enjoyment, waiting for that moment when the nooses came free. The two men knew exactly what they were doingЕand just as theyТd planned the nylon line had scraped the outer layer of skin away with it as the nooses pulled freeЕ leaving the teenagerТs nipples swollen and agonisingly sore. He could see that her wet, raw flesh was speckled with dirt and bits of leaf as she writhed and screamed helplessly on the ground.

After a minute or so the Sergeant and one of the soldiers hauled Linda to her feet, ignoring her blubbering cries and panting terror. ‘Time for your ride… let’s get you all mounted and ready.…’ They pulled her back over to the oil drum where Mary Mututu was still slumped unconscious. One of the men cut the blubbering tour guide free and she was thrown unceremoniously into one of the nearby huts.

‘Right Linda, up you get…’


With a wild, despairing jerk Linda M’bele broke free of the hands holding her arms and raced across the clearing, the men whooping and yelling as they chased after her. Two of them managed to cut her off before she reached the edge of the scrubby bushes but deliberately didn’t catch hold of her. Instead they herded her back, making her run round the edge of the dirt clearing past the cheering soldiers.

Of course, with her arms still tied behind her back there was no chance at all of getting away, but the captain was happy to let her run and provide extra entertainment and a free show for the men as she cantered round and round. Her big breasts bounced and slapped wildly as she ran and she panted, gasped and cried as her tormentors urged her on using thin branches torn from the bushes as makeshift whips to goad her along.

The men chose their targets carefully, all vying for the chance to cut another agonising stroke across those bouncing breasts or to add another stripe to the lacing of thin bloody lines across her bottom cheeks. Naturally, everyone tried to hit the raw tips of her nipples…and the clearing echoed as a redoubled shriek of agony signalled every successful strike.

After five minutes Linda stubbed her toe and stumbled forwards to crash down sobbing and whimpering. Her body was wet and gleaming with sweat so when she was hauled to her feet the whole of her front was plastered in dirt, her face a red ochre mask through which the whites of her eyes shone out in her terror and pain. This time the two men held her firmly as she was dragged back to the oil drum and forced to sit astride the end.

In only a couple of minutes the dirt-caked, sobbing eighteen year old was pinned down in exactly the same way Mary Mututu had been an hour before. Ankles and wrists tied cruelly tight under the drum, knees tied to elbows on each side with her head hanging off one end. At the other end her whipped buttocks were spread wide apart so everyone could see the dark, split oval of her genitals and the almost black rosette of her anus. The curve of the drum held her wide open so the plump outer lips were parted to expose the pinkness of the inner folds of her cunt and the opening of her vagina.

The captain watched the final knots being tied to secure the young student over the oil drum. ‘Sergeant, I think some punishment for trying to escape is in order… I suggest you give her another twenty first. I shall be busy with Miss Henderson for an hour or so as you’ll probably hear…but I don’t want to be interrupted, clear?’

He waited for the Sergeant’s snapped out ‘Yessir’ and grin of understanding. ‘When you’ve finished her punishment…’ quick, complicit smiles passed between the two men, ‘and taken the chance to enjoy her charms…let the men take turns as they want…. but just make sure they don’t wear her out completely. Remember, we’re here for a week!’ With that he turned and walked across to the Headman’s house, the largest and best built of the village huts that he’d commandeered for his personal use.

Behind him there was the sound of the first stroke followed immediately by Mary M’bele’s outraged squeal of pain, he smiled but ignored it….the American woman was waiting.

Jenny Henderson had allowed herself to be led away from the tree without a struggle. There was something about the man, despite the fact that he was shorter and more lightly boned that she was, a barely-controlled violence and arrogance that told her that she would be stupid to even attempt any resistance.

Once through the low door Jenny was surprised at the size of the space inside. Solid wooden pillars and cross beams supported a high roof of grass and palm leaves. There were a couple of sleeping frames and some woven hammocks to one end and a fire-pit surrounded by stones at the other. A thin stream of bluish smoke spiralled up from the charcoal. It looked lifeless but she could see the hint of red under the grey ash and there was a heat shimmer in the air above the stones.

The floor was earth, beaten and pounded to a shiny finish as hard and smooth as concrete. He pushed Jenny into the middle of the space then padded silently across to where two battered steel ammunition boxes stood with their lids raised and resting against the matting wall on the far side of the hut. From outside came the first sobbing wails as Linda’s torture began.

The man came back carrying a tangle of straps and ropes in one hand and a wicked looking knife with a serrated edge and black Teflon blade in the other. He held the knife under Jenny’s chin. ‘You do what I fuckin’ say or…’ the knife touched her throat and Jenny sobbed, trying not to swallow as the point pricked her skin, ‘understand?’

‘Y-yes,’ she whispered, not daring to move her head by as much as a millimetre. ‘P-please d-don’t cut me…’

The man grinned, his breath warm and stinking of beer and spices. ‘Nice pink American tits…dollar a slice, eh?’ The knife moved down and Jenny drew in a shuddering, terrified breath as she felt the point touch the very tip of her left breast. Just like that awful scene outside earlier on, she felt her nipple rouse and stiffen as the point scratched delicately across the sensitive peak. She was so scared of the threat of that razor edge that she didn’t dare move even when she felt his free hand cradling her other breast, his fingers squeezing and stroking her slick, sweating skin then rolling the other nipple in time with the gently scraping of the knifepoint.

Confident the knife threat was more than sufficient he took his time playing with her. His hands stroked and probed the twenty three year old aid worker’s upper body; a thumb following the line of her jaw, one finger probing between her lips, a set of sharp nails scratching down her flanks so her abdomen rippled and shivered and goose-bumps rose along her upper arms. All the time he smiled and leered at her, enjoying her terror, laughing at her tears of humiliation as he made her body respond to his skilful fondling.

‘Strip…you take off panties…now,’ he said suddenly, lifting her right breast and bouncing its soft weight on his fingers. The point of his knife probed the hollow of her navel.

‘I-I-I, c-c-can’t…please…my arms…I can’t do what you want…please…’ He spun her round, there was a tug and a crisp ‘snick’ behind her back and her wrists were suddenly free. A hand on her shoulder turn her back to face him again but Jenny was intent on rubbing her wrists madly and trying to ignore the throbbing tingle of pins and needles as feeling returned to her hands and fingers.

She brought her hands round in front of her and the man stepped away a pace, eyes guarded and his knife ready as he watched for the slightest trick. But Jenny did nothing stupid…she was too thankful for the chance to ease her cramped muscles.

‘Now, now…fucking take them off now or…’ Jenny Henderson nodded frantically, her numbed fingers fumbling at the waistband. ‘Slowly, no tricks,’ he warned as she managed finally to hook her thumbs under the thin elastic band and peel the damp and now ripped and grubby panties down her thighs. Once over her knees she wriggled her legs until she could kick them clear and straighten up. Instinctively she lifted her left forearm to cover her nipples; her right hand cupped the bare mound of her genitals, fingers just covering the naked, plump lips and the deep, in-rolling slit between.

‘NO! Siddown…now…don’ you think you fuckin hide…!’ The screamed command jerked her upright, a hot red colour flushing across her chest. ‘SIDDOWN I SAID!’ Jenny threw herself to the floor, arms wrapped protectively round her chest, legs raised a little so her feet were flat on the floor. ‘Put your fucking hands down…flat in front…on the floor…NOW!’

His bare feet, hard and calloused from years without shoes kicked her legs apart to emphasise the screamed order. Still not understanding properly what he wanted, and even worse what he and that horrible captain were going to do to her, Jenny tried to obey the screamed commands as best she could. She leaned forwards pressing her palms flat on the earth floor between her outstretched legs.

Hunched over like that her hair fell forwards across her face so she couldn’t see clearly but she’d caught a glimpse of the man holding something rolled up…a long belt or strap of some sort. She stared up looking into the cruel, pitiless face…’Please…what do you want….please, don’t hurt me…’ She said it even though she knew it was useless. Her pleas were interrupted by the horribly familiar sound of that awful plastic rod smacking against flesh, followed a moment later by Linda’s agonised scream as she nearly lost her balance on the stakes.

The man paused, listened for the second stroke and accompanying scream from outside and smiled happily. Without warning, he grabbed her hair again and leaned close to her left ear. ‘Bend your fucking knees…keep feet flat on floor… bring them to your chest now!’ Jenny brought her knees up, conscious of the smoothness of the floor against her naked cleft as she opened her knees. ‘No,’ the hand twisted wrenching her hair and making Jenny’s eyes water with the shooting pain in her scalp, ‘get your fucking knees up…right up.’

Jenny shuffled her feet wide apart, stupidly grateful that at least with her arms in front of her she was able to hide the obscene splay of her body and the way her cunt lips were being pulled apart by the straddle of her thighs. ‘Please I can’t do any mor…haaauuuuff!’

Her words ended in a hooting gasp. The air was driven from her lungs as he let go of her hair and rammed his knees against her back, kneeling forwards with all his weight so she was bowed down between her own legs until her knees were level with her shoulders. The cool earth touched her forehead…

She could see nothing at all but felt something hard and flat being forced between her body and around her right thigh. The man’s knees lifted from her back but there was no respite because instantly a hand like a steel grab clamped down on the back of her neck to keep her pinned forwards. The strap was pulled under her leg, the friction making it burn against her skin followed by a sharp slap and pressure across her back. Then the end was pushed down between her body and her left thigh.

Something hard hit her in the back and there was a clicking, creaking sound. Much too late Jenny realised what was happening… he was strapping her thighs in this horrible position! She tried to fight but her legs were already immobilised and she only managed to make things worse for herself when one foot slipped and her nose banged hard against the earth floor. Tears filled her eyes and the man leaning on her neck even harder as he felt her struggling beneath his weight.

Without warning, his knees rammed into her back again and the strap tightened round her thighs. She cried out as the man grunted with effort and the straps creaked as he tightened it another few inches. She could feel the edges of the leather band digging into her thighs; she turned her head and looked down at her right thigh. The strap had dug into her flesh so far it had bulged out on either side. Then the weight was gone and she was left doubled up with her knees against shoulders and her hands stretched out in front of her as though she was praying or pleading for mercy.

But the real horror of what he planned was yet to come.

Working with the speed of long practice he took each wrist in turn and tied a thin strap round it very tightly and carefully leaving a long trailing end. Casually grabbing one ankle he rolled her backwards like some giant toy. Her hands were pulled forwards until her shoulders were by the crooks of her knees then her arms were forced out and round behind her back. He kicked her forwards again so she thumped down on the floor almost smashing her nose into the hammered dirt. He wrenched her arms back and tied her wrists behind her. As a final torturing refinement he used the remaining tails to tie her wrists up to the doubled, thicker strap running across her back.

‘Nuh….aaaah….p-p-pleeese…aaaah…c-c-can’t m-move… p-pleeese!’

She tried to shout but her voice was hardly more that a loud whisper; gasping and breathless because of her doubled up position. Daniel, intent on his work, ignored her, he knew she couldn’t move and now came the most difficult bit as he needed to get her hung up before the captain arrived so she was ready for them to have their real fun.

Quite deliberately he rolled the frog-tied twenty three years old onto her back once more. Just like the captain wanted, all the most sensitive parts of her body were completely open for his slow, careful attentions. Putting her arms behind her meant that those firm, pink-tipped breasts were easily accessible but it was the obscene backward splay of her thighs that really made things easy for her torturers.

The split oval of her genitals and the tight rosette of her anus were completely exposed. The full outer lips of her shaved and naked cunt were spread apart to reveal every detail of the pinker inner folds, especially her prominent clitoris in the fleshy vee at the top of her cleft. Daniel grinned and stroked one finger across her nipples, down her belly and along the rim of her cunt.


Jenny Henderson rocked to and fro, her head threshing from side to side as the man grinned down at her. She wasn’t hurt, the scream was pure frustration and a horrified realisation of how totally helpless she was.

‘I don’t know anything…please…I’ve told you…I don’t know anything…please…’

Even as she gabbled Daniel was busy tying black webbing straps round each ankle and attaching ropes to them. It was only when he threw the ends of the ropes over the main beam of the hut that Jenny finally understood what was going to happen. The ropes tightened and she was pulled upright. With her body doubled through her splayed thighs, her legs were sticking out in a wide vee anyway but strapping her body forwards through her legs, so her upper arms were actually pressing into the undersides of her thighs, meant that she remained hanging upright as he hoisted her into the air.

He pulled one rope at a time so Jenny was hoisted up in a series of painful jerks. There were more jolts and Jenny’s body swayed and swung between the beams as he adjusted the ropes. Finally, he seemed satisfied and the ropes were tied off round the pillars on either side and she was left swinging with the gaping splay of her cunt offered like a target.

With the young American nurse secured Daniel walked across to the door and stood watching as Sergeant N’kosi delivered the final stroke across Linda M’bele’s bleeding and bruised bottom. He even joined in the roar of laughter as the captain kicked her legs away then came back into the dimness of the hut as the eighteen year old was dragged, still screaming, across the clearing to serve her time on the oil-drum.

Jenny Henderson swung gently in her cradle of pain. She could breathe if she didn’t make too much effort but the strain on her leg muscles and hamstrings was awful. Outside the cheering and excitement reached a crescendo as Linda M’bele was whipped round and round the clearing by her tormentors. A few minutes later the doorway went dark and Jenny looked up into the sadistic, grinning features of Captain Lucas Kipengi.

‘Excellent…Daniel, excellent, that’s just what I wanted….well Miss Henderson…are you ready to tell me everything?’

‘Please….I told you…I’m a nurse…I was only at the camp to help the refugees. They made us have those passes…everyone had to wear them…I’m not a spy…please…’ She gasped the words out in short bursts, husbanding her energy for what was coming.

He paused and listened to the sounds of Linda M’bele’s caning. ‘Ah I hear the student is being prepared for her lesson entertaining my men… Daniel, let’s give Miss Henderson a reminder too.’ He smiled and turned away. He loved this moment…the woman helpless…just waiting for the agony to begin. Time for his pleasure too. He undressed quickly without any fuss knowing the woman’s eyes were fixed on Daniel…and the thin rattan cane he was holding in his right hand.

Standing to one side he held her upturned right foot to steady the swinging of her body and tapped the pale yellow rod across the splayed vee of her thighs

‘Oh God, no…Please, no…Don’t…d-d-don’t touch m-me.’ Daniel measured the stroke again then, before she could draw another breath…


He seemed to use little effort, just a brief arm movement and a final flick of the wrist but Jenny Henderson convulsed and lifted in her straps. The rattan scored a fine line that showed deep pink across the tender undersides of her thighs. Her mouth opened and she gaped like a landed fish, grunting and panting as the pain of that first cut seared into her flesh.



‘A little harder, Daniel…try a bit lower…just across the lips…’

From the shadows, the captain watched as the next stroke landed. This time the cane whipped across the tender outer lips of her cunt and her whole body surged and bucked as though she’d touched a live electric socket

She didn’t scream…quite, but this time the panting, desperate gasps were louder, a series of shuddering noises as her head threshed back and forwards in her efforts to ride the blazing agony of the caning.

‘Thwickk!’ ‘Thwickk!’ ‘Thwickk!’ ‘Thwickk!’


She broke as the fifth stroke raised another agonising weal across her labia. Daniel smiled and let her foot go, watching smugly as she jerked and swung on the end of the ropes, head arched back and her mouth wide as she screamed her agony to the smoke-blacked thatch above her head.

Captain Kipengi walked round in front of her. His naked body was fit and toned, the muscles sharply defined under the dark brown skin. The sight and sound of the caning and her screaming agony had brought him to full hardness. One finger stroked down her leg and along the rim of her cunt. Jenny Henderson’s head jerked forwards, her eyes wide as she saw the naked figure

‘Oh God no…please…please…’

Even knowing he was about to fuck her she couldn’t look away from the triangle of tight black curls at his groin…and the thick, curved shaft of his eight inch cock. He saw the direction of her eyes and laughed.

He wrapped his fingers round the shaft and slowly rolled the skin back from the head, arching his hips forwards as he did so. The domed head was already shining with an oily wetness. He was so close she could smell the sharp musk of his body and see traces of whitish cream along the flared rim of the glans and mixed with the wetness smeared on his fingers curled round the thick shaft under the head. His hand guided the blunt head and he moved closer until the helmet was just between the inner lips nuzzling the opening of her vagina.

‘No…you will please me now,’ he reached forwards to touch her breasts, his thumbs rolling the already hard nipples so she twitched and twisted just a little in the straps. Captain Kipengi smiled…that movement had just been enough and he watched the expression change on the American’s face as she felt the domed head of his penis slide deeper into her vagina.


Her gasps of protest turned into a louder cry as the captain arched his hips and took another small step forwards. This time the full length of his cock slid deep into her body and Jenny Henderson shut her eyes as she felt him begin to move…slowly and deliberately rocking her to and fro so each time he almost pulled free before letting her swing back to impale herself on the curved eight inch horn of his cock.

She whimpered, shaking her head and trying to ignore the growing heat in her cunt as her body began to respond to the slow deep fucking. His fingers rolled her nipples, making them ache and arousing her still further. She tried to resist…really tried, but even the pain of the caning was becoming something else…a hot, throbbing excitement that was making her cunt soooo wet…

‘Aaaaaah…p-please….yes…oh God…fuck me please…please…h-h-harder…’

‘See Daniel…all the white girls they just love the feel of black cock.’ The captain grinned down and twisted Jenny’s nipples until she looked up, her mouth slack and wet with lust as she wailed and pleaded, lost in the frenzy on the brink of cumming. He closed his fingers on her breasts, squeezing the soft mounds and using them to steady her body as he rammed into her faster and harder. ‘Gonna make you cum now!’ he shouted, ‘cum now you fucking American slut…NOW!’

Jenny Henderson threw back her head and screamed, not in agony this time but in ecstasy as she felt the hot spurts of semen jetting from the thick, black cock impaling her. Tied as she was, she couldn’t thresh about as she would normally but deep inside her muscles squeezed and milked the captain’s penis with a series of strong contractions that made him jerk and gasp with pleasure.

He pulled free and ran one finger along the wet furrow of her cunt. He grinned unpleasantly as she gasped and twitched, still out of breath from climaxing so hard. ‘I knew you were a slut. Give her another ten, Daniel, then we’ll see what Miss Henderson has to say…’

‘Nooooooo…God no…you can’t…YOU FUCKING BASTA…’



The sound of the rattan was different, the impact throwing up a fine spray as Daniel whipped the thin rod viciously across the wet, and now swollen lips of the young American’s cunt. Her screams quickly became shrieks of pure agony as Daniel applied stroke after stroke. Each one landing precisely across the exposed folds of her genitals with a wet, snapping ‘swick’ that sound almost like someone flicking a damp towel.

By the tenth stroke Jenny Henderson was shrieking at the top of her voice and shaking as though she was having a fit. Her screams continued even when Daniel stopped and walked round to admire the evidence of his skill; a series of thin red bars scoring across the splayed vee of her thighs. Where the rattan had caught the softer flesh of her genitals the bars were thicker and already showing a deeper purplish tint. Already engorged from sexual arousal and the earlier few strokes she’d suffered Jenny’s cunt lips were now swollen taut and shiny, gleaming with the traces of wetness from her orgasm.

‘Talk to me Miss Henderson…or shall I ask Daniel to go on a bit longer?’ Captain Kipengi laughed softly as the twenty two year old slowly raised her head and peered at him through the wet tangle of hair matted across her cheeks. ‘Well…?’ He reached between her legs and cupped the taut, swollen lips. Still watching her face he slowly scratched his nails along down the abused flesh. Jenny arched her head back, face screwed up in pain teeth biting hard into her lower lips as she tried to ride the pain of his obscene caress.

‘Aaaah God! Naaaaaa…shiiiiiiiit…Ah…aaaaah-aaah…stop! Stop! STOP! P-please…please…I’ll do anything…please…anything you want…p-please…it hurts so much…’

‘But we’ve only just started Miss Henderson,’ the captain chuckled. He turned to Daniel. ‘Get me the other one, the little leather switch…we’ll see how she likes it right inside…’ Jenny’s head lolled, her breath coming in shuddering gasps as he moved his hand away. There was a small damp patch on the floor under her and as she swung gently from the ropes attached to her ankles more drops of sweat and semen dripped from between her thighs.

Captain Kipengi took his time walking round the suspended figure until he was standing close behind her against her upstretched right leg. He leaned over and gripped the back of her neck with his left hand, bending her head forward and forcing her to stare down at her own genitals. ‘Watch carefully, Miss Henderson…Daniel’s an expert.’ Jenny’s eyes opened wide with understanding and horror as Daniel padded silently across to squat down directly in front of her, his face level with her cunt. It wasn’t that he was looking at her sex…that was nothing…no, it was the little black stick-like object in his right hand that made her dribble with fear. ‘Show her properly, Daniel…’

The man brought the stick closer and Jenny retched and strained back against the captain’s fingers as she saw what he was holding more clearly. It was a little black quirt made from supple, plaited leather that had an oiled sheen to it. Only about a foot long, it tapered from finger thickness down to a single slim strand. Staring at the evil-looking object Jenny noticed the tip swelled into a tiny bulb as though there was something sewn inside the leather. Daniel’s grin widened and he traced the tip along the upper swell of the young American’s breasts; easing her as she followed every movement with an almost hypnotised stare of fear and loathing.

‘A beautiful piece of work, isn’t it,’ that captain whispered in her ear. ‘I took it from a slave trader who was foolish enough to try and attack my men one night.’ He watched as Daniel flicked the little bulbous end against her nipple and smiled at her sudden intake of breath at the sharpness of the impact. ‘Ah… you’ve discovered its little extra secret. There’s a tiny lead bead sewn under the leather. It’s designed to be used on a woman…especially where a more vigorous whipping might mark or devalue the merchandise.’ He smiled and went on, ‘I suggest you take a deep breath, Miss Henderson… most of my female guests find the quirt is quite unbearable when applied to their more… delicate…parts.’

Daniel squatted down once more, left hand just touching her upturned buttock for balance, waited for the captain’s nod and then brought the leather quirt whipping straight down into the oily, cum-streaked cleft of Jenny’s cunt.


The sound was different, wetter and not as sharp and crisp as the impact of the rattan on taut skin, but the effect was twice as intense. Despite her agonising position, Jenny Henderson half rolled her body between the ropes as she threw her head back and convulsed with the sheer, blinding agony of that impact.


Captain Kipengi smiled happily and caressed the young nurse’s breast as she howled and squealed in her torment. Not just the impact of the leather along the line of her slit but Daniel had placed the stroke so that the tiny lead bead snapped viciously against the swollen and exposed bulb of her clitoris. ‘The same again, I think, Daniel…shhhh, Jenny, shhhh…wait…there’s nine more to come yet…’

‘Sluck!’ ‘Sluck!’ ‘Sluck!’

‘NAAARRRGGGH! Gaaaarrrh…nah-nah-nah-nah…NAAAAAARRRGGGH!’

‘Lower this time, get the bead to hit against her anus for a few strokes…then finish off with her clit again…if she’s still with us…’ Both men laughed as Jenny Henderson jerked and screamed and arched in a series of muscle wrenching spasms between each carefully placed stroke. Captain Kipengi leaned against her back and pushed her forwards slightly to hold her body still.

Daniel took his time, waiting for the spasms to ease just a little before whipping the quirt forwards once again. This time the sound was a sharp ‘thwick!’ as the tip snapped against the tight, wrinkled rosette of Jenny’s anus. ‘Dirty cow,’ Daniel laughed as Jenny surged madly against the straps with another piecing, animal squeal. He moved back a little to escape the thin trickle of liquid that ran down the cleft of her body to splash onto the earth floor. ‘Can’t even wait to have a piss…filthy slut!’

‘Oh dear…you’re going to regret that,’ Captain Kipengi said ‘Daniel doesn’t like been pee’d on, especially by Americans. Now, let’s just make sure he can see what he’s doing.’ He reached down the front of her body and pinched the thick outer lips of her cunt between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. Jenny whimpered as he peeled the lips apart, spreading the now-swollen inner folds even more to make the taut, shiny bulb jut out totally unprotected. ‘Five more right on the clit now, Daniel, teach her some manners…’



Jenny Henderson bucked forwards, every muscle snapping wire-taut and quivering with strain as she fought insanely against the cruel straps holding her so open and helpless to the obscene torture of that little leather quirt. With diabolical accuracy Daniel whipped it right into the wet groove of her slit again so the leather covered bead snapped viciously against the already bruised and swollen pearl of her clitoris. Her scream ended in a series of uncontrolled, shuddering gasps. But, before she could manage to draw a full breath, his arm whipped forwards three more times…

‘Swipp!’ ‘Swipp!’ ‘Swipp!’

The insane screams reached a demented peak then ended in a sudden, gasping convulsion as Jenny Henderson slumped forwards, head slack as the pain became too much and she became unconscious.

‘Hold on a minute…No, she’s out…no point in wasting the effort,’ the captain said letting go and standing up. He twisted his fingers casually in the wet blonde strands and turned Jenny’s head so he could peer into her pain-distorted features. ‘We’ll give her a couple of minutes, let her get her breath back then you can wake her up for me.’ He chuckled, looking at the grinning Daniel stroking the obvious bulge in the front of his shorts. ‘Yes, alright you can take her that way if you want…she looks tight…but I don’t want her damaged too much, understand?’

Daniel nodded happily in reply and the captain unwound his fingers and let the unconscious woman’s hair go. Her head flopped forward until her chin bumped against her chest. A thin rope of saliva dribbled from her slack lips to form a silvery liquid trail between her breasts.

Pulling out a packet of cigarettes and gold Zippo he walked to the door of the hut before turning to look back at the gently swaying figure. ‘I’m going for a smoke and a quick check on what N’kosi and the men are doing with our student friend…you’ve got ten minutes…then I want her awake and ready to talk.’

He ducked through the doorway and Daniel pushed his shorts down over his slim hips. He casually kicked them to one side and scratched the black mat of wiry hair at his groin. His body had that almost undernourished, wiry physique of a fighter; a bantam-weight boxer or Thai-style fighter. There were scars and marks across his chest and upper arms; one of them just below his ribs showed the puckered, indented remains of a recently healed bullet wound, the pinkish flesh looking waxy and somehow artificial against the light brown of the rest of his body.

His cock was circumcised, darker brown and curving back hard with the fierceness of his erection so the naked, dark purple head touched his belly. The shaft was slim compared with the captain’s cock, but the ridges and veins showed in prominent relief twining down the eight inch length under the shiny dome of the head. He moved back to stand between the young American’s outspread thighs. His expression was fixed, eyes bright with lust and arousal. His fingers reached for her pink nipples, toying with the tips while he let his penis nuzzle and rub against the wet, swollen lips of her cunt. His breathing was slow, heavy with growing excitement as he rocked his hips and rubbed himself against her body, coating his cock in the oily seepage of her body until the naked glans and the whole shaft gleamed with moisture.

The captain had said it was all right…that he could fuck her, Daniel thought. His fingers stroked the American’s nipples, squeezing until she groaned and stirred, her head lifting and she reacted to the touch of his cock on the abused flesh of her cunt and the pressure of his fingers on her…

‘NAAAAAH! GETTOFF…NAAAH…BASSAR….NO-NO-NO-NO! Oh God! Oh God…please d-don’t t-touch me. Ple…AAARRRGH!’

Daniel said nothing; her reaction as she came round was all the extra stimulation he wanted. He grinned at her, waited for the frantic screams and pleas to stop momentarily as she drew breath then carefully used one hand to guide the slippery head of his cock against the tight, puckered opening of Jenny Henderson’s anus.

Her mouth gaped in a circle, eyes bulging with total horror as she felt him against her and realised what he was about to do to her. ‘NOOOOOOOO!’

‘Oh yes,’ Daniel breathed almost to himself and leaned forwards. Jenny Henderson’s head went back and she screamed again at the horrible stretching pain as his slippery cock head slowly broached the tight, virgin ring of her anus. ‘Open wide, CIA bitch… that’s right.’ He stopped pushing and waited, listening to the American woman’s frantic, panting breaths. His cock was held in the warm, tight grip of her anus so he could feel every movement and spasm of her muscles.

Feeling the tightness relax very slightly he grinned and arched his hips, driving the full eight inches of his cock deep into the soft velvety warmth. Jenny Henderson lifted in her bonds and screamed once again at the sharp lancing pain of the brutal invasion. For a moment she thought he actually torn her as her anus was suddenly stretched and the tender lining of her rectum reamed out by the hard, ridged shaft driving so deep inside her body.

‘Nuh…na-aaah…pu-pu-pleeeese…d-don’t m-move..d-d-don’t mo…ARRRGGH!’

Pleas suddenly became screams when Daniel ignored her cries and slowly pulled back until just the wide glans remained inside the tight ring of muscle. He laughed at her desperate requests for him not to move, leaned over even more and rammed his cock deep into her body once again.

‘That’s right, squeeze my cock…’ his hands added to her torment as he reached forward and twisted her nipples, wrenching on them so hard that both breasts were stretched into sharp cones and the pink tips went pale with the pressure of his fingers. ‘Scream you fucking American bitch…scream!’


‘Better, that’s better,’ he let her left breast go and wrenched her head back with his fingers twisted in her hair. ‘That’s…it…right….up…your…ass…slut…,’ he panted, each word spaced out and accompanied by another hard, vicious thrust of his hips. Each reaming jolt brought another gasping scream from Jenny Henderson as the tender lining of her rectum was scraped and scratched by the vicious repeated thrusts.


She screamed even more loudly as his fingers pinched and twisted her breasts even harder in his frenzy. His thighs made a quick, wet slapping noise as he slammed into her outspread cleft faster and faster. Daniel really wanted the wonderful sensation of her tight, warm hole gripping his cock to go on and on but the sensation of her wild involuntary muscle spasms were just too intense to last. With every wild scream it was though she was deliberately milking him…forcing him over the edge to make him cum despite his efforts to tense his muscles and hold off that moment of climax just a little…

‘YAAAH…oh yes…yes…bitch…bitch…FUCKING AMERICAN CUUUUNT!’

Daniel arched back, his wild yell of release joining with her screams of agony as his hands clawed at her breasts. The paler, untanned skin of her bikini marks bulged between his fingers as he gripped and twisted the soft flesh in the frenzy of cumming while his hips jerked in a series of hard, brutal jerks as his cock spurted semen deep in her rectum.

Daniel grinned savagely, gave Jenny’s body one last jerking thrust then he pulled his softening cock free, unclamped his fingers from her bruised and bright red breasts and turned away to pick up his shorts. Jenny gave one last cry of pain and her head once again slumped forwards as the effect of the vicious anal rape; lack of air and sudden, agonising cramps in her thighs and calves tipped her over the edge into mumbling semi-consciousness once more.

‘I thought I said I wanted her awake?’ The captain’s mocking comment brought Daniel hurrying back to where Jenny Henderson swung to and fro from the rope that had held her suspended for the past twenty minutes. He reached forward but the captain shook his head, ‘no, I’ll do it this time.’ He grinned, took a deep drag on his cigarette, tapped the ash off and very delicately touched the glowing tip to the very top of Jenny’s slit. There was a soft ‘psssst’ as the red hot end touched the wet skin…a single second of total silence then…


The young American lifted vertically, her head arching backwards as every muscle contracted with the searing agony of the burn. Her single demented scream died into a series of panting, gasping sobs. The ropes creaked and jerked as she convulsed and bucked in a useless effort to shield herself from the torture.

‘That’s better, see Daniel…all that was needed was a little reminder.’ He studied the doubled figure now sobbing and retching helplessly. ‘Get her down…I don’t want the stupid cow taking the easy way out.’ He watched as Jenny’s head flailed up and down in desperate attempts to breathe properly, her mouth opening and closing like a gaffed fish as the cramps caught her again.

Between them the two men quickly lowered the young woman to the dirt floor. The captain watched as Daniel undid the ropes and straps then both of them stood there as Jenny flopped around gasping and crying as feeling and circulation returned to her legs and arms. They hadn’t bothered to leave her tied up at all. The captain knew there was no chance of her even getting to her knees, let alone walking for a good ten minutes or more, besides he always enjoyed the sight of some proud, arrogant white woman wriggling around at his feet unable to even speak properly.

He kicked her in the belly, using his shoe to roll her onto her back then pushed the polished toe under her chin. ‘Listen, Miss Henderson,’ he waited until the tear-filled eyes were fixed on his face looming above her. He took another long pull on his cigarette and let the hot ash fall across her breasts, smiling as she winced and glanced away. ‘You have ten minutes…time to get your breath back and think what you are going to tell me. Use the time wisely, Miss Henderson.’

‘G-g-go and f-fuck yourself you s-sick bassar,’ Jenny Henderson’s voice was unsteady, the words slurred by pain and the dryness in her throat from the intensity of her screams. ‘I tol y…gaaaaaaah!’ Her words became a strangled gasp of fear and pain as Captain Kipengi leaded his weight forward, pressing his shoe down on Jenny’s throat.

‘Stupid…you are a stupid woman…I give you a chance and you insult me. Perhaps you are one of those who find pleasure in pain?’ He moved his foot and stood back. ‘Well let us find out…’ he lifted his head and shouted, ‘Sergeant N’kosi!’

‘Sir?’ The doorway darkened as the big figure of the sergeant stooped to get into the hut.

‘Get that metal chair frame from the truck…the one we used when we questioned that woman last month. I want that…’ he pointed at the curled up figure of Jenny Henderson, ‘secure to the chair, you know the way.’ The sergeant nodded, his face split into a wide grin of anticipation. ‘Daniel, get the box from my jeep…since Miss Henderson is being so fucking stupid you get a chance to play with your favourite toy.’

A flick of his fingers dismissed them both and he looked down at the figure at his feet. ‘I’m going to make you beg…the after you tell me what I want to know…you’re going to beg some more. Welcome to hell, Miss Henderson…


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