Royals [HINES]


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The Aristocracy might have had to observe the required rituals of properness and propriety in public, but many of them chose to follow a less pious lifestyle in their more private moments. As members of an unquestioned social and political elite, they literally had the powers of life and death over the vast majority of their country’s underclass and sometimes they didn’t think twice over abusing that power.

Not all was easy for members of the royalty, however. There was so much to do; the frequent banquets, the formal concerts, dances and other social obligations could be quite tiring. And after a while, it was more and more difficult to avoid the pitfalls of boredom and repetitiveness brought on by doing almost everything they wished whenever they wished. One avenue of diversion was sex, of course. There were so many ways to keep sex from being boring – especially when one had the power to indulge in almost any way…

The Countess, supported by her faithful entourage, liked nothing better than exercising her divine rights over her subjects to achieve much-needed satisfaction. She especially enjoyed arranging to have the most winsome young peasant wenches to be seized from the surrounding villages and brought to one her royal estates in order that they have the honor of serving her. The Countess preferred to work her magic on innocent virgins; using her favorite short whip to immediately establish her authority and to make clear the her victim’s absolute subjugation. After that, the unfortunate lass would be gently but sternly guided through the proper intricacies of sucking on the Countess’s royal tits and licking the Countess’s royal pussy and clit.

“You’re going to be the first to serve my Royal Pussy with your peasant face, wench… you should feel honored!”

There were no limits as to what a Royal Family member could do with an common person in order to satisfy his or her most lascivious needs. A peasant girl had no power to resist being dragged from her home and forced into sexual servitude to whatever Royal had commanded her abduction. There were no courts to which the girl or her family could go to appeal or protest. The only thing was to hope that the particular member of the aristocracy that had her would eventually free her after she had been sufficiently used. Sometimes the violated girl was returned to her family but it was just as common for her never to be seen again.

Whatever unfortunate peasant girl who happened to catch the eye of Count DeSateo was usually destined for a very unpleasant fate. The Count’s erotic tastes definitely tilted toward the more sadistic side. He was a ‘breast man’ – but that meant he liked nothing better than nails or wooden stakes through them. The sight of such tortured breasts and the agony they produced for their owner never failed to enflame the Count’s ardor and cause his royal appendage to swell to a most impressive length. Then he would step behind his captive and take his time exploring her well-positioned pussy. With her breasts painfully pinioned to the post, the Count’s slave could only plead for mercy as Count DeSateo took his pleasures; both from her distress and her captive holes.

“Now you gonna kiss me, girl… and you’ll do a hell of a good job… I want to feel your lips and your tongue, and I want to feel you… For your own good I hope that you understand what I’m saying…”

The King had a wife and many ladies of the Royal Court who would would be more than willing to serve as his mistresses. But the King had a decided preference for forcing his attentions upon unwilling wenches. Nothing like the added thrill of the frenzied overpowering and rape of virgin slavegirl; of being the first to break her hymen with his cock.

The King’s henchmen had presented him with the gift of Mary, the virgin daughter of a just-executed political rival. While her father’s head was still being displayed on a stake outside the Royal Castle’s walls, the terrorized Lady Fontaine was being forced to return the slobbering kisses of her King.

Her body already bore the marks from the numerous inflicted upon her for even the slightest resistance to her Sovereign’s advances.

“Do you want more of this? This handy little bamboo stick has flayed many a lass’s smooth skin over the years. If you wish, I will gladly delay my amorous intentions for a while in order to concentrate at using it to lay waste to ever inch of your beautiful body. Is that what you want?” The King raised the short cane, ready to begin striking.

“No, Your Majesty! Please! I beg of you to spare me more pain! I will do as you ask. do everything to please you!”

“Good, my dear. Now place your lovely fingers around your King’s hard shaft while you show me how deeply you can kiss when you have a mind for it.” At that, The King pulled the sobbing 19 year-old Lady Fontaine close against him to enjoy the softness of her unsure tongue intertwining with his. Her trembling mouth opened wider to accept her new Master’s invading tongue as he slowly began to walk her over to his bed. There she would open her legs and inexperienced pussy to accept her King’s rude and impatient cock..

While the King was off having his fun with his stable of captive fuck-girls, his Queen certainly could not be accused of failing to enjoy her own favorite erotic pastimes. The Queen had long harbored a well-developed preference for comely maidens. Like her husband, the Queen preferred to acquire the services of beautiful young peasant women. These frightened girls were powerless to deny even the most outrageous sexual demands from their Queen, a person who could order both them and their families executed with the wave of a hand. Many young females had been summoned or otherwise forced into spending long days and nights at the Queen’s private quarters. Days and nights servicing their Queen and her small group of loyal friends; ladies who shared the Queen’s sexual inclinations.

The Queen was a big woman with an sexual appetite that matched her size. Her close group of female friends and retainers were all of royal blood and they were always on a constant search for the most attractive peasant females from across the Kingdom to keep her satisfied.

It was only last night that the soldiers had come storming into Marianne’s small village and had ridden away with her. In the face of the soldiers’ swords and spears, neither her blacksmith father nor the other townspeople could prevent a shackled Marianne from being thrown screaming over the back of a horse and quickly taken on a long journey through the dark countryside. Upon being deposited at the Royal Castle, she had been bathed and perfumed in order that she be presentable to the Queen. It was the Queens old dowager aunt, Lady Regala whose far-flung network of spies and informants had brought Marianne to the Queen’s attention. Now the naked and wrinkled Lady Regala was leading a very scared, crying and also naked Marianne into the Queen’s Chamber.

“See, Your Highness, were my people true to their word when they described the beauty of this girl? So pretty of face and body. Just the perfect female to bring you pleasure now and to be of service to us after you are tired of her.”

The Queen took her time in appraising Marianne. “Indeed, this one is quite acceptable to me. If she can be taught to pleasure my pussy to the extent that I desire, perhaps I might keep her permanently. Come here, girl I need both of my nipples suckled at the moment in order to get my juices flowing…..”

In the business of the Kingdom, it was useful to keep ladies of royal blood in a state of captivity so that they could be used as whores by those who had substantial business with the Royal Family. Nothing like having a piece of captive aristocratic pussy as one’s bed partner to seal a trade deal or to better a difficult round of diplomatic negotiations. These whores-in-waiting were usually from royal families that had been disgraced or were currently out of favor . Some, though, were the surviving daughters of royal families of rival kingdoms that had been defeated or whom had given them over as slaves in order to curry favor. In any case, the use of royal-blood whores was a popular indulgence.

Princess Harkenberg had been given by her own father to the King as a gift. Such a gift was designed to serve as a display of loyalty. The King had accepted this offering and had enjoyed the many hours of fuck-pleasure that the Princess’s tight pussy had provided him. But there were so many easily available women for a King to use, so eventually he lost interest and had her thrown into a small, dank hole of a cell far below the main floors of the castle, a royal emblem painfully carved into her arm.

Now the only time that the Princess ventured outside her little cell was to be whored by some visiting dignitary or envoy with whom the King had dealings at the moment. In fact, the Princess was fast becoming one of the most requested royal-blood whores because she recently been designated also as a pain-whore; readily available for the whip or birchstick.

“C’mon, princess, follow me upstairs. A Royal guess asked for you… a former acquainted of yours I think. I bet you’ll enjoy a most interesting soirйe… plenty of sex and games. The man carries his own ridding crop!”

Sir William Malifoy had been the King’s trusted personal advisor for over a decade and had been credited with saving the King from many devious and far-flung plots to kill or overthrow him. While not born of royal blood, Sir William status within the Kingdom was fully appreciated by almost all the families and clans of the Aristocracy for his fine work. He was not only a man who kept them secure and protected through his efforts; he was someone quite well versed in the affairs of business – another talent by which they all had benefited in one way or another.

It was only recently that Sir William had uncovered another plot against the King, this one involving one of the King’s very own nieces, Princess Gale. As shocked and disappointed as he was, the King gave Sir William the absolute freedom to interrogate the Princess in any way he saw fit in order to fully expose all the plot’s participants.

Lady Gale was tall, young, beautiful and idealistic but she did not possess the mental or physical fortitude to endure more than the hour of Sir William’s caning of her lithe body. She had quickly confessed her guilt and had begun tell all that she knew about the dastardly plot and the names and locations of her fellow conspirators.

Sir William was somewhat saddened at what he knew Lady Gale’s fate would surely be if the King had his way. But Sir William interceded with his King to at least let the unfortunate girl be of some kind of service before she was hung by her neck. Sir William had a heart of gold. And a cock that he used to explore the Lady’s captive cunt during the month before her scheduled execution.

“C’mon, whore… keep riding me… tomorrow morning you’ll hung from that rope around your neck until you die… but if you do a good job tonight I’ll give you another week of life… you know how I’m going to miss you… you know how I like to whip you every morning… how I like to bite those tits of yours… to fuck that tight pussy of yours… c’mon… ride me hard and you’ll get another week of fun!!!”

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