Outsiders [HINES]


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When the small group of female college students decided that it might be a good idea to spend their summer vacation camping and exploring in the isolated hill country located far from their usual urban or resort destinations, they decided it mostly on the basis that it would be doing something different.

And the Hill Country was different – far more different than any of this bunch of attractive lasses could ever imagine. The local people who populated the area were not friendly to the idea of strangers – called “Outsiders” – coming into their territory. Well, not all the locals were hostile to Outsiders. The Climmett clan, an extended family of hill scum if there ever was one, made it their mission to get acquainted – real acquainted – with the four winsome Outsider ladies…

When the two college girls, Kathy and Deina, decided to leave their compatriots back at the camp and scout out the surrounding area a bit more, they did not know that they were being closely followed by very interested members of the Climmett clan. But they soon found themselves confronted by the Climmetts after coming upon an old, abandoned backcountry shack. They saw the dangerous -looking knives and the pistols that the Climmetts were brandishing and obeyed the orders to be quiet….

“We all came down to welcome ya and to get to know ya better,” Brady Climmett said as he unbuttoned and dropped his pants. He stroked his dick as a brother jerked Deina’s walking shorts down over her knees. Next to them, Marcus Climmett had started to removed a frightened Kathy’s blouse.

Brady pulled Deina to him. “We’ll be goin’ to get your two other friends in a little while. But first, we’re gonna see if you city gals fuck as good as ya look. This is real convenient, us meetin’ here, ’cause there’s a couple of mattresses still in that ol’ shack there. Here, put them dainty fingers around my big ol’ cock…. See how you done got me all stirred up an’ all….?”

Menaced by their captors’ weapons and realizing that they had no choice, Deina and Kathy had no choice but to give in and give the Climmetts all the pussy and ass that they wanted. The mattresses and sheets in the derelict shack were already filthy, but soon enough there would be lots of semen added to the mix from the cocks of the Climmett Boys as they took turns raping the two female prisoners. The fucking and sucking went on for a couple of hours, briefly interspersed by some good old-fashioned belt whippin’ on their cute asses. It seemed more men had come to join in the action, but amid all that really hard fuckin’ tthat was bing put to them, Kathy and Deina couldn’t keep track of them all….

Deina, in particular, found it extremely hard to move on the mattress; she had been attached by a short chain to a chair post next to the mattress. It made her stay in position, made her unable to shift away from a cock as it probed and pounded her holes.

The Climmetts had to agree, these two Outside bitches gave up some good pussy. Didn’t put up a fuss like most of the local gals. Nope, this pair only whimpered as a Climmett rode each one hard and long. No complainin’, either – so no need to do a lot of slappin’ around or chokin’ ’em to make ’em more agreeable. Hell, the blond bitch even opened her mouth to accept one Climmett’s kiss as he spewed his thick load of warm cum deep inside her cunt….

Yep, real good girls, the both of ’em. Did as they were told…..

Kathy had always vowed to herself and to her female friends that no man was ever going to make her do anything that she didn’t want to do sexually. That was way before all these Climmett men and their weapons. In the past few hours, she had taken their cocks not only in her sore pussy, but also deep in her ass. She knew better than to even think about taking a chance and protesting something that one of them was doing to her; these were the kind of people who were as cruel and as dangerous as they looked and talked.

And there was now something else: There were female Climmetts showing up on the scene and joining in on the fun.

Kathy hadn’t serviced any of the women yet, but she had heard their voices from the adjoining room in the old shack; the room in which they had Deina. “Damn, gal, you don’t know how eat pussy better that that? Where you been, bitch?”

Kathy had not yet looked up to see the face of the female Climmett family member who had walked into the room. At the moment, Kathy was too occupied with the big dick that was swelling as she worked it with her mouth and lips.

The woman’s tone was amused. ” So this is the other one, huh? Maybe she’s better at lickin’ clit than the one in there.

“Well, you’ll be able see for yourself… just as soon as…. Ahhhhhhh…” The man let out a big grunting noise as he jacked his cum into Kathy’s waiting mouth.

Within a few hours of Deina and Kathy being apprehended their two traveling companions, Jewel and Rhona, were also snatched up by some of the Clemmetts and brought to the abandoned homestead. Unaware that the remaining two girls were now on the property, Deina and Kathy continued in their sexual duties , pleasing both cocks and pussies in the hope that their lives might be spared and that somehow, some way, they might be able to escape all this.

Only when after a brief respite, when one of the Clemmett men decided to carry an exhausted Deina out of the main shack and to a smaller suppy shack out back, did Deina catch a glimpse of the crying Jewel, chained down in the yard. Over the cringing Jewel hovered the hulking form of one of the Clemmett females, her large hands groping and fondling the new captive’s body.

As her captor carried her into the supply shack, Deina’s heart sank as she saw that the Clemmetts now had abducted at least one other of her friends, Jewel.

“C’mon, honey”, Deina heard the big woman say to Jewel.” Your girlfriend is already on her way back to meet the rest of the family at the farm. Why be out here all by yourself? Tell ya what, why don’t I unlock ya from this here nasty chains and take ya back to my little place that I got a coupla miles from here, huh? We can be all by ourselves there and you can show me just how thankful you are….”

Nadia was the oldest member of the quartet of Outsider females abducted by the Clemmetts. While her friends has been forced to provide sexual entertainment for the younger Clemmetts, Nadia had been spirited away from the campsite and taken directly to the main Clemmett homestead. The young siblings of the rogue clan knew better than to help themselves to what these city gals could give them without letting their family elders have a chance to enjoy themselves also. In their Hill Country code, the only thing that they really feared in life was the wrath of the older Clemmetts.

So Nadia would suffice for now, although Pa Clemmett and Grandma Clemmett were still none too pleased about the ‘younguns’ being so rude and disrespectful as to be fucking those other Outsider bitches before first bringing them to the homestead. The way things were supposed to be, the elders should have had first choice and first chance at the hostages.

Well, the ‘kids’ would pay for that later, one could be sure of that….

Nadia firm body and pretty face was pleasing enough to Pa and Grandma Clemmett. Yep, a real nice-lookin’ piece of tail, Pa had remarked. The two elder Clemmetts inspected Nadia closely, their rough hands and fingers familiarizing themselves with every inch and orifice of her body.

Grandma grudgingly pronounced her to be ‘passable’. “But I’ve seen better….”

But they were going to get acquainted better with Nadia, starting things out by having her accept their thick, wet tongues in her mouth. Nadia sensed that it would be better for her to return their probing kisses. Grandma liked it when Nadia opened her mouth a bit wider and answered her bold tongue-kisses with her own tentative, hesitant tongue.

“Mmmmmm,” Grandma chuckled. “Looks like our little gal is goin’ be real cooperative after all….”

The mysterious disappearance of the four visiting college girls from the Big City was never solved . In fact, there were serious doubts as to whether or not they had been in the area at all. No one could confirm to the various searchers and concerned parents that they had ever laid eyes on the four girls that they were asking about. No signs of their car, camping equipment or anything else that would indicate that they had been there.

But with the people who lived out her int he Hill Country, it was hard to tell if they were being truthful or not. Outsiders were not generally trusted or even interacted with around here; especially strangers carrying badges or media people from far-away….

While all the searching for the abducted college gals was going on all around them, the Clemmett family seemed strangely uninvolved. It was almost like they didn’t care. It was almost like they somehow knew that the missing girls would never be found. And they never were….

But it wasn’t as if the missing girls would be tucked away in some dark, lonely cell…..

In fact, they would spending the rest of their time being in very close contact with all the members of the Clemmett Family…

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