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February 14th, 2003
Texts by Sato

Mandy and her two friends Angela and Layla had chosen the wrong country to visit for spring break. Parador was in the grips of a revolution and all foreigners were under suspicion. While staying in the capital city of Santarucas, they were seen drinking and dancing with known members of the resistance at a popular disco club. They were arrested as soon as they left the club. From the back of the police van they were taken to the feared prison in Mazatalpo. The prison population was made up almost entirely of political dissidents.

Once inside the prison the girls were stripped of their expensive clothing and were left naked. Their hands were bound and chained to the ceiling as female guards performed deep and painful cavity searches. The guards, obviously lesbians, were especially cruel to Angela the young blond. One of the women grabbed her nipples and twisted them cruelly as the other woman pushed her greased baton deep into her virgin asshole. Angela’s screams were only fuel to the fire. The guards just laughed and abused her more. Another shoved her hand into a can of lard then knelt before the terrified blond. After showing her greasy fist to Angela she began to push her fist slowly into the girl’s virgin cunt. The guard was merciless as she forced the fist between the tight lips of Angela’s pussy. “EEEEEEAAAAAAAUUUGH!!!” Her screams were immediate and loud. T he guards began stroking in and out; the black baton in her ass and the fist in Angela’s twat.

After the dykes were through with the girls they were handed over to the interrogation team….

…They were usual questions like “who do you work for? where is the rebel base? where is the next terrorist attack to take place?” But the girls truly knew nothing, so the tortures began.

Mandy was separated from her friends and raped by two men from the interrogation team. First they brought her arms behind her and chained them to the ceiling. She was forced to bend over to keep from dislocating her shoulders. The men inspected her like a rancher inspects cattle. They caressed her soft pale flesh one moment then roughly beat her the next. One man forced her head down while the other fastened sharp clamps to her tender nipples.


But her captors only smiled. “Silencio gringa!” one of the men shouted as he slapped her roughly across the face, “Maybe you gonna change you story when we finish wid you puta bitch! But for now you talk too much so we gonna give you somethin to shut you up” The guard pulled off his clothes and pushed his cock into her face, “If I feel one tooth touch my root, I will pull them all out. You understand me white slut?” Mandy had begun to cry but hadn’t lost her sense of self preservation. She nodded her head and obediently opened her mouth. His cock was thick and long and, judging by the smell, it had been in at least one other pussy already today. It tasted tangy and salty and Mandy nearly gagged and barely managed not to vomit. Mandy heard the sound of a belt buckle and a zipper coming down behind her just before she felt the other guard’s stiff prick bump against her pussy. He forced his way into her cunt and began to fuck her. Suddenly she was being pummeled by two men; one on each end. The more excited they became the harder they fucked, hit, and slapped her. The man who was skull-fucking her started to come first. Mandy heard him grunt as his thrusting cock tore deeper into the back of her throat. Then she felt the guard’s hot cum spurt into her mouth. She tried to swallow but began to gag again and spilled much of his seed onto the stone floor. The guard behind her was in full rut as he slammed into her wet pussy. Mandy’s painfully clamped tits flopped back and forth as the pummeling went on. Finally he began to cum burying the rigid member deeply into her cunt and spraying his cream deep into her womb. But the guards weren’t finished with her yet…

“You fuckin’ white whore” said the guard who had just raped Mandy’s mouth, “I think you enjoyed that a little too much!” He grabbed Mandy and dragged her over to the rack. They chained her hands to the ceiling again and spread her legs wide chaining them to the sides of the rack. One guard now took a hot iron rod from a nearby fire and began burning her freshly raped body. “AAAAAAAUUUUUGGH! PLEEEEEEEZZZ!! GHHAAAAAA!! NOOOOO!” The other guard stood back and watched her struggling body as it danced and shimmered with sweat each time the hot iron rod came down. Her firm tits swayed from side to side provocatively. It sizzled when it touched her sending a small plume of smoke into the air. Mandy could smell her own flesh cooking.

“You enjoyed that good fuck we gave you didn’t you bitch?” laughed the guard. Mandy didn’t know how to answer. They had given up any pretense of questioning her about the rebels. They were just torturing her out of sheer enjoyment. He didn’t wait to let her consider her answer, instead he pulled a knife out of his trousers and leaned in close to her. “I’m gonna Make sure that you don’t enjoy gettin’ fucked ever again,” he whispered. He reached down between her widely spread thighs and shoved his index finger into her pussy and raised it up until he had found her clit. He squeezed it between his fingernails causing Mandy to forget about the iron and struggle even harder. The look of desperation and fear she wore was just what the guard wanted to see. He felt his cock begin to stir again. Her swaying breasts, her young lightly tanned flesh, the fear she wore on her wide-eyed face, the power and sexual energy he commanded; the moment was perfect and so the knife did it’s work as her clit was sliced away. A million tiny nerves sent a dying cry to her brain as the flesh was severed.

“GHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! ! !” she screamed as the smiling guard held the bloody nubbin of flesh before her eyes. Mandy’s sanity had slipped it’s moorings as her consciousness drifted out to sea. The girl fainted dead away and hung limply in her cuffs and chains. “Hang her by her ankles and bring her two friends in. I think maybe they are lonely for us! ”

Angela and Layla gasped fearfully when they were dragged past their naked unconscious companion. Mandy’s inert body swayed gently back and forth as it hung from the ceiling. A small trickle of blood dripped down her torso from where the guard had sliced away her clit. She was still alive and breathing. T he prison warden didn’t mind the guards raping and torturing the women but he frowned on killing. There was too much profit to be made by selling them on the black market as trained white sex slaves.

The guards were in a frenzy of intense hard core sexual pleasure. One guard strapped Angela to the rack while the other guard forced Layla onto her knees before his bulging crotch. The white-hot rod of iron began to play across Angela’s body. Her pitiful cries were not those of a woman pleading for aid or mercy, but those of a wounded animal howling out of instinct alone. Layla needed no urging. As soon as the guard released his cock from his trousers she took it into her mouth. It made her want to gag as tears of shame and humiliation flowed down her face, but if it could keep her from sharing Mandy’s fate then she would give the guard a blow-job he would never forget. Soon the guard was ready to empty his balls into Layla’s talented mouth. “Don’t swallow my cum puta, hold it in your mouth,” he grunted as jets of hot sperm began to fill her mouth. Her cheeks bulged with the load of cock and cum in her mouth. Carefully, the guard pulled his spent cock from her lips. “Now get your ass over here and share my gift with your friend.”

Layla crawled over to the rack where Angela was being branded. She stood up and over her friend and slowly drooled the guard’s cum into Angela’s open, moaning mouth. Angela choked and gagged as the still warm goo oozed down the back of her throat. After her mouth was empty the guard walked up behind Layla and struck her over the head with a baton. She fell like a sack of potatoes across the body of her friend and then onto the cool stone floor. Soon she hung next to Mandy while the guards directed their attention fully toward Angela. “After we’re done with you whore, we’ll hang you up to dry with your two girlfriends there. But don’t worry; you won’t be lonely for long. The women who did the strip search earlier get to play with you gringa bitches as soon as their shift is over…”


“NNNOOOOO! NO MOOOORE! NNNOOOAAAAUUUGH!” Melissa screamed as another brand was burned into her tender flesh. “Don’t carry on so love” said the torture master. His voice was calm as though he spoke to a frightened child instead of the nude spread-eagled stretched young woman who writhed in pain before him. Melissa had spilled hot tea into the lap of a visiting nobleman who was allowed to prescribe her punishment.

“Only 28 more burn marks are required before your sentence of 50 is carried out” the torture master went on, “Then I will be paid with the use of your body. This will allow me to do some business. Do you see the black man with the crown standing beside the window? He is a great king who paid me a lot of money for you. You’re his now. He won’t mind the burns. Your screams will have him quite aroused by now I’m sure. So after he rapes you the first few times he will have you transported to his palace where you will be a gift to the wives of his harem. They love to torture young white women there. They will use you in a contest that the whole kingdom is allowed to witness; each of his thirty wives will have one hour to torture you. The one who makes you scream the loudest and the longest will have the honor of being the king’s favored wife for one month. I’ve seen this contest before dear. You will scream and scream again until your sanity has melted like ice is the desert. Then you are auctioned to the rabble that flock to the kingdom to see the contest. The one who buys your broken body will decide the rest of your life. You could become an in-house sex-slave; quite a desirable position for one such as yourself. You may be tortured to death, probably raped repeatedly. Or you might even be eaten after being tossed alive into a boiling cauldron of olive oil. So enjoy this part of your journey into depravity while it lasts sweet slut. It only gets worse from here. Now, where was I? Damn! I’ve lost count. I suppose I will have to start over again … One – AAAAAIIIIEEEEE – two – NNNOOOOOOOO – three – GHAAAAAAAAA…….

Lisa could only watch her two friends being tortured as she hung in the cage. She knew her turn would come soon. “When we’re finished warming up on your two trashy friends,” one man had said, “we’re both gonna make you wish you’d never been born, slut.”

Eventually Lisa’s friends were raped and beaten senseless and, no longer able to scream, were no fun for the dungeonmasters.

“Your turn whore!”

Lisa was pulled from the cage and chained to a nasty looking hook that hung from the ceiling. She was hoisted up so that her toes just barely scraped the floor. Then the men began to spin her round and round beating her with long cruel bull-whips. “GGGHHHHHAAAAAAAA!!!” Lisa howled in sheer animal pain. Lisa’s screams brought her friends back from their fainted swoon. They watched in horror as the men ripped and tore her once perfect flesh. After they had tired of the whips the men made the other two girls bend and lick Lisa’s pussy and asshole while the men fucked each of them roughly from behind.

“You’ve got five minutes to make your friend scream in ecstasy. If we shoot before she does, you’ll each take her place. She’ll get to watch as we whip all the flesh from your worthless hides. Now LICK!”

The two cried as they were raped but did as they were ordered. Lisa felt her asshole and pussy tongued deeply as she hung there from the ceiling. The two men slammed into the girls and the girls slammed into Lisa. Soon she felt the unwanted orgasm start to build. “Listen to the whore moan,” one said, “sounds like our little fuck-sluts are doing a good job with their tongues!”

Lisa began to kick and buck in her suspension as she thrashed in orgasm. Seconds later the men began to cum in the girls asses. “Ahhhh! that was nice bitches. Now just one small chore left for tonight.” The doors to the dungeon cell were thrown open wide and at least thirty leather-clad men and women poured in. Screams echoed deep into the next day as the three were used over and over until each twisted fantasy was fulfilled…

“The queen has decreed that you shall be tortured here for 5 days as punishment for the crime of having unlawful carnal knowledge with a royal. You were caught in sexual congress with her young son the Prince and brought here to her Majesty’s dungeon so that your sentence can be carried out. You have been sentenced to a Clitorectomy.”

She hung there, barely able to breathe, her shoulders and wrists felt like they would surely come apart. Then the pain of the burning irons pressing into her flesh began along with her screams. She had tried to plead and beg, telling any one who would listen of how the Prince had forced himself upon her, that she was innocent of any crime.

“Take her down a bit Mogley,” said one torturer to the other, “this pretty bird has got me all worked up. I think we ought to sample what the little whore once before we ruin this pretty cunny of hers.” The girl was lowered to the ground and the men fell upon her poking and prodding until each had found a suitably warm hole to fuck. One slammed into her pussy while another skull-fucked our poor innocent kitchen maid. “Enjoy this little whore, it’s the last time you’ll ever cum.”

When they finished with her they raised her sweating cum soaked body back up off the ground and went on with her sentence.

The irons burnt her most sensitive parts. Her breasts and nipples were singed, then the flesh of her inner thighs. Closer the irons caressed her flesh with tongues of heat coming ever closer to her cunt until finally an iron was pressed lightly onto the center of her womanhood. “AAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE” she screamed as her clit was burned away.

“Oh stop your blubberin’ you stupid whore. You’ve been selected from among all the female prisoners for having the tightest cunny” Gerardo told her. “It’s really quite an honor being selected like this. You should be thankful. It’s not everyday that we get a gift from the Spanish toruremaster’s dungeon.”

Anna had been tied on her back with her legs widely spread. Her beautiful body was fully displayed and accessible to Gerardo and the others who stood by and waited for a demonstration of the new device from the Spanish. “They call it the ‘Pear’ and they use it when questioning their female prisoners. Now watch closely folks, how this slides easily into our ladies hole. It’s quite thin at first, but after I’ve gotten it far enough into her bucking pussy, I can open it up.” Anna trembled. Ashamed and afraid she listened as the device was explained to the small crowd of observers. She shrieked when the slender instrument of pain first breached her maidenhead but screamed even louder as the tool was slowly extended to it’s fullest width. “As you can see ladies and gentlemen, this causes quite a lot of pain and could be used on a male or female to help loosen the tongues of those what knows too much.”

Gerardo motioned the others to approach. “Now form a line, everybody will get a turn. It’s important that we each use the pear a few times so as to be proficient. Here M’lady” Gerardo motioned to one of the noble women in line, “here’s another even larger one for her arshole. Why don’t you try putting this one to work in that hole as well. While we’re at it, there are nipple clamps on the wall and a few nice riding crops to play with as well. Might as well use this girl well, she’s really puttin’ on a nice show.”

Young Anna was more than happy to answer any question that was put to her. She lasted for over an hour before she passed out from the pain.

“Now, Anna, since you were so kind to help us demonstrate the pear this morning,” Gerardo told the poor girl, “we’ve decided to help you by trying to tighten up your pussy again. Now hold still as we slide these pins into your cunt dear. I’m not really sure if this is how to re-tighten a cunt but it certainly is a lot of fun to watch you flop around. Stretch her out Gregorio, ’til she’s as tight as a fiddle string. I don’t want to miss what I’m aiming for.”

Anna’s torture stretched on endlessly as Gerardo pushed pin after pin slowly into her labia. Then he went to work on her nipples. The pain was almost more than she could bear but these men were masters at their art. Each time she was close to fainting they would stop and splash her with hot oil to bring her back around. Finally, after her body was covered like a pin-cushion, they forced a specula into her mouth. They brought a trained sex-slave from her cell. Her name was Elise, and she was always ready to please her masters in any capacity rather than face torture for disobedience. She was made to squat over Anna’s face and masturbate. Elise soon came into Anna’s open mouth while Gerardo and Gregorio laughed. The pungent taste and aroma of Elise’s cunt made Anna gag as the juice from her pussy dripped onto Anna’s tongue. Next Elise was ordered to piss into Anna’s mouth and onto her face. Anna screamed and gagged as the salty urine drenched her face and stung her eyes. Finally, Elise sucked each man’s cock and held them over Anna’s mouth and face. She stroked the men into ejaculating onto the upturned face and into Anna’s mouth.

“Aahh. Very good Elise. You pleased us as always. For your reward you may play with Anna if you wish. Elise smiled cruelly into the nearly insane eyes of the girl stretched out on the rack. Elise took the bull-whip from the wall and went to work… The next day, Anna was burned at the stake.

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!