Needlework [CORTEZ]


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Interrogation 3: Juanita’s Needlework
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

This is the third episode in the story that begins with СThe Electric Crab and СThe Copper Cup. Both Juanita and Maria have suffered one session at the hands of Colonel Marcos and his Lieutenant, Anna Perez. Now, having had a chance to recover a little, Juanita has been brought back to the torture chamber for her second session

Jose and the other guard dragged Juanita into the chamber. She was shivering violently and a sheen of sweat gleamed on her deep olive skin. Despite the vicious grip on her arms, she was still trying desperately, and futilely, to shield the full globes of her breasts from any more of their attentions. Colonel Marcos and Lieutenant Perez, watching as the guards forced her into the pool of light, saw that the eighteen year old girls long dark nipples were still painfully swollen and red from the bite of the little steel Сcrabs and the electrical torture she endured only a few hours before.

СAh Juanita, the colonel purred. С As you will have realisedits time for you to entertain us once more. No more of that unpleasant saddle you seethis time you can use the chair Do please sit down whilst Jose makes you comfortable Without time to react, Juanita was hustled across to where an ominous-looking, and heavily constructed, wooden chair stood in the lights opposite the torture saddle shed ridden in such agony a few hours ago.

СWell, go on, sit down the colonels soft voice insisted. Juanita started wildly as she looked down, seeing the ominous gaping space where the seat should have been, the short curved thigh supports at the front of each side rail and the network of thick straps bolted to the woodwork. Laughing at her realisation that this was just another torture device; the guards twisted her round, pushing her back until she could feel the low crossbar against her calves. Then, they released her arms. Jose, the sergeant, pinched one nipple between his nicotine-stained fingers and laughed at her obvious terror. СBetter sit now girlie or you want us to do it for you? Trying to keep clear of his brutal fingers she lowered herself into the chair frame, spreading her knees as she sat to get the minimal support of the two pads under her thighs.

Instinctively, she braced herself against the wooden backrest, hands clamped tightly on the polished arms, trying to hold position as she felt her unsupported bottom slipping further downwards. Jose and the other guard, still laughing at her plight, wasted no time as they strapped her at ankles, wrists and knees before moving on to fasten the wide thigh straps. Finally they took a particular pleasure in tightening the broad bellyband under her trembling breasts, each of them tweaking and tormenting her abused nipples as they cinched it tight, forcing he back against upright back so movement was almost impossible.

As they finished, Lieutenant Anna Perez walked across to the shivering, captive girl, a broomstick in her hands. She chuckled, watching Juanitas panic-stricken reaction. СOh dear, poor darling, did you think that this was to hit you with? She chuckled as she handed the broomstick to Jose. СDont worry, my pretty little thing, in a little while Ill have you praying for something as mild as a simple beating. All right, Jose, brace her up!

From behind the chair, the other guard grabbed Juanitas elbows, pulling them back violently until they stuck out behind the backrest. Jose jammed the broomstick between one elbow and the frame and then pushed it across and out through the crook of the other elbow. Immediately, Juanita was held immobile, arms strained backwards, wrists strapped tight to the chairs arms. Locked in the embrace of the torture chair, Juanita could now do nothing to protect the heavy globes of her breasts and the soft, sensitive valley of her sex from the lieutenants cruel and expert attentions.

The colonel studied the sudden play of light across her sweat-beaded skin as Juanita wriggled and flexed her muscles, desperate to find some movement, some way of shielding her body from the agony she knew must come. He smiled to himself as he noticed that, just as she always did, Anna Perez was stroking the soft curves of the girls out-thrust breasts very softly as she whispered. СNow, little Juanita, how are those tits of yours after the little crabs have been at them? Just let me feel if youre ready for me this time

The lieutenant grinned at the squeals of agony as she rolled the swollen teats in her hands, enjoying the sensation as she felt them thickening and hardening between her clever, twisting fingers. СOh darling, what a noise, but theyre so sore, arent they. Shhh, no more of the little crabs for now, Ive got something else for you this time She stopped as she heard Colonel Marcos cough gently behind her

СListen to me the colonel spoke almost gently, his tone quiet and reasonable. СJuanita, its all your own fault since you still refuse to tell me anything we must try other ways of loosening that stubborn tongue of yours. Let me tell you what comes next As we both enjoy the effect it produces, Lieutenant Perez is going to use some delightfully long needles on your most sensitive places. Juanitas mouth opened in soundless protest as she saw the slim, glinting instruments in Anna Perezs hands for the first time. Each needle was four inches long; shining steel and mounted in a wooden handle. СYou understand, my dear? Just imagine how it will feel as Lieutenant Perez slowly pushes one of those little toys into the very centre of a nipple or slowly up into your body through your cunt, perhaps? No? Well, Im rather afraid, Juanita, you will have a chance to show both exactly how it fells in a very few moments

Anna Perez placed the bundle of torture needles on a little glass-topped table by Juanitas side, making sure that they were positioned so that she could continue to stare at them СYou fucking animal, you, you Ive told you we DONT KNOW what you want. Stop all this; please stop youll kill us if you go on. Please have mercy, please, please! NOOoooooo! Juanita fought wildly against the ropes and straps, the leather cuffs creaking as she strained and tugged uselessly in her bonds.

СNow, now Juanita, dont exhaust yourself too soon. Look, you can just relax for a moment Lieutenant Perez has only just picked up one of the needles and youll need all your energy in a moment I assure you Unless you have something to say to me before your start screaming?

Anna Perez grinned at her bosss remarks as she sat down on a small, backless office stool and rolled it to the side of the torture chair. She paused as Jose put a blue plastic bucket under the chair before picking up the first of the long, shiny needles. Taking a firm grip on the wooden handle, she ran the tip down the upper curve of Juanitas left breast very gently. СOh darling, I love this part of my work, she breathed as she watched Juanitas frozen expression. СSee this this is going all the way into your breast. Oh, it will hurt sooo much youll probably lose control and pee into that bucket Jose has just put under you. The needles tip circled the wide brown aureole, scratching a thin red line and making Juanita gasp with the sudden stinging pain. СDo you want to guess where Im going to start pushing it in? No well you probably know the answer anyway

Seeing the colonel nod his permission to begin, Anna Perez cupped her other hand gently under the heavy globe, lifting it up so that the long, swollen nipple was pointing out towards the colonels interested gaze. СReady darling? She curved her finger and thumb round, holding the nipple firmly between them, then pressed the needle against the very tip. Holding her breath with excitement, she watched the point dent the peak of the tender stub and then, oh so slowly, begin to slide into the nerve-rich flesh.


An inhuman scream ripped through the thick air of the chamber. Juanita went rigid with agony, tendons standing out like steel wires and every muscle locked solid as the needle slowly travelled down the length of her nipple. The lieutenant waited for the first wave of pain to subside then jogged it up and down, only a fraction, but enough to wring a second anguished scream from the tethered girl.


The eighteen-year-old girls demented screaming continued as the needle was slowly twisted and pushed down into the meat of her breast. Finally, the lieutenant let the soft weight fall back onto the Juanitas chest, sitting back with a sated expression on her face, leaving the little wooden handle jutting obscenely from the centre of the skewered nipple.

СNo names yet? So, my darling, shall we try the right one now? Anna Perez whispered to the shivering girl, using one hand to stroke the sweat-soaked black hair away from Juanitas pain-wracked face. СShhh, whats that stop? Darling, weve only just started, of course I wont stop. Oh yes it hurts so much I know But its meant to, my darling, thats the idea. No, no swearing please all I want are the names Perhaps, if you tell me what I want then Ill stop using the needles. Perhaps, if your very good, Ill let you can watch me using the crab on Marias clit instead

Whilst she was tormenting and teasing the girl, the lieutenant moved her stool round to the other side of the chair. She picked up the second needle, lifting the soft weight of the young students right breast in her other hand as she did so. Juanita jerked as she felt the lieutenants hand cupping her other breast, saw the needle, and began to pant and gasp frantically. The eighteen year old stared into the calm, black eyes of her torturer, seeing the hot, cruel anticipation in their depths as the lieutenant waited for her to realise the agony that was about to begin all over again

The pleas were even more frantic this time. СP-p-p-please, n-n-n-no, not there, no, you cant, Oh dont, oh God dont. She looked down, watching the fingers tightening, holding the swollen stub of her flesh out and ready for. СAAAAAAGGGGGHHH! This time the scream was higher and louder as the needle began its slow remorseless journey into her body.

In one of the short silences between the screams, a silence broken only by Juanitas ragged, racing breathing, everyone was suddenly aware of the sound of running water. Just as the lieutenant had predicted, Juanita had given way and was now peeing uncontrollably as the agony of the needles took her to the limits of endurance.

The lieutenant let the tortured globe dangle beside the other one, the two wooden handles sticking down like obscene teats, moving slightly as tremors wracked Juanitas sweetly curved figure. Intent on building on the agony, Anna Perez slid her fingers between the widely parted thighs, sliding them in the wetness of the young students cunt as she fondled the naked lips with slow, intimate movements. СAaah, nooo, no dont make me m-m-m-move The cry was whispered in a broken, hoarse voice as Juanita tried to ignore the wicked masturbation, anything to prevent the embedded needles moving within the flesh of her breasts.

СOh darling, you didnt think I was only going to use two of my little needles not when theres all these places down in here that you will feel so much more. Perhaps that naughty pee-hole in a moment but first One finger tip diddled against the opening of Juanitas urethra bringing another desperate surge against the straps. The lieutenants fingers moved again feeling for that special spotOh, there it is! Whats hiding under this little hood here? Is that nice, Juanita, no, no I understand that wriggling hurts so much, but if I just stroke this little button here.

СOh God, ah, ah no, not there, p-please. Aaaaah!

Juanita writhed in pain and pleasure as Anna Perez expertly stroked her clitoris into full erection. Then, the girl began shaking madly as the lieutenant picked up the third needle. Using one hand to part the lips of the Juanitas cunt, Anna touched the point against the small stub she had been fondling only moments before. СOh darling, get readythis one will send you wild, I promise.


The scream was scarcely human in its pitch and volume as the needle slid delicately into the girls clitoris and on, up into her body. She tore at the leather straps so that the whole chair creaked and flexed with the demented struggles. Suddenly, the overload was too much and Juanitas head flopped forward and she slumped unconscious in her bonds.

Looking across to where the colonel sat, the lieutenant shrugged and carefully withdrew the needle from the girls cunt. She tugged the other two out as well before getting up from the stool and stretching to ease the cramp in her back muscles. Efficiently, she checked the racing pulse in the girls neck and said. СOnly another fainting spell, shell come round in a few moments, sir. No marks so far, Ive removed the needles so that she can have the delight of watching me put them back in again later if necessary. Should we go back to Maria?С

СNo, wake this one up and well try the needles again, up the urethra perhaps, or right up inside but I dont think shes got anything to tell us. If theres nothing well call it a day and see if the patrols can pick up Marias cousin tonight. This one can go back in the cells for a few hours He chuckled. СShe can help Maria to keep Jose and the rest of the squad happy anyway.

СOf course, sir. The Lieutenant swung a series of sharp slaps against Juanitas cheeks. СCome on, darling, no sleeping. You still havent answered the colonels questions. Picking up a little glass phial she broke it under the students nose. Juanita jerked and bucked back to full consciousness as she breathed in the powerful stimulant.

She stared down at her breasts and then at the little table where the six needles glinted in the spotlights. СNoooooo, no, no more, please I dont know anything, no I dont p-p-p-please, please stop, stop! PLEEEEEASE!

СOh Im so sorry Juanita no names means another needle. The lieutenant picked up one of the evil looking objects. The point caressed each nipple in turn bringing fresh pleas and scrams from the writhing girl СNow, weve tried those and you know what its like going through your clit but Lets see if that naughty little pee-hole of yours can help you remember some more

Uh, uh, n-n-n-not there, no, no you wont no please. P-p-p-p. The pleas died away as Juanita bent her head to watch the lieutenant kneeling between her knees. Once more, the gentle, knowing fingers parted her labia and began to stroke the soft, wet inner membranes of her cunt. Despite the lingering pain in her clitoris Juanita could feel the tingle of sexual arousal as Anna Perez fondled her most secret flesh. One finger, then two probed up into the moist, wet opening of her vagina, bringing gasps of pleasure from the pinioned girl as she responded to the slow finger fucking from the woman kneeling before her.

The pleasure vanished as Juanita saw the lieutenant holding the needle in her right hand as her left continued sliding sensuously in and out of her body. Juanita screamed once, briefly, as the lieutenant probed for the sensitive little opening she sought. Then she jolted, just as though shed received another electric shock, as the point found the tiny opening.

СOh Juanita darling, thats it isnt it, Now, are you ready to scream a little more now? Without wanting, or waiting for an answer, the Lieutenant slowly twisted the wooden handle, working the needle up the wildly sensitive channel of Juanitas urethra. This time the screams rang through the chamber for a full five minutes as she carefully wormed the needle deeper and deeper. Every so often she stopped, withdrew it slightly and then pressed it in once more, bring fresh agony to the pain blazing though her victims cunt.

Juanitas voice was cracked and hoarse with screaming as the needle reached full depth. СNames, Juanita, give us the names the colonel demanded. Lieutenant Perez took a fresh grip on the wooden handle and slowly began to twist it round in a circle, working the tip against the delicate tissues deep inside Juanitas cunt. The extra lancing agony was the final straw and Juanita, despite the stimulants shed been given only quarter of an hour before, collapsed in another dead faint.

Lieutenant Perez tugged the needle free, dropping it with a clatter on the tabletop. СYou were right, sir. I dont think this one has anything to tell us after all. She paused, watching as Jose and the guard unstrapped the unconscious girl from the torture chair. СBut we could try her with the electricity again tomorrow

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