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The Pirate Claims Lady Merideth.

The Pirate leader’s name was Red Charlie; not because of his red hair – but because his raids upon merchant ships usually ended in rivers of blood. This last capture of the British ship HSS Voltaire had been no different; the ship’s crew had been wiped out to the very last man. But besides the gold and other loot, there had been an added surprise on board: The young Lady Merideth and her equally beautiful cousin, Lady Anita. Both had been in transit to visit their powerful Uncle who was in charge of one of England’s largest Caribbean outposts, but Red Charlie and crew had definitely changed those plans.

Being the unchallenged leader, Red had claimed Lady Merideth for himself and given Lady Anita to his first-in-command, Joe Gruff for his use. There was plenty of use that first night as both Ladies’ carefully-guard virginity was so rudely and crudely ended by the intrusion of two hefty-sized pirate cocks. Red’s crew could only grouse and complain and jack off as they listen to the night-long sounds of both of the women being fuck over and over throughout the late hours and into the morning.

Lady Merideth was the loudest of the two. Her cries were shrill as Red’s cock stretched her tight pussy and painfully fuck it raw. Her royal upbringing could not help her as she was forced to spread her legs wider and wider in order to try and relieve the intense discomfort of that big shaft of pirate meat that seemed to be able to stay hard for hours. Lady Anita, usually getting raped right beside Merideth at the time, seemed to have accepted her fate, seemed to have been broken; her moans were quiet and she only quietly sobbed now as Joe Gruff fucked her from behind.

Gruff was rough as he cock-slammed Lady Anita, putting the force of his body weight behind each thrust. “Ugghh…. Ohhhhhhh….. You’re a good fuck, Me Lady, takin’ all I give ya just like a good whore should…… such a nice little bitch,” he grunted in her ear. “You don’t need worry ’bout all that ‘Royal’ stuff no more, Me Lady. Ol’ Joe’s gonna make you his wife as soon as we make land. You gonna spend the rest of your life cookin’ and puttin’ out babies – ’cause you can be sure that you’re gonna be gettin’ this big dick of mine every chance I get”

“Uhhhhhhhhhggg…. Here it comes, Me Lady, I’m gettin’ ready to cum in ya again! Ahhhhhhhhh , you’re feelin’ that, ain’t ya? Feelin’ my cum floodin’ your belly, ain’t ya? Keep that butt of yours up so you can take it, or I’ll whip ya again! Now rotate your ass so that you help milk all the stuff my balls is makin’ just for you. Uhhhhh… yes, you know how to do as you get told, don’t ya? Gonna be a nice little wife, ain’t ya?”

As Anita softy cried as Gruff was filling her up with his latest cum-load, Lady Merideth panicked even more now as she saw the big killing-knife in Red Charlie’s hand. His eyes were intense as he approached her, his dick erect, swollen…

“No! Please don’t kill me! Please!” Her voice was high with fear.

“Don’t you worry,” Red assured her. “I ain’t gonna kill ya if you do as I say. You gotta stop resistin’ and give yourself to me just like your cousin is doin’ with my man Gruff there. Gettin’ tired of you not appreciatin’ all the good lovin’ I been givin’ ya. Gettin’ tired of your attitude…!”

Merideth gulp. “Please don’t cut me! I’ll be good, I’ll be nice….Please..”

“You better be,” Red muttered as he climbed on top of Lady Merideth, his cock already forcing it’s head into her pained cunt. “Kiss me back good and keep tellin’ me how much you want me fuckin’ ya and how much you wanna be my whore – and you better keep sayin’ it…..”

“Ohhhhhhh….. God…” Lady Merideth gasped as Red’s cock began another assault on her pussy. It hurt so much… But she had no choice….

“Uhhggghhh… Fuck me, Master…. I’m your woman now, I’m nothing but your whore now. Let me give it to you like you want it, Master…..”

The Biker and the Captured Cheerleaders

When Tally and his biker gang had spotted the local community college bus carrying the cheerleading squad on their way to the college’s football game, he had an idea right away on how to have some fun and make some money at the same time. Lots of immoral old men out there willing to hand over some big money for a cute cheerleader in her young prime, yessir…. And Tally wasn’t one to waste time!

That was three week ago. Everyone was still out searching for the hooded criminals wno had ambushed the bus on it’s way back from an away game, taking 14 cheerleaders and their young female adviser and killing male driver and his assistant. It was still all over the television and the newspapers. But still no sign of the kidnapped girls , no clue of their whereabouts whatsoever.

Nobody had a clue of how twelve of the fourteen cheerleaders had been subjected to a well-proven program of abuse and punishment throughout the day and night, quickly breaking their spirits and getting them ready for market. The wonderful voices that had entertained the crowds at the games had been transformed into distressed, helpless voices that moaned and groaned as their cunts and assholes were forced to accept the rough assaults of one biker cock after another on the cum-stained mattresses that cover the basement floor of the biker gang’s headquarters building some fifty miles from the site of the abductions.

The breaking-in process was almost finished now. Where the rape-rooms had been loud with the pitiful cries and screaming of the cheerleaders as they were fucked, those rooms were quieter now as the girls had been fucked and beaten into submission. Now each girl obediently raised their hips in order to better accept the slamming of the cocks that attacked their pussies and raised their asses to meet the cocks that slammed their assholes ….. Now some of them even demonstrated their total compliance by wrapping their legs around their rapist as he grunted while spewing his load deep inside her while calling her a bitch in her ear.

As for Tally, he and his wife had decided on keeping two of the cheerleaders for themselves. Cuties Nancy and Sharlene were the perfect candidates to become the couple’s permanent house/sex slaves for the rest of their lives….

Petite, 18 year-old Charlene squirmed under the pain as Tally sank his teeth into her fine little tit – but she knew better than to make a sound or try and move away. ” Yeah, gooddd,” Tally chuckled as he noted the girl’s submission. ” That’s more like it. Now I won’t have to whip ya as much as I get done fuckin’ ya – But you know that I’m gonna whip ya anyway, don’t ya?”

Yes, Master Tally, I know,” the girl sobbed.

“And you want me to whip ya because it’ll make me happy, don’t ya?”

“Yes, Master. I want you to whip me. I want to make you happy….”

“That’s one suck a little sweetheart, ain’t she? Just like this one here is learnin’ to be,” observed Tally’s main Old Lady, Babs, as she continued to beat a crying Nancy with the stiff leather paddle. ” Gonna beat ya until you faint again, bitch. Then we’ll start all over again when you come to. In a few months, both of ya are gonna be so sweet! Neither of you are gonna remember what your previous lives were like!

“You like this, you want more of it, don’t ya? I know you do, I know you want me to hurt you all night. I know you do….”

Young Nun for the Madam.

Why hadn’t the Church come to rescue her? Why had her God forsaken her? The young Nun-Apprentice’s mind still had trouble coming to terms with what had happened to her, at what was still happening to her. It was only a year ago that her superiors had assigned naive Apprentice Nun Verona to come to serve out her training in this hot, humid, poor and miserable South American hellhole of a country – but again, Verona had indicated that she wanted to serve where the Church decided she could do the best good…. Quite a different place than her native England…..

Two weeks ago she had arrived, getting in the old, barely-working taxi that she had be told to wait for…. A taxi that had taken an unknowing Verona in the opposite direction from the nunnery where she was supposed to check into…

‘Sorry, Mother Superior, we have no information on any young nun or any other foreigner arriving here recently. None of the taxi drivers report seeing anyone like you described. Yes, of course we’ll investigate further…’

The young would-be nun hadn’t realized something was wrong until the big dark-complexed men came up to snatch her out of the cab. Then the funny-smelling rag place over her astonished face. Waking up in that stuffy, windowless room where those dark-skinned, sullen-looking women eventually came to drag her down a long hallway pass closed doors that slightly muffled the screams and crying of anguished females. To that bigger room where a huge-bodied black woman stood waiting for her…

“Ah, so this is the cute nun that they told us about. Hmmmm, nice. Very nice.” The big woman’s voice was as deep as her body was fat. ” Welcome dear, I’ve been so anxious to meet you. It’s not often that they arrange a beautiful nun for me. Si, you’ll make me a nice profit, indeed. Not many gringa nuns on the market. I know the sexshow promoters in town will definitely be interested in getting you for their businesses. Their rich patrons would love to see a pretty innocent nun being fucked and ruined by a twelve-inch black cock or seeing her licking lesbian pussy…. Mmmmmmmmmm. I’d pay to see that, myself!”

Verona’s voice was quivering when she said, ” What’s going on? I am a Apprentice Nun sent to this country by the Church for training! You must repent and deliver me to my destination immediately! The Church will…”

The big black woman was quicker than anyone her size should have been; the slap came before Verona had a chance to think about avoiding it. The blow rocked Verona back, the second slap was even harder, knocking her to the floor. Then the big woman was on top of her, slapping her face to and fro until Verona’s tears filled her eyes and she begged, ” Oh, Please stop! Don’t hit me any more!”

“Now that’s more like I prefer my girl guests to talk, gringa. Nun or otherwise. You can call me Senora. Now get up; you obviously need to given some special attention by my girls – just to get you in the proper frame of mind, you understand. We must have you ready for your potential buyers….”

The Senora’s girls were hard-core women off the streets and they knew just how to make the coming week or so a living hell for Verona with their straps, ropes, paddles and belts. The Senora took an interest in their work – or a delight – dropping by every few hours or so, once cautioning the punishers on being careful to avoid any permanent marking of Verona’s pale body.

It was so bad for Verona that she found herself obeying without thought when the Senora visited her that last night. Obeying as the Senora disrobed, exposing her gross fat body and commanded, ” Now you will get on your knees and crawl to me and eat my pussy….” That fat, vile-smelling black pussy….

The would-be nun never saw the people who bid for her. Only when the door to her holding cell opened did she beocme aware that something had happened, only when the large, dangerous – looking woman walked in and said, ” I am Chita, Madam Chita. – and I own you now…”

“The Senora has told me that she has trained you quite well in eating pussy. That is so good to hear, because I need a lot of attention to my pussy and my other hole.”

“And you are a nun! That is real fate – because I worship the lord Satan! He must have appreciated my service to him over all the years and decided to reward me! Si, it is fate! Usually I buy an innocent girl and spend weeks and weeks having her eat my asshole out and then torturing her at my place before I dispose of her body……but now I know that you were sent to me as my special reward…..!”

Madam Chita pulled Verona into her arms. You need to be debased and to be made to accept everything the Church is against. Tomorrow a priest defrocked by your own Church will marry us! Si, si, I like your tears, you look so much better when you cry! You will cry so much, you will please me with your crying…..”

“Come to me, my beautiful nun. Here, let me put your hand right there…..Feel how wet my pussy is? It’s wet for you, my darling, my little pussy-eating white nun. Mmmmmm….your hands are so soft…….You’re making me so horny for you

“Keep you hands on my pussy while you and I kiss with our tongues . Ahhhh, let me give you a glob of my spit . Keep your eyes looking into mine…… Good girl, so afraid, so obedient…

“We will go right after you eat the Senora’s pussy one last time. She says she will miss you because she loves the way you eat her pussy. You can lick my pussy when we get home – but I like having my asshole licked even more. You will eat my ass, my big ass, won’t you, my pretty nun? Eat my ass, Gringa? You will eat my wonderful ass, suck it out……My ass is so big and wide and you will show your new devotion by keeping it licked clean, cleaner than any toilet paper. My ass, my big black ass, needs you. You will learn to love how it tastes, just like all the other girls did. They all begged me to let them eat my ass out because it pleased me.

You will beg me, too – and you will beg me to let me use your sweet mouth as my personal toilet for the rest of our marriage, for the rest of your life.

“You look so good when you’re crying, I like that. I promise to keep you crying…..”

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