Lesbian Training School [HINES]


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Amid the numerous wholesalers and retailers of slave flesh that operated and thrived within the confines of Slave City, there existed a unique institution that was at once both compatible yet distinct from the rest of slavery-related businesses there. A mysterious woman who went by the name Madame DeBerri had established a rather specialized school that was in the business of training beautiful young females strictly as slaves for lesbian customers. Although there were perhaps a half-dozen establishments within Slave City that dealt in the advanced training of slaves, Madame DeBerri’s was the only one that trained its slaves only for lesbian service and servitude. There had been a potential competitor in this special field a couple years before: A gentleman, a certain Mr. Hansen, had come to Slave City with the announced intention of financing a rival lesbian-training school. But those plans never did go through, being that Mr. Hansen’s dead body was fished from the river just a few days after he arrived. Everyone thought it strange that his briefcase, still stuffed full of hundreds of thousands of dollars was found sitting untouched on the front seat of his abandoned car…..

Whatever the case, Madam DeBerri’s Slave Training School was the only one of it’s kind in Slave City and although the Madam contacts and reputation was in good stead with the rest of the slaver traders there, the school operated completely apart from them. The Madam did not purchase any of her slavegirls from the wholesalers there; her procurement system was completely self-contained. She had established a far-flung (and very well-paid) network of agents and operatives who were extremely skilled at scouting out and then kidnapping the kind of girls that Madam DeBerry preferred.

This new contingent of captives were a choice group: Just the kind of female flesh that the Madam had decreed to be her standard – attractive, sweet, wholesome girls between the ages of eighteen and twenty one, from upper middle-class backgrounds and from locations far away from Slave City. Indeed, this just-obtained gaggle of crying bitches was going to be one of the best catches ever managed so far by the Madam’s agents – the entire women’s soccer team of Tarnesia Junior College. There had the rather unfortunate business of the killing of the team’s coaches, an assistant sports manager and the bus driver; but the bus and the bodies would never be found and it would go down as yet another of those unsolved mysteries that would bedevil distraught parents, puzzle the police and provide plenty of material for writers throughout the coming years.

While their desperate parents and law enforcement sought clues to their disappearance from a place almost a thousand miles away, the frightened girls of the abducted junior college soccer team were being herded into the reception area of Madam DeBerry’s Slave Training School. There, the crying, pleading female prisoners were immediately set upon by the lesbian Teachers; those dedicated, hard-nosed and experienced Dommes who would be in charge of transforming these naive sluts into the faithful and servile slaves who would then command very high prices when put on the auction block and bid for by the many assembled dykes who could afford them.

It was a chaotic scene. The bewildered and panicked captives and the laughing, taunting older Teachers who were busily choosing the ones that they wanted, sometimes handcuffing them, sometimes just dragging them away. Away to those individual chambers in which each of these new girls would be bound, suspended or/and otherwise restrained so that their Teacher would be able to take her time with the hard and merciless applying of the strap, whiplet or bamboo cane….

The new captive named Marcie was quite a specimen; beautiful face, flawless skin and a finely shaped body. Some successful Dyke would be more than willing to part with a hefty load of cash in order to purchase this piece of pussy and keep her tucked away in some special hidden cell, there to be available for pleasurable visits. Also it was the fact that Marcie had a sister, Monica, younger by a year, who had also been a member of that junior college soccer team. Perhaps, if things worked out, Marcie and sister Monica could be put up for sale as a pair. That would be a sales scheme that would have the lesbian-bidding crowd literally wetting themselves with thoughts of all the possibilities…..

But Marcie had set off some alarms with her subtle but very evident refusal to fully accept her new status as a potential slave. It seemed that it took just a little longer for her to begin to cry and scream as a Teacher began a flogging session.

And there was always the slightest hesitation when she was given an order to crawl or lick the floor after a good beating.

But the Teachers were determined to be patient. Some girls were just inclined to be slower to adjust to their new circumstances than others…

Marcie might be made into a nice and subservient slave or perhaps not; Teacher Eunice didn’t particularly care one way or the other. Eunice just enjoyed the one-on-one punishment sessions with a slave, any slave.

They had told Teacher Eunice that slave Marcie might need a bit more harsh treatment than most; something Eunice was looking forward to. She was in no hurry – she’d take her time with this stubborn young hussy…..

The hot-sauce enema would be Teacher Eunice’s starting point. See, Marcie was already beginning to whimper – and the enema had been gushing up her rectum only for a few minutes. By the time her belly was swollen by the huge intake of red-hot chilly liquid, Marcia would be screaming at the top of her voice. Screaming for release, a release that would only come after she had demonstrated that she deserved it by begging to be paddled in the most brutal way by Teacher….

The Madam had gotten word of slave Marcie’s rather difficult and independent spirit. Yes, the Teachers informed Madam DeBerri, this girl showed good potential as a sexual submissive once she had been sufficiently punished over a short period of time – but there were troublesome indications that she might never be completely broken. Upon hearing those reports, the Madam decided to take a personal interest in Marcie. Only the Madam, as the School’s absolute authority on such matters, could make the final decisions concerning a slave like Marcie. It was seldom that the Madam got involved in something usually so trivial as an individual slave’s education or discipline but the fact that slave Marcie was one half of a rare sister slave team – with it’s potentially huge pay-out from would-be buyers, made it necessary. After all, this was a matter of protecting one’s investment.

When slave Marcie was walked into the small chamber, she was at once shocked by the sight of the huge, bloated figure of Madam DeBerri. The big woman was clearly one of authority and by the stern face and the hard eyes that regarded her, Marcie knew this was not going to be one of the usual sessions. The Madam awaited her in a room that contained only a well-used bed and the menacing whip that was held in the Madam’s hand. “So you’re the bad little girl that everyone’s been telling me about,” the Madam remarked in a low voice …..

“Don’t be shy, my sweet, come on in. Justine, just put her over here on the bed,” the Madam said to the Teacher who escorted slave Marcie into the chamber. “There won’t be any more need for you here. Just lock the door on your way out….”

Madam DeBerri was not one to waste time.

“Now, girl, push my skirt up and start licking my pussy. I’m feeling rather generous today, so I’ll let you please me before I start whipping you…..”

Monica had immediately exhibited the inherent natural Qualities of a born submissive; an ingrained personality that would be easy to mold and shape in order that she becomes a very fine lesbian sex slave indeed. Girls of this kind were the ultimate as far as what Madam DeBerry’s female clientele was seeking. Monica, if handled properly, would fetch the highest bids from the upper echelon of the moneyed old dykes eager for a life-slave to service their every need. Monica was tender, easily controlled and oh, so eager to please. Unlike her more difficult older sister, she exhibited complete submissiveness when put to the test by her various teachers. Never once did she hesitate to fall to her knees and tongue-massage the needy clit or anus of her Superior when ordered. And although she had been totally inexperienced with women when first brought in, Monica was learning fast – a fact that the Madam had personally confirmed for herself.

It was School policy for each senior Teacher to have the right to take any of her new slave-students to her chamber during the night. It was a good policy because the captive could not help but learn many new and useful sexual lessons in the bed of her Superior woman instructor; lessons that could only be learned by spending long hours devoted to the pleasuring of a most demanding and exacting Mistress, one not easily satisfied. As such, Monica had been claimed for the night by Teacher Sondra. Sondra had used Monica’s sister, Marcie, the previous night and had not been pleased at how the girl had to be continuously disciplined in order for her to service Teacher Sondra’s needs. In the end, Marcie had done her duty, of course, but only after much contention and effort. The Teacher was determined to see if Monica would exhibit any of the character flaws encounter with her sister. But she needn’t have worried, slave Monica was a dear; so giving, so pliable….

As a delightful demonstration of her servile personality, slave Monica tearfully but sincerely apologized to Teacher Sondra for the shortcomings of her sister that had enraged Teacher the night before. “Please, I’m so sorry about my sister, Teacher. She just cannot recognize your wonderful superiority, how much a Goddess you are. But I do, Teacher. Please accept me for the low creature that I am…”

“Yes, slave. I forgive you for the failings of your bitch of a sister.” The Teacher knew that this would be such an exciting night, a night that would bring her the satisfaction that she deserved. ” Lay over my lap so I can more easily paddle your undeserving little ass with my favourite hairbrush, okay? You will thank me after each stroke and I’m going to whip you until you faint. Then we will spend the rest of the night seeing how many orgasms you can give me…”

And slave Monica thanked Teacher again and again, expressing her gratitude after each sharp, agonizing blow given her by the hairbrush, swung by the Teacher. Teacher listened closely, accepting each teary-eyed, sobbing “thank you”, rewarding it with yet a more powerful blow. Her nipples strained under her halter and her pussy tingled and wetted, but the Teacher was a disciplined person; she would not stop until slave Monica lapsed into unconsciousness from the pain – then would come the rest of the night….

Marcie’s various incidents of reluctance and resistance to her training had convinced the Madam that she would never really be a reliable and trustworthy slave. Although she considered it a shame that Marcie and her sister Monica would not be able to be sold as a sibling duo, the Madam sadly gave the order to terminate and dispose of Marcie. And that made it even more of a loss, since past experience had shown that the sister of a terminated slave would never be completely trusted herself if sold. Although she was counselled to play it safe by disposing of Monica along with her sister, Madam DeBerry instead decided that Monica would be separated from the rest of her slave classmates and given into bondage to the live-in Domestic Staff, those underappreciated, hardworking ladies who planned and cooked the School’s meals, guarded the slave cellblocks and helped with discipline. Monica would be a great loss as a potential sale; the 18 year-old had exhibited great promise with her sincere servile nature and that talent for eating pussy. Oh well, some Mistress’s loss would be the Staffers’ gain…..

As usual, there was a quite a bit of jostling for the right to be the one to personally dispose of Marcie but after an in-house lottery, the chambermaid named Petulia was the lucky winner. Petulia was ecstatic. Not only would she be able to take Marcie’s life in any manner that she chose but as an added bonus she would be sole sexual rights to Marcie’s sister both during the day before and the day after Marcie’s execution. A native of the Caribbean, the tall, feisty Petulia thought that it would be very cool to behead the condemned slavegirl with the sharp machete that she kept in her dresser drawer. She had used it while working the sugarcane fields in her younger years and knew how to use it well.

c> When it was killing time, chambermaid Petulia marched the troublemaking Marcie down to one of the dank basement storage rooms. With its concrete floor and handy drain, it was the preferred location for any kind of bloodletting disposal. With her keenly sharp machete in hand, Petulia ordered the slavegirl to kneel, dismissing the condemned girl’s hapless crying and pleas for mercy. “It’s too late now, slave,” Petulia sneered. ” You had your chance but you blew it. Now hold that pretty head still so I can take it off with the first swing…”

As the sobbing Marcie knelt awaiting her death, Petulia just couldn’t resist inflicting one last bit of distress before it was all over.

“I really enjoyed my night with your sister Monica. She did such a great job of licking my cunt, made me cum at least a half-dozen times! And she’s so obedient, didn’t even pull away when I fart while she was sucking on my asshole! After this, I’m gonna take your head back to my room so she can look at it while me and the other gals piss and shit in her mouth. Doesn’t that sound real nasty? Well, I promise you that your sweet sister is gong spent the rest of her life doing it.

“Now, be still….. I’m gettin’ ready to swing my sword… AND KILL YOU! Here it comes, Marcie…..!”

There was no hope for slave Monica except to survive. The sexual appetites of the Domestic Staff ladies were as perverse as they were varied. Again and again, Monica found herself being subjected to the lowest, most vile forms of humiliation; it seemed that there were no limits to the depravity of the demands that were constantly being made upon her. There were all those forced walks into the restroom, where Monica’s mouth was used in place of the toilet. There were the forced tongue-cleaning of Staffers’ shoes – both the top and the soles of the shoes. Then there had been the almost hourly punishments applied to her tender body by the Staffers’ always-handy collection of paddles and belts. Monica found herself alternately wondering if she would eventually lose the will to live; then hoping that somehow, in some way, perhaps things might get better…

But things weren’t getting better for Monica. The older Domestic Staffers were enjoying their times with her so much that it was difficult for any of them to pass up the chance to use and abuse her. The extent of a Staffer’s degeneracy with Monica was limited only by that Staffer’s imagination – after all, wasn’t Monica there solely to service their every wish?

But it was not until a pair of chuckling Staffers Monica took Monica into that special dank bedroom designated for orgies that Monica’s spirits took their final plunge. There, impaled on a wooden stake which in turn was tied firmly to a post of the bed on which the chambermaid named Petulia awaited, was the severed head of her own sister Marcie!

“I thought that it would be so enjoyable for all of us to be able to look your dear sister in the eyes while you and all of us have our fun together, Monica,” Petulia giggled, very much getting off on the shocked expression on Monica’s face. ” Come, sweetie. Climb into bed so me and the gals see if you’re gonna be more cooperative than your bitch of a sister. Hurry, my pussy’s still dripping wet from chopping her neck!”

But the cook Doritha, so much bigger and stronger than the other two Staffers, was not one to wait. “Me first,” Doritha interjected gruffly, pulling Monica’s head towards her. “Suck on my tit, whore. Get me ready….”

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