Kisses Of Surrender [HINES]


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Marie Shows her Thanks

A kiss is not just a kiss. Some kisses are meant to convey a totally different message than other kisses. For the young female slave/victim, it is the Kiss of Surrender that shows that she has finally accepted her fate. It shows that she no longer will resist.

For the girl’s Superior, the kiss is given to show that the Superior now is ready to own this slave. Whether it’s a kiss on the slavegirl’s face or the forcing in of a strong tongue into her mouth, it denotes that ‘ownership’ is the plan.

For Marie, it was the case of her enduring the last two months of whippings, binding tortures and countless other punishments; all which had went towards transforming her from a prim and proper, upper-class debutant into the quivering piece of slave meat that she was today.

Her buyer would pick her up tonight. She would do her all to show him that he had made a good purchase. In the meantime, Marie would show her abductor her degree of humility, her thankfulness, by giving him one last cocksucking. She wanted him to know how much she was looking forward to her new life…

“Please let me show you how thankful I am that you trained me,” Marie said through the small opening of her crude, wooden cell door. “Can I please suck your cock one last time, Master?”

The big black cock was erect when it neared her face.

“Thank you, thank you Master. Let me kiss the head of your wonderful cock before I suck it and take your cum down my throat…”


Kristi Graduates Into the Nunnery

Petite 18 year-old Kristi had been raised in the girl’s orphanage all her life and now she had finally come of age and was now being considered for induction into the vast, mysterious Nunnery that occupied the upper hills of the property. Kristi had never seen the other girls who graduated once they were accepted – but the word was that that were content with their new service and duties. She could hardly wait.

But there was so much about the Nunnery that Kristi did not know before she was taken in and treated so forcefully. There were no choices there for her and the other graduates. The older Nuns needed service – and servicing. And they demanded that their young girls pledge away all their freedoms to that task. Lesbian tasks.

Lesbian tastes. The Nunnery was one of those secret lesbian organizations long-banned but thriving at the shrouded edges of the Church for almost five hundred years. Depravity, not God was the occupation of these Nuns.

But Kristi could somehow feel better in that she had been chosen personally by the Nun Sisters’ top administrator, Sister Para, a powerful figure in the Sisterhood. Sister Para was as perverted as any of them, but she had been careful to choose a girl who would service her for life instead of being merely used and disposed of.

The petite Kristi’s 18 year-old body, quivering in sharp agony from the long days and nights of training punishment, flinched – yet somehow felt better – when her Nun Mistress tightly embraced her. Bound so tightly as not able to move, Kristi was doll-like in the Mistress’s arms.

“Open your sweet mouth to me, Kristi, and accept my tongue,” intoned the Nun Mistress. Now that you’re a woman, you will be mine fore ever.”

Kristi didn’t understand why she didn’t resist or recoil as the Mistress’s lips crouched against hers and the Mistress’s big, rough tongue forced it’s way into her mouth. Or why her own tongue answered back. It was too confusing to understand…

The Mistress understood, though and groaned through her deep kissing. “Uhhhhhgg…My little bitch..”


Loriene Has No Choice

“You bitch!” Big Marcus’s voice was harsh and his dick was hardening again as he grabbed Loriene with his crude hands. “You’re nothing but my white bitch, understand? Say it!”

Loriene’s repeated in shaking words, “I’m nothing but your white bitch….”



“That’s better! You ain’t no high and mighty newslady in here with me! You just my piece of ass and that’s what you gonna stay if you keep pleasin’ me – otherwise it’s gonna even worse! Much worse!”

Marcus cock brushed against Loriene’s belly, excited, ready.

“I’m gonna fuck ya again. Not bad, huh. Five times in about three hours. This time you’d better not jerk away from me when I stick my cock in your ass! Makes me think that you don’t like my dick up your asshole. That makes me mad….!”

“Please, Sir…..”

“Please what, bitch?

“It’s just that it hurts so much when…”

“It’s supposed to hurt, bitch! And you supposed to like it! Only important thing here is that I likes it, understand that or I’m gonna dope you up and have you working with my other drugged-out whores out on the street! You don’t want that, do ya? ”


“Tell me you wanna be my main bitch?”

“Please… Sir…. Please let me be your bitch….”

“Yeah, bitch, I’m gonna want ya tellin’ me how much you likes me fuckin’ ya up your ass all the time I’m doin’ it! If you don’t, it’s gonna be bad for ya……Here, put them soft fingers around my dick and get it as big and as hard as it can be……Yeahhhh, nice…..C’mon keep givin’ me that good kissin’ of yours…..Shows me how much you appreciate me…”

Loriene’s shaking fingers obediently began massaging the rapist’s big shaft. Her moving hands coated it with the thick pre-cum that already leaked out from the throbbing cockhead…

Justine Accepts Her Place

Justine had been innocent but guilty of poor judgment in friends. They all lied and said that she was also aware of the fact that they were carrying all that cocaine in the car trunk when they were caught. The South American policemen had a way of causing false confessions.

She had been raped three times by the prison guards before she appeared at trial – and then fucked by the judge and his friends in return for getting a twenty-year sentence instead of life. Nothing to put a young, spoiled Anglo bitch in her place like having her being forced to hump strange cocks on the office couch.

In a matter of months, Justine’s very nice life had been transformed into her own personal nightmare.

By the time she was finally walked to the female cellblock, Justine had spend a week in the male guards’ quarters where she had been turned into a whore. They didn’t leave her with any trace of dignity by the things they had forced her to do.

What most would consider as disgusting, for Justine it had become commonplace. Her mouth had stank from swallowing cum and licking hairy assholes and her own asshole had been stretched and fucked raw. And all the time they forced her to tell them how much she liked it and wanted more…

So by the time Justine was finally put in the women’s section, she was already broken – just the kind of meat that the hardened lesbian inmates and guards appreciated in there. Within an hour, she was already on her knees licking one woman prisoner after another as they stood in line for her. Licking asshole had become second nature, so she only gained in popularity…

Justine had no self-worth left when the cartel – connected Ralanda Diaz officially claimed Justine as her own property. For a week she let the American girl alone, allowing her her to recover. But it was out of good intentions.

“You gonna work for me, American bitch. Gonna make me money inside here,” the dyke Diaz told Justine. “If you don’t, I’m gonna make you die really long and hard! Okay? Good, goooodd… give me your mouth, baby… show me how you gonna be my sweet Anglo girlfriend for the new twenty years…. Hmmm you’re as obedient as they told me you were… Just the right kind …….. The kind I like…”


Forced To Become a Lesbian Bride

At yet another isolated prison for women, things had progressed to even a higher level of perversion and depravity, especially when it came to the Morizia sisters.

Dawnia and Nina Morizia, the two elder sisters of Fabio Morizia the infamous warden of the country’s largest prison, were known for their out -of-control sexual and social tastes – along with their acknowledged cruelty to the more attractive female political prisoners who they took an interest in.

But things had gotten even more unusual when the sisters had gotten a look at the pretty little blonde foreigner named Olga. Olga’s blue-eyed, full-lipped face and her perky, firm athletic body – along with her fifty-year sentence for being associated with a leading member of a banned anti-regime political organization – made her a subject of both Moriziz sisters’ dreams. Olga was soon the reluctant bedmate of both sisters and being forced to become the unwilling recipient of their penchant for whipping and paddling.

“She cries so earnestly,” observed Ninia .

“Her tears taste just right,” cooed Dawnia.

But what both sisters found so appealing was Olga firm Christian beliefs and her innate innocent outlook on life. Being slightly Satanic and thoroughly cynical, the Morizia sisters could not resist introducing Olga into the deep, dark world of perverse sex and pain.

They made sure that the girl would wake up dreading each day, as each day would start off with hours of severe whipping and humiliation. Although Olga was strong, the constant hours, days, week and months of torture and sexual tortures were taking their tolls on her; each time her mind and body showed a disturbing tendency to become more and more responsive to Dawnia and Nina and to what they were doing to her and by what they forced her to do to them…

Now the time had come. It was time for them to break Olga in totally. It was time for Olga to be the shared wife to Nina and Dawnia Morizia. At that, their victory over the girl would be complete…

“We’ve asked our brother here, the Warden to oversee the marriage you and the both of us. There, there, my sweetie don’t cry so much. Let Mama Dawnia give you a little kiss to make you feel better. Now you just present this paddle of love to him and ask him to give you one hundred whacks as a way of thanking him for officially conducting the ceremony that will enslave you to us for the rest of your life…”


Inga Surrenders In the Rape Room

Wap!!! Wap!!! Wap!!! WAAAAAPPPPPPPPPP!!! The wet sounds of sweating bodies coming together filled the small concrete room . Also filling the room were the haunting, rigid-voiced cries of Earnista Zunvolt, the daughter of Drvinco Zunvolt.

“Father! Father! Help me, make him stop!”

“Heh, heh your father can’t help you, girl,” Mr. Hement laughed. “All he can do is watch. All if he refuses to watch, I have promised to slowly cut you open and pull out your guts while he sets there. And he knows I will do it!”

Hement bulk was flabby but still strong and his cock still big and rigid as he drove it into Earnesta raw pussy from behind. Earnesta mouth slackened and fell open as the big man’s cock relentlessly banged against her uterine walls; the sensations of pain and now just the hint of something else causing her battered body to buck involuntarily beneath Hement’s pile-driving thrusts.

She tried to relieve some of the pressure by trying to move her hips away his, but Hement ‘s close and deep style of brutal fucking allowed her very little freedom of movement beneath him. Earnesta whimpered in her helplessness – it seemed as if his dick was becoming bigger and harder with her thrust, seemed that his hips were getting stronger; able to control hers better than ever…

“You know that it’s useless to fight me, my lttle bitch. You know that you’re becoming my whore more and more with each minute that I fuck you! You know it!”

“That’s it, move your butt, bitch! Push it back to me and keep it there so you can take every inch of my dick…..!”

“Uhhhhhh….O – o – ooohhhh Godddddd! Nooooooo…!

“Gggguuurrrrhhhhh…..! You’re still so tight, bitch….”

Hement’s mouth and tongue mixed with Earnesta’s as he continued to mount her hard.

“Uhhhhh… You’re becoming more of my whore every time I fuck you! And you know that my men are going execute your dear father there right after he watches me dump my cum in you this time. You’ll watch him die and then we’ll come back here and I’ll fuck you again and again. And you’ll have no one! You’ll be all alone! Except for me. It’ll be just me fucking you……Uhhhhhh…..! I’m getting ready to cum! Keep kissin’ me! I want your father see you kissing me when I fill you with my cum………… Ugggghhhhhhh……..!”

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