Interrogation of a stewardess [ELECTROSADIST]

Interrogation of a stewardess

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Interrogation of a stewardess
by Electrosadist. All rights reserved.

The scene:

The capital of a country in South America, where the military once again has
succeeded in maneuvering out democracy. The country was now ruled by a
General named Caztiz, who’s favorite pastime was to watch and take part in
the torture that was carried out on the helpless female prisoners that the
army had caught during their search for the guerilla.

The story begins when a plane from a Scandinavian airline is about to leave
the country, just a few days after the army take-over. On the plane are
mostly foreigners; wealthy businessmen but also some people who sympathize
with the former government.

– – –

Lise was a stewardess. She had worked at this airline for about one year now
and liked her job very much. The day she got employed was one of the
happiest days in her 21 years long life, as far as she could recall. In her
job, she got to see many places far away from Norway, where she lived. It
was so exciting for her to travel and to meet new people all the time.

She also had all the chances to meet new men, especially as she was a very
attractive girl: 35-25-35, well-trained, blond long hair and with a very
pretty face. Some freckles did not disturb the impression she made on the
men she met; on the contrary, they all seemed to like her youngish look.

But she never got really close to any man; she was taught to wait for the
right one and he had not shown up yet. If it hadn’t been for a short romance
a few weeks ago, she would still have been a virgin.

Lise was a very nervous stewardess right now, though. She had reacted very
strongly when she, at home in Norway, had heard about the military takeover
in this country. How could they!! Those beasts did not have anything left
for rules and democracy, she thought. The reports of heavy torture against
women had upset her very much and seemed somehow to have helped her to come
to her decision: on her next flight she would do something to help the poor
people in this country.

That was the reason why she via connections had contacted the guerilla, to
help them to export evidence of torture to the international media. The plan
was simple: they had delivered a videotape to her at her hotel, and she was
supposed to carry it through customs and then give it to a reporter at CNN
after arriving in Norway. A simple task.

She had watched the videotape at the hotel, alone in her room, just because
she was curious. Was it really that bad? If not, she would eventually change
her mind and not bring the tape along with her. Even if the risk was small,
not to say non-existing, there was always a small possibility that something
could go wrong. Lise was known by her friends to be a very careful person;
she was also very afraid of getting hurt.

What she saw on the tape convinced her. She had to make long pauses because
she couldn’t stand what she saw: young girls, in her own age and even much
younger, receiving heavy torture, mostly electrotorture, in an interrogation
chamber. It seemed that the video was not recorded in secrecy as the quality
was very good, both sound and picture. Those vile beasts had recorded the
torture by some bizarre reason, she thought, and now the video had fallen
into the wrong hands.

It was all to much for her to take in, and she even threw up once after an
especially evil scene in which a blonde girl like herself, pregnant though,
was tortured with an electric prod stuck right up her vagina. The look in
the screaming girl’s eyes convinced her. Lise was now determined to help the

So that’s why she had the videotape in her crew bag right now, as the DC-10
was taxing out for take-off. She had been very nervous at the customs but
they hadn’t even bothered to check her bag; as a stewardess she stood beyond
all suspicions, she thought. But she would not feel comfortable before she
was airborne.

She went through the procedures before take-off in a professional manner,
showing emergency exits and oxygen masks just as if it was a completely
normal flight for her. All procedures went on normally as the plane was
slowly rolling towards the runway when the plane suddenly halted, seemingly
without any reason. Lise’s heart started to pound hard, but she tried to
calm down, telling herself that there must be a simple reason for the delay.

After a few minutes without moving, the passengers were beginning to ask
Lise and her colleagues what was going on, why didn’t they take off? Lise
tried to look calm and smiled, but she didn’t know why the plane didn’t

Suddenly some military trucks drove up to the front exit of the plane. The
captain opened the door and a stair was rolled to the plane.

Into the plane rushed more than ten soldiers, with drawn automatic guns.
Some passengers started to scream in shock, some others seemed paralyzed
instead. The soldiers slowed down and started smiling when they saw Lise
standing in the aft cabin, her knees now trembling and her urine dripping
down her stockings. She looked gorgeous, the soldiers thought, just

They grabbed her by each shoulder and marched her in a very harsh way all
the way through the isle to the front exit. Some passengers protested
loudly, only to be quieted by a slap or two from the soldiers. A very
observant person could see, though, that two or maybe three of the elderly
businessmen traveling in business class smiled slightly when they saw the
scene unfold in front of them. One of the men even touched himself through
his trousers – very discrete, hidden by his newspaper – and thought of what
the soldiers would do to the blonde stewardess, how they would strip her
completely naked, tie her down on a hard table, attach electrodes to all her
sensitive spots, then listen smilingly to her pitiful screams…

Later during flight, when he masturbated twice on the toilet, he felt sad
that he never got the chance to see such beautiful torture live.

– – –

The truck drove very fast through the city. Lise was immediately blindfolded
after being seated in the back of the truck together with the soldiers. Her
babbling questions about where she was brought and why, were silenced with
hard slaps right across her mouth. She very soon learned to keep quiet, just
as quiet as the soldiers were. What really worried her though was that no
one seemed to be interested in raping her – that meant that something worse
was in store for her…

The truck halted suddenly. She had her blindfold removed and could see that
she was in a garage in a cellar somewhere.

She was pushed out of the truck and marched to a steel door. The door opened
and inside there was a long corridor with nothing but concrete walls,
illuminated by some naked bulbs.

As they had handcuffed her, she had problems keeping her balance when they
pushed her, but somehow she managed. She was very, very scared, and couldn’t
help that she once again tried to make verbal contact with her abductors,
but for no good. This time they stopped and one of the soldiers kicked her
in the groin very hard, without saying anything. She lost her breath and
fell down on the concrete floor. Then they dragged her sobbing body through
the door in the end of the corridor…

The room where she was brought was surprising to her, in it’s brightness and
clinical impression it made on her. She was not sure what she had expected
but anyway not this, not in this cellar. The room did seem familiar to her
in some way. Lise suddenly understood that this was the room that she had
seen in the video! The floor and walls of the room were all covered with
simple, white tile. Bright lights, almost like the ones used in surgery,
were illuminating the room. A lot of equipment which looked much like the
one that can be found in the ER was placed on trolleys and small tables. On
many spots there were video cameras mounted, as well as microphones of good
quality. The recording equipment seemed to be professional.

In the middle of the room she could see a big steel table, securely bolted
to the floor. The table had metal bracelets fitting for a human body: one
for the neck, two for the wrists and two for the ankles. She could also see
some additional straps for holding the victim strapped hard down to the

What frightened her the most though, was the sight of a big box, standing on
a trolley. The box had meters and dials on it, and many black wires led from
the box to various clips, steel dildos and other metal items…

The soldiers pushed her towards a desk, where another uniformed man sat
waiting for her. He seemed to be in charge of this ghostly place; Lise could
see that both from his uniform that differed from the others and from the
calm and secure manners he had. Lise was pushed in front of him. He smiled
slightly, looked at her from top to toe, nodded approvingly and then stared
her in the eyes. Lise was too scared to stare back at him.

– Well well, so this is our blonde, little stewardess that we have heard so
much about… Little Lise! I’m sure we will have a good time together. He
laughed, and stood up from his chair.

– Strip her.

The order was short and very concise. The two soldiers now started to rip
off her blue uniform jacket. As soon as it was done and her purple lace-bra
was revealed, the turn came to her skirt. Lise was scared stiff but tried to
kick herself loose anyway, as the panic overwhelmed her. The two soldiers
easily held her, and down came the skirt. The long thin silk stockings were
ripped down, and Lise was now exposed in her purple lace underwear. Her
gorgeous body was unfolded and she was trembling all over as she saw the
officer studying her up and down.

– Follow the lady to her… eh, quarters and prepare her for tomorrow.

The man laughed again, an evil laughter that sent chills up Lise’s spine.

She was now marched from the room through another corridor, down one stair
and to a cellar. Lise was thrown into a cell that was cold and dirty. Some
rats were scared when the door opened and tried to hide in the corners. Lise
was now placed standing in the middle of the room, and one of the soldiers
smilingly locked her hands behind her back with handcuffs. The other soldier
took down a noose that was hanging from a hook in the roof, and placed poor
Lise’s sweet head through the noose. The noose was now tightened, and Lise
had to stand on her tip-toes not to suffocate.

Lise panicked again, and screamed to the soldiers as they tightened the
noose that she didn’t want to die, that they should let her loose. She
became even more desperate when they silently left for the door, closed it
and left Lise with her noose, a light from a naked bulb in the roof, and the
rats that curiously came closer…

The night was long for Lise, standing tied with the noose around her pretty
throat, in a cold cell with nothing but fear in her mind. Fear for the rats,
which were tickling her feet in attempts to climb upwards, but mostly fear
for what would be done to her the next day. As she had to stand on her toes
she had no chance to sleep or even rest, and her cramping calves and legs
ached terribly even after just a few minutes. Lise cried silently and when
she couldn’t fight
her body anymore, she let her urine flush through her purple lace pants and
drip onto the muddy floor. At that point the two soldiers who had the night
shift in the control room clapped their hands and commented her behavior,
seeing it all take place on a video screen in their comfortable control room
two floors up in the building.

As the morning finally came, the door to Lise’s cell was opened by two other
soldiers. The sight was disgusting to them. The blonde girl hang almost limp
from the noose, stinking from her own urine, but still standing on her toes
with her cramping legs preventing her from suffocation.

They loosened her noose but did not free her hands. After doing so they
dragged her back up to the interrogation room where she was stripped
yesterday. She was now stripped from her stinking panties and was placed on
that dreaded steel table, her panties trussed up beside her…

End of part one.


Lise begged for mercy when the guards easily laid her down on the table, swiftly securing her ankles to each corner of it. A metal bracelet around her throat, and an additional metal band secure her head over her forehead. Her arms were fastened along the sides of the table, her hands wildly flexing near her hips but still far away from them… There was not much left of that cocky dignity she had as a stewardess, holding her nose high walking through the isle…

It was when the guards put the equipment in place that Lise fully understood what she was going to be put through. She stared in disbelief at the wires, the clips, the generator… and that thick metal baton… oh God nooo… not the baton…

As the guards were ready, the uniformed man she had met yesterday entered the room. He was followed by a nurse and a doctor.

– Well hello again Lise, he said softly. Let me introduce myself. My name is General Caztiz, and I’ll be your host during your stay here. He laughed out loud, and sat down beside the table.

– And, he continued, let me make it totally clear for you from the beginning: this doctor and nurse are certainly not here to help you; they are here to help me. To help out in the interrogation…

Those words were confirmed by a grin from the doctor and the evil staring from the non-smiling nurse. She was blonde, seemed to be about 30 years old and had a gorgeous body under her uniform.

Lise started to cry, silently and helplessly. She understood fully now that there was no, absolutely no, help to get. She was totally naked, open and vulnerable, left to the mercy of these cruel people. Mercy that she still hoped for but was not going to get…

The General picked up one clip with a wire attached to it and let the jaws open and close a few times in front of Lise’s eyes. She stared at the clip, silently moaning “No, no, no…” as the General slowly let the clip travel down the trembling but oh so beautiful well-trained young body. He teased her throat, her breasts, let the clip touch her left nipple – OH MY GOD, PLEASE DON’T CLIP MY NIPPLE – just to continue down south, slowly traveling over the smooth belly, halting for a second in the bellybutton, just to slowly continue it’s short trip down into the lovely thick-haired bush… OH NOO NOO NOO PLEEEASE NOOO…

Lise panicked even before she felt the clip touching her labia. The nurse helped out by easily parting the labia and then delicately lifting the clitoral hood with two of her well-manicured fingernails. The General mused as he slowly let the jaws of the clip grip into the small pink bud, creating a high-pitched scream and madly contortions from Lise. Oh, he chuckled for himself, was she really that sensitive… How fun would this not be when the real torture started, he thought. He began to get hard.

Lise was hysterical. In all her life she had never actually been hurt, not by anyone. To feel the clip close hard and mercilessly on her most sensitive spot made her cry, both from pain and from shame. The fact that a blonde woman as herself stood right over her, staring evilly into her eyes, was hard to take in. How could another woman betray a member of her own sex, a “sister”? Lise cried like a baby, tears streaming down her cheeks…

When Lise saw the General taking the next item from the tray, the thick metal baton, she panicked. NOOO NOOO, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THAT, OH GOOOD HELP ME HELP ME OHHH NOOOO… Hummingly General Caztiz connected a black wire, coated with rubber, to the baton and pressed a button at its base. There was a crackling sound and a spark ignited at the very top of the baton. Oh yeah, he thought, this was going to be some session…

He slipped a pair of black rubber gloves on and took out a jar of contact ointment from a drawer in the table, took a generous portion of it and smeared it onto the baton before carefully and slowly inserting it, inch by inch, into Lise’s tight vagina. The sight when the labia parted more and more, surrounded by the thick pubic hair, was delicious to the General.

After connecting the wire from the clip to the baton, General Caztiz launched the current for the first time that night. There was now nothing left to hope for poor, poor Lise. The powerful jolt sent her body into spasms that seemed almost epileptical, her chest heaving wildly, her whole body trying to get loose but in vain of course, a guttural scream coming from her throat:


as the nurse slapped Lise’s face. Finally the nurse smiled, just a smirk but anyway, she smiled.

The General listened smilingly to the no longer human squeals. How could it be possible, he thought, that such a simple instrument could inflict such pain? It was so wonderful that it was possible though, he thought. He loved this; to sit calmly, with his finger pressing one single button, listening to a very young, blonde, naked and definitely helpless girl’s desperate cries from pain. He could do that for the rest of his life, he thought. For the rest of his life. And there was nothing stopping him; he held the Carte Blanche, he was allowed to do exactly what he liked to – he was the General!

And this was exactly what he liked to do, as he had done so many times before in this room. Usually the girl’s all begged desperately for mercy; even when they were brought back from unconsciusness, the first word that erupted from their mouths was always: PLEEEASE! Or MEEERCY! But the General never, ever granted them any mercy. He pressed his beloved button and watched in glee how his victims writhed, and listened hummingly to the wonderful screams…

The first jolt lasted a minute. A whole minute. Lise was still very beautiful, general Cruelo thought, but she was tired. Tired from the pain and tired from the contractions, the wildly spasming muscles that didn’t come to rest, even though her first plunge in the pool was over.

Lise tried to catch her breath, she was beyond panic now, it was just a matter of surviving, her body covered in a sheen of fresh sweat, her eyes opening in disbelief and seeing the same nurse, the same doctor and the very same General, nothing had changed except from that the nurse was smiling happily now…

She was not allowed to recover totally, so the second blast went off half a minute after the first one. Lise now urinated all over the nether part of the table, she screamed, screamed and screamed again, she tried to get loose but she stayed put, and the doctor now injected something into her veins, not that she noticed when it happened, but she wondered how come she didn’t faint as the current felt more powerful and much longer than the first time… and she was right, it was…

When the General finally released the button on the baton, Lise was just a mess of trembling flesh, completely broken mentally, babbling, cramping… but the baton stayed put. It stayed inside Lise, waiting patiently for the next blast…But first the questions. Who delivered the tape? Who is your contact? Who? Where?

Lise was in a state of collapse, but somehow she managed to be present. She did not know why, but it was the injection that caused that. She cried silently and begged, oh how she begged her tormentors to set her free. She begged like a child, totally without dignity, but oh so arousing to the three torturers; it was the most beautiful music to their ears:


– Of course You can’t, the General laughed. That’s the whole point. But, give me the answers, and it’ll all be over. Just the names…

And, it’s true that no one can withstand torture when inflicted by experts… And experts they were. So Lise took her chance, she gave them all the names, knowing that her contacts now were to undergo the same or even worse treatment in just a few hours… But that was all that she had to sell to them, her only chance. She took it but she failed. The General pressed the button once more, smilingly, and the world once again became a living hell for Lise. As she had already spoken out the names, she had nothing more to sell, and the General had nothing more to loose… now the real fun could begin, he thought, taking two long needles with wooden handles out of a drawer and calmly connected them to a field telephone apparatus while listening to Lise’s gurgling screams, naked and secured on the steel table…


The flight had been long and Jim was tired. The older he got, the more it seemed that he needed some rest after every long business trip. As he was a chairman in a big industrial company, specialised in business with South America, there was a need for his presence at the market in that part of the world every now and then. But he tried to travel less these days; he was a bit over 50 by now and he thought he had the right to slow down the pace a bit. Like that last trip to South America; it had felt almost too much. This last trip felt far better to him as he had been away for a week in his own country, with no jetlag.

His young wife was asleep when he came home, so he poured himself a whisky and checked his mail. He felt happy when he saw the package, delivered by express mail; those videos that were so hard to get… He had been connected to the distributor by a business friend that shared his interest for sadism. These videos were real, always recorded in countries where law and women’s rights had no meaning. As the photo and sound always was superb, it gave him a feeling of presence, of being there… So close to live that one could get.

He slipped the video into his VCR and saw the show unfold. As he recognized the blonde stewardess that had been dragged out of the plane, the one he had fantasised about on the airplane toilet, he immediately got hard. After watching a few minutes he decided to wake his wife up, to make her join watching the show. He also decided to take the whole day off tomorrow: this video he would watch many times in a row, he decided.

When he saw the General turning the crank of a field telephone sending current through the long needles, one stuck up the vagina all the way into the uterus of the stewardess and the other stuck into the urethra of the poor bound girl, he came for the first time into his young blonde wife. And when he saw and heard the doctor telling the stewardess that he had discovered she was two months pregnant, he came again, while watching the surprised and panicked eyes of the naked girlish victim, and seeing the nurse smiling happier than ever before as she once more reached for the electric baton…

It was a long and lovely night, his wife riding him wildly in front of the TV, both staring at the wonderful show, listening to young Lise’s never-ending pleas and pitiful begging between the current, in a torture room… somewhere in South America.


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