House Of Hades One [HINES]


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Yet another group of virgin maidens had been found and delivered to that very isolated mansion called the Hades House. With no immediate neighbors and it’s perimeters well-guarded, the House’s activities were a unknown to any outsiders. And it had been this way for over the past three hundred years.

The Hades House was inhabited by a coven of those who others might have referred to as ‘witches’ – but they were so much more than that. All ancient by ordinary human standards ( the eldest had been involved in the kidnapping and disappearance of two of Augustus Caesar’s nieces), the Matrons who resided within the Hades House were in fact, ‘Gatekeepers” who provided services to Satan’s always-hungry demons whose duty was the acquisition of female souls.

Virgins were first brought to Hades House to be deflowered and debased by the Matrons. Then they were passed over to the Dark One’s waiting demons, whose huge cocks spewed black cum that burned like acid and whose sharp teeth served to afterwards devour the bodies and souls of their screaming victims.

Tonight’s new batch of virgins included three innocent daughters of a prominent Hamburg Bishop. Such girls represented the most desirable of victims for sacrifice. Their trembling mouths and lips would be soon lapping at the Matons’ ancient pussies ; their inexperienced tongues would be taught to burrow into Matron assholes and ream out the shit inside; their innocent cunts and rectums would be opened up first by the hard fists of their Matron Mistresses, then further abused by the most oversized hard-leather and metal strap-on dildoes.

The Virgins’ fear was already causing Matron Gormmora’s clit to swell and her old pussy to begin to leak it’s juices as she introduced them to some of her fellow Matrons who were eagerly coming down to this lower Chamber to see and meet them.

“My sweet dears, I present to you our newest group of young pussy-meat for your abuse and your use. These little bitches are the daughters of an esteemed Man of God, so their defilement will bring us even more than the usual pleasure! I implore you all to take your time with them – extract every last bit of what they have to offer before we turn them over to our demon partners below. They must be made into the most groveling and debased whores and their mouths and throats transformed into our obedient toilets and their minds made to need and want to service our every needs in the time that they have left on this earth….”

The Bishop’s daughters, like all the other girls who had served before them, were turned and and transformed in short time. Between the the countless whippings and punishment, between the endless sessions of the most depraved sex, they had begun to be no longer recognizable to the innocents that they been when first brought to the House. Time had become impossible for them to gauge – time had become an irreverent concept, anyway. Down in the Chambers of the Hades House, there were no hours, no day or night – only the Matrons’ clits, pussies and assholes and what the virgins could do to service them.

Greta, whose former virgin pussy now ached from hours of relentless Matron fisting and whose tongue still tasted of the shit from Matron assholes, was no longer aware of anything except of whatever next demand that would be made of her and her mindless duty to fulfill that demand. Most of her nineteen years of life before being brought to the House of Hades were now only a dim, very faint memory.
Greta’s existence now consisted mainly of responding to the voices of the Matrons who stated what they wanted and how she was to do what they wanted done.

The voice that she heard now was that of Matron Vicente.

“Ah, my little Greta. What an absolutely dirty little whore that you have become! Even the most lowly of streetwalkers will never be as much a bit of female trash as you have shown yourself to be! Now let me see if you can l continue to live down to the standards that we expect from you. Crawl of to me slowly while you beg me to allow you to drink more of my piss and then, after you’ve had your drink, I will listen to your heart-felt pleas for me to honor you by letting you eat my shit turds as they drop to the floor. I know that you will do a fine job of begging, so much so that I will not be able to resist emptying my bowels for you…”

The House’s resident physician was the esteem Dr. Rue, whose duty it was to confirm that any new arrivals were indeed virgins. The job didn’t come with any pay; that was not how Dr. Rue got his rewards. It usually worked out that perhaps one in ten of the freshly-captured females was not a virgin – a quite acceptable ratio. And although a non-virgin was of no use to the Matrons or their demon partners, they were useful to the Doctor. With his ages-old heavy cock and his low-hanging balls, the Doctor’s sexual needs were very extreme, indeed.

Doctor Rue drooled as he pulled the struggling slave to him. Yes, yes! He so liked it when they fought against him. The slave was screaming and flailing away at him with her fists, but it would only further inflame his lust for her. He was strong and her resistance would be so futile.

Dr. Rue would laugh as he would finally slap her to the floor and fall on top of her, rudely spreading her legs and jamming that monster cock of his into her cunt. The walls of his Chamber office would continue to resound with his laughter and the slavegirl’s cries and whimpers of pain as all of her holes would be use so roughly through out the night. With his sexual stamina bestowed upon him by the Dark One himself, the Doctor would fuck his quarry non-stop throughout the next 12 hours. Fuck her until she died, her raw and ravaged pussy giving the Doctor’s cock-weapon a one last thrill as it convulsed wildly with the slave’s last twitches of life…

Matrons Miriam and Thorna were the youngest of the matrons; young being a relative term, as both were over a hundred years old. As the case with so many of the younger set, they tended to prefer quantity over quality and were constantly being admonished by the older Matrons for their wasting of valuable slave-meat.

Rather than taking the time to extract every ounce of dignity and pride from their appointed slaves, they frequently opted to concentrate solely on the immediate pleasures that they derived the pain and sexual subjugation of their victims. Thus, the souls that would be devoured by the demons would not be as tasty or as completely digestible as those more fully corrupted souls provided by the more experienced Matrons. But all the Matrons had gone through such a stage in their lives so many centuries ago; they were patient and knew that eventually Thorna and Miriam would mature…

“Is she pleasing you, Miriam? Is she giving you what you want? I find this group to be rather disappointing as far as their tonguing talents.”

“Now don’t be so impatient, Thorna. It’s only their first night and the others say that we must take our time with them and bring them along slowly. Frankly, this one here has really begun to show the signs of becoming talented at servicing my pussy and clit. I think that she’ll be the first to be fully transformed. She gurgled down every last drop of my piss after she had licked me to the most delicious cum! Best orgasm that I’ve had this year.”

“After she eats me to another cum, I’m going to hang her up for a bit of hard whipping so that she becomes even more focused on her duties. Then you should try her out while I spend some more time further educating these others in going from being uncomfortable to the experiencing of extreme pain. After that, i feel that they will start to show the promise that you expect from them…”

Janine would not go to the demons. Janine had begged for the chance for her soul to be spared. She had pleaded to Matron Aanna, hoping that the Matron would instead acquiesce to keeping her alive as a personal slave. Janine had not only begged in the sincere and engaging way that Matron Aanna had ever heard, she had also given the Matron one of the most pleasurable sessions of ass-eating that she had ever experienced throughout her many decades of slaves.

Matron Aanna did decide that Janine’s complete subjugation and her willingness to please had earned her the right to be spared from the demons……although…..

Matron Aanna was in such a good mood as she led the shackled Janine towards the that certain room. The Matron’s body had been fully satiated from the many orgasms that the ever-willing-to-please Janine had worked so hard to give her over the last few days and nights. Janine would get her reward…

“Yes, sweet Janine, I will spare you from our demon friends. After all, they do prefer girls who show a more accepting nature in regards to their fate. No, you want to live too much, so you would not be that much of a meal to them. But your desperation to live is very attractive to me! I makes my so wet to see how you are going to act when you see what we have decided would be best for you…”

And then Janine saw what her new fate would be. “NO! NOOOOOO! You can’t! You promised!!”

Matron Aanna chuckled as she and the other Matrons began to pull the screaming Janine toward the table and the chopping ax that awaited her. “I promised that you would not be given over to the demons and indeed, you will not be. Your desperation to live makes you unacceptable to them – but it makes you so attractive to us! Your fear and dismay at what is about to happen to you is so wonderful!”

“Mmmmmm, it’s going to make me so wet to hear you cry and beg as we push your head down on the block. And let me tell you now, Jaine, that we’re not going to take off your head with one blow of the ax. Instead , I want to look at your face as it takes two or three whacks to sever that pretty neck of yours. Do you know that you’ll still live for a while after your head is off? yes, darling, your eyes will stare at me and your lips will try to speak,,,,Ha, ha ha, ….your terror is so tasty to watch! Yes, that’s it, Jaine, fight us while we drag you to the block! Ha, ha!”

Matron Katrina held slave Marian in place at the edge of the portal so that girl’s horrified eyes had a chance to adjust to the dark and see the milling forms of the various demons who awaited her below.
“Now that you’ve done such a good job of serving us, it time that you now be of service to our many friends from below who have been waiting so patiently to meet you! Have fun guys, the little bitch is all yours!”

Marian had served her Matrons well and when tossed down to the demons, her body would continue to serve. Demon cocks did not soften and their balls always churned a never-ending supply of strong, putrid semen.

Mercedes had been such a treasure. Easily subdued and eagerly compliant, her sincerity in her all her efforts to please her Matron Mistresses at Hades House were deeply appreciated; so much so that it was decided that a girl of Mercedes’ unique nature and talents would be spared being sacrificed to the demons. This girl deserved to be rewarded for all that she had done. She would experience for herself the truth of her Matrons’ generosity and compassion as bestowed upon them by the Dark One.

Mercedes had been told that some Matrons would be coming to her cell to visit her tonight. She was in a mood of light optimism after being informed that she would be spared from being embraced by the demons.

And as she would discover, the Matrons would keep their word. To their way of thinking, Mercedes had earned the privilege of having her soul sent directly the Master himself. She did not realize her fate until after another intense hour during which she licked each of her visitors to their deserved orgasm, an appointed Matron stepped in behind her and slipped the garrote around her neck.

As the thick wire slowly tightened and cut into Mercedes’ neck, the assembled Matrons looked on with satisfaction.

“Do not struggle so, my love. Give in, enjoy your reward….”

In the Portal of the Demons, poor Grace shivered as one of the demons began to explore her cunt with a talented finger. Her body already suffered from the scores of raw cuts and scratches inflicted whenever a demon clawed hand groped her body. The demon was now moving in to be the first to introduce Grace to the joyous agonies of being fucked by a demon cock. Already that fat, swollen shaft of his was leaking a steady trickle of pre-cum that ran down the girl’s thigh; the cum felt hot, almost burning, against her skin.

“Come on, hurry up,” growled another demon. ” I want her next! So don’t take all damn night getting around to fucking this bitch! Get on with it!”

“Shut up or I’ll twist your head off,” rumbled the lead demon. “I’m going to take my time with this one and show her just how long and hard a demon’s cock can be and I want to enjoy her screams in my ears as I keep at her! There’s those other little cunts over there. Go and jump on one of them. I’m not going to hurry with this one!”

“Damnmit! I don’t want her now! I want this one! She’s special!”

“Don’t make me have to warn you again!” The demon started to push Grace back unto the cold floor, his huge cock twitching with anticipation….

“Ah, our Master is so generous with us, allowing us to enjoy all these lovely victims before we send their souls down to him,” chuckled the demon called Modas as he held a barely conscious Grace by her throat. ” This one has been particularly good. She has held up to all the loving treatment that we’ve given her. I’d thought she’d be dead by now, but somehow she’s still here….”

“Well, some virgins were just made to take more cock,” replied the other demon. ” The more abuse that she can take, the more pleasure she will give when she finally gives out”

“Yes, you’re so right. I think that I’ll take her over to the corner and fuck her until she dies. I think that she’s ready to go over. She just needs a few more hours of my member exploring her insides. It will be so much of a thrill to watch her face as her life drains away and her soul is claimed by the Master…’

Tara was fresh and new. She would not be wasted with the demons. Her first night at Hades House had endeared her to the Matrons. Her beautiful voice had filled the room as her pussy and ass had yielded to the elbows-deep deflowering of the Matrons’ fists and her captive tongue had performed it’s demanded tasks to well. She was so perfect; just right for immediate dispatching to the always-impatient arms of the Dark One.

Tara would not have to endure her remaining time on earth for very long. The Matrons had given her the honour of being sacrificed at the hands of Matron Bernice at the first light of dawn. At that time, all the other Matrons would sigh and coo in ecstatic rapture as M. Bernice would begin her expert ritual of ripping Tara’s body to pieces with giant hooks; tearing out one bit of the girl’s living flesh at a time….

The demons did not possess the Matrons’ deftness and imagination when it can to torture, but they still managed to achieve a elementary level of the art. Being somewhat heavy-handed, though, they tended to inflict fatal injuries that soon resulted in quick deaths for their captives.

Nubori was a demon who was determined to improve himself when it came to keeping his victims alive throughout the long sessions of pain and torment that he enjoyed so much. It was against his very nature to exercise restraint, but he was beginning to appreciate the rewards of having the girls survive longer before they perished. Their extended sufferings made to infuse Nubori with an overwhelming euphoria that was previously unknown to him. Yes, it was difficult to control his inborn tendencies to dispatch them after those long sessions of fucking and cumming, but it was all so worth it…..

“I’m going to rip this breast of you now,” Nubori remarked pleasantly in his low demon’s voice. ” Feel free to express your distress and to beg me for mercy. You may beg me to kill you quickly, if that is what you want after a while. I will listen to your pleas and maybe – just perhaps – I’ll grant your wish if you impress me with the loudness and sincerity of your voice.”

Matron Bernice was one for surprises. Behind her somewhat dour exterior lurked the soul of a supreme jokester who enjoyed infusing her mission with a bit more humor and originality than the other Matrons. She did savor the blood and despair of her virgin captives, enjoyed it as much as any of the old women there. But sometimes it could be a little boring without an imaginative touch thrown in ever once in a while. M. Bernice, as a rule, always researched the backgrounds and family trees of the newly captured virgins brought to the Hades House. Sometimes a careful examination of the virgins’ history yielded a morsel that could be used to add some additional spice to their treatment.

Matron Bernice had discovered a very interesting tidbit of information concerning the background of the virgin named Lucette; something that she would thoroughly exploit with the utmost delight…..

Matron Bernice made a throaty moan of pleasure as the slave Lucette had finally finished her first-ever cock-sucking experience, using her trembling lips and mouth to eventually succeed in bringing the hideous creature named E-75000000 to a frenzied orgasm. ” Yes, you sweet girl, you’ve done very well.
Now keep on using that tongue to slurp up every last bit of this miserable creature’s sperm as it keeps coming out. Don’t miss a drop or I’ll be forced to punish you by burning your tits off! Yes, yes, you’re doing such a nice job…..”

The Matron fidgeted with joy as she added further instructions. ” Now stretch that mouth of yours and take in as much of that cock as possible while you milk it of all the foul cum that’s to be had. Swallow it all, dear. Make me proud of you.” Bernice could not resist the hardy chuckle that came of her special knowledge….

“Probably you did not notice that this obscene being – whose balls you are now milking – looks a little different from the other demons? That’s because he is not a demon, he’s instead an putrid soul that I’ve summoned up from his miserable sentence in hell just in order to meet you, my dear. Or should I instead say, to get reacquainted with you?

“I couldn’t think of a more ironic task to demand of a man who masqueraded as a pious preacher of God while secretly being the most dishonest and vile of men than to be condemned to be forced to use his always-hard cock on his own long-lost daughter, don’t you agree? What the matter, girl, you mean that you didn’t recognize your own father? Well, if it makes you feel any better, I assure you that it’s probably even a great torment for him. The Master is watching and relishing this at this very moment; if you listen hard, you can hear his laughter. And you’ll hear his laughter even louder as this worthless creature, the soul of your despicable father, is now going to be compelled to turn you on your stomach and force his monstrous dick up your virgin ass! Ha, ha ha! Isn’t this the most ironic surprise for the both of you?”

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