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Story by Latina

Liza, a young American journalist, goes missing one night from her hotel room.

She wakes up in a strange, dark place. She has a heavy chain of cold metal closed tight on her wrists. And she is wearing clothes she does not recognize Ц strange, erotic garments that seem designed to set off the most private parts of her almost naked body.

Where am I? she asks, talking to nobody. She must be dreaming

A door crashes open. A blinding light hits her eyes. Hands, obscene, exploring hands, run groping all over her

She screams, but in vain. He lifts her wrists high above her head and tightens the chain. She is aware that she is offering her almost naked body to him

His sex-hungry lips run over her face, neck and breasts. His strong hands grip her head, pressing onto her ears. His breath is foul. His body smells. He kisses her again, full on the mouth now. She gags, forced to swallow his thick, unpleasant saliva.

A hand slides down to her breasts. It finds them, and his long broken nails dig in deep. He is trying to hurt her, deliberately

The kiss continues, deep, wet, humiliating…

A brutal pinch on her left nipple. She gasps as the nails dig in

Liza shouts but the attackerТs tongue, lips and mouth choke the cry.

He tears at the scanty skirt until it hangs loose…

His knee forces its way between her thighs.

She feels something hard and hot, throbbing hard and long against her cunt

It is a brutal penetration. His huge member pushes its way blindly, irresistibly up where no other man has ever been. Liza screams again, but the brutality and strength of her attacker are too much for her. She soon gives up the struggle and suffers her own rape more like an astonished onlooker than a victim.

He carries on, banging away into her, still kissing, pinching, punching, groping and raping her naked, suffering body.

Liza hangs, a broken toy, sobbing, waiting for the madman to take his vile pleasure, waiting for him to finish, waiting for this terrible, humiliating torture to end…

Next morning, on the way to the slave market…

DonТt waste your time. No need to cover up your dirty white body. YouТre a whore. A slut. ThatТs what they want to see. NobodyТs gonna buy a fuck-slave without seeing the goods. You gotta show it all, cunt and tits, kid. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Liza has a noose round her neck. She stumbles along, trying to keep up with her kidnapperТs horse.

She can hardly stay on her feet.

Her feet are badly blistered by the hot sand. Her head is swimming. It has been a long night. She was raped again and again, her breasts, thighs and face covered in his semen again and again, forced to perform the filthiest acts on him.

She stumbles on, trying to stop the noose from tightening. Her neck is sore from the rough rope.

Liza is crying. Her humiliation is bottomless.

She feels her rapistТs semen oozing out again, onto her chafed thighs

In the slave market

Liza is chained naked to a post, just as her kidnapper ordered. She is naked. Kaseb the slave dealer looks at her magnificent body in satisfaction. Everyone wants to see the girl. SheТs the first white girl ever to be put up for auction. And sheТs beautiful. Many of the onlookers have never seen such a lovely woman, and some have never seen a redhead before

WeТll sell her just the way she is. No training. Anyone who can buy this red cunt will have enough money to have her fuck-holes trained. Not to mention this rebel attitude…

The goods are put on display, all day…

Kaseb spread the word to all parts of the desert. A Christian slave, white skin, red hair, a magnificent specimen of a full-bodied beautiful woman, up for sale tomorrow

Liza is shut up in a small cage, in chains and naked, with no protection from the desert sun or the fixed, piercing, unashamed stares of the men of the desert.

Liza longs for clothes, any clothes, to cover her naked breasts and pubic hair…

Some of the onlookers speak to her in desert English. It chills her blood.

Me sew you cunt. Me give you to camel. He fucky fucky you ass, Christian bitch!

You gonna look good in girlie house. You get five dollars for cock fucky! You get two hundred dollars a day! Me get big money and you get big fat fucky-hole, all red and big! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Me bite you clit, you slut!

You gonna eat camel plop. Eat me shit too, you fat cunt!

The auction

A hot, excited crowd is pressing onto the platform to get close to the naked woman.

The men bid, some of them bidding more than they have, driven out of their minds by LizaТs generous white, rounded flesh… They run their eyes hungrily over her full breasts and swelling mons veneris, running their tongues round their dry lips, imagining what is like to lick her And all her body could be theirs! ItТs just a question of money

Gentlemen, calm down, I beg you! Feast your eyes on these tits, so white, so full and firm, so elastic, so wobbly they fill the eye and mind This is class flesh, silky, smooth, white WhoТs the lucky gent thatТs gonna get his tongue into this tasty dish tonight! What do I hear, gents?

Deep humiliation

There are only two multi-billionaire Sheiks still bidding. One of them, Sheik Abdraman, asks if he can inspect the goods personally. The dealer agrees.

LizaТs head is swimming. She has not slept for a long time now. She has been subjected to multiple harassment, including hour after hour of rape

The prospective buyer kneels between her long legs and probes around, inspecting her swollen sex lips, and putting his fat fingers deep inside her, into her cunt

Smells good. Clitoris, very interesting…. A slave with a clitoris! Never saw it before Mmmmm. Yes There is much pleasure in the thought We gonna play lots of funny games with this clit of yours, Christian scum!

Her MasterТs Palace

Liza has spent her first night in her MasterТs palace, in a cage in his private chambers Feeling sick inside, she watches in horror as the other new sex slaves are forced to submit to her ownerТs most perverse sexual fantasies. The sight fills her with horror. This man is mad, seriously mad, sadistically mad He glances at her from time to time, lust and hatred in his eye, as he rapes and tortures the other girls

Her own turn will come soon, she knows

In the morning, the young journalist is taken to her master. She is led by a rope around her neck, like a camel.

Liza shudders when she see the saddle.

Get on the saddle and show your master how well a Christian cunt fucks. If you do it well, you will serve me. If your style does not please me, you will be handed over to my favorite here. She will educate you in all the bodyТs secrets. And believe me, you will find her a hard task-master. Laia hates whites. She especially hates whites who have tits and cunts and who are beautiful. She is very jealous too. You will feel her jealousy and hatred for yourself, all over your lovely, naked body and deep inside it too

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!