Gang Business [HINES]


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When the black gang had broken into the white family’s big, expensive home , the original intention was to just to rough up the father in order to find out where safe was hidden. But after they took a look at his two beautiful daughters, their plans changed quickly. A couple of days earlier, the gang’s leader had been talking about going into the white-slave business; there was big money to be made from selling them in the underground slave market.

Now, Tall – Ray, the ranking member of this break-in group, was enjoying the feel of Anna’s horrified stroking of his black cock. Soft hands; just perfect for stroking his dick to it’s full 11 inches.

Margo was auditioned by a prospective Owner before being put out for auction. She had been somewhat defiant in the beginning and as a result, had suffered a more severe regimen of rough punishment. But now Margo had realized the error of her ways and had become quite a sweet little thing. Her sister Anna had been sold off to work in an China Town whorehouse.

Margo’s blond looks, tight body and thoroughly agreeable nature impressed her Buyer and she, good girl as she was, showed her gratefulness for being purchased by a long, wet sucking of His cock.


May 13th, 2005

For the members of this gang, the ‘White Slavery’ business was turning out to be far more lucrative than they had ever dared to hope. And the demand for fresh white slavegirls was becoming so great that the gang’s members found themselves engaged day and night in task of the choosing, planning and kidnapping of the most attractive and well-bred white females available. It was difficult and time-consuming, but somehow the black gangsters managed to rise to the occasion.

This time, the abducted human cargo was a half-dozen or so college cheerleaders who had been snatch off the street in front of the hotel they all had been staying at while attending a cheerleading conference. Just the right type. Perky, pretty and in fine physical condition. Their strong and limber bodies would serve to make them prime pieces of fuck-meat, able to hold up under all the relentless forced sex that they would be enduring in their new lives as streetwhores and brothel slaves. The word had already gone out about this latest group of slavebitches; the prospective buyers had begun to call, wanting appointments in order to examine and make bids. But in the meantime, a couple of the gangsters just had to try out some of that wonderful-looking pussy for themselves. The tall, lean senior cheerleader named Bianca screamed in vain as they started to rip off her cute outfit and push her toward a much-used bed. There on the dirty mattress, Bianca would be the first of her group to be forced to give it up; to learn to obey all those shouted commands; to move and buck those strong hips up against those brutal black cocks…

While the gang was comprised predominately of men, there was a sizeable number of female members. Girls and women who were just as tough, as ruthless and as dangerous as their male counterparts. And the gang leader granted them the privilege of being the ones who did most of the actual punishment and disciplining of the slaves in order to instill the right kind of attitude before they were put on display or put to work. It was an assignment that most of the black female member relished and really enjoyed as they used their fists, whips and straps to firmly put those white slaves in their place.

Sholanda was tall, lean and mean. Tonight she was working herself into a sweat as she flayed the now-tender and reddened body of blond Becky. Becky had exhibited only the slightest trace of defiance at first, but that was enough to bring Sholanda’s aggressive nature to the fore. Now after a half-hour of agony under Sholanda’s merciless attentions, poor Becky was now just a trembling mess, only weakly moving when the black woman’s leather whiplet landed on her back, legs and shoulders. Sholanda recognized the sure signs of a natural submissive; this white girl would be so obedient….so giving…

“Do you want me to stop beating you? Do you want that, girl?”

“…Y- y- yes…please…please….”

Sholanda’s black pussy was beginning to wet….. “That’s my girl. that’s the way I like to hear ya talk.” She softly stroked Becky’s sobbing face.

Becky had been repeatedly used as Sholanda’s chief pussyeater until the time came for her to be put in one of the display areas to be considered for sale. Her virgin pussy and asshole was a great selling point, one which certainly enhanced her chances at being bought by Big Ray, one of the more powerful pimps in the area. Becky’s price was somewhat steep, causing Big Ray to hesitate until his main woman Violet lean in to say, “You a fool if you don’t take this one, Ray. This here little piece is one of them that you can charge some big-time rates for. We can set her up in one of the rooms instead of puttin’ her out on the street. That way we keep her cunt and ass tight and the dudes is just gonna pay extra to dip their dicks in her.”

Over in another corner, a drug dealer called Dangerous had just chosen and paid cash money for the 20 year-old cheerleader, Erica. Dangerous had been turned on from the moment her had spotted Erica and there was no way that he was going to wait any longer than necessary to spread those long legs of hers and shove in his dick. In fact, he wasn’t even going to wait until after he had taken her home. Right there, Dangerous unfastened his pants and move in close against Erica, his tongue forcing it’s way into her yielding mouth. He placed her shaky hands on his cock, having her start to stroke him. Erica knowing that her buyer was going to fuck her right there, in front of everybody, could only comply by spreading her legs. An involuntary sob escaped from her throat as her ten fingers could barely wrap around his giant shaft…..

Colleen had just been captured less than three days before. She being the proud debutant that she was, had decided try to fight and escape the strange big black man who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere as she was walking to her car after a long evening of reverie at her favorite exclusive nightclub. Colleen’s resistance had not lasted very long; she had been pummeled quickly and severely and then tossed into the trunk of a waiting car. Taken to her place of captivity, she had endured a night of further attitude readjustment in the form gang-rape and the repeated application of the belt. Now Colleen had seen the light and had realized the errors of her ways. She would now seek to demonstrate her willingness to cooperate by obediently trying to give the very best of blowjobs to the long gangster cock being dangled in front of her face. And Colleen would do such a good job of it, too; sucking that thug dick to a wet, creamy cum and swallowing every salty drop …

These thugs might have been low-life criminals, but one thing they did appreciate, when they found it, was real talent. Colleen, it so happen, had a real talent for sucking cocks. So it was in short order that she was given the position as the whorehouse’s cocksucking specialist. Word traveled fast, and Colleen accomplished mouth and slavish lips and tongue was soon servicing and milking the sperm up from the ballsacs and out of the cocks of happy, demanding customers much as 18 hours a day, 7 days a week…..

Word traveled fast, and Colleen accomplished mouth and slavish lips and tongue was soon servicing and milking the sperm up from the ballsacs and out of the cocks of happy, demanding customers much as 18 hours a day, 7 days a week…..

When he first started doing his illegal drug business with the black and Latin gangs, Nick McMann was waned against ever entertaining any thoughts of double-crossing them. “Those guys are dangerous as hell and they won’t stop until they get their revenge on you if they think that you’ve betrayed them” was the common advice from some of his drinking pals. But McMann was a man who had long-term connections to some of the highest elected and appointed officials in his city. Surely, he thought, his connections would serve to protect him in the event that he had trouble with these lowly suppliers of drugs and other shady enterprises.

But Nick McMann soon found out that he had been wrong, very wrong. McMann had decided to do a rip-off; selling the drugs that the gangs had supplied him and then keeping all the money for himself. And he soon discovered that his ‘friends’ and ‘connections’ were not going to come to his aid at all. Knowing now that his life was in extreme peril, Nick McMann packed his bags and fled his big, expensive home, telling his wife and children that he was leaving for their own protection. “These men are after me, not you. all you have to do is keep a low profile until all this mess has a chance to blow over”, he told them.

Again, McMann was wrong. Maybe the gang didn’t yet know where Nick had gone, but they knew where his family was. The police had advised Mrs. McMann that it might be a good idea for her and her three college-aged daughters to perhaps find another place to stay for a while. They didn’t have to suggest it twice; Alice McMann and family promptly vacated the house, each of them finding different lodgings. And to further play it safe, only their close relatives knew their new locations.

But the gangsters were determined to extract their vengeance. Big Ed, the leader of the black gang told his thoughts to Ramos, the local representative of the Latin drug importing operation, ” If we can’t find that Nick bastard, then I’m gonna hunt down as many of the bitches in his family as I can. Doesn’t matter if they’re daughters, sisters, cousins or whatever – we’ll make our money back from using or selling their asses!” Ramos, seeing the possibilities, liked this idea and agreed to it.

Big Ed’s thugs moved fast and their first capture was a 20 year-old niece of McMann named Fran. Fran was taken from her apartment in the middle of the day. Her first night was not pleasant; after being whipped and beaten, she was duct-taped to a pipe in a standing position throughout the night. Her legs and arms were in agony. And this was only the beginning.

Elvira’s plans for Fran started promptly at 8am. That’s when one of the prostitutes cut Fran loose from her tape bindings and escorted her in a small damp room with only a bed. There Fran was collared and chained.

At 8:15 am, the first black stud walked in, undressed and immediately proceeded to begin jamming his huge cock in Fran’s virgin asshole.

“Don’t fight it, baby. You fight it and I get to beat on ya and still fuck ya.”

Fran gasped in pain as the thug’s shaft kept forcing it’s way inside, stretching the walls of her protesting anus.

“Uhhhhhhh….So tight, baby, so damn tight….” His strong fingers dug into her shoulders as he slammed his entire length up her ass.

“Oh, Jesus! It hurts! You’re killing me! AAAEEEeeeeeeee!”

“Now don’t be that way, bitch…..I’m just puttin’ some lovin’ on ya. ….” He was strong and virile and he was just getting started.

Outside the room, three other big thugs, all chosen by Elvira for their cock size and stamina, waited their turn…

Fran’s rape session ended at 11am. Trembling and barely able to walk, she was then taken to the next room, where she prepared for Elvira’s personal attentions. Elvira started out by subjecting Fran to a merciless belt-flogging, flailing away at full-strength, holding nothing back. The white girl’s screams filled the entire basement complex; screams made at the top of her voice; animalistic screams, desperate screams….

Elvira whipped away at her captive until she gauged that the time was right to begin with her next and most effective application of well-planned abuse. Elvira not only enjoyed this kind of wirk, she was also very good at it, and studied it and had practiced it until it had become an art. Many men and women – most of whom were far tougher than Fran – had been broken by Elvira’s methods….

Now Fran torment was at a zenith as Elvira began apply the end of her burning cigarette to Fran’s breasts.

“Now Fran, baby…..tell me how this feels…”


“Ohhhhh, I can see that you want more,,,,,Here, let me give you a little touch to that nipple….Mmmmmm, such a cute little nipple you got there, all pink and all…”


“Now, sweetie, I just know that you want to tell be about your cousins and all the other females relatives that you have… Wait a minute, let me try that other nipple before you answer….Here….”

“Yaaaaaaa..! Eeeeeeeeee….!”

“Tell me all about where they live…..Their addresses, telephone numbers…Everything….”

Fran had told all that she could think to tell. And now Big Ed had information on where he could find not only nock McMann’s wife and daughters, but also where he could pick up at least a dozen additional female relatives. Fran had so obligingly provided Elvira with the descriptions of each relative, so Ed was able to make choices of which ones he wanted to take.

With the information in hand, Big Ed’s henchmen fanned out throughout the city, beginning their hunting spree. “Be smart and quick about it”, Big Ed had instructed them. “I want it done fast, before they know what’s happening to each other, before they can warn each other or notify the cops”.

The gang’s hunters were good. Almost every targeted female was successfully snatched away from their homes or off the streets. One of the first ones to be kidnapped was Fran’s 18 year-old sister, Natalie. Natalie

had no idea that anyone was in her apartment as she came home from her store clerk job. Only when a deep voice spoke from behind and a large blade was held at her throat did she realize her peril.

The plan was for each captive to be taken to a separate location where she would be immediately subjected to a intense breaking-down and breaking-in regimen administered by a cadre of whores and street prostitutes especially chosen by Elvira for their dependability and their sadistic tendencies.

Natalie was brought to Regina and Emerald’s place. Without a word, Regina tore off Natalie’s clothes and attached her ankles to chains that hung from the ceiling. Natalie’s peaches-and-cream ass was perfectly positioned and exposed. As she saw Emerald approach her with a leather strap, Natalie’s eyes widened with fear and shock.

“Please! No! Why are you doing this? Why am I here? Please don’t hurt me!”

Emerald snorted and then gave Natalie a hard blow that landed on the white girl’s thigh, causing her to yelp and causing angry red mark . “Now look here, girl. I don’t want to hear any fuckin’ word from that mouth of yours, you hear me? Ain’t nothin’ you gotta say that we wanna hear until we tell ya it’s okay to talk. You our bitch now and you gonna learn how to act.

“I’m gonna hurt ya, bitch. I’m gonna whip ya real good. I gonna whip the shit outta ya. Now, if you just be my bitch and take what I’m gonna give ya, I’ll let up on ya after a while and let ya eat me and Regina’s pussy. But if you yell and make a fuss, if you even say one more word until we tell ya it’s okay to talk, we’re gonna gag ya and then the both of us is gonna take turns beatin’ every damn inch of your body all fuckin’ night! It’s up to you how you want it. Now I’m gonna start on ya now. All I wanna hear is you crying’ real soft – I like to see a sweet white girl cry. But it better not be any that loud kind of cryin’! Here goes, bitch….”

whack whack whack whack

“Oh yeahhhhhh, you is so pretty when you cry……so pretty…Ain’t she pretty, Regina?”

“Yeah, sure is. Can’t wait for my turn. Hear that, girl? I’m gonna show ya how a real black dyke can whip on the cute ass of yours. I got me a plain ol’ wooden ruler that’s gonna make you feel like you ain’t never felt before. You gonna earn the right to eat my cunt.”

Elvira got a telephone report from Regina; Fran’s sister Natalie was in the midst of cleaning out Emerald’s asshole with her tongue.

“That girl, she learnin’ fast. She gonna be a money-maker if you decide on keepin’ her. Shit, if I had the bread, I’d buy her in a minute! She gonna make a real good ho’.”

“Glad to hear that, Regina. Okay, you two can use her as much as you want before we send someone over to pick her up. You can whip on her a bit more, but don’t damage her. I want her broken in, but she’s gotta be lookin’ okay, understand?”

After the call, Elvira smiled and returned to the big room in which she had left Fran sitting on the bed. Surrounding the captive girl was a half dozen of Big Ed’s thugs.

“Okay, boys, she’s all yours. Big Ed wants her turned into a complete whore before we put her to work out on the streets. We got birth control pills for her, so you all can shoot your loads in her all you want. You can treat her as rough as you want – after all she a girl who turned in her own sister. She’s nothin’ but a ho’ now.

Elvira left the room. She would bring in another group of fresh, eager cocks to have their turns fucking Fran. She figured that it would require a week of non-stop rape sessions to make Fran into a street whore who would be obediently spreading her legs in the alleys and behind the trash bins, earning money for her new Masters. Elvira thought about the other girls who were destined to be Big Ed’s new and unwilling guests.

Yes, Nick McMann might have escaped the gang – but his daughters and female relatives would be here, taking his place…..

This was going to be fun.

Big Ed’s gang had now kidnapped or abducted almost every adult female relative of Nick McMann who lived in the area. Even third and fourth cousins were snatched up in the sometimes brazen raids carried out by Big Ed’s men. The breaking-in process of turning these captives into slaves was in full motion and some of them were already being put to work out on the streets and I a number of Big Ed’s inner-city whorehouses; their white bodies being used to begin earning back some of the money that Nick McMann had cost the Gang when he cheated them and escaped.

In the 83rd Street whorehouse operation, McMann nieces Audrey and Ruth Lugran were experiencing their first hours of the new life that was being forced upon them. Audrey ‘s crying was being muffled by the large black cock that was roughly fucking her mouth and causing her to gag as it started filling her throat. This was Audrey’s first customer of the day; there would be 20 more men who would sample her cute mouth and pretty holes before her shift was over.

A mile away, Carrie another McMann relative, was having her own initial meeting with the Madam Joanna, the woman in charge of the brothel in which she would be serving. Carrie’s very first experience at eating pussy had been a week ago when she had endured the harsh training melt out by Regina and Emerald. During her stay with those two, she had been taught the fine art of using her tongue to please and now she was again demonstrating her talent on the rather oversized clit and misting cunt of this new madam, a woman whom it would be very wise to please.

Although Big Ed’s capturing of the McMann women was mostly a matter of business, some of it was also a matter of revenge. Revenge on the man whom he had trusted and who had embarrassed him by cheating him out of a lot of money. Nick McMann’s female relatives would be forced to use their bodies to recoup the amount that he had taken from the Gang, Big Ed would see to that.

But Big Ed would also have a more personal, a more satisfying revenge. In the large, fortress-like warehouse that served a both his headquarters and residence, he was now keeping the Nick’s lovely wife, Dora, along with her daughter Natalie. Big Ed really enjoyed the thought that as Nick McMann would spend the short time that he had left to live running from place to place, his beloved wife and youngest daughter would spend the rest of their days – and nights – serving as Big Ed’s personal concubine slaves. And he would make sure that before Nick McMann died, that he would know

Dora now knew just how Big Ed preferred to fuck her. Up her ass. And he liked to fuck her often. And he always fucked her in front of her daughter. Dora had resisted this at first; but after the painful punishment she had received for even the slightest defiance, she now was obedient and gave it to Big Ed like he wanted it.

Big Ed was gradually fucking the dignity out her with that huge cock of his and the way that he used it. And she was secretly alarmed that the painful ramming of his cock was now bringing some kind of involuntary response from her body….

“You ready for more of your Master’s cock, baby? Tell me, baby.”

“Yes, Master, please.”

“Beg me to fuck ya. And tell me in front of your cute daughter that you’re my bitch. Tell me.”

“I’m your bitch, Master. And please fuck me. Please let me give it to you anyway that you want to take it. Please fuck my ass hard.” Dora’s face reddened in shame as she told him what he wanted to hear.

Big Ed smiled as he stroked his cock. ” Now, bitch, tell me in front of your daughter that you give her to me. Tell me that as her mother, you give her to me forever.”

Dora’s eyes moistened as she obeyed her Master and told him what he wanted to hear.

“Yes, Master, Natalie is yours. I give her to you to keep…”

“Ahhhhh, you’re a good mother,” Big Ed said as he put Dora in position to fuck her. ” You’ve earned your fuck. Stick that sweet ass up to take it like the good bitch that you are. And tell your daughter that she better watch or else she’ll get another hard whipping. I want her to watch her mother and see and learn how to be a good whore to her Master….”

Dora had pleased Big Ed with the way that she moved her ass to his cock and with her distressed moans and whimpering from his anal attacks. She had taken three of his cumloads up her ass and now lay chained back in her own special cell in the warehouse basement. She needn’t worry about being neglected long, though; Dora knew that her Master would be back tonight, wanting and taking more of what she had to offer him.

But now Big Ed was ready for more. His balls were filling up again with semen and his cock was already beginning to harden again as he carried Natalie upstairs to his bedroom.

Big Ed wasn’t bragging; he had a lot of experience at fucking a bitch into submission. And Natalie would be a special project with him. An most enjoyable project. In a year from now, she – and her mother – would be totally his. He might even give them new names to go along with their new personalities. What a sweet revenge on Nick McMann…….

While Big Ed was attending to his own personal pleasures, another facet of his revenge against Nick McMann was in progress. Big Ed’s Latin crime associates were also due to profit from the taking of McMann’s

female relatives as slaves. In a way, dealing a lot of the McMann slaves off the Latins was a better and safer proposition to Big Ed; first, the Latin cartel was willing to throw some extra supplies of drugs Big Ed’s way as a gift in exchange for the slaves. Secondly, the slaves being transported to South America would ensure that they would, in effect, disappear, making it less likely that any slave would eventually end up being capable of making trouble for Big Ed.

The Latin cartel had sent one of it’s most trusted brothel madams to take a look at the dozen or so McMann captives that Big Ed’s gang had offered to make available to them. She had a good eye for female flesh and she would make the final decisions concerning which girls her organization would take.

Doritha Ramos stare was hard as she looked over the two McMann girls who cowered in the small closet that had served as their cell for the past few weeks. Doritha pinched and massaged her erect clit as she mentally appraised the two girls. Yes, eighteen and twenty-three years old, pretty and already broken in. Perfect.

But Doritha also had to know how compatible these girls would be on a personal level. She always needed to know if these slaves had the aptitude to make her feel comfortable. The many men who patronized the brothels that she oversaw had simple needs and most were easily satisfied. But Doritha also made personnel decisions on the basis of which of these Gringo girls would get along better with the regular Latin whores who staffed the different brothels. She knew how to make her judgments… how to audition prospective girls…

In the beginning, some slaves, although treated with admirable restraint by their captors, just couldn’t seem to be able to bring themselves to accept their new status in life. Coming from a background of relative comfort and privilege, the idea of spending the rest of their lives as lowly brothel or street whores was almost too much for them to absorb. Sometimes, the gangsters would solve this problem by a good dose of brutal punishment or perhaps a week of non-stop rape. But sometimes Big Ed would chose instead to impress their new fate upon them in other ways.

One method for bring a reluctant bitch to her senses was to merely take her out and leave her restrained in a back alley at night. There she would spend the entire night, naked, exposed and available to any passing dude who happened by and wanted a little taste of what this helpless white girl had to offer. And in this urban, inner city neighborhood, the sort of men who prowled the streets and back alleys were not the kid that one normally would enjoy meeting. But they enjoyed meeting these white girls very much and they would show it by using those captive pussies and assholes over and over again in the most crude and degrading ways….

Alfonso had been just cruising this alley in search of perhaps some prey to rob for some much-needed cash. But instead he happened upon a very frightened blonde named Lisa, who was tied and awaiting his inspection and his cock.

In this gang’s structure and method of operations, the women members, it’s associated street prostitutes and brothel whores played a big part in the breaking-in of new slavemeat. For these hardened women, it was a particularly pleasurable duty when it came to getting a young white slave thoroughly acquainted with the ways of a whore.

Marsha and Shona, as a rule, preferred to slowly introduce themselves to an already broken-in girl; sometimes spending days with their routine of sexual humiliation and instruction. Tonight they had been handed a cute little 18 year-old Tanya, who had just emerged from two weeks of whipping and rape from her male gang kidnappers. Now she was chastened, submissive and ready to be schooled in the proper ways of giving pleasure.

Shona started things off with a deep inspection of Tanya’s sore pussy. Her fingers were strong and hard as they dug into Tanya’s cunt, digging. Exploring.

“Now, girl, your Shona’s gonna start showin’ you what a ho’ you is gonna be. You is gonna be puttin’ out for a lotta men and they is gonna be fuckin’ all them holes of yours. But me and Marsha here is gonna be teachin’ you how to be pleasin’ all us other ho’s when you ain’t workin’. Oh, yeah…you feelin’ that, baby? I’m gonna show you how a fist can fill you up better than any of them big cocks you is gonna be takin’……”

Tanya moaned in distress as Shona’s five fingers were replaced by her entire fist slowly stretching her protesting cunt.

“Hurts a bit, don’t it, girl? Well, don’t worry, baby, you is gonna learn to love it. The sistas is gonna be arm-fuckin’ you a lot when they first gets to be with you. I promise you that you are gonna end up just beggin’ for it after a while. So it’s very important that you become acquainted with the feelin’ of it all!”

With said, Shona adjusted her leverage and steadily began working her fist even deeper now, watching Tanya’s contorted face and listening to her groans.

“Tell me, sweetie. Tell me that you want me to make you my little bitch. Tell me that your pussy belongs to me…”

And Tanya, so servile, so without hope, told Shona everything that she had demanded to hear…..

Shona liked this girl. Tanya was going to be everything that they wanted her to be. Shona’s cunt was dripping wet now, anticipating all the pleasures that this submissive cutie was going to provide her and her partner over the next few days – perhaps weeks.

Shona shoved her fist almost up to her elbow, impaling Tanya with her arm. Tanya’s scream was as full as her pussy…

And while pleasure was surely a big part of the Gang’s white slave trade, the moving force was always pure business. These slaves either worked in the Gang’s streets, whorehouses or were put on the auction block for sale to the myriad of various buyers who were always in need of captive flesh. The trade was very profitable, so the Gang’s turnover rate was brisk.

While a slave would surely sell when taken out to Auction, there was never a guarantee concerning the price that she would command from the assembled buyers. Her looks, attitude and general health were always major considerations in how much money would be paid for her, but there were also other factors that came into play. The various needs and motivations of the buyers also effected the prices offered.

The portly man named “Tub” was a frequently attendee at the Gang’s Auctions, always bringing his wife Hattie and daughter Jennine with him as equal partners in the inspection and purchasing of any flesh that caught their eye. At today’s Auction, a pretty blond and shaven Maureen had indeed captured their collective eye and interest. “Tub” and family were successful, long-time drug distributors whose interest in slaves was driven by pleasure, not business. And they were in a position to afford their pleasures.

“What do you think, child?”, Tub asked his daughter. “You think this one is one that we should get?” Tub knew that she probably would be; she seemed to share his taste in women. And this slave Maureen appealed to him; his cock was already hardening in his pants from the thought of how he would be spending long periods plowing that shaven pussy….

Jennine nodded. “Yeah, she looks pretty fine to me”, she said, her thoughts already anticipating how this slave’s pink lips as they sucked wetly on her anus and that tongue would be feel as it thrashed around inside her asshole.

Tub’s wife, Hattie’s thoughts were a bit darker as she appraised Maureen’s good looks and her shapely pale body. She was thinking how this girl would first be squirming as she applied her red-hot needles to those lovely breasts and pussy lips down in their sound-proofed basement and then how she would be screaming at the very top of her voice as Hattie would slowly finish her off over a period of a week with the most cruel use of her assortment of knives and that little blow torch that she used to burn off every inch of a slaves skin…..

The Salvadors was another family that regular used the Gang’s slave-auction services to procure fresh girls. Ernesto Salvador and his two sisters, Regina and Nester, were owners of a flourishing underground sex and pain video operation that furnished certain South American interests with the most discerning and sadistic of porn.

Ernesto always used one of the Gang’s cellar rooms to try out a just-bought slavegirl. He always enjoyed the slave’s shaking trepidation the face of her new Master and Mistresses and at the thought of her fate when he would gleefully inform her of her new owners’ plans for her.

Sharon was the slave who was trembling now. She trembled as Ernesto ran his hands over her smooth by still-aching skin as he said, ” We’re going to give you a chance to get to know us before we take you to our place, eh? You’re also are going to work hard to let us all get to know you, too. You’re going to love how I’m going fuck you, my little puta. My cock is so big and I know that you will love it when I ram it up your ass. And I know that you will love it when I pull my cock out of your ass and jam it down your throat so you can suck all the cum out as I empty my balls, eh? Si, I know you will love doing everything that we want you to do here and I know that you will love working in our films. You will love thrilling our fans as they watch you as you will do everything that we want you to do. You will love how I will hurt you while I fuck you and how my sisters will hurt you and make you cry and scream. And we will love how you will be begging us for mercy in your final moments….”

“Enough of this,” interrupted Nester as she started to remove her clothes. “You listen to me , puta. You’re gonna to make us a lot of money and then you’re gonna to die! And before you die, you’re gonna be spending all your time pleasing me, my sister and my brother – and you better do it well, you hear me? You’ve already caused my nipples to get hard and my cunt to wet up, so I’m gonna make you pay, you fuckin’, low-life! How dare you make me get all horny! Forget about my brother, puta – get down on your knees and crawl over here and kiss my feet before I let you eat my pussy! and you better make me cum real good before I piss in your mouth, understand!”

“And then, me and my sister here, we’re gonna whip the shit out you! All the punishment that you’ve had ain’t nothing compared to how we’re gonna hurt you tonight! You’re gonna beg for my brother is fuck you before we girls are done with you! And I promise you that when we start filming you, we will be hurting you so much more, that you will again be begging – this time, begging us to let you die!”

“Si,” chuckled Regina. ” I will kill you myself. I will love it when I gouge out your eyes while our cameras film it for our customers. And I will enjoy it so much when I slowly take my time choking the life out of you by squeezing your little neck with my strong hands…”

The Salvadors were not the only Latin interests that dealt with the Gang slave-auctioning services. Uncle Tito frequently shopped there for comely candidates to purchase for shipping out to his clients in South America. He always searched for a particular type of slave; young, with fresh, innocent looks. That was the type favored by the people that he did business with; powerful members of the Latin American elite and criminal leadership. These clients didn’t want girls for use in brothels, etc. Rather the people who uses Uncle Tito’s services tended to keep slaves for purposes of pleasure. Some of them even kept entire harems of slavegirls for their personal enjoyment.

Uncle Tito looked on as a newly-purchased Dorothy was escorted into the back of his truck for prompt transportation to the docks and shipping off to South American to a certain moneyed industrialist who had placed an order for an unbroken, innocent-looking American girl from the Midwestern section.

Dorothy had all the attributes that the client wanted. A college sophomore who had just been kidnapped while heading back to visit her parents on their farm, Dorothy had not been raped or beaten. That would be the sole privilege of her new owner, a man who took great pleasure in breaking in a scared young slave with his brutal cock and collection of restraints and whips.

The Gang’s White Slavery operation was going well; the demand for new slaves was growing. And growing so fast that the Gang’s leader, Big Ed, had decided to streamline things by adapting the method of auctioneering. After all, having the buyers bid against each other for the best slave flesh always worked to bring in better prices. Of course, this increased level of sales also mandated a more aggressive and far-flung effort by the Gang in terms of the areas in which they kidnapped new girls. But the Gang’s contacts were wide and soon more slaves than ever were being transported to the Gang’s central location to be processed and readied for the auction block.

“This looks like a good batch,” commented Shag as a new trio of captives were marched into the warehouse.

Shag loved his work; loved it so much that he kept his fly unzipped and his cock hanging out.

“Hey, I really like the look of the last one. Stop marching, bitches! You in the rear, get on your knees right now! I want ya to suck my dick… you gonna have your pretty face well fucked!”

To put it mildly, working the slave trade did have it’s advantages. The hours might have been long, but a lot of those hours involved the taking one’s pleasure from the captive and submissive female bodies that were available to their use.

Isaac hadn’t had any pussy for over three hours and he was very horny by the time he had spotted the petite Anita cowering at the rear of her cell. Anita had been brought in the night before and had yet to undergo the usual initiation of intense paddling and whipping that would signal the beginning of her training. Isaac’s practiced eye immediately saw that Anita was the type that would be trained easily; she would provide little resistance to being transformed into a servile little whore. He decided right then to give her an advance lesson in what her new life would require of her.

Leading the scared, compliant Anita to one of the small fucking mattresses, Isaac climbed on top of her, saying ” You’re gonna give it all up to me, baby. I’m gonna show ya what a big cock can do.

Just for fun, he held his big knife in front of her face. Her big, frightened eyes and her tearful whimper was just what he wanted, turning him on further as he pressed his shaft into her tight cunt.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she begged. ” Please……”

The action never ceased in the Gang’s headquarters. At any hour, somewhere within the sprawling building or in the vast underground complex of tunnels and basement rooms below it, the sounds of flogging against yielding skin, sweating bodies slapping against each other, of pitiful moans and screams were always in evidence. The business of punishment and the pleasures of violent sex mixed together well here.

Sadie had just finished giving Ann her first dose of discipline; nothing heavy, just short, ten – minute caning that had quickly reduced the slave to tears and left her shaking all over. Sadie had her own way of breaking her captives in.

After this short break, the next session would last twenty minutes and after that each one would last a full thirty minutes. At the end of the first 24 hours of Sadie’s expert applications of her bamboo cane, a slave would usually be quivering, jellied mess. and cringing at the knowledge that the next 24 hours would bring more of the same. No slave could bear up under such a drawn-out program of punishment for very long…

And between each session of pain, Sadie would position her pussy in front of the slave’s face, with the instruction to eat that pussy real good and make it cum. That was what cute, beaten Ann was doing right now – frantically using her mouth and tongue on the stern and unsmiling Sadie’s offered cunt and clit. Trying so hard to please….

Meanwhile, Isaac had not forgotten about the lovely little Anita; returning to visit her a few days into her training. He particularly liked how her small pussy strained to accommodate his huge member, how she always gritted her teeth when rammed all of himself deep inside her. Yeah, he wanted more. So Anita was spared some time away from those paddles and whips – so that Isaac could enjoy inflicting his own type of pain….

“I know you missed me, didn’t ya? I know you couldn’t wait for your big, bad Isaac with his big, bad cock,” Isaac gloated as he began to roughly fuck Anita from behind. ” Ummmm…Baby, that cunt feels so good! So damn good!”

Miss Dolly was the mother of Big Ed, the Gang’s undisputed leader. And in that capacity, she commanded great respect. Miss Dolly was a big woman, a tough woman – and a woman who had big needs of her own. Because of those needs, she was a familiar figure around the gang headquarters; usually with her own tightly-knit entourage travelling in her wide wake. Miss Dolly had tits the size and weight of rice sacks and a clit that some said was the length and width of a child’s thumb. With very few responsibilities and a lot of idle time, it was only natural that she tended to find her daily amusements by making use of all those easily available white cunts at her disposal
“Ummmm… a new cunt… come here, little one… you gonna eat my shit and lick my craphole clean after”

Every once in a while, there was sure to be one or two slaves who tended to be particularly difficult and resisted even in the face of the most heavily – applied abuse. The Gang had long since decided against investing a heavier-than-usual training program on these types in the hopes of bringing them around; such traits made them highly suspect as slave material, anyway. Instead, these troublesome malcontents were quickly separated from the other slaves in order that they be put to use as S&M ‘toys’.

Vivian’s deeply defiant personality had clearly marked her as one who was definitely not good slave material. No matter how intense and severe her training, she could never be trusted.

No matter, Vivian would instead serve her captors in another way. She would instead give them the enjoyment of her prolonged suffering and death.

The prostitute named “Willow” had been granted torture rights to Vivian and she was determined to extract every bit of pain and self-worth from her over the week’s time. She was one who liked to take her time, and she started things off mildly; a half-day of electrified needles in Vivian’s flesh would begin to get this slave in the proper frame of mind of what was to follow. Next, it would be an electric plug up her rectum and another in her pussy. Then would follow the hammer-smashing of Vivian’s fingers and toes. And that was only the plans for the first day. Willow would not peel off Vivian’s skin until the seventh day….

“Lucky me you are such a stupid girl… you can’t imagine how I like doing this to you!”

The Gronsky Gang’s main source of income was the ‘white slave’ trade. It’s ability to kidnap and prepare attractive young ladies for auctioning and transport to ever-willing buyers in Eastern Europe and the Balkans had resulted in great amounts of cash.

Marina was one of the Gronsky Gang’s latest acquisitions. Only a day ago, she was attending her night class for cosmetology. Then came the quick abduction from the parking lot and the binding and gagging. Now Marina sat trembling alone in this dark basement, awaiting her new fate…

The senior captains of the Gronsky Gang enjoyed exercising their privileges when it came to being the first to inspect and assess the new slave talent. Their wives and girlfriends, often fully involved in the Gang’s slave-trade activities, also tended to indulge themselves in these initiations. The new slaves would have their first example of what would be expected of them…

“This one’s name is Inna. Isn’t she a treasure, boys? A nice and delicious 19 years of tight pussy, just ready to be used and taught. Isn’t that right, girl? Now don’t you worry, sweetie, your Viktoriya is going to make sure that you get the proper attention and instruction that you deserve. The boys are going to have at you first. I advise you to try and obey and do your very best to please them – because they can get very unpleasant if you fail to make them happy.

“Then after the men folk are done with you, we ladies will get together with you and teach you just how to show your appreciation to us in ways that only a woman can…”

Sometimes the Gang would make an example of a particularly resistant slave. After all, theirs was a business that depended on the quick preparation of their slaves to make them ready for sale. A difficult slavegirl slowed up the operation and also posed a danger in that her ‘bad attitude’ might embolden the other slaves.

The Gang example was brutal and very effective. The difficult slave was simply dragged down into the boiler room and hung. Then the other slaves would be taken in to see for themselves the results of a ‘bad attitude’. Such a lesson always worked to bring the girls into line.

“Do you see what being a bad girl will get you,” Svetlana purred softly in Yulia’s ear. ” Such a waste of a sweet girl. She was your friend , wasn’t she? You don’t want this to happen to you, do you? do you?

Yulia could barely bring herself to speak as Svetlana’s hand fondled and squeezed her breasts. “N – N – No. No . Please…”

“Mmmm….Good girl, very good.” Svetlana’s tongue probed wetly into the slave’s ear as she whispered, “Come now, let’s go back to my room so that you can prove to me and my boyfriend just how good a girl that you are going to be. He like earnest girls who really want to please in every way. And so do I..”

Yana and Nadya had been captured only a few hours before and already they were being greeted by the Gang’s stern and experienced Sofia. Sofia’s sharp eye for the most promising talent had immediately drawn her to Nadya. Nadya’s beautiful face and almost flawless body would cause Sofia to recommend that she be separated from the other slaves and be given special training; a girl with her attributes would fetch two to three times the usual price if she was prepared to serve and for service as a pampered slave-bride to some powerful industrialist or crime lord.

“I like your tits, slave. Full, but not saggy. Nice and suckable. You’re gonna make some buyer real happy… and you’ll certainly suffer for having such a cute pair, customers buy such tits to suck and fuck but also to pinch, twist and slap and other more painful things you can’t ever imagineЕЕ”

It was only a week until the time that the new slaves would be going to Auction. And the Gang’s ladies always made it a point to have one all-female ‘Going-away’ party with the slavegirls to celebrate their approaching lifestyle change. One last chance to for the captives to spend time servicing hot clits and pussies before entering a life that more likely consist of the rough hands and hard cocks of countless demanding and cruel men.

“Here, Ivani, why don’t you let this cute little bitch have a go at eating your cunt. She’s gotten very good at it and she’s especially adept after being whipped on a bit… I can tell for sureЕ we spent the night together and she gave me a great time, didn’t you, bitch?”

Olga’s going-away party was a bit brutal and intense. Olga, not being as attractive as most of the other slaves, would likely be sending the rest of her days being put to work in low-class brothels or on the streets of some foreign industrial Balkan city.

Hers would be the life of a hard-fucked, hard-handled and drug-addicted whore – so the Gang guys made it a point to help Olga get herself ready for the tough times ahead.

Olga flinched and let out a cry as Georgi rudely pressed his big cock deep into her sore cunt. Her pained twitching also caused her anus to convulse and squeeze tight around the embedded shaft of Andrei, almost bring him to a premature orgasm.

“Don’t move so much, bitch,” Andrei growled at her from below. “I don’t want to cum yet! You make me cum too fast and I’m gonna get mad!.

The slave whimpered as she tried to hold her body in place, but it was becoming more difficult because Georgi was now beginning to slam her offered pussy harder and harder.

Yes, this was good training,

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