Flesh Market [MR. KANE’S]


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The women came in all shapes and sizes, but usually had firm, generous breasts, suggestively curved hips and big sensual lips that seemed always to be half open, as if waiting for a cock to close on like the petals of a rose in the evening. They were all sexual slaves and they were all trained in the art of total submission to whatever was required of them. Most of them came from different parts of the country and had been acquired in different ways нЦ some had been purchased in slave markets or public auctions, others bought directly from owners who had grown tired of them, while others had been commissioned from local mafias and seized from the streets or their own homes

They were systematically insulted, debased and humiliated. They were branded on their naked bodies. Some bore the marks of past owners and carried with them the signs of years of abuse. They were all, without exception, subjected to the most brutal and perverted fantasies of their Masters, and often too of jealous slaves. The local rulers and chieftains filled their harems with the most sensual young women in the land. Some too came from other lands. Barbary pirates and traveling caravans crossed seas and deserts in the search for suitable young women. It was a real market in female flesh. The price depended on the swing of a naked breast, the jolt of a buttock like a horses rump, or the heady swell and smell of a vulva that half-revealed and half-concealed the promise of pneumatic bliss

The Insatiable Favorite

Our story begins in the chambers of young Sarid Pach, heir to the throne and heir to the virtually unlimited greed, power and lust of his father. And heir too, to his fathers harem

Your father lies on his death-bed, my Lord, said Haydee, the old Pachs last favorite. She was also the secret lover of the young heir to the throne

What will you do with Tessa and Jaida, my Lord? she asked as she pulled down his pants, clasped the base of his shaft and licked enthusiastically at his member. They do not love me, my Lord. They remember when your father fucked them and not me. They will not love you, my Lord. They will not obey you as I obey you, with all my heart and naked body. You should make plans for them, my Lord

Sarid Pach gave a long deep sigh of satisfaction. He looked down into the beautiful dark eyes that were fixed on him adoringly and he felt that he could trust this slave

Dont worry, he said, with a low groan. She had given his cock a quick squeeze as she licked and sucked. They will soon be taking a vacation. The merchants know the value of their cunts and breasts and assholes better than I do myself my father trained them well and they will fetch a good price.


The concubines

Tessa and Jaida were lucky. Unlike some previous favorites, they did not end up at the bottom of a well in the harem.

One dark night they were taken secretly from their chambers. The guard took special pleasure in covering Tessas breasts with her bodice, and pulling Jaidas bodice down to reveal her firm, magnificent breasts. But he left both their cunts naked. He then led the women to a secret gate and took them to the port to be embarked in a galley that would set sail for an unknown destination.

Move your fat sex lips! the man growled. I wanna see them winking at me! Hahaha!

Where are you taking us? Tessa asked, her voice trembling

Youd better ask young Pach, bitches! the guard said. And you can thank your fat tits youre not going to the well, like Haydee wanted!

The girls shivered in the cold night air. Yes, things could be worse. They followed him submissively

Private dancers

The Great Pach had always taken great pleasure in watching his private dancers. He liked to masturbate as they swayed their hips and arms rhythmically in front of him.

He always took the best dancers with him on his travels and sometimes he ordered two or three slaves to massage him and lick his member as he watched the dancers.

His son inherited the same pastime, but he preferred his dancers with their breasts fully exposed. He was fascinated by the rise and fall and sudden quiver of a heavy breasts falling back into place

The harem had its own dance school, which was run with great cruelty by the beautiful young Zobeida. In her hands and under her canes the girls soon grew skilful in controlling the rise and fall of their tits, in calculating the moment of the sudden tremor of female flesh…

Slaves that failed to provoke a good strong orgasm with their breast movements were severely punished. They were punished by Zobeida herself on their naked breasts with different instruments from the schools large collection of canes, riding crops, whips, and lengths of rough rope

The slave on the left does not excite me, said the young Sarid Pach one day. I know, my Lord, replied Zobeida, stroking her new Masters flaccid penis. She is a slow learner.

Then you must make her a fast learner. Or you will both feel my riding crop on your clitoris!


Sucking their Master…

The guards led the unhappy dancer away for punishment. Sarid Pach paid little attention. His thoughts were already on his cock was being skillfully licked by two trained slaves, his jism monkeys as he called them.

He gazed down contentedly at the two girls, who were tied together by their pierced nipples. The girls licked with apparent enthusiasm, waiting to see which of them would be ordered to suck his cock and swallow his semen.

They were the most skilled suckers and lickers in the harem and their fame had traveled far and wide. It was said that they were impossible to resist when they worked together, swinging their beautiful breasts slowly from side to side and licking noisily, sometimes sucking on member. They could often bring a man irresistibly to orgasm without any hand pumping at all, which was a skill that few slaves possessed

Pach began to breather faster. His nostrils flared and his head started jerking from side to side. He did not want to have an orgasm so quickly, but he was helpless as a dark wave of ecstasy flooded over him. He grunted and groaned, threw his head back and let out a huge shout


One of the girls quickly closed her lips round his penis and caught the hot sticky jism in her mouth, swallowing it all…

Pach recovered quickly. He seized the other slave by the nipple and squeezed it.
Fetch my meal now, he ordered. Zobeida tells me you wait at table now. Do you have a new trick to please your Master?

Yes, Master. I will break the food into small morsels and feed you them one at a time from my cunt. I am wet for you, Master. Please eat from my cunt. I will open my lips for you, Master, and feed you.

Cruel training

The luckless dancer was led away to the punishment cell and stripped naked. She was made to stand in the middle of the cell with her legs wide apart and her hands behind her neck. A guard took up position behind her and another guard stood in front of her. The stone walls rang with the sound of wood biting into soft female flesh as the man behind struck her regularly and rhythmically on the naked buttocks, counting out each of the twenty stinging blows.



The second guard then picked up a rough bullwhip and pulled the last couple of feet of it tight between both hands. He slid it in between the lips of the slave’s naked vagina and began pulling it hard and fast over her clitoris with a sawing movement.

“It’s fuckin’ wet already! The slut can’t dance but she can sure fuck a whip! Don’t cum, bitch, or you’ll be sorry when Zobeida gets here!”

The girl gave a sudden gasp. The whip was rough and it hurt her clitoris, but it was irresistible. She tried to fight it because she knew she would be punished if she had an orgasm…

The guard stopped and the other man brought his cane came down on the woman’s naked buttocks again. Nineteen…




The guard with the whip slipped it between the slave’s open sex lips and began pulling it harder and faster, sawing away at her clitoris…

“NOOOOOOO!!! Please don’t! Don’t make me cum! I’ll be punished! NOOOOOO!!! OOOOOOOOOOH!!!”

Thus time there was nothing she could do. She gave a shout and jerked and swayed and pushed herself unwillingly into orgasm, her lovely breasts bouncing and shuddering, just as Zobeida walked into the room…

Zobeida ordered the girl to be tied over a barrel. The barrel was laid on its side and the girl lay back on it. Her breasts were exposed and defenseless. The guards handed her one by one the canes, whips, crops, birch twigs, cat o’ nine tails and other instruments of punishment . For an hour Zobeida flogged and beat the screaming slave. “This,” she said, pronouncing one word with each blow, “will… teach… you… to… dance… properly!” She stopped only when she saw the girl was about to pass out.

“Now hold up your big tits and offer them to the guards. Give them a tit-fuck and when they cum, lick their cocks clean. There are forty men in the garrison. Do the same to all of them… And when you’ve finished, I’ll have the men stand in a line. You’ll walk naked down the line holding up your tits and pulling your sex lips apart to show them your cunt and you’ll say fuck me, please, fuck me. When you get to the last man, he gets first fuck!”

Al Karik the renegade

Al Karik was a renegade pirate, a traitor to his own kind. He boarded all kinds of ships, Christian or Moorish, and he traded in the women he captured. First he tortured and abused them, and later he had them sewn up and sold as virgins.

Pachб did not like or trust him, but he knew that Al Karik could supply women that other traders could not…

“If you learn to wriggle around more and squeeze on my cock better, I’ll sell you to the Pachб. He’ll soon take the stitches out of your lovely little asshole!”

“NOOOOOO!!! Please, don’t!”

“And if you don’t pump my cock better, I’ll sell you to a stinking leather worker in Tangiers. He’ll have you working from dawn to sunset curing hides and shagging him. And if you do a bad job, you’ll soon feel the leather straps on your big tits, bitch! Hahaha!!! I’m gonna give you some cunt practice now and I’ll hand you over to the crew when I’m done with you!”

The sad tale of Yanetta

Yanetta was captured on a day as bleak and gray as her future.

She was a proud noblewoman, the only survivor of a trading ship whose crew and passengers were all put to the sword.

Yanetta’s own maid threw herself into the sea to avoid being taken…

Al Karik and Gomes began to strip the girl of her clothes in Karik’s cabin. The woman gasped as his finger went into her.

“Let’s have a feel of this little pussy, shall we? Hey, what’s this? It’s closed up with something!” He pulled her lips apart and saw a ring. It bore the sign of Verney Bey.

“Get your filthy fingers out!” Yanetta warned. “I’m a free woman, not a slave! I was Verney Bey’s favorite. My name is Yanetta de Mossa. Bey arranged my marriage with the Great Duke of Mossa. I am going to be his wife. You will answer for your impudence before both of them! Verney will string you bastards up by your balls!”

“Mossa! The Maltese Falcon! The scourge of pirates!” exclaimed Gomes, looking startled.

Al Karik chuckled. “You will be treated as befits the wife of the Maltese Butcher. We will put our fingers and our cocks wherever we want. And we’ll fuck the ass off you and flog your tits to a pulp! Then you’ll tell us how we can assault Verney’s fortress without being seen. And we’ll ask Mossa for a handsome ransom for you, if you’re still in good enough shape to be worth paying for!”

“I’ll never betray my lord Verney!”

“He’s not your lord anymore. There’s no need to suffer unnecessarily for him. Hmmmm… fine quality bodice you’ve got here, bitch! Let’s take it off. The only clothes you need now are a gag in your mouth! By Satan, I swear that’s as good a pair of tits as you’ll see anywhere on the high seas!”

In the hands of the crew

Al Karik spent the night fucking the future Duchess of Mossa. The following day he handed her over to his crew, but first he made sure her gag was good and tight. It was better if the crew know nothing about her. Verney had followers everywhere, he knew, men who had fought alongside him and would be loyal to him in a fight. Others simply feared him. But for one reason or another, the men might mutiny if they knew who she was.

“What d’you think of this slut?” growled Al Karik. “I’ve been banging the ass off her all night and she stills looks pretty good!”

The men grunted their approval. “I’ve been nursing this hard-on for weeks, waiting for a pussy to like that!” said one of the sea dogs. “I’ve had nothing but men’s asses for months,” said another. “A woman’s make a welcome change.”


The Great Pach was away fighting the infidels and in his absence, the harem grew restless. What began as simple squabbling quickly turned into bitter and sometimes sexual quarrels. Old jealousies came to the surface and finally there was open rebellion.

It was not the first. During the reign of the old Pach there had been several rebellions of the concubines, and they were all put down ruthlessly.

The female slaves were simply bored. Their overseers, the Visir and the Great Eunuch, grew lax and failed to control them. The slaves were used to being fucked repeatedly and some of them began to miss it. Why should only the favorites get fucked, secretly, and not us too? they thought.

One hot night they left the harem by a secret gate and ran around laughing and showing their breasts and cunts to every man they met. The harem slaves were all beautiful large-breasted women, and they did not have to wait long to be invited into dark doorways. The sound of groaning and panting soon spread through the streets near the harem


Jhaka the Amazon

Jhaka was a strong, muscular concubine. She was by far the most physical and insatiable of the old Pachs female slaves. She had been captured in the depths of remote jungle in black Africa by Jhamery slave traders, skilful and cruel trappers of female flesh. She was a warrior Princess and had fought hard. It was said that five traders had died in the fighting.

But the Jhamery chieftain Karij subjected her to a severe discipline program and finally broke her will. When the batch of slaves reached the coast, Jhaka said farewell to her captor by kissing his feet.

The Great Pach enjoyed her for several months, well pleased by her strong, swelling thighs and large breasts.

Aaaah, you big black whore! You ride me well!

My Lord OOOOOH! My Lord UGH!… AAAAAH!!!

NOOO! NOOOOOO! I cant take any more! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!

The black horsewoman rode her master again and again. She rode him tirelessly through the long hot afternoons, pressing her clitoris onto his cock and cumming more times than he had ever seen a woman cum Pach ended up gasping for breath, exhausted.

At night when he was in a deep sleep, she left his chamber and sought the company of other men. She went to the stables and fucked the guards and then she went to the soldiers sleeping quarters and chose the strongest and most handsome men. She took them into the garden and sucked their cocks and slid down onto their erections and bucked long and hard on them.

The Great Eunuch knew all about this, but he remained silent. She fucked him too, and discovered his secret. The Great Eunuch, Yafef, had managed to conceal his balls when he first entered the Harem


Infernal Dancer

Zamera the Slut was the Great Pachs personal dancer. Her sensual movements of the hip and the way she turned and showed her breasts proved irresistible to the Sultan. His head swam every time he saw her breasts quiver and jolt. He had been known to have an orgasm even before he could get his hands on her. But Zamera herself seldom reached orgasm and this caused her to grow tense and difficult to handle. The Pach was virile at that time and fucked and fucked, but often to no avail

I know how to put out this fire in my loins, master, she whispered in his ear one day.

How, my lovely Zamera?

By fucking the Christians sentenced to the stake!


A hard hand on her mouth silenced her. Pach stood up and went to get the riding crop.

My Lord! These infidels deserve to go to hell! There is no better way to send them to the fire than by making them sin in their dying moments!

The Sultan stroked his beard and imagined his Christian foes burning for all eternity

Think, Master! Think how their death cries will give me such pleasure that it will put out this fire in my loins!

What you ask is just vile, unthinkable!

Yes, Master, think! I will die if you do not grant me this wish! I will be unable to control my vagina and I will open my sex lips to the soldiers, to the gardeners Ill do it even if you flog the skin off my breasts!

By now the Great Pach had an aching hard-on. The slut took advantage of this and put her full, pretty lips slowly round the tip of his member and began sucking gently

And Master, you will be present and see how the infidel dogs are sent to the eternal fires

Two days later, a Genovese Captain by the name of Vasilius, who had been sentenced to death, was selected personally by a tremulous Zamera. She forced him to fuck her while the Great Pach watched and suffered in the shadows, masturbating

FUCK ME, INFIDEL DOG! FUCK MY CUNT! Stick your big prick all the way up me! AAAH! Yes, yes! OOOOOOH!!!

She made Vasilius fuck for hours, with a stick up his ass to keep his erection going, and a noose round his neck

Finally the slut threw back her head and let out a great wailing cry, a cry replete with sex and triumph. She came like a volcano while Vasilius died strangled, shooting off for the last time all over her lovely naked body


The Concubines Rebellion

There were two especially promiscuous concubines in the harem. They fucked any well-endowed servant who fell into their hands. In the end, their scandalous behaviour sparked off another rebellion.

The other women reported them to the judge. They shag anything that moves! complained the lovely Sheila.

And they do it in front of everybody! said Tora.

And the Sultan is at war! If he was here, they wouldnt get away with it! said Yasmina.

And were not even allowed to touch our own cunts! complained Sheila, pointing to her crotch. If we do, we get a good cunt-flogging!

Wed be impaled if we did what they do! said the lovely Lorena, shaking her blonde hair provocatively.

Thats what I want. I want Hamed to impale me! Hahahah! laughed Tora.

Sheila rose to her feet. Sisters, we are all slaves, but we are not all equal. Some of us are well fucked, and others hardly go to the Masters chambers, and they dont let us finger ourselves, and they dont let us satisfy our needs on each other, unless Yafef the eunuch is there to supervise us or the Sultan wants to see us pressing our thighs like scissors onto each others cunts!

That eunuch can stick his finger up his ass! said Yasmina.

We should cut his useless cock off! screamed Tora.

Forgot that jerk! shouted Deida. Lets fuck Captain Kaleb!

And the gardeners! shouted Tora. And Kasul!

Sheila raised her voice above the excited murmurs. Sisters! To the guard house!

The women rushed out, burning with lust. Semi-naked, they assaulted the guards, most of whom were resting on their beds. Some of them sprang up and reached for their weapons before they realised what was happening. It was almost too late for Lorena, who threw herself on Kaleb just as he was raising his sword. She was lucky. At the last moment he turned the blade aside. He laughed and stroked the lovely concubine on her naked breasts, and began slapping her erect tubular nipples with the flat of his sword. He pushed her down onto his bed on all fours, lifted her ass and penetrated her, slapping her buttocks rhythmically with a stick.

Why are you beating me, my Lord? I am your submissive, loving slave!

Because youll be punished sooner or later for adultery and rebellion, you dirty bitch! I prefer to be the one who metes out the punishment!

Yes, punish me, my Lord and Master! Punish me with your cock too! Stick it right up my ass! AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!


Orgy in the Guard House

The other soldiers were not slow to follow their Captains example. They threw themselves onto the lustful, panting women

They too were hungry for sex because they had not had leave for several months. The sights and sounds and smells of naked women made them forget everything except sex. They even forgot the penalties for even daring to look at a royal concubine. Having sex with one was punished by death.

They knew this but did not care. The lovely naked flesh got through to them instantly and they gratefully seized the nearest willing body.

Fuck me, master, fuck me in the ass, cover my breasts with semen! groaned Tora as a soldier thrust deep into her.

Hamed ran around in a frenzy, shouting at the concubines. Open your big fat wet cunt, you dirty bitch! Show me your clit!

Yasmina eyed a huge hard-on with deep pleasure. Its the biggest and hardest Ive seen! Young Amid groaned, Its all yours, slut! Next to him the brutish Kasul spat into a gaping anus and sank his penis in it. On his other side lay Sheila, her legs wide apart for the young Jiafar, who pushed into her and was soon bucking and fucking into a vagina that was sucking and slurping as gasped for air.

Lorena raised her voice above all the grunting and groaning and shouted to the soldiers. If youve got to go to hell, boys, you might as well put out the fire in my ass and cunt first!

The end of Yafef

While the guards were enjoying their orgy with the concubines, the eunuch Yafef and the two favorites sat discussing what could be done about it all. The Visir was of no use. He had seen that he would soon fall into disgrace and had taken refuge in wine.

Yafef took a decision. He went to the gates of the guard house and tried to discuss matters.

“Captain Kaleb!” he shouted, his ear pressed against the solid door through which came laughter and slapping and shotus of pain and pleasure…

“This behaviour is completely out of place in a royal harem!” he shouted. “Your job is to guard the palace, not fuck the asses of the royal concubines! You should be looking after these slaves as if they were treasure. Stop what you are doing immediately! Chain up the rebel slaves and hand them over the torturer in accordance with the laws of the Harem!”

There was no reply, just more groans and the rhythmic slapping of wood on naked breasts and buttocks.

Then the eunuch saw red. He started pummeling with his fists and screaming. Zamera and Jhaka stood behind columns, watching…

Suddenly the door was flung open and the Captain staggered out, stark naked. He caught Yafef round the neck and dragged him inside.

“These girls are real fighters, you know that, eunuch? If you wanna arrest them, go ahead and do it yourself!” He pushed the eunuch, who slid over the polished marble and ended up at Sheila’s feet.

She pissed onto his face.

“Tie him up!” she ordered. “I’m going to cut his balls off, eunuch or no eunuch!”

The girls screamed in excitement. They leapt onto the eunuch and rubbed their cunts all over him. They found his small balls and pissed on them. The soldiers did not intervene. Most of them were busy fucking and had little sympathy for the eunuch anyway.

The excited women had not had enough, however. They soon lost interest in the small balls and ran out of the door. Half-naked and half-fucked they ran around in an attack of collective hysteria. They burst into the palace and raped all the men they found. Then they set out into the city, anxious to show their breasts and cunts to the townspeople…



When they reached the Zoco, sweaty and panting, they rushed about knocking over everything in their way, people and goods, until finally they were cornered by the Cadi’s men in the tannery.

In the absence of the Great Pachб the Visier dithered nervously and in the end the Cadi himself took control of the rebels.

“Who are the leaders?” he asked again and again, while the torturer worked away mercilessly with the whip. The women sobbed and screamed but gave nothing away.

Hysterical screams rang out all night, ringing around the patio walls.

Reports from inside the harem were dramatic. Half the men in the royal guard had deserted, it was believed under the command of Captain Kaleb. Several women had fled with them disguised as men. The remaining guards had been slaughtered and Yafef’s body was almost unrecognizable. Zamera and Jhaka, the favorites, were missing and, it was supposed, had fled with the traitors. The Cadi suspected that the favorites were behind the whole uprising.

“Stick your tits out, whore! It’s time they had a good taste of this bullhide. Unless you want to tell me all about this! It was your mistress Zamera who put you up to this, wasn’t it?”

“Sing, whore! You owe that slut no obedience anymore!”

“Yes, Master, yes! It was that bitch!”

“Where is she now?”

“I don’t know, my Lord!”

“Don’t know, eh? Guard! Sit her on the bar!”

“NOOOOO!!! I don’t know anything, honestly! Not on the bar, pleeease! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhh!!!”

The Cadi sent out a patrol to round up the rebels. He also sent emissaries to the Great Pachб to seek his counsel. He wanted to know what to do with the promiscuous concubines… And meanwhile the whips and flails came down again and again on naked female flesh…


The Cadi’s Slave

Old Pachб gave the orders. The naked women were to be publicly tortured and raped in the main square. Anyone who wanted to take an active part had to pay the torturers a copper coin. The punishment would last one week and the women who survived would be sold to desert bandits as sex slaves.

As for Captain Kaleb, his men, and the rebel concubines, a high price was put on their heads and a massive and fruitless search began of villages, oases and ports.

Al-Makette, sergeant of the royal guard, was in charge of the search. He followed their trail to the edge of the Black Desert.

But he dared not go any further into the sun’s anvil. Survival was impossible out there.

The unhappy Yasmina ended her days in the hands of the Cadi. He subdued her by heavy and repeated use of the whip and by frequent anal torture. In this way, the rebel concubine got what she wanted. The Cadi became a frisky and demanding lover and his enormous cock penetrated her endlessly.

Every time it was the same. First he made her do a blow job on him to lubricate his cock, while the torturer watched and left deep welts on her buttocks with his cruel, precise whip-lashes.



“Lick, damn you, you titty slut, it’s for the good of your cunt!”


“Watch those teeth, whore!”

“Forgive me, Master!”

“Suck good and hard, slut, so I don’t rip your shit-hole apart when I shag it!”


The Cadi’s Justice

Cluna, one of the rebel slaves, was captured in a nearby village. She was sentenced to impalement and public exhibition in the square, like so many before her.

The stupid girl had been the leader of the slaves that ran screaming through the zoco. Her punishment was terrible. On the Great Pacha’s orders, the Cadi sentenced her to false impalement.

Clauna was tied to a post and a blunt stake was covered in grease and inserted into her. She stood on tiptoe with the stake deep inside her, day after day. She sobbed and screamed and wept, begging for mercy. Her cunt was being stretched unbearably and her whole body was racked with cramp, especially her legs.

Each night the torturers took her down, lay her on the ground and fucked her mouth.

“Please… please… NOOOOOO!!! Have mercy, please!”

Her terrible cries mingled with those of other slaves who were gradually being brought in weeping from their hiding places in the surrounding countryside.

In the morning, they knew, any passer-by could have them for a copper coin. Or if the customers preferred, they could pay the torturers to punish them in any way they found especially exciting…


Yaiza was generally considered one of the most attractive slaves. She made a lot of money for the guards and was whipped, publicly humiliated and abused by the townspeople day after day…

“Cut the wailing, whore, and listen!” Yamid the tanner whispered into her ear as he applied the leather cunt-punisher to her defenseless vagina again and again. “I’m gonna buy you next week. I want you all to myself. You’ll survive the week. I’ve fixed it with the other guards. So grit your teeth and keep going, bitch!”

Yaiza knew him all too well. He was her brother Abdul’s business partner. And it was her own brother who had sold her to the harem in the first place to pay off a family debt.

The groveling Yamid could not take his eyes off her. His hands were always groping her breasts and buttocks. He could not stop pawing away at her, just as he had before he sold her to the merchant in charge of new acquisitions for the harem.

The unfortunate woman could not understand how she had ended up on the pole. She had always lived well enough inside the harem. And now here she was, obliged to open her legs and show her cunt to all the townspeople while it was flogged with a cruel, hard leather strap. She was embarrassed too at the way her woman’s secretions wet the leather, causing the men and some women in the crowd to laugh and giggle or simply masturbate…

“That’s enough, Yamid”, the torturer said.

“Yes, time to fuck her!”

Yamid stepped back without taking his eyes off her for a moment…

“You can take it, Yaiza!” he whispered.


Without warning the ropes around her ankles had been pulled tight, lifting her up and pulling her legs further apart. Her sore cunt was now fully displayed, pink and defenseless. Her most intimate parts were at the disposition of anyone who wanted them…

A line of randy, down-at-heel men was kept in order by the guards. Their pants were open and their cocks were flopping out. Most of them were masturbating, slowly, careful not to shoot off too soon…

She would be fucked all day until sunset.




The Great Pachб had recommended that the rebels be tortured in some sexual way to make the punishment fit the crime. The Cadi was more than happy to oblige…

Sonia and Tania, a highly-sexed pair of lesbians, soon confessed to their sin. They had little experience of anal rape and found it very painful. Then they were forced to lick their new master’s cocks and swallow the semen.

“We’ll keep these. Don’t take them out into the square.”

Ben-Kamir placed a thick purse on the Cadi’s table. The Cadi peeped inside and sniffed.

“I have orders from the Sultan,” he said. “The whores are to be sold to desert bandits.”

“Where will you find a better desert bandit than me?” Jamir asked. He was right. He was Ben-Kamir’s brother and they had lived in the desert for many years. “Hahaha!”

“It’s all the same to you, Jabeg. Listen. We’re your friends. We would never tell the Sultan any of the things we know about you!”

“You have no proof of anything, you dog!” grunted the Cadi.

“You’d be surprised.”

“In any case, what’s the point in sending two juicy figs into the desert to dry out in the sun?”

“He’s right. These two have had so much practice licking and sucking they’re experts!”

“I am only carrying out orders!” said the Cadi.

“You’ll be carried out yourself if you’re not careful!” Suddenly the Cadi felt cold steel on his throat. His cheeks flushed. He put his hand to his throat and ran his fingers across the slight scratch. This Jew was not a man to be crossed, he could see that. He picked up the bag and walked quickly out of the room, leaving the two lovers at the mercy of their new Masters.

“Hahaha! Welcome to your new harem, cunt-lickers! And congratulations! You cunts tell me – which is better, to die upside down on the cross after a good impalement, or to spend your days and nights with your sexy mouths open and your tongues working, sucking away at our dicks? Open your mouths, dykes! And your legs. Show us your cunt lips!”

“MMMmmmmm… MMMMMMmmmm!!!”

Glub! Suck! Slurp!!! Swallow!!!


Captain Kaleb and his men are hiding up in the Darketa Oasis in the heart of the Black Desert. They are the most feared bandits in all the desert. They attack villages and caravans and steal whatever they can find, generally very little but sometimes they find young women.

The concubines are still being treated as slaves. They have gained nothing by swapping the harem for the desert. The favorites Zamera and Jhaka are the ones who suffer most at the hands of their captors to punish them for being favorites. Some of the other concubines were sold at the border, traded for food and supplies. The old elite guards are now mere outlaws. For the women life is much the same as before, but without the comforts of the harem.

Lorena enjoyed a brief spell of favorable treatment when the Captain shagged her more than other women, but she soon realized that she was really just another slave and subject to the same rape and humiliation as the others.

One day she tried to escape, but she was spotted by the proud Sheyla, who was then intent on becoming the Kalebs favorite. The result was that both women were forced to cane each other repeatedly on the breasts and open vaginas in front of all the men.

Sheyla was also buried in the sand up to the waist and her breasts were whipped while she was forced to suck off all the soldiers.

You dirty scum bandit, you shitbag of a soldier! she shouted during a pause in the punishment, youll never know how to satisfy a woman like my Lord the Great Pach!

Behind her, Lorena was shouting and cursing as the guards raped her and flogged her.

Quit your cursing, whore! Its time you knew what a good hard dick is!




How does that feel on your tits, you big wet slut?



The last slave

The Chief Auctioneer slowly removed the cloak that covered the firm-breasted naked slave. He began tapping her lightly on her breasts to test their resistance He smiled when he saw them wobble

The last of the captured rebels was about to be sold. The Bedouin, his face concealed, caught his breath when he saw how lovely she was.

Dyou like the bitch, man of the desert?

The Bedouin did not reply. He could not speak. The girl was too lovely He noticed the fading signs of earlier punishment. The girl was one of the promiscuous ones, and she had paid for it in repeated floggings, he could see that, but they had washed her and made her up ready for auction and the Bedouin was not interested in history. He lived in the present, guided by an aching hard-on

Ill take her, he grunted. But dont hit her anymore.

The Bedouin pulled on the rope that tied her elbows painfully behind her.

The bitch is going cheap. Shes been repudiated. And shes a dirty slut. You can buy her, man of the desert, because shes an outlaw.

I want her. My moneys as good as anyone elses. Just take it and give me the bitch!

Ill take your money. If you have any.

The Bedouin drew out a goatskin bag and handed over four silver coins.

The cunt is all yours. Shag well, man of the desert. This one needs to be well served! Shag well, if you can.

The Bedouin pulled the girl behind him and drew his long curved blade. He held it to the auctioneers neck.

Woman, son of woman, the Bedouin said, one day destiny will bring us together outside these city walls, and I shall be the seller and I shall sell you in the oasis of Yashira.

The auctioneer stopped smiling

The Bedouin left with the slave tied to his horses tail. Outside the city walls, he stopped and pulled the woman up onto the horse, behind him.

He spurred the horse on and galloped off into the endless sands, following paths that only he could see.

A peasant on a mule followed them discreetly, from a safe distance


The favorites lust

This time the revolt did not come from the harem. The concubines had all learnt to be careful and control their anger.

The Pachs faithful concubines Haidee and Zobeida still kept seeing their chosen machos, needless to say

The men had been selected by the Grand Visir Adb-Falom too. He was an incorrigible sodomite. The men had been bribed with money and gifts by Zobeida. There was no doubt the men were faithful to the favorites.

The Great Eunuch Garom had been impaled a year earlier when the Pach discovered that Yafef was not a eunuch. It was after his execution that the Visir himself took over supervising the harem, with the help of the two favorites.

MMMMM mumbled Zobeida, licking and twisting and turning like a cat on heat, youve got a delicious, suckable cock. It tastes of exotic fruits, its smell is the smell of male goats fighting, of pirates boarding a ship

Glad to hear that, said the strong young guard, because what youre doing down there feels pretty good to me

Well soon be milking this hard rod of yours, dont worry about that. Well suck every drop of your spunk out, murmured Haydee.

You better get swallowing then. Im the king of the goats round here, no doubt about that!

I believe you. This is the third session and your dick is as hard as rock! It just gets harder and harder!

You can thank Haydee for that. She gives it a good pump from time to time and Im up and running!

MMMMMM, said Haydee, licking her lips and staring at his huge cock. Ive got a place for this, all wet and warm. She slipped it in her vagina with a quick gasp.

If Ive gotta die, said the guard, this is the best way to go UGH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!

Dawn came and the young guard staggered off, tired but satisfied, down the secret passageway to the guardhouse. He had cum so many times his head was spinning. He did not notice the trap door when he stepped on it. He did not even yell when he fell into the well.

The perfume maker

The other concubines found themselves in an unhappy situation. They could not get sex from the Pachб or from any other source. They lived in fear of the whims and sexual cruelties they suffered at the hands of the two favorites. So they decided to do something about it. With the help of the traitor Adb-Falom they planned to shag all the good-looking craftsmen and merchants who came to the harem on business.

Soraya, a lustful and experienced concubine, was named sexual ambassador. She was given the task of trying out all the merchants, carpenters, and other craftsmen, and passing on the good ones to the other women. Her first task was to persuade them of the need for silence and discretion

She was a formidable woman, a prostitute from Marseille who had been captured in battle. She had satisfied the whole crew on the voyage, then she had sucked on the cocks of a whole regiment of janissaries, and finally she had given the Sultan himself one of the best blow jobs in the history of the harem.

Soraya was a bitter enemy of the favorite Haydee, untouchable by royal decree. Haydee did not like it at all when Soraya was given the prestigious role of instructor in oral sex to the harem.

Make yourself comfortable, Ynid, Soraya said, opening the mans pants and pumping his already erect member lightly but efficiently. I deserve the best of all perfumes, she went on, the headiest, oiliest, stickiest perfume, and that lies hidden in your treasures, waiting to shoot to the surface

My My Lady, he protested, what you are doing is a terrible insult to the Sultan!

Are you a coward then? Is there nothing in these sweet little balls of yours?

I am a simple honest craftsman. I dont want to die on the stake.

If you are discreet, brave and virile, you will not die. You will enjoy the soft beds of a thousand beautiful women. Their breasts await you. Their cunts are open for you and their cunt lips cry out for you.

Ynid the perfume maker let himself be led to the bed and was granted the pleasure that was reserved for the Sultan himself. And he was taken later to the womens chambers, where he saw for himself the splendid swelling breasts and swollen, wet open cunts that he had been promised, and he licked and sucked and fucked to his cocks content

And it seemed to Ynid the perfume maker that it was well worth dying on the stake in exchange for the pleasure that lay in all the swelling thighs and heaving breasts that surrounded him and were sometimes under him and sometimes rubbing themselves over him and covering him with their heady perfumes


The end of Captain Kaleb

The fate of all who dared to seduce the women in the harem was no secret. It was written on the gates in the walls that enclosed the gardens and on the flagstones on the paths that led to the Princesss chambers and to the concubines beds. It was written too on top of the Sultans elaborate and ingenious pleasure-chair.

Any who dare to lie with the Sultans women shall leave this world knowing all hells exquisite pains and pleasures.

There were different interpretations of this text, and it was left to the imagination of judges and executioners to recreate hells pains and pleasures in any way they wished

This was the text that had caused the guards of Kaleb to flee in the first rebellion. It produced visions of the most terrible pleasures and cruelest deaths, followed by eternal condemnation.

Pachб normally made the following dispositions. Men found guilty of adultery with a concubine were sentenced to stand naked and watch the adulterous woman being punished without mercy, while another impure woman, normally a prostitute but sometimes a filthy beggar from the streets, masturbated her with all kinds of different materials and objects. One of the most painful was a thick hairy rope with small sharp stones glued to it.

Before the adulterous woman died as a result of the various types of punishment she was forced to suck off the condemned man while a thick carpenters gimlet was turned up and into her rectum.

In this way the offending man was sucked off again and again by the adulterous woman and by another impure woman while he died on the stake. His sentence was to die impure and in sin, which made it a sentence for all eternity

And that is exactly what happened to Captain Kaleb and the lovely Lorena. For the Bedouin who bought Lorena was none other than Captain Kaleb himself. He had gone to rescue Hyla, her sister, from the groping hands of the Cadi. And the peasant who had followed him at a discreet distance was Sergeant Al Marketto. They met other outlaws in the desert and set off to their hiding place in Darketta, but they fell into an ambush. They fought to the end like a pack of starving wolves, but they were all killed except Kaleb and Lorena. These two were dragged naked through the desert. Lorena was pulled face down, with her arms up in the air, tied by the wrists, so that her beautiful breasts ran over the sharp stones. Kaleb was pulled partially by his huge cock. Then they were both imprisoned, more dead than alive, until Pachб returned from the war.

A month later they were both executed in the prison yard. Lorena was flogged and burnt with hot irons but she did not stop sucking her lover until she died. Then she was crucified for having been born a Christian.

This terrible execution was described in great detail on the gates, paths and walls of the harem.

But despite this terrible warning, many men agreed that it was worth it to be masturbated and sucked off by the skilled, full-bodied women of the harem, whose warm, inviting cunts had a perfume in them that made cocks hard and made heads spin…


The grooms dream

Soraya, in her new role of official stud tester, sashayed across the chamber, turning her lovely firm breasts left and right, swinging her full hips She was naked except for her jewelry. She lifted one foot onto the bed and looked at the snoring man for a moment. She ran her hands over his naked muscular body, smiling as his cock reached forward a few times, filling with blood. The man himself snored on

MMMMMM! Thats what I call a lovely fat cock! she whispered to herself…

Her hand reached down and closed on his member. She slipped it in between her wet cunt lips. Small streams of her womans juices were running down her thigh

Slowly, she began to ride him, wriggling her firm buttocks and rounded hips sinuously, with a hypnotic, silent, snake-like movement. She controlled her quick gasps of pleasure and her fast breathing.

MMMMMM He was beginning to wake up.

Soraya leaned forward and covered his mouth one of her lovely, full tits. Dont make a noise if you value your life!

The man gave a quick snort, sucked in breath and snored again

Its just a dream, she said softly. Youre dreaming youre with a beautiful houri, one of the dark-eyed virgins of paradise. She is possessing your earthly body, she has taken your huge member into her lotus flower to please you

The groom moved a little and began licking the breast that was still pressed onto his lips. He half-opened his eyes for an instant and saw in the half-light of the bed chamber the magnificent voluptuous body of the naked woman who was taking him, with increasing urgency, to paradise

Valide Soraya : Whore of the Harem

The maid took the blindfolded pit-fighter by the hand and led him through the halls of the palace. Slowly she drew him up a flight of stairs until they came to the apartments of Valide Soraya, the Mistress of the Sultan’s harem.

This was the secret boudoir where all male candidates were tested for their ability to serve as the harem stallion.

The man stood in the shadows of the room, feeling eyes upon him in the silence. A half-felt flicker of movement brushed by his ear and suddenly the blindfold fell away. Before him was a seductive woman with full breasts, her eyes shining with lust.

His cock stiffed instantly as he beheld the proud nipples on her tits announcing her desire. It was Soraya, and as she looked approvingly at the rough hewn man standing naked before her, her delicate fingers unconsciously sliding into her lap. She caressed her moistening slit, and with a husky voice said, “Come here, Toro. Mount me!”

One candidate after another was led up the stairs and passed through the doorway to be tested by the Mistress. She weighed each cock, grasping them firmly in her warm hands and feeling the pulsing strength of each dick throb through her fingers. She stroked balls, running a long fingernail delicately down the hairy sack and feeling the electric tingle rise between her legs again. She’d make each candidate cum. Some in her burning cunt, others on her ample breasts. Some candidates will cum on her face after she has sucked and licked the head of their cocks until their excitement can’t be contained any more and gushes forth in a creamy explosion of passion. No matter how the men come, she will taste and lick the pearly juice, sucking it from her delicate fingers and judging each man by the taste of his cum.

Satisfied with the taste from the pit-fighters balls, she demands another fuck from the sweating man.

“Fuck me in the ass, stud. But keep quiet when you bang me unless you want your head on a spike. You know the risks you run here.” Her eyes fall upon his cock which is rapidly getting erect for another round of fucking. “But I see you don’t mind the danger at all. In fact, it looks like the risk excites you…”

With a smooth motion, the pit-fighter pulled the woman forward, and his sex-slick cock slid easily into her tight ass. A low groan of pleasure escaped her lips.

“You bastard! Having such a wonderful cock should be a crime! How many women have fallen for you at the sight of such a beautiful shaft, I wonder? Mmmmm! AH!”

The sensations pulsing through Soray’s clit capture her. She is addicted to fucking and rides the man roughly, desperate for another powerful orgasm.

The flesh merchants supplying potential studs to the harem are almost as blind as the slaves they sell. The merchants think they are selling men to a rich widow who chooses to remain anonymous for sake of propriety. But in reality, the slave who is chosen as a harem stud can look forward to an endless supply of horny, sexy woman demanding a hard fuck!


After several orgasms Soraya became satisfied, at least for the moment. Before her lust returned, and the longing in her clitty grew to great, she turned the lusty man loose on the other concubines.

Night after night, sweaty orgies occurred in the silky chambers of the harem. Obscene demands rung out from each corner of the perfumed boudoir. Soraya’s girlfriends were thrilled with their Mistress’ choice of the new harem stud. Her new favorite was gifted in satisfying every craving the horny women had, and his stamina was as strong as their desire for thick man-meat. But the pit-fighter is not the only man in the chambers who sampled all the pleasures the harem women had to offer.

“Fuck me you bastard!” Zulata-Jade cried as she wrapped her long legs around the palace gardener, Karil.

“You want more? Then how about this!” Karil growled as he plunged again into the excited harlot.

“Yes! Do me next!” Dulema moaned as she slid next to the fucking couple. Rolling onto her flat belly she spread her ass, inviting the gardener to plow her tight shaft with his massive tool.

“Not even the Sultan fucks so well!” sighed the demure concubine Velina, waiting patiently for her turn on the gardeners dick.

“Yes! More!!! AHH!!!” Zulta’s eyes rolled back into her head as she entered the crescendo of a powerful orgasm.

“Bitch! You need my cock, don’t you? Take it all the way to my balls!” the gardener cried, impaling the young woman on his pulsing shaft. Zulta moaned in pleasure, rubbing her firm tits. “Suck my tits! Bite my nipples! Please! Don’t make me beg…”

“Hush!” warned a maid standing next to the doorway leading to the hallway, her ear pressed against the smooth panel of oak door. “I hear someone coming! It’s the guard making his rounds for the evening. Keep quiet! Do you want to end up in the torture chamber?” Her eyes suddenly round in alarm.

The barrel-chested gardener smiled at the woman pinned beneath his massive body. “Hear that, slut? If you don’t keep quiet the… MMMMMPH!” The rest of his response was muffled as Zulta pulled his head deep into her heaving cleavage, suffocating him with her sweat-slick tits.

The clandestine orgy can be kept secret for only so long, and it’s just a matter of time before the secret is discovered.

Two days later, a sharp cry of pleasure caught a guard’s ear, and the gardener was discovered in the forbidden chambers of the harem, and inside a startled young concubine. The struggling man was quickly bound and hauled to the cells beneath the palace, along with Soraya.

Under torture, Soraya confessed and implicated her accomplices in the erotic deception. Zobeida and Haydee were quickly chained and dragged below to join their Mistress Soraya. But Valide Soraya is the favorite of the mighty Sultan, and was restored to her place as Mistress of the harem.

Angry welts on Soraya’s firm buttocks are slow to disappear, and pink stripes down her back tell of the abandon the palace torturer took with the whip and crop. Soraya didn’t tell a soul about what she experienced it his hands, leaving the concubines free to gossip and speculate among themselves. But no one mentions Zobeida and Haydee, the two concubines who were dragged into the palace dungeons and not heard from again.


The Harem Spy

Eunich Cadi was precise and dedicated to following orders directly from the Grand Sultan Pacha himself. He had been charged with both investigating and intervening in cases of suspected infidelity among the lusty women who populate the royal bedchamber while the Sultan was away. Cadi’s devotion to his lord was well known throughout the palace, and the nubile young women quickly learned not to trust him. The moment his massive bulk entered the chambers, the concubines stopped all conversation until he left.

He knew the women will never relax their guard around him, and so Cadi sent for his nephew and personal secretary Jafif for help. His plan was simple. Jafif was to disguise himself as a foreign trader; a salesman of jewels newly arrived from India with a shipment of baubles and silks which the harem girls will find irresistible. Jafif was eager to help his uncle, and set off for the city at once. After arriving, he set up a small stall in the market. For many days, all under the constant scrutiny of the palace guards, Jafif conducted business with the maids of the palace. He occasionally dropped hints of the rumors surrounding the unbridled lust of belly dancers and concubines.

“They say that a man will pay a thousand silver coins for just one night with those insatiable women! The gateway to heaven must rest between their bronze legs!” he said to a beautiful young woman with a full figure and saucy swish to her hips. A secret smile flashed across her ruby lips.

“It can also become a gate to Hell for some,” replied Hatussa, Soraya’s handmaiden. “Those caught fucking the Sultan’s property are tortured then killed!” she added with a wink. “The guilty women are thrown out of the harem to meet an even worse punishment.”

“I thought the Sultan only removed women who grew too old to satisfy that fat letch…” said Jafif.

“Do not think that it is only old women that get forced out of the harem.” Hatussa said, shaking her shoulders and causing her full breasts to shake beneath her tightly clinging bodice. “Young women get forced out, but they are forever marked.”

“Marked? But how?” said Jafif, his eyes glued to the tan cleavage bouncing before him.

“Here, I’ll show you.” said Hatussa pulling suddenly on her plunging neckline and freeing her plump tits to his hungry gaze. Each nipple was pierced with a heavy silver ring which glittered in the sunlight.

“Ah! I see! Don’t move! I’ve got just the thing to embellish your silver hoops. Tell me about these women who are removed from the Sultan’s chambers of delights, while I look for the perfect string of pearls to hang from your jewelry.”

Hatussa shrugged her shoulders, brushing Jafif’s chest with her sensitive nipples. A tingle of pleasure shot through her, she luxuriated in the thrill she got from flirting with the handsome young man.

“If the Sultan grows weary of a concubine for any reason,” she explained, “he divorces her. The poor girl is sent to the torturer first who extracts a confession by using the most horrible means imaginable. Even if she hasn’t committed a crime, the women will confess to anything just to escape the suffering. The young woman is then marked with the kind of rings you see here.” Hatusssa wiggled her chest, causing the silver hoops to flash and glitter. She gave a small frown. “Then the concubine is hauled before the ‘Court of Whores’ to be tried and sentenced. I was fortunate; a friend took me in and married me. Others are not so lucky, and are sold into slavery to work off their fines.”

“It is a grim fate you’ve told me,” said Jafif. “Cuncubines must rouse a hard-on from the Sultan, or spend their lives chained to a deck getting ass-fucked by a crew on a merchant’s ship. Or maybe used as a free whore in one of the prisons. But you, luscious Hatussa, have only become more beautiful with your silver rings. By the gods, your plump tits are making my mouth water!”

Hatussa’s lips parted in a welcoming grin. “You are ambitious, handsome merchant. But you are too bold! I could arrange a meeting with my lady who would delight in seeing your merchandise, but you must be discrete! If your eager fingers touch anything in the forbidden gardens, then you may lose your whole hand… if not your life!”

“Temptress, I will be the soul of discretion! Arrange the appointment, and I will wait in the market tomorrow to hear from you. And if you are successful in getting me into the chambers of pleasure, I’ll have a special string of pearls for you that will show off your hot melons!”

Forbidden Rendezvous

A week later, the handsome young jeweler stumbled blindly along the corridor that runs the full length of the north wall of the palace. He groped with his left hang against the marble wall, his fingers lightly brushed the hanging tapestries as he walked slowly by. His right hand was being held by Hatussa. She lead him slowly along, explaining exactly what he must do.

“Have no fear of the blindfold. It is merely a precaution which my Mistress insists upon. Valid Soraya insists that all visitors be as discrete as possible.” she whispered.

“I guess so, but how much further?” asked Jafif.

“Closer than you think. We’re here.”

They stopped in front of the door to the concubines secret chambers. Valid Soraya grinned in hungry approval at the handsome young man, and quickly motioned to Hatussa to remove his baggy trousers.

Hatussa knelt before the excited young man, her warm breasts sliding down the length of his thighs. His erection immediately began to grow, and brushed her cheek as she removed his pants. Her full lips parted slightly. She could almost lean forward and take his swollen cock in her warm mouth… but there would be time for that later. After Soraya was done with her new harem stallion.

A quick tug at the blindfold and Jafif saw the eager women spread before him. Her bronze skin glittering in the candlelight, and freshly oiled with expensive perfumes.

Soraya quickly dismissed Hatussa to the adjoining room where she could watch the young man fuck her Mistress with a strength that all young, eager men possess. As he saw Soraya lower her dripping pussy to his straining cock, Hatussa removed a large dildo from a hidden fold in her dress and slowly ran its bulbous head across her moist lips. For an hour, the virile young man rode the insatiable mistress of the harem, quickly putting her under a hypnotic spell with his thick cock. She was addicted to his jizm, and begged to be filled again with his creamy seed as she crushed his face into her firm, warm jugs. When the couple came together in climax, Hatussa brought herself to a cascading orgasm with the dildo. The thick shaft plowed deeply into her slick cunt, and her fingers became sticky with her lustful juices. She cried out in pleasure along with the two fucking in the next room.



For several nights Jafif satisfied Valide Soraya with his talented tongue, fingers and cock. His strength also allowed him to bend Hatussa over his bed a number of times and bring the adulteress wife to new heights of pleasure as well. As he plowed her tight pussy and sucked her rosy nipples, he found out more and more about the activities taking place within the harem under the Sultans royal nose. In no time, he had enough evidence to present a comprehensive report for his uncle, the eunuch Cadi.

“This is quite serious, nephew,” exclaimed the magistrate, his brow furrowed in worry as he read the lengthy document. “I have to report this to the Grand Vizier Abd-Falomo. But first, I want to see the look on that arrogant bitch’s face when I arrest her!”

“Don’t forget to get the maid as well. She’s a pleasant fuck-toy, but nothing more than a passing thrill. I’ve seen her lost in ecstasy, now I want to see her twisting in pain… on the rack!”

The next morning, the palace guard burst into the inner chambers of the harem, startling Mistress Soraya just as she emerged from her bath of milk and rose petals. With her small hands she tried to cover her nakedness. She blushed in fury at the intrusion, then her eyes fell upon the massive bulk of Cadi in the doorway.

“How dare you come into my room! I’m half naked! Leave at once!” Soraya screamed.

“It’s a little late for modesty isn’t it? You’re nothing more than a shameless whore!” Cadi gloated.

“And you are an old goat who couldn’t get me aroused if you grew twelve tongues!” spat the furious woman.

“Consider your words carefully, adulteress” purred the eunuch.

“How dare you accuse me, or even enter these chambers. The harem is forbidden territory to everyone, including you! You have no jurisdiction here. In these chambers, I speak with the voice of the Sultan!” shrieked Soraya.

“True, but the Sultan has charged me with protecting the chastity of all the ladies of the harem, and that includes you, wench!”

“My virtue protects me from anything that would assault my chastity. My body belongs to the Sultan alone.” Soraya’s eyes flashed coldly. “So get your fat ass the hell out of here before I forget how virtuous I am!”

Cadi’s face broke into a cruel grin. “You must have forgotten that virtue the dozens of times you were committing adultery with a traveling jeweler!”

“I do not know any jeweler.” Soraya struggled to keep her voice calm, while feeling her stomach suddenly turn to ice at the mention of her latest stallion. His hot cum was even now nestled deep in her hungry womb.

“Repent now and spare yourself needless punishment, whore!” barked the eunuch

Denying the charge is futile, as you well know!”

“Never! I’m innocent!” pleaded Soraya. She hastily grabbed a soft towel and wrapped it around her steaming body. She turned to Cadi once more in a last attempt to eject him from her chambers.


The Examination

Cadi sneered into the harem Mistresses face. So you wouldnt mind if the doctor performed a full exam of the harem, starting with you?

Nobody touches any girl here, without permission of the high Sultan himself!

Ha! Have it your way, harlot! Then the exam will start at once, by force!

With a quick gesture to the guards, Valide Sorayas hands were quickly bound behind her and she was forced face down onto the plush bed under the combined weight of the henchmen.

Al Beb, the royal doctor entered the forbidden chambers. His thin fingers crawled over her smooth skin like a desert tarantula. He quickly slid two fingers deep into Sorayas moist slit. Ah-ha! She has been unfaithful! cried the doctor. Withdrawing the fingers from her snatch, he held up the glistening digits for all to see.

Semen! Shes been rutting like a sow in heat!

You lie! screamed the terrified woman. Id never betray the Sultan by laying with another man!

Terror makes your tongue a lying snake, hissed the doctor. But there are ways to prove the truth of the matter at once. Reaching into a hidden fold of his silken tunic, he withdrew a slender instrument that glittered from the light of the salons braziers.

You gaze upon the latest scientific marvel, strumpet. The tongs hold a ball of cotton soaked in a mixture of figs and lotus blossoms. Now watch as your denials evaporate like a desert mirage.

He lanced the device deep into Sorayas tight slit, ripping a howl of pain from her delicate throat. She felt the long tweezers scrape the walls of her vagina. Before she could catch her breath for another cry of anguish, the doctor pulled the forceps out of her abused snatch.

Observe, whore!

Holding the tongs before her eyes, she saw the cotton ends turn from pure white to a royal purple. The test is finished, and youve failed! Ive never seen the colors change so quickly, you must have been fucking some infidel non-stop for days to produce so strong a reaction. Now it is up to the Eunuch Cadi to decide your punishment before the Sultan hears of your adultery!


The Final Orgasm

Doctor Al Beb waved the instrument under his nose, savoring the musky smell of Sorayas snatch which still clung to the silver tongs. With a last whiff, he returned the forceps to his pocket.

Confess now, bitch. Admit your crimes! There is no use hiding the truth any more, the evidence is all to clear!

Never! You rigged the test against me! I dont care what vile color the cotton shows, Im innocent! screamed Soraya as she struggled against the guards who pinned her to the opulent bed.

Slut! Do you think youre the first whore whos been caught riding a slaves dick? Your dripping cunt belongs to the great Sultan, and the punishment for defiling his property is death! Confess now, and Ill ease your suffering as best as I can.

B but I swear! I I didnt Sorayas voice broken, and her shoulders heaved in silent sobs.

You leave us no choice than to question you, Soraya. You know what that means, dont you? A trip to the torture chamber, and interrogation by the royal executioner!

Nooo!!! Im innocent! You have to believe me!

Cadi spit in the beautiful womans face, silencing her.

Stupid whore! Do you think the cotton is our only proof? We have evidence against you, from your own girlfriends lips! What do you think Hatussa has been all this time?

Sorayas eyes widened in terror when she heard the name of her close friend.

She answered all our questions, continued Cadi. Not at first, of course. It took few hours having her fat tits crushed in a spiked vise loosened her tongue. She told us youve had other girls in the harem supply you with an endless mob of slave cock! She didnt tell us names, even after we shoved a hot poker into her shitter. But her screams told us enough!

Before Soraya could speak, Jafif entered the room. She saw her recent lover, now undisguised and obviously a spy for the bloated eunuch.

With one hand, the young man grabbed her flowing hair and pulled her head painfully back. A brutal backhand slap across her cheek shook Soraya, and her tears began to flow. Heres a final reminder, he gloated as he rammed into her tight ass without any warning. Even cum addicted whores should never betray their owners!


Beyond the Gates of Hell

Soraya was blindfolded and dragged down a seemingly endless flight of rough wooden steps to the palace dungeon. As she stumbled in the darkness, the final words of Jafif rang in her ears. This is your last fuck, adulteress! Ill fuck your ass raw. I want you to remember how well youve been deep-dicked when the torturer works on you. The doctor will keep you alive, barely. He will keep you conscious, so you can be tortured even more. I want you to fondly remember the feel of my thick dick splitting your cunt lips before the torturer fucks you with a glowing rod of iron! Pleasure will be a distant memory then all youll ever feel in your nasty snatch will be searing pain!

Ahhh! S slow down please. Murmured Soraya to the guard who shoved her through the dusty hallways.

Move it, slut. No reason to delay whats coming to you. Barked the guard.

B but pity me

I have no pity or mercy for whores! He suddenly kicked her from behind, pitching Soraya head first into the torture chamber.

The miserable harem Mistress crawled on her hands and knees, and found herself at the feet of Al Habib, the royal torturer.

Whats this? Vermin crawling into my chambers? teased the heartless man.

Without hesitation, Soraya knelt and rubbed her head against the rough leather jerkin of the torturer. Her cheeks blushed with shame as she rubbed the crotch of his filthy pants with her nose and lips.

A grunt of pleasure from the man was followed by the feeling of a large cock being forced into her mouth. The sour reek of his unwashed dick made her gag and quickly pull back from his engorged shaft.

Bitch! What the fuck did you expect? Youve been fucking perfumed pretty-boys too long. Youve forgotten what a real man tastes like but Ill remind you. Ill remind you good now open wide and stick out your tongue. Watch the teeth! If I feel any teeth on my hairy dick, Ill pull em out one by one. Now get sucking, whore and you better make it good for me!

Awwllp! Mmmpfff!!

Get ready to swallow bitch Ive got a load of jizz so big its making my balls bulge! Todays your lucky day, slut! HA HA HAAAA!!!

The Pit


Shut your hole, bitch! Youre gonna stay like that for a long time!

Soraya hung by her breasts above an inky pit deep in the bowls of the torture chamber. Rusty irons were locked around her body. A crusty rag filled her mouth, muffling her screams of pain.

Id keep you longer, whore. You look like a great fuck! But orders are orders. The Grand Vizier is disgusted by you, and insists you be cast into the pit for your crimes.

A humid fog rose out of the pit smelling of rotted flesh and disease. Al Habib cranked a protesting winch, and with a grating screech, Soraya was lowered into the hole.

Grand Vizier Abd-Falomo sentenced Soraya to the pit, along with her accomplices. She was to remain sealed in the stinking hole until she starved to death, or ended her own life. Several slave traders have met their deaths at the end of a rope, or twitching on the end of a guards spear. All confessed, but even Cadi hasnt been able to determine all the men and women involved in Sorayas plot to sneak well-hung stallions into the forbidden harem chambers.

Hours passed in the choking fog of rot, and an endless stream of sobs emerged from the dark hole. Soraya was not alone in the massive grave. Filling the hole were the broken bodies of the traders, harem stallions and deceitful harem girls. Among them, the still breathing body of Hatussa, Sorayas maid. The handmaiden had been harshly interrogated by the executioner, who used his most violent methods on the young bride. Her bleeding body lay under the pieces of her former harem girlfriends, and her pitiful sobs mingled with her Mistresses.


Haydee Discovers a Mystery

Haydee saved her life by sucking the guards cock, and licking his swollen balls until he came on her beautiful face or in her long, silky hair. Her talents spared her life, and more importantly, earned his trust.

To satisfy her lust, the guard allowed the harem girl to fuck prisoners who have been condemned to death. The secret of her illicit trysts died with the prisoners, who get to experience heaven on earth one last time before being sent to the afterlife.

Haydee was shocked to discover the palace groom chained in a cell, awaiting execution in the morning. Hed been convicted of theft; something the curvaceous young woman knew was impossible for the honest man. After blowing the jailer in front of the prisoners, he agreed to let the sultry Haydee conduct her own investigation.

Stealing spurs from the palace is a quick way to get your head in a noose, thief! What did you expect? Haydee purred into the ear of the bound man.

But I didnt take the spurs! Ive never stolen anything in my life!

Maybe you just want to cum again, eh?


The cock and balls of the groom were raw. Hed been forcibly masturbated for hours over and over until his balls drained of jizz and his cock became a throbbing tube of agony.

Mercy please!

Then speak, asshole! Why are you here?

I dont know, said the exhausted groom. I tell you, I dont know!

You must have done something! Why would you be sent here if you didnt piss off someone powerful? Now think!

Ahh! The perfumer! Ask the perfumer! cried the groom.

What? asked the buxom woman, her heart beating faster.

I fucked a woman right before I was arrested. The perfumer arranged the whole thing ask him!

Why would fucking some whore land you in chains, groom? Her nails ground into his aching balls. Her hands tightened into a fist, and the groom screamed even louder.

Because it was Valide Soraya! Mistress of the royal harem!!!


Haydee Takes Charge

Haydee teamed up with Zobeida, her co-conspirator in the harem, to get to the bottom of the Sorayas adulterous affairs. After all, they reasoned, why should the mistress be allowed pleasures which are denied all the other women in the harem?

Where is the Mistress of the harem being held? Haydee demanded. The chief jailer just shook his head.

I have no idea who you mean, sugar-tits, said the jailer. Only criminals are held in the cells.

Haydees eyes flashed dangerously. Speak, dog! The Grand Vizier sent two women down here with orders that they be tortured and killed. Tell me where they are, or youll join them in whatever punishment theyve suffered!

The two harem-girls found Soraya in the Pit, and managed to pull her and Sorayas maid out with the help of the guards. Soraya was delirious with pain, and the maids wounds festered with disease.

Zobeida slapped the bound Mistress.

How many men have you fucked, bitch?

Im innocent I swear Soraya answered weakly.

Stubborn whore! How many concubines are involved?

None no one did anything wrong. I love the Sultan Soraya knew that even a full confession wouldnt save her from beatings and further torture. With a small shred of pride, she tried to resist bursting into tears.

Confess, or Ill see your bones fed to the wild boars! snapped Zobeida impatiently. She raised her hand to deliver another cruel blow across Sorayas tear-streaked cheeks.

I only fucked Cadi! wailed Soraya. He seduced me and forced me to betray the Grand Sultan. He said hed kill me if I didnt obey!

Lies! Your mouth isnt good for anything but sucking cock and spreading slander about the Sultans chief eunuch! Youll be punished for your resistance, whore!


The Perfumers Cock

Insolent cur, youll whimper and cringe at my feet like a beaten dog! Zobeida, gripped the leather whip tightly. If you confess, I will save you this humiliation. Now speak!

Please lady! I didnt.



Zobeidas lips twisted into a cruel smirk. Ive given you a cock the size of a rampaging bull! Look how the leather thongs have made it grow! Big and rock-hard, just the way I like it. You should be thanking me!

Ungh but but I respect the great Sultan. Id never fondle his property; much less fuck the beauties in his harem



Speak up, dog! demanded Zobeida. You must love torture to continue with your lies!

Zobeida twisted the leather thongs wrapped around the perfumers dick, tightening them even further. The mortified man began to cum painfully, his seed dripping on the stone floor.

Ungh! Ah.ahah. Please Ill confess.

Then do it, and stop wasting time! yelled the sexy brunette.

I I had dealings with Mistress Soraya.

Dealings? Like fucking her silky twat? How many times?

Five times no more than six

Ha! Youve probably pumped that slut dozens of times, all while your pretty wife watched! Ill wring the truth from her next

My wife? No! Have mercy lady! begged the anguished man.

Haydee, twist this curs pecker off. Weve got bigger fish to catch than this pathetic worm! Zobeida mocked.

No!!!! Leave her alone!!!

Tortured Tits

Sorayas huge rack has caught the eye of Kondo, the palace torturer who specializes in biting and abusing tits. Her firm, plump breasts are ripe targets for his cruel tortures.

Your splendid breasts will cause you pain and torment, bitch! Heavy jugs just waiting to dance under a wire flog, he teased, crushing a large nipple between his thumb and finger.

Pity me, sir. Soraya pleaded. Have mercy on me

Save your breath for telling me the names of all concubines involved in your crimes. I want to know everyone who helped you sneak fuck-studs into the concubines forbidden bedchambers. He raised a wire flog over his head, preparing to strike Sorayas exposed flesh.

Nobody was involved. There was no plot



I know you love feeling a thick cock ram your cunt, or fill your tight asshole with creamy jizz. Unless you want my whip shoved up your shit-pipe, youll tell me all about your relationship with the royal Vizier

The Vizier? But how?

I know everything, bitch! But your silence is proof of your guilt, and your fuck-bags will now pay the price! He spun the screaming young woman around, arching her back until her warm breasts were thrust forward.



The Vizier loves sucking your tits, bitch! He even ordered you to be arrested. He must want me to whip your tit-flesh off of you!


The lash fell again and again on Sorayas bruised flesh, ripping screams from the battered woman. Finally, she fell unconscious at Kondos feet.


Pulled Apart

Soraya awoke in agony. She was lashed to crossbars, and her once proud tits were bound by ropes stretched to giant wooden wheels across the room. When the wheels turned, the ropes tightened around her bruised flesh and stretched the tit obscenely, until the wheel was spun back, allowing the pain-ravaged woman to breathe again.

At each of Zobeidas questions, the wheel is spun until she is satisfied with the answers torn from the bound womans lips.

As a final humiliation, Kondo shoved a thick iron pole deeply inside Sorayas stretched cunt. Her pussy-lips quiver in pain around the intruding shaft.

How many men have you fucked, whore? How many times have you been unfaithful to the Great Sultan?

I I dont remember. AHHHHH!!!!

The wheel groans with strain as its turned.

How many, bitch? Answer me!

Fif fifteen! Fifteen times!

Close but you can do better than that! Tell the truth this time!

AHHHH!!!! Twenty merciful lady! No more!

Names! Who were they?

I I dont remember AAIIIEEEE!!!

Then their jobs! Were any of the palaces staff snuck into your bedroom to fuck your nasty cunt?

Yyes! The groom the perfumer, sobbed the exhausted woman.

And the Vizier? Did you fuck him as well?

No! I never ARRRGHHH!!

The ropes creaked with strain as Sorayas tits were pulled even tighter.

Do you want your tits ripped off? Tell the truth!

Soraya heard the snapping of her flesh under the strain, and her once beautiful breasts began to turn an ugly purple under the crushing force of the heavy ropes.

Yyes! I confess! It was the Vizier! I fucked the Vizier! Please kill me! sobbed the broken woman. Zobeida laughed, and turned the massive wheel even further as a reply.


Out of the Frying Pan

You should be used to this, whore, mocked Kondo as he shoved the leather wrapped dildo further down Sorayas throat. The bound woman gagged loudly.

Accusing the Grand Vizier of plowing your nasty hole is a serious accusation! This will keep you quiet while we investigate this charge, he mocked.


Before Soraya, her former handmaiden Hatussa was sprawled on a large wooden table. The maids ravaged pussy and ass were gaping open, raw and red. Clear evidence of the cruelty of Kondo and Al Habib had been using the young wife leaked from her stretched holes. The torturers had taken turns fucking the woman while torturing her, and now only an incoherent babble escaped her lips as she lay on the table.

The huge dildo choked Soraya, and she gagged violently against it. Panic overwhelmed the horrified woman and she vomited against the blocking phallus. Dribbles of puke spurted from her nose as she choked.

Disgusting tramp! You should be used to deep throat by now! Whats the matter? Cant you swallow the whole thing in your sobbing mouth? he teased.

Kondo wound a steel crank set into the prison wall, and a rope suddenly ground into Sorayas raw snatch. As he cranked, the rope bit harder into her tender clit until she felt herself rising off the floor.

Sorayas legs began to wobble as she lost her footing. The suffering was terrible, but the executioner just laughed at her plight. He cranked harder until the rough cable supported her full weight. Soraya choked and sobbed while the rope cut into her flesh.


The All-Consuming Fire

The days and night of Soraya became a hell of pain and madness. She was tortured until she passed out, before being revived by the palace doctor only to suffer a new and worse punishment than before.

Suketar was even crueler than Kondo, more dedicated to inflicting suffering and agony on his victims. Now Suketar had been set loose on Soraya.

His voice was mocking. Youve exaggerated your confession, bitch. More than half of the people you implicated have been judged to be innocent. Why do you insist on lying to us, when all we want to do is help you?

Noo! I didnt lie!

You are a whining little cock-tease who just wanted attention!

Noo!!! Please please sir no more I cant take any more.

Were just getting started, whore! chuckled Suketar. Sweat ran down his back in the hot chamber. Some fire will burn the lies from your body.

He produced a hollow tube from a cabinet set into the wall. It was the length and width of a table leg, and flared at one end into a funnel. The other end was sealed with a plug of lead. When hot coals were dropped into the tube, the device would become so hot it would sear the skin of anyone foolish enough to touch it. When it was inserted into a female prisoners womb, the pain was excruciating.

Soraya was tied upside-down to a stout beam, and the device forcefully jammed into her ravaged cunt. The end of the tube was worked painfully into the wailing Mistress cervix.

Youve enjoyed lots of hot spunk up your fuck-hole before. Now youre ready for something a little more powerful, mocked Suketar as he fed coals into the infernal device.

UAAA!!!! AAHHHHH!!! Stop it! Youre killing me!!!

Maybe if you sucked my dick like an obedient whore, Id think about taking the fire-pipe from your belly but only if you do a good job blowing me, bitch! sneered the torturer.

Soraya eagerly opened her mouth as the torturer ground his hips roughly against her face. She managed the free his thick organ with her lips, and quickly began sucking for all she was worth.

Good dog, suck that cock. Gulp down the head of my dick, and use plenty of tongue! I want to feel your tongue swirl around my shaft like its candy. More, bitch! Ugh! Fuck yeah! Thats it!

He thrust into her face, pounding her head painfully into the wooden post. The rhythm of his thrusts was brutal, and she felt herself slipping away under the continual abuse and searing pain filling her body. Black spots and bright flashes danced before her eyes as she gulped for air around his raging cock.

Fuck yeah! Take it all, whore! Here comes your reward, a belly full of sticky cum! Swallow it bitch! Gulp it all, or Ill keep the fire-stick in your cunt until you roast!


The Cadis justice

The Cadi insists on having access to the legal proceedings against the adulterous women. He want to examine the offenders and take any measures he considers necessary. He has a word with the judge, and the judge obliges Zobeida and Haydee to take the unfortunate Soraya to the Cadi, stripped naked and with heavy stocks on her necks and wrists.

The report is damning.

Soraya and twenty-three concubines have committed adultery. The Grand Vizier himself was the instigator of this, and himself had carnal knowledge of six of the concubines. The report proposes that the Cadi should dispense justice in person and that all the conspirators should be executed.

First, I shall consult the Vizier Ab-Falom, the Cadi announces, noting the evident signs of weakness in the accused. Not much to be got out of this one, he muses, but her breasts are wonderful

He is ill, says Haydee. The interrogation sessions have exhausted him. You wont get any more out of him than the jailers did.

Alright. Bring him to me when he can walk. But I will interrogate all the women personally.

They are being interrogated as we speak by the harem guards, says Zobeida.

I opened this case myself and I shall investigate the conspiracy fully. That is the law and it is just, ladies.

Haydee protests. But the Sultan is away and the Great Vizier was guilty of felony. Power in the harem is invested in us now. We are the guardians of the harem. We will decide what to do with the traitors.

You are over-reaching yourselves, ladies. The Cadis face flushes red with anger. I am the highest representative of justice in the land. All judicial processes pass through my hands!


Guardians of the harem

Zobeidas eyes flash. As royal favorites and as the Sultans wives, we are responsible for the harem by virtue of the power invested in us by the Sultan himself when he set off for war!

The Cadi fidgeted nervously in his chair.

Justice is my department.

Outside the harem, My Lord.

We are all wasting our energies with this discussion, ladies. Let me examine this one personally and without interference. In good time I will hand her over to you, after passing sentence.

What sentence? Haydee asks. This traitor deserves to die in abject humiliation, the same as the traitor Ab-Falom!

You must be aware, replies the Cadi, that the harem slaves have special privileges even in these circumstances. They are entitled to be strangled with silk cords!

In normal circumstances, but not in these circumstances. Their crimes are too great. They call for the most exemplary punishment!

The Cadi sighs. These women still have some power, he knows. Reluctantly, he gives them permission to choose the execution methods for the adulterers and the studs that served them


The Examination

I see you have grown humble, bitch! says the Cadi, pulling Soraya by the hair.


Discipline and privation have done their work, as always, you busty harlot! he says, smiling. Lets see what theyve done to your big fat juicy tits! His hands begin squeezing and groping. I cant do anything to save you, but I can do things to your body that will make the time before your execution more agreeable!

Soraya sucks in sharply. I am your obedient, humble servant, she gasps.

I see they have applied instruments of torture to your softest and most delicate parts. He runs his hand over her sore vagina and squeezes her bruised breasts

NOOOO! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! I have been tortured, yes. Tortured without pity. And I am guilty. But they have used me, My Lord! They have chosen me as a scapegoat, to cover up their own crimes!

Do I understand you are accusing the favorites?

My Lord, those bitches will have me killed or they will kill me themselves, I know. But I beg you, show justice and investigate them too. They are traitors and sluts!

The torturers have been too zealous in their work, says the Cadi, ignoring her pleas. I shall rebuke them, but first I must see what damage they have done, and where…

Do not be so cruel, My Lord. I am sore and tender in my most private parts


The torn vagina

The Cadi runs his hands over the unfortunate womans crotch. He examines her buttocks and thighs, which are red and bruised. He slaps her hard on her open cunt, causing her to scream


The woman would have preferred him to show some sign of lust, of physical desire, when he examined her cunt and anus, stretched and torn as they were by savage penetration of all kinds by many different men and physical objects. But the Cadi seems to want to hurt her. He runs his fingers and nails over all parts of her naked body, pausing only to slap her on the breasts and buttocks and cunt.

Finally he seems satisfied and turns unexpectedly to examine the legal documents.

You have fucked with too many men. You have opened your cunt to them and you have taken their members into your mouth and cunt and anus. There is no penitence or pain that can save you, he said.

Show mercy, My Lord, for I am a sinful and lustful woman, Soraya begs.

I see that the harem secretarys report makes no mention of the specific punishment that you have been given. I would like to know more. Now tell me all about it

Implacable punishment

Soraya begins her blood-chilling relation of the abuse she has suffered in prison.

I was tortured and raped every day for more than a month until I confessed to my crimes. In my confessions I reported everyone else in the harem who had sinned with me, over twenty concubines, slaves and servants. They are in the cells waiting to be tortured.

What tortures were administered to you?

Soraya starts sobbing. I cannot think about it even, My Lord!

Tell me, you dirty slut! shouts the Cadi. How dyou think I can write a report if I dont know all the details? And you, secretary, write it all down!

They they half-drowned me in the well. And they hung me up by the tits, and pulled them and stretched them till I screamed and screamed



The Cadi walks slowly round her, armed with a thin bamboo cane. From time to time he pauses to slap her on her naked breasts.

The secretary impassively writes it all down



The cane bites hard into Sorayas naked thighs.

And they hung me upside down with my legs apart and flogged me on the vagina!!!

“Like this?”


The girl takes the cane hard on the cunt, and screams in agony



Endless abuse

They tortured me over and over again, day after day. They never let me rest. The jailers and the torturers took advantage of my helplessness in any way they wanted. They just used me over and over again

When I confessed to everything, I was dragged to the guard house and chained up. I had to do whatever they wanted. There was just me and the poor Christians who had refused to deny their faith. They were sentenced to sexual slavery.

You were a Christian and a harlot once!

I was a courtesan in Marseille, yes. But when I was captured I adopted the true faith

You mocked that faith by your vile sluttish behavior!



Carry on with your story. It interests me.

In the guard house I had to serve all of them, on duty or off. They all fucked me whenever they wanted, day or night, in the ass or cunt of mouth! And I was always naked and covered in bruises because I was too tired to serve them sometimes. And they hardly gave me anything to eat. They said their semen was good enough for me SOB! SOB!


Proud cocksucker

The Cadi stood up and walked over to his desk. He had enjoyed listening to and had enjoyed examining her physically.

You, soldier! Get something to cover this slut up, will you? If not, shell provoke us all with her nakedness. And take her to the harem dungeons. Ill keep her in solitary confinement until I pass judgment.

The guard picked up a tattered smock from a corner of the room. It had been whipped off a female prisoner that morning. He placed it over her shoulders, where it failed to cover her full, swelling breasts.

Soraya was a proud woman, but she threw herself at the Cadis feet, begging for mercy.

Take pity on me, My Lord, she said, sitting up and showing him her beautiful breasts, dont hand me over to the guards. Or to the favorites, please! Send me to the womens prison. I will show my gratitude with all my body, I promise you!

The Cadi dismissed the guards and stood next to the woman.

There is much pleasure in my naked body, My Lord, and it shall be all for you!

The Cadi gazed down at the huge tits and felt his head swimming and his member stirring

I am an old man. I cant get it up like I used to.

Leave it to me, My Lord! Put your cock between my tits!

The Cadi groaned as she took his member out and massaged it between her breasts. He was soon swaying and gasping, and finally shot off all over her neck and face.

AAAAAAAAAAAH!, he sighed, you are indeed a great sinner. And a great man-eating slut!


Lustful slut

The Cadi had shot his load very quickly, but his excitement continued. The slut used all her tricks on him, sucking and licking him and showing him her tits from all angles, despite the pain in all parts of her body. The judge shot his load again, unable to resist the sight of this mature, full-bodied woman working on his member. He had not had a woman for years, and Soraya made the most of her opportunity, masturbating him with her tits until he came again


The Cadi threw back his head, let out a huge roar, and went into spasm after spasm of ball-emptying ecstasy

Hardly had his head stopped spinning when Soraya started pleading with him again

My Lord, have mercy on me! My body and soul are yours, forever! I will be faithful to you all my days.

Faithful? the Cadi asks, trying to gather his thoughts. What does a lustful slut like know about being faithful? I know your sort. If I pardon you, youll be faithful for a while, and youll be submissive and a good cocksucker, but as soon as my back is turned youll start plotting against me, and youll poison me to escape or youll show your big tits and your cunt to my nephew Jafif, and well end up killing each other over you!

My Lord, have pity on a defenseless woman!

Accept your fate, bitch! Grit your teeth and bear the pain as long as you can. If youre lucky, you may have a lot of orgasms when theyre torturing you.

The Cadi smiled unexpectedly. His eyes wandered to her magnificent breasts. ..

But on reflection, I will not hand you over to the favorites for the moment, in gratitude for the pleasure you have given me, and for the pleasure you may still give me.

Thank you, My Lord!

Taken to prison

The Cadi is aware that the favorites administer justice in the harem. He has to be careful. But he orders Soraya to be taken to the women’s prison until the favorites enquire about her.

The Cadi watches as she is led away, her breasts showing full and proud through her tattered smock.

It is a temptation that would drive any man crazy…

The Cadi summons his nephew.

“Can you still get into the harem, Jafif?”

“Yes, Uncle. I can get in by the secret door which Soraya’s lovers used. Once inside, I will pass unnoticed dressed as a new servant sent by you.”

“See what you can find out about our beloved favorites, Zobeida and Haydee. They’re up to something, but I don’t know what. If I can find out, it will be my duty to inform the Sultan.”

“Leave it to me, Uncle. If those bitches are up to something, I’ll find out soon enough!”

“You big titty bastard, Soraya,” says one of the guards, “it won’t be so easy for us to get our cocks into you now, there’s no easy way into the adulterers’ wing. But you’ll still do a bit of mouth work on our cocks, take my word for it!”

“From there they’ll take you to the harem, and that’ll be the death of you, for sure!” says another.

“They’ll most likely hang you up by the tits till you’re dead!”

“They might hang you upside down, cunt up!”

“That’s the way to flog a bitch! Hahahah!”

“They might whip the skin off your tits and your cunt, or cut it off with a sharp blade. We’ll cauterize it with spunk, don’t worry!

“I reckon they’ll put sticks and other stuff up your shit-hole and in your cunt and mouth. And then they’ll put you in a sack and throw you in the river. They might put a few starving cats or rats in with you too, they’ll soon have those big tits chewed down to size!”


Jailors’ hard cocks

Soraya was dragged down to the dungeons, terrified…

One of the jailors ordered her to strip and began running his hands over her breasts.

He squeezed her cunt lips together, pressing them over her clitoris, rolling them round over it, causing her to squirm and gasp. Then he slipped his fingers inside and squeezed hard on her now wet clitoris…


“Quit that yelling, you big slut. You’re lucky. You’ve got privileges the others haven’t. We’re not allowed to punish you or rape you, Cadi’s orders. That doesn’t apply to sucking though, bitch! Get down on your knees, stick your tits out and get licking!”

Soraya’s lips closed round the tip of his member. He groaned.

“That’s the way, slut! Take it all in. Then you can give these other guys a good suck. The queue’s building up!”

A stocky man standing behind him grinned. “You don’t know what’s coming to you, bitch! I got two whole ball-fulls here for you!”

A fat man behind him laughed cruelly. “I reckon they’ll hang you up by those big fat jugs! They’ll fuck you with their truncheons! They’ll fuck the innards out of your shit-hole too!”

“They’ll pull your nips off with pliers and they’ll burn your cunt with hot coals!”

“They’ll push splinters under your nails and they’ll flog the skin off your feet, for sure!”

“Then they’ll put you in the river in a sack full of hungry rats!”

Day after day Soraya had to listen to the same threats as she worked with her mouth and aching jaws. When she wasn’t sucking cocks she was pumping them between her large, sore breasts.

She was not raped or tortured in other ways, but her time was spent sucking and swallowing and it exhausted her. At night she was put in a cage. She almost wished that the Cadi had handed her over to Zobeida and Haydee. That way she could have stepped up onto the scaffold and it would have been all over…


Ab-Falom is punished

The Great Vizier Ab-Falom, who figured prominently in Soraya’s confession, is finally interrogated and tortured by Haydee y Zobeida.

He is tied by the testicles and the wrists to a post. His member, defenseless, is stretched and he is subjected to a hard, ironic interrogation session. The gag in his mouth hardly lets him speak, to the women’s amusement.

“Dirty dog! Did you really think you’d get away with it?” asks Haydee as she toys with a red-hot iron.

“MMM… I… youuuu… MMMGGGG!”


The red-hot iron refreshes his memory, burning into his nipples.



“How could you allow such a thing? Half the harem fucking away day and night!”

Ab-Falom says nothing. He knows too much, he realizes. He knows all about the favorites’ own sexual activities because he provided the studs himself… He could die for that knowledge…

“That is a terrible dishonor for our absent Lord and Master”, says Zobeida.

“Have… mmmgggg… mercy… good ladies… AAAAAAAAAAAAGHH!!!”




The favorites’ justice

These are good times for the favorites. They know their own power and they know that their enemies will fall into their hands one by one, all in good time. They do not have Soraya yet, but they can have her whenever they want. In the meantime, they turn their perverse sexual attention to the naked bodies of the concubines.

The women have been shut in an antechamber next to the wells, naked and in chains, humiliated. They fear the worst for there is no mercy for adulterers. Several of them were in fact caught with their cunts open and a man’s member inside them.

All the women know they will be questioned in great detail about their sexual activities.

“If you knew how to open your mouth as well as you open your cunt, you would save yourself some interrogation sessions, bitches!” The guard walks down the line of cells, cracking his whip. “Stick your naked assholes up. Your Mistresses are coming to hear you scream!”

The Horror of the Wells

Azhara has confessed. She is led in chains to the wells

Haydee is especially happy today. The girl has taken a lot of punishment. She only had to put the inflatable anguish balloon deep inside her vagina and the girl confessed her dealings with Soraya and the perfume maker.

Soraya fixed it all up with Hamed the perfume man. He gave me a lot of presents. AAAAAAAAGHH!!!

She screams as the ropes of the rack are tightened and her legs pulled further apart.

We masturbated each other for three nights until I let him penetrate me. He had a big cock. I had to take hashish and henbane to relieve the pain. Some days later he asked me to let him shag my asshole! I refused and he gave me pots of wild rose essence. AAAAAAAAGHHHH!!! I never let him in my ass, never! But I did suck his cock and I did masturbate him with my hands and my tits! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHH!!! I have sinned, I know. I have been unfaithful, a traitor, overcome by the fire in my own cunt. I have offended my Lord and Master and I deserve to be punished! AAAAAAAAAAGHHH!!!

Azhara is lowered into the cesspit as a punishment. She is ducked into the filthy bilge again and again until she loses consciousness.

The following day they stretch her on the rack again and they put a rubber punishment balloon in her torn anus.

She has nothing left to tell them.

Speak, bitch! the torturer screams as he expands the rubber in her anus.

AAAAAAAAGHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOO!!! Yes! Yes! He gave it to me in the asshole you AAAAGHHHH!!! Stop, you fucking bitches!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHH!!!


Antechamber to Hell

Time passes slowly in the dark passageways. The concubines wait in pairs or groups of three. They can hear the blood-chilling swish of the whip or the screams as the rack is tightened. Water drips from the stone roof above them, filling the silences. These chambers are below the river and they are damp and cold.

For the most part the girls do not talk to each other. They sob or listen to the torture sessions. They learn to distinguish the slap of leather on naked breasts, and the sharper scream as the leather slaps down onto open cunts.

Tell me about the gardener, Zeinde says to Fatima during a pause in the torture.

He fucked me. They all fucked me. Who cares? Were all gonna die anyway.

I did not go with any man, says Zeinde. But no ones going to believe me. I wont be able to stand the rack. Ill confess just to stop them!

Invent something. Or tell them what you saw Soraya do. It wont do any good though.

May Heaven have mercy on us all!


Fatimas intimacy

How many days have you been sitting on the wood, bitch Zobeida asks the lustful, high-spirited Fatima.

I dont know, Mistress. I have told them all I know. I have confessed my sins. AAAAAAAGHHH!!!

Zobeida is holding a long bamboo cane. Hold your arms up clear of your breasts!


The cane bites stingingly into the soft flesh of defenseless breasts.





I am telling the truth! Have mercy on me!

Let me hear it again. Tell me how you masturbated when you remembered the groom inside you! Tell me again, and how did he fuck you, you filthy slut?

He was strong, Mistress. He was a good lover. He just kept pushing away at me, sweating and grunting he didnt speak at all, he just grunted like a pig!

Carry on, slut!



Her lovely breasts shook and trembled as the cane bit into them again.

Thats all, Mistress. He hurt me so much I was sore all next day. I couldnt even pee properly. It was all on fire down there, all pee and desire and spunk

Did he just put his cock in you? No tongue? Nothing else at all?

He licked me and he sucked me. The best thing was when he sucked my clitoris and put his finger inside me at the same time. It made me cum, over and over again and when I couldnt stop coming he put a cucumber inside me and rubbed my clit with a rough hemp rope to hurt me and I came again and again and again

Zobeidas own had moved slowly down and she began playing with her own clitoris, swaying slowly as she pushed herself onto her finger with a quick gasp and a jerk of the buttocks

She walks over the girl. Stick your tongue out! she says. She grips the girls head with both hands and presses it onto her open cunt


Zeindes martyrdom

Hang the slut up by the cunt till she decides to talk! Haydee orders.

She is working on her own cunt with the curved end of the riding crop

She has discovered that the writhing and twisting of the women under torture is exciting her so much that she needs to give herself constant relief. She spends the day and the night fingering herself, pleasuring herself

Zobeida understands this perfectly. Some nights they spend together, consoling each other with their agile tongues and probing fingers. They have decided to dispense with the company of men, at least until Soraya and Ab-Falom are executed. These are dangerous times and they can take no chances

One day they stand side by side, their fingers loosely fingering each others sex lips, watching how Zeinde is dunked in the foul well.

They know that the girl is a virgin. The jailers confirmed this when they put the hooks in. But it did not matter very much. The favorites grow excited as her naked buttocks swung above the well

Confess, bitch! You dirty slut! Confess! The jailer shouts at her as he lowers her into the stinking depths of the dark well. How many different cocks did you let into your fat cunt lips? Tell me the truth or youll drown in the well!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHH!!! Im innocent! Im a virgin! Let me go, please! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHH!!!


Under orders from the powerful eunuch Cadi, Jafif has finally discovered the hidden entrance to the underground palace. It has taken days to find the entrance and force his way inside the sealed fortress. After the pandemonium surrounding the previous events, the palace favorites have ordered all doors locked and barred, and suspended the open air market indefinitely. The chambers where the beautiful Soraya entertained her secret lovers has been walled shut, and all traces of the concubine removed.

Avoiding the terrible desert heat of day, Jafif prowled over the crumbling ruins at dusk. One night, he finally discovered a forgotten door set deep into a massive rock wall. The door opened on rusting hinges revealing a steep staircase leading down into the ancient structure. Turning his back on the river and the ragged crowd of people lining its banks, Jafif descended into the darkness.


The Halls of Death

The narrow stairs led deeper and deeper into the underground fortress until finally opening up into a large terrace. Massive instruments of torture were set around the room. Dark stains on the rough woodwork testified to their use on the Sheik’s prisoners. Generations of the Sheik’s enemies had met their ends while bound to the cruel machines, their last words escaping through broken teeth and split lips. A large door banded with iron was set firmly into the far wall. Grimacing at the foul odor which burned his nose, Jafif pulled at the wide handle, but the door was locked tight. Taking his wickedly curved dagger, the young man set to work prying the hinges off the thick door.

With every scrape of the blade against the steel bolts, he looked furtively around the torture room. If he were discovered, he would be the next victim of the rack, or the iron maiden. But nothing stirred in the thick shadows, and the nervous young man set back to his task. With a sigh of relief, the last spike came loose, and with straining muscles he was able to force his way further into the palace.

No guards were posted behind the door. His entry was undiscovered, and Jafif slipped through the gap he’d created. For the first time, he saw oil burning lamps set in the walls of the passageway, and their light shone upon the bones of former prisoners of the Sheik. Greasy rats gnawed on the remains, and bones crunched underfoot as he crept down the hallway. With every step, he stirred up a cloud of reeking death.


Into the Dungeons

Jafif wandered through the hellish labyrinth, up dripping stair and around blind corners until he was no longer sure he could find his way out again. Cramped cells lined the corridors, filled with splintered bones and offal. He cautiously inched his way down a winding passageway when he suddenly froze. A small cry echoed ahead of him, piercing the darkness which surrounded him. He took a deep breath to steady his nerves, and pressed on. The lamps grew more numerous, and he realized he no longer needed his torch to see clearly.

In the flickering light he saw a woman chained from the ceiling, her body bent over in complete humiliation. Before Jafif could collect his thoughts at the shocking sight, he heard footsteps coming towards him from another passageway. With a start he leapt into a small niche in the wall before the approaching could discover the intruder and raise the alarm.

With a start, Jafif realized that the niche was occupied. A bound woman was miserably cowering in the darkness. Her hands tied tightly behind her and a thick wooden phallus locked around her face. The wooden cock was lodged deeply into her throat, making the woman wheeze with every breath. She looked at him with unseeing eyes. Relief flooded over him. She was in no position to give him away; in fact it was doubtful she was even aware he was there.



Jafif’s head whipped around at the anguished shriek, and he saw Zobeida rearing back to deliver another stinging blow across the bound woman’s heaving tits.

“Speak up, bitch! Tell me how much you loved riding the gardener’s hard cock! A slut like you couldn’t resist stuffing her smelly cunt with his thick meat!”

“Please lady! I… I never did such a thing! I swear to you!”

“Lies! You know that old weasel has a cock like a battering ram and balls the size of ostrich eggs. You think I don’t know about the two of you?”

“No lady! I’ve never been with the gardener… I’ve never even seen him naked! You must believe me!”

Poor girl, Jafif thought. Confess now and make it easier for yourself. Once Zobeida gets an idea in her head, the gods themselves couldn’t remove it!


The Reign of Horror

Slipping quickly from the room, Jafif left Zobeida to continue the interrogation of the sobbing woman. Jafif made mental notes of everything he saw as he explored the torture chambers. In little time, the list of horrors was almost overwhelming and his mind grew numb to the ghastly punishments he saw committed by the formidable harem favorite. Many women had been questioned so cruelly that their lush bodies were ruined forever. Beautiful faces were destroyed and full breasts had been whipped and beaten until they were a mass of welts and bruises. Zobeida exaggerated the charges against the helpless women as she interrogated them, until the women pled guilty to the most heinous of crimes.

The inventory of horrors is long. About twenty women have been chained, their suffering compounded by being suspended by their breasts from the high ceilings or being stretched on the rack. One sexy blonde, her face now a mask of anguish, was being torn slowly apart over a bed of spikes. Another brunette struggled to keep her head above a rising pool of fetid water as she groaned in misery from the bottom of a deep hole. Some were caned until they passed out, and even more had been whipped with chains and hooks.

The men who had been imprisoned in the dungeon hadn’t fared any better. Some were locked in cages, or impaled on thick stakes. One naked man was being masturbated to death while his captor played roughly with his raw cock like a cat plays with a wounded mouse. The man sobbed as he dribbled a greasy stream of cum from his engorged dick. The jizz puddled at his feet, and the busty torturer giggled in delight before stroking him hard again.

A reign of terror had taken over the harem, led by its current favorites: the deranged Haydee and Zobeida.


The Jailer’s Dream

“Hang the slut up by the cunt till she decides to talk!” Haydee orders.

Haydee and Zobeida are determined to get Soraya into their secret chamber of horrors. The former favorite is in prison, which has put her out of the reach of their clutches. When the two sadistic women hear that the Sultan is expected to return from war within days, the two scheme to get their hands on the voluptuous blonde.

“We’ve got to punish that mouthy bitch somehow.” Exclaimed Zobeida while resting on the leather studded couch in the torturer’s quarters. “We’ve got to teach that slut a lesson so she’ll keep her mouth shut when the Sultan returns.”

“And how do we pull that off?” asked Hayden. “We’re running out of time. If the Sultan arrives before we silence Soraya, then we’re lost. The Sultan will have our tongues cut out and make us eat them with pickled garlic.”

“Don’t panic yet, darling. You remember those large jars of oil in the pantry? The ones used for heating the torture vats?”

“Of course.” moaned Hayden. “We used one up this morning roasting that skinny bitch that was caught fucking the blacksmith.”

“Even better. That means that one will be empty. All we’ve got to do is deliver a shipment of oil to the prison, and then stuff Soraya inside the empty jug. Then we can smuggle her out from under the guards nose! When the stupid bitch realizes she’s not being rescued it will be too late. She’ll be our guest, and then we can teach her what happens to whores who can’t control their flapping gums!”

“Oh yes!” said Hayden brightly. “I like this plan! But do you think we can actually pull it off?”

Zobeida gave a sly smile. “Of course, silly. No one would expect such a thing from us. After all, we’re just frail little women!”

The harem favorites laughed; unaware that Jafif watched them from the shadows and hung on their every word.

Mamoj couldn’t believe his eyes. He was the warden of the women’s prison, and was used to entertaining himself with his pick of the pathetic prisoners he guarded. But when two exotic slaves came to visit him, his eyes nearly popped from his head. They were freshly bathed and perfumed with costly oils. Their smooth skin shimmered as they danced around him, caressing his powerful arms and legs, and toying with the rapidly growing bulge in his pants.

The slave’s dance became even more erotic, and piece by piece they removed their silky garments before his hungry eyes. The two slaves exchanged knowing glances with each other as they wiggled their sexy bodies. Even disguised as simple slaves, Zobeida and Haydee were a sight to behold. Distracting the warden was even easier than they’d imagined.

The Rapture

Kaffer is the most reliable of the favorites henchmen. The blocky, sweating man arrived at the prison with a pair of guards in tow. Each guard carried a huge earthen jar through the jail. When they arrived outside Sorayas cell, the men put down their burdens. One guard stepped forward and unlocked the barred door.

Kaffer entered the tiny cell and grabbed the surprised woman by the hair.

On your knees, bitch.he growled. Im here to get you out of this pest-hole, but youve got to earn your freedom with your mouth first. Open wide, cuz Ive got a log that could choke a bear!

MMPH! Sorayas cries were muffled as he thrust his dick into her mouth. The knob of his cock bruising her throat as he pumped her face.

Make me cum, bitch and make it fast! We dont have all night! If I dont cum soon, Ill leave your ass to rot in this dump. Watch the teeth, whore. If I feel you starting to bite my dick, Ill cut your head from your shoulders before you know whats happened. Now suck!

Sorayas tongue worked quickly over the bulging head of his cock, and she was rewarded with a sudden gush of salty jizz which filled her cheeks and dribbled down her chin.

Good work, slut. Now get into the jug and keep your damn mouth closed. If youre an obedient little whore then youll be free in a few hours. But the second you make a peep Ill cut your tits off and dump your body in the gutter for the dogs. Got it?

Soraya meekly nodded and crawled into the massive jar. The moment she disappeared into the vessel, Kaffer clamped the lid down, plunging her into darkness.

Hey, I thought were were supposed to get a taste of the bitch!

Kaffer glared at the guard who had spoken. Wait your turn. Youll have plenty of time to drain your balls when we deliver her to Zobeida. You dont get paid until the job is done, that was the deal.

The two men grumbled between each other, but lifted the heavy jars once again.


Delivered for Duty

Transported into the dungeons of the harem inside the empty oil jar, Soraya was delivered into the hands of her fiercest enemies. She didnt have any idea of the horrid fate which awaited her.

The shameless slut has finally returned to face her punishment! squealed Haydee, almost hysterical with joy. Were going to make sure that you wont say a word about Zobeida or me, no matter how much the Sultan tortures you. Well make sure you stay quiet, even if we have to burn out your tongue to do it!

I wont talk! Please Haydee Im sorry for anything Ive ever done to make you angry Im sorry! You dont have to do anything, just please please let me gocried Soraya.

I know you too well, slut! laughed Haydee. Your nasty cunt is dripping at the thought of being fucked to death. A harlot like you thinks you cant get enough cock but were going to give you more than enough!

Horny bitch! roared Zobeida. Even dogs stop fucking when theyve cum. But youre worse than the shaggiest mutt who ever ate out of the gutter. You couldnt keep your legs closed if your life depended on it!

Zobeida shot a look to the eager guards who stood over the cowering woman. Her eyes glittered in evil joy at the poor womans humiliation. Now get on your knees and stroke these men off. Jack their cocks off in your face. And as you work their meat, I want you looking up at them in gratitude and thank them for bringing you to us. Now get started, whore. These men have risked a lot to get you out of prison, its only right that you should repay them the only way a whore knows how. HA HA!


The Anguish of Ab-Falomo

Locked in an iron cage, Soraya was taken into the courtyard of punishments to witness the punishment of Ab-Falomo. The once proud man had been sentenced to death for his crimes, a punishment Haydee and Zobeida were eager to carry out.

Ab-Falomo was dragged into the yard naked and bound head to foot. A thick gag was forced between his jaws. His young wife was marched behind him, her neck in a thick leather collar. In silence, the condemned man was brought before the laughing women. Zobeida brought fourth a small scroll from her bodice and read from it.

Disgusting wretch, Zobeida said. You have been found guilty of being lewd and obscene. You have brought disgrace to your family and the all-powerful Sultan by being both a drunkard and a letch. By leering at the women in the Sultans harem, you have shown yourself to be a man without shame or honor. The sentence for your crimes is death by impalement!


Immediately Zobeidas henchmen came forward and grabbed the horrified prisoner. Ab-Falomo was raised up by strong hands and then lowered onto a sharpened stake which had been planted in the ground. The wooden spike of the shaft speared his ass, and with agony he felt himself slipping down the rough pole.

Ab-Falomo turned to his wife for comfort, but his eyes widened in horror as he saw her. Beside him, his young wife Morella was impaled in turn. Her beatuful body twisted as the invading spear penetrated her tight slit. Pain blossomed through the young woman, and her body stiffened in agony as she was impaled.

Zobeida grabbed a whip and began to beat the young woman.



The leather whip seared the air, and made the womans death a hectic ordeal of suffering and pain.

Terrified, Soraya could only watch through eyes filled with tears. A rough hand grabbed her hair, and her face was suddenly yanked backward. Kaffe rubbed Sorayas face into his crotch, her tears soaking his cock through is pants.

Look bitch, whispered the henchman. See how they squirm and bleat like pathetic little animals? Have you ever seen anything so wretched? Al-Falomo left some daughters behind. I think Ill pay them a visit tonight.

Soraya was left in the courtyard that night next to the impaled bodies. Rattled by what shed witnessed, she was sure shed never sleep again. But as the sun went down, the buzzing of flies lulled her to sleep.


A Pearl Before Swine

In the morning, Soraya was let out of the cage and forced to kneel before Haydee and Zobeida. The two favorites almost giggled in delight at they explained what they had planned for their captive.

Good morning, you pathetic worm. mocked Zobeida. Dont look so glum. Weve got a surprise for you that I know youll like. Your snatch gets wet at the sight of a hard cock, so were going to give you a little sausage for your snatch! Ha! Of course, a nasty slave like you doesnt deserve a handsome man or his dick! But we found some men who should do the job nicely.

With a small gesture towards the guards, the gates of the courtyard were opened, and a line of ragged men were led in. The men were angular and rough. Their faces unshaven, and even at a distance the smell of unwashed bodies mixed with the reek of excrement and disease.

We got this bunch from the salt mines. Most of them are prisoners, working off their debts through hard labor. Some of them have been convicted of murder, or even worse! A few look like working the salt mines have driven them insane, but they were probably crazy to begin with. Ah well, a cock is a cock! Haydee laughed heartily. You werent choosy before, so you cant be too picky about what sort of man spurts his seed into your gaping hole!

The guards grabbed the shocked Soraya and bound her in the most humiliating way possible. She was unable to move a finger to defend herself, and her intimate sex was exposed for all the men to see. Tears welled in her eyes and ran down her naked body the men crowed closer to leer at her. Their hands twitched in anticipation.

Back, dogs! ordered Zobeida. Youll get your fun tomorrow, but for today her holes are off limits to your raging dicks! You can slap her, twist her titties and finger her muffin all you want. But Ill take the balls from the first man who shoves a cock into her sopping twat.

The men took a step back, but didnt take their eyes from Soraya.

You rabble havent had a woman in years, so whats one more day? Haydee snickered. Besides, youve got to give the slut time to get ready for all your cocks. Shes got to get nice and slippery for fucking. Warm her up by slapping her fun-bags or fingering her cunny. She loves it! The more you humiliate her, the hotter she gets!

Dirty and Humiliated

The filthy slaves quickly stripped out of their rags and rushed the helpless Soraya. Their callused hands pawed her tender skin, and their stinking bodies sweat with the sight of the sexy blonde before them.

Engorged cocks demanded attention, and many of the slaves look for a way to relieve their aching balls in her silky puss, but the sight of the armed guards lining the walls held their lust in check.

As eager as they were to ravish the woman, no one wanted to risk an arrow in the neck or a sword through the ribs. Frustrated by having to wait to satisfy their lusts, the slaves grabbed crops and switches, and laid into the bound woman. The crack of makeshift whips filled the air, punctuated by Soraya’s wails of anguish.

The most depraved slaves of the Sultan knew they’d never have another chance to debase such a well-bred woman, and made the most of the opportunity.

Haydee was thrilled to see Soraya humbled and humiliated by such creatures, and rubbed her nose in it.

“You’ll be fucked relentlessly by the lowest slaves and servants in the kingdom. Men who have committed the vilest of crimes will wet their wicks in your snatch, and pound your ass without mercy. You’ll be dripping cum from every hole when they’re done with you. Hell, you’ll be so full of jizz you’ll cry tears of cum! HA HA HA! Degenerates you wouldn’t have even bothered to spit on before will be able to shoot their juice into your womb… and you’ll thank them for the honor. Smile for the men, my pretty pet. You’re going to be here all night…”

“AAHH!! Nn… No! P… Please Haydee…. I’ve always been good to you… I beg you not to do this to me!! AAAAHH!!”

“Shut up, bitch! I know you like your studs well hung. Well these slaves have got cock to spare!”


The Cock Competition

Early the next day, Zobeida and Haylee have ordered Soraya to be washed down and tied to the breeding bench. Zobeida has ordered Yulia, her faithful servant, to line up the slaves for judging.

Yesterday, as the men humiliated and beat the naked Soraya, the harem favorites paid attention to which men were swinging the most pipe between their hairy legs. They took note of the men with the stoutest cocks and most massive balls. These stallions, ripped fresh from the salt mines, would be the first wave of studs to pound Soraya’s whipped slit.

As the men lined past the tormented Soraya, Yulia teased their quivering cocks until they stood at attention.

“This slave is revolting and as ugly as a diseased camel’s ass. But look at this cock! It’s got throbbing veins all over its shaft, and a knob you could crush rock with! Even a huge whore like you could barely get this knob stuffed into your cunt without crying for mercy. It looks like it’s your lucky day!”

“Nooo! I can’t take any more…. I can’t…. Please Miss, please let me go… I promise I won’t say anything to the Sultan. I’ll run away… you’ll never see me again!”

“You’d leave a hard cock like this behind?” Yulia said. “I guess you want to work your way up to this monster, eh? He’s far too big. We’ll start you off with someone with less girth. No sense getting you all stretched out on the first one!”


Ready and Waiting

Zobeida handed a strong cane to a gangly prisoner and shoved him towards where Soraya waited.

“Don’t cum to quickly! Make each thrust quick and brutal, like you’re punching her womb with your dick! HA! Each one of you will get a chance to fuck this bitch, but you’ve got to give her 20 lashes with the cane first. The first ten can be on her fat melons or pretty face, but the last ten have to be on her dripping cunt! Remember, she’s a worthless whore. She expects to be used like a filthy dump for your cum.”

“AAHH!! Please Zobeida! Don’t do this to me! I’m sorry! Please let me go… I’ll be your slave! I’ll give you anything!! NOOO!!!”

“Stupid cow! The only thing you can give me is the joy of seeing you fucked senseless by a mob of criminals and thugs!”

Zobeida turned back to the slaves who were already lining up to ravish the screaming blonde. “This slut isn’t allowed to cum, so fuck her hard and brutally but stop if she starts to feel any pleasure. If she comes on your cock, your balls will pay the price!”

The first slave threw himself at Soraya with abandon. He whipped her tits brutally, ignoring her screams for pity. With a final ten blows delivered to her unprotected slit, he rammed his 10 inch cock all the way to the hilt inside her. With an animal growl, he started pumping madly away.


“UNGH! URRRGHH!! FUCK!” The slave growled in lust, and his gnarled hands gripped the helpless woman’s hips even tighter as he pummeled into her.

Haydee looked closely at Soraya’s eyes. Through the tears she detected the smallest glimmer of pleasure suddenly appear.

“Stop!” shouted Haydee. “Get off that bitch, scum! She’s starting to like the rough fuck, and that’s not allowed. Get your ass off her, or she’ll be the last fuck you ever get!”

Blinded by lust and insensitive to Haydee’s orders, the slave just increased his frantic pace. Pulling the thrashing Soraya hard towards him, he continued to fuck the resisting woman until an overseer flayed his back with an iron whip. The blow flung the slave half way across the courtyard where he collapsed in a bloody heap. As quickly as the first slave was flung free, another slave took his place.

Grabbing the dropped cane, he pounded Soraya wildly before starting his turn with the sexy blonde..


Fucking Frenzy


The next slave is pumping even faster, making Soraya’s entire body shake with each savage push. Soraya is starting to enjoy the feel of the slave’s large cock, and despite her revulsion finds herself starting to meet his onslaught with eager thrusts of her own.

Zobeida and Haydee are flushed, and the tingling running through their shaved cunts fills them with a desperate need to cum. Seeing their captive being used like a fuck-doll, helpless to resist the brutal men and their engorged cocks has turned them on to the point where they fidget in excitement. Even Yulia who is used to exciting a slave’s cock for her mistresses’ pleasure finds herself envious of the brutal fucking Soraya is getting.

All eyes in the courtyard are on the depraved scene, and no one notices Jafif as he quietly mingles in with the crowd lining the walls. He has stolen the uniform of a palace archer, and now looks down on the spectacle, memorizing faces for his report.

One by one the slaves fuck Soraya between beatings. Whip, fuck and then whip some more. Each man is eager to cum, but slows down when it becomes obvious that Soraya is starting to enjoy the vicious assault. They’ve learned the lesson of the first slave, and no one wants to join him where he is now: tied to the courtyard gate, his wounds bleeding into the hot sand.

The ravishment continues unabated, and Yulia’s skill becomes evident. Each slave is more endowed than the last, in length and girth. Each fuck becomes more and more painful for the anguished woman.

A Thirst For Cock

The ruthless fucking became too much for the harem favorites, and Zobeida and Haydee can no longer ignore the burning in their clits. As another slave approaches Soraya to give her the required 20 lashes with the cane, the two women pull a pair of slaves out of line. Calling the overseer over, Zobeida gives him explicit instructions.

Keep your whip handy. If this slave looks like hes about to cum, you have my permission to flay the skin from his back. Im going to get a taste of his bulging cock, but hes to keep his cum for the bitch. Got it?

At the guards nod, Zobeida quickly fell to her knees and enveloped the slaves cock in her warm mouth. She bobbed her head over the massive tool, savoring its manly scent and salty taste over her tongue. Haydee quickly went to work on another slave as the overseer looked on.

Fucking hypocrites! thought Jafif. At least with your mouth full of the baby-stick, you bitches arent in a position to hurt Soraya any more. Enjoy your treat while you can, your day is coming soon

Jafif moved along the wall, ignored by the shouting mob around him. He drew closer to the gate where the first slave still moaned in agony.

Haydee felt the slaves cock twitch in her mouth. She quickly let it slide from her lips, but not before giving a quick kiss on the tip of the huge member. Quickly, get this asshole to Soraya. Hes about to cum, and I want him to gush his spunk all over her pathetic face!


Vengeance from the Past

The sandy haired slave stood out from the assorted thieves and rabble who had been sentenced to a lifetime of labor in the mines. He walked erect with a swagger that came from many years working the sea as a pirate. Captured and shipped off to the mines, he was a barbaric sea-dog through and through. He also recognized Soraya.

With a single thrust, he buried his pulsing cock deep in the humiliated woman. Grabbing a handful of her thick hair, he yanked her head until she was inches from his face. His foul breath washed over her as he fucked her.

Ha! Youre that horny slut who was in the Marseille Autinel when we captured her! The former pirate gave a satisfied grunt as he felt the head of his cock squeeze tightly into the bound womans cervix.

AHH!! No!! You mustnt say such things slave AHH! I I dont know that ship protested Soraya.

Dont call me a slave, nasty whore! I was an officer once, remember? We captured that ship and were ready to kill the entire crew. But you saved your skin by offering to swallow more than your pride. You swallowed every dick in my crew! How can you forget that? HAW!

With another thrust the sea-dog pounded deeper into her swollen slit, the walls of her well-fucked cunt stretching to accommodate his massive girth.

ARRGH!! NO! I Id never do that Im not that sort of woman AH!!

Shut up, bitch! Youre a nasty, shameless cum-gulping harlot and everyone knows it! How many dicks have your ridden today, eh? Close to a hundred! What a depraved, cock-addled whore!

Grabbing the cane in both hands, the man rained down blows on Sorays unprotected body. Angry red welts appeared on her breasts and thighs as he vented his anger on her milky skin.

Through the assault, Soraya felt a mighty climax building inside her, and before Zobeida or Haydee could prevent it, it exploded inside her.


Zobeida grabbed the man and pulled him off the bound woman. Her eyes flashed dangerously as she pushed him towards the overseer. Take this pig and give him a hundred lashes across the back two hundred! Then castrate the son-of-a-bitch! How dare he disobey my orders!


Changing of the Guard

Night fell, and with it the changing of the guard. Jafif, along with the archers and henchmen left their places at the battlements and filed inside the fortress. He had seen enough to bring a death sentence to a thousand harem favorites. The only thing before him now was to find a way to escape the palace without being discovered.

Soraya lay motionless in the yard below. Only the small moans which bubbled from her lips gave any evidence that she was still alive.

The slaves from the salt mines have done their work, and done it well. At dawn they will be marched back to their encampment deep in the sun-blasted desert. Two of them will crawl. Two of the slaves have been castrated for their impudence, the unmanning wound cauterized with a glowing iron.

Zobeida entered the courtyard and directed a large procession of henchmen. The procession carried dozens of iron cages, each filled with dark shapes which writhed in the shadows.

Set the cages up around the walls, directed Zobeida. Theyre filled with the largest black slaves we could find. Some of them are from the water mill, and others from the quarry. Theyre unbroken, and need to be controlled by club and whip. Dont turn your backs on them! Theyll snap your neck if given half a chance!

The dusky figures threw themselves against the bars of the cages, seeking any point of weakness so they could escape and wreak vengeance on their oppressors. Their black skin was covered with countless marks from whips and lashes. The carried the stink of mules on their grimy flesh, and their dicks were filthy and crusted with dried sweat.

Yulia hid the disgust she felt for these savages. She knew that if she complained, shed be given to them for their next meal.

The Mandingos licked their lips as they spied Soraya, her legs spread as an open invitation for them. Seeing their breeding instinct so obviously aroused, Haydee smiled


No Rest, No Rescue

Soraya no longer felt the slightest pleasure, and the violations of the black slaves did nothing but increase her suffering and humiliation. They are the lowest of the kingdoms slaves, and being assaulted by them was like committing the worst kind of sin. She was being bread with the dirtiest and filthiest scum imaginable. The loathsome act made her skin crawl, and her chest heaved continually with deep sobs.

Her once beautiful slit and firm breasts had become swollen and deformed by the relentless fucking. Each intrusion in her body brought a shocking wall of pain which crushed her spirit. She almost feinted from the pain, but her body is unable to ignore the ghastly violations being committed on it. The first rays of dawn appeared over the courtyard wall, and Sayora tried one last time to beg for mercy.

P. please sir I I cant take any more Please let me rest I I will stroke you hard Ill make you cum, youll like it Just please please no more

The slave shook his greasy head and grinned down at her. Forcing her legs even further apart he plunged mercilessly into her inflamed slit. Her flesh was hot and pleasure raced through him as he thrilled to the feeling of humiliating the woman with his massive black cock.

A scream was torn from Sorayas lips as she felt the mighty dick split through her like an iron spike.



Order of Execution

At sunrise, Zobeida stirred from her comfortable ottoman. Her firm body was nestled in a warm cocoon of quilts and silky blankets. She spent the night on the patio watching Sorayas endless procession of studs.

Call for the surgeon, she ordered a guard. And get those black slaves away from that bitch. They havent eaten a thing since we caged them, and theyve worked up an appetite fucking that whore. The last thing I want is them to pick her bones clean!

What are you planning now? Haydee asked. Speaking of breakfast, I could do with a bite to eat myself. Why not order the guards to bring some fruits and pastries while youre at it?

Not just yet, Haydee said Zobeida. Ive got another treat in mind, just you wait.

The surgeon arrived. He was a young man, but already his hair was speckled with streaks of grey. At Zobeida command, the surgeon readied his tools and prepared Soraya for her final humiliation.

Gagged tightly, the barely conscious woman was tied onto a metal framework, her knees drawn up past her head. A thick plug was forced deep into her ass, stretching it obscenely as it worked its length into her bowels.

Then the surgeon threaded a thick needle with coarse twine, and clumsily stitched shut Sorayas abused slit. His fingers shook with excitement and the stitches were haphazard, but soon she was completely sealed up.

Shattered, Soraya fainted.

Hours later, Soraya was shocked awake by having a bucket of icy water dumped over her head. She was still bound to the framework, her entire body cramped and screamed in agony. Zobeida sneered at the broken woman.

How about it, bitch? Do you like it? Youre a virgin again! They say you never forget your first time. Well tonight you get to feel the thrilling pain of defilement all over again. Its going to be like the first time you spread you legs for your first boyfriend. Only this time, well all be there to watch!


Jafif has seen enough to convict each of the harem favorites for multiple crimes. He’s seen Soraya taken from the womens prison, smuggled out in a massive earthen jar under the guard’s noses. In a secluded courtyard, he’s witnessed the horrific tortures inflicted by the sadistic concubines.

As damning as these crimes are, even worse was to come. The insatiable Zobeida and Haydee have proved themselves unfaithful to the Grand Sultan Pacha. With his own eyes, Jafif has seen the sexy women commit multiple acts of licentiousness with well-hung prisoners to satisfy their own lusts.

Unseen, Jafif has slipped out of the hidden fortress where Soraya has been kept captive, and has reported his findings to Cadi, his powerful uncle.

Cadi, shocked by the behavior of the favorites has decided upon the most extreme forms of punishment imaginable, to match the severity of the women’s crimes. Although his fury is great, Cadi knows he lacks the power to burst into the harem and arrest the wanton whores. He’s ordered Jafif back into the twisting passageways of the underground fortress to abduct the former favorites and rescue Soraya


The Capture of Zobeida

Zobeida had just finished making her rounds through the underground cells leaving a trail of blistered buttocks and whipped tits in her wake. As she delivered her favorite brand of punishment, the dusky seductress has made more than one prisoner eat her pussy by force.

“Suck bitch, and make it good! If you have the slightest hope of ever seeing the sun again, you’ll have me cumming all over your pretty face… now start lapping my pretty dog… yeah! MMMMM!!!”

Drunk with a mixture of sex and sadism, she doesn’t see the shadow stalking her from an adjoining hallway until it fell upon her. Powerful arms grabbed her from behind, pulling her to the ground. The assault was quick and brutal.


“Shut your hole, bitch!” It was Jafif! Cadi’s nephew and secret cat’s paw.

Zobeida twisted in his grip, but a rag soaked with hashish oil was clamped over her mouth, and her struggles eventually quieted.

A muffled cry caught his attention. In a dark corner of the room he found Soraya tied and locked in a cage. She was in dire shape, but conscious. With amazement she quickly understood that her rescue was at hand. Jafif freed Soraya and returned to his task with renewed determination.

Sweating and trembling with adrenaline from the attack, Jafif passed the limp Zobeida to one of his trusted guards and went in search of the second half of the twisted pair: Haydee.


No Escape for Haydee

Haydee stumbled down the dark passageway, her mind a cloud of terror. Bones, emaciated bodies and filth squished underfoot. The smell of tortured flesh filled the air, along with the wails of prisoners shackled in their cramped cages.

She’d been taken from her bed and dragged half-naked down the murky corridors leading outside.

A steep flight of stairs yawned before her, and she feared that Jafif would suddenly push her from behind. She hesitated, her heart pounding in her ample chest.

“Come on, bitch! Get moving! If I wanted you dead I’d have cut your throat as you slept! Besides, a fall down the stairs is nothing compared to the punishments Cadi’s dreamed up for you! You’re going to pay for your crimes, whore! Every damn one!”


Captives of Cadi

The two former favorites were shoved onto a grimy mattress deep in Cadi’s private dungeon.

“Better get some rest, you whores. Cadi will make you answer for your crimes in the morning, and it’s going to take all of your strength.” threatened Jafif. “The chastity belts have been lined with tacks, and each prick will remind you of all the pricks you sucked! HA HA HA! Did you think you could be unfaithful to the Sultan without being discovered? Stupid cunts!”

With a twisted snear, Jafif revealed his uncle’s plan.

“In the morning, you’ll be presented with a confession to sign. I strongly encourage you to sign it quickly! Two women escorted by guards and dressed in your clothes and jewels were seen headed to the oasis of Kahlo to bid on some Christian slaves. On the way, they were attacked by bandits and all traces of the women have disappeared under the endless sea of sand.” Jafif’s eyes twinkled in delight as the meaning of his words sunk in to the helpless women.

“What? The Sultan will find us, even if he has to rip the desert apart with his bare hands!” screamed Zobeida.

“The Sultan will be far to busy to look for his two missing desert flowers,” chided Jafif. “Besides, a letter informing his Highness of your fate has already been sent. And just to make sure that he wouldn’t want you back, a signed confession will be discovered in the morning.” With a flick of his wrist, Jafif pulled a parchment scroll from the sleeve of his tunic.

“Allow me to read your confession to you,” he said.

“To our beloved lord and supreme power on earth, Sultan Shafariar,

We, Zobeida and Haydee, implore our beloved lord to have mercy on us for our many sins. The stains of our crimes are more than we can bear, and we only pray that you will find it in your tremendous heart to forgive us.

We have betrayed your trust by being disloyal in the duty you charged us, that of faithfully watching over your harem.

We abused your trust by constantly fornicating with guards and servants who we then had murdered to keep our secrets hidden from you. We allowed concubines to follow our lustful example and give themselves to men and women alike.

Lust possessed our minds and bodies, and we created a hidden prison in the city where we had the Vizier and his wife impaled. We used this den of perversion to spread our legs for Christian slaves condemned to work in the salt mines. We used these prisoners to fill our bellies with cum, and coat our mouths with jizz.

We know we are guilty and deserve the most severe of consequences, but some dogs are cowards and flee before their Master can enact just punishment. We therefore are fleeing the city to live among the wandering Bedouins, where we plan on satisfying the burning in our cunts with their thick nomadic dicks. We know we’ll only be forgiven when the scorching sun bleaches our bones on the dunes, and our flesh has crumbled to dust.

May divine providence watch over and protect the most mighty Sultan.”

Jafif could no longer keep a straight face, and laughed when he saw the horror in his captive’s eyes. “Very poetic for unfaithful whores!”

“We’ll never sign it! Never!” cried Haydee. But Jafif had already left.


Haydee’s Horror

In the morning, Jafif entered the cell and tore the chastity belt from Haydee. Before the groggy young woman had come fully awake, he violently entered her.

“Your pussy is tight! I guess tacks are just a turn-on for a whore like you! ARGH!”


“Is that a question, bitch? Does that mean you’re ready to sign your confession?” Jafif continued with the brutal fucking, slamming the full weight of his body on the miserable Haydee.


“Good! I was hoping you’d put up a fight! I like my bitches to struggle. It’s more fun to see them realize that they’re powerless. It’s like seeing a beautiful flower suddenly stomped into the ground… yeah… I’m going to enjoy breaking you down, whore!”

Zobeida in the Executioner’s Hands

Well bitch, let’s have a look at ya! You’ve got delicate skin, smooth and sensitive… too bad for you! Torment is gonna go that much harder for you! The moment you sign your confession, I’ll give you a few hours to rest… and then we’ll fuck like newlyweds! HAW!”

The executioner started with her full breasts, pawing them with an animal ferocity that boiled through the Mandingo’s veins. He wore cracked leather gloves, and crushed her plump tits in his savage grip.

Zobeida pleaded with a humility borne of terror, but the dark skinned thug only laughed.

“Jafif wants your tits skinned and rubbed with salt, I don’t think that mercy is in the cards for you, whore!”


“Confess! Sign the damn thing and end your suffering!”


Zobeida fought bravely, but even her steely nerves could only handle so much. With a gasp, she slumped in the ropes, dangling before the executioner like a broken puppet.

The Mandingo squeezed her nipples mercilessly, eliciting a moan of pain from the abused woman.

“Wake up bitch! We’re only getting started!”


Stretched to the Breaking Point

Haydee didn’t stand a chance. Her luscious breasts stood proudly before her, plump and inviting. The torturer started on them first. Binding them in rough ropes attached to iron cannonballs, they now were pulled horribly out of shape. Her tears flowed in torrents. Cadi had hired the executioner for his inventions which could only come from a mind twisted by sadistic lusts. His next assault was even more painful and humiliating for Haydee.

“I’ve shoved dozens of rose thorns up your ass, bitch. You’ll tear yourself apart the next time you take a shit! Feeling them grind inside of you is only the start of your suffering. When your ass gets rammed by a hard cock, you’ll beg for death! HA HA HA!”

“NNAAAHH!! TAKE THEM OUT!!! PLEASE!! I can’t stand any more… please have mercy on me sir! I… I’m not ready to die!”

“The thorns stay planted in your shitter until you confess! A filthy slut like you shouldn’t have any pride left, and begging for mercy from me is a fucking joke!”


Jafif leaned casually against the stone wall, watching the spectacle before him. “Gafetti cost my uncle a fortune, but the bastard is worth his weight in diamonds. He practiced under Farrall, the Executioner of Venice … he’s learned a few things in his travels too… and I’m sure he’s eager to try them out on you, slut!”

“AAANGN! NO! Please god, NO!”

Gafetti grabbed his favorite barbed whip and thrashed the bound woman across the tits and belly, enjoying the sweat flying from her body as he beat her. She reeked with the smell of fear, and he inhaled deeply.

With every stroke, Haydee twisted and screamed, her strangled breasts stretching unimaginably. They became purple and deformed under the assault, and her face turned red with anguish.

“Come on bitch, sign the confession already!” screamed Jafif.


“Jafif grabbed the crying woman around the waist and plunged into her ass with a mighty thrust. The thorns ripped deeply into her body as he pumped.



Hell on Earth

As Jafif savaged the bound Haydee, Gafetti went into the adjacent cell where Zobeida was being held. She looked up miserably as he entered, and opened her mouth to speak. Gafetti belted her across the face before she could make a sound.

“Shut the fuck up, whore! The only thing I want to hear from you is screaming!”

The ferocious man reared back with his whip, and unleashed a wave of pain on the suffering former favorite. She screamed until her throat was raw and bleeding. With a satisfied grunt, he ground rock salt into her fresh wounds, ripping yet more screams from the pain-maddened Zobeida.

“You filthy slut, you’ll loose your tits if you keep resisting! Personally, I don’t give a fuck about any confession. But I hate to see a good pair of jugs go to waste. If you don’t sign the paper willingly, I’ll cut your damn tits off and feed them to my dogs!”

“GGHAAA!! AAAIEE!! I… I can’t! Please don’t… NO! I can’t sign that thing… the Sultan will kill me!”

“If you don’t sign, Jafif will sign your death warrant you stupid cow! I’ll hang you from the ceiling by rusty hooks… I’ll have them tear through your tit-meat like a sword through a Christian! Wounds like that never heal… they fester and turn black… is that what you want? You want me to turn you into a pulsing mass of sores and boils? You’ll envy the most disgusting leper when I’m done with you!”


A Crucified Whore

Zobeida was tied to a massive oak beam, legs spread and her sore clit exposed. Jafif fucked the helpless woman, and then handed her over to the executioner.

“HA! You’re an evil bitch, but a half-way decent fuck! Your cunt felt great on my pipe, whore… but Gafetti has got a shaft that’s too big even for a horny slut like you! You’re a disgraceful pig, rooting around in garbage for a sloppy fuck… but you’re about to get pounded like you’ve never been fucked before!”

“AAARGH!!! AHH AAHHH!!! Please let me go! I’ll vanish… disappear! You’ll never hear from me again… and I’ll never say anything to anybody… I promise!”

“Your word is as worthless as you are, bitch! I’d sooner trust a donkey then a fuck-pig like you! Just be glad that I lubed up your fuck-hole with my spunk. Gafetti believes in fucking his whores dry… and his fuck stick is as dry as a cactus in summer!”

The howls of Zobeida tore through the dungeon. Again and again the torturer shoved a thick, wooden dildo into Zobeida’s ravaged slit.

“Admit your crimes, whore! Nobody can help you now!” Gafetti yelled.


No hope for Haydee

Her once beautiful breasts now stretched cruelly, Haydee was violated again and again by both Jafif and the executioner Gafetti.

Listen closely, bitch. Gafetti whispered into her hear between bouts of violent fucking. Do you hear your companion in the next room? She doesnt sound so high and mighty now, does she? She sounds more like a strangled dove with its wings torn off. Shes going to break any minute I can tell and when she does shell sign the confession and beg for a quick death. Youll do the same

n no. I I.. wont

Fucking whore!

The jagged wooden dildo which had been dipped in boiling grease was suddenly thrust into Haydee, stretching her pussy-lips wide as the invading phallus burrowed into her. Crazed with terror and pain, the bound woman was overcome by a powerful orgasm.

Confess, whore! Crawl on your pathetic knees and kiss my feet beg for mercy and sign the paper while you still can! ordered Jafif.



Zobeida: Queen of Flies

Zobeida lost count of the times shed been ruthlessly taken by Jafif and Gafetti. Each time was rougher than the last. She felt her skin tear under the assault, and her tendons cramped from the inhuman positions they forced her into as they forced themselves on her. Every inch of her cried out in pain. Once while being whipped she felt her bowels void themselves, leaving a watery pile of shit on the grimy stone floor. The smell of the waste mixed with the scent of sex and sweat.

By nightfall, Gafetti was ready for his next perverse invention. He shoved a full glass of honey-sweet mead down the exhausted womans throat. The strong drink burned her mouth, and she choked on the syrupy liquid.

Drink up, bitch. This is the only food youll get until you sign the confession.

When Zobeida opened her mouth wider to take a sip, Gafetti suddenly shoved the glass past her teeth until it was lodged firmly in her mouth.

If you move your jaw, the cup will shatter and youll have a mouth full of broken glass! Youll be cut to ribbons from the inside out! Just think of it! Youll probably drown in your own blood before anyone notices! Now sleep well and think about signing the paper in the morning. If you still wont sign, Ill shove the glass up your dripping cunt and punch you in the stomach!

Zobeida was afraid to move, afraid to breath. She just looked in horror at her tormentor.

A tasty tart like you needs a bit of honey and that mead is sweet! Gafetti opened the door to the cell and watched as insects, drawn by the scent of the sweet nectar, began swarming around the horrified young woman.


Haydee Surrenders

Good little fuck-pup. Have you finally come to your senses? Are you ready to sign? Jafif asked.

Haydee nodded. Her smashed breasts shook with sobs. Ugly purple welts covered her once creamy skin. She lowered her eyes before him in complete surrender.

Jafifs hand shot out quick as a viper, and caught the broken woman by the neck. He pried her jaws apart and grabbed her tongue with his fingers. Before Haydee knew what happened, he clamped her tongue in a wooden vice.

I like seeing you like this, laughed Jafif. A pathetic whore shouldnt speak. What would a whore have to say that anyone would want to hear? Be glad I dont cut your damn tongue out all together, cunt. The only reason Im letting you keep it is because I want to feel you lick my balls once youve signed the paper. Got it! Youre gonna lap at my nutsack like an obedient puppy and thank me for my kindness!

Haydees cheeks burned with humiliation. With her eyes still downcast, she slowly nodded.

Get this straight. From now on, youre nothing but a worthless slave. Youre going to be sold as a slave and take whatever name your new Owner gives you. Youll beg and serve like a cringing fuck-toy and forget youd ever been the Sultans favorite piece of fuckmeat!


Zobeida Breaks

It was dark when Jafif entered the chamber, his hands shooing away clouds of flies from the sobbing young woman. He removed the unbroken glass from Zobeidas cracked lips.

Are you ready to admit your crimes, whore?

Zobeida, eyes red and chin quivering, nodded.

Well Ill be damned I guess you can teach a stupid bitch something after all! Jafif smiled. I was about to give up on you, slut!

Jafif grabbed a fistful of her hair, and yanked her head up.

Your little friend is smarter than you. She already confessed this morning. I guess for all your scheming and tricks, you are nothing more than a cum-addicted tramp. It was hardly worth my time fucking your shitter to get you to confess I wasted good jizz up your crap-hole but you can thank me for fucking you later, AFTER you sign the confession!

The Shameful Auction

After signing the full confession, Zobeida and Haydee are caged like animals and presented before Cadi. The powerful man gloated over the display of bruised flesh, and announced his final punishment.

I wont give you death, nor give you any punishment that will give pleasure to you horny sluts. Turning you loose to be violated by a tribe of Mandingos would only have your cunts dripping with pleasure! No Ive got something else in mind for you whores. Youre going to be sold at auction the auction where criminals and the insane are sold off to foreign traders. The worst traffickers in human flesh will be there, ruthless exploiters of the powerless and miserable. You wont fetch much a few coins at best. But Im sure there will be some slaver who will put you to good use! Youll be sold to pimps fucking farmers and sailors Hell! You might end up servicing a camel or two! HAW HAW! Forget all about the pleasure of the harem. You useless whores have lost that privileged life forever! Silk beds? Gone! Jewels and perfume? Gone! From this moment, your days will be spent in agony and your nights filled with humiliation and shame!

Days later, the two former favorites were displayed at auction. Traffickers gathered from all over the world to bid on flesh slaves they could beat like animals and work to death. Women would be pimped to violent criminals for a few coins, and then whipped into unconsciousness by their new Masters.

One by one, the women saw crying slaves being sold to hairy foreigners. One beautiful redhead was bought by Jofre, a simpleminded dung collector. When the slave stumbled from the auction block, Jofre slammed her into a wall. His filth-encrusted hands tore her ragged clothing from her, leaving her naked before the crowd. He slapped her face and punched her tits until she was doubled over in pain. Before she could catch her breath, he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her from the market.

Youre next, sugar-tits! Jafif whispered into Zobeidas ear.


The Sale of Zobeida

Jafif strode forward and took charge of the auction.

Here is a beautiful and docile slave, well versed in the pleasures of the kitchen and the bed! No humiliation is too great for this one! She lives to serve men on her knees, and with an open and eager mouth! Youll get plenty of work out of this one! Look at her tits! Ripe for squeezing and biting! Lets start the bidding at 35 coins

The humiliation was almost too much for Zobeida. Sprawled on a wooden crate, the same crate she will be shipped away to a foreign land in, the once proud woman could only sob in misery.

37 coins. cried Giniz, a camel trader.

43 coins for the whore! shouted Achmed the slaver.

Zobeida, the daughter of a powerful judge, a young woman who had never known poverty was now a slave naked and ready for sale and endless punishment.

She expected the worst.


Buying Haydee

Haydee was bought and forced to walk behind her new Owner like an animal, leashed by the tits.

Hurry up, worthless bitch! I need a tramp to clean my dick every time I take a piss and Ill fuck your pussy raw after breakfast, lunch and dinner!

No! Please sir! I Im not like that I am a noble

A noble pain in my ass! Get a move on whore!

Aziz The Crow has no mercy for slaves, and no pity for their whining.

Walk faster or Ill rip your fat tits off! Aziz pulled the leash meaningfully.

AH! No! Ill walk my lord

I hope so, busty! Yeah, I like that Busty! Thats your new name, bitch!

Humiliated, Busty followed her new Master out of the auction house and into the plaza. In the bustle of the sweltering market, she meekly stumbled after him. In the street, he tied her leash to his camel, and climbed onto the beasts saddle.

Her chest heaving with misery, she tried to keep up as the ragged animal plodded along. Haydee cried out in pain with every tug of the leash, but kept her head down and trotted submissively behind.


The Mark of Shame

For 65 coins, Zobeida was sold to Alkarim the pimp.

Alkarim liked to decorate the bodies of his slaves with tattoos designed by Kassim, his master tattooist.

Quiet, bitch! The more you move the more it hurts! Get that through your thick skull!


Kassim drew the burning needle across her smooth skin, making fine cuts in her flesh which he filled with ink. Soon her belly was adorned with whirls and wavy lines.

After inking, a slave was marked as a sex-toy forever.

Beautiful work Kassim. I swear you get better every time!

Thank you noble Alkarim. You keep buying whores, and Ill keep doing my best. This one is a real prize shell make you rich while working on her knees and back!

Why do you think I bought her? With tits like that, shell be a target for every sadistic bastard with a full purse and hard cock! Why dont you try out her mouth? Consider it a tip for a job well done! laughed Alkarim.

Alkarim ripped off the gag, and shoved Zobeidas face into the tattooists crotch. She gasped for air, but her mouth was suddenly filled with his rank dick. Zobeida was tempted to bite, but Kassin prodded her sore tits with his needle. Almost drowning in shame, Zobeida relaxed her mouth and allowed his filthy member to slide over her tongue and deep into her throat.

What a fucking whore! Look at her go! That cum-addicted slut has got a mouth like the gates of heaven, and knockers made for the lash! UNGH! YEAH! Bring her back anytime you want another design Ive got plenty of ink and plenty of jizz! YEAH!!!

Leashed and Tamed

After signing the full confession, Zobeida and Haydee are caged like animals and presented before Cadi. The powerful man gloated over the display of bruised flesh, and announced his final punishment.

Haydee shuffled after Aziz The Crow, her new Owner and Master. With each stumble she was yanked painfully forward by a sharp tug at the rope binding her breasts. The sharp jolt of pain caused her to gasp in agony, but always her legs carried her on to her new home.

The unfortunate former favorite of the Sheik couldnt believe what was happening. Accustomed to the opulence and power of the harem, shed suddenly been reduced to the lowliest slave in a single day.

Salty tears left clean trails as they ran down her mud-spattered face. Snickering throngs of shoppers stared as the beautiful woman was pulled though the marketplace.

Theres the Crows new bitch! shouted one.

Ha! Shes going to learn what happens to women who dont serve his dick! laughed another. The Crow will have her whimpering and howling all night like a moon-stuck camel!

Nah, hes gonna make her work for her keep. Hell have her loaded down like a mule and work her like a dog. Hes cruel even for an unwashed trader!

Yeah, youre probably right, agreed the first pedestrian. Getting bought by that sly devil is a death sentence, especially for women with big tits and long legs!


The Crows Roost

Haydee raised her head and was stunned by the structure before her. Half-naked slaves swarmed over a vast brick and plaster dwelling which stretched along the north wall of the city. The whole scene looked like an ant-hill swarming with ants.

Aziz The Crow was one of the most prosperous traders in the region. His warehouses had grown so much that they merged with his house and palace until the whole structure was one giant monument to his greed. Caravans arriving at the city would enter the north gate and immediately head for his trading houses. Slaves groaning under heavy burdens of trade goods were allowed to rest in the shadows of his dusty courtyards while the merchants haggled over prices.

The Crow was well known for driving a hard bargain, but also for treating the owners of the caravans to a myriad of delights beneath his roof. Endless feasts were brought before them lowering their resistance to his sharp dealing. And if a trader wanted to purchase the use of a female slave or two for the night, The Crow always had a large supply of women at hand for that purpose.

Welcome to your new home, mangy bitch. Welcome to your new life! Aziz gloated as he saw the stunned look on Haydees disheveled face. Youre probably too stupid to do anything right, but Ill train you how to be a submissive fuck slave. When Im done with you, youll be spreading your legs in the air like the most used-up, worn out prostitute in Pesawar!


The rules of the House

Upon entering the large courtyard of The Crows mansion, Haydees leash was handed over to the mistress of the house: Samantha. Haydee was then presented to the curvaceous, olive skinned woman for training.

You look like a good bitch, one which will make a nice addition to our stables of fuck-whores. said Samantha, looking over the quietly sobbing woman.

Samantha jerked on the rope, causing Haydee to squeal in pain.


Just dont forget who is in charge around here! Samantha leaned closer. Ill take your gag out so you can tell me your story, whore. But dont even think about lying. I have lots of experience in punishing lying sluts, and youll feel the kiss of my lash on your cunt if you ever try to deceive me!

-GASP!- I I was the Sultans favorite, but AAHHH!!!!!!

I warned you, bitch! Lies! Do you want to feel my foot up your ass? snarled Samantha.

NO! But its true! I…. I was a favorite. Haydee sobbed.

Humm, mused Samantha. I suppose it could be the truth. The Great Sultan has been known to dispose of his playthings in creative ways. Its possible you were just another smooth cunt hes thrown away like garbage. But you belong to the Crow now, and youll serve him like a king!

Haydee nodded, her pink mound stinging from the harsh slap.

Never mention your past, slut. No one would believe you! The Master is very strict about what he expects, and quick to anger. As a slave you are to blindly obey every order without hesitation! Youll be naked at all times, except for a chastity belt and veil. The veil protects your face, and the belt protects your silky cunny! Samantha chuckled. Aziz wont let anyone stuff your fuck-hole unless theyve paid for it first!


Marked for Life

Samantha looked deeply into Haydees frightened eyes. Im a woman, just like you. So believe me when I say I wont punish you unless you truly deserve it. Ive spent many years in charge of the Crows Roost. Ive seen anguish and humiliation that would drive you insane.

Samanthas eyes flashed dangerously. But Ive hardened my heart to it! Ive had to! Dont think I wont make you suffer more than any woman alive if I have too! If I dont train pleasure-sluts to Azizs high standards, Ill be next

The buxom mistress breathed deeply. When I was young, I made the mistake of committing adultery on my husband with a handsome nomad who arrived in town one day. My lover turned out to be a bandit, and stole my husbands fortune when I smuggled him into my home for an illicit rendezvous. My husband lost everything, and I was publicly flogged and enslaved. I was even marked, so that everyone would know the severity of my crimes.

Samanthas hands went to the folds of her robe, and she slowly drew them apart until she was completely exposed to Haydee. The house mistress firm breasts were covered with scars, and an angry brand marred her bronze skin. The brand was the size of a plum, and depicted a flying raven with talons outstretched, the sigil belonging to the House of the Crow.

Samantha’s Story

While Haydee was washed from the grim caking her skin, Samantha told her story:

“I was marked forever,” said Samantha. “I was questioned on the rack until I confessed every detail of my adultery. Every shameful secret tumbled out and I screamed and begged for mercy, but he kept beating me… pinching my nipples and slapping my breasts until I almost chewed off my tongue in pain. I told him everything as he punished me. At the same time he was punishing me for being a shameless harlot, he forced me to blow him and offer my ass to his thick cock like an opium-addicted gutter slut.”

“Disgusting wench! You deserve to have your throat slit for being such a cum-gulping harlot! Disgracing your husband by thinking only of your own lusts and pleasure… you’ll pay for that!”

“Please NO!!! AAARH! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry… I …. AAGHHH!!!!”


The Trial

Sticky jizz ran from my nose and mouth as I was presented to the crowd of people who had some to delight in my humiliation. My full confession was read to the judge as I quietly begged for death.

The crowd hurled insults at me, and laughed as I cowed in embarrassment and shame. Finally I was bound to a scaffold in the city square to hear my sentence. I tried, but couldn’t shut out the insults which surrounded me.

“Filthy whore!”

“Disgusting cock-slut! How many men did you suck off? A hundred? A thousand?”

“Arrogant bitch! Shaming your husband by spreading your legs for a nomad’s thick cock… you should be ashamed!”

“HA! They got you now, slut! You’re gonna have your hands chopped off, and spend your days rooting around in the garbage like an unclean swine!”

I was found guilty of adultery, fornication, sodomy and conspiracy. My lover had fled to the far corners of the endless desert, and would never be caught. Since I was left alone, it was decided that I’d be punished twice as severely, so that I would pay for his crimes as well as my own….


The Leather Cobra

The punishment started by being flogged by a bullwhip from sunrise to sunset. Hanging by the wrists with my legs spread and my mound exposed to the horrible whip, I was given 650 lashes.

I suffered more on that platform than I thought a person could stand, and still live. Sweat and blood ran down my body in thick rivulets. Globs of spit covered me as the crowd roared in approval with each blow.


“Worthless whore! Where is your lover now? HA HA HA!”

“Disgusting cow! Whip those udders raw! Only harlots have tits that big! They need them to entice men… and lead them into their filthy beds!”







Haydee had forced women to degrade themselves for her amusement. She’s had faithful wives kiss and suck her dripping slit as they begged to be fucked. She’s never felt sympathy before, but something in Samantha’s story reached her heart. She could imagine herself as the helpless woman bound to the scaffold, cheeks burning in shame and humiliation as the torturer raised his whip for another mighty blow.


A Taste of the Crop

A mule skinner paid to take over for the executioner. He was an expert in beating stubborn camels and other beasts into submission. The noise in the square was deafening as the lust-crazed crowd realized what was about to happen.

“Break her! Show her she’s nothing but a dumb beast to be tamed!”

“Spank her ass and whip those tits! Make them dance!”



I almost blacked out as the first blow of the crop fell on my nude body. I felt like I’d been torn in two. My ears rang, and it took me a moment to realize the deafening howling was coming from my own lips.



“Harder! Whip that ass! She’s a no-good cum-dump and deserves nothing less!”

The crop danced over my ass, my thighs… and worked its way to my crotch. I threw myself against the taut ropes, but it was useless. I was bound tightly, and couldn’t hide from the onslaught.

“Make her suffer! Hurt those tits and whip that cunt!”

“Tear her like a wolf tearing into a newborn lamb!”

The rough leather crop tore at my clit and ripped out each hair. My feminine mound was left smooth and bald forever…

Torment by Twilight

The whip fell upon my naked arms, legs and smooth belly. My tits were not spared, and became the target for the fiery whip. I screamed until I was choking on my own drool, and then I screamed some more. My voice broke under the strain of begging for mercy and pity.


AAHHHH!!!! N No more I beg of you Have mercy on a helpless woman please sir Ill be good I.



The executioners took turns punishing me. When one became tired of whipping my body into a froth of blinding pain, the other would take his place so there was never any rest from my anguish. Their skill was horrific, and they wielded the bullwhip with an expertise which spoke of the countless women who had been reduced to tears before them. They didnt spare an inch of my flesh, and not a speck of skin was left on my breasts which hadnt been whipped raw. Welts covered me from head to toe.

With the dying of the sun, my beatings finally stopped and I collapsed.


Taking Out The Trash

I was cut down, and fell at my tormentors feet as though my bones had turned to water. They pissed on my flayed body, their disgusting fluids stinging the angry welts which ran down my once-smooth skin. They washed away my tears with streams of urine and laughed as I coughed and spit under the acidic shower.

They grabbed me roughly afterwards, and I was too weak to resist. They dragged my bleeding body through the streets and dumped me in a refuse pit on the edge of town where the bodies of executed criminals are left to rot.

Last stop for you slut! Filthy sluts like you make me sick! Best to throw you out with the other reeking trash!

Nasty bitch! You knew youd end up here for your crimes! What did you expect?

Haw! If her lover could see her now, hed puke in disgust!


A Wife Degraded

Although they called me vile names and sneered at my shame, the executioners werent done with me yet. Each one couldnt pass up a free piece of ass! And since I was in no position to resist, they took it. They entered me violently, each one cheering the others on as they thought of new ways to humiliate me. It wasnt enough to just claim my body; they made me beg to be violated. I begged to be hurt and degraded by the very men who had stripped my dignity away and were ready to leave me to die.

Suck it, bitch! Stuff my meat down your nasty throat! AHH! What a mouth on this slut!

Im next, whore. I worked up a raging hard-on while whipping you, and youre going to take care of it like a jizz-slurping slut! Yeah, gonna fuck your face-cunt till I blow my wad across your pretty cheeks!

Beg for it, fuck-pig. Tell me how much you want it.

-sob- P Please sir please let me suck your cock I want to fill your your cum sliding down my slutty chin

Haw! She even sounds like a shameless tramp! No wonder her husband married her! But he shoulda chained this slut to his bed with her legs spread, so she wouldnt stray!

“My wounds became infected from the slime and filth of the garbage pit. They would leave scars that would mark me for the rest of my life.


A Trash

By the time the executioners were done using my body, I was little more than a tattered shapeless lump among the refuse of the city. Rats gnawed at my wounds, and flies crawled over my skin. I was too weak to brush them off, even when they crawled into my mouth my ears I could do nothing but pray for death to take me.

I lost consciousness, but not forever. After a length of time I can only guess at, I awoke. I was on a stained and soiled mattress, every muscle cramped in agony. My skin was blistered as though Id lain under the scorching sun for days. My hair was a mass of sweat and I could tell that a fever was ravaging my body.

An old, ugly woman sat beside the bed, smearing palm butter on my sticky skin.

Dont move, trash-whore. she said. Let the medicine do its work, or youll be skinny-dipping in Hells fiery lakes before dawn!

She shoved a blagor root between my jaws, and as I chewed the sweet bark, sleep overcame me. I dreamt of horror and torture.

No Freedom, No Rescue.

Had I known what was to come, I would have swallowed the entire blagor root and choked to death right there. Id been found by scavengers, trash collectors who make their living by pawing through the rubbish. Anything valuable was sold for scrap, and any bodies still living were considered another commodity. If the person had a family, they were ransomed once brought back to health. If the victim was alone, they could expect to be sold into slavery.

After two weeks on that shit-encrusted bed my bandages were removed and I was presented to Aziz The Crow. I was almost completely nude, and my hands couldnt cover the puffy scars which marred my once-beautiful breasts. Id been marked for life, and even the pigs made fun of me.

Shut your sobbing hole, disgusting roach! We could have left you to be eaten by the dogs, so count yourself lucky!

The Crow looked at me doubtfully, his eyes appraising me like a lame camel on the auction block.

What am I supposed to do with this sorry cunt? Her fingers have been broken, and shell never raise a hard-on in any man, no matter how drunk he is! The only men who would pay to fuck this bitch would be the degenerates who get a thrill out of fucking twisted freaks! By the hells, even theyd demand a refund!

You are correct, noble Aziz which is why were asking so little for her. For such a paltry sum, youll be able to make your money back in a week, just by pimping her out to the diseased beggars of the city

Hurmph! I better, or it will be your withered tits on the scaffold next, crone! So be it! Ill buy the ugly whore. Take her to the training rooms immediately. I want her out of my sight!


Desert Discipline.

Samantha continued her story while Haydee listened, enraptured with tale.

Aziz The Crow was a brutal man, and I was afraid. But he always treated me well. He had business dealings with my father years before, and even fancied myself for his third wife at one time. But my father was repulsed by the thought of his only daughter marrying a disreputable merchant like The Crow. So he refused to listen to him, and in the end marred me off to an old jeweler from Kush . My husband was old and greedy, and blamed me whenever he was unable to get his withered cock hard enough to penetrate me. I tried desperately to keep him aroused, but it seemed the only thing that turned on my husband was spanking me until I cried in misery.

While I was married, Aziz thought hed lost me forever. But when fate brought me before him, he was quick to make use of me.

When I became the property of The Crow, he taught me the art in punishing slaves. He brought a house-slave into the hall of punishments and had her bound to a chair, her ripe tits exposed to his rough fingers. He pinched and pulled the nipples until they stood out like pink spikes. The slave bit her lip as he played with her jugs, and tried to keep herself from whimpering in terror.

He slapped her fat tits until they danced before him in a blur of motion. She slave wailed and cried, but he merely spit in her face and beat her harder. All this time I watched and learned. Id been whipped half to death myself, so Id lost my fear of slaps and beatings. I was amazed with how he could reduce a woman to tears with just a look, or a playful cuff to her head.

As I watched, he quickly slipped a hand between her bound legs and pinched her clit between thumb and forefinger. The slaves cries became truly pathetic, and she sobbed uncontrollably.

Now that my slave has learned her lesson, its time to give the slut her reward. he said.


Forced to Suck.

After the humiliating punishment, The Crow pulled his cock from his trousers and masturbated himself with her fat jugs. The slave heaved with sobs while he worked, mashing her soft tits around his thick meat and thrusting into her cleavage. Seeing a women stripped of all dignity and respect always turned him on. When he felt himself ready to cum, he grabbed her by the hair and forced her head into his crotch.

Lap it up dog! Ill whip your ass if you dare spill a drop on the floor!

-gag- MMMPH! ULP! -GULP!-

The slave was being punished for forgetting to present her slit to a guest, and not licking his toes in submission when he slapped her on the ass.

Youve got a good life here, stupid cunt! There are plenty of cock-hungry whores whod love to be where you are now. If I hear of you displeasing a guest under my own roof, Ill have you strapped to the back of a camel on the next caravan to Charasadda! Youll be a Christians fuck-doll before you know whats happened!

Im sorry Цsniff- my lord, said the slave, licking his jizz from her lips. Ill be a better fuck-hole for your guests and whoever your sell me to for the night Im so sorry I Im sorry Цsob- Im such a bad fucktoy

Aziz patted her head the way you would a favorite puppy. Thats OK, cunt. Ill forgive you this time.

The slave beamed with pleasure, and I stood there quietly, studying it all.


Kiss of Fire

These bitches think they can be lazy when Im not around, explained Aziz The Crow, which is why I never show mercy to any women in my house. The second they sense weakness in a man, they start to backslide into selfish harpies!

Aziz looked closer at the scars on Samanthas plump breasts.

Youve been marked by many whips, slave. Am I going to have a problem with you as well?

There is no need to punish me, my lord. said Samantha. I owe my life to you, and will obey without question. If you want me to load and haul, I will do it until my strength gives out. If you want to masturbate on my fat tits, I offer them to you willingly for your pleasure.

Aziz considered the woman standing before him. Ill not force you, Samantha. I loved you once, and will have compassion upon you again. But I will mark you with my brand to make sure of your faithfulness. Two years ago I would have taken you as my wife, but your father prevented it. Now I will put you in charge of my home and training of my slaves. But first, I wish to show you something

Aziz walked to a cabinet and brought forth a heavy earthenware jug The Crow opened it, and plunged his hand into the vessel. Taking hold of something inside, he withdrew a severed head pickled in wine.


Recoginze the asshole, Samantha? Its your nomadic lover! When I learned hed fled to the desert, leaving you to pay for his crimes, I pursued him myself. Before he died he revealed everything to me. He had been hired by your husband to seduce you! Your husband planned to have you imprisoned, knowing that your family would sell everything they owned to keep you from harm.

Alas, his plan worked. Your father sold everything, giving in to your husbands increasingly outrageous demands until he was a penniless beggar. At the end, your husband had your family sold into slavery and took the money from their sale for himself.

And and you killed the bastard? asked Samantha.

I took care of your former lover. He begged for death, I assure you! But your husband I have left alone. I will give you the honor of flaying the flesh from his bones!

Samanthas eyes filled with gratitude, and she fell to her knees before him. Raising her head, she deftly parted her full lips and engulfed Azizs dusky cock into her eager mouth. After a time, she felt a rush of warm cum fill her cheeks, and she reverently swallowed his seed. As he withdrew from her mouth, she tenderly cleaned him off with her tongue.

You are mine now. Will you serve me with humility and obedience?

Yes, my lord.

He took her to the blacksmith, who branded the sigil of the House of the Crow onto her proud breast. Samantha bore the pain with honor.



The Catfight

Samantha finished her story and looked over to where Haydee listened. The naked woman was enraptured by the tale, and stared at the woman in open wonder.

“From then on I’ve served Aziz The Crow with complete obedience and devotion. You might think that I’m weak, but a lesser woman would have ended her life in the garbage pit. She’d have been gnawed to death by rats and her body torn apart by coyotes at night. I survived, that’s all that matters.”

Samantha gave a small smile. “Who knows? If you seduce him and serve just as faithfully, maybe you’ll even get a place of honor in the household. He might even make you his new favorite.” The mistress wrinkled her nose. “But first we’ve got to wash the filth from your body. No man will take you to his bed if you smell like a diseased camel. Follow me.”

“Yes, Mistress” said Haydee, and allowed herself to be led into a bathing room where she was scrubbed clean. Her welts stung under the hot water, but she bit her tongue and kept silent.

After the bath, she was lead to an alcove to be massaged with oil. Samantha looked over Aziz’s new fuck-toy, her eyes lingering on the woman’s large breasts and bald snatch.

“Don’t think that just because I’ve told you my story I’m going to be gentle with you. You’re the newest bitch in the kennels, and we have a strict pecking order around here. The newest women get the hardest punishment. That weeds out the weak and disobedient early so they can be sold as prison whores. I don’t have time to train some dumb cunt who refuses to follow the rules!”

A hard smile crossed Samantha’s proud face. “New women start out by sucking my clitty and lapping my cum. It makes them develop a taste for a woman’s twat!” She pulled Haydee closer and cupped a firm pink breast.

“No! I was the favorite of the mighty Sultan himself! You… you’re nothing but a deranged jeweler’s brat!”


A swift backhand sent Haydee reeling.

“How soon you forget your manners, slave! Insolence has penalties, and a slut like you will pay with her skin!”

As she spoke the words, Samantha couldn’t help by admire the haughty young woman. She has a core of marble, she thought, just the sort of animal that Aziz loves breaking with his raging cock.

Grabbing her hair, Samantha slammed Haydee’s head into the wall with a solid thump. Haydee spun in fury and lunged at the house mistress.

It was a short but ferocious fight, and one that Haydee was bound to lose.


The Cost of Losing

The horrible treatment that Haydee had endured ever since she was thrown from the royal harem had sapped her strength. She struggled against the powerful woman, but inch by inch she felt her fury slipping away.

“Ha! You fucking whore! You’re mine; scalp to sole. I could shave you bald and paint you blue if I wanted, and there’s nothing you could do about it. Be grateful that your owner loves long hair. It gives him something to grip as he slams his dick into your cocksucking mouth!”

Twisting the young woman’s arm behind her back, Samantha slammed her knee into Haydee’s unprotected groin. Haydee’s breath exploded from her and she collapsed in a heap on the floor.

“Vile hussy! If I were your owner, I’d sew your lips shut for what you said, and I’m not talking about the pretty ones on your face! You will learn to obey, slave. It is your only hope now.”

“Never!” spat Haydee.

Samantha eyes glittered coldly and she grabbed the woman’s abused breast and squeezed it like a ripe cantaloupe. The bruises which marked Haydee’s smooth skin had begun to fade, but were still visible. Clear evidence of the torments her captors had inflicted on her sensitive flesh. Twisting Haydee’s nipple between her fingers, Samantha was quickly rewarded with a pitiful sob from the powerless woman.


The Price for Disobedience

Samantha pulled the straps tightly around her waist. The leather dildo was cinched tightly against her itching clit. She yanked Haydee’s head up by grabbing a handful of her silky hair.

“On all fours bitch! Arch that back! Present your best features to your Master… your ass and huge jugs!”


With unparalleled skill, the house mistress plunged the rough wooden dildo deep into the humiliated young woman. Haydee’s ass was stretched over the invading phallus and her body shook as the thick member worked deeply into her body.

“AAHH! Take it out! Please Saman… Mistress! Mistress! Don’t do this to me! I beg you!”

“This is how I like to fuck new slaves, on their knees like an animal in heat! I want you to feel what it’s like to be possessed completely, used by a raging dick… humiliated and helpless. But instead of a lover, it’s a woman taking you! Ha Ha Ha! Women offer themselves to men, but slaves offer themselves to every man, woman or beast in the kingdom!”

“GGHAAA! NOOOOO!!! It’s too big… I… It’s unnatural… It’s sick and wrong! Stop, please!” Haydee begged.

“Keep screaming and howling, slut! I want you to know you’ve been violated in the most degrading way possible. Ha! Ride my beautiful cock, bitch! Show me what a disgusting whore you are!”



Cleaning Her Mess

After the degrading violation of her ass by another woman, Haydee was pulled over on her back. The earthen floor scraped her flesh as she was dragged into the center of the small room. Samantha straddled her face, the woman’s firm thighs pressing her head tightly like a fleshy vice.

“Clean your slime off the cock, whore. Yes, maybe that should be your name in the household. Cockwhore! Your nasty ass got my cock all filthy. Do you smell that? Ugh! It’s still warm from your crapper, so get to work and slurp it clean while it’s hot!”

“GGGGHAAA-ULP!” The noxious stick almost made Haydee vomit. The wet dildo burned her tongue, but before she could scream the gigantic phallus was jammed down her throat.

“Suck it clean like a submissive and obedient dog. The kind of life you’re going to lead is completely up to you. Obey and you will have enough to eat and a roof over your head. But if you keep trying to hold onto your dignity you’ll end up chained to a cross in the marketplace, having your ass sold to foreigners and degenerates for 2 copper coins a fuck! This is nothing. I’ve been tender with you so far. Aziz The Crow has no pity or compassion… If you cross him he’ll sell you to uncivilized African Bushmen… in pieces!”

Haydee is Housebroken

Later that day…

“Come on, doggie! Walkies! Don’t stop or I’ll thrash your tail with a birch switch! Hop to it, pooch!”

“UUNGH! P… please Mistress…”

“Shut your cum-hole, bitch! Dogs aren’t allowed to talk. You can only bark and whimper like an animal, or is that too much for your small puppy-brain to understand?”

Haydee’s humiliation was plain to see. A furious blush colored her cheeks as she stumbled after her Mistress on all fours. Samantha painted her face with charcoal to look like a mutt. Naked except for a wide training collar, she was forced to crawl after the house Mistress in complete submission.

She was ordered to eat from a bowl, and empty her bowls on the ground like a dumb beast.

By the time the full moon lit up the patio in a soft glow, the new slave was exhausted beyond belief. With a condescending pat on her head, Samantha ordered the slave to be tied to a post to sleep in the courtyard.

Haydee nestled into a flea infested mat that she found behind a decorative hedge. The night was freezing, and numbed her limbs. The tidal wave of shame which she’d been fighting back all day finally claimed Haydee and she drifted off to sleep.

She dreamed she was back in the harem, and the Sultan was showering her with gifts of jewelry and clothing. Graceful maids washed her hear and caressed her smooth skin with perfumed blossoms picked from the royal gardens.

Suddenly a huge dog burst into the room scattering the maids like dried leaves. The dog, big, black and fierce as a Bedouin warrior began to devour all the gifts. Priceless jewels disappeared down its slavering maw along with succulent treats. The nightmare ended when Haydee was kicked awake by one of Aziz’s servants.

“Get up, lazy slug! Who do you think you are, the great Sultan himself? A fuck-slave’s day starts before the sun rises. It’s your first day and you’re already in trouble! HA!”


Presented to The Crow

“You’re being presented to your Master, fuck-pet. This is my chance to show the Master of the house how well I’m training his new slaves. If you embarrass me, I’ll have you locked into a cage and thrown into the sea. So don’t screw up!”

Samantha’s warning was unnecessary. After living in the desert estate for only a few days, Haydee had already heard stories about women who disappeared after displeasing Samantha in some way. She believed the stories with all her heart.

Leashed and decorated as a dog, Haydee was brought before Aziz The Crow.

She cringed before him. She was afraid to make any move which would inflame his legendary cruelty. Sobbing quietly she raised her firm ass to her Master for inspection.

“Bring the Dervish! I want to see what he can do with this sniveling bitch” ordered Aziz.

The Dervish was the brutal overseer tasked with working the house slaves like mules for the successful merchant. Women were housed in his barn, loaded with hefty packs to carry and haul. All the while, the swarthy man kept his whip in constant motion striking exposed feet and thighs with superhuman accuracy.

As the women murmured in sympathy, Haydee heard her new Owner clearly. “Who’s the lucky slave that gets to swallow my jizz today? I’ve got a gallon of spunk burning in my balls. Cumming on a slave’s face and fat tits sounds like the perfect way to start the morning!”


Hot and Bothered

While the Dervish was sent for, Aziz punished one of his favorites as he waited. Suri was a beautiful handmaiden until a rich wife grew resentful over the affection her husband showed the young woman. A deal was made with The Crow, and now the dark haired beauty was an unwilling heifer in his stable of rent-whores. She’d refused a request from a client, and now was paying the price.

“No excuses Suri! I don’t care if a client asks to piss in your face and wipe his filthy asshole with your hair, you obey with a smile. Slaves are eager to obey, no matter how depraved or painfully they’re used. People expect the best from a slave in the Crow household. When you deny them, you pile shame on my name!”

Aziz’s skin darkened with anger, and his eyes were like cold stones set in his scarred face.

“Forgive me… Master! I… I didn’t mean to say no.. but that man… he wanted…”

“I don’t give a shit what he wanted! If he wanted to breed you like a cow, you ask him if he wants twins or triplets! You stupid sack of shit! Maybe this will get through to you…”

Faster than the flickering tongue of a cobra, the whip struck her exposed cheeks with a thwack.

“GGHHHAA!! AAAAIEEEE! Please no! I’m sorry! I’m sorry I was a bad fuck-hole for men… -sob- Forgive me, Master…”

“That was just one swat, you’ve got 29 more to go!” Aziz bellowed.



Pack Mule Punishments

Meanwhile, the Dervish was in the warehouse where slave girls were loaded with goods to haul to distant cities. He was a harsh man, quick to anger and bursts of violence. That morning he’d discovered a caravan was late in getting started for a 50 mile trek through the blasted wastelands of the desert. The trail was hard, and some slaves wouldn’t survive the trip. But the customer had paid a fortune in advance, and any delays were inexcusable.

He’d gathered three “mule girls” and had them lashed to scaffolding that ran the length of the huge warehouse.

“Stupid cunts! Every minute you spend sleeping and eating is costing your Master money. Money he could be making by selling your twats on the streets! You snotty cum-gulping whores don’t appreciate how kind your master is. He gives you everything a slave needs, and still you slack off whenever my back is turned!”

The whip which never left his side suddenly struck along the row of crying women, the braided thong slicing the air with an evil hiss.




“AAAAGHH! NO! Please sir, NOO!”

The whip struck their firm tits and rosy nipples. Welts appeared on their smooth skin. With screams of pain, the women begged for mercy but found none. Salty tears stung flesh where they splashed on angry welts.

“You dumb animals are going to be marching night and day until those loads are delivered. You’re already behind schedule, so the caravan isn’t going to stop when you need to eat. You don’t get a bite of food until you arrive in the city. The only stopping will be when the caravan driver wants to dump some sticky cum in your hot twats! Haw! He’s a good cummer too, he’ll have your thighs slick with his spooge before you’re half way there!”


On Her Knees

Samantha approached Aziz who was sweating heavily after the brutal lashing he gave the crying Suri. He smiled when he saw her. Samantha made sure the slaves who groomed her were skilled in hiding her scars, and transforming her into the desirable woman she once was.

“Noble Aziz, perhaps Suri should be sent to the Dervish. I know he’s always in need of strong mule girls, especially since he’s had to replace so many recently.”

Aziz’s grin became predatory. “An excellent suggestion. I don’t know how he can waste so many slaves, but at least they’re cheaper to replace than buying strong camels. Consider it done.”

Samantha nodded. “Why don’t you come and see the new animal I’ve tamed for you. I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the quality of her development.”

She pointed to where Haydee was still squatting on the floor, her eyes red from crying and miserable with shame.

“That lonely mutt is Cockwhore. She’s been branded and tamed. She’s a submissive bitch, horny for cock and completely shameless. If you hadn’t bought her, she’d be humping stranger’s legs in the street! Disgusting! But she is eager to show her appreciation to you if you’ll give her the chance.”

Haydee was frozen in shock, and couldn’t move. Aziz scowled at her.

“What’s the matter, bitch? Don’t you know how to speak? Open your moth and polish my cock. Now!”

Aziz’s thick pole was greasy with shit and blood after punishing Suri. Suri moaned in agony from the bed, and tried to curl up into a ball, but the restraints kept her bound in the humiliating position.

Fighting down her rising disgust, Haydee submissively opened her mouth and slid his filthy cock deep into her throat. Her tongue slid across the underside of his reeking pole like she’d been trained. Aziz grunted in satisfaction.

“I should have known a worthless slut like you would give a great blowjob. You’ve probably had plenty of practice! HAW! Not bad, bitch. Keep going. You can stop when you feel my dickmilk dribbling down your chin.”

As Haydee desperately tried to satisfy the perverted merchant, Aziz was thinking of ways to get rich with his new fuck pet.

“I like you, bitch. You’ve got a mouth like a desert lotus and fat tits made for slapping while I fuck your face. I think I’ll rent you to the local tribesmen. I’ll sew your pussy lips shut so they can’t breed you. I don’t want anyone knocking you up without paying first! But your ass… they’ll pay dearly to split those cheeks with their brown spears… and shoot loads of milky cream up your crapper…”



“Never!” screamed Haydee. “I am the favorite of the Sultan. I’ll never be your whore!”

To survive she had to become a submissive dog, but the proud wolf broke through and snarled defiance.

“Samantha, the rebellious fox has to have her teeth pulled! I’ll punish her, but I leave it to you to deliver the lesson.”

The Crow grabbed Haydee by the neck and threw her to the ground. He cuffed her face and pried her legs apart. With a bestial grunt he entered her silky lips in one thrust.

“Filthy whore. You’re proud, but serving as a pack mule will quench your fire. You’ll spend your days bent to the ground under a heavy load of rugs, whipped and beaten like a stubborn ass. Your cunt will be fucked raw every night, and your meals will be squirted down your throat by a crew of caravan drivers!” He spat in her face as he pumped into her, the massive knob if his prick battering her cervix.

“AAAIIEEE! No! Get off me, you animal!”

“Samantha is in charge of your training. Every time you mention being a favorite of the Sultan she’s going to whip your tits until they bleed. If you persist in your lies, she’ll nail your fat jugs to the floor and kick your face through the back of your skull! Mule girls live a hard life, and the ones that cause trouble end up as a pile of bleached bones in the desert. Tomorrow, you begin your new life as a mule, bitch!”

The Desert Road

Crushed under the enormous burden strapped to her back, dressed in a skirt of rough and dirty rags, the mule girl that was once the favorite of the sultan staggered through the narrow door of the city.

“This is the desert path,” said Fawzia. Absently stroking the whip in her hands, the caravan driver nodded to the endless expanse of sand which stretched to the horizon. “Your first journey is only three miles, so I’m starting you off lightly. You only have four packs for this trip plus 20 lashes at sunset.

Haydee was bent double, and unable to raise her head. She could only stare at the grit and sand which covered the road. Her feet were blistering from the heat, and her legs cramped under the strain.

“The destination is a customs office on the border. I’ll guide you for this trip, but afterwards you’ll be on your own. Each pack that you lose or damage will count as 50 extra lashes on your fat jugs. So be careful! If you are clumsy, you’ll loose your tits completely! I’ll beat them off of you without a second thought!”

Fawzia hesitated, a look of concern flashed across her hardened face. “The penalty for trying to escape is… terrible. For your own sake, be careful with your load. Our master is unforgiving and cruel. This is your only warning.”

Eyeing the far horizon, the caravan driver raised her whip and brought it down across Haydee’s bruised ass.


“AAAAIEEEE! I won’t escape! I promise! Please have mercy!”

“Get started mule, you’ve got a long road ahead of you, and the sun is already high in the sky. Start running!”


Haydee Pays The Toll

The road was long and terrible. Each step in the shifting sand caused the miserable young woman to stumble. Trying to keep the heavy packs upright used most of her strength, and the relentless blows from the whip sent her into a fit of panic. By the time Haydee arrived at the customs house, she was a wreck physically and emotionally.

The customs post was a cluster of low buildings used for storage and distribution of products from the city. Fawzia directed her to a small office to unload the packs. Men and women swarmed around the jumble of buildings. Slaves stood before officers who inspected their bundles, and made crude jokes about their ragged appearance.

After unloading the packs, an officer approached the pair. His eyes immediately went to Haydee who swayed on her blistered feet.

“You’re new here, right? Don’t look alarmed. I saw you trying to hide behind your rags. You can tell a new slave by her modesty. They haven’t learned that there isn’t anything they have that can’t be taken from them! Ha ha ha!” He casually raised Haydee’s skirt, exposing her shaved mound.

“I… I was the favorite of the Sultan” she stammered.

Fawzia snickered. “Don’t mind her. She’s just a piece of trash that The Crow bought and rescued from death. Ignore anything that comes out of her stupid mouth. But if you want to enjoy the rest of her, you’re welcome to do so, but it’s not free.”

“How much?” the officer asked.

“The usual. She’s nothing special, but at least she’s cheap!”

“Ha! I’ll be the judge of that!”

While the officials took Haydee, Fawzia rummaged through he bundles taking small items that could easily fit in her pockets. Rings, bracelets and tiny vials of perfume disappeared into her garments. Things always disappear in transit, she thought. No one will miss one or two baubles.

From the back of the office, Haydee could be heard wailing in misery.

“Noo! Please… I… I’m so tired… You’re killing me!”

“Haw! Don’t fight it bitch! We’re going to stuff your tight holes and you’re going to like it! I’ll ram my cock up your ass so far that you’ll be spitting cum when I bust a nut! Grab her legs, this whore is a fighter!”

“What a tight fuck-box! Squeeze my dick, bitch! Show me what a good lay you are! Give me a taste of what you gave the Sultan! HAHAHA!”

The double violation was fast and brutal. The customs officials had many more slaves to inspect before the day was over.


13 The Pack Mule

Groaning under a new load that was even heavier than the first, Haydee started the return leg of her journey. Fawzia supervised the packing of the mule girl, and made sure the straps were bound tight. The thick bands crushed her ribs and made each breath an effort. Haydee burned with shame and humiliation as she felt the bastard’s cum dripping down her legs with each step.

“Come on, bitch! If you stumble and fall, I’ll whip your tits until you stand up again. Move it!”



“No complaining! You’ve just had two fine fucks from those well hung studs. That’s more than most women can boast about in one day. You should be as happy as a pig in shit! Two studs to cram your twat, and there’s still time for another trip!”

At noon Haydee was only able to deliver one bundle. She came to the house of Aziz The Crow and a feeling of dread crept over her. Shattered, she fell to her knees with great sobs.

“Dammit! What did I tell you?” yelled Fawzia. The whip struck the young woman’s full breasts.

“AAAAGHH!!! -sob- Please… have mercy on me… I can’t take any more. I’m so tired… Please…”

“I told you what I’d do to get you up! This time you’re on your own. Grab another load and walk back to the customs house. I’m sure those two stallions are ready to plant more seed in your womb. If you’re lucky, they’ll have brought some friends!”

As Haydee cried in misery, she felt a gentle pat on her head. Looking up, she saw the caravan leader looking at her with unexpected compassion.

“But promise me that you won’t mention that nonsense about being the Sultan’s favorite. For your own sake, I’m telling you this. When a slave lies, she can lose a hand, her tongue… or even both! But whatever you do, don’t drop any of those packages. The Master’s products are worth far more than your miserable life.”


The Hellish Journey Begins

The women had already endured the degradation of the slave markets. Now, a brutal journey across the desert awaited them—a journey of over a month in the scorching heat. They walked naked, the sun beating down blisteringly on their bodies.

Zobeida was just one of many in this caravan of wretched female misery. The overseers were oblivious to the pain of her and the others.

“Faster!” one shouted, cracking the whip on their flesh! “Ahhh!” the women screamed and shrieked, fruitlessly struggling and twisting to avoid the lash. “Faster!” Again, the whip cracked mercilessly on their exposed bodies. “We have a long way to the oasis!” another shouted angrily. “So faster whores!”


Only Alkarim traveled in style and comfort, servants holding shady parasols over him. He was both amused and aroused looking at the helpless women enduring this horrific trek.

“You do well to punish them, men,” he said, smiling evilly, “but don’t drive them to death. A crying, broken, cringing woman is priceless but a dead one is worthless.”

An overseer nodded his understanding, and cracked the whip among them again —hard enough to sting, to make them run harder, but not quite enough to kill.

“Faster, bitches!” he shouted. “Faster!” Out of their minds with pain and fear, the women indeed ran faster across the sweltering dunes.


The pain of wood and ropes

After several days of this, the women had run into exhaustion. They collapsed, weeping and pleading on the sands.

“We can’t go another step!” they cried. “Please stop! Please just let us…let us go…please!!!!!!” they wept piteously.

“What?!” an overseer shouted. “Fucking bitches! Are you rebelling against me and your master?” he shouted angrily. “I’ll teach you worthless whores! You worthless cunts! Get up!”

He went among them, beating each of them fiercely and dragging them to their feet. He beat them on their faces, backs, tits and cunts. As they rose, he and the overseers roped the women into a line.

The ropes bit painfully into their arms, tits, and pussy lips —and the girls wept in misery. It was agony! Large, heavy logs were tied to their shoulders.

The women groaned under the crushing weight.

In addition, bits were tied into their mouths, to muffle their screams and wailing.

“There, bitches!” he smiled, stepping back from his handiwork. “Now you’re fit to travel! Onward, you stupid cunts!”

And again he brought down the biting whip onto their exposed skin! Onto their backs!

Onto their tits!

Onto their cunts!

The women slowly, painfully lurched forward. There were still many days ahead of them.


Misery of Dula

One of the women, Dula, was lusted after by all of the men because of her huge tits. They tied heavy ropes tightly around her breasts so that they turned a painful red and swelled up and jutted out even more.

The men eagerly took turns lashing the hapless girl as she ran, turning her snow-white body beet-red with their whips. Other men, overcome by their own desire, pulled Dula out of the line to maul, grab, squeeze or suck greedily on her tits. Others took out their cocks and rubbed them feverishly over her tits, cumming onto her face. Dula cried miserably in tit-agony.

“Stop! Please! Please stop!” she wailed.

When her tits weren’t being whipped, they were being nastily groped, punched or cock-ridden. And during this entire torment her huge beautiful tits remained continuously squeezed by the ropes.

“Please!” pleaded Dula. “Please! Mercy! Oh God! Mercy!!!!!!!!”

The men only laughed at her tears, and doubled the torment on her tits. Alkarim looked on at this with a hardening cock and a gleam in his eye. It was absolutely wonderful!

Nu-Sil in a dark hell

Hammewi had managed the other overseers and handled the women well on the cruel journey, and Alkarim had noted his efficiency: beating, tormenting and fucking the women extremely hard but without killing them.

Almost miraculously, no women had died yet! As they made progress through the dunes, Alkarim decided to reward Hammewi and his men by resting for the evening and allowing his men to enjoy the girls.

As night fell, they immediately launched themselves onto the women like savages. Nu-Sil was given special attention as the men fought each other to get better grips on her body, or to force their hard cocks into her cunt, asshole, mouth or tits.

Please! Please stop it! she cried. I just cant take any more! I cant takemmmpphh!

Her cries were stopped up by a hard cock pushing its way over her lips and down her throat.

Thatll shut the stupid bitch up! said the attacker, burying himself in her throat.

The other men laughed and likewise fought to get their hands or cocks into or onto the helpless girl.

How do you like being ground up like this? asked one evilly as he pummeled her raw, sore pussy with his hard, angry dick. How do you like being buried in cock, slut? Were going to keep all your holes stuffed all night long! Were going to drown you in cum!

Ahhh! said another man, satisfying himself in her mouth, dumping another load of cum in her throat.

He withdrew but before Nu-Sil could even draw another breath another hard member was forcing its way into her mouth.

Nooo.. mmmph! She screamed around the new cock forcing itself all the way in, and the men laughed as the girl gagged and choked on the thick man-meat.

Akkk! Ugghhh! Urrrgh!! Cough!

The men laughed even louder and Alkarim watched and laughed with them.


The evil old Alkarim

Alkarim did not only watch; he joined in the brutalization of the women that evening. He helped keep them in a constant state of terror. He took the whip to the ass of one slave a, scaring it and searing it red.

Pllllllease! No! the woman screamed. Just.just please stop it! Pleeeeeeease!

Her pleading was incredibly arousing and only caused Alkarim to beat her even harder.

Cunt! he shouted. Worthless cunt! Bitch! Slut! Take this whip! Take it, bitch!

He brought the whip down again and again!


The other men loved watching Alkarim work this way. The old man was truly an expert at handling bitches!


The whip came down again on her tender, inflamed red ass. Mercy! she cried helplessly. Please! Show me mercccccccccccccccy!

Every man laughed as Alkarim increased the fierceness of the whipping, scorching the womans tender white skin. The men couldnt believe the power the old man still had! He stopped only when he had exhausted himself from beating her.

Now, he panted, out of breath. Youre about ready to get a hard Чa very hard ass-fucking!

The slave was almost unconscious from pain but the words woke her up.

Nooooooo! she pleaded. This made all the other men laugh uproariously again.

Dawn broke over the desert Чand the pitiful screams of the girls.


Tears of Hadicha

After beating and savaging several girls unconscious, Alkarim moved on to Hadicha. He started on her with a hard beating. He slapped, kicked, punched and whipped her repeatedly until her body was scarred red and beaten black and blue. This would get him hard again and he would ram himself into every hole in her body.

Ahhhhhhh! Hadicha screamed at this brutal treatment. Akkkkkk! Ahhhh! No!!!!!!!! Stop!!!!!!!!! Pleasssssse! Please no!!!!!!!!!

The womans pleading was intensely arousing to Alkarim.

Cunt! No? No what? Fucking bitch! I only want to hear yes out of your stupid mouth!

POW! Alkarim gave the woman another shatteringly powerful punch, jarring a couple of her teeth loose. He then rammed himself again into her cunt.

After cumming, he withdrew, and had the girl lick him hard again through her bitter tears. Then, he plunged himself into her mouth.


Take it all down, bitch, said Alkarim cruelly. He rode her mouth ferociously. As he approached his climax, he threw his head back and buried himself in the girls mouth, stuffing both balls as well for good measure. His cock hairs were full in her face.

Ukk! Akk! the girl said, horrified of choking on the man-flesh, balls, and stinking dick hairs. Alkarims cum shot out from his dick into the back of Zorrupias mouth like a flood, with some dribbling down her mouth, mixing with her tears.

Drink down every last drop, bitch, Alkarim threatened, or Ill knock your fucking head off your shoulders!

Weeping, in agony, Hadicha did as he was ordered.

After coming one last time in her mouth, Alkarim ordered her to leave his cock in her mouth as he slept.

You bite, bitch, and youre dead, he said, nodding off.

Hadicha dared not move her mouth at all as the penis rested on her tongue, alternatively hardening and softening as Alkarim snoozed. Hadicha could therefore get no sleep herself at all.

When Alkarim awoke at dawn, he was instantly hard. He rode Hadichas mouth again, finally gushing bucket loads of cum into her mouth.

Up next for youЧass-fucking, he said matter-of-factly.

Alkarim slapped her a few times, bringing fresh tears to her eyes, and then tied her onto a stake in the ground. He then PLUNGED into her ass with his cock. Hadicha screamed in agony!


Alkarims men, seeing the fun he was having, likewise tied the other women down to stakes. The men rode the asses of the women like horses, pushing in savagely, laughing, and racing each other to see who could be roughest on the women. All the while, the women pleaded and begged…

Please.my God! It hurts! It hurts so much! So much! Sooooooooooooooo much! It huuuuuuuurts! Pleeeeeeeeeease stoppppppppp!

The merciless journey continues

Another day and night went by Чa time of hard dicks pounding into pussies, forcing themselves up assholes, and down struggling throats, the girls screaming and pleading, weakly trying to push away the crush of men and cocks on them.

No! they would scream! No.mmmpph! and yet another cock would be forcing its way into their throats, up their pussies or assholes.

Devilishly, Alkarim joined in the brutal games. Finally, he told the men they would have to continue onwards. They were behind schedule. Hammewi and his men again tied the punishingly heavy logs and biting ropes onto the womens shoulders.

Please no please its too heavy, cried Zobeida, tears flowing like a river from her eyes.

Hammewi laughed at her pleadings and tied the ropes even tighter.

Owwwwwwwwww! the girl grimaced in agony as the ropes cinched her flesh tight.

Annoyed, Hammewi casually backhanded the woman, sending her tumbling down. He straightened her up, punched her again, and then kicked her into motion.

Move bitch! he snarled. Weeping, helpless, the girl began walking.

Desperate with fear and pain, Zobeida quietly formulated a plan to escape.

We have to get out of here, she whispered to Zafia, as they trundled along, the whip regularly flaying their backs.

One of the whips lashed Zafia in the face and she screamed in pain.

Akkk! No! The men laughed and moved on, whipping another woman on the tits. Likewise, she screamed in agony.

Like I said, Zobeida repeated, we have to escape!

In agony herself, Zafia finally agreed. OK, she said, the first chance we get lets run like hell!

Later on that day, the two women saw their opportunity. The caravan stopped at a road blockage. All the girls were untied so they could move the heavy rocks.

You think my men are going to fucking move those rocks?? asked Alkarim sarcastically. Thats what you bitches are for! Now get moving! Weeping, in fear of the hard labor, the girls moved toward the rocks.

Suddenly, Zafia and Zobeida bolted from the caravan in a desperate bid at freedom. In the hope of getting away, Zafia went one way and Zobeida the other.

Alkarim pointed at the running women.

Those two slaves: Get em back, dead or alive!

Alright! said one of the men eagerly. Loose bitches! Its on now!


Woman hunt: Zafia

The men had chased down many girls before, so they were skilled woman-hunters.

Zafia zigged and zagged over the sand and rocks as fast as her legs could carry her but the sharp hunters never let her out of their sight.

We see you, cunt! said one. No way are you getting away! Sure are making our cocks hard with that running, jiggling ass of yours, though. Soon as we tackle you, Im gonna plow that ass hard!

Yeah! said the other. Ever had two dicks in your ass at once? You will in a few minutes! Two dicks in the ass and two whips in your cunt! Were gonna ride you hard, whore! Woooooooo! run bitch! Runbitch! Youre making my cock hard! Run, whore!


Woman hunt: Zobeida

You cant get away! one of the pursuers hollered after Zobeida, who was running in the opposite direction. Their dicks grew hard in their pants as they ran after the woman running over the sandy rocks.

Oh, you bitch! shouted the other. Soon as we get you were going to pound your pussy to nothing! Were going to hammer your cunt, ride your tits hard!

Wild with fright, Zobeida ran even faster.

Run bitch! one of the men taunted, laughing. Run hard! No escape for you, though! And get ready for a hard fucking once we get you!

Zafia: caught and defeated

“Oh, yeah, this is what I was waiting for!” said one of the men as he finally tackled the running Zafia. His dick was so hard from chasing after the fleeing girl! He pulled his pants down and instantly thrust it into her cunt!

“Oh…no!!!!” Zafia screamed, in extreme pain. “Please let me go!!!!!!!! Please! Please let me go! Pleeeeeeeeease!”


Rough ride on Zafia

“Shut up, cunt!” the other man snarled, and began savagely beating the girl around her tits and face with his whip as his companion rode Zafia’s pussy. Her cunt walls were aching and sore from the hard grinding they were getting.

“Ohhh! No! No! Please God! Please let me go!!!!!!! Pleasssssssssse! Please let go!”

The men laughed at the girl’s pleading.

“Hurry up and finish!” said the man whipping her face and tits and holding her arms down. “I want to get in that pussy right away! All that running made me hard as hell. I need to unload some ball juice in her cunt!”

“Fuck no!” said the one riding her pussy. “I’m taking my time with this pussy. I’m gonna ride it hard for a while—hard. Can’t wait? Take her mouth or asshole! Fuck!”

With a sigh, his companion agreed, disrobing and preparing to shove his hard dick into Zafia’s twisting, teary mouth.


Zafia, back to hell

After being horrifically brutalized in every hole for hours, Zafia was finally led back to the caravan. She wept miserably as the men pushed her along, beating her with rods and whips as they moved.

“Stupid bitch!” one snarled. “Did you think you could get away from us? We’re expert bitch-hunters. We-hunt-bitches! You did give us some good exercise, though. It was great giving you a good hard ride all afternoon, too. Look at you: your whole body is caked in cum and blood now. Stupid bitch!”

And again he brought the whip down harshly on the helpless woman.


“Please….no more!” Zafia pleaded. “No more…please!…. no mooooooore!”

The men laughed and began whipping and beating her even more furiously as she hobbled along.

The successful woman-hunt had been fantastic!

Zobeida, hope of freedom fails again

Zobeida had run fast in the opposite direction but was likewise unable to outdistance her skilled pursuers. They laughed as they bounded over the sands after her.

Run, bitch! Run! they taunted.

The men became intensely aroused at her jiggling soft flesh as she desperately tried to get away. She looked back in panicked fear and that look made the mens cocks rock-hard.

Look at that fucking bitch go! shouted one. Look at that ass flesh wiggle! Look at those titties bounce! Oh, shit! Im gonna fuck the shit out of her when we catch up. Get ready, bitch! Youre gonna get a hard ride when we get you!

Oooomph! Zobeida felt the wind knocked out of her as she was tackled from behind. Her captor immediately began raining hard blows onto her face, neck and tits.

Stupid cunt! Worthless slut! I said you couldnt get away didnt I?

The attacker increased the blows, his companion joining in. They used fists, whips, rods and boots to batter the miserable girl.

Pleasestop it.please! she pleaded, weakly trying to protect herself with her small hands. I give uppleasedont hit me anymore!

The men laughed at her pleading, picked up the pace of hitting, whipping and kicking her, and finally began disrobing.

They would next start savaging her with their dicks.


14. Zobeida, brutalized in the sands

The men double-teamed her, one in her cunt, and the other in her ass. Zobeida’s pussy walls and asshole burned with soreness from the rough treatment.

No she whispered softly to herself. Nopleaseno not thisnot this

The men laughed at the girls misery and increased their hard thrusting into her.

Blast that bitchs cunt! said one, encouraging the other. Slam that pussy-hole! Wear it out with your cock! Woooooooooh! Yeah!

the men brutalized Zobeida all afternoon.

Mmmph! she screamed around cocks forcing themselves into her mouth. Owwwwwww! Owwwww! Owwwwwwwww! she shrieked in agony as yet another cock pummeled her pussy walls or asshole. Owwwwwww! Please stop! Pleeassssssssse!

The men ignored her pleas, sometimes slapping or kicking her as they rode the girl mercilessly, dumping buckets of cum into and all over her.

Finally satisfied after some hours, both men rolled off her.

Ahhhh, said one. That was a good fucking time! he sighed with satisfaction.

That was a goooooooood fucking time! his companion agreed.


15. Zobeida, back to hell

Covered in cum and her own blood, Zobeida finally struggled to her feet. In misery, she was tied to another shoulder rod, the ropes and wood biting painfully into her shoulders.

Owwwww! Please! she begged. Not so tight! One of the men punched her roughly in the jaw. He then dragged her to her feet, and punched and kicked her again.

Shut-the-fuck-up, bitch! he growled. Now get moving! Back to the caravan! Now!

He enforced his words with another severe beating. Zobeida began running back to the caravan — and hell.


16. Punishment awaits

When the women were returned weeping, they were lashed to palm trees.

These women should be hung upside down and kicked and whipped to death, said Hammewi. Itll serve as a good warning to the other bitches.

Absolutely not! countered Alkarim. What the fuck good is dead bitch to me? These women still look goodgood fuckmeat. Theyre no good to me dead, though. Besides, theyve been fucked hard by your men all afternoon. Thats enough punishment for now.

Of course, youre very wise, sir, said Hammewi, bowing. Could I at least suggest that we turn all the men only on these two women tonight, then? They can service all 80 men. Two-three cocks at a time in their mouths, assholes, and cunts? Its a proper way to

Yes, yes, yes, said Alkarim dismissively. Go to it. Bust out their pussies, tear up their assholes, whip them, punch them, kick them, but dont kill them. Understand?”

Yes, sir, replied. Hammewi. Wed better start now, though. All 80 men are going to want a turn some of them two or three turns, maybe.

OK,. OK, OK replied Alkarim. For fucks sake, get it started, then. He settled back in his own chair to watch.

An incredibly long line of men, hard cocks out, approached the women.


The first of dozens of dicks were forcing their way into their mouths. Their terror for the night was just beginning.

Customs Takes Their Cut

Haydee stumbled into the center of the shabby cluster of buildings. This was her second trip back to the customs post. She was dazed and barely aware of having made the grueling trudge through the desert under the heavy burden tied to her back.

Straining to lift her head to see before her, she spied the small office through the shimmering heat of the dusty courtyard. She placed one foot in front of the other and made her way towards the squat building.

The officials saw her coming, and laughed as they shouted encouragements to the struggling woman.

“Just a little further, slut! So you came back for another bang? You can’t get enough hard dick up your cunt! I can’t blame you, I’m hung like a donkey and have enough man-meat to satisfy even a horny cow like you!”

“Come on, honey. You can do it! Bring that puss over here so I can get another piece. I knew you’d be back. You loved it so much the first time that you came back for seconds!”

Haydee was taken even more violently this time. The customs officials took turns violating her battered slit and sore ass.

“Shut up and suck, bitch! Make it good. I don’t have all day, so make me cum down your sucking throat before I lose my patience!”

The captain of the office heard the commotion coming from the back of the building and discovered Haydee’s dilemma. Delivering a hard slap to her sun-burnt ass he growled at the crying woman, ordering her out.

“Disgusting tramp, this is a busy post! I can’t have you shaking your ass and distracting my men! Go back to Aziz The Crow and fetch another bundle. Mules work before play! If I catch you behaving like a brainless jizz-rag, I’ll shove my fist up your twat and use you like a puppet!”

A cruel backhand sent the miserable young woman tumbling into the dust outside. Two plump women picked her up and led her to the loading area where enormous bundles were strapped to the mule girls.

“You should learn to keep your mouth closed, along with your legs” laughed one. “The captain may seem like a hard man, but the huge bulge in his pants is even harder! Ha ha ha! He likes you, I’d bet my supper on it. He’ll fuck you like a madman when you come back, just you wait!”


The Handmaid Hanged

Returning to the courtyard in front of the warehouse for Aziz The Crow, Haydee was a trembling mass of cuts, bruises and blistered skin. She stumbled in the hard packed lane and before realizing it, was flat on her back. Fawzia appeared with her ever present whip in hand.

“Lazy cow! No rest and no breaks! Who do you think you are, a free woman? You’re a mule girl, and your destiny is to work until your muscles snap and your bones crumble to dust. Now get up!”



The whip lashed across Haydee’s plump breasts which exploded into fountains of pain under the knotted leather.

Haydee tried to rise, but her vision blurred when she sat up and the courtyard titled around her crazily. She was able to take half a step before her knees gave out and she slammed back into the roadway.

“So are you being a stubborn mule or just stupid? Maybe you need stronger encouragement to work harder.” Fawzia sighed and grabbed Haydee by the hair, pulling the whimpering woman upright. She led the mule girl around the back of the warehouse to where a handmaiden was tightly bound by the breasts and shackled to a sturdy scaffold.

Fawzia slapped the bound woman. Her head snapped back against the open palm and tears begin to flow. Haydee suddenly realized why the woman was suffering. She’d been tied with leather thongs soaked in brine. As the wet leather dried under the blazing sun they shrank. The woman was being strangled to death under bands as solid as iron. Her breasts had been squeezed so tightly they must have felt like they were being slowly torn from her body.

Despite the blasting heat from the desert sun, Haydee shivered.


The Cruel Season

Fawzia grabbed one of the woman’s painfully stretched breasts and gave it a cruel squeeze. The handmaiden gave a shriek of agony. The caravan driver slipped a hand into a hidden pocket of her skirt and withdrew a short, bladed paddle. She beat the woman’s bruised and distended breasts mercilessly, laughing at her obvious terror and anguish.

“AAAAYYEEEEEEE! Please Mistress! Noooo!!! AAAHHHHGHHH!!!”

The screams awakened Ahjem, the warehouse supervisor, who had taken advantage of a slow moment to nap in a shady corner of the yard.

“Fawzia! Get your paws off of my mule! I’m in charge of their training and discipline. If you want to help me teach the animals how to serve, you should ask first.” His dark eyes flickered between Fawzia and Haydee, finally settling on the sweat and grime streaked young woman.

“Ah! Now I understand! You’ve been showing the new meat what happens to mules who fight the bridle.” He studied Haydee, noticing her sunburned skin and blistered feet. Haydee was still bent double as though an invisible pack was lashed to her back.

“Your posture is appalling, bitch. If we don’t do something about it you’ll be crippled for life. We don’t take care of lame mules. If you can’t make money for Aziz then we’ve got no use for you!” An ugly grin split his face. “But don’t you worry. I’ve got a trick to straighten you out. You’ve got plenty of good years left in you yet, and plenty of packs that need carrying!”


Pulled Apart

Ahjem pulled the rough cords tightly around Haydee’s body until she gasped for breath. Years of practice had made him an expert in binding women. Some whispered that he knew over 1000 different knots, each one designed to deliver the maximum humiliation to women placed in his sadistic care.

Once Haydee was completely helpless, he produced a wiry switch and delivered blows to the poor woman’s breasts. Some blows were stings that made her eyes screw shut in humiliation. Others were so brutal that she thought she’d been sliced open.



“Save your breath, slave. I’ve heard it all before, and don’t need to hear it again. You’re being punished because you refused to deliver the number of bales assigned to you. Once you learn to deliver the bundles… and your sweet tail… on time then you won’t have to go through this!”



Through the pain and suffering, screams and tears, Haydee finally understood the life which lay ahead of her. Her days would be spent as a mule. Miserable, cowering under heavy bales and passed around from cock to cock by whoever wanted to use her. Broiled under the sun by day, frozen at night and surviving on whatever scraps her owner shoved into her mouth. Every moment would be an endless scream of misery… and it was all due to one evil woman; Zobeida.


Zobeida’s Fate

Unknown to Haydee, Zobeida’s fate was worse.

Purchased by Alkarim who ran a seedy brothel of whores, Zobeida was locked into a dirty prison before being sent with the other woman to the oasis of Dhar-El-Jahalwy. At the oasis, Alkarim had an ancient Persian palace converted into a plush brothel where traders, merchants, travelers and mercenaries could find relaxation and pleasures of the flesh. The beautiful women subjected to sexual slavery were Alkarim’s property. Anything could be bought, and the cost to the unfortunate women was even greater.

Alkarim’s bodyguard Gonna satisfied himself with the new arrival. Zobeida’s throat ached from constant abuse, but before she could give a miserable sob the huge black man forced another inch of his massive tool into her mouth.

“Haa! Swallow and suck bitch, that’s all your good for. By the Prophet, you’ve got a mouth made for blowjobs! Warm and wet, a paradise on earth for dick… yeah… take it, slut…”


The huge black pole split her lips and her jaw ached as she bobbed on his raging prick.

“I like your skills, bitch. You suck like a natural whore. The Master got a good deal for your body, and you’ll use every bit if it taking care of men in the brothel. Beautiful, submissive and broken… yeah… you’re going to be in demand every minute of the day…”


“What’s that, bitch? You want me to cum on your face? Ha ha! You better work harder for my spooge then! There’s another caravan coming this way, and those merchants have bulging purses of coin and throbbing dicks! Keep sucking, whore. They’ll be here soon and then you’ll really have to work!”



The Shark in the Oasis

The barn attached to the brothel in the oasis is a virtual prison for the young women. The pimp isolated his slaves and trained them for use or sale. Alkarim selected a few candidates from the stable to become elite prostitutes.

These women, bound with chastity belts locked around their slender waists have been tattooed with their owner’s seal. Each one is submissive and fearful of arousing their Master’s anger. The elite whores are daughters of good families who have fallen from favor of the Sultan. The most beautiful and busty of these is Nu-Sil. But Nu-Sil is not chosen to be sold. Instead, she is to be trained as the brothel Madam.

“Firm tits and an olive skinned ass like a ripe pomegranate” admired Alkarim. “I’ve promised your family that you’ll avoid the degradations of the brothel. But if you cross me or disobey me in any way I’ll have you demoted to a common toilet whore!”

“Yes, my lord. I will not fail you” said Nu-Sil

“Good, sugar-tits.” said Alkarim, licking his blubbery lips. “Now get on your knees and show these ignorant sluts how a prostitute gives a first-class blowjob!”

Nu-Sil the Madame

“Yes, my lord! Thank you!” gushed Nu-Sil, grateful for the perverse honor the pimp showed her. Kneeling before the swarthy man, she eagerly grabbed his swelling cock in her soft hands. Lightly running her painted nails over the bulbous head and teasing his hairy balls, Nu-Sil kissed the tip which was already starting to ooze precum. She licked her lips with relish and started to stroke his shaft.

“Ahh,” sighed Alkarim. “Your father was right; you are a djinn of lust!”

“Mmmmm” purred the young woman, pleased to hear the desire in the pimp’s voice.

Nu-Sil eased the prick into her waiting mouth, sliding his turgid pole down her throat until she felt his wiry pubic hair ticking her nose. She cupped his massive balls in one hand and gently squeezed the orbs as she pumped her head into his sweaty crotch.

Nu-Sil sucked his cock with devotion, and felt Alkarim’s body stiffen. He’d never had a slave so eager to please him, and knew that his control over her was complete. She’d do anything he asked, no matter how filthy or disgusting. He gave a grunt of satisfaction. She came to him pure and unsoiled, but he’d turn her into a cum addicted slut.

“Keep watching, you whores” he warned the other women who looked on in dismay. “I’m going to shoot a wad down her mouth, and she’s going to swallow every drop. After I cum, you new slaves will take turns polishing my dick and cleaning up the mess. You may think it’s vile now, but you’ll learn to love the taste of the glop men squirt into women!”


In the Courtyard.

While the elite brothel whores avoid most of the whipping and cruel punishments, they must earn the privilege. Alkarim is famous for the opulence of his entertainments, and infamous for the nasty streak he has for inflicting pain. Women who do not submit to him find themselves rented to the vilest customers. Men who had appetites too appalling for respectable women to perform.

In the courtyard, preparations began for whores to be selected for sale. Naked slaves were grouped into lots. It was early and the women shivered in the cold as Hammewi the overseer began his inspection. Zobeida watched from the window of her cell, waiting for her turn.

“My name is Zusza, and my ass is hot and my mouth tender” said one frightened woman.

“I am from the Bins tribe. My name is Zarina and I can ride my lord for hours” said another.

“My name is Linjua, and I’m a virgin my lord. I… I’m sorry…” said a third.

“Haw! That’s easy to fix, bitch!” laughed Hammewi. “Your cherry will be popped by a stud that’s got a dick like a bull! You’ll bleed like a stuck pig, but that’s the way a slave should become a woman. Screaming on the end of a raging cock full of greasy cum!”

Tattooed and handcuffed, the prisoners gave their names and skills to the scribe. Women who could not perform sexually or were too ashamed to speak up would be assigned the most humiliating jobs and received the most brutal punishments.

“Let’s get started, whores!” said Hammewi. “Don’t expect mercy on the road. If any of you stupid cows can’t keep up you’ll be swallowed by the desert, after you’ve swallowed a gallon of my creamy jizz first!”


Hammewi the Horrible

“You’re here,” continued Hammewi, “because your Master the great Alkarim has pity on your worthless skin and has commuted your prison sentences. Many of you were to be executed, but in his wisdom the Master has decided to condemn you to a lifetime of sexual slavery. So you owe your complete obedience to him.” He pointed a thick, sausage like finger to one slave who was sobbing quietly.

“What’s your name, bitch?” he asked.

“I.. I’m Karina, my lord.” she stammered

“Your sentence?”

“Death, my lord. But… but I’m innocent!” she wailed.

“Shut your mouth, cunt! Get on your knees. That’s where filth like you belongs… yeah… that’s better. Now continue…” he coaxed.

“My… my neighbor accused me of seducing her husband. They were rich and I was a poor water carrier. The prison guards beat me until I signed a confession. I was stripped and tied up in front of the jail so men could do…. do… disgusting things to me… while everyone watched and laughed. I was to be impaled until Alkarim bought me. ” The woman broke down in tears.

“But you said you were innocent?”

“Yes, my lord. The husband threw me against a wall in the alley and took me by force… -sob- When he was done he threw a copper coin in my face. He… he said that I wasn’t worth the money but that he… he was having pity on me. I… I took the coin…. I hadn’t eaten in days… I was so poor,” the slave murmured.


The overseer’s massive hand lashed out and slapped the sobbing woman’s shaking breasts. The imprint of his palm was redly visible on her smooth skin.


“The you’re a whore! It’s worse than I thought! You’d better be extra grateful that your Master took you into his employment. A disgusting cock-sucking whore like you should have been tossed in the city’s garbage dump!”



The overseer continued beating the woman in front of the horrified slaves.

Stolen Maidenhead

“Learn well, you stupid fuck-pigs,” continued the cruel overseer. “This dumb slut has been punished because she didn’t tell me instantly what a shameless whore she is. Imagine what would have happened if she’d done anything to really piss me off!”

The slaves looked down at their feet, afraid to do anything to draw attention to themselves. Zobeida understood Hammewi’s cruelty. Her mind quickly began to work on a plan. She knew she had to become his favorite, his lover. Somehow, she had to ingratiate herself with the brutal animal. She wasn’t sure how, but knew that he was the key to recovering the power she’d once had.

Hammewi returned to the line of prisoners, hearing their names and skills. A clerk dutifully followed behind him, recording the slave’s talents.

“My name is Annreta, and I am a virgin. I have never been touched by a man. I beg you…”



The fist plowed into her stomach like a boulder flung from a catapult, and the young women doubled over in shock and pain.

“Gonna! I’ve got one for you!”

The burly, black man yanked the gasping woman out of line and spun her around. Without any warning he impaled her virgin slit on his throbbing cock.

“NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!! Not that! Please! STOOOOOOOOOOOOPP!!!!” the helpless slave screamed as he thrust into her.


The Virgin’s First Time

Hammewi held the horrified woman, slapping her face when she struggled and mocking her attempts to defend herself from the violation.

“HAW! Got a fresh beauty who thought she was too good to become a cum-dump for spooge! Dumb cunt! Did you think we were going to just let you go with a pat on the head for being so innocent and untouched? HAW! Being pure just means we get to sell you for more money! Lots of bloated old men would give half their estates to rip into your tight snatch!”


Forcing her into the dirty street, Gonna increased his pace as he pumped into her dry snatch. Her screams turned into sobs of shame.

“Stuck up bitch! This is how you’re going to live from now on. Crawling on your knees like a dog in heat, begging for a thick cock to stuff your snatch. You don’t have modesty or dignity any longer. You’re a worthless whore to be bought and sold.”

Hammewi smirked as he watched the young woman being used and degraded like a common tramp. He turned to the line of slaves who shuffled in misery.

“We have a long trip ahead of us. You should spend the time learning the rules of Alkarim’s Oasis of Paradise!”


The Rules for Sexual Slavery

Hammewi grabbed a nipple from one of his whores who had been watching the degrading spectacle, and twisted it playfully between his rough fingers. She gave a quiet moan of pain but did nothing to stop him.

“This is Hachero,” said Hammewi. “She’s been a whore at the brothel for 5 months and has made great progress in learning all the rules.” He gave the nipple another twist. “Would you like to explain to these sorry twats what a slave’s duties are?”

“AH! Yes, my lord. Nothing.. AH! Nothing would give me greater pleasure than doing as you command.” she said.

Blushing with shame, she addressed the new sex slaves.

“As slaves we are whores and we should behave as whores. These are the rules our Master Alkarim has given us:

1. To the Master and guards we are to show obedience and submission.

2. When in the presence of the Master, the slave is to look down, mouth open, fingers laced behind her head and thighs spread.

3. When presented to the guards, a slave shows total obedience.

4. Before any punishment, a slave shows submission and surrender.

5. Before sex, a slave shows passion and lust.

6. Slaves must always be nude with their arms, legs and snatches shaved bald and smooth.

7. Slaves must be beautiful and willing.

8. Slaves must always be obedient and submissive.

9. Slaves must be eager to perform any act, no matter how degrading, humiliating, disgusting, vulgar or perverse.

10. Slaves offer their twats eagerly and their asses are always ready for penetration.

11. A slave’s mouth belongs to the Master, and is always ready for a thick cock, hairy balls or anything else the Master wishes to use it for.

12. A slave’s body belongs to the Master to tattoo or scar as he likes.

13. A slave submits to pain with eagerness and happiness at all times.

14. A slave’s body can be tortured and broken at the Master’s whim, even if the slave has given no offence.

15. A slave’s body is not her own, and she can never touch it for pleasure or relief without permission. Ever.

16. A slave’s life belongs to the Master.

The Hachero Submission

“Go to the post and kneel, slave.”

Hachero quickly obeyed without question, almost cheerfully. Kneeling with her back against the post, she waited for instruction.

“Now bitch, you’ll sing a song of sorrow for these dumb cunts, but first…” Hammewi reached into his pocked and withdrew two small metal clamps.

“Clamping your nipples will help you remember some of the punishments waiting for stubborn whores,” he chuckled.

“AH! Y… yes my lord! Thank you for your kindness!” A tear rolled down her face as she began to recite the list of consequences for disobedience.

“Slaves are the property of the Master, his love for us can free us or kill us

“Our guards are executing our Master’s hand, and are responsible for correcting us for our many faults. There are ten thousand punishments for disobedient slaves, and the Masters imagination is endless.

“The basic sentences are these, and a slave is expected to have them memorized by the time she reaches her new home in the brothel.

1. The slightest disobedience will be punished by five lashes on her tits with an iron rod.

2. Severe disobedience is punished with fifty lashes on her tits by a switch, or a hundred on her bald snatch.

3. Delaying the caravan is punished by having breasts and snatch bound with hemp and then leashed to a guard on horseback.

4. Any attempt to escape is punished by crucifixion.

5. Any attempt to run from punishment carries an immediate sentence of impalement.

6. Any lack of proper respect for the guards is to be punished with penetration for the slaves cunt, ass and mouth.

7. Helping a slave to escape is punished by binding the offending women together, snatch to mouth.

8. Conspiring to escape with another slave is punished by having each slave sacrifice a breast.

9. A slave’s breast is sacrificed by crushing, slicing, impalement, nailing or spikes. The method of sacrifice is determined by the wise Master.

10. Serious crimes are punished by impalement of the clit, penetration by fiery iron dildos, sewing, castration, scaring or other method determined by the wise Master.

11. Slaves are to beg their guards for the honor of being used sexually after punishment has been delivered, to thank them for correcting the slave’s many faults.

Hammewi smiled. “Congratulations Hachero, your memory is perfect! Let’s see if you can repeat it under torture.”

He grabbed the cord connecting the clamps and yanked it taut. With her chest thrust out, he began to whip her swollen breasts.

“Again! Let me hear that song again!”

“AAH! Slaves.. slaves are property of the M..Master… AGH! His love can free.. free us or k.. k… kill us… AAAHHH!!!” ….


Breasts for Beating

The slaves were herded into a narrow corridor lined with stalls where they waited until departure. Like cattle they were poked and prodded along by the laughing guards. A foreman pointed to three cowering young women who stumbled along, hampered by the heavy chains which bound them. The slaves were pulled out of line and presented to him.

He was a powerful man who wielded authority in the city. As a rich business man, he was quick to take the perks that went along with his position.

“These three will do, Hammewi. I must say you have a fantastic selection of fuck-meat this time.”

“Yes, noble lord. Nothing but the highest quality cunt for the Oasis! But these are a special gift for you and your lovely wife. I see you have an eye for big jugs. Excellent! These plump udders can take lots of abuse. Bite them, chew on them, whip them until they pop. These sluts can’t get enough!”


Blonde in Bonds

The foreman grabbed the blonde slave by the throat and yanked her onto her toes. He shouted in her face, his breath reeking of garlic and onions.

“Give me a tit-fuck, jugsy. Use those knockers like a good little whore. Yeah… you’ve got a big rack on you. Only cocksucking sluts have tits that big. So make it good and I’ll give you a face full of sticky cream. If you don’t get me off, then I’ll beat your fat jugs off!”

He dropped the frightened woman to the ground and pulled open his tunic. The slave smiled nervously up at him and grabbed her breasts, offering them to her new Master. He sneered down at her.

“Don’t expect me to do all the work, bitch. You’re a cunt, a stupid hole to pound and fill with spunk. Wrap those tits around my pole and get stroking.”

The slave cried as she submitted her dignity to him.


A Slave Learns Her Place

From the little window set into the stall, Zobeida watched the three slaves being used.


“AAAAGH! I… I’m sorry Master… I’m trying…”

“Shut up bitch! I didn’t let you be my slave so I could hear you babble nonsense. I got you so I would have a warm wet snatch to stick my dick in whenever I wanted!”


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! Mercy lord! Pity me! Please don’t hurt me! I’ll be a good slave! I… I want to serve you..! AGHHHHHHHHHHA!”

“You must be a Christian, slut. You don’t have the tattoos marking your caste. Good, I know a master tattooist who has been eager to try out his art on flesh untouched by needle and ink. I’ll have my personal design etched into your tits. My name will be engraved into your skin above your bald snatch so that anyone I loan you too will praise me for my generosity as they fuck your twat!”

Zobeida watched, and a plan began to take shape as she witnessed the breaking of the woman’s spirits. She hadn’t been included in the first caravan. As long as no one discovers her true identity, she thought, then I may have a chance. Until then, I’m just pretend to be another slave and a caravan of whores.


Zobeida’s fate

The fire glittered in Alkarin’s cold eyes. Although he was furious with the guards for their negligence in overseeing the prisoners, he saved the bulk of his wrath for the two women kneeling before him.

“What makes you think that I’d allow you to escape? I don’t mind losing you. The fuck-slaves working my brothel never last that long anyway! What really pisses me off is losing my property… your fat tits and dripping cumhole! I shelled out a fair bit of coin for your flesh, far more than you’re worth. I’ll be damned if I’ll let you go before I’ve seen a return on my investment!”

Zobeida lowered her eyes. “If my lord will give me just one more chance…” She was cut off with a bark of laughter.

“You think you deserve mercy? You deserve death for this insult! No, I wouldn’t trust you sneaky harlots with a poppy in a field of opium. The only language an ungrateful slave knows is unending suffering!”

Alkarin turned to the caravan’s camel driver. “Assemble a Screaming Star at once! These worthless cunts want to beg for mercy, so we’ll let them entertain us with their wailing!”


Lotion of Lust

Zobeida was strapped to a palm tree, the ropes pulled tightly so the shaggy bark dug into her spine. Alkarim dug around in his dusty saddlebag and produced a small stone jar. Lifting the lid he inhaled the pungent spice which suddenly seemed to impregnate the dry desert air.

“Your mind resists your fate, but your body has a will of its own. This salve is the key to taming such a disobedient animal like you.” He scooped out a liberal dollop from the container and slathered it over Zobeida’s inflamed mound. A sudden burning crawled over her skin as though it were being devoured by venomous ants. She cried aloud under the assault.

“GGHAAAAA! Get it off! Please! It burns! It BURRRNSSSS!!!”

“Haw! That’s the point, bitch! The lotion is made from crushed peppercorns, chilies from the Far East and the crushed bile of a pregnant pit viper! The potion will sink into your skin, inflaming your lust but causing an unendurable sting whenever your clit is touched!”

Zobeida shrieked in torment as a wooden framework was hammered into place in the sands around the fire. The Screaming Star was almost ready.


The Star of Torment

Zobeida was cut down from where she hung on the tree. She fell to the sand in a heap, spitting grit from her mouth. Every movement caused a new wave of fire to ignite in her throbbing clit.

The trembling woman was dragged onto the wooden framework. Hammewi sat on her chest and slapped Zobeida roughly across the face until her eyes focused on his massive, hairy cock. The slaver was naked, sweat running down his thick folds of blubber.

Zobeida opened her mouth to breathe, but Hammewi’s grimy dick was forced down her throat instead. She struggled for breath, running her tongue along the underside of his member in a desperate attempt to make him cum quickly.


“Yeah, you’ve always been a disgusting whore. Even if you had managed to escape you’d have ended up on the streets as a cheap prostitute, taking facefuls of cum in exchange for a crust of bread or a couple of copper coins. What’s the matter, bitch? Don’t you know that you’ll be spreading your legs for every man within a hundred miles of your lord’s brothel?”

His face grew red as Zobeida’s wet mouth sucked greedily over his swollen pole. “UNGH! Keep it up, slut! The women in the brothel get beaten and worked like animals, but at least you’ll have enough to eat! AAAGH! YEAH! I’m cumming! Drink it down, slave!”

As a final humiliation, Zobeida’s pain-maddened twat was impaled on a rough wooden dildo. The gnarled bark ground into her delicate flesh, tearing even louder cries from the once proud woman.

Damaged Goods

Hammewi grabbed a fistful of Zobeida’s hair and used it to wipe his cock clean after the violent blowjob. He spat in her face after leaving thick strings of slime in her once glossy hair. Zobeida could only look up at the slaver in terror. The thongs lashing her arms and legs to the Screaming Star were expertly tied making movement impossible.

“Your owner has ordered that your disobedient twat be drenched in the burning salve night and day for the next month, or until he is convinced you’ve learned your lesson. I have my doubts. You look like the sort of empty-headed fuck-toy who is too stupid to understand the simplest commands. As a brothel whore all you need to know is how to ride a dick and swallow spooge. It’s so easy that even you can learn to do it! HAW! Just do what comes naturally to a cock-gulping cum dump!”

He laughed, the firelight playing over his rolls of fat.

Zobeida shut her eyes tightly, trying to block out the pain which ravaged her body. From a distance she heard Alkarim’s final orders.

“Keep her awake all night. Use the whips if you have to, or rub salt into her inflamed slit. She’s got to learn that stubborn slaves don’t sleep. They stay awake thinking of how they’ve wronged their owners!”


Kenneled Bitches

Before retiring to his large tent at the edge of the camp, Alkarim walked past the caravan kennels. Two young women had been leashed with the camels, and looked up as he approached. Their beautiful faces were lit with a mixture of devotion and fear.

“Come to your Master,” commanded Alkarim.

The women crawled forward to kiss his toes before the leashes brought them up short. They strained to come closer, choking under the tight bands which circled their necks. Alkarim gave a low chuckle as he watched their struggles. “Calm yourselves, my pets.” he said. Untying the leashes from a stout peg which had been driven into the dirt, he led the women from the grunting animals.

The women crawled behind him, glowing with joy and love whenever his hand would pat them fondly on the head or caress their firm buttocks with a possessive slap. Gora and Dula had been subdued and were faithful slaves of their owner. They’d guard the entrance to his tent as he slept, barking whenever someone came too close to their Master.

“Have my pets been well behaved? You haven’t let any of those filthy camels stud you?” The slaves shook their heads. He smiled. “Good! I don’t mind serving a slave as a reward to my hard working beasts, but I’ve got a use for you tonight.

He held the flap of the tent open and the women eagerly crawled inside. Their cheeks flushed with anticipation and their shaved slits grew moist. They knew when Alkarim had punished a disobedient slave, he needed to work off his anger with a long, hard screw.


A Meeting With Mother and Daughter

Inside the tent, Alkarim was startled to see Hadicha and her daughter kneeling on the richly carpeted floor.

“What is the meaning of this?” roared the rich brothel owner. Turning to Hadicha, his eyes closed into slits. “I’ve already decided. Your daughter is to work as a whore for the prison mines. Those criminals spend 15 hours of each day carving out blocks of salt from the blasted land. They need a tight hole to wet their wicks after a grueling shift in the mines, and I’ve chosen your daughters shaft to be their next target!”

Hadicha’s bottom lip trembled. “Please tender Master, try out her mouth for yourself. She gives head like a divine angel. Please cum in my daughter’s mouth. I’m sure you’ll find a better use for her gifts.”

Hadicha’s daughter Gwala lowered her eyes. Her cheeks burned with shame hearing her own mother trying to convince the cruel slave master to use her like a common prostitute.

“She can suck a dick, eh?” Grabbing the young woman’s head, he forced her face into his sweaty crotch. “Then you better get started, bitch!” He felt her mouth, soft as a lotus petal, enfold his raging hard-on. “No teeth, tramp! If I feel any teeth on my serpent, I’ll have your head buried in the desert, your ass propped up so that the wandering nomads can get a quick fuck before you die!”

A Daughter’s Duty

“AAAGH! YEAH!! Choke on that knob, bitch!” Alkarim slapped the back of the crying woman’s head as she bobbed on his raging cock. Jizz bubbled past her lips and fell down her pert breasts. His wiry pubic hair scoured her face and the salty tang of his spooge filled her mouth. Through tears she looked up at the swarthy man.

“I suppose I might have room for one more brothel whore” he said. “But you’ll have to prove that it’s worth dumping a load of spooge in your twat. If one of my new slaves doesn’t work out, I’ll have her crucified over the door of the brothel and bring you in as a replacement. If the new fuck-meat works out, taking cock eagerly into each of their dripping holes, than I’ll nail you to the door instead!” Grabbing a tent peg, he staked the young woman to the floor of his tent. Gwala was afraid to move as the hammer pounded the pole into the earth. Fresh jizz glistened on her chin.

“Thank you, merciful lord!” gushed Gwala’s mother, Hadicha. She leaned over her daughter, scooping up the dribbling cum with her fingers and sliding it into her mouth. Although her heart broke to do such a disgusting thing, she knew that it was her daughter’s only choice to escape a living hell as a mining camp whore. “Gulp down your owner’s hot jizz, my angel.” she said. “Women should always swallow every drop of a man’s cum when they cum. It is a sign of respect to your owner to fill your belly with his tasty jizz. Giving a blowjob is an important duty for a slave, but it doesn’t end once he’s shot his wad on your face.”

Hadicha smoothed her daughter’s hair, brushing away the young woman’s tears. She prayed she’d done enough to save her daughter’s life.


The Ring

Before dawn, Hammewi lashed all the new slaves together. Ropes were strung between their collars and chastity belts, forming a chain of misery. Hammewi had been seething with anger over the earlier escape attempt, and vowed that it would be the last time a slave made him look like a fool in front of his demanding lord, Alkarim.

Hammewi drove the women through the desert at a punishing pace. Scorching sands burned their soles as the naked women trotted over the dunes. Each slip was met with cries of pain as a struggling slave found herself dragging down the women attached to her.

“We lost enough time disciplining you useless whores already! Faster!” screamed the burly slave overseer. Bringing his wide leather belt across the straining buttocks of a slave with a resounding crack, the whimpering team surged forward.

In the rear of the miserable procession was Zobeida. She was still strapped to the wooden Screaming Star. The heavy framework was tied to the slave chain, and raised a choking cloud of dust as it was dragged down the road.


Crossing Over

The road became harder under the slave’s blistered feet. The packed earth shimmered with heat and grew as cracked as a discarded wineskin. For two days the slaves trudged through the desert, seeing no shade or welcoming oasis to break up the dreary monotony of the blasted landscape.

The guards were in a foul mood. The journey had taken longer than they had expected and they were in danger of losing part of their delivery fee if the slaves didn’t arrive soon. Dead slaves were expected. A slave caravan through the merciless heat always expected to lose a few to sunstroke or starvation. But to be late delivering a load of tight cunts was a shame no guard could bare.

The Poison Oasis

On the third night the ragged group stopped along the pools of El-Harridas, also known as the Poison Oasis. The Screaming Star was erected and lashed firmly between two palms. Zobeida was bound to its cruel frame, her once pristine skin now coated with dust and marred with scratches and flea bites. Her smooth twat was again slathered with the stinging ointment which tormented her flesh and threw her captors into fits of laugher. The wooden phallus speared her slit, stretching the soft lips obscenely wide as she thrashed on the star.

Behind her in the shadows, the other slaved cowered in misery. Each was sickened by what was happening to their fellow prisoner, but fearful of catching the overseer’s eye and becoming the Screaming Star’s next victim.


Setting A Price on Her Puss

That night, two guards untied the broken woman from the star and stretched her out on the ground. Zobeida was a pillar of agony. Her muscles had cramped under the constant torment and had become as hard as marble. She tried in vain to restore life to her stricken arms and legs, but the guards grabbed her hands and pinned her into the coarse sand beneath her.

“Whatta ya think? Do you know anyone drunk enough to PAY to fuck this whore?” one asked. “You’d have to be dead drunk to give money to squirt in her slot! She looks like a scrawny rat and smells like a toilet! She’s even pissed herself! No wonder the boss was able to buy her so cheap; she’s a cheap garbage-chewing slut!”

The men laughed, their fingers pinching her swollen breasts and sunburned skin. One guard shoved two fingers into her abused slit and grinned.

“She may look like a used cumrag, but she’s got a silky puss that sucks like a pump! That stinging potion sure tightens up the cunt muscles.” he chuckled. Sawing his fingers into her soft slit, Zobeida could only grunt in protest. His fingers were as rough and dry as the desert.

“Look at those snapping lips! The bitch wants water, but her cunt wants a hard cock!”


The Dogs Unchained

Zobeida was returned to the Screaming Star. Hammewi twisted the ropes even tighter than before. The bonds creaked and strained until Zobeida felt as though her bones were going to snap, leaving her a limp, broken doll that the cruel men had destroyed. Even though she was utterly defeated, she screamed. The pain and outrage boiled inside her and spilled out in a howling wave of sorrow.

Alkarim heard the screaming from his tent. He summoned a guard to order the woman’s tongue be cut out, but then decided to show mercy. His men had a hard time through the desert but they were almost home. He’d release them on the whimpering slaves. One full night full of wanton lust and cruelty, of brutal perversions and suffering women. That would satisfy their lusts for the night, and give them the strength to finish their long journey in the morning.

Zobeida Makes her Move

Early the next morning Alkarin took Zobeida off the Screaming Star.

“As much fun as it is to drag you along like a dead pig tied to a spit, this delay has cost us valuable time. I’ve been forced to make a decision about you,” he said. Sliding a curved dagger from the sheath at his belt, the caravan master tested its edge with his thumb.

Zobeida was weak, her spirit nearly shattered from her experience on the Star. The sight of the glinting blade woke something in her heart. Her cracked lips parted with a sigh.

“No, please not that,” she begged. “I… I can be a good slave. I want to serve… I mean, I need to serve you, be fucked by you… I need to have your hot cum honor my womb by shooting into me whenever you want…”

Alkarin smiled. “I’m glad to see you realized you’re a worthless, cum-sucking whore. That’s what I need in a fuck-slave for my brothel.” Putting away the knife, he continued. “From now on you’ll walk behind Hammewi’s camel. I’ll tie you by the tits to his saddle so you don’t get lost. We’re taking a shortcut to make up lost time. If you fall behind, the only thing arriving at the village will be your tits!”

Zobeida’s caught her breath and managed to thank the slaver for sparing her life. She knelt and tilted her head back, opening her mouth as wide as she could. She stuck out her tongue over her bottom teeth to give her Master full access to her throat.

“Now that’s more like it! Open that cum-catcher wide, bitch! I’ve got a drink for you sloshing in my balls! I knew even a dense cow like you would see reason!” Opening his trousers, he stroked himself to attention.

After cumming down Zobeida’s throat, Alkarim wiped himself clean with her face and called to the waiting caravan. “Saddle up the camels and fuck-meat! We are cutting through Bhusal to save time. That means everyone is to keep a sharp eye out, and lash the slaves together for quick passage!”

A murmur of disbelief sprung from the overseers, but the men quickly followed their lord’s command.



Once a thriving city which grew between the cliffs of the East and the rolling desert, now a place of desolation. Mongol invasions razed the city, and legends were told of the souls who still crawled through the blood stained streets. Travelers who ventured too close to the crumbling city walls had been known to disappear and more than one gnawed human skull had surfaced in the surrounding dunes.

The men broke camp, and hid their nervousness by being especially hard with the whip when rounding up the slaves, and more callous in their treatment of the miserable young women than before.

Lashing the slaves together by the neck, Hammewi pointed to the distant hills and barked with laughter. “See those mountains? Ghouls slither through its forgotten valleys in search of women flesh. The undead demons of Bhusal can smell your cunts already, and they’re stirring! Don’t keep them waiting! YEEAH!!” With a flick of his hairy wrist, the slave overseer sent his whip singing through the air!


The Great March

The line of slaves leapt forward, yelping and sobbing as the whip fell upon their naked flesh. Alkarim knew he was making a bold move. Cutting through the deserted city would save three days of travel, but he’d have to push the slaves into marching for a full day without rest to make it.

They soon reached the Great South Gate which opened to a winding gorge deep into the heart of the towering ruins. Alkarim signaled to the caravan to stop, and addressed them while they gasped for breath grateful for the small rest he had allowed them.

“Don’t be afraid, sluts. The ghosts of Bhusal may want to screw your tight cunts with their undead boners, but my men will protect you. My caravan driver’s don’t want to share your twats with some rotting corpse! HA HAHAHA! Now once we get started, we don’t stop until we come out the other side. Any dumb fuckpig who gets lost loses her life!”

Looking over the faces of the cowering women, Alkarim caught Zobeida’s eye. He motioned her forward. “On your knees, bitch.”

Obediently dropping to her knees before him, she eagerly swallowed his massive tool and cradled his hairy balls carefully in her hands. Once he had cum in her mouth, he released her to the guards. She had been forbidden any food, and the jizz that she sucked from their sweaty cocks would be her only meal until they completed their grueling march through the city.

The Bowels of Bhusal

Her throat clogged with cum, Zobeid was tied back to the camel and joined the procession of slaves through the haunted city. The caravan moved briskly through the central avenue of Bhusal, stirring up a cloud of dust with their passage.

The ruins of Bhusal were terrible. The last invasion of the once great city was over 500 years ago, but still the dark stains of blood were visible painting the crumbling walls with a gruesome shadow.

The interior of the mountain pass was pierced by thousands of caves as though gigantic maggots had wormed their way through the solid rock. Nothing moved, but the sour smell of sex wafted off the bound woman and hung in the air like the banner of a heathen army.


The Shadows in the Alley

The caravan moved quickly throughout the day, winding its way over the broken cobbles and rotting bricks which littered the street. Zobeida staggered along, the pain from her bound tits ripping a steady stream of sobs from her as the camel lumbered along. The rope had been bound tightly, and already her once stunning breasts were starting to turn purple with bruises. She bit her tongue and forced her body to take another step and then another after that.

Sharah had it even worse. Condemned to be bound to a slave yoke, she staggered under the heavy beam. She had carried the heavy wooden post for days, and her shoulders were on the verge of separating. Her tendons groaned with effort as she plodded along.

At a large intersection, the crucified woman twisted her ankle on a broken piece of pavement. Before she could catch herself she crashed to the ground, the heavy post falling on shoulders with a sickening snap!



The Fatal Fall

The guard yanked her head up by her hair.


“Stupid whore! So lazy that you can’t take a little walk without lying down for a nap! Get up before I beat your fat jugs back to the city so we can get a refund for your worthless hide! MOVEE!!”



Broken bones ground into each other, slamming Sharah’s body against a wall of pain. The weight of the falling beam had broken her shoulders. She tried to move her fingers, but the grinding of flesh and bone left her paralyzed with horror and anguish.

“Dammit! You stupid bitch! You’re just cost every man here a day’s pay! Who do you think gets penalized for each whore lost on the trail? We do! Ungrateful fucking bitch, how dare you rob us of the money we earned? He raised his fist for another blow across the petrified woman’s face.



The Guard Takes His Due

Grabbing the rough beam the guard wrenched it over, throwing Sharah to the ground in front of him. With a groan she struggled to rise but the excruciating pain in her shoulders stopped her. With a sob she collapsed on her face in the dusty road.

“At least I’ll get to pound your ass one final time. I’ve been watching your cheeks sway on the road since we began this cursed trip, and finally will get to stab your brown hole! HAW! You’re a good cock-sucker, bitch. You get your mouth hot and wet, and slurp balls like a harem hooker, but your ass is your best quality!”

Sharah gasped in agony.

“N-no… not there… I… It hurts too much, sir… Please let me give you head… you can spit in my mouth first… I want you to… just don’t… AAAAIEEEEE!!!”




“Yeah! Take every inch, bitch! UNGH! You’ve got an ass like a fresh apple, whore! I shoulda been spanking and biting these cheeks from the start! At least it’s not too late for me to carve off a piece for myself! UUNGH!”


Alkarim heard the commotion from the head of the procession and ordered the caravan to stop. Walking back to where the guard was thrusting into the helpless Sharah, he scowled.

“What is the meaning of this? I gave an order not to stop until we reached the other side, and you’re taking a break just to get your rocks off?”

“No, my lord,” panted the guard, sweat dripping down his swarthy skin and falling on the cringing woman pinned beneath him. “This bitch stumbled and broke something. Her spine is cracked or shoulders snapped. One way or the other, this cow ain’t gonna make it to the meat market. And I’ll be damned if I let a cheap piece of ass go to waste!”


The Price of Passage

Hammewi grunted with approval as the guard thrust into the broken woman. “Get your fun while you can! You heard the boss, no stops on this trip! If the stupid bitch is too dumb to walk straight, then it’s her own fault she fell. We ain’t gonna take this one with us. Once you’re done mounting her ass, we’re leaving the bitch behind.”

An icy hand of fear seized Sharah by the throat. “P-please don’t… I… Don’t leave me here… alone…”

“Haw! You ain’t any use to use if you can’t walk, whore! Who heard of a prostitute who can’t even crawl? What are we supposed to do with ya? Nail you to the bed and have men pay to poke your dripping hole? By the heavens, I’ve never met such a clueless bitch!”

The other men in the caravan lined up behind the obese overlord, eager to have their turn with the helpless slave.

Alkarim scowled at the delay. Yelling back to where Hammewi was waiting his turn, he called out. “Hasn’t that son of a goat shot his load yet? The sun is going down and I want us out of these demon-haunted by sunset!”

Rules of the Slave Trade

“A thousand apologies, my lord,” said Hammewi. “But the traditions of the trade are very clear on a matter like this. A slave lost in transit must be attended to properly.” He screwed up his face in a pig-like sneer. “Even a condemned prisoner is allowed a last meal. A slave’s last meal should be a stomach full of stinking man sauce!”

Alkarim grimaced, irritated at the delay. “Even at a time like this?” he asked.

Hammewi nodded. “Of course, as the owner of the slave, it is only right and fitting that you bust a nut in her face before giving her to the rest of the men.” He stepped aside, indicating that the powerfully built man should take a place before him.

Alkarim winced; disgusted at the thought of sticking his dick in the same wet hole his swarthy band of men had finished cumming in. He quickly moved to the front of the line. “Yes, we must abide by tradition even at times like this. Otherwise, how could we consider ourselves civilized?” He grinned. “The cunt owes us all. The men for their lost pay, and me the cash I used to buy her clumsy ass. I hope this cursed place makes her suffer long after we’re done!”

Cowering beneath them, Sharah cried in misery. Her jaws were forced apart and a raging cock was shoved into her mouth. Automatically, the injured slave began to suck the head tenderly.



After Sharah had surrendered her body to the guards, Hammewi rounded up the panicked slaves and ordered them to start marching from the ghost-riddled city. As they shuffled forward, he spoke quietly to Alkarim who was standing over the woman still lashed to the wooden beam. She struggled to rise, but fell backwards with a pitiful cry.

“She’s about done for. The men are satisfied they got their money’s worth out of her, so she’s no further concern of ours. Do you want to choke the life out of her, or should I just stomp on her neck until it cracks?”

Sharah gasped, and tried to rise but the weight of the beam kept her down. Her injuries were getting worse, and she felt her strength beginning to flow from her.

“Hummm, this is a difficult question. The face of her Master should be the last thing she sees as her life ebbs away. That way she can remember who her Master is in the afterworld, and serve him faithfully there for all eternity. But to have such a clumsy slave in heaven would be a hell for me! HAW! I’ve decided to leave this fuck-sow here. Maybe the grime-clogged alleys can provide a place for her to curl up and die in. She should look for shelter. Vultures don’t wait until death before tearing their pray apart piece by piece!

“N…NO! P… Please Master… K… Kill me… please!” sobbed Sharah.



Hammewi nodded and followed the line of slaves shuffling down the dusty street. Alkarim looked down at the woman who was now struggling to breathe. With a cruel grin, he opened his trousers and pulled out his thick, uncircumcised cock. Aiming at the face of the injured slave, he let loose a stinking stream of piss.

Sharah choked as a flood of salty urine splashed in her nose and mouth. She sputtered and closed her eyes but was too weak to move away. Her shoulders had become glowing mountains of pain, and her will crumbled under them. The filthy stream ran down her cheeks, mixing with her tears.

She sobbed quietly until a small sound made her look up. Already Alkarim had walked down the street and in another moment was lost around the corner. A great silence descended on the intersection where she lay. She was propped up on the broken brickwork of a fallen wall, unable to move but unable to die.

In time she heard another sound. A skittering scratching which rose from the shadowy corridors burrowed into the sides of the mountain. The smell of females, that strong scent which rose from a woman who had just been used violently… that scent had awakened things which had nested in the web draped caverns of the haunted city. Creatures who had known the smell and taste of women hundreds of years before, and had been reminded of its intoxicating power the moment the caravan had entered the city.

The caravan had left a woman behind, and these creatures were ravenous to experience that unique taste again.

When Sharah saw the rotting, scaled heads appear from the caverns she screamed. Her wailing cries of horror at the abominations echoed down the empty streets of Bhusala.

The Runaway

The bulk of the caravan has left Bushala when the sandstorm starts.

There is a general stampede, and Zobeida is yanked by the camel. She runs desperately in order not to lose her tits…


The Eastern door leads onto an ample plain filled with rocks eroded by the wind and continues towards a canyon which opens along the track of the slave caravan.

The camel stumbles out of its cave and gallops aimlessly, while Jadicha struggles to remain on the saddle. Whirlwinds inundate the steppe with dust, filling the animal’s eyes and nostrils while it zigzags in search of a refuge.

“Nooooo! Stop, you beast! Stop, damn you! Stop!”

Zobeida keeps up as well as she can, her tits battered by the ordeal. She trips and falls down.




The sandstorm intensifies, the air fills with dust and the sand stings and flogs in horrible whirlwinds.

Tied up by her tits, Zobeida ends up dragged along the ground by the frantic camel.


“We can’t go on,” cries Hammewi, “however we can find shelter in the caves.”

“Go back in there? Never!!” Deep down Alkarin fears becoming trapped within the caverns.

“If you prefer to die drowned in the sands… My Lord…”

“Go down there and tie them to the canyon’s walls… it’s full of crevices!” shouts Alkarin. “It’s the best shelter!”

“This shipment will arrive at the Dhar-El –Jahalwy Oasis intact or it won’t,” swears Hammewi.

The guards gather the slaves and herd them through the fury of the sandstorm. The foreman’s camel moves at its own frenzied rhythm. Meanwhile the pitiful Zobeida is pulled without mercy across the path, hitting the rocks and bruising her body.

Jadicha tries in vain to control the reins of the animal with one hand while with the other she covers her mouth…

Zobeida knows that she’ll have to resist or else she’ll be abandoned to her own fate. She doesn’t want to die like poor Sharah.

The deranged animal pulls Zobeida around it until the rope gets caught in a crevice in the rocks.

Jadicha falls on the ground and, half blind by the dust, she cuts the rope that hinders her salvation and the animal’s, leaving Zobeida behind to fend for herself.

Jadicha grabs the camel’s reins and drives it down to the canyon’s shelter; there she forces it to kneel down and hides behind it.



The storm expands in all its fury, the air turns yellow and it becomes breathless, the sand clings to the slaves’ feet, the guards protect themselves with turbans and handkerchiefs and force them to run blindly.

Zobeida remains pinned against a protuberant rock; she turns her face and closes her eyes to avoid being drowned by the sand. She can barely breathe.

A group of slaves has reached the canyon with Alkarin in charge, however the second group in charge of Jaffef fails to arrive and, blinded, lies scattered across the steppe…

The women are tied to each other and are irrevocably doomed to die choked by the sand or buried in it. Hammewi cuts the ropes binding the slaves and each one flees for her own life; most are handcuffed and don’t know how to protect themselves from the storm; they close their eyes and run towards what they hope is the canyon.

Panic spreads in the caravan.

Jadicha remains behind the camel while Hammewi, grabbing two of Alkarin’s favorite bitches by the waist, runs blindly in the canyon’s direction.


The Marauders


A gut-wrenching scream fills the entrails of Bushala, rising above the clamor of the storm. The echo returns the agonizing appeal with increased energy.

Sharah has fallen in the hands of marauders, who, attracted by her penetrating aroma of sex, fall upon her like flies; horrible and ape-like, they take advantage of her vulnerability to inspect and feel her elegant body fucked to exhaustion.

One of the marauders, a blind one, feels her meticulously and runs his greedy hands across her body until he reaches her mound, where with brutality he pinches and grabs the labia punished by many penetrations; then he puts his fingers, with filthy and thick nails, inside her vagina.

“NOOOOOOOO!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!, release me, you mangy dogs, you dirty corpses, release me! Don’t enter inside me with your dirty hands! UAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”


The People of Bushala

After the brutal exam, the blind chief takes his hands to his mouth, sniffs them out and smiles perversely; then with a mocking and broken voice, he orders the others to untie her from the wooden cross.

Which his bodyguards do by brutally tearing up the ropes…

Confused, hurt… Sharah babbles asking for mercy; however those sinister creatures don’t even know the word. They communicate with grunts and groans, brutal howls which were once words.

Impatient and excited they surround her, their phalluses erect, waiting for the signal to jump on her and fuck her.


Fresh Meat

Standing up, she’s handled and examined by many, each one wanting to fuck her right there. They’re desperate; the scent of sex drives them mad.

They’re horrible beings, lifted from an abject nightmare, dirty and full of pustules, pale and blurry-eyed, ragged and sickly, craving after sex and violence…


The blind man anxiously cups Sharah’s beautiful, semen-stained tits.

“Nice bitch!”

“Fuck her! Fuck her!”

“No, let’s show her to the people of the abyss!”


“Let me go, you disgusting beasts!”

“Uhhhh! Fuck! Fuck!”

“Help, some help me!”

The Passages of Horror

The chief clicks his viper tongue before the other freaks start the brutal and systematic violation of the slave.

The ragged creatures stand aside with reluctance and the man who untied her from the cross lifts her up on his shoulders and carries her as if she were a bundle.

With a monkey’s agility he climbs the rocks taking the wretched girl up the cliff. The others disperse and climb around him, like a swarm of busy flies.

Buzzing, mocking, dribbling, terribly erect and sinister.

Sharah feels his hand resting between her legs, grabbing firmly her ass and fingering with two fingers her anus and with another two her pussy.

This bastard takes the chance to masturbate her while carrying her. And in spite of everything, she becomes aroused.

Finally the bodyguard enters a sinister passage.

Terrified, she sees holes in the walls, whining creatures living inside them, human remains, bones dangling from the ceiling, punished women suspended from ropes or locked up, undernourished… waiting to be fucked or worse…


The Mountain of Madness

Sharah has her legs busted, her wrists bruised and her jaw pained; her throat has gone sore from so much shouting…

She lets herself be carried like a rag… she can’t defend herself… and she can’t endure more suffering…

However an agonizing howl escapes her throat when they come out from the passage and before her an immense abyss opens, a gigantic chamber inside the mountain, to which converge thousands of galleries and holes…

Horrified and dominated by a sense of vertigo, she sees the wondrous church illuminated all the way up to its stone cupola by thousands of orifices.

The man then starts climbing through a narrow staircase which miraculously passes over the abyss and leads onto an elevated platform in the middle of the enclosure.

Struck with panic, before losing her senses she hopes the man won’t lose his balance and let her fall down the abyss.


The Abyss

When she wakes up from the slaps her captors give her, Sharah finds herself on the ample platform at the center of the great cave.

Inside the thousands small caves, torches start to light up, and like worms the sinister inhabitants of Bushala converge and gather on the platform.

Excited, they grunt, hiss, scream and climb the stairs and the borders of the huge column which, like a stone arrow, stands erect at the center of the great cavern.

Meanwhile the wretched girl is lifted onto a sort of podium.

Two men, pale and with hard-ons, hidden under stone masks, priests maybe, hold her tightly since she can’t stand up by herself, while a few creatures – just a few chosen – crowd around the malignant podium.

The priests laugh under the masks and exhibit her before the dirty, perverse crowd.

Frightened, Sharah tries to scream; however she has become mute due to the panic and the horror.

Now she finally feels like a sex slave, feeble, almost mutilated: these beings only care about her tits, her cunt, her ass and her mouth.

And now she’ll be delivered to the horrible lust of the inhabitants of Bushala.


Brutal Rescue

Meanwhile outside, in the middle of the horrible sandstorm, Zobeida is rescued from hell in a brutal manner.

A huge and brutish being pulls her up in one swoop by the ropes strangling her breasts!

Dizzy and half choked by the sand, barely understanding what’s happening, the pull ultimately annihilates her breasts.

She attempts to scream but the sand covers her mouth.

She notices the fearful and gigantic penis rubbing against her body; the creature exhales a simian and abominable stench.

His brutal and animal-like face is filled with murderous lust.

Without understanding why, she feels attracted to the animal and desires to be fucked, to be totally devastated by his huge penis.

“GGGGGRRRRRRRR!!!! Miarrrrrrr!!!!”


The Vicious Giant

Without caring, he strongly grabs and squeezes her tits, biting with fury the nipples made swollen and sensitive by her rubbing against the sand.

Zobeida, possessed by the terrible suffering, is driven mad. The monster’s brutal desire excites her so much that she becomes moist and her cunt opens up like the flower of a carnivorous plant.


The giant sucks and devours her nipples until leaving them red and sore. Saliva and blood and sand mixed together…

The creature has his cock burning and about to burst.

The sand enters his mouth and makes him stop sucking.

He feels the need to mount his prey.


The Great Prick

As soon as the monster places her on his shoulder.

Impatient to fuck her, the monster carries her in a way so that the giant gland bumps, with each step, against her face and her mouth, forcing her to lick his phallus.

And to keep it excited in order to force it in its new refuge.

The monster feels an intense pain in his phallus due to the vicious excitement the woman causes him. And due to her gnawing the tip of his cock; she desperately bites the head without succeeding in escaping from the deadly embrace.

Anxious and dying from thirst, she finally sucks his juices.

Fighting against the storm, the giant advances towards a hole in the rock, and enters a labyrinth of stone monoliths against which the sand collides and rebounds.

The sound of the wind is so unbearable that Zobeida passes out with her mouth attached to the leaking orifice of the monster’s gland.

Sex on Water

The Passage

The storm follows its course flooding the slope with sand and burying the caravan.

The monster carrying Zobeida slips into a monolith through an unlikely fissure. He penetrates a cold and narrow corridor. The contrast with the exterior is devastating: outside the whirlwind, here only silence and darkness.

While her strange saviour moves on carrying her safely along the dark passage, Zobeida has the feeling she’s sliding down, and continues to suck the huge gland of the monster, who sometimes lets out a few moans of pleasure.

Anxious and thirsty, while they advance she absorbs his juices as if they were a celestial nourishment. The monster grows more excited and pushes Zobeida’s head against his tool, forcing her to open her mouth to its limit.

The cave’s coldness revitalizes the bodies punished by the sand; Zobeida tries to satisfy the monster’s anxiety before he tears her ass apart.


The Monster’s Watch.

The strange pair continues to move through the corridor until it arrives at an ample cavern where a blue light is filtered through the roof’s thousand fissures.

Used to the darkness, Zobeida catches glimpses of the contours and forms of the cavern, and is astonished to discover how the light and the rocky formations are reflected on the ground like in a mirror.

The monster unties her breasts and arms, releasing her at last from her bindings, in order to fuck her. Still she struggles desperately – his immense instrument cannot enter her vagina without wrecking it.

“Grrrr!!!” The monster shakes her around while the woman pointlessly punches him with her arms, sore from the ropes. And finally in a gesture of fury, he throws her down into the vacuum.


The Underground Lake


The scream resounds throughout the great stone dome, while Zobeida falls terrified in the vacuum and crashes against the lake’s gelid surface, diving into its cold depths.

The monster also plunges into the freezing waters to free himself from the sands’ burning sensation.

Under water he searches for her to play with her body.

Zobeida feels his gigantic and burning pole looking for her, pulsating. And she plunges and swims trying to escape from his attacks.


Sex Underwater

The monster tries in a thousand ways to introduce his member in the woman’s vagina or anus; aided by the elemental liquid, she slips away from him for as long as possible. But the giant is very strong and agile and Zobeida is exhausted.

The monster parts her legs to their maximum and aims the cock against her vagina, which hardened by the cold contracts and refuses to open. But the monster insists and penetrates her slightly.


The pain is indescribable and Zobeida passes out expelling the air that remained in her lungs…

As they sink, the monster realises her peril, and grabbing the woman by her hairs he pulls her out of the lake onto the edge. There he manages to revive her and spit out the water she swallowed.


On the Edge

Nevertheless the monster can’t help it, he’s too excited and needs to unload his cock; he slaps her until she’s fully awake and then puts his cock in her mouth. She knows she must satisfy it or it’ll burst. She masturbates it and at first licks the shaft intending to play with it, in spite of her exhaustion.

She engulfs the cock as far she can, feeling her jaws come out of joint while his gland invades her mouth.

The monster, filled with lust, grabs her head and forces her to suck even deeper.

Zobeida feels like drowning; the corners of her lips are being torn apart. The cock pressed against the roof of her mouth and her throat fully obstructed… she thinks she’s going to lose consciousness.


Oral Violation

And the monster, deranged with lust, grabs her tits and twists them while he holds her head and sinks his gigantic prick down deeper into the bitch’s throat.

Devastating the insides of her throat with his movements, only the monster’s brutal grip prevents Zobeida’s frail neck from snapping.

Zobeida is drowning, a need to retch fills her mouth, however the gigantic cock prevents any contraction of her throat… she thinks she’s dying, the favourite’s agony is amazing and she slides into a trance, the terrible image of the punishment of the castellan woman of Saint-Cr comes to her mind as vividly as if it were happening right in front of her.

The thrusts turn savage and she feels that her jaws are coming loose, snapping into two; that her throat widens like a snake’s so that the phallus of death can pass, penetrating her and devouring her from within, while her spine crackles under the pressure of the jet of semen shot inside her.


The monster’s howl as he comes makes the cavern tremble and its echo resounds repeatedly while Zobeida, dizzy, swallows his semen and tries to breathe…

It’s not the first time the monster kills a woman forcing her mouth like this. But Zobeida, used to the savage blowjobs of the slaver Alkarim’s guards, resists until the torrent fills her throat, spills onto her face and the monster removes the cock from her mouth.

Infernal Lust

Zobeida can no longer move her mouth, she gasps and tries to control her breathing; and with a horrible crack she manages to close it; but it’s firmly shut, sore, she can’t articulate a single word without feeling amazing pain.

But the monster is insatiable and his dick doesn’t go limp, and on the lake’s edge he searches for Zobeida’s cunt. And although she tries, she can’t run away from it. He holds her in a way that she can’t stop him from driving his prick in her pussy. In spite of all, Zobeida is in heat and manages to dilate her hole while the gland starts to push through her vagina.

The burning, the pain and the pleasure are immense, she feels impaled to death.

She kicks, cries and screams while the monster pushes forth and holds her by the neck, strangling her…


Sexual Agony

A mist of horror and passion invades her: she feels his cock as it penetrates, unloosens and moves her entrails, pushing her organs, destroying her from the inside like an impaler’s sharp pole.

Like an iron ring, the monster’s paws keep her neck held against the stone, preventing her from escaping her inexorable and lust-filled fate.

The monster keeps on fucking her, without stopping, without control or pity, until his great strength declines and she’s nothing but a flesh doll run through by his phallus.

And the mist of death and lust envelopes her and she starts having horrible memories of the impalements she witnessed during her service under the Sultan. They run in front of her, tormenting her in her plight.



The torment of the woman of Saint-Cr, especially the ordeal and impalement of Countess Olivia… when she was young and accompanied her Lord in his war harem…

The fearful phallus slides in and out completely from her perforated womb. Lubricated by the bitch’s inner juices.

Zobeida is shattered, her body moves in automatic spasms caused by the monster’s brutal back-and-forth movements; he’s taking his time to come and he won’t stop fucking her until he inundates the wretched woman’s body with his disgusting milk.


Spoils of War

After the victorious siege against the infidel border-town of Saint-Cr, the Sultan promised freedom to all prisoners who submitted completely and accepted sexual obedience.

The men were sodomised by the Janissaries and had their throats cut. The women were equally forced by mouth, ass and cunt. Tormented, flagellated and impaled in the patio covered with the blood of their husbands, fathers and brothers.

Only a few were saved in order to join the ranks of the concubines of the royal harem. The majority of the women of the court of the Castellan Olivia were courtesans, Venetians doomed to exile for practising prostitution in the Republic.

In Saint-Cr, the women had established themselves in order to render their services to the border army. Still they hated the invaders and preferred punishment to offering themselves to the lust of the Janissaries.


The Infernal Patio

This included the beautiful Olivia, who had married the fortress’ commander in chef, Count Belmont, who had been killed by the enemy’s arrows at the beginning of the siege.

After the defeat, the most beautiful were separated by the Royal Eunuch in order to join the royal harem and were presented to the sultan, who forced them to masturbate him and suck his prick one by one to demonstrate their talents. And more than one was viciously punished on the tits for biting him lightly, or for not swallowing all his semen, or for not accommodating his cock all the way down their throat.

The other women were given to the Janissaries as extra rewards for their services, and for a few days the patio of the main tower was converted into a hell for the women, for they were flagellated and fucked without mercy by the soldiery.


Fucked and Humiliated

Locked in a cell, Donna Olivia could hear the horrifying screams of the prisoners.

And anxiously, she waited for her turn to be punished.

Many women discovered the Turkish cruelty and were broken with help from the whip and prolonged stays tied to poles. Finally the majority in order to avoid the pole submitted to the soldiers’ desires.

Zobeida, who remained locked in the harem’s wagon when she wasn’t requested by her master, could see through the window the horrors of the loot, and in more than one occasion she wet her panties and masturbated in front of the brutal fucking of an infidel prostitute.

The Torment of Olivia of Saint-Cr

The Sultan at first wanted to take the piazza without many casualties or hard work and use the known military brothel for his Janissaries.

However the siege was difficult and the Turkish casualties many, and so the reprisals and the loot were infamous.

The Submissive

Most of the prisoners had practiced fellatio without complaints, but had not in their lives sucked a cock in the brutal manner of the Janissaries

The Sultan wanted total submission. And in the morning the remaining doomed women were placed on their knees in the patio and the Sultan walked through them with his cock stiff and hard like a stick.

Two wretched women proceeded to suck his cock like bitches.

You see, ladies, the Sultan said while the courtesans feasted on his dick, submission only brings you benefits, and behaving docilely like this, youre treated with respect and courtesy.

The whores, tormented mercilessly with ropes digging into their groins, replied eating his cock and swallowing his milk with gusto:

Ohh, my Lord, how goooood!!!

Unnnhhh, delicious this royal milk!!

The Sultan returned to his quarters to regain his strength and when he came back he was hard again. He had eaten several of the berries his doctor had recommended in order for his prick to maintain its vigor.


And the Rebels

He moved towards another woman who waited on her knees.

When the Sultan stood before her, she spat on him and refused to masturbate him, turning her face away from her masters dick.

The Sultan grew angry and imagined an exemplary punishment for her:

I see you have not been tamed; who are you, whore, to dare defy me?

Shes the brothels vixen, a soldier replied, Madonna Olivia.

So its you!

Slap! Slap!

The Sultan struck two brutal blows across her face.

Come on, open your mouth and eat it all, if you dont want to suffer the consequences, whore!

No, no, never, do whatever you want with me, Ill never accept your shameful victory, you murderer!

Ah, the queen of the whores is fussy; I stopped my men from taking you and tormenting you! Ive given you privileges. I wanted to turn you into my royal favourites. And this is how you repay me? I see youre but sows and thats how Ill treat you!

Ill never submit to you! Rather dead than submissive!

The Castellan Madonna Olivia refused to do anything and rebelliously preferred to be punished to honour the memory of her husband.

Well, if you dont agree, then Ill use force. Bring me a spreader and place it in her mouth.

One of the henchmen went to a table where a woman agonised after having been tormented with a spreader in her vagina. They had distended her pussy so wide they had fit a canon ball inside it.

You can sew her up and stand her up, one henchman said to another, the Sultan wants to see how the stake will run through her quickly.


The Burning Chair

They held Madonna Olivia in place and tried to infiltrate the horrible spreader in her mouth so that she couldnt shut it. But it was impossible.

A helper of the tormentors said that he knew where the Crusaders kept the excruciating gags, and went out to pick up the horrible items, and in a while returned with a shiny gag made of iron and leather.

Thats perfect, dog. Put it on her!

Thank you, sir. I have also found a punishment chair with different-sized phalluses and other infernal gadgets in a cell specially made for it, which opens into a patio with a scaffold.

Then Madonna Olivia remembered the horrible cellar where more than one whore and Moor girl had been forced to confess their sins.

The burning chair had been brought from Venice, where the penitent monks used to purify the bellies of prostitutes and licentious women using hot, wide pricks. Sitting in the chair, tightly tied up, and penetrated several times by phalluses increasingly wider and hotter. Since the penetrating tubes were hollow, they were heated up by a brazier installed in the next cellar.

Fortunately the burning chair hadnt been used in a long time. And the brazier was out. Sometimes, the condemned women, through the bars in the ceiling turning to the patio, could see the agony of their companions, hung from the scaffold by their tits

Then Madonna Olivia decided she couldnt stand the torment and decided to submit to the Sultan.


The Open Mouth

However it was too late because the henchmen had opened up her jaws to their maximum width with the iron gag and tied her up kneeling to a wooden pole in the castles patio. From the barred windows, the women could witness the harrowing ordeal.

The Sultan would masturbate and come in her mouth. And then hed give the fatal order.

Well, you rebel bitch, this will be the last time youre honored by a man in a gentle fashion.

The Sultan held her head while he pointed his cock at the wretched womans mouth.

While he shoved his cock inside her and delighted in fucking it as if it were a vagina, he whispered the horrible martyrdom that awaited her:

From now on youll be forced without mercy through the mouth, your breasts crushed by a plank until theyre destroyed; and then youll be hung from them; youll end up impaled on a pole as thick as one of your thighs

The Sentence

However you wont be alone; your faithful slave Claudina will join you in this torment

The Sultan continued fucking the humid and gaping mouth of the Madonna Olivia, slowly, without hurry, taking his time in the penetration, sinking his cock deeply in her throat, making the woman feel the agony of suffocation many times, until at the brink of his outburst, excited to the fullest, he ejaculated with his member fully lodged in her throat.

Arrrrrg Arrrrrg!! Biiiiiitch! Viiiiixen!!!

Madonna Olivia was about to die from the torrent of semen, however it wasnt the first time she received a man in this way and her years of practice in this role saved her life that moment.


One By One

Force her mouth as you wish, dogs, ordered the Sultan before retiring to his quarters, have fun with her without mercy and later chain her maid in the patio turning to the cellar with the chair. In the morning take this whore and take her to the chair and sit her on a phallus of good dimensions. Crush her tits slowly. And when shes finished, start flagellating the maid. May the mistresss punishment be complemented with her slaves!

The Sultans personal servants were the first to take advantage of the prisoners. Two of the royal favourites also joined the party.

Have a look at this sow, how well she swallows!

This little whore is ripe!

Shes a dirty vixen!

Zobeida would have loved to have participated, but her category wasnt high enough, and the odalisques could only stick their ivory dildos on sticks and cruelly force Madonna Olivia to suck them. If they could, they would have made the infidel bitch eat their starving and hairless pussies.


The Masturbator

The Janissaries masturbated in the prisoners open mouth some forcing her completely, others filling her with semen. Untied from the pole and shared by the tormentors, Olivia was assaulted several times.

Finally they decided she should also jerk them off with her hands and they placed an iron ring on her to make her masturbate them.

Im going to laugh when they impale her, ah ah ah!

Theyll drag her onto the tip of a pillar.

She has a good pussy, lets see if it goes in.

It will!

Horrified and surrounded by stiff cocks, Madonna Olivia was forced to endure the brutal lust of the Janissaries until dawn.


Claudina in the Patio

Meanwhile Claudina was tied up in the interior patio to two pillars waiting for her punishment. Helpless and sitting painfully on a pole which inflamed her sex recently worn by the tormentors.

She knew the purpose of that patio where her companions were punished, placed one in front of the other in order to betray each other, or in order for lovers to confess before the ordeal began

However in this case both women would be tormented without having anything to confess. Submitted to martyrdom only for the whim of the Sultan.

Terrified, she tried to remember less somber days, but the cruel assaults on her body and the painful posture returned to her mind to torment her.

The Chairs Cellar

The next morning, Madonna Olivia covered in semen, she was stood up on her feet and dragged to the cellar of pain.

They had removed the horrible opening gag from her mouth, but her jaws remained loose and paralyses, and only a grotesque howl came from the throat that had been ravished by countless penetrations

Come on, walk, its time, youre going to sit on the throne of the sinners, ah ah ah ah!!

Your pussy is going to have some fun, you fucking bitch!

And dont forget her tits, how lovely theyll look in the vice!

The chair again

In Venice, when she was arrested, they stuck three burning pricks inside her until she confessed the names of all her lovers

She only got away from having her tits smashed


The Tormentors Lust

Before sitting you down, were going to lubricate your holes a bit; the chief tormentor wants you to dilate and not to be torn apart, so were going to fuck you nicely so that the pricks can go in smoothly and so that later the pole doesnt rip your cunt in its first thrust.

There slowly, hmmmm, what a nice pussy this Castellan has!

And nice tits, sir!

Ahjhh!!! Agggghgh!!

Ah ah, shes turned mute from eating too many cocks! Ah ah!!

Yes, fuck me you motherfuckers, give me pleasure I need it after last nights excitement, thought the Castellan woman, who had finally managed to get penetrated.


Ass Fucked

Quiet, whore, we have to lubricate your ass too!

Ahhh, its narrow in spite belonging to a vixen!

Dont move, bitch, stay quiet, thats easier for you.


Enjoy it now, whore, because when we crush your tits youre going to suffer for real

You think shell slip down the pole?

Its not the first time a tart like this dilates like a cow. Once we impaled a tavern-keeper who had a fat and rosy cunt, we stuck a fine pole up her and she stood on it like a cow for two days.

Vaginally and anally Madonna Olivia was ravished by the henchmen she was excited, she couldnt help it, she liked it when her lovers took her by force; perhaps because of that she had rebelled against the Sultan, but now the punishment would be excessive.

She came a third time when the henchman pushed his cock inside her ass she felt pleasure despite the torture.


On the Chair

Then they seated her on the horrible chair. With her neck tightly held and a steel prick inside her vagina and another in the ass. The placed her tits between the two boards of the vice and pressed hard enough in order to leave permanent marks on her flesh.

It wasnt necessary to light up the brazier since the prick was thick enough and her cunt was burning hot enough to turn her mad with pain. And pleasure the hours of mouth fucking and masturbating had heated her snatch to the maximum, and the henchmen on forcing her had made her explode in excitement.

Fortunately she was mute and the henchmen didnt realise that amidst her squeals of pain there were also moans of pleasure.

Standing on the patio, Claudina withstood the hard plights of her bindings, while she contemplated the torment of her mistress. Soon theyd flagellate her without mercy.

Haplessly, Olivia tried to scream but she couldnt articulate a single word, just groans and moans of pain and suffering. An intense orgasm began to boil in her womb. And she began contorting in order to achieve it; but she couldnt, the pain was too intense she realise shed die in the torment

Hopeless, she tried to scream one and again, Tell the Sultan I submit to his will, tell him, tell him, I submit, mercy, I submit, please release me from this!

But from her paralysed mouth escaped only a muffled and helpless moan.

The Maids Plight: The First Day


The executioner finally entered the patio. It was day already. He slipped his hand over Claudinas fat buttocks and fondled them with pleasure, awaking her from her sleep.

Your time has come, whore. Are you cold, are you? Im gonna heat you up right away!

No! Please, sir!

He violently pulled her up from the stake on which she was painfully impaled, tearing her pussy apart even further. Her body hurting, she finally rested her feet on the ground.


Her body was becoming numb. She had suffered so much, she hardly felt anything now.

Ha ha, the executioner laughed sadistically. You need to wake up after such a comfortable night of sleep! Im gonna whip you until youre wide awake!

No! No, please no!

The thick and flexible whip, made from the hair of a bulls tail, whizzed across the air as he waved it in the air several times before brutally dropping it across the maids trembling, soft flesh.



Claudinas body, sweaty from spending all night in a harrowing position, rocked back and shook between the poles supporting her figure. Her ass trembled with each new strike of the whip on her sensitive flesh.

Claudina began screaming and contorting against the bonds that held her firm, trying to dodge the whip that punished her rear cheeks.

In the lonely, ample patio her pains echoed grimly.



Madame Olivia, however, in spite of being locked in her confinement cell, could still see from behind the bars of the window the terrible ordeal her maid was going through, and she could hear the grunts of pain escaping from the mouth of the beautiful servant.


The Sentence

The sentence was horrible: she was to endure three days of cruel flagellations, followed by receiving the executioners cum after he ejaculated.

The executioner, a sadist who became excited the more he made his victim suffer, leisurely applied the punishment on her. He took his sweet time between each strike of the whip, allowing the pain to penetrate the maids tender flesh slowly.



Trying to shut out the pain that consumed her backside, Claudine searched in her memories for the forced blowjobs she had given her captors. This excited her in spite of the pain tearing her body apart, for secretly she was fond of sucking a good, thick prick, and loved to cum while having a cock thrust deep down her throat.

Zobeida, unable to sleep due to the excitement, got up from bed and secretly abandoned the harems area; hidden by the shadows she moved towards the battlements from which she could observe the infamous patio. Up in a tower, she waited for the executioners arrival.

Hidden, she delighted in watching Claudinas horrible whipping. On hearing her loud suffering screams, she started masturbating.



What are you doing here, maam?

Oh! Zobeida had just been discovered by a guard.

I went out to breathe some fresh air, soldier, its such a pleasant morning in my quarters its so stuffy were so crowded together

You may return before the eunuchs notice youre missing. Go on, I wont say anything.

Thank you, my lord. But why dont you let me watch the plump maid getting flogged a bit? Just for a while Id know how to reward you

I cant allow it you know very well the punishment that is meted out to the concubines who leave the harem without permission. Come, return, or Ill have to report you and itll be me wholl have the pleasure of watching your bared ass being whipped.

Wait, my lord!

And without ado Zobeida lowered her expert hand down to the soldiers crotch, unbuttoning it.

Hum what are you doing?

What any woman under my circumstances would do

The soldier faltered, but excited by the touch of the woman on his cock, he let her continue her lewd movements. He had been on guard duty for three days and was anxious to touch a female again.

And so, watching Claudina being tormented while masturbating a soldier is how Zobeida was unfaithful to her master the Sultan for the first time.


Behind Bars



Stop! Stop! Madame Olivia shouted from her barred window. You filthy pig, dont hurt her anymore! Shes innocent!

Behind the cells window, which the soldier had opened so the mistress could better watch her servant being whipped violently, Madame Olivia stood horrified. She remained seated in the burning chair, her pussy torn loose by a gigantic iron phallus, her udders brutally squeezed between two wooden planks.

Ha ha ha! the monster with the whip shouted. Shut up, Madame Whore, and enjoy the show!



However the worst part for her was having to listen to her servant screaming in pain.

Nooooo! Nooooooooo! Noooooo!!!!





Excited with the maddening screams of pain and the whips rhythm as it fell on her vulnerable, round ass, turning it a crimson red, Zobeida delivered herself without shame to the soldier. Aroused he penetrated the concubine, feeling triumphant that he was ramming his cock on the pussy of one of the Sultans chosen women. He knew hed be castrated and impaled if he were found out, but he was too horny to care. Indeed the threat that hovered over his head made him fuck her harder, intoxicated with lust.

Aaah, youre such a good fuck, whore! What a damp pussy! he panted between his teeth.

Oh, my lord, dont make so much noise or theyll find us!

Ha! Given how loud that naked sow is screaming down there, no one is gonna notice us! Ah! Aah! Aaaaahhh! Aaaaaahhhhhh!

Go on, you bastard, dont stop! Fuck me! Impale me, defile my pussy! Oh fuck, what a big cock you have! OOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!



And accompanied by Claudinas blood-curling screams, they continued to fuck like animals in heat, making fun of the poor servants misfortune.

Horrible Suffering

The executioner continued to whip Claudinas exposed buttocks without rest, using all his strength to make sure he left marks that would remain forever imprinted on her bare skin.





The rhythm of the whippings was becoming uncertain. Claudina could no longer guess the next time the whip would fall on her sore, bloody buttocks. This uncertainty made her even more wary. Frightened, she tried in vain to look back to glimpse the executioners arm in the air. But he was out of her field of vision and continued to whip her savagely.



Leave her alone! Please, let her be! I beg you!

Madame Olivia couldnt stand it anymore, she was losing her mind due to the pain in her entrails and the guilt she was feeling for having dragged her innocent servant into this ordeal. Her maids screams wrecked her nerves more than the iron phallus lodged deep inside her.

But the executioner, enjoying himself, ignored her and continued to flagellate the plump body of the broken maid when she least expected it.




In Raw Flesh

With her last spasms, the condemned servant broke the ropes that kept her ankles held firm, but the executioner didnt stop until the wretched girl lost her consciousness, hanging from her wrists, her feet dragging against the floor.

The vicious monster, sweaty from the hard effort of handling the whip, contemplated his handiwork, proud of his cruel job: the victims back, buttocks and thighs had been expertly flagellated and they had turned into bloody raw flesh.

Claudinas still body stood between the poles, waiting for the next session of torments.

Well, whore, Im gonna go have a bite and rest a while when I come back Im gonna bring you something to cheer you up. Ha ha ha! Take this opportunity to catch your breath, my little vixen!



The executioner slammed the gate loudly shut.

The lovers in the tower softened their squeals of pleasure

Claudina merely breathed and whimpered

The Countess writhed in the chair when she heard footsteps in the gallery.

But no one came to see her.

The pain consuming her was making her lose her sanity

Time went on, slowly and painfully, Madame Olivia hearing only the drops falling from the ceiling, occasionally shattering the menacing silence in the cell.

She tried to remain still. Every time she moved as much as an inch, she felt the planks crushing her tits and the iron phallus digging deeper into her womb

A door creaked as it opened

Steps in the gallery


The Visit

The executioner stood before her, his bulging dick anxious to shoot out from its pants. Looking at his well-muscled half-naked figure, Olivia felt terrified. He had lust and violence in his eyes.

Ha ha! Now whore, lets have a good look at your udders and cunt!

Please, sir, dont torment me anymore! Tell the Sultan I submit myself willingly to his desires! I beg you

The Sultan has left and I very much doubt the general is gonna revoke the sentence! Ha ha ha, youre fucked, you uppity bitch! You should have submitted sooner!

Nooooo! NOOOO!

Lift her up, Almek, and take the iron phallus from her pussy so we can examine this bitch!

A strange and old man, dressed in a tunic spotted with dried blood, slowly removed the metallic object accommodated between her thighs. Madame Olivia squirmed as he acted, feeling pain but also relief.

This is Almek: surgeon, butcher, and the regiments Chief Tormentor!


Intensive Exam

The Chief Tormentor and the executioner lifted Madame Olivias weakened body from the burning chair and next removed the two planks that crushed her breasts viciously.


Her tits were destroyed beyond repair, red and in raw flesh from rubbing against the rough wooden surfaces.

Without mercy, Almek massaged her tits in order to get the blood flowing into them again. Meanwhile, the executioner pushed his cock in her ass and after sodomising her for a few minutes, pulled it out and ordered her to clean his shit-covered tool with her tool.

Make it sparkle, bitch! I want it shinning with your spit! Lube it up since its gonna go up inside you again

Nooo, please! Have mercy!

Keep sucking, cunt!


Almek squeezed without compassion the battered and sensitive breasts in his strong hands

This bitchs tits are still firm! Oh, they can withstand a lot more punishment, Im sure!

Well, in that case lets prepare her for General Selim.


Selim the Renegade

Selim, a renegade general who had attained the Sultans trust, had remained in the fort while the young Sultan marched with his men to reinforce the army fighting the counts who had come in aid of Saint-Cr.

After having organised the sentries and the defences, the animal sat down in his quarters with two beautiful women who had been reserved for him.

You vixens! Its a pity I have to beat you up in order to keep you submissive and devoted to your master

It wont happen again, master

Shut the fuck up, whore! When I enter my quarters, I expect you to come to me on all fours, like bitches in heat, begging to have my cock! But no, you remain modest and you try to hide your nakedness behind the curtains!

But, master

Quiet, slut! I see your ass is glowing with my belt marks and that makes my cock rock hard!

Yusuff, Selims old servant, opens the door:

Your Lordship, theyve brought the castellan lady for your inspection. As you requested.

Bring me that bitch!

In Selims Presence

The Sultan had ordered Selim to make sure that Madame Olivias punishment be carried out to the letter: three days of torment in the burning chair for the mistress and a cruel whipping for her maid. Next she was to be hung high and impaled.

But the renegade wanted to test how much pain the aristocratic lady could endure. So he ordered that she be sent to him wearing a chastity belt and an iron vise crushing her tits.

So, you were the Castellan lady from Saint-Cr! Such a fine woman! Its a pity youre destined for the stake! If it depended on me Id keep you as a sexual slave, lying on my feet for the rest of your life so that I could enjoy your body whenever I desired. However the carpenters are already putting up a stake as thick as your thighs for you to sit on but first Ill have to bind your tits and then cut them tell me, do you think youll endure your final plight with the dignity of a grand lady?

Mercy, my lord! If you spare me, Ill be your faithful servant whore for all life!

Bah, youre just a cheap slut! Youre not worth the effort! The Sultan would have my balls for it. And as you can see, I have these two sultry bitches who know how to please me without making me incur any risks! I think youll like to watch them please me

Ooooh, mercy

Dont you move an inch! Yusuff, beat her with a stick if she tries!

Madame Olivia remained still while the monstrous Selim had fun with his two young whores.

Olivia could barely stand up. After having fucked her vagina, the executioner had shoved a thick phallus up her pussy, and then he had put the chastity belt on her, sealing the painful object inside her. The planks continued to disfigure her tits. Heavy and made of iron, they had been clasped as tightly as possible for maximum pain.

And on her smallest movement, Yusuff was there to punish her bare buttocks with his stick.




Saint-Cr 3 The End of Claudina

Selim and His Slave Bitches

The two whores pleasured Selim white Olivia watched embarrassed.

Yusuff, Selims faithful servant, kept Madonna Olivia erect and alert by hitting her bare body violently every time she showed signs of weakness.

You fucking whore, he snarled, Dont fall down! Youre gonna stand on your feet till they end serving him Look how those bitches have fun with my master The little sows!

Sir, one of them said, were submissive, dirty cunts, dont punish us any longer, well comply with all of his Lordships desires!

The two sluts never stopped displaying their sensual talents, eager to please their master and avoid further torments.

Ahh, Im cumming! I love this! I can see you cant get enough of my cock! Suck, suck me hard, whores, come on!


Ass Fucked

Oh, I love this shit! Selim moaned in pleasure. Im gonna give you sluts a treat. That cow Dona Olivia is going to eat your pussies.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOO! she cried. Im not a lesbian!

Shut the fuck up, whore, unless you want to me to completely flatten your big udders!

Old Yusuff hit Olivias bare back with his stick, forcing her to fall down in front of the horny group that witnessed her degradation with excitement.

One of the women shoved her wet pussy against her face. Selim forced her to lick it.

Dying of disgust, Olivia opened her mouth trembling and between deep sighs sucked the filthy vulva belonging to the promiscuous whore.

Ahhhh, Master! she moaned. Dona Olivia does it so well! Shes a pro!

I bet she is, but dont get too excited! Come here, cunt! he shouted at Olivia.

Violently and uncaringly Selim grabbed Olivia by her waist and placed her on all fours on top of the divan.

Open up, whore, he said to one of the women, and give your former mistress your pussy so she can drink deeply.

Using her pussy as if it were a public fountain, she pissed in Olivias mouth.


Seated Again

After enduring the barbarities committed by Selim for hours, Dona Olivia was dragged back to her cell and placed upon the burning chair once more


This time the phallus tore her open completely and slid up her womb until she felt it knocking against her internal organs. Her tits were totally flattened.

Ha ha, dont complain, whore, because its going to get much worse. General Selim has instructed us to apply some new torments so you wont get bored in the burning chair Dont get hasty, soon well be back to have fun with you

Kill me, kill me, you pigs! Let me die once and for all, let me die with honor! Like my husband, who fell on the battlefield!

Whores and women of ill repute dont die with honor; they die like pigs, begging for mercy while a hard dick impales them!

Pig! Dona Olivia shouted. Bastard! Son of a biiiitch!


4 More Torments

When they came back hours later and removed her from the burning chair, the wretched woman tumbled on the ground, exhausted.

Without mercy, they dragged her bare feet across the harsh floor into a cell nearby. Along the way they fondled her abused body and one of the guards fucked her ass while pinning her against a wall.


Then they sat her down on a stool and bound her. This was where the fearful garrotte was applied to its victims.

When will you stop hurting me, you pigs! Impale me once and for all, you filthy infidels!

The Castellan lady is quite tough!

Youre still a few ordeals short of the end, Dona Olivia, but dont worry, the stake that will pierce your ass is being sharpened as we speak!

Right now were going to have fun destroying your udders!

General Selim wants your tits to be totally wrecked before we sit you on the stake! And these wonderful tits can still endure a lot of torments!

The executioner placed the feared iron rings around her tits and tightened them slowly, enjoying the screams he released from Dona Olivias throat as he crushed her breasts.



The Pliers

Olivia passed out, her body ruined: her breasts burned in pain; the agony tore her soul in half. She knew the stories about women whose breasts had been tormented, begging to be killed.

Suddenly a sharp pain woke her up again. They had just closed a pair of burning pliers around one of her tits.


The executioner continued to handle the pliers, welding each part together in order to cause her bare flesh inscrutable pain. The irons were so hot the skin was falling off.


Open your Mouth, Whore!

The inhuman howls of Dona Olivia woke the soldiers up; with their cocks hard, they came running to witness the horrifying spectacle and have their own fun in satisfying their sadistic lust as they destroyed her vulnerable body. They fucked her mouth again and again, without mercy.

Eat, whore! Eat, your fucking whores mouth is only good for this!

Battered, they returned her to her cell so that she could witness the violation of Claudina.

Before leaving, the executioners tied sharp splinters under her abused tits. They dug deep into the sensitive flesh, already seared by the incandescent irons.


Claudinas Ass-Fucking

Covered in semen and with her breasts wrecked, Dona Olivia could see from her cell how her maid was being brutally sodomised.

Exhausted, Claudina was once again in the hands of her executioner, anxious to penetrate her bruised hole.

Oh, you little whore, you love this, I know, he said, chuckling. If you want to avoid this, you just have to die, ha ha

Nooooo, nooooaaaahahhhhyyyyy!!!

The long, thick prick plundered her busted anus, and the executioner didnt hide the fun he had hurting her as he pushed his tool further and further inside her body, through her fat, flagellated buttocks.

AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhiiiiiihhhh! AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhiiiiiihhhh!

Take it, whore!


Infernal Possession


The executioner frantically grabber Claudinas pussy while he thrust his prick savagely against her buttocks.

Uaarrrrrgggh!!! Uaarrrrrgggh!!!

!AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhiiiiiihhhh! Claudina screamed in pain. AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhiiiiiihhhh!

Come on, bitch, fuck me back! Move your hips!


Claudina felt as if someone were breaking her arms while her anus was being torn apart.

The executioner couldnt believe how much he had enjoyed fucking her. Possessing her body had been fantastic!

Before leaving, he cleaned his leaking cock on the lacerated flesh of Claudinas buttocks.

The woman passed out from the shock.

Shes all yours, Almek!


The Pit of Death

Maese Almek, butcher, surgeon and chief torturer of the regiment, waited by the door for the prisoner to be delivered to him.

He was in charge of her execution.

He sent for his helpers and they prepared Claudina for her final torment.

Her tits strangled by tight ropes, they took her to the wall and threw her down the pit. The wretched girl fell on the muddy bottom.

A cold day, covered in mist, slowly started. Claudina, hanging from her tits and shivering in the cold, waited for the hour of her execution.


The Final Masturbation

Before hoisting her, Maese Almek forced her to masturbate him. The old butcher got stiff every time he had to execute a concubine or female prisoner, and in return for softening their torment, he always managed to convince the condemned women to jerk him off.

Aahhh! he moaned. Go on, whore! Youre doing it fine! Aaaaaaahhhhgggg!!!

Then he loosened the ropes and tugged at them, making Claudinas dangling body bounce like a piece of meat in the air.


Hoisted Against the Wall


Claudina cried and yelled; they had tied weights to her ankles and were hoisting her up the wall, pulling her by her ruined tits Maese Almek had waited until her breasts were violet from being tightened so hard; now he could leave her suspended by her sensitive udders.

Trembling with cold, the miserable woman was hoisted all the way up to the top of the tower. The weights were pulling her down, increasing her suffering, threatening to tear her body in two halves. Bouncing against the towers wall, Claudinas body convulsed in pain as her bare back rubbed against the harsh stones, breaking her battered skin.



False Balance

Once they finished hoisting her, the helpers caught the condemned woman and placed her atop a wooden support, conceived to force the victim to maintain a precarious and terrible balance and tension: on one side her tits were pulled up by the ropes; on the other the weights pulled her ankles down, marking her skin with red welts

The final torment came when the poor girl lost her balance and, exhausted, slipped from the wooden platform and fell irreversibly in the abyss. Her tits suspended by the ropes, her ankles weighting more than she could endure, she wouldnt last long

And when the noose finally strangled her tits completely and ripped the tits flesh piece by piece, her body would slowly slip and fall down the abyss, breaking her body in thousands of bits as she hit the stone ground below.


Claudinas Fatal End

Exhausted and shivering in cold, the unfortunate Claudina finally broke down due to the excruciating physical ordeal: after receiving too many strokes on her flagellated buttocks, the servant girl lost her balance, kicked out the wooden plank on which she precariously stood on and fell into the emptiness below her feet.

Abruptly she stopped in mid-air, hung by her tits to the tower, while weights fastened to her ankles pulled her down, forcing her body to stretch painfully.

The force of the pull distended her beautiful breasts while the tight ropes bit into their flesh and deformed their lovely round shape. And while her tits grew redder and redder, she continued to dangle dangerously over the pit.


It was a cold day and the fog refused to disperse. The guards, more interested in watching the vicious spectacle offered by the dangling servant in her final atrocious hours of life, and laughing at her agony, failed to see an enemy fleet approach from the West, hidden by the mist.


Inspected in the Garrotte

No less terrible was the fate of Madonna Olivia: after spending all night on her knees, they were a bloody mess by the morning. When the guard returned, he picked her up and sat her back in the garrotte; there she waited for a thorough medical inspection conducted by Selim.

The Castellan ladys breasts were released from their torments and hung loose, returning to their original shape after having been kept crushed by planks fastened tightly around them. After the garrotte was placed around her neck, hurting her throat and making it hard to breathe normally, the lascivious and brutal renegade arrived.

Dazed from the physical pain, she only responded when Selim started slapping savagely her inexpressive face.

Plaf! plaf!

Wake up, whore! he snarled, intoxicated with his power over her. Wake up and beg for mercy, you worthless cunt!

Please Please she pleaded weakly, barely whispering through the garrotte around her neck, Dont hurt me anymore, I beg you

Ha ha ha! the sadist laughed manically, getting a new hard on from the fear he could see in her battered face. Your day has arrived, bitch! Today youre meeting the stake. The Sultans orders will be carried out to the last detail. And weve prepared a thick pole to sit you on A nymphomaniac like you is going to love this final punishment. But first the doctor is going to inspect your dirty pussy.

Mercy she begged, Some water, please


The Penultimate Blowjob

Give this sow something to drink, Selim ordered to one of the executioners. Make sure her throat is well lubricated so that she screams a lot in her final hours. But give her some wine with anaesthetic properties so she can withstand her martyrdom longer. We dont want the show to be over too soon.

Certainly, my Lord, an executioner said. However, if you dont mind, before I water her, Im gonna give her my cock to suck on.

Of course, shes useful for nothing else, Selim said, eager to see Olivia being face-fucked once more.

A high class whore like you, said the man invading her mouth with his throbbing prick, knows how to suck. Youre a fucking pro, arent you, uh? Ha ha ha! Suck it, suck it, and then youll get something to drink!

Ha ha ha! Shes an excellent cock-sucker, Selim mocked her while the man pushed his hips against Olivias face and ploughed her mouth deeper causing her to gag on his meat role. Play with her breasts, pinch them, twist them until theyre red and sensitive. I want this whore ready for her final journey. Tie her tits up so that they swell nice and round. Tell me when shes ready.

And Selim left the cell.

Bound With Cruelty

Almek delivered the whore Olivia to his friend Hakim, who was very skilled in the delicate art of binding and hurting breasts. He soaked a rope in brine and then bound each breast. This form of torture was refined and cruel: as it dried up, the ropes coils would crunch around her tits, squeezing and strangling them as they bit deeper into her flesh. Then as the ropes broke her flesh, the brines salt would burn the wounds, driving her mad with unspeakable pain.

Uuaaahhh, noooonoooo! For the love of God, show mercy!

Dont worry, bitch, in a while you wont even feel your breasts; youll be on pins and needles for some moments, youll feel a burning sensation, and then itll be total numbness. You wont even remember you have a pair of tits on you, he he he Hakim chuckled. When we take off the ropes and give you a battering as a massage, then your ordeal will have reached its limit. By then youll be ready to sit on the pole.


Sewn and Wanked

“Well, lets have a look at this pussy, Hakim said. We have to stop the guards from fucking her snatch before shes impaled. We want her holes tight to hurt more on the pole.

I think a silk tread would be perfect to sew her pussy shut, Almek assured him.

So, once her breasts were bound, Hakim prepared the wretched womans bruised crotch and started sewing her vulva and anus, with care and patience. He did it with delicacy but without forgetting to be cruel and painful too; and he took the opportunity to stimulate her clitoris during the operation, keeping her excited and making it harder for her to endure the sewing. They wanted her holes to have a bit of rest before the end; they wanted them tight and well-rested to maximize the pain the impaling would cause her. There was no end for their sadism.

Nooooo, for the love of God, stop! Ooooohhhhh, nnooooo! Uooooohhh!

Shut up, bitch! Were doing you a favour; this way no one will fuck your holes anymore Almek explained with sarcasm. Not until that big stake is shoved up your ass, of course, he he!

Ah, the whore likes it, Hakim said. Shes cumming in my fingers. Its a river down there.

Nooooo, please no more! Uauauauuuuuuuu!!!!


Abusing the Hanging Women

After her holes were sewn shut, she was escorted out of her cell, hurt and barely alive, towards the patio where shed be impaled.

On their way to the patio where this martyrdom would be applied, the two men stopped in their tracks in front of the wall to watch the soldiery fuck three women hanging by their tits from the high walls. Sentenced to the eternal punishment of standing on the wooden plank, held only by their tits, like Claudina, they were fucked in the ass while still dangling a few inches from the ground, and were only lowered to give the soldiers blowjobs.

Selim observed the punishment of one of the disobedient servant girls being punished, while he himself played with her tits and ravaged her ass too. Then he glimpsed at Madonna Olivia and ordered the men to hang her by ropes attached to her tits too. This would be one more punishment shed have to endure before the pole impaled her ass.

She wont survive this, Efendi, Hakim ventured to say, curious nevertheless to see if this was true. He too was anxious to see Olivias beautiful body suffering beyond its limits.


Brutal Blowjobs

“Wait, dont hoist her up yet, one of the soldiers shouted. Since this whore is sewn shut, let her gobble our cocks before shes suspended by her breasts.

Come on, little whore, on your knees and open your mouth wide; theres a lot of cock here waiting to fill it.

A damn shame shes sewn!

Doesnt matter! Well fuck her skull and thatll feel good too, he he!

Olivia managed to withstand the forced invasions of her mouth and the bulbous cocks that left her throat with internal injuries: knowing she was a goner, they pulled no punches and tried to outdo each other in their savagery and brutality. Cum flowed freely from their cocks and sprayed her body and tits, leaving her a sticky mess.

Come on, suck, swallow our loads! they ordered her as they shot their seeds into her.

Agggg ggoo!! she gargled, trying not to choke on their thick knobs.

By the time they were finished, she had sucked four cocks, one by one, fighting the urge to throw up from the smell coming from their pubic hair and sweaty balls. It was a relief when the last cock dislodged itself from her mouth and she could breathe deeply again.

The Punishment Plank

Selim finally got tired of waiting, although he was enjoying the mass oral violation, and he ordered his men to hoist her up with her hands loose; he wanted to watch her squirm in the air and kick in agony while her tits were stretched out. Usually in those cases the victims, in order to ease the physical pain, would try to grab the ropes and lift themselves up Ц but it was a false hope for the ropes were soaked in grease. It was amusing for the men to watch the women helplessly trying to grab the slippery robes, only for them to escape their hands.


Olivia started kicking while the executioner hoisted her up. Every time she tried to reach the rope, hed give it a pull causing her tits to bounce up and down in pain.


Try to take the pain without grabbing the ropes, whore!


Saint-Crs Martyr

Selim, noticing that the wretched woman was trembling in cold, ordered the men to light a small fire beneath her dangling feet.

Now, he said in glee, if you dont want to burn your lovely feet, youre going to have to pull them up them. Lets see how long you manage to keep them like that, hm?

UAAAAAHHHHHHH! I cant stand it! Please, I dont want to burn! NOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Be strong, whore, be strong! Its up to you: if you dont want to burn, keep your legs curled up. This is your fate: the Sultan has decreed that you be punished like this. Your name will become part of history: once weve triumphed, Saint-Cr will remember in dread your long, agonising torment.

In her pain, she could see what he meant: Dona Olivia Martyr: violated, beaten up, hoisted by her breasts and impaled. No one would ever forget her plight. Shed be a dire warning to anyone who dared to disobey the Sultan.


Fire Dance

Come on, you dogs; pick up some canes and hit her! Show no mercy! Hit her buttocks and her back; and her thighs too! Lets cover her beautiful body in red thick welts. Shes dangling from her tits but shes not in total pain yet!


The canes hit her all over her body.




Thats it, dance for us! the men shouted at her while she bounced back and forth. You fucking tart! How do your tits feel? Can you feel the ropes strangling them? Do you think theyre ready to fall off lie ripe apples?


The soldiers were crazy with lust but they were also furious because they couldnt fuck her holes like the other prisoners. All their hatred and rage was channelled into the brutal strokes they gave her, delighting in destroying her body if they couldnt penetrate it with their erect cocks.


Brutal Flagellation

After the canes, it was time to use the whip on Olivia. Selim himself employed it with all his strength as he delivered stroke upon cruel stroke on her buttocks and sore back.

Olivia tried in vain to grab the ropes in order to steel herself, but the grease on the ropes and the whipping made her give up.

The flagellated woman didnt stop kicking and dancing in the air, while her tits were wrecked each time the ropes were pulled and caused her to bounce. In spite of all the pain and violence she had endured, however, she still had strength to scream. Her cries filled the castle and pierced the mist on that cold and terrifying day.

Selim, always brutal and sinister, enjoyed her howling and was encouraged by them to become even more savage and merciless. The power he had over her was making him deranged; he savoured the power he had over this woman he had violated and humiliated.

His erection grew along with his excitement, her screams and spasms working as aphrodisiacs to his shaft. Foolishly he had sewn her pussy and ass. Now he needed to empty his ball sack and her cunt would have been ideal.

Instead he thought of the female slaves who lived in his quarters; hed alleviate the tension in his penis through their bodies.

He ordered his men to bring the submissive whores to his presence.


Selims Anxiety

Eventually Madonna Olivia fainted. The pain had grown too unbearable for her to endure it wide awake. Tired, pushed to her limit, she lost all consciousness. Selim didnt stop flogging her body, though, until he was sure she wasnt feeling anything anymore.

His servant arrived and informed him that his two female slaves had disappeared.

Search for them! Find them and bring them to me, or Ill hang you all up by your balls! Morons!

What shall we do with the Castellan woman, Efendi?

Selim, horny and angry, ordered them to put out the fire and leave her body suspended for the rest of the day, so that the ropes could finish up their brutal job on her delicate breasts.

Immediately he abandoned the patio and went looking for his slaves.

Where did those whores hide? Im going to skin the bitches alive!

In the evening, Selim and his men would get Olivia ready to spend the night on the pole.

Outside the walls, a multitude of furtive shadows moved, hidden by the mist, ready to retake Saint-Cr.

The Day of the Pole

After Being Hoisted

After they pulled her down from the plank, half unconscious due to terror and physical exhaustion, they dragged her sore body to the place where they kept the impaling device.

The mist had dispersed and the day was sinister and cold. The walls’ shadows seemed to devour everything around it; only the bonfire gave off some light. In the dimly lit patio, Madonna Olivia, stumbling along the hard ground, glimpsed the horrible impaling machine, half visible in the bonfire’s spectral light. She gasped at its terrifying image.

“What do you think, whore? You think you can sit on it without suffering too much?” asked a sadistic guard.

Just looking at it from a distance, the incredible torture device filled Madonna Olivia with dread and anxiety; all her composure – what remained of it after being savagely beaten from her hanging tits – crumbled away as the final moment approached: she couldn’t avoid the horrible martyrdom that awaited her now…

“Noooo!” she screamed in alarm. “Mercy! Doesn’t the Sultan think I’ve been punished long enough? Oh, I beg you! I’ll be his most faithful servant, his most submissive bitch!” There was nothing too degrading or humiliating that she wouldn’t say to save her skin.

“The Sultan isn’t here; he left for battle,” a guard snarled. “You know that very well, whore! There’s no one who can help you now!”


Ridiculed Tits

Hakim rubbed Olivia’s breasts, inflamed and sore from the ropes, while the wretched woman whined and sighed. Her tits were two hardened globes, red from the blood cut off from the tight binds. Just caressing them with fingertips sent waves of pain across her body.


“He he he,” Hakim laughed. “I’m going to torture you even more, cunt! You’re going to beg me to tear off your tits to ease the pain, slut!”

So he put iron rings around her sensitive breasts, which squeezed and crushed and distorted them. Since she was going to die, Hakim thought, he could at least have some pleasure in destroying her body. He was mad with the idea of ruining the looks of this once beautiful woman. What better way was there to fully demean a whore?

Madonna Olivia’s suffering was immense and terrible. For hours her tits sagged like deformed pudding, hanging shapelessly in front of her, while she endured the pain of the metal rings crushing her flesh.

And Hakim, not content with the suffering this ordeal already caused her, amused himself by grabbing her tits and pulling them up and down and from side to side, violently, pulling and twisting them as if they were putty in his hands.

“ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Madonna Olivia screamed in pain. They were the most inhuman howls of distress Hakim had heard so far from her, and this excited him even more.

An expert on body transformation of harem slaves, the executioner enjoyed tormenting the helpless tits of Madonna Olivia.

“No! Please sir,” she pleaded with him, “I can’t take it anymore! Have mercy! It’s horrible… AHHHHHHHHHHH!”

“Ha ha ha ha!” he laughed manically, intoxicated with lust. “Take it, whore! Once one of the Sultan’s concubines was punished with metal rings; she wore them until the tits swelled around the rings so that they couldn’t be removed anymore. It was her punishment for her insolence. No one offends the Sultan!”


Shaved Like An Animal

“Well, let’s see how your bitch’s pussy looks now,” he said.

He stretched her body over a stool and with talent and cruelty he severed the silk thread that kept her pussy lips sewn together.

“He he he! Now you can fuck again, slut! I’m sure you’re itching for a good shafting from a hard cock! You’re a fucking nymphomaniac, aren’t you? You can’t get enough cock inside you,” he taunted her.

“Now,” he said, “I’m going to shave your pussy with this knife used to shave horses.”

“Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” Madonna Olivia groaned in fear as she felt the cold blade touch her vulva.

“Don’t squirm, whore,” he ordered, “or I’ll cut your pussy accidentally!”

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!” she cried as the blade started shaving her bush.

After shaving her completely, Hakim started examining her anus and vagina by stimulating her with a finger, eliciting pleasurable moans from her. However he realized her holes weren’t fully dilated yet to be sat on the pole.

“Aha, I see you like me finger fucking your pussy,” he said with a wicked smile. “I know you’re just a sex-crazed bitch in heat in spite of all the torments you’re going through. You’re a masochist and you’re loving this, aren’t you?”

“You’re going to be fucked and dilated,” Maese Almek explained. “Since you’re not sufficiently opened to feel the bulbous head of the pole with all the passion that a horny woman like you deserves.”


Punishment Massage

Thus it was decided that she had to dilated by delivering her body to the guards who had the biggest, widest, longest cocks to fuck her until her ass and pussy were fully extended and elastic.

But before raping her, Balkano, who had an uncommonly huge prick, cut the ropes that bound her tits and submitted her to a painful, abusive massage with the force of his brute hands.


Slaps, pulls, pinches, and punches were used to make the blood flow through the veins of her swollen and wrecked tits again.

“Hit her harder, Belkano,” Hakim encouraged the brutal soldier. “We want her tits to fall on the ground… it wouldn’t be first time, ha ha!”

“Don’t move, cunt,” Belkano ordered her as he opened her legs and aimed his erect cock at her sore pussy. “I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to love it! Don’t complain or I punch your udders again and they’ll fall on the floor like pieces of meat.”

At Their Mercy

One by one, the stallions selected by Maese Almek fucked her holes without mercy. They took her by force, pinned her against the ground or against a wall and took her by force, expanding her holes to their maximum capability and beyond, unconcerned about giving her internal injuries. She bravely endured the mass violation. She had gone through so much already; her cunt still hurt from the wooden pole she had sat on before, and her body was becoming numb to pain.

“On the floor, lift up your ass,” a soldier instructed her. “There’s nothing better than fucking a bitch in heat standing on all fours. Come on, spread your ass cheeks with your hands and get ready for my knob!”

“Open up, whore,” another soldier said when it was his time. “Now you’re going to know what real pleasure is when I fuck the shit out of your ass! I’m going to give you a deep plumbing; my balls are going to be slapping against your buttocks.”

“Nooooo!” Madonna Olivia screamed. “I beg you in God’s name, show mercy! Please don’t hurt me anymore! NOOOOOOOHHHH!”


Double Fucked

Selim, feeling aroused as he witnessed the fearful violation of Madonna Olivia, decided to participate in the defilement of her body and he sat on a chair.

“Put her on top of me,” he commanded. “I want you to ass fuck her one by one while I pound her pussy!”

The cruel general placed a bronze helmet on his cock, which increased its dimensions considerably, and sat Olivia on his lap.

“Uaahhhhhh!!! No! You’re going to tear me apart! Mercy!”

Again and again they drilled her ass as Olivia’s body was doubly ravished.

Judh, a black man, famous for his monumental tool, pushed it several times into her ass with sadistic brutality. Each time he pulled it out, slowly in order to prolong the pain, the men could see the hole fully stretched gaping at them like an eye.

“Yaaaaahhhh! Noooooo! No!” Olivia cried as the black man pounded her ass.

“Shut the fuck up, whore!” he shouted at her menacingly. “We know you love it!”

However Selim wasn’t content with this violation. He ordered the men to go fetch long poles and to grease them.



The brutal punishment orgy Selim was going to inflict upon Madonna Olivia was just beginning.

Selim ordered the men to shove the poles up her holes; they were huge and wider than the fearful pole that was reserved for her final torment. They penetrated her slowly and carefully, not wanting to cut her or pierce her before it was time.

On her knees, on the ground, she threw up as she felt the wooden instruments of torture entering her intimate orifices. Olivia thought she was finally dying, and she even wished for death since she no longer had the stamina to endure these punishments much longer.

“Uahhhh! Ggggg! Nuuuuhhh! Gggg!!!!” she grunted in distress, too weak to articulate actual words. They had turned her into an animal incapable of speaking.

Her holes fucked all the way down to their physical limit, Olivia fainted from pain and shock. She bled from her orifices. The executioners didn’t pay attention to her; they were so entertained violating and abusing her body they didn’t realize she was unconscious.


Half Dead

Once they finished their savage orgy they checked her pulse. She was asleep and nothing they did could reanimate her.

“Take her to the patio,” Selim ordered. “And prepare her for her final punishment.”

“Prepare a potion to reanimate her,” Hakim said. “The whore must be wide awake and conscious in order to feel every instant of pain the impalement will cause her.”

“Yes,” Selim agreed, smiling devilishly. “I want this bitch to feel pain until her final gasp.”

Umeh, who had been the last soldier to fuck her, put her over his shoulders and carried her like a hunk of meat to the patio where the pole awaited.

Meanwhile the butcher Almek was already there, testing the impaling device, making sure the mechanism was working perfectly.

Olivia’s Punishment

Reanimated for Torment

After restoring her to consciousness with a special drug for torture victims Ц an infernal concoction that inflames the victims senses, increasing her lust and suffering while preventing her from passing out due to pain or exhaustion, they forced her to show them her intimate orifices. With her back facing the guards and executioners, Madonna Olivia gripped each buttock firmly, sinking her nails deeply in their spongy flesh, and spread them aside. Her gaping asshole, red and swollen, was obscenely exposed, to the delight of the men who got hard just from watching this former aristocrat demean herself so in their presence.

Show it to us, whore! they shouted, taunting her, making her blush in shame for behaving like a common prostitute.

Bending forward and pulling her ass checks apart as far as theyd go, she pushed back her anus in order to let her captors get a better sight of her battered entrails, sensitive and filled with the musky semen of the several cocks that had used it already.

Too much cum! Its too lubricated! Almek said. Clean yourself up; I want you to feel all the soreness of the wooden pole pushing through your anus, when the time comes.

Thats the spirit, cunt! a soldier said. Now touch yourself and show us what you know

Possessed by the drug and extremely excited, Olivia, against her will, fingered herself, first slowly, with one finger, then another, until, in the heights of her lust, she was fisting herself crazy, oblivious to the scornful gaze of the men.

Then they interrupted her masturbation and shoved a cannons brush up her anus, and then did the same with her vagina, in order to clean up both holes of the final vestiges of cum. They wanted her dry when the time came to face the poles.

Arrrrrrgggghhh! she screamed, miserably feeling the pain of the harsh brush ripping her entrails as they move it back and forth. Still she should count herself lucky since the blood would act as a natural lubricant and ease the pain of the poles.

Now open your ass hole to show us youre a willing whore! Almek said.

Without thinking, slave to an uncontrollable lust, Olivia stretched her buttocks wide, showing without embarrassment the clean orifice, ready for the sacrifice.


Lubricating the Instrument

On your knees, cow! Hakim ordered. Suck the tip of the wooden cock with your sultry tongue; lube it well, spit on it until its shiny and slimy, because when your dry ass slides down this contraption, youre going to know real pain! Look at it; give it a good suck, because your spit covering it will be the only lubricant your whores ass will have.

Youll endure all seven rings, each one wider than the previous one, Almek assured her. In recorded history, few women have survived all the way down to the seventh ring, but the drug weve administered you, will strengthen you: your anus will distend little by little until you reach the seventh ring, the most brutal one. It will be a slow, harrowing experience, but very gratifying to your sluts pride. Youll die knowing that your ass dilated wider than any other whores in the world.

Nooooooo, have mercy! she begged. Im just a simple slut! I cant stretch so much I beg your mercy: kill me now, dont make me endure this martyrdom too, nooooooouuuuaaaah!

And miss the show of watching your ass opening up like a cavern? Come on, suck it well, unless you want the pole to be shoved up your pussy too! Itll be harder and youll have less room in your belly for so much wooden dick, ha ha!


Hoisted and Exhibited

One of Selims lieutenants supervised the torment of Olivia right when she was being lifted by ropes, her wrists bound, over the demonic instrument that was going to split her in two. Next he became excited as he saw the womans naked body suspended in the air like a piece of meat, and grew hard as he anticipated the pain that she was going to suffer on the pole, writhing and crying in front of him.

Ha ha ha, Almek laughed, oh yes, whore, close your legs and remember why youll never be able to have them together side by side. He was enjoying every minute of the show; he didnt have to hide the sadistic contempt he had for this noblewoman, the brutal pleasure he had in watching her being defiled in body and humiliated in spirit.

No, please, dont impale me like this! she cried. Ah, it burns me! My ass, and my vagina Oh, no no, fuck me, fuck me harder, you bastards! She was mad with pleasure, born of the drug she had taken, which stimulated her pleasure centers, especially her clitoris, which she could feel throbbing even though her anus was being split in half. But she was so horny she was oblivious, for now, to the pain. Fuck me, you bastards! Fuck me with your hard cocks! Come on, you cowards, impale me once and for all! she ordered, wanting to mix pleasure with pain in her final moments of life.


Brutally Masturbated

Here, bitch, feel the tip of the pole thats going to ravish your ass hole! Almek sneered.

Almek and Hakim, each one forcing one of her legs open, tried to make her come into contact with the torture instrument. Pushing her against the tip, they made her rub her exposed crotch against the wooden surface. Her clitoris was swollen and sensitive, pain shot through her entire body. Olivia cried and laughed, incapable of separating the sexual pleasure from the pain.

Feel your hot pussy, cunt? Rub, rub, bitch, enjoy while it lasts

Without mercy they pushed her against the pole, masturbating her clitoris, making her feel such a strong desire for release that she wished theyd fuck her ass already.

Oh yes, yes, fill me, fill my ass, she begged, too deranged to feel ashamed anymore. Come on, Im burning!

No, whore, Hakim said, this instrument is going to wreck your ass.

Uaaaaaaahhhhh, harrrrgggg, you bastards!!!


A soldier offered to officially begin the cruel ceremony of lowering Madonna Olivias body. And with his strong arms he controlled the ropes that slowly poised her anal orifice on the wooden tip.

Yaaaaaaarrrrrgggg, aaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhh!!!

Olivias howls had become inhuman. They resounded through the patio, resembling the screeching of wild beasts in pain. The men, listening to her wailing, wondered how much of humanity was left in her. She was just an animal now, deprived of any autonomy, at the mercy of their whims and desires.

Noooo, dont hurt me! No, mercy, spare me!

She was still human enough to ask for mercy. The mens cocks were swelling with hatred for her. They wanted her completely humiliated, unable to utter coherent sentences. They wanted to listen to her scream, cry, sob, like an animal.

Shut the fuck up, the soldier ordered. Take it like the whore you are. You only have the tip in so far. Youre going to have to dilate a lot more. Weve just started.

He slackened the rope, forcing her weight to act against her, bringing her down against the pole, forcing her ass open a bit more.

After some time, the second ring enlarged her sphincter and pushed through the rectum of Madonna Olivia, who didnt stop wailing and asking for mercy.

Enough! said Selim. Pull her up and turn her upside down.


Upside Down and Forced

They lifted her up slowly from the pole, and Olivia heard the sucking sound her ass made when it dislodged itself from it: Chuuup!

Uaaaahhhh! Pigs!

Turn her upside down and hold her by her ankles. Shes going to give a couple of blowjobs! ordered Selim. So she wont forget her bitter fate as a cock-sucking whore!

She was raped by Almek and Hakim mercilessly, sucking their semen up her throat, unable to choke in the present situation her body was in.

Glop, glah, aggggg cocfff!!! Uaaggghhh! she gasped for air.

Come here, soldier, empty your balls in this whores mouth. Youve earned it.

Without thinking twice, Selims soldier opened up his shorts and pulled out his cock, already long, thick and ready for action, and with brutality grabbed the whore and forced her to unclasp her lips, and didnt stop fucking her mouth while the wretched woman panted helplessly and waited for her fate.

Ah, yes, yes, you dirty little whore, take my cock, suck me, what a pity you have to die on the wooden pole! Fuck, how good this feels. Whore!


Inserted Again

After cumming inside her mouth, the soldier cleaned up his prick in Madonna Olivias disheveled hair and fondled her tits.

Ahh, bastard, no, you bastard, it hurts too much!

Come on, dog, dont get too attached to this slut; change her posture and prepare her for another session with the wooden pole, ordered Almek, the butcher.

The soldier, already satisfied and with his cock dangling limp from his shorts, got busy preparing Olivias body.

Oooooo, not again! I beg you! Not again! Ahhhhh!

This time he left her fall without mercy on the pole, and the whores ass hole opened up like a flower as it slid down several of the rings. In a few moments, she was stretched like she had never experienced it before.

Olivias scream was so atrocious that everyone covered her ears and the soldier released the rope; Olivia was balancing on the pole alone, flexing her legs muscles to remain on the torture instrument. She feared if she fell back, the pole would rip her ass apart, causing internal bleeding. She was in a delicate, precarious situation. Slowly she sank deeper into the pole.


Before she fell back, Almek grabbed her.

Stupid dog! Do you want her to die before time? They wanted her to suffer as long as was humanely possible and squeeze every bit of pain and suffering out of her battered body.


Worn Out

Sustained by a noose binding her wrists together, the pole dug deeper into her ass; her suffering was excruciating. However unabashed lust consumed this woman, who, in spite of the pain she endured, was swept away by waves of spasmodic orgasm.

The drug has achieved its effect, friend Almek!

Yes, Hakim. I cant remember the last time I saw a woman enjoying her own degradation so much, ha ha ha!

Her crapper is stretching nicely, but I doubt it will allow the seventh ring to pass through it unless we give it a bit of help, force it a little

What do you suggest?

Another half hour, or another hour, and then maybe well see.

Lets have some tea and smoke a pipe while we wait.

Good idea.

The men left poor, hurt Madonna Olivia alone with her agony; the wretched noblewoman felt all the burning and hurting caused by the dilation of her anus, while a strange, nebulous pleasure clouded her mind and made her body throb in excitement.


When they returned, the dilation hadnt advanced at all. Thus they decided to turn her upside down once again and use her deep throat to service their cocks while her anus rested, for a while, before plunging down the pole again.

This time they strangled her with a chain in order to increase her affliction.

Olivia, who was almost numb from the ceaseless torrent of physical abuse, slowly came to life as she smelled the stale odor of piss and cum: it was a huge cock dangling in front of her nose. Taken by surprise, she opened her mouth to gasp in shock, and Almek used this opportunity to shove his cock deep in her throat.

Then began a steady session of oral sex, as the men took turns defiling her mouth. For a long time Olivia had only cock in her mouth: they only came out in order to let her inhale.

Ah ah! Hold your breath! Suck, suck, whore!
Nows my turn! Open your mouth!
Come on, eat it, cunt! I want your nose touching my pubic hairs!
AAGHHHHHHHHHHH, glu, gloc, gloc!!!



This ass wont open wide enough to reach the fifth ring, master Almek. I think its time to put a fist in her ass to force the dilation.

You can do it, dear Hakim, while I go fetch a bit of grease. Lets grease her up and then lets take a break. Im tired of this whore, shes giving us too much trouble already!

Well, at least she has a nice little mouth; few whores eat cock the way she does, eh eh!

They proceeded to fist fuck Olivia in a brutal manner for almost an hour. This time her anus stretched to the maximum. Almek greased the rim with a bit of grease and applied it inside the rectum.

Olivia, already wrecked by the martyrdom and exhausted with the ongoing orgasms that they forced on her, moaned and cried; she had lost all contact with reality, and lost in the hell of her own delirium, she sobbed in pain.



This time the wooden pole entered the bloodied anus of Olivia fully, without a single obstruction. It slid nicely and snugly, in a few moments buried itself inside her. The wretched woman felt her hips opening and her legs losing their strength. If she werent tied up, she would have fallen down.


Amidst her moans of agony, they heard a strident raucous, an atrocious scream, and Selims body was thrown on the ground before the eyes of the soldiers, dead with his throat cut.

One of his sexual slaves had cut his throat and screamed confusedly while a mass of obscure figures moved against the soldiers stationed on the walls. Hakim and Almek, terrified, ran away in opposite directions, like cowardly dogs, abandoning Olivia to her death.

The crusaders, under the command of the supposedly lost Count of Saint-Cr, were re-conquering the city.

Aided by the thick mist, they had approached the walls, climbed them and gained access through hidden passage-ways. They had worked slowly in order to occupy the most strategic areas in order to silence the sentries. After taking the towers, however, they were discovered by Selim, who was getting a blowjob while watching Olivias suffering through a window. But his sexual servant, with a hidden dagger in her hand, cut his throat before he could sound the alarm.

During the battle, a crusader discovered, in terror, the half dead body of Madonna Olivia.



The crusader was none other than Denis de Saint-Cr, Madonna Olivias husband, who recognized her in spite of her pitiful state and released her from the terrible contraption that tortured her body.

Amidst the rubble, the fighting and the destruction, he took her body in his arms to a safe place; she was his beloved wife and he was happy that her heart still beat.

Its you, my lord Denis. My beloved master thank heavens youre alive

Yes, its me, my lady however I think I arrived too late to save you

Oh my lord, I was humiliated in a way that no woman before me ever was Im not worthy of you. I could never live with memories of this infamy.

Quiet, Olivia, youve suffered too much. Ill try to heal your wounds.

No, I dont have the strength but Ill die happily knowing youre alive. Kill them all, without mercy, all those dogs and pigs! Impale them, crucify them, flay them, burn them! The filthy pigs!

Yes, my love.

And dont forget their odalisques. May they be raped and tortured like we were, chaste, innocent women of Saint-Cr. They had fun with our suffering. They goaded the soldiers. Do it, my lord, avenge me.

It will be done, I swear on my honor! There wont be a Saracen standing alive! And those bitches will be treated like common brothel whores.

Olivia’s rest

Heartbroken, Count Denis de Saint-Cr walked on through the streets littered with corpses and running with blood, carrying in his arms the body of his beloved wife, Madonna Olivia; she was dead. The beautiful noblewoman hadn’t resisted the torments inflicted upon her body, and with the emotion of seeing her husband again, when she thought he was dead, her weary soul finally abandoned at last her martyred body.

Denis de Saint-Cr entered the family mausoleum and deposited on the altar the manhandled body. He kissed her lips a final farewell kiss.

A woman, a maid who was passing by, offered to wash up the beautiful body of Olivia and cover it in the shroud. The maid was none other than Zobeida, who, disguised, had escaped for the time being capture and the revenge of the crusaders.

On his way out, Saint-Cr rallied his men and wanted to know how the attack had fared.

“The piazza has been taken, sir!” answered Count de Monfal. “The janissaries have surrendered. They’re cowards.”

“Good,” said Saint-Cr. “Execute them all, there will be no mercy shown to these infidels who showed no respect for our wives and daughters. As for the women in the harem, make them submit to your desires without restraint. Make them satisfy the soldiers. Let the men use these whores the way they please. Enjoy them. Next week I want all able-bodied men ready to attack the Sultan in the North. And this time we’ll win.”

“Your will be done, Sir!”

When the news spread that the harem whores were to be given to the soldiers, there was much excitement. Most men hadn’t fucked in days, and they could use them in any way they wanted. Most had just discovered their families had been butchered by the infidels. It was time for payback.


Attacking the Seraglio

On Monfal’s order, knights and foot soldiers proceeded to take over the seraglio and force the odalisques to submit to them; they destroyed everything standing in their path and making the Sultan’s helpless slaves cry in panic. Terrified, in vain the slaves tried to hide and run away, while others, veterans in the lascivious art of the blowjob and hungry for fucking for a long time now, willingly gave themselves to the soldiers, earnestly wishing to satisfy their sexual fantasies. By being tame and compliant, they hoped to avoid harsher punishments. This however was wishful thinking for Denis de Saint-Cr was determined to exact a terrible revenge on all women.

The opulent Jazmin was raped and stretched without remorse by Monfal himself and his comrade, Du Per.

“Come on, you fucking bitch, enjoy my cock well! It’s going to be your last feast, he he!”

“Mercy, masters,” she pleaded, “I’m an expert cock-sucker and I’d love to have you cum in my sultry mouth!”

However, after making them ejaculate in her face and mouth, they showed no kindness to the obedient whore; instead they bound her tits in ropes and dragged her body to the patio by a rope like a mare. She walked on all fours, naked, hurting her hands and knees on the grainy floor.

“No, mercy, I beg you, I’ll be your slave for ever!”

“No, you filthy sow, you’re too old to give us what we want, you old whore!”

Covered in rags, Jazmin found herself at the base of a pole where the body of chief of guards was hanging.

They forced her to suck the dying man’s cock, to blow him while they strangled him.

Amidst cries and tears, the wretched whore licked and sucked until the janissary passed away, coming in her mouth on the moment of death. There was a slurp sound as the cum filled her mouth and she pushed her face violently, in disgust.

Then the soldiers attached her arms to a plank and hoisted her up by the breasts, enjoying her inhuman screams.

“I bet they’re going to tear apart,” one sadistic soldier said, grinning.

“Yaaaaaarrrrrgghh!” the whore screamed.

And like Jazmin, many more were forced to suck the cocks of men who were hanged, impaled or crucified.



One by one they were dragged down to the dungeons to be raped and tortured. Before being forced to submit, some women, half- naked and exhibiting their luscious bodies, inspired the violent men to inflict a cruel type of punishment: they marked their bodies with hot irons. The soldiers opted for their tits and bare thighs. This would be their mark of shame.

“Come here, little whore, turn around and spread your cheeks so we can brand them.”

“No, please!” the woman begged.

The soldier lifted the iron in front of her; they were going to brand her with the Christian cross.

“After this there will be no doubt that you belong to your new masters,” Monfal said.

“No, please, I beg you nooooooooo! NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

“Are you certain, Sir?” a soldier asked. “She’s too beautiful to be disfigured.”

“Of course. I’ll offer her to the Count of Valetse; I have a gambling debt with him. This slut will join the ranks of his army of maids and whores; that way everyone will know who she truly belongs to. He’s around, looking for more whores for his business.”


Used Mercilessly

Zuleika, a young French woman who had been enslaved by the Turks when she was still a child, was now at the mercy of her own countrymen, who mercilessly and shamelessly enjoyed abusing and hurting her.

Please, Im French too!

You were, you filthy whore! You served the Sultan, you sucked his heathen cock, and now youre no better than the other whores. Your ass is just as delicious as theirs. Now show us what you learned in the harem, cunt!

Aaaahhhg! Uuurhh!

Ha ha, your ass feels so good! Move it up and down, you worthless piece of shit! Show some passion when you fuck your new masters! Did you fuck like a corpse when the Sultan was on top of you?

Ah, this whore is really good. Is that your sister? a soldier asked, pointing to a young woman huddled on the floor watching them and crying.

No, no, please, dont hurt my sister!

Shut the fuck up, shit-head! Were gonna fuck whoever we want! Besides that way you can split the pain between the two, ha ha!

And brutally the soldier started thrusting his cock deep into her ass, pushing it in and out as fast and furiously as he could, eager to make her bleed from the orifice.


Azina, the Sister

Zuleikas sister was also fucked without mercy, fucked and almost strangled while they sadistically twisted her enormous udders.

Haw, haw, haw! Look how the whore is wetting herself! Are you enjoying it, whore? Do you like pain? This cunt is nothing like the chaste peasant girls from my village. You like to fuck, dont you?

She couldnt answer since she had a cock blocking her throat.

This renegade Frenchwoman is hornier than a bitch come on, suck it, suck it I want you to take it all the way down your throat; I want your nose rubbing my pubic hair. Enjoy it. Once were tired of playing, were going to tie you up to a pole and youre gonna choke on cock until you die!

What do you think, whore? You cant wait for it, uh?

Noooo… Aghhhrrr!

Come on, take your prick out, George said. Its my time to ravish her throat!

Just a second, asshole! I havent fucked her shit-hole yet!


Bathed in Semen

After enduring the cruel and multiple violations, Zuleika was forced to get on the floor and stand on all four, like a bitch. She was instructed to put out her tongue, stretched it out, and suck half a battalion of men. It was work for a full afternoon, but the men patiently waited their turn to have their cocks relieved by beautiful Zuleika. A soldier followed her around as she pranced from men to men, dragging her battered knees on the floor. When she protested or slowed down, the soldier would whip her tits.

Thats it, suck, suck, make me cum, dont stop until I order you

Please, Im tired, my jaw hurts, I cant take more cum, Im getting sick

Clack! CLACK!


Thatll teach you to behave, you filthy whore!

Thats right, suck, lick my cock, when I come take every drop in your mouth!


Aziza, another voluptuous and dazzling concubine, was also one of the chosen women to be branded by the fierce Knight of Valetse in order that everyone knew she belonged to him. The knight owned a lucrative and sordid whore business: company prostitutes; women, including both volunteers and captured slaves, who accompanied the army wherever it went and relieved the soldiers sexually in exchange for protection, food and a bed.

Now Valetse knew the soldiers preferred women with meat so that they could grab them, pinch them, twist them, being brutes and sadists who only enjoyed women if they could take them by force.

Itll only hurt a moment, my dear, he said to Aziza. Soon youll be working for me; youll only be fucked by those who pay me for your assets; its no so bad; you wont be tortured or hanged


Do it, brand the cunt!



The odalisque, branded with the mark that identified as the property of Valetse, passed out in pain; they left her lying on the floor. When she regained consciousness moments later, Valetse instructed her to suck his cock.

The sooner you know what your new job is, the better, whore! he said. How does it feel being a hired cunt, uh?


Forced into Prostitution

One hour later, after three long blowjobs, they sat her down in a chair to catch her breath and get ready for more cock-sucking. Her tits had been tied up with ropes and they hurt her every time she breathed. There was already a line of men ready to fuck her face.

2 gold coins per man, Valetse said. The men didnt argue: she was worth that price. The first man took his time fucking her.

Come on, man, hurry up! an impatient soldier said.

Whats your problem? Im just making sure Im getting my moneys worth on pussy, ah ah!

Youve already cummed in her pussy, look how messy she is down there! We have to scrub it with a brush before using it!

Silence, dogs! ordered Valetse, I dont want trouble; if you want to keep fucking her after cumming in her, you have to pay again.

Aziza wasnt the only woman being fucked like a toy. Valetse had already enslaved and branded several women belonging to the Sultans harem, and they were all busy servicing the soldiers throughout the castle. The soldiers saw their sign and respected the fact that they were now property of the nobleman Valetse.

What used to be free had now turned into a profitable business for the count.



However this upset Count Monfal too much, since he intended for most women to be enslaved and turned into maids, sweepers, private whores and helpers in the reconstruction of the fortress.

Youve taken hold of too many women, Valetse, he said to his friend. You must give up a few or youll lose favour with our master, Lord Denis.

Come on, Monfal, you have enough whores. I only branded 9. I have Saint-Crs permission. Ive always been in charge of acquiring whores to satisfy the needs of the soldiers.

I know, Valetse, but this is different. We have different needs. Furthermore, most will be sold to pay for the campaign against the Turks; and those whores youve already disfigured with your sign wont fetch good prices.

Ill do as you say, my friend, Valetse acquiesced. And as a token of my good faith, I offer you this little whore, who, although branded, will please you greatly since she has a velvet tongue.

And a nice body, too; as you can see, its a pity to brand these beauties when theyre so pleasing and obedient.

Monfal shoved his dick inside her mouth, pushed her skull against his pelvis and gagged her. She didnt struggle; she was too scared to resist. She willingly massaged his cock with her tongue and tried to accommodate as much as was possible down her throat.

Ooooo he moaned in ecstasy. Ill buy her from you. Shes magnificent!

No, my lord, you may have her for free, if you allow me to increase the number of whores at my disposal for my personal business.

How many?

At least half a dozen more.

Its done. But not one more. Father Erginio has demanded 50 women to become novices in the nunnery, and hes only received 7. We dont need so many nuns, he he.


Father Erginio, very upset with Monfal’s shameful conduct and sad that he could only redeem 7 female sinners, applied himself with rigor to the matter of obtaining redemption from the Sulta’s whores, his future novices.

The first one, Zulima, endured a painful penitence for the salvation of her soul and was punished with cilices attached around her thighs and breasts. She was also suspended by ropes tied around her breasts. They were so tight she believed the crazy priest wanted to rip them out of her battered body. “He’s probably another sadist,” she thought to herself amidst the pain he made her know.

She was thrown into a well and stood in the dark shaft a few feet from the water, hanging from the breasts and hair. In order to break her arrogance and make her a humble servant of god, monks gathered around the well and started masturbating into it, showering her with their cum.

“My daughter,” Father Erginio said, “you must be brought low and cleansed of all your wickedness before you can be admitted in God’s arms.”

“Please, Father,” Zulima screamed in pain, “I repent! I repent! Let me out!”

He gave order to hoist her up, and he felt her inner thighs: her vagina was lubricating.

“Filthy degenerate! We try to help you but you still have the devil in you! Down into the well again!”


“When you can control your sinful orifice, when it stops moistening at the thought of carnal pleasure, then you will be excused from further punishment. We are here to help you and to purify your body. Your pain serves a purpose.”

Down in the well Zulima cried and whimpered.

“Brother Jonas,” the old man said to a frail young man in charge of punishments, “Take her out and stick her breasts between a vise. Then I want you to strike them down with a hammer until they’re flat and ugly. We’ll drive all sin away from her body.”

“Noooooooo!” Zulima screamed. “Please noooooooo!”



The other women, after the abuses, were housed in a separate area of the fortress. They were totally naked and available to be handled by Monfal’s men.

“Very nice, whores,” he said. “From now on you’re slaves belonging to the Count of Saint-Cr, and your fate is sealed. Some will be employed as house servants. Others will become prostitutes. The prettier ones will be sold into brothels. The remaining ones will be used to rebuild the fortress, badly damaged during the assault.”

“No one,” he continued, “will save you from physical labour; and if you don’t want to be punished you better obey your masters, whoever they may be. You’ll learn to love discipline. Obey at all times and you won’t have to suffer so much.”

Monfal then gave some orders to the soldiers: the women’s vaginas were to be sewn shut with thread; and for his cruel pleasure some would have their tits tortured in front of him.

“You and you!” he said to two women huddling on the floor, terrified.

The poor women were grabbed and made to kneel on the floor, jutting forth their huge breasts. Monfal had chosen exactly the ones with the biggest udders. The soldiers placed iron funnels around their breasts. These were devised to stretch the women’s tits, flatten them at the same time it applied pressure on them. After a while blood circulation would diminish and they would inflate like balloons, causing them incredible pain. Monfal wasn’t content yet, though.

“And now, both will be whipped on their bulging breasts.”

“Nooooo!” one of the women cried. “You monster!”


A Lesson in Pain

The rebellious whore endured a long caning on the tip of her sensitive breasts, in order to teach her a lesson. Monfal was sure he was doing her a favour: if she talked back like this to her future master, he might be less merciful. Monfal wasn’t going to kill her; he just wanted to teach the slut her place.

She was tied by the wrists and lifted from the floor. Her legs dangling in the air, the men tied ropes around her groin, right through the division of her pussy lips, parting them.

“Well, whore, now you’re going to learn a valuable lesson. You’re going to get 20 strokes on your strangled udders. And both you and your companion will be hung from the tips of your tits jutting from the funnels. You’ll stay on tiptoe until sunrise. How do you like that?”

“Please, my lord, forgive us!”

“Soldier, proceed.”



“Aaaaaaa!!! Nooooo!!!”



“Urrghhjh!!! Nooooo… no more!!!”



“Uhhngghh!!! No! No! Please, no more!!!”

Hard Labor and Punishment

Hard Labor

Next morning, the female builders began their arduous task under the watchful gaze of the foremen who, whip in hand, kept lashing their bare backs and legs at an extenuating rhythm.

Forced by the fierceness of the whip, the women, who were totally naked, worked without tools, using their bare hands that werent used to harder work than jerking stiff cocks. The women worked without stopping for a break, and carried rocks and covered holes on the exterior side of the fortress wall. The foremen leered at their naked figures, their cocks throbbing under their garments as they enjoyed watching the bodies of these female slaves glistening with sweat, giving them an aura of bestial lust.

Come on, you filthy whores! Hurry the fuck up! one of the foremen shouted, shaking the whip in the air. And dont you even fucking think of trying to escape. The sea is dangerous in this area. Besides, well catch whoever tries to run away and well hang her by her tits until the rope cuts them off from her!

The women, realizing they were vulnerable and at the mercy of the foremen, redoubled their efforts, eager to please these monsters.

Thats it! he said, noticing the change in them after his threat. Work, you fucking whores! Your days in the harem pleasing the Sultan are over. In the past you just sucked cocks and opened your legs. Now youre going to work hard, and then youll suck and fuck too, ha ha ha!

And unable to hold his libido any longer, he whipped the woman closer to him; since he couldnt fuck them at least he could torture them, and seeing their pain felt as good as fucking their smooth mouths. He hit a woman named Julia, who hurled in pain as the metal tip of the whip fell across her tits. Overwhelmed by the sensation of pain, she let the stone she carried fall onto the ground.

The foreman couldnt contain his happiness at the incident. Using it as an excuse, the sadist distributed several more hits of the whip all over her body, leaving red, thick welts on her heaving chest, arms and belly.

Ahh! Julia screamed. Mercy!

Stupid, dumb whore! the forearm shouted as he put more strength into the whipping. You gotta learn to do your job properly!

Julia fell to the ground, exhausted. The forearm stopped the punishment, but noted down her name so that she could be punished later on. Most likely, shed be flogged and then hanged by her feet and screwed in the mouth by dozens of guards.

Ahhh, please Julia begged, lying on the ground.

Stupid cunt, said the forearm. Go back to work. Youll be punished later.

Obediently, Julia got up, picked up the rock and placed it in its place in the wall.



The guards grew excited with the vision of all those beautiful slaves, conquered, sweaty and naked. Although they were in charge of guarding them, the men tried to use the occasion to have some fun with the prisoners. It usually happened that one of the women got separated from the group of the workers, perhaps because she was having trouble lifting a heavier stone, and when that happened, some guard, sensing her weakness like a shark, moved towards her.

These were brutish men who didnt ask please.

They took them by force, sometimes pinned them forcefully against the wall and deftly slipped their hard cocks into one of their holes. Or they pressed their big hands against the womens slender shoulders and pushed them down, until they knelt in front of them, their faces in line with their long pricks; and then the guards pushed their heads against their pelvises for some skull fucking.

Yosia had been working all day, always under the lustful eyes of the foreman. He had singled her out for her freshness and youth. Without letting her stop to eat something, he took her by the arm back to the guards camp.

No, please, milord, she begged, sensing what was going to happen. Please, dont hurt me, dont punish me. Ive been good. Mercy, sir.

Boys, he said to the guards, Ive brought you some entertainment.

He pushed her towards them; she stumbled and collapsed between their legs. When she looked up, several hardened faces were looking at her with sin in their sinister eyes. She also noticed the tight bulges in their crotches.

Come here, girl. Get up, were gonna have some fun.

But she never got up. One of the guards must have thought she was better lying down, so he jumped onto her, pinned her down with the weight of his body and started fucking her in the ass, stroking his cock in and out as fast and brutally as he could. While her anus was being stretched by his member, he was busy slobbering all over her face.

Yosia turned her face from one side to another, to avoid his tongue, but she ended up covered in his saliva.

Yosia felt dirty and wanted to run away. She tried to kick him and she squirmed, but he was too strong for her. He kept fucking her until she felt him tense up and then she sensed something wet filling her entrails, and she realized he had cummed inside her. Now she felt like she could die. The guard let go of her but she was too ashamed to fight back now; she barely noticed when a second guard got hold of her and aimed his cock at her mouth.

Come on, eat it up, bitch! Take it all down to my balls!

Disgusted, Yosia complied and opened her mouth to accommodate the violating prick. After the spit the other man had left in her mouth, she now was going to have to take this strangers cum too.

There, thats it, whore! Tomorrow youll work better with a belly full of spooge, ha ha ha!


No rest

Under the guidance of the implacable whip, the women builders rebuilt the wall; their buttocks were covered in weals from the frequent flogging and lashing they were subjected to; and their genitals were swollen and sore from being brutally handled by the foremen and the vicious guards. No woman was safe from being raped, at any moment, anywhere.

Shhtrek shhtrek shhtrek

The sound of the whip was heard at all times, day and night, followed by the screams of the women, who worked without rest, without so much as a pause to sleep. They only rested to eat, or when a man took an interest in one of them and took her somewhere secluded to beat her up or abuse her.

Some women even went so far as to try to seduce the guards for they preferred these moments of rest: it was much easier to lose all shame and suck a cock or pull the buttocks apart for an easier penetration, than it was to carry the heavy stones. Little by little, they lost all shame. Fucking was much better than working like slaves.

Slowly the wall was being repaired while the number of slaves diminished due to exhaustion and lesions. More than one succumbed from the punishments and the violations. There was Carina, for instance, who was tortured without rest for trying to escape towards the sea.

While she was lying suspended from her tits, she was fucked in her orifices by dozens of horny soldiers. When her body was lowered, she was half-dead, and her tits were totally wrecked. However her suffering didnt end there. The surgeon decided to ass fuck her instead of curing her, and the wretched women never had a chance of getting back up.

These casualties worried the chief engineer, who ordered more women to be drafted into the services of building the wall.

Relentless Face-fuck

Sweet Horechia was turned into the guards personal maid, much against her will. At first she was ecstatic to be spared the hard labor inflicted upon her companions: she only had to wash clothes, cook for the men standing guard and bathe them. However the men treated her more like a slave, and they were free to beat her up, fuck her and humiliate her just for fun.

They literally kicked her around; her buttocks were always red from the heavy feet hitting them. Furthermore she couldnt refuse giving them blowjobs whenever the brutes demanded. The domestic services were in fact just a form of cruel joke: in reality she was there to fuck and only fuck.

The men especially loved to have their shafts licked by her velvet tongue and expertly sucked by this former concubine. She spent most of the time in the guards camp with man meat stuffed down her throat, gagging her.

Eat it, whore, a few inches more! Today youre only having cock for dinner because there was no food left; we figured the dogs were worthier of the leftovers, he he he!

Horechia had replaced Yulaia, a wretched woman who had been the former maid. She had been crucified alive for trying to poison her new masters. Horechia had witnessed the woman being dragged away, naked and trembling from the beating, to the patio where she was nailed to the cross.

Horechia later heard the woman had been savagely flogged until her whole body was covered in welts and scars, before being violated by dozens of men. Finally they ran a nail through her mouth and squeezed her udders so hard she died from pain.

Whenever she thought of this horrible fate, Horechia forgot all shame and redoubled her efforts to please the men with masterful blowjobs.

Ahh, thats it, thats it! Youre such a good cock-sucker! Oh, you love this shit, dont you, you filthy slut?


Submissive Maids

The Count of Montal, who had a taste for young men, came into possession of a personal maid: he shaved her hair as if she were a page boy and then sodomized her tight asshole until she passed out. When she woke up, she could feel the cum in her rectum, slowly dripping out of her orifice.

The Count loved hurting and humiliating her: he forced her to serve him naked, and at any moment, without excuse, punched or kicked her and then fucked her against nature, the way he loved.

No, sir, please, no, not that! she begged, feeling his cock stretch her sore anus.

To increase his sadistic pleasure, the Count flogged her anus with the metal tip of the crop before penetrating her. This made her ass tenser and tighter and thus she squirmed harder and cried louder. He was committed to making her suffer harrowingly on every penetration, fucking her as if she were a virgin.

Uoooooorrrrrhhhhhh! Nnooooooooo!

Once he surprised her in the stable, when she was carrying a pail of milk. His horse was there and in panic she thought her master was going to make her be ass-fucked by a stallion, given his obsession with pain caused by anal sex. So it was a relief when it was the Count himself who was going to use her, again. His desire was unquenchable.

You thought you were just going to bring me milk for lunch, whore, but youre going to suck my cock while I eat, so its ready when I have your lovely ass for dessert.

Oh, sir, no, please, have mercy!

Shut up, shithead! You slaves dont talk back at your masters! Besides, I know youre a sultry nympho. Dont deny it; you, like fucking

Oh, nooo, p-please! she begged.

Quiet! On your four, come on. Assume the position and start sucking my aristocratic cock!



The maids lives were almost as horrible as the lives of their companions who were rebuilding the wall: both groups were subjected to excessive work and physical violence.

For some time now Amina had been under the gaze of a guard, who wouldnt stop harassing her and chasing her around. Then one day he ended up accosting her in the patio and forcing himself on her.

Noooooo Noooo, not like that, please Ill give myself to you, but please be gentle, I beg you!

Who the fuck told you, whore, I like my women complacent? I wanna see you fight back; its hotter that way. Now open up your legs, cunt!

No, please!

Shut up! he said and slapped her across the face. First lick my cock, cover it in spit, I want to see it glistening! Then take it in your mouth. Hurry up, whore!

Chgg glop glop chgg

Amina could barely breathe with his cock in her mouth; it was too big and he was pressing her skull against his crotch, relishing the fact that she was gagging on his pole. When her cheeks turned red, he let go of her head and she spat his cum uncontrollably, while gasping for air.

Next he tied her up to a wooden pole and flogged her breasts mercilessly.

Ahhhrggg, noooo!

Cht cht cht

After the flogging, Amina couldnt stand up on her legs, and the brutal soldier kicked her in the tits, laughing.

Come on, whore, get back to work! Youre a good sucker but we need workers too, ha ha!

No, please she begged, pointlessly.


The women under Father Erginios responsibility were the most punished ones. The religious man considered his strict duty extirpating all traces of sin from the bodies of these voluptuous, sultry temptresses through the mortification of their shameful flesh.

The wretched women spent their days praying and doing penitence, fasting and flagellating themselves, since they had no choice. If they refused, the holy man himself would flagellate them. And after confession there were always countless torments.

Zulima suffered a horrible torture: she was forced to sit on a comb-like wooden horse that had several penis-shaped spikes jutting upwards. Each protuberance was round and wide, in varying degrees in order to increase or diminish the pain they caused. She had to sit, with her legs astride, on one of the wooden cocks, impaling herself. In that position she had to pray and repent her sins.

Father Erginio forced her to repeat her long list of sins countless times, as if excited by the sordidness of her life as a concubine. From time to time she was moved to a wider cock, stretching her anus to new limits. At the same time, the old priest held a pair of candles and dripped scalding wax on her tits and nipples.

Argghhhhhh! the sinful woman screamed.

Repent, you filthy harlot! Prove you’re worthy of redemption!

With her anus dilated by five massive wooden phalluses, she was absolved of all her sins and returned to her cell until she was be ordained as a nun and sent to a convent.



Ashumia had always been proud of her round, firm breasts and whenever she could she tried to seduce the monks with her feminine charms. Now she was going to be punished for it, for Father Eriginio considered it an unspeakable sin to try to pervert the good decency of holy men.

The abominable torture she was subjected to focused on her breasts, which were the source of much of her arrogance, vanity and wantonness. Father Eriginio wanted to make sure that pair of udders would never be exhibited again without revealing the cruel scars and deformations carved deep on their flesh.

Flogged for days, sometimes even while she was passing out due to physical exhaustion or pain, her tits werent spared. The old priest knew he had to be stern in order to save her soul. So he ignored her cries of pain.


Silence, sinner! This is for your own good. Dont you want God to receive you amongst his beloved children?


Hush, hush, your pain serves a greater purpose, remember that.


Patience, my child, patience.

Ashumias torso was bent over a wooden surface covered with metal spikes. Her gigantic tits were resting on them. Father Eriginio recited psalms to her while he flogged them with a metal rod in a series of fast movements, crushing her flesh against the spikes.

In the end those breasts would have none of their famous beauty; theyd just be deformed, sagging sacks of flesh.



The novices were forced to endure a harsh penitence that involved continuous praying, fasting and physical punishments. The torments were applied over their erogenous areas in an intense and systematic manner.

Father Eriginio knew the devil hid in those parts of the female body and he was determined to chase him out from them. Brutal beatings on their breasts and nipples had no other purpose than saving these female sinners from their lust. And their vulvas were destroyed in the wooden horses cocks with the same finality: of saving their souls.

Sorana, a pretty brunette, was disciplined viciously: the aging priest struck her buttocks hundreds of times with a wooden crop; when the round ass cheeks were red and sore he moved the punishment to her jutting tits; and when they were sore and bloody, he had her hoisted by them so she could meditate in pain on her wicked life.

A candle burned between her legs, singing her thighs and heating up her crotch uncomfortably.

As she endured hours in this agonising position, the holy man made her pray for forgiveness with conviction and to repeat, without end, the list of her many lustful sins

Pray, my daughter, and confess your sins

Please, Father, I dont have any more sins to confess!

To think you have no sins is a sin in itself. Its a sign of pride. I must teach you some humility, my sweet child.

Oh, I beg you, Father Please, its burning me, the candle is burning me

The heat you feel is in itself a sin of the flesh Fear not, pain will redeem you.


The novices were forced to endure a harsh penitence that involved continuous praying, fasting and physical punishments. The torments were applied over their erogenous areas in an intense and systematic manner. Father Eriginio knew the devil hid in those parts of the female body and he was determined to chase him out from them. Savage beatings on their breasts and nipples had no other purpose than saving these female sinners from their lust. And their vulvas were destroyed in the wooden horses cocks with the same finality: of saving their souls.

Sorana, a pretty brunette, was disciplined viciously: the aging priest struck her buttocks hundreds of times with a wooden crop; when the round ass cheeks were red and sore he moved the punishment to her jutting tits; and when they were sore and bloody, he had her hoisted by them so she could meditate in pain on her wicked life.

A candle burned between her legs, singing her thighs and heating up her crotch uncomfortably.

As she endured hours in this agonizing position, the holy man made her pray for forgiveness with conviction and to repeat, without end, the list of her many lustful sins

Pray, my daughter, and confess your sins

Please, Father, I dont have any more sins to confess!

To think you have no sins is a sin in itself. Its a sign of pride. I must teach you some humility, my sweet child.

Oh, I beg you, Father Please, its burning me, the candle is burning me

The heat you feel is in itself a sin of the flesh Fear not, pain will redeem you.



With her breasts on the verge of bursting like balloons, she was hoisted over a tall wooden horse whose cock-like protuberances punished her ass and pussy for many hours. With her vagina still burning from the candle, she squirmed unpleasantly on the riding horse, moaning in pain.

In order to count the time of this new punishment, they fitted a candle between her swollen, purplish udders. They were so big now the candle fit snugly in the middle of them and was supported by the pressure of the two tits against each other. She wouldnt be lowered until the candle had burn itself out in her fat tits. Itd be a slow punishment, and the wretched novice dreaded the feeling of the hot wax spreading all over her sensitive flesh.

Oh, Father I repent, I repent Please, take me down I repent, I wont sin again, Ill never have sex with another man again Mercy, oh, please, mercy!!

Father Eriginio prayed for the salvation of the womans soul. Her body would be marked and deformed forever, but at least her soul would come out clean and pure again. For that reason he also ignored her cries of forgiveness. He knew women were liars and manipulators, and a degenerate whore like her would say anything to escape punishment.

She stayed all night on the wooden horse; they took her down in the morning. She was dragged to the patio. Father Eriginio examined her flagellated body and ordered the men to untie her swollen breasts. He cupped her sore vulva in his hand and ordered the men to place her inside a tub filled with salt water to purify her body.

She awoke from her slumber feeling hundreds of painful little stabs all over her body.


Be happy, my daughter, for you have been freed of all sins.

After the atonement she was taken back to her cell, where she remained in complete seclusion, praying and repenting her sins.



Count Denis, obsessed with being well sucked by the slaves Ц for the deceased Olivia was the only one who knew how to truly please him Ц he had a young woman caged in a room next to his chambers. The poor woman sucked him well indeed, but in spite of that she was very disobedient; so the Count, who had been using her as a maid slave, sometimes enjoyed humiliating her by putting her inside a tiny cage for hours. She was named Adelle and she had been at his service for three years now.

Come, Adelle, its time to give you breakfast.

Adelles cage resided at the bottom of a well, half submerged in cold water. When he lifted her up, she was covered in mud and shivering from the cold. However she seemed happy to see her master: she much preferred having to satisfy his sexual whims than live down there, in the darkness and cold.

Time to milk me so you can have a healthy breakfast, the Count said, grinning.

Adelle grabbed the stiff prick jutting from his robe between her hands and placed it inside her mouth. Her master left her almost starve to death, and she was so hungry even his spunk seemed like a royal feast to her.

Oooohh Your tongue is so wonderful, Adelle!

Then please release me from this pit, she said, while sucking and licking his instrument. I beg you, sir, Ill serve you loyally.

Nothing done, slave, he said. Since youve been in that cage your blowjobs have improved to perfection. Im afraid youll have to remain in that cage or you may lose your cock-sucking talent.

But, sir, Ill die of cold and starvation.

You can have my dinners leftovers, and later Ill cover your cage with a blanket.

Oh, please milord, my body is sore, Im cold, have mercy Ill die.

If youre determined to die, Ill find a replacement Here, eat.

Thank you, sir.



Valentio, The Flesh Merchant

They look like a fine and interesting collection, said Valentio after thoroughly examining, from the towers window, the gorgeous women standing in parade in the patio. However the price is too much.

Too much? For the most beautiful and exotic odalisques in the service of the former Sultan, at 300 crowns per head Youll multiply each whores value by a thousand. Your brothels will gain reputation and attract a richer class of clients, willing to pay fortunes for such rare slaves theyre not only beautiful and exotic; theyre well trained in the most refined arts of serving men and sexually pleasing them.

Valentio continued to look at the slaves down there: they were frightened and half naked, exposed to the snickering guards who didnt take their lecherous eyes off them and who mocked them and shouted obscenities at them.

I have some merchants waiting payment for the delivery of a shipment of war canons, D. Denis said, bored. I can give them the odalisques as payment, if youre not interested Im certain those merchants, on the sea for so long, will put them to good use, ah ah.

Valentio kept on looking at the beautiful slaves, focusing on the abundance of large, voluptuous breasts and round buttocks, evaluating the most profitable way of putting them to use in his brothels.

Very well, Sir, he said. 250 each.

Always haggling, Valentio, D. Dinis said, laughing. 300 or nothing.

Sir, the 50 crowns Im taking off the price are to cover the costs of taming them; Ill have to pay the servants wholl break their will, and the studs who fuck them.

Taming? Taming what? These women are well trained: they know how to give pleasure better than any of your common sluts

Perhaps, Sir, however they only know how to serve one single man In the brothels theyll have to face many hardships, many clients, rude and cruel Honestly, I dont think theyre ready to blindly obey and submit sexually in a harbor brothel or in the military forts in the North, where the lustful soldiers tear a whore part on the smallest provocation.

Well, 275 then Yes? And thats the end of it.

Agreed, its done, Sir. And the two men sealed the perverse deal with a handshake.

Just one thing, Sir, Valentio said while walking towards the door. Youll give me permission to administer the taming within the castles facilities; that way when I leave with them, the slaves will be well prepared for their final destination

Always so crafty, Valentio. Put the money on the table right now unless you want to lose your balls.

The guards lifted their weapons, ready for an order.

Ill have to go and fetch it Milord.

Guards, call this dogs treasurer and tell him to come quickly.

Cautiously the treasurer walked in, carrying saddlebags; he put the bags full of money on the table, and counted the sum Valentio owed D. Dinis. Then they signed the contract.

And now come, Valentio, the count said, smiling as he walked towards the window. Which whore will we tame first? I like that brunette there Im sure that with a good punishment shell give some excellent blowjobs very deep ones.

Uhh, Sir

Since youre paying less for them than they deserve, and since the taming will be done in my castle, its only logical that I supervise the operation and have some benefits too.

Count Saint-Cr opened the window and made a sign to the guards; the brunette was separated from the group and tied by the neck, like a bitch on a leash. Naked, she was dragged into the castle, on all fours, to the chamber where the count and the flesh merchant waited.

The wretched woman endured forceful and degrading oral penetrations from both men, who showed her no mercy. For them she was just a puppet, a pleasure toy to be fucked and hurt. Her feelings and discomfort were irrelevant. When she started crying, with a cock rammed deep down her throat, Valentio snickered:

You better toughen up, sweetheart! Your palace life is over! No more being the Sultans exclusive fuck toy. Soon youre gonna be fucking dozen of men every day.

The violated girl fell on the floor after they had had their fun: she looked exhausted, and her cum-covered face was a symbol of the humiliation she had just experienced.

The Embarrassed Bitch

Is this what you wanted? the Count asked.

The two naked men were enjoying a brief respite; they had sat in the saloon to drink some refreshments. The tamed brunette had been registered and assigned by Valentios secretary to a brothel on the border. Locked in a cage like an animal, the filthy, sweaty woman waited transportation to her new abode.

You can be sure of that, said Valentio to the Count, while drinking wine. I think this way its easier to distribute the whores and to know them better.

A new woman, a big-busted redhead, was waiting on her knees, crying and frightened.

Soldier, ordered the Count to one of his men, undress and let this whore have a taste of your rod.

The woman was forced to masturbate, with her fat tits and mouth, the corrupt soldier, who unloaded his sperm on her bosom and face.

Come on, bitch, clean it all up; lap the spunk with your tongue, like the dirty animal you are! the count ordered excitedly. Eat it all up. You think youre too good for soldiers spunk? Youre just a worthless cunt. Semen is what youre going to live on when youre servicing clients in the brothel.

Schlupp! Schlupp! Schlupp!

Her slurping sounds much amused the count, who couldnt resist humiliating her for the devotion with which she was performing the degrading task of cleaning the soldiers cock with her tongue.

You filthy pig Youre disgusting! Drag her to the pigsty and give her a good, long whipping to teach her manners.

The miserable big-breasted woman, once again tied around her neck, was dragged towards the backyard patio, at the end of the fortress wall. She was thrown on the mud where the pigs happily lived, rolled around until she was covered in it, and then kicked and whipped without compassion, while she walked on all fours like a wounded animal trying to escape her executioner.

Uahhhh! she screamed. No, please No!

Come on, sow, on your knees, like the filthy bitch you are Yes, like that, ha ha ha! I hear theyre gonna take you to a brothel in the harbor, the soldier said. Oh, theyre gonna have fun with a dumb whore like you

No, please Dont let them take me away I beg you, please

If you suck my cock maybe we can arrange something, the soldier said, knowing full well he wasnt going to risk his life to save the woman. But she was so desperate she didnt realize he was just mocking her, and quickly said:

Yes, Ill suck you please help me.

Come here then, he said, and pulled out his rigid cock. Stop only after I cum in your mouth.


The Beautiful Blonde Virgin

A gorgeous and impressive girl was standing naked before Valentio and D. Dinis, ashamed and tired. Her hands tied behind her back, she couldnt cover her private parts: she had to endure having her round breasts and bushy vagina being ogled at by the two men who owned her body. Nervously, she trembled back and forth in an attempt to release her hands and put an end to the spectacle she was providing them with her nakedness.

Whats your name, whore? D. Dinis questioned, visibly excited at her sense of embarrassment.

Im Lucia, milord, and Im Christian. Dont doom me to this humiliating end; have mercy and free me I beg you.

Ha ha Youve already been soiled and you dont deserve freedom; once you become a whore theres no coming back. The whorehouse is a fitting end for you.

Oh, I swear, milord, I havent been touched yet by the Sultan Since my capture Ive been kept locked in the seraglio the Sultan never even put his eyes on me.

Can you imagine what a treasure youve bought, Valentio a blond virgin

We cant be certain, Sir. I think Ill have to test her to be sure.

Valentio got up and approached the unfortunate Lucia; vulgarly he fondled her, weighed her ripe tits in his hands and then ran the palms of his hands down her hips; her skin was smooth and sensitive. He ran his hands around her hips until he found the crack that separated her fleshy buttocks. Slowly he introduced his hand between her legs, searching for her delicate cunt

Ah, youre hurting me!

Shut the fuck up, whore!

The merchant of whores poked around, without mercy but with delicateness, making sure her hymen was intact and that her anus was narrow.

Shes a virgin, Sir, he corroborated through his examination.

Well, Im sure youll make a fine profit with her: many rich businessmen will compete to have the privilege of acquiring her young, untainted body. However that doesnt stop us from enjoying her mouth and tongue. Tie her up to the pole, on her knees.

And violently they forced the virgin girl to stretch her mouth and engulf their cocks, one after the other. One was barely coming in her mouth, gagging her, when the other was already shoving him aside in order to have his turn with the virgins mouth. They were both crazy over her. Saint-Crs real desire was to fuck her holes and take her virginity, but Valentio, anxious to make a fortune with her virginity, would have opposed.

So they merely used her mouth; and the beautiful blonde licked, sucked and swallowed their loads, without complaining and with expertise.

Either youre wrong, Valentio, or this bitch is lying! said D. Dinis. This whore has eaten more cocks than my personal concubine, Adelle!

Then we have to punish her, Sir! Valentio retorted, severely.


Tied Up And Humiliated

Held by her wrists and with her legs tied up tight in order to avoid damaging her intimate and valuable parts, Lucia was flagellated by two of Valentios studs.


Nooooo! Auauuuuuu!


Nooooo! Aurrgh! Aiiih!!


Nooooo! Please Urghhh Argh!!


Noooooooo, please stop I cant take it anymore Aiirgh!!

The blows fell all over her body, sadistically fustigating her voluptuous breasts. Her sensitive skin was branded with countless red welts at the touch of the sharp whip. Lucia was experiencing so much excruciating pain that finally she lost consciousness, exhausted.

Enough! cried Count Saint-Cr. Let her down.

Lucia collapsed on the ground like a lifeless hunk of meat, still passed out. Valentio then examined her luscious body again: to him she was even prettier and more exciting now, after having received her punishment, after having submitted like an obedient slave to her masters desires

D. Dinis suddenly emptied a jar of water on the girl, who jumped back into life, but frightened and confused.

Well, dear Lucia, now are you going to tell us how many cocks youve eaten?

The young woman, worn out from the pain, started babbling like an idiot:

No, I swear I never

On a gesture by the count, one of the lackeys grabbed his cane again and pulled her towards him by her long hair. Promptly he flogged her tits.

Yaaaaarrghh! Noooo! No, stop, Im confess, Ill tell you all Ive been sucking cocks since ever Ive been doing it for ages now not only do I like them, but its also a way of defending my virginity, which is my greatest treasure that way I could marry a rich and powerful lord like you, Sir.

Thats quite exciting, my dear, an enthusiastic cock-sucker Youd be a worthy replacement of my precious Adelle

Dont think you can have this bitch the virgin belongs to me, Valentio claimed, enraged.

Calm down, Valentio, calm down dont forget youre my guest, and you havent even fulfilled the minimum requirements of etiquette, namely offering a gift to your host

But, Sir, Ive paid for this woman

And what a better gift than her to show your respect and celebrate our mutually beneficial agreement?

Its not fair, Im not willing to… and suddenly Valentio went for his knife. With a swift blow of the whip, the count disarmed him.

Valentio, he said, angry, Ill keep this woman, and any other woman I want given your insolence. If youre not happy, you can go back to your brothels, you vile dog, trader of vices and sins. But youll go without money and women!

Forgive me, milord… I…

Be thankful that I wont hang you for the offense… filthy plebian…

But milord, this is my trade, try to understand: Ill lose money…

Money, money… youll lose fingers instead if you keep complaining… And then youll have to jerk off with your stumps! Then he turned to the lackeys and said, Take the girl to my chambers. And dont touch her, or youll suffer the consequences. I want her intact.

The Tattoo and the Cross

“I have a peculiar surprise for you… merchant.”

The count appeared on the terrace from where Valentio sipped refreshments while he looked down at another blonde slave being tortured. Like all his women, she had been branded on her pubic area with a mark identifying her as his property. This was to remind the count that they belong to Valentio and no one else.

Resentful for what had happened the previous day, he had picked up this blonde girl, one who looked like Lucia, and had her crucified, while her giants tits, painfully strangled by a rope wet with salt water, sent waves of pain to her mind. The tight, rough ropes cut deeply into her sensitive flesh and the salt burned the wounds. She contorted in order to free herself from her bonds, but being fully tied up by her ankles and wrists, she couldn’t break freee. The sadistic Valentio, his cock hard, was enjoying every moment of her distress.

Behind the count followed a gorgeous odalisque with heavy breasts, a very submissive woman who looked anxious and scared.

“Look at this woman, she’ll surprise you. Show him your tits, whore!”

The slave obeyed and unloosened the tight corset that barely restrained her voluminous breasts. They fell from the corset like ripe apples falling from a tree. They were appetizing, Valentio thought, but what struck his fancy the most was the fact that they were covered in complex tattoos. Seeing such an unexpected exotic element on her body, his thick cock started throbbing in expectation of fucking her.

“I can see you like her, you libidinous dog… I found her among your batch of bought whores… I thought you’d like to enjoy her. I doubt she needs taming. I presume she must have suffered quite a lot when she endured, day after day, the drawing of this intricate design on her tits…”

“Thank you so much, Sire.”

“Don’t thank me, and let down the blonde one from the crucifix, before her tits fall out…”


“Always the same, Valentio, I see you don’t learn. You even branded that little blond bitch with your mark, as if telling me she’s off limits. You offend my hospitality with your selfish stupidity. Now listen well: all the women you bought are still at my mercy so long as they’re in the castle. So I’ll be having some fun with her too. As for you, you better hurry up taming all your new whores. I want you out of here by Sunday. This will be our last business.”

The Count turned his back to Valentio, and ordered his soldiers to release the woman from the cross and take her to his chambers.

When Valentio was alone, seething with anger, he shoved the big-breasted tattooed woman aside and forced her to kneel dog like a dog. He rubbed his cock over her face and squeezed the shaft between her warm tits.

“Tit-fuck me well, whore, tit-fuck me well; because I have an empty cross and your udders are perfect to be strangled!”

“Yes… milord!”


Orlik, The Madman

The young woman spent several hours standing on her toes, held dangerously by her tits connected to the ceiling. Her strangled tits were hurting terribly. They hadn’t even bothered to fuck her; they had just marked her pubis with the mark of her new owner, burning her hair. Now they had delivered to Orlik, an old lackey who was in charge of running Valentio’s harbor brothel in Sanma.

“How are you little tits, whore? Eh eh, I know you like to be fondled… Oh, warm and firm, very round…”

“No, please… don’t…”

“Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to hurt you. This isn’t hurting you… I just want to give you a bit of discipline, my pussycat.”

“Ohhhm no, please. Untie me, I’ll eat your cock.”

“Eh eh, my cock… I don’t have a cock anymore, my little bitch… the filthy Turks have already cut it. However that won’t stop me from penetrating you with other instruments.”

“No, please! No, I beg you… I can’t stand pain…”

“You can’t stand, my little whore? That’s no good, if you’re going to spend the rest of you life in a brothel getting fucked by brutish sailors. We gotta toughen you up then.”

“Oh God, no, please…”

“You know, the sailors, they’re going to first fuck you in the ass, and then force you to clean their shit-covered dicks with your tongue… And if the little cunts refuse, eh eh, they’re dragged naked along the harbor and taken to the boats, where they’re hung from a mast… Until the tits, withering, fall out…”

“Dear Lord, noooo! Please, God, save me!”

“But don’t be afraid, my beautiful kitten, I’m here to teach you how to grow stronger and get used to everything these vicious sailors will do to your pretty, young body.”

And next he started whipping the slave girl’s tits, slowly but sternly, ignoring her excruciating cries of pain.







“Don’t worry, my lovely, soon you’ll be enjoying some pleasure. A stud is coming to fuck your ass… You’ll enjoy it a lot, I’m sure, and you’ll thank him when you’re in the brothel, for having stretched your ass hole before a sailor got a thick dick inside it, ha ha! You’ll especially love it when he teaches you clean your own shit off his filthy prick.”


Flagellations and Deep Throating

In order to hurry up the process, Valentio had ordered that all odalisques first be mercilessly punished and then orally violated. He was mad at the Count and was anxious to leave and never return. He wanted all bought woman totally submissive and habituated to their new life before undertaking their journeys to their new homes, the brothels he owned. That way he hoped to curb their desire to run away, to make them realize they were whores and had nowhere else to go.

Aisha was undressed and tied to a post, flagellated into unconsciousness, especially on her inviting cunt.

“Don’t hold back,” he told his men, “Let them know what waits them in the brothels. Keep hitting even if they pass out!”

And after this cruel punishment, she was mouth raped by several studs, who didn’t show her any mercy while their huge cocks ravaged her mouth and throat. She could barely engulf them, and in order to enter inside her, they had to force her jaws to open wider.

“Come on, whore, suck it, take it… all the way down!”


“It’s gonna be even worse in the brothel, we’re just doing you a favor, trying to teach you. Oh, if you can’t take a few cocks, you’re gonna have a really bad time in the brothel.”

“N-noooooo… Arghhhhh!”

“Suck, suck, suck, whore!”

The brutal studs took turns, and each time one ejaculated, he sprayed his cum all over her face and tits. After a while, she was covered in a thick, smelly layer of cream that oozed down her cheeks, tits and chest.

“This whore won’t take it,” one of the studs told Valentio. “She’s almost half-dead.”

“Well, we’ll have to double her education then. Hang her up again, but this time upside-down. Then kick her and punch her until she’s used to the pain.”

Two hours later the girl was removed from the post, barely alive. She no longer screamed in pain. Her eyes were numb and she didn’t seem to have any defiance in her face anymore.

“Perfect,” Valentio said. “Now bring the big-breasted blond to the patio to be flagellated.”

Savage Orgy

I noticed youve redoubled your efforts to end the taming faster, the Count told Valentio. He had showed up unexpectedly, followed by his soldiers. The blonde was being tied to the post, where shed receive a flagellation session.

Indeed, milord. Does this whore please you? Do you want her for you too?

Always so sarcastic, my dear Valentio; but no, I dont want her, however now that youve asked, I think my loyal guards would like to have some fun with her, before you flagellate her. If you dont mind, I think Id be a good taming exercise for her. My men can be quite brutal, he he.

As you wish, Sir. He nodded to the studs, who delivered the woman to the soldiers. They contentedly took her to Saint-Crs chamber. She gave herself fully to them, fearing their ire, and participated in a wild orgy with them. The vicious soldiers, who had as much fun fucking her as they did beating her up, didnt leave one inch of her body unmarked with a blow or a whipping.

Oh, now this is a nice whore! a soldier said, thrilled that the submissive woman barely reacted to his violence.

She likes fucking, she doesnt even fight back! Shes been well trained already, ha ha!

Eat my cock, bitch, eat it!

Yes, sir Yes, ahhh, ohhh

Yes, thats the way to do it. Keep going, suck me dry.


From an armchair, Saint-Cr watched the debasement of the innocent woman with satisfaction and sexual lust too. The beautiful Lucia, who had replaced Adelle, was expertly fondling his rigid cock and licking his swollen balls with gusto.

After the orgy was over, the girl, exhausted and sore, was returned to Valentios men.

Take this whore to a cell and leave her tied up on all fours, Valentio said. Let Malrus force her mouth without mercy. However, first put her in a chastity belt; I dont want him to fuck her ass by mistake.

Malrus entered the cell with his enormous shaft already up and ready to be used. She looked with fear and disgust at the instrument. Malrus cock was covered in thick veins throbbing in anticipation of the pleasure the womans tongue would provide.

Too afraid to resist, fearing another beating, she opened her mouth, and when the cock pushed past her lips, she started sucking strongly. But even though she was collaborating, Malrus wasnt going to make her life easier.

He pushed his cock further down her mouth, dislodging her jaws. In pain, she felt his balls slapping her chin. She was choking on his prick, but Malrus kept her skull close to his crotch until he ejaculated. And then he sprayed her face with his hot, viscous cum.


Tortured Breasts

Tired of the Counts interruptions, Valentio ordered the odalisques to be tamed in the stables or in the cells, away from his sight.

On Katrina the studs applied the harsh rules of the taming with sadistic rigor. Her voluminous udders were whipped and caned for hours, by several men uninterruptedly: when one stopped for a break to regain his breath or rest his sore arm, another one took his place and continued his sinister work. Afterwards, she was mouth fucked by dozens of studs, who also forced her to tit-fuck them. Their oily cum covered her breasts; their sploodge treacled down the tits crevice onto the stomach. It was a spectacular sight, to see her reduced to a mere cum-container. She looked pathetic and worthless like that, and it only redoubled the mens primitive urges to hurt her and humiliate her even more.

Well, take her to the cage holding the women for brothel #5, Valentio decided.

I think we overdid the flagellation, master. Some of those welts will leave marks on her forever.

Thats why shes going to brothel #5; there the savage mountain men have no mercy or good taste. Isolated from the world, they just crave women, any woman will do, even broken ones like this whore. This slut will know how to please their savagery; she withstood the punishment well. She managed to tit-fuck 10 men into orgasms with a pair of sore udders. Shes strong alright.

My lord, Kristina protested, please, I beg you, dont send there. Oh, Ill know how to serve you faithfully and expertly, like no woman has before me.

Are you sure? Valentio grabbed her by her disheveled hair and struck her across the face repeatedly.

Ahhh, yes, my lord!

Rub her sore tits with a brush.


And whip her again afterwards.

Please, no, I beg you

I have a terrible punishment for weepy bitches like you. The warrior tribes in the mountains, where brothel #5 is, submit their women to this torment, before raping them until they pass out

Master, not me, please!

If after the whipping youre still capable of pleasing me, Ill take you into my personal harem.

Thank you, milord. I wont disappoint you

Valentio gave the woman a terrible slap on the face; she fell on the floor with a strange smile on her bleeding lips.


Yasmina’s Insolence

Considering Valentions stubbornness and lack of respect, Denis de Saint-Cr requested three more women just to spite the flesh merchant. The three beauties were taken to the Counts chambers and forced to undress and serve him sexually. The first two didnt raise any objection and submitted to every whim he had, since he treated them more gently than Valentio would.

But the third one, the delicate and arrogant Yasmina, refused to submit.

Im a woman of good breeding, descendant from a lineage of aristocrats. Ill never bend to any man. My uncle, the Vizier of Ibrahim will pay you handsomely, you Christian dog.

Your uncle is very far away, my precious wildcat, youll submit or suffer more than you have to.

I prefer martyrdom to handing myself to you like a cheap courtesan.

Well, we shall see how much you can take.

Obeying a gesture by him, the lackeys launched themselves on Yasmina and forcefully removed the attire that covered her voluptuous body, leaving her completely naked and held by their strong hands.

Saint-Cr approached her and examined her thoroughly, shamelessly, running his fingers over every intimate part of her body, with slow cruelty. He twisted her nipples on all directions, then grabbed her tits and pulled them up and down with severity, as if he were trying to detach them from her chest. After playing with her tits, he separated her legs and humiliated her by masturbating her pussy with cruelty and expertise, bringing her to an undesired orgasm.

Yasmina tried in vain to resist the pleasure that was bubbling inside her stomach, but in the end, flushing in shame, she succumbed to the forced orgasm once the count, with both hands, started stimulating both her ass and pussy.

Uaaahhh Aiiihhhh Nuunnnnn Nooooo bastard, pig, dog! Stop! Ouuuuuu

Take her to the torture chamber, the count said while he cleaned his fingers from her abundant pussy juices, using her dress as towel. That same night the count visited the dungeons. Yasmina, naked and on all four, endured with terrible concentration a weight dangling from her neck.

He crouched next to her and caressed her crying face.

Well now?

Pig! The woman spat in his face to show her contempt for him.

The count cleaned his face with the back of his hand and called the chief executioner.

Put iron rings round her tits: the tightest you can find, and with weights attached to them.

And he sat on a table while he supervised the lackeys work. Soon Yasminas tits were being crushed by the iron devices; their weight caused the breasts to sag, but at the same time they were swelling and growing larger and redder. He got up and slowly walked towards her. She refused to look at him, so he had to grab her by the hair and pull her face up. As further punishment, but more in order to humiliate than to hurt, he pushed her face against his cock, which he rubbed all over her lips and nose.

Now youre going to suck me, whore.


As you wish

Saint-Cr walked around her and kicked her ass, forcing her to lose her balance. Her oppressed tits were crushed against the stone floor.

Oohhh, she cried in pain. Argghh Noooo

Savagely the count pulled her buttocks apart and with one push penetrated her tight anus. For a long time he fucked her inexperienced ass while Yasmina continued to scream for mercy.

Whats the matter, you aristocratic whore? Arent you used to be ass-fucked?

Satisfied, he got up and helped her get back to her initial kneeling position.

And now youre going to clean me up.

Yasmina, before the incredible vision of the erect, shit-covered phallus that had just torn her ass hole asunder, turned her face away in disgust. But the count kicked her tits and face until she consented to open her mouth.

Very well, whore, now with your tongue, slowly, very slowly.

Punishing a Traitor

I think, Sir, youre overstepping your authority, Valentio shouted, stepping into the torture chamber.

Why, my dear friend, because I decided to have some fun with three women?

Not only because of that, no; but now your men are also disciplining my women

Auuuughhh, arghhh! one of the tortured women groaned. She was being anally penetrated while her breasts were being caned viciously. She was at the back of the room, together with two soldiers who were around her, molesting her. Still, her cries were so loud they were interrupting the two mens conversation.

I just want to help you tame these whores, and my men are quite capable at that. Otherwise youll never end. Remember I want you out of here as soon as possible.

Auuurghhh! the woman shouted amidst cracks of the cane hitting her udders.

And how many more women are you going to request? Valentio inquired, upset.

Just these three whores you see here in the room. Im sure you wont object.

Youre going too far, milord.

Not at all, Valentio; my secretary has been calculating the costs of feeding and keeping your whores and your men, and it costs far more than the price of these three cunts combined.

Thats ignoble. I thought I was your guest, and the rules of hospitality

The rules of hospitality dont include feeding 45 women who arent mine and an army of libidinous lackeys who sack my kitchens and abuse my cooks and maids.

Very well, count, Ill punish the guilty ones

And in three days youll abandon the castle. My troops are ready to leave and go fight the Turkish enemy. And although your whores have been great entertainment, we cant stay here fucking them forever. Also, youll be lucky to have such an escort when youre transporting such valuable cargo.

Agreed. Now please leave these three be, I think theyve been disciplined well enough.

What are you talking about, Valentio? Come here and look at this womans vagina: it spreads like butter when my man shoves his fist inside her.

Youre crazy, milord, this slave is so dilated, she wont be useful for anything. No one will want to fuck her loose pussy.

Always so practical, dear friend, ha ha. Shes not one of yours. Shes a cook who tried to poison me.

Uaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhh! Noooooo! Noooooo! the woman screamed, unable to take the mans fist pumping in and out of her orifice. Master, Im innocent. It was an accident Noooouuuuu!

A very unfortunate accident, especially for my beloved dog Grifus, who cunningly jumped at the food before I could taste it, and now is dead.

Are you sure? What

Certainly, and this whore is going to confess, or my man will keep tearing her ass apart until she dies.

Auuuuurrrrrgghh! Please, nooooo! Mercy!

The woman once more screamed in pain as the man brutally shoved his fist inside her cunt, trying to push further in order to go all the way down to his elbow. The woman, who thought she had found an ally in Valentio, was horrified when Valentio turned away and left the room.

Stop! the Count ordered the man. Now, Angelina, is it enough? And he caressed her tearful face. Is it true you tried to poison me?

The woman nodded her head to confirm that it was true. She didnt dare look directly at him.

I wont ask why you did, nor in return of what. However Im going to punish you for a long time and with extreme severity. Lackey, let her rest for a bit, and then do the same to her anus. But do it slowly, very slowly, so that she can feel every inch of her rectum being invaded and stretched by your invading arm as it dilates her intimate orifice beyond its capability. Shes going to learn what suffering truly means. She has to be fit to take on my horse afterwards, ha ha ha!

Nooooooooo! she screamed. Please, noooooo!

But the Count had already left the torture chamber.


The Last of the Odelisques

On the eve of the troops departure, the disciplinary taming was applied to the last three odalisques.

The anal torment for Harlin: first dilation of her anus, and afterwards hot wax dripped slowly inside it until it filled out her orifice.

Adihra, on the other hand, was suspended upside-down, while at the same time her tits were squeezed by tight iron rings. A candle, stuck inside her pussy, burned slowly and dripped wax onto her labia. Finally, to make her degradation complete, her mouth was occupied by countless dicks that fucked her brutally until they ejaculated on her face.

Coming last, Joisa, a flexible dancer, was forced to stand in an uncomfortably painful position, standing on one leg and wearing a tall stiletto shoe. In order to test her balance, lackeys caned her back and tits. She bravely kept her posture in spite of her constant crying.

Valentio moved back and forth, making endless final preparations and overseeing that everything was being carried out according to his plans. He was worried and afraid: sooner or later the cook would talk, since the Counts men hadnt stopped torturing her for days.

Blinded by fury, he had stupidly bribed a cook to poison Saint-Cr: besides a bag of gold, he had given her his word to release her and take her with him.

In her torment, the woman didnt understand how she ever agreed to such deal. Maybe she thought she would finally be free. But instead she was in the stables, her ass standing up in expectation of terrible penetrations.

Montal, informed by the count of the suspicious attempt on his life, had assigned several spies to watch out the merchants behaviour.

Valentio had no idea and so he inspected the last torments that were being administrated to the slaves he had bought. He also discussed with his secretary which cage each woman was to be locked in, and what brothel to be shipped to, like cattle.

Your caravan will travel with my armed escort, the count told Valentio, for your protection.

Sire, Montal complained to him in private, Id rather go into battle than waste my time taking care of this worthless shipment of whores!

I know, my brave Montal, Saint-Cr said, but in the same way that De Cubet is staying here to take care of the fortress, youre going to take care of this treacherous dog. By the time youve arrived in Hedonia, youll have gained his trust. I want you to get close to him to kill him like the dog he is. Then youll take over his business.

As you wish, Sir! Montal said, grinning as he imagined the benefits of owning his own brothel, where he could submit all its women to his most degrading desires.

Now lets return to Angelina, the count said, I dont want to miss her being ass-fucked by my stallion


Meat Wagon

The shipment of whores was finally ready to leave the fortress. The women had been divided into three groups: the most delicate and gorgeous ones, likely to fetch higher prices, were going to Hedonia, the great brothel town. The most plain and ordinary were assigned to serve the harbour brothels of Samma. And the headstrong bitches, together with the ones who had showed signs of greater endurance to pain and mental abuse, would travel all the way to the distant Northern borders. Wherever they went, a life of shame and sexual servitude awaited them Ц they all had one purpose now: to increase Valentios profits.

The morning was wet and cold. A sinister mist filled the horizon; gazing out beyond the towers was impossible. Valentio was still sleeping, cuddled between two concubines, covered in silk sheets. From the bedroom window came the sounds of soldiers and jailers directing the women into their wagon-cages. Practically naked and shivering with cold, the slaves had formed a line in the patio and then been forced to enter the wagons.

Come on, you sluts! the soldiers shouted while the women ran, confused, to wherever they were ordered to. To make them hurry up, the jailers kicked them in the buttocks and shouted insults at them.

Mercy, sir! theyd cry.

Get in the fucking cage, whore, or Im gonna shove the whips handle up your ass!

No, please, Im going

A driver struck a womans breasts with the whip; she coiled in pain, holding the bruised breasts; however she continued, and got on the wagon without further complaints. The women were being obedient.

Uahhhhhh! she cried weakly to her companions inside the wagon. These brutes are going to kill us before we arrive in the brothels.


The Fearful Cages

Locked up in the wagon-cages, the women of the Samma group and of the frontier group were told that the caravan would stop only once to spend the night in the desert, to give the men time to rest. As for the women, they would travel inside the cages the whole journey, without ever coming out.

They would only come out in case they were needed for some service, and theyd be poorly fed and cleaned, since they wouldnt be coming out even to piss and shit. They were going to have to put up with their own stench for days, smelling each others stinking, sweaty bodies.

The women were glad to hear that they couldnt be raped or used without permission, but were also warned that if anyone tried to seduce a guard in order to gain favours, her pussy would be immediately sewn shut and she would be forced to crawl on all fours while her tits were tied by a rope to the end of the wagon.

Although the men were working quickly, the whores were slow: they were worn out after incessant punishments, humiliations and rapes, and the freezing wind blowing against their naked parts kept them groggy and dumb.

Hurry up, sows! Get inside those wagons! Volgan, the master of the jailers, shouted. We have to depart immediately!

Uohhh, please, were tired, let us rest

Some women, if not most of them, wore chastity belts or ropes around their pussies in order to prevent any soldier from molesting them during the journey, and also to keep them bruised and in a submissive state. But this also stopped them from walking quickly.

Shasss! Shasss!

The whip struck their backs and thighs in order to motivate them, but they were dumber than cattle.

Come on, whores!

Valentio emerged from his deep sleep due to the sound of the whip in the air and also because the cries and screams of the women were becoming louder and more unbearable. Upset, he kicked his two sexual servants from his bed.

Bring me my clothes, bitches! Come on, hurry the fuck up!



Filling the wagons was taking longer than expected. The first women to get inside were already waiting there for hours now. Tied up by their wrists, some started pissing without being able to help themselves, in spite or because of the pressure exerted by the tight and heavy chastity belts on their intimate parts and bladders.

Filthy whores! a jailer passing by snorted.

Thats right, your dirty cunts, another one joked, piss away, your companions will thank you for it, ah ah ah!

The jailers were tired of waiting too, and had been entertaining themselves violating some womens mouths since their lower orifices were not available.

Have you tried this ones mouth? Petrus asked Clodo, gesturing to a brunette he was holding by a tuft of her long hair.

Not yet, I cant fuck them all, eh eh.

Petrus forced one of the whores to open her mouth and suck his cock. She was on her knees, her bound wrists behind her back. She was a young blonde girl with sweet blue eyes. She looked at him as he pumped his cock in and out of her greasy lips. She was terrified of him.

Oh, yes, love, you do it so well he said, friendly. But do it faster, whore. Do it faster.

The blonde girl, however, continued to suck without any interest, doing it mechanically and dispassionately. This upset Petrus, who lifted the whip in the air and struck a blow across her legs.


I said faster, shithead!

Yes, master, certainly!

Although she improved considerably, Petrus still thought she deserved a lesson on obedience. After he shot his load on her face, he gave orders to tie her tits to the back of the wagon. Shed crawl for the first part of the journey.

Cooked Alive

The heat inside the wagons was unbearable and maddening. Dozens of sweaty naked bodies huddle together in tight, confined spaces was making it hard for many of the women to breathe. Some even felt they were being cooked alive. The stench was horrible.

Urh, were fucked! one of the jailers said. These whores are already beginning to stink. Soon the bandits and the marauders in the desert will sniff them and come looking for them.

Valentio wasnt worried, for they had the armed escort of Count Montal protecting them at all times. There will be no danger.

Damn you, you beasts! one of the slaves shouted. You cant do this to us.

Be quiet, the woman next to her whispered in her companions ear. Or do you want them to tie your tits to the back of the wagon as if you were a hunk of meat?

Nooo, the other cried, feeling defeated, I couldnt take it.

Then be quiet, her companion said. They hanged me several times from the ceiling, back in the fortress. Every time they did it, my breasts sent waves of pain to every part of my body. The bastards saw me writhing in pain and laughed. They dont give a shit about us, the sadistic bastards!

Hey, stop yapping! a jailer ordered.

The women shut up immediately and resumed their servile position.

The jailers finally tucked the last women inside the wagons, and closed the doors behind them. Valentio walked along the wagons, inspecting them, accompanied by Count Montal at his side.

You take many fine specimens with you, the count said. I think you made a fine deal. Theyre going to generate an excellent income.

Thats why we need your protection. Every desert bandit would love to lay his hands on this precious cargo.

You can count on me and my men to protect you.

I hope so, my dear Montal and as a token of my appreciation, Ill make sure youre served by two women during the whole journey. Two whores to make the journey more pleasurable.

Much obliged, Valentio.



The woman reserved for Hedonia didnt receive better treatment.

Clera had refused to share Valentios bed, and in punishment she was kept the previous night in an individual cage and then submerged in a well of dirty water. In the morning she was shrivelled and numb. They put her half unconscious in a special wagon, kept inside a suspended cage which would make her journey a painful torture.

Come on, you bastards, Volgan said, bring two more for the punishment cages.

In order to tame the women and impose discipline, women were randomly picked out and locked inside special cages. Every day three women were chosen to occupy these much-feared cramped places.

Dont you think this girl deserves better? Montal asked Valentio, as they looked at a young brunette with big tits.

I think a day inside the cage would do wonders to her skin


However, considering that fate that waits her in the Brothel of Cruelty, where she will be subjected to all types of torture, humiliations and atrocious violations, shell remember the cage as if it were a bed of roses.

The Brothel of Cruelty? Montal asked.

A curious place. Clients go there and pay to torture their whores. Its in the remotest regions of Hedonia. Its a sinister and secluded place, where the screams and howls of brutalized women cant be heard beyond the thick walls surrounding it, and where only crows bear witness to the horrors committed inside.

Montal thought to himself that he had to visit this unique place.


Time to Leave

Valentio and Montal got on their horses and gave the order to leave. The caravan at last started the sinister voyage to deliver the innocent women to their final destinations of sexual servitude.

Instantly the bouncing of the wagons started having its effect on the women, who were burning inside them: they moaned in pain, sick, and some threw up.

Silence, whores! Or youre going to spend all night with wooden dildos buried inside your asses!

Nevertheless, the women who had the worse time were the three confined in the punishment wagon, inside the special cages. The cages bounced back and forth, hitting each other. The women felt dizzy and the iron bars, heated by the sun, were beginning to sear their flesh and to leave marks.

Wretched Clera, who had heard what her master Valentio had said about the Brothel of Cruelty, couldnt stop moaning and praying in terror. The others suffered their torture in silence.

Volgan was riding ahead of the caravan and approached Montal and Valentio.

Everything is going according to plan, sir.

Indeed? I think were a bit behind schedule. We have to pick up the pace.

I know we should have left earlier, sir, but I had to repair some of the wagons

I dont pay you for your excuses, Volgan! I just hope there wont be further delays. We have to recover the lost time.

We wont have further delays. The whores are behaving nicely.

Dragged Along the Desert

Behind every wagon there was a woman who had been randomly chosen to be tied to: after a few hours, the women lost their strength and ended up being dragged along the desert’s arid ground. Every day they choose the unlucky women. The winners had the honour of walking barefooted, pulled by their tits and whipped by a jailer to encourage them along the way. This was done with the purpose of keeping the other women complaisant.

Soon they were deep inside the arid Northwest path, which crossed the desert and imposed its terrible heat on the heads of the jailers, the soldiers and the cramped women. Sweat ran down their glistening bodies. It made them look appetizing and sultry. Many men wanted to fuck them, but didn’t dare to touch them without permission. As for the women, they longed for night-time to have some shelter from the sun.

The women chosen to walk behind the wagons had it even worst: their bare feet burned as they touched the scorching sands.

“Keep walking,” a jailer said. “Better to burn the soles of your feet than to lose your balance and burn your tits against the ground, ha ha ha!”

Her skin was forming blisters and she was dehydrated. Inevitably some fell on the ground, but thanks to the whips falling on their sensitive skin they gained the strength to get up quickly. They were only released from this torment if Volgan thought they’d lose value if submitted to the torments for too long.

“Anyway,” he sometimes mused, “in the brothels where they’re going to end up in, the clients are more than used to fuck women who show marks and bruises.”

The ones kept intact were reserved only for the rich and powerful – some were even bought to serve as personal slaves, and spared from the life of brothels.

Schass! Schass!

The sound of the whip was heard from time to time.

“Uahhhh! No, please!”

“Quickly, quickly, we have to arrive to the promontory before nightfall.”


Nocturnal Fun

The first night one whore was delivered to the jailers so they could have some fun. There had been no further setbacks, so Valentio decided they deserved a reward.

The woman they chose, a haughty brunette, rebelled and refused to service the men. They caned and whipped her mercilessly, aiming at her naked breasts and vagina. Then they fucked her brutally, in order to punish her for her arrogance.

“Stupid whore! After all you learned in the castle, you still think you have a will of your own! Take it, take it!” a jailer said, shoving his pelvis against her mouth in order to force his cock down her tight throat. “Don’t fight back, cunt, or we’ll kill you! Open your mouth, yes, yes… Oh, I’m cumming, get ready for it…”

That night she had to drink several loads of splodge.

“Take it, whore, drink everything, don’t you think you’re too good for cum, or you won’t get any water for the rest of the journey.”

Next day she was dragged to the position behind the wagon. However, the unfortunate woman, too weak to move or even crawl, collapsed on the ground. Volgan, fearing the wrath of Valentio for ruining a whore, decided to shove her inside a crowded wagon. Even though there was barely any room inside for her, it was better than walking all the way on her feet.

The other women tried to take care of her, but she was unconscious.

“Let her rest. When she wakes up, tell her tonight she’s going to be fucked again.”


The Snare

One night, Valentio, tired with Flora’s impertinence, one of his closest slaves, decided to repudiate her and submit her to a shameful punishment.

The poor girl was put in a wooden snare and handed to the jailers.

“You’ve done it, whore,” Valentio said. “From now on you’re part of the group headed to Samma. You’ll have to put up with infamous seamen and smugglers, who will fuck you and abuse you without respect or care. This way you’ll have time to get used to it!

Stupid whore!”

“Don’t worry, my lord,” Volgan said, “This whore will learn to obey.”

They sat her on a rudimentary wooden phallus mounted on a plank, in order to wreck her ass hole apart. Then they forced her mouth open with irons and shoved their erect pricks forcefully down her throat – they mouth fucked her all night, making her gag as they shot their loads in the back of her throat. She swallowed so much semen she nearly asphyxiated at one point.

“Aagghhh, please… I can’t breathe,” she moaned.

“Drink, cunt, drink!”

“Annnnnnnnnnn!” she bubbled as the cum loads kept falling between her bruised lips into her mouth.

“Drink, bitch, you know you love it!”

When they no longer had a use for her, when their cocks were limp and their balls empty, they let her fall against a wheel. The wooden phallus was still dilacerating her anal orifice. She spent the night like that, having her ass dilated – in the future she’d be fucked by massive cocks all day and night.

Next morning they tied the snare to the wagon’s back. The phallus continued tucked inside her ass.

“You’ll walk like this today, whore,” Valentio told her.

“Noooo, please… Nooooo!”


However the harsh disciple was having no effect on the women, and one of the slaves, desperate to be free and taking advantage of having been taken to Volgans tent, managed to escape after he fell asleep fucking her. Fear gave her courage and strength to run into the dark, but unable to see a lot ahead of her, she bumped into two sentinels.

Where are you going, whore? one of them asked. Come here, so we can have some fun together.

No, please, I beg you, she pleaded.

Dont bust our balls, bitch! his friend said.

They pushed her down against the ground and raped her mercilessly. Then they delivered her to Volgan, who didnt even care that they had fucked her without permission. He was too mad to care, and punched and kicked her.

Someone informed Valentio one of his women was being spanked to death, and arrived at Volgans tent full of rage.

Damn you, Volgan, what are you doing, whats going on here?

This bitch tried to escape, sir.

Punish her, then, but leave her alive for now. Well make an example of her.

Very well, sir.

Volgan ordered that the punishment should be administered in front of all the women, to serve as an example. They tied her thighs to her ankles, making her position on the sand most uncomfortable, and her tits to a stake. Then they stuck a sharpened stake on the ground and forced her to sit on it, impaling her ass as she slowly but forcefully slid down its pointy end.

Arrrhhhh! she screamed, feeling the inside of her ass hole being torn by the stake. Noooooo

The prisoners watched in terror; some turned their sight away from it, sickened. To make her humiliation final, Volgan decided to ejaculate inside her mouth. Her jaws were gaping wide, kept open against their will by an iron wing.

This will be your last meal, whore!

And then they abandoned her to her fate, alone in the desert.

As the wagons disappeared in the distance, the woman howled desperately and the sun began burning her delicate, impaled body.

Noooo! Please, dont leave me here! Nooo! Mercy, Ill be good!


The Mesuring Rod

Apparently the cruel execution had its effect. After several days without further incidents, the caravan arrived in Hatasia. The small town had a booming business since every caravan had to pay a tribute in money or in goods to pass through customs, in order to continue their journey across the Northwest way.

Valentio ordered the jailers to take some women out from the wagons; and placed inside sacks in order not to attract attentions, they were taken to the market.

Are these whores you bring us again, Valentio? asked Carlius, a reputed slave merchant.

Yes, good Carlius, I hope they please you, theyre good specimens: they served in the harem of a great sultan.

And youre going to charge us more for that, eh, you old dog? Carlius said, smirking.

Not at all, my friend. Ill charge the usual price.

Well, take them into my shop, lets examine them.

Fully bound, the female slaves were groped and examined thoroughly. Carlius was pleased to confirm that their pussies got wet at the smallest touch of his fingers. Then, with unexpected cruelty, he shoved a measuring rod up their orifices in order to ascertain the depth of both their asses and pussies.

Quiet, bitch, dont move, Carlius said to a brunette, or itll be worse for you.

Quiet, Valentio repeated since the woman were kicking and squirming. Or do you want him to rip a new hole in your ass?

No, please, it hurts, stop, I beg you, my lord

Valentio left the slave merchants shop with a purse full of money, happy for having made a good business there. This would compensate him for the loss of the women he had to deliver to the authorities for passage through customs.


Passing Through Customs

As a tribute to the lord of Hatasia, Valentio offered him two women who were promptly examined by Lord Ured and his counselors.

The two women were subjected to an exhaustive physical exam that included fondling their heavy, naked breasts, and their round buttocks, inserting their thick fingers in their orifices, including their mouths, and pinching their intimate parts, like the nipples and clitoris, in order to test their sensitivity.

Excellent whores, Lord Ured said, satisfied at the examination. I congratulate you, Valentio; you always manage to find the freshest and most exotic meat. Your merchandise is always of the best quality. And these slaves seem obedient and well versed in the arts of sex, to boot. Theyre always humid and they can take pain well.

They served in the sultans harem; they know their duties very well and enjoy fucking.

Well just have to brand them with the Christian cross. Itd be a crime to rape fellow Muslims. As for Christian bitches, theres nothing better than fucking and shaming them.

The two wretched slaves were ordered to kneel on all four on top of a plank from which sprang a pole; to this their wrists and ankles were tied up, making them unable to move or get up.

The cross-shaped hot iron arrived shortly afterwards and was pressed against their buttocks. The women screamed like helpless animals being slaughtered.


And before releasing them, Lord Ured forced both of them to suck his cock at the same time. He laughed as each submissive whore fought for an inch of his dick, trying to please their new master. This humility pleased him and he shot his load on their faces.

Get used to the taste of my cum, whores, youre going to be drinking a lot of it from now on.

The crying slaves licked his prick clean and then licked each others face until not a single droplet of cum was in sight. As his dick shrunk, they kept sucking it and also his ball sack. They were eager to please him, hoping that with their complacence theyd prevent further punishments.

Ahhhh, what a bunch of well-trained whores! You suck so well and with so much zest! Ooohhh, yes, dont stop using your tongue

Kidnapping The Slaves

Tamira and Yaiza

After leaving Hatasia, the desert bandits started following the slave caravan from a safe distance, trying to find the best way to attack it. The presence of Montals soldiers forced them to act prudently. However one night, deranged by the strong scent of cunt, the women-deprived marauders decided to attempt a silent raid on the camp.

The handsome Tamira and the dazzling Yaiza, two slaves who served Valentio personally, had just finished giving him dinner and pleasuring him with a double blowjob, and were now walking back naked to their tent. But Yaiza noticed a shadow creeping in the dunes.

Dont look, Tamira, but I think the bandits are nearby.

We should warn the soldiers

No, my friend, Yaiza opposed, perhaps if we surrender ourselves to them, theyll free us from this humiliating life of sexual bondage.

Are you sure? Theyre brutal men.

I know, Yaiza replied, But not as cruel and repulsive as Valentio. Were close to Gorma, maybe we can convince these thugs to take us there.

In exchange for a couple of fucks, Tamira frowned.

I know, Yaiza agreed, but thats a small price to pay for freedom; and I cant stand Valentios vicious punishments anymore. Tonight he pinned me down on the table, forced my legs open and inserted a dagger inside my vulva, just to make sure I obeyed him blindly. Hes a sadist. Fortunately I didnt make a move and he didnt cut me. However I had to spend two hours with my legs open, the dagger stuck inside me. Meanwhile that pig was fucking another slave in the ass. Next he ordered me to clean his filthy cock, without removing the dagger. Pleased with my obedience, he finally removed it and congratulated me for my submission. Animal!

Youre right, staying with Valentio or taking a risk with these bandits is the same; if they keep us as slaves, life cant get any worse than it is already. Lets try to sneak through the guards and meet them.



Slowly and carefully, the two women left the fire-lit area, tip-toed around their tent and ventured forth into the dark desert. Getting on their knees to pass unnoticed, they were a delicious sight, two semi-naked women with their tits dangling and their round buttocks bobbing up and down. The bandits were astonished to see such an amazing vision and suspected the two whores were part of a trap to make them lower their guard.

Tamira and Yaiza reached the dune where they though they had spotted the bandits shadows, but not finding anyone there they were filled with panic.

Lets go back, whispered Yaiza, weve still got time to go back before anyone notices were missing.

Hey, you what are you doing here?

The husky voice of one of Montals sentries mounting guard close to the dunes startled them. The soldier approached the terrified women.

Go back to your tents, he commanded in a low voice, before I sound the alarm and your master punishes you harshly.

Thank you, merciful sir, Yaiza replied, with a submissive, sensual voice, we were just taking some fresh air, the cages are quite stuffy.

Then, using her prodigious skills, she gently caressed the mans chest.

Dont report us, and well be kind to you, she whispered, smiling.

Yaiza got closer to the man to kiss him, but suddenly he fell on the ground. An arrow had hit him in the back.

Vigorous, silent shadows surrounded the women without giving them a chance to scream or run away. The bandits grabbed them and put their hands over their mouths.

Not a noise, bitches! one of them whispered.

Gagged with rags soaked in opium, the dazed women were peacefully carried by the bandits into the desert. While the carriers ran to their secret camp, other bandits stayed behind to hide the corpse and destroy the trail.


An Oasis of Lust

“Damn it! Tamira thought while being carried on the shoulder of a bandit across the desert. Why did I pay attention to you, Yaiza? This is going to end badly!

The bandits, with their intimate knowledge of the desert, carried the slaves to a small oasis, where the ruins of a strange construction remained. And without mercy they placed the women, tied up, on a huge slab that seemed to have been used in the past for sacrifices. And in their case it might well be true.

The bandits fucked them in silence, exciting themselves with impressive and sordid grunts; one after another, the bandits fucked the women violently and without giving their tender bodies a rest. Sometimes they were double fucked: the men were eager to relieve themselves and didnt want to stand on line. So ass and pussy ended were pounded at the same time, much to the misery of the women.

At first both women enjoyed the fucking. The bandits primitive virility had nothing to do with Valentios cruel and refined idea of sexual sadism. Those men just wanted to fuck them, not punish or hurt them. However their stomachs were burning in pain already; each one had lost count of how many men had fucked them so far. The horrible feeling of anal impalement was driving them crazy.

With their mouths gagged, the dizzy women couldnt scream or plead mercy; anyway, the men seemed so entranced with their supple bodies, that Yaiza doubted theyd have listened to their requests to stop. The men groaned and sighed, and as each new cock was thrust deep into their orifices, the slaves groaned in agony, the pain in their stomachs spread throughout their bodies.

A feeling of lust but also shame dominated their minds, they couldnt think clear. They didnt want to enjoy the orgy, but the pleasure was too great also, even if the pain was making them think that they were going to die from intense anal penetrations that would split their bodies in half.

Endless Abuss

The men kept taking turns mounting them all night, not wasting a single moment to rest, while the women were not given time to catch their breath. Also no mercy was shown. They were intoxicated with lust, mad at the freedom to fuck two slaves after several months in the desert without females to sexually relieving them.

The barbarian phalluses entered the women’s deformed anuses. The dilated orifices were so loose you could shove three cocks in them in one go. The moistness of the vaginal juices didn’t stop the friction and the virile thrusts from dilacerating the delicate walls of their rectums. Frequently the cocks came out of their bodies covered in blood.

Yaiza and Tamira felt the agonising impalement of their bodies, plus the brutal groping of their intimate parts: the pinches of their nipples, the bites on their neck and cheeks, the pulling of their hairs, the cruel scratches of their tender skin, the violent slaps on their buttocks. Tamira began to think the bandits were tired of fucking them and now wanted to destroy their bodies.

But their captors’ cruelty reached its zenith when, in order to avoid their female juices from making their thrusts lose friction, they poked their cocks in the sand and so covered in it penetrated their pussies, tearing their interior completely.


Horrible Dawn

The sun was starting to rise in the horizon when the bandits stopped the gang rape.

Satisfied and drained of cum and strength, they wiped their cocks in the prisoners’ mouths and hid them back in their pants.

Then they tied the slaves to palm trees with their legs spread-eagled, exposing their bleeding orifices as a sign of the cruelty they had been victims of. But rather than ashamed, the men seemed to take some pleasure in their vicious handiwork. Some pointed at their battered bodies and, speaking in their barbarian tongue, joked and hurled insults at the half-dead women.

And the ordeal Tamira and Yaiza endured was all for nothing. The bandits started their march to the south passage, being careful to hide their trails from possible trackers. With luck, the soldiers wouldn’t hunt them. But they weren’t going to take the women with them. They had just been a good fuck, and now their rightful masters could take them back.

Meanwhile, back in the whores’ camp, the sergeant had just found the body of the dead soldier, and he informed Montal. A slave also reported that two women were missing.

“A couple of whores make no difference,” said the sergeant.

“Right,” said Montal, “but it’s our duty to protect the caravan, and I don’t want problems with Valentio over these bitches. So I want you to search for them and bring them back if they’re still alive!”

A horse patrol rode out into the desert.

“Fucking desert dogs!” shouted the sergeant, an expert tracker. “But they won’t fool me. I’m going to find them.”

In a couple of hours they managed to find the vegetation of the small oasis.

“There, let’s go.”



They found the two ruined women, still held to a palm tree by their wrists; they were covered in dry semen and dark bruises and bleeding scratches. Their legs were open and their buttocks were pressed against the rough tree bark.

Excited, one of the soldiers dismounted and approached Yaiza, who had the largest tits of the two, took down his pants and penetrated her right there.

“What are you doing, dog?” shouted the sergeant.

“Taking my pay in goods, sergeant,” the soldier joked.

“Stop that, you idiot!”

“I’ll be over quickly, sir, I’ve been dying to cum for days now… Uuuuugggg, yaaagh!”

“Damn you, soldier, I’ll have to inform the Count.”

“Don’t do it, sergeant, not unless you want to die in this infernal place.”

The other soldiers surrounded the sergeant, ready to strike him with their swords.

“This is a mutiny!” he complained, unsheathing his sword.

“Sergeant, sir,” pleaded one of his men, “these whores aren’t worth it. They’ve already been fucked. Another cock up their cunts won’t make a difference!”

“Yes, sergeant, we’ve been protecting these bitches for days now without being able to touch them. I think we’re entitled to some fun. One day the men will rebel over a rotten pussy.”

The sergeant understood and sheathed the sword. It was difficult, nearly impossible in fact to keep the men disciplined with so many naked women around to constantly tempt them. Even he sometimes had to resist his urges to rape some of them for the sake of emptying his swollen balls.

“Very well, but don’t be brutal, if that’s possible, and then untie them and clean them up a little.”

And so the wretched runaways were raped again; but they were so relieved to have been discovered by the soldiers, that they didn’t object.

Disciplining a Whore

While Tamira and Yaiza were being gang raped in the desert, Valentio was punishing a whore who didnt know how to give a blowjob. It seemed amazing that after the careful selection and education in Saint-Crs fortress, the slave merchant still found some women in his flesh caravan who were so poor in the sexual arts. However this was also a good reason to punish her.

When I tell you to take it all in your mouth, you dumb bitch, thats what I mean!

My lord, I beg you I felt like I was going to retch, it makes me choke, and I have to stop to catch up my breath

Zas! Zas! Zas!

The whip fell on her exposed tits several times in quick succession.

Ahhhh! she screamed. Mercy!

Valentio used the whip to teach the stupid whore the subtle art of the blowjob.

Dont complain, bitch! If you learn to give me pleasure, youll receive certain privileges in return; if not, Ill punish you every day, with the whip or using stronger methods, until you learn to use your tongue on a mans shaft! First, Ill tie you by your tits to the back of my horse and drag you along the desert for miles

No, my lord! she cried. Let me try again, please put it all the way down my throat Ill suck it well this time!

When the soldiers arrived with Tamira and Yaiza, Montal, seeing the horrible state they were in, half-dead, covered in bruises and shivering, ordered them to be cleaned and fed.

What happened? he asked after they had been taken care of.

We were kidnapped and raped, sir Tamira said, bursting into tears.

Or maybe you cows willingly surrendered to them.

No, my lord Yaiza whimpered.

I dont believe you. If they had penetrated the camp to kidnap you, my men would have seen them. You were planning to run away, and one of my sentries is dead. Valentio will punish you without mercy!

Mercy, sir, I beg you! Yaiza threw herself on the floor and clutched Montals legs, while she buried her face on his crotch, where his cock was throbbing for lust.

You really are a whore, Montal joked.

Well give you a blowjob if you protect us from Valentios wrath, Tamira said. And she was also on her knees next to Yaiza, skilfully loosening Montals belt to gain access to his swollen prick.

Montal smiled and let them play with his cock, without promising anything. The two whores sucked him like they had never sucked a cock before. They were wrestling for his cock, each one trying to show more eagerness and devotion to his male member.

Montal shot his load in their faces, terribly excited. The two whores had sucked him better than many others he had known in his life. There was indeed no reason to let Valentio kill them.


Enlarged ass-holes

These whores arent worth much anymore, Valentio claimed, after inspecting the two victims and being informed of their kidnapping. Montal had taken pity on them and hadnt told the truth to the merchant.

This wouldnt have happened if the cages were covered in tarpaulins, suggested Montal, the scent of cunt attracts all the bandits in the region; it makes them go mad. To make matters worse, theyve killed one of my men.

From now on, continued Montal, if you want my protection, Ill give orders to cover the cages. And now woman will be allowed to walk outside naked.

Except these two whores who must be punished for their lechery, retorted Valentio, smiling wickedly.

More punishment, Valentio? cried Montal. The two girls have been kidnapped and raped by dozens of men

For a soldier, youve very lenient. Theyre to be punished for letting the bandits take them. This way well maintain discipline amongst the women.

Do as you please, Valentio. However, next time it may be you to end up with your trousers down.

Are you threatening me, Montal? Im the master here.

And I have the weapons.

Having said this, Montal left the tent, abandoning Tamira and Yaiza to their cruel fate.

Show me your asses, women! Valentio ordered. Spread your ass cheeks in front of me. You tried to escape, dont think you can fool me. I dont care what you did for Montal in order for him to turn a blind eye to your treason, but Im not an idiot

My lord, mercy, please, we were kidnapped Yaiza murmured softly.

Youre going to be whipped until your tits fall down like ripe apples from a tree, Valentio replied to her. For running away with the bandits, and for opening your mouth without being told to.

Valentio examined their stretched anuses.

If you could see your own ass holes! The bandits really did a nasty job on you. I cant sell you in this state anymore. No nobleman would want to sink his cock in your loose asses!

Valentio picked up a cane and mercilessly fustigated their buttocks until they turned red and thick welts emerged from their skin. He had to rest several times since his arms were aching, but he didnt feel satisfied until their whole bodies, particularly the intimate, delicate parts, were covered in bruises and a crossways of red streaks.


Behind the Horse

From now youll be punished together, Valentio said. Youll probably lose your tits once Im done with you. Every whore needs a pair of them to survive in this world, but you wont live much longer anyway.

And saying that, Valentio explained his punishment: Tamira and Yaiza would walk side by side, their tits attached to each others by a tight wooden vise; and a horse would pull them by a rope tied around their slim waists. They would cross the desert in this way until they reached their destination.

But I doubt youll make it, Valentio predicted.

Valentios personal slave was happy, however. Ever since his threat she had learned to suck cocks masterfully, and Valentio had forgotten that he wanted to inflict a similar punishment on her. His attention was fully focused on the two traitors.

You see, Yaiza, what your ideas got us into, Tamira whispered to her companion.

Im sorry, Im so sorry! Yaiza lamented.

Shut up and start trotting; the horse wont wait for you, ha ha ha!

The two women ran after the horse, trying their best not to fall down and be dragged along the harsh terrain. Their naked feet burned under the sand. Their crushed tits ached terribly No one had watered them in many hours.

The journey seemed interminable to them, and it was an atrocious ordeal. Several times they fell on the burning sand, one pushing the other down with her, and for several stretches of the way they were pulled by the horse like sacks. It took all their strength to get back on their legs.

This punishment lasted three days, and every night Valentio raped their mouths before going to bed. He kept them in his tent, on their knees, tied up to the main pole. Relentlessly, he every night he tightened the vise that crushed their tits a bit more.

One day before arriving in Gorma, he allowed them to rest inside one of the carts, and then once inside the walls he took them to the town council.

Slaves of Gorma

In Gorma, the year before, Valentio had invested a fortune to build a bordello and a boarding house that made life easier to the travellers on their way through Gorma. Thus the town had flourished; in particular the owners of the boarding house and the madam who managed the brothel were now rich. Valentio of course received a commission for the earnings of the boarding house and the whore house.

The town council had rewarded him with a gift of two young women: Tamira and Yaiza. They had sultry, lascivious personalities and Valentio hadn’t needed to waste time or money training them as whores, nor did he need to teach them submission to their new master. For that reason he had taken them as personal servants. But now he was tired of them and wanted to be rid of them.

“These two whores you offered me as pay for my services to the city, they no longer interest me, they’re worthless, plus they rebelled and tried to run away, after everything I did for them. They’ve offended the honor of this town. I return them to you, and I hope you will be severe in their punishment.”

“Master Valentio,” the town council’s chief stuttered, “nothing displeases us more than learning this. How can we repay you?”

“I want the two exposed to the crowds, beaten, turned into public whores in the main square, available to anyone for a price, and that the profits be given to me whenever I pass through Gorma.”

The council found his request just, and Tamira and Yaiza were chained to the walls of the square, to be leered at by the populace.


Exposed and Humiliated

The authorities had taken their clothes and put make-up on them so they’d look more like vulgar whores; their huge tits and cunts were painted in fiery crimson to attract the eyes of passers-by. Pinned against the walls, their ankles and wrists shackled, they were exposed to anyone passing by. One just had to look at them to get a good look of their pussies. A man sat nearby, collecting the coins clients gleefully paid in order to be the first to taste them.

Word was spreading across town that two women were naked in the square, and many men were going there just to see them.

“Beautiful cows,” a well-endowed Nubian smiled at them, “I wish I could fuck you until your pussies bled.” And as he revealed his monstrous cock, Tamira and Yaiza realised he wasn’t joking, that if he penetrated them, he could easily tear their inner walls apart.

“Foolish women,” a monk sighed as he murmured prayers in order to save their souls, while he masturbated his rigid cock under his frock. “May God forgive your sins, my children of perdition.”

“Ha ha ha!” old Jonas chuckled, as he felt an erection for the first time in years, thinking it was the sight of Yaiza’s gigantic boobs that were bringing it back to life.

There was no shortage of customers waiting to taste the new merchandise and willing to pay for it. But the first to fuck them was the chief of the town council; he undressed in front of the girls in order to test their cock-sucking skills.

“I’m going to fuck you, whores,” he said, grinning, “like I never did before. Master Valentio has made it clear your well-being is no longer a concern, so we can abuse you as much as we want. You’ve offender the town’s and blemished its reputation, so now’s the time to pay… filthy whores!”

And he slapped Yaiza and Tamira in the face for having brought shame to Gorma.


Slaves of the town council

That night a bag full of coins was delivered to Valentio. He counted the money, satisfied with the unexpected profits, and then locked the bag in a chest.

He gave orders to lift up the camp, and the caravan continued its march. One day he’d return to Gorma, where another bag of coins would be waiting for him. It had been a good idea, Valentio thought.

Tamira and Yaiza were released from the square’s wall and tied up with their backs against each other, connected by metal collars that made their movements difficult and painful.

Then the authorities took them to a place where there were two wooden stakes buried in the ground. They were ordered to sit on them, and when they refused, four strong men pushed them down on the instruments of torture. They made sure their vaginal orifices had slid down the sharp ends, and then released them. They had no way of getting up without tearing their pussies apart.

“There are two filthy whores here who have disgraced our town,” the town council chief commenced. “From now on and for the rest of their lives they’ll be used, mistreated and fucked, by anyone who pays, like the cheap and vulgar women they are. Any citizen has the right to fuck them, provided you pay a copper coin. But today the whores are free. Those who have paid for them already will be the first ones to have a go, of course. And tomorrow you can repeat it, ha ha!”

Without wasting any time, the citizens started to enjoy the succulent bodies of the two helpless victims, who lamented their terrible fate and accused each other of being responsible for their miserable new life.

Some of the women who had attended the terrible and humiliating punishment, instead of taking pity on the girls, insulted them, blaming their fate on their lecherousness and thirst for sexual lust.

“If you hadn’t been such a pair of whores…!”

“Filthy tramps, come here to tempt our husbands, you deserve everything that’s coming to you!”

As the caravan was leaving Gorma, the two women, covered in bitter cum, were being lifted and placed on a table, their asses shooting upwards, inviting all men to sodomize them throughout the long nocturnal orgy, a mere preview of what waited Tamira and Yaiza for the rest of their slave days.


Valentio made huge sums of money selling or renting out his female slaves on his journey to Hedonia. He stopped at harbor towns and frontier forts to auction his women; horny soldiers and officers scrounged up money to acquire a permanent whore so they didnt have to spend long stretches of time without pussy.

Sometimes when the slave merchant conducted a transaction with a buyer, he could read in their eyes all the cruel fantasies they had in mind for the women. Valentio didnt care about it, once the slaves were sold they stopped being his concern. In fact the sadist in him rejoiced because it gave him pleasure to know that their former slaves were doomed to horrible lives of sexual and physical torture, of ceaseless degradation and servitude.

Bitches in heat

Many of the women destined to serve at Valentios brothel palace in Hedonia or in whore-houses in ports were subjected to humiliating games during the journey. Valentio wanted them to slowly accept their condition as dumb, mindless whores. Sometimes he stopped at small towns to stage shows for paying crowds.

One such game was a sort of death match: two naked women knelt against each other, connected by a double-headed phallus shoved firmly in their anal orifices. Their objective was to fuck themselves by pushing their buttocks back, each making the phallus dig deeper and deeper into the other. This brutal fucking, going on for hours without a break, only ended when one of them collapsed exhausted on the floor.

The spectators, a diverse collection of lascivious peasants, nomads and shepherds, bandits and guards cheered them on and made bets on which one would give up first.

Come on, bitch, move your ass!

Push, whore, push!

Thats it, slut, youre nearly breaking her! Come on, dont give up now!

Ah ah ah ah grunted one of them.

Mrrrmmmmm murmured another, strangely aroused in spite of the public humiliation and the pain in her loins.

Each woman fucked the other with brio; their anuses were sore already from the sexual combat, and they were heaving deeply.

Finally the redhead, burned out and with her anal orifice burning in pain, fell on her tits, beads of sweat covering her sun-tanned skin, the phallus still stuck forcefully between her buttocks.

The winning brunette, too tired to get up on her own, so under Valentios orders she was clumsily pulled up by a man, who didnt pass up the opportunity to fondle her intimate parts. Dripping with perspiration, however, she was too dazed too notice or care. His intruding hand wasnt worse than the thick object that had torn her rectum apart. The spectators who won money betting on her were ecstatic and cheered her loudly as if she were a pony that had just won a race.

As for the redhead, she had to be punished for her loss. Valentios men dragged her to the Blowjob Pole, where she was tied up and harnessed with a mouth ring that kept her mouth unnaturally open to service the men who had won bets.

Now you wish youd pushed harder, dont you, bitch? a rich peasant asked as he pulled out his rigid cock in front of her eyes.


The Well of Pain

The unruly Katina had been admonished in the past about her rebellious nature, so unbecoming in a dumb sex slave. But she couldnt help it: she didnt like to follow orders, seemed sullen when she had to pleasure men and sometimes refused to do certain things the clients asked of her. When she displeased Valentio again he decided to get rid of her arrogance once and for all.

Katrina was locked inside a rusty iron cage and submerged in a filthy well outside the village of Moadah. Her fat tits had been uncomfortably bound up in ropes coated with salt water. Before she was lowered they shoved a metal rod shoved up her rectum. She remained down in the dark, filthy well for a whole day, shivering in the cold, stagnant water. When night fell, her master ordered her to be removed from it.

Dry that whore up and bring me an iron cane, Valentio ordered.

Covered in filth, her hair disheveled and her skin shriveled, the girl Katrina was presented to Valentio. An iron gag prevented her from uttering intelligible words, just bestial grunts; this ashamed her so much she preferred to remain mute. However she couldnt help crying behind the gag, which gave Valentios sadistic heart much pleasure.

Well, whore, he said, youll stop disobeying me now, wont you? This iron cane will make sure you dont forget this punishment again you dont want to go through it again, do you? Im doing this for your own good.

Valentio uttered these words in a compassionate care, but all the while he was caning her breasts repeatedly and relentlessly. Next he moved the cane to her fat buttocks. He made Katina howl like a wild beast for hours. The jackals responded with their own howling, terrifying the huddled slaves in their caravans.

Valentio only stopped when his arm became numb.

You go on, he said to a guard, handing him the cane. Hit her well to warm her up, its a cold night.

Then he opened his pants and pulled out his erect cock, the caning had aroused him so much his dick was harder than stone, and throbbing restlessly for relief. To help him cum he slipped his rod in the mouth of a docile slave waiting complacently on her knees for her master, grateful for the honor of being orally fucked by him.

Oooo, he groaned in pleasure, why cant all my slaves be obedient and thankful like you?

Katina was bound in chains and left in a corner of the tent alone. Her body was a crisscross of red welts, thick and burning hot.


The Pole of Blowjobs

In some towns Valentio erected what he called the Pole of Blowjobs, a curious wooden wall to which he could attach a dozen or so women by their necks.

Valentio had created this degrading contraption for the vagrants, the homeless, the beggars who, for a few coins only, could receive a pleasant blowjob from the slaves. The women, kneeling behind the wall, their heads through a tight hole that didnt let them escape, had no option but to suck their clients Ц all the wretched, smelly, filthy indigents and shit-smelling poor peasants who visited them.

Come on, whore, suck it well, with pleasure, dont stop! Make me cum!

A guard standing behind them carried a long whip, which he used to flagellate their bare backs and buttocks brutally, without knowing whether the women were sucking well or not, since the wall blocked his sight of the raggedy customers.

Ah, you silly bitch, you bit me! he heard from the other side of the wall.

Clak! Clak! Clak!

He didnt know who had offended the customer so he distributed blows across all the women.

Gonia, who had bitten her clients disgusting cock, was brutally slapped by him.

That will teach you, whore!

And you, end that blowjob, its taking too long already! an eager man standing in the long queue said.

Its not my fault this bitch sucks my dick slowly

That whore needs to be caned, then! Tell her to suck faster!

Clak! Clak! Clak!
Fucked until dawn

The wealthier citizens, though, could enjoy the slaves in a more private manner. They could rent them for some hours and play out all their sick desires with them. They were free to tie them up, beat them up, torture them, fuck them brutally and bruise them. But they had to pay generously. They could have them for as long as they wanted, for a quickie, for an hour, for a whole night, depending on their fantasies and the size of their purses.

Stretched out on a crate and bound to it by strong ropes that bit into her wrists and, Beatrice endured the heavy weight of Jerom on her frail body, a brutal landlord whose fortune allowed him to fuck the slave girl all night.

Come on, whore, take it! Dont piss me off or Ill choose another one, and you know what happens to you if I complain!

Beatrice knew that they were beaten with wooden canes and left to starve for days if the clients complained about their performances.

Ahhhh, ayyyyyy! Arghhh! she cried in pain.

Meanwhile Vatessa was tied up against a wall, her legs open as wide as possible. She was on her third fuck that night, courtesy of local merchant Jalim and his friends who had hired her gorgeous supple body for the whole night too. But she was an ornery whore, who loved dick, and in spite of being sore already, her grunts of pleasure left no doubts that she was enjoying it too.

Ahhh! Ohhhhh! Ouuh! Oh God!

Degenerate whore! You love my cock, dont you? Take it! Argghhh! shouted Jalim.

Yes, my lord, fuck me, fuck me Oh, come inside me! Faster, please!

Vatessa was fucked until dawn. Jalim and two friends fucked all her orifices. The exhausted slave was a sorry mess: her cum-stained body was drenched in sweat, gobs of cum had dried on the corners of her swollen lips. Her hair was disheveled and was falling across her bruised face.

But then when the third of Jalims friend pushed his cock up her pussy, something happened: her pussy contracted and locked his penis in it. Vatessa tried to relax her vaginal muscles. The man tried to pull it out but it hurt. So they called for help.



The man whose dick had become caught in Vatessas vagina demanded that she be punished. Valentios doctor examined the woman and confirmed that her vulva had swollen from too much activity and had led to the contraction of the muscles.

Her pussy is contracted, sire, he told Valentio, while groping her battered vagina.

Damn her, it was just one night, four men! raged Valentio. Such a weak specimen isnt fit for this kind of work! What punishment do you suggest?

Cold water baths, recommended the physician. Its not a punishment, but itll decrease the swelling and loosen her pussy again. And shell be fit for work in a few days. But if you want to punish her, focus on her tits and force her to suck cocks between baths.

It will be done, Valentio said. She was still exposed against the wall, in public view. A lackey spent two hours whipping her tits, but was careful not to hit her swollen vulva.

Have you had enough, whore? asked Valentio when he visited her to inspect her battered tits. She was sobbing miserably.

Please my lord, it wasnt my fault I didnt want to displease the client my body betrayed me

Yes, well, youll learn to control your body better! Its your only valuable possession; if you dont have a body to screw, then youre worthless to me.

Yes my lord

Continue the whipping. I want her tits red and glowing, hot enough to fry a steak on them.



On many occasions a slave was rented out to a group of menial workers for a single night. The unlucky woman could barely service all of them, for they were horny and impatient men. However they werent throwing their money away, and they made sure she fucked all of them before the night was over.

As soon as she ended sucking one she moved on to another cock, without catching a break, sometimes she had barely finished swallowing one load of cum and already had another cock in her mouth shooting his sploodge down her throat. These were selfish men, strong men who despised her for her frailty and liked to abuse her just to make themselves feel stronger and superior.

This whore sucks well, dont you think, Jos?

She was born for it. I bet mommy was a cock-sucker too and taught her little girl everything she knew.

Were really lucky to find a bitch like this!

If you think her mouth is yummy, you should try fucking her shitter! Its really tight! Look at her face when I push it in. Shes really in pain, the dumb bitch!

But her pussy is so wide I can shove my whole arm in it.

I know: lets stick a wooden stake up her pussy.

Yeah, but first were all gonna fuck her cunt.

Suck, little whore, suck, suck! Swallow! Dont waste your clients yummy man cream!

She loves the taste, I bet she feeds on cum only!

Clareta was fucked until she passed out, not that it stopped the vicious thugs from continuing to abuse her broken body. For them she was just a collection of holes, of bleeding, sore holes where they stuck their thick cocks. And once all had had their fun, they shoved a thick wooden stake up her pussy.

Look, the bitch woke up! one said, laughing. Did you feel that, cunt?

Shit, it fits right in!

She was lying on her knees, her ass sticking up, her vulva holding the stick in her pussy up in the air. She was contracting the vaginal muscles to keep it in place.

How long do you think she can hold it?

The men started making bets, laughing at her. Their cocks were all limp and they decided she had to hold the stick until they were hard again.

You wont be able to fuck for days after were done with you, whore!

Up on the cross

The caravan continued its journey. Once outside the town of Merk, they found three naked women on crosses. One of them, the respectable wife of a merchant, was attached to the pole by an iron collar, and her weight sustained by a wooden platform; the tips of her toes rested precariously on it. The two other women, her maids, were held by their wrists, and had been savagely whipped and caned, as the countless weals on their legs, bellies and tits showed. Unlike the rich lady, they had wooden phalluses shoved inside their asses.

It was almost night time and Valentio ordered the men to set up camp. Then he interrogated the crucified lady and gave her some water.

Thank you, my lord she whispered, weakly. Im the wife of merchant Adfonsius my husband has failed to pay taxes in town, and after an inquiry relying on torture they considered me an accomplice of his felonies, and so sentenced me to the cross along with my humble servants

Have they set bail for you?

No, my lord we must remain on the cross till the end of the week and then well be sold as slaves to the miners in the mountains nearby. Well work in the mines like common workers and then well have to service them sexually after the works day is done. The filthy pigs!

Well, Ill send one of my men to town to pay your freedom and spare you this martyrdom Youre too beautiful to be wasted in this manner, he said, smiling, thinking what an asset shed be to his collection of slaves.

Oh, thank you, my lord! Ill be much obliged to you! she cried in joy.

I so hope so, my lady, for Ill be hard on you if you dont behave like an obedient whore!

Oh, my lord, no I dont know if I can do that I only have one man, my rightful husband and the pigs who raped me in jail.

Dont worry, youll be taught, we have many professionals of the arts of sex in our caravan. You and your maids will learn quickly.


The Desert Lady

Valentio always made sure to stop in the hill of Montcone, on top of which the castle of Countess Ulrica stood. An arrogant and handsome woman, widow of the great Wilfred de Batania, a fierce warrior killed in the battle of Zoborra.

The castle was in the middle of the desert, but was well protected and self-sufficient, since it contained a rich oasis inside it.

Valentio took shelter in the castle for a few nights and sold some beautiful slaves to the countess for a good price. She needed girls to work as pleasure maids.

Youll like it, my dears, she told the new girls, youll ask, beg to suck my cunny after a few days roasting atop the wall under the scorching sun

Please no

The Countess was a nymphomaniac and a cruel lesbian who enjoyed torturing young women. She knew women were much more obedient and licked her pussy with more gusto after torture. So she always devised special punishments for her new acquisitions.

The slaves were not just satisfy to her, but also her closer servants and all the free women in her court, or to lick each other for their mistresses during the long orgies they continuously organized. It was a spectacle the Countess much loved to watch, two new whores fingering each other or masturbating each other with dildos.

The Countess had created a small community of rich noblewomen who had no use for men but preferred the tender bodies of young women. Many slaves who arrived there didnt like to have sex with women, so the process of turning them into lesbians was a slow and painful process, although Ulrica and her sadistic friends enjoyed every moment of their ruthless teaching.

Many of the women never lost their initial disgust, but it was better to serve Ulrica in order to avoid more exquisite punishments.


Sun Burnt

Standing shoulder to shoulder on the parapet of the wall, the slaves remained there for hours, under the searing heat, slowly roasting. The Countess liked her women sun-tanned, with golden skins. The girls, however, hated the ordeal. They spent hours terrified of falling down the wall.

Some of them had already eaten out their new mistresses pussies on some occasions. However they hadnt learned how to please women yet, so they had to be punished under the sun.

One or two days was usually enough to make the disgusted slaves to beg for a new chance to show their skills with their delicate tongues.

Then they were taken down to the dungeons and forced once again to perform cunnilingus, with no other lubricant in their parched mouths but the juices flowing from their cruel mistresses pussies.

Drink, little bitch, drink my pussy! You must be so thirsty!

The sun had damaged their bodies. Their skin was dry and peeling in some parts. In some areas the flesh was raw and full of blisters. Feverish and dazed, they nevertheless licked the vulvas in front of their faces throbbing with desire and demanding sexual stimulation. In many cases, though, the slaves failed to give them orgasms.

This whore hasnt learned anything yet! Send her back to the wall! Let her burn!

My lady, my whole body is hurting! I can barely move or walk!

Then put her inside a barrel filled with vinegar. Lets see what that does to your wounds, you sassy bitch! Youll learn not to talk back at your betters. Youre going to lick me from inside the barrel until I get an orgasm or until your dumb tongue falls out.

Business at Sakera

In the crossroads at Seralmah the caravan split into three groups; the wagons going to the harbor and to the northern territories took their course, in charge of Valentios lieutenants.

Valentios group was almost in Hedonia, the city of vice.

However Valentio made a detour in the city of Sakera, famous for its beautiful and young maidens.

Valentio needed fresh meat for his brothel in Hedonia. Too many slaves were going for the harbor town and the frontiers up north.

Escorted by some bodyguards, he entered the market and headed to a tent where girls were being auctioned.

With diligence and patience, Valentio examined, fondled, and handpicked the naked, humiliated women being sold.

Theyre all virgins, sire, declared the slave merchant. Delivered by their families and masters but theyre all intact.

Yes, I can see that. Ill need at least a dozen. But Id like to thoroughly examine them. You know virginity isnt what Im famous for selling. There are other attributes I seek in slaves.

No problem, my lord, examine them at will, the merchant said. No strings attached, as always.

Well try these four for now


Exhaustive Examination

Valentio meticulously groped the bodies of the beautiful girls, caressing them and feeling their breasts, buttocks, legs and thighs. He inspected their mouths and teeth as if they were horses, introducing a testing phallus to examine their capacity for sucking large dicks he applied metal pliers on their nipples to assess their sensibility to pain and calculate their resistance to being pulled and twisted.

He always made sure to test the sensibility of their breasts. They were a fundamental part of their bodies, clients loved to fondle them. And a slave with tits too sensible was easier to domesticate since it was easy to turn them into a method of punishment.

Then he caressed their vulvas to assess the elasticity of their labia, the wetness of their recesses, he needed them humid and well lubricated, for it made them more appetizing for the clients.

He fingered them gently to see if the length of cocks they could take, assessing which ones needed to be penetrated as part of their training to make them ready for the better-endowed clients.

Well, not all are virgins, said a satisfied Valentio, but they please me in general; Ill take 20 slaves, if you offer me a special price.

But of course, sire. Should I get the bitches ready for branding?

Yes, do it. And if youd oblige me, I have some women who also need branding.

Certainly, sire, anything for you, my best buyer. Bring them over. Should I lodge them in the usual place?

In the Jackals Tent, obviously.

Ill send for them after the markets closed for the day.


Valentios Branding

Tarin, the chief of the slave tent personally supervised the branding of the women destined to Hedonias great brothel. Thirty-five women waited in line, nervous, anxious, trembling in terror for the quick but painful moment where they would forever be identified as Valentios merchandise. They were branded in twos: first they entered the special cell, then they kneeled down and were attached to a pole by their necks, and their wrists were tied around the pole.

Tarin examined each one and prepared them for the branding. He made sure to choose parts of the body where the burning iron would bite into the tender flesh and leave a clear view of Valentios insignia.

Come on, honey, calm down, this will burn for a second only, he he Its an honor for you to be marked with Valentios insignia. Everyone will know youre under his protection, youre his property now. Youre no longer a cheap whore, but a courtesan at Hedonia. Some have become so famous and popular they own and run their own bordellos.

No, please, dont, I dont want to be branded

Brand the weeping one on the arm, Antonius. She has nice buttocks, so we dont want clients to feel upset when they fuck her from behind, ha ha! As for the brunette, put the mark on the hip, in the inside part, where the flesh is more sensitive.



The whores suffered a moment of excruciating pain.

Now, now, buckle up, bitches, its just a sting

Outside, the expectant whores continued to tremble and crying in fear.

Shut up, bitches! Or youll spend a day on the flagellation pole after youre branded, shouted one of the guards while he cracked the whip against the wall.


Like a mirage, Hedonia appeared out of nowhere when the caravan turned at a steep rock formation. It followed the arid road that continued in the direction of an old cobbled street half drowned in the sand and lined up by immense monolithic phalluses that time and the harsh winds had eroded.

Hedonia: The City of Pleasure and Pain

There it is, said Valentio when he saw the phalluses in the distance. He felt like coming home. Hedonia was a place where he had absolute power over his slaves, where he could abuse and humiliate them in his many cells, always kept full of innocent women under acts of torture.

The previous night there had been a sand storm, and the caravan was forced to stop for shelter in the dreaded Snake Canyon until sun-dawn. Along the way Montals soldiers rescued some women who had been victims of bandits, ordinary women kidnapped from nearby villages: the bandits risked kidnapping in order to turn them into their temporary sexual servants; after months in the desert without females the men would go cunt-crazy and raid villages in order to acquire women.

After abusing and enjoying them for a couple of days, a week at most, they released the spoiled women so they could try to return to their villages, in shame, where they were no longer welcome. After a week of being fucked and brutalized by the marauders, they were no longer capable of serving them sexually; they were completely ruined and no decent man would ever want to touch them again.

There were, however, some women who were proud and arrogant and, instead of submitting, defied their masters. Those were raped the hardest and, after the men were done with their sore bodies, crucified them in remote areas of the desert. Some of these were discovered by Montal and his men. But only three were still mentally and physically fit to work for Valentio as whores, the others were human wrecks that were abandoned in their crosses.

Montal had wished to rescue even those three worthless women, but Valentio disagreed, arguing that they were a waste of time and resources.

Those whores wouldnt have arrived alive in Hedonia, Lord Montal, he explained, and theyre no longer capable of fucking men, not after what those marauders did to their pussies, mouths and ass holes. And dont forget that the clients of Hedonia have particular tastes: they have the hardest, sickest, most inhuman fantasies, and the women must be sturdy if they want to survive these ordeals. However, if you pity them, bring them down and fuck their mouths with your thick cock until you choke them in sperm, that way theyll die with pleasure.

Montal bit his lip and ordered his archers to aim at the unfortunate women and put them out of their misery.

The wind was blowing sand onto them when they arrived at the entrance of Hedonia. Two phallus-like monoliths, carved out of huge rocks, were standing on each side of the avenue, indicated the travelers that they were about to enter the city of pain. Sculptures attached to the monoliths depicting punished women gave the newly-arrived prisoners shivers. This was a warning to them, to prepare themselves for the terrifying submission and degradation that awaited them inside the brothels of the decadent city.


Sun Worshippers

This is what happens to one of my bitches at the smallest disobedience or complaint, shouted Valentio upon riding past the entrance phalluses. Women who enter Hedonia must quickly learn to accept their new existence as the sexual playthings of visitors, as mere mindless objects that live to give pleasure only. You will think of nothing else but serving the man who has paid a few coins for your body.

Valentio stepped aside to let the caravan continue and then rode along its length, giving instructions to his valuable cargo of prostitutes:

Have a good look at these statues, see the punishments that they depict, imagine the torment of the sun upon your delicate, bare skin the wind and the sand tearing you apart, he said surveying the frightened women with a lecherous, sadistic gaze.

When Hedonia was built, he continued, these phalluses were already here; they had been erected by a priapic sect that made human sacrifices in honor of the sun and whose members punished unruly women in this manner. There were always slaves bound to the monoliths, exposed to sunlights destructive heat, a warning to the sects women to live chaste, obedient lives and also a way of luring new members for the sect. Crucified, the womens bodies were arched over the phalluses protuberant balls, with their back against the burning stones and their naked breasts offered to the sun; their legs were kept spread so that their dried up vaginas ended up full of sand. The sects priests abandoned the women there after raping them. Once they were gone, anyone could do whatever he wanted with them. They were common property. However one day the city was invaded and sacked by barbarian tribes in their expansion eastwards, and only the monoliths and some sculptures remain


Human Sacrifices

No more than a century ago, Valentio continued, a group of businessmen and merchants installed themselves here in order to create a slave market and a pleasure house unlike any other in the world. They rebuilt the city and reinstated the barbarian customs of Hdon, including human sacrifices of defiant female slaves to the sun god.

This made business prosper and the number of visitors in search of good deals and exotic pleasures increased. However the demand for prostitutes increased too, when the citizens of Hdon realized they were running out of slaves: so they decided to represent the punishment via sculptures, perpetuating the sun sacrifice.

From inside the cages there was a collective whimpering and squirming while the girls listened to this macabre history of the infamous monuments, and more than one imagined herself one day hanging from one of the phalluses, suffering the same fate: broiling in the sun, chewing sand, slowly dying from thirst.


Nevertheless, the sun punishment is still enforced, any master is free to punish his slave, and as youll soon see theyre abandoned in the avenue leading up to the palace, amongst the monoliths pay heed to their example and submit yourselves fully to your masters desires and whims, as brutal as they may be, submit completely, you dumb whores, lest you share their fate. This is the city of pain and pleasure. Everything is permissible here. Youve come here to satisfy the basest, filthiest, most degrading desires and fantasies that powerful, horny men have, its your faith. Accept it or burn to death!

A murmur of consternation swept the caravan; everywhere the women whispered to each other words of fear and courage, they sighed and sobbed weakly, but only until the guards made them shut up with the help of their whips.

The caravan rode up the avenue and on both sides of the sinister path, between the monoliths, there were poles, crosses and other types of scaffolds, some occupied by women submitted to tortures, others empty, waiting for fresh meat.

Thus Hedonia continued the ancient custom of publicly punishing slaves with cruel techniques, and laying their bodies bare in order to make them experience the total horror of the deserts temperatures on their helpless bodies. These punishments were both for the enjoyment of the visitors and for the edification and conditioning of the women doomed to serve as whores in the citys many brothels. Already it was having an affect on the new arrivals.

From their cages, the whores contemplated with fear the grim spectacle. There were no longer sculptures, now it was women made of real flesh, women who suffered noisily, who cried in pain, moaned with their remaining forces for succor that would never come.


The Ballasted Widow

There was a woman who had to endure having her swollen breasts ballasted with heavy weights, attached to her nipples by clamps. Even though she barely had any strength left, this sun-burnt woman managed to beg for clemency. Valentio knew that if he rescued her hed have to pay a fee to the citys administration and another one to her rightful owner. The women pushed out her bare tits, offering them to him in compensation for his troubles.

Let me go, I beg you, and Ill give you pleasure with my teats, even in spite of their being badly damaged I beg you Oh God, please! she screamed like a madwoman.

Valentio pretended not to hear the plaintiffs requests. Her master had repudiated her and punished her for a very grave fault, he was certain. Besides, her painful moaning was making his cock swell and he didnt want to end that enjoyable feeling between his legs.

Im the widow of merchant Janicio, she explained, My husband lost his fortune and hanged himself from a wooden beam. Ive been paying his debts with my body for over a year now But no one wants me anymore; they say Im too ugly and battered to get anyone hard anymore. I beg you, help me, release me

The caravan continued, leaving the woman behind, the slaves looking out their cages at the sobbing woman, moved by her fate and imagining that they would one day be in the same situation, all worn out like her and rejected by her masters, no longer profitable, a burden to get rid of

With one stroke of his sword, Montal cut the ropes that bound the woman and she fell on her tits, too weak to support herself. Montal got back on his horse and rode on.

Youve been too merciful lately, lord Montal, sneered Valentio.

Janicio was my friend! exclaimed Montal, dryly, and road ahead of the caravan.



They met two women tied up in wooden contraptions, being sold. Three bronze pieces each one, a sign said in front of them.

Why dont you buy these two, my lord Montal? Valentio asked, smiling. Theyve got fine bodies yet, theyre cheap. Much better than Janicios wife.

You buy them, Valentio. I fear youll need lots of whores, because my men are horny and bored.

Ill make them a special price.

Theyll be free of charge for three nights.

I cant allow that, my lord.

I think you can.

The Count continued on his way.

Do you think youre better than me, Montal?

Never doubt it, was the answer he received.

Valentio ordered his men to free the women and he personally want to pay their master, who was sitting inside a small, sheltered from the sun and smoking a pipe.

However, before the transaction was concluded, one of the women said, I prefer death to serving the infamous Valentio. And she spat on his face.

Then youll have your wish granted.

After paying their master, Valentio ordered one of his minions to torture the woman who had spat on his face all day, as sadistically as possible, without killing her.

And tomorrow morning, you filthy whore, youll be brought alive to me, where Ill place you in the pillory in Hedonias training yard.

At the doors of Hedonia

The great door of Hedonia was locked, and Montal decided to stand there until someone showed up. But not a single soul was atop the wall to notice their arrival. And no one answered the gate when he knocked on it.

He shouted, but no one replied from behind the gates or from the walls.

But an arrow hit the ground next to the hooves of his horse.

Open up, you dogs! shouted the Count. Im escorting the caravan of the slave merchant Valentio.

No one answered.

Finally Valentio arrived and approached the gates. He opened his hands and raised his arms. He said his name and uttered an unintelligible sentence, and the gate was opened, whirring on its rusty hinges.

Mockingly Valentio made a curtsy to Montal and stepped aside so that he could enter first.

Inside it was dark and cool. Janicios wife sighed and clung tightly to her savior. She hoped she wouldnt return to the horrible cells where she had been locked up, held by firm shackles. She also hoped that under Montals protection, no one would treat her like a whore and fuck her again. When she had been in jail all the prison guards were free to abuse or spank her at any time, as many times as they wanted.

Perhaps she could seduce Montal and become his lover, even if terribly sore shed give herself totally to her rescuer with pleasure, so long as that saved her from Hedonias wrath.


Valentios House

Slowly Valentios caravan penetrated the cool and obscure corridor and moved through the shadowy streets of the citadel towards Valentios mansion.

The coolness relieved the slaves, who had been broiling inside their cages, marinating in their own piss and sweat for hours. But now in this city of humid shadows they knew they were in the center of a lustful hell.

Valentio owned a huge brothel-mansion with magnificent reception halls for the clients, cells for fornication and punishment, kitchens and pantries, and the terrible stables and dungeons where the slaves were kept and trained.

The girls were locked up in the stables to be inspected later and more than one was delivered to torturers for punishment.

Some were put on a special diet in order to make them lose some weight Ц their only food was to be the torturers semen.

For Montal and his men a special annex was prepared, in the East Tower, wider and more comfortable than he expected.

Sergeant Devol, ordered Montal, the men have a three-day leave, however only at night, during the day the usual rules and procedures apply. And pick out the best men for sentry duty, day and night, theyll be well rewarded.

Once night fell, Arker the mercenary and his friend, Victus, left the soldiers quarters to visit Hedonia, even though they could enjoy Valentios slaves without paying, they preferred to search in the city carnal entertainment in order to feel freer, even if Victus demanded a blowjob from one of the slaves before he left.

And so they got lost in the citys labyrinthine streets. In a corner they glimpsed the well-lit door of a noisy brothel: The Pearl of Hedonia it was called, and from its interior came an intense odor of beer and rancid cunt, so they entered, anxious.

As soldiers of fortune, they were used to the worst, and the pungent smell of cunt made their blood boil with excitement and made their cocks throb with vigor.


The Infamous Show

Inside clients were enjoying themselves with cold beer while they were stroked and fondled by the expert hands of whores. The two mercenaries sat at a table and immediately a handsome and lascivious young maid, covered only in a cum-stained apron, stopped in front of them, bent over the table, and started fondling her breasts through the fabric.

What do you wish, gentlemen? she asked the two men who were engrossed in the show she was giving them with her tits.

Bring us two pints of cold beer and then sit down with us, girl, we wanna enjoy your splendid tits some more.

As you wish, my lords.

The maid walked to the counter, wiggling her bare ass covered in red welts, a present from a client who had paid her some coins to whip her. The two friends couldnt keep their eyes off her round buttocks, Victus imagined himself pushing his cock up her anus and exploding his jism inside her.

Ohh, this is just the kind of place I had in mind! he said, touching his bulge, his cock was hurting inside his tight pants, but he wanted a woman, preferably that maid, to pull it out with her hands.

Auhhhh! a cry was heard from the other side of the room.

Someone had opened a pair of red curtains and the two friends saw a young naked woman hanging from the ceiling, her legs bent backwards so that she wasnt touching the floor. She was tied up by her arms, and a metal phallus was lodged inside her anus.

Her eyes were blindfolded with a silk band and she twisted her body around in sensual lasciviousness.

She stretched her legs and her feet touched the floor, however she continued squirming sensually, as if she wanted to hypnotize the audience with her delicate figure. There was a woman on her left, a gorgeous mistress dressed in deep blue dress, so tight that it showed all the contours of her well-shaped body. She spoke to the clients:

Welcome to The Pearl of Hedonia the best brothel in the city, where you can always enjoy the best beer, the most submissive girls and the best erotic shows tonight slave Martha will be punished and given to you, her body belongs to you, you can do whatever you wish with her although you must of course pay a few coins of bronze in order to do so.

Some men fumbled in their pockets and purses for coins, gathering the necessary amounts to buy the privilege of fucking Marthas body after she had experienced a brutal ordeal that was about to begin.

And before paying, the clients climbed onto the stage, more than one already hard with lust for the helpless blindfolded woman.

Auuugg! she moaned when she heard their footsteps creaking on the wooden stage.

Mmmm a man murmured as he got close enough to grab her tits, red from previous whipping.

Arrrr! another man grunted as he stroked his cock hanging outside the pants.

Noooo! Martha begged, feeling them move closer to her vulnerable body. Although she had been hired to play a submissive whore, and she knew what to expect, she also knew the clients wanted her to sound terrified, that it made them hornier and that the show would be more popular that way.

Quickly the unfortunate Martha found herself surrounded by a ring of horny beasts that didnt stop fondling, groping and pinching every inch of her body, twisting her nipples and slobbering over her tits and face, abusing her in every possible way.

The Horny Maid

Arker didn’t even look into his purse, Victus still counted his coins… they had enough, but the night was proving to be expensive, and besides the gorgeous, big-titted maid was already back with their beers and sitting down between them, slowly stroking their cocks, which she had pulled out from their pants.

“Suck me,” she said, meaning her tits behind the tight apron. “Pull it down, I’ve got one for each one of you.”

They grabbed one each and started licking them, kissing her nipples, biting them gently. The night was just starting.

The two soldiers started enjoying their whore more intimately, they stretched her on the table and ripped the apron off her, offered her their dicks, which she sucked one at the time, and when they shot their loads she gulped down their cum, while they drank their beers.

The maid was horny and couldn’t get enough of them, she was a shameless slut who didn’t refuse any of their fantasies and behaved like a mindless whore to their two newfound masters.

“Yes… my warrior, fuck me, put it inside me, like that my lord, yes, yeeeeeees!”

“Good whore, good whore!”


Choosing the Slave

Meanwhile, in the backroom of the brothel a man was electing a whore for the second round. Mareus, the personal slave of Candia, the Madame of The Pearl of Hedonia, was examining three gorgeous slaves to choose one for the main show.

All three wanted to be chosen since, in spite of the harshness of the show, they’d receive good money for the pain, beating and brutal fucking they’d endure. And they tried to convince him with expert blowjobs. Mareus had been peremptorily forbidden of ejaculating by his mistress, so he had to make a super-human effort not to shoot his sploodge in the mouth one of the candidates. The boy slave was always loaded with cum, his balls were always big and heavy and sensitive, and he constantly begged Candia to let him relieve himself through masturbation.

Candia, a harsh mistress, liked to whip his cock and then she masturbated herself him until he was completely dry. Relieved, Mareus slept lying between her thighs, with his mouth glued to her dripping cunt, which she kept expertly trimmed and smooth.

On waking up, his mistress urinated in his mouth and then forced him to lick her vulva and clitoris while she had breakfast, him standing on his knees under the table, between her legs.

However, Mareus cummed in the slave girl’s mouth this time. And grunted in fear.

“Don’t worry, Mareus,” the sucker said, wiping her lips of his cum. “Candia will never know. If you elect me.”

“It won’t be you, Shara, it’ll be red-headed Hela.”

Candia was standing there, holding a cane in her hand.

“You’ve spit my boy slave’s milk,” she said to the girl who had made Mareus ejaculate, “semen which is my property, and you’ll be severely punished.”

Mareus got up and ran out of the room, dripping cum from his limp dick, terrified. He knew that after punishing the girl, Candia would punish him for his weakness.


The Great Show

The curtains closed down after Martha expired her final sigh, exhausted. Her crucified and broken body was lifted from its cross, her body dripping with the juices of her abusers and her own. While she was carried out she didn’t stop whimpering from a painful orgasm. More than 12 men had abused her body in just one hour.

But immediately the curtains of another stage rose, showing the slave chosen by Candia, the red-headed Hela, for the main show: gagged with rancid rags soaked in urine, and exposed naked in the shape of X, she was ready to entertain her anxious audience.

The clients who were going to play torturers had paid some silver coins and got ready to start tormenting her body.

The torturers flagellated her torso, her breasts and her smooth tummy, they pinched her nipples and twisted them in both directions, pulled her tits up and down, and abused her vulva with a special bronze phallus, never seen by Arker and Victus, which emitted a special whirring noise. The strange apparatus was full of crickets that didn’t stop singing and vibrating the thin walls of their cage.

Hela couldn’t stop moaning and sighing at the painful and unusual masturbation… she knew that if they penetrated her vagina and activated a mechanism, the phallus-cage would open up releasing the insects into her belly. This unique and terrifying method made her feel a nauseating horror nut also made her pussy clench around the bronze tip tighter, making it drip even more.


Gang Fucked

As the night’s show was coming to an end, they tied beautiful Danae up in a way that left the intimate parts of her young and sensual body exposed to the men eager to fuck her.

Two male servants immobilized Danae, keeping her legs pulled apart by strong ropes; her ass, cunt and mouth were ready to be fucked without truce by a debauched group of men who had paid for the privilege of having a taste of her. Tonight there were twenty men who had paid handsomely for the privilege of abusing her mercilessly.

The clientele started singing and cheering while the first man removed his pants and showed his masculine attribute, erect already and ready to penetrate her soft body. He pulled the foreskin back, revealing the bulging head dripping precum. With a brutal and sadistic thrust, his cock disappeared inside her cunt.

“Arrghhhhhh!!” Danae screamed when she felt so savagely penetrated. The man fucked her with deep and strong thrusts, burying his cock inside her down to his balls, which bounced against her buttocks.

Danae tried to relax and let the paying customer have his way with her, but she had been left in a painful posture that didn’t allow her to enjoy the sex. Her arms hurt her and her knees were bearing the weight on the man on top of her.

Danae managed to withstand the first five men with silent submission. However the started feeling a unbearable pain in her private orifices, her flesh was becoming sore and the friction caused by the dicks moving in and out of her didn’t allow her to attain any pleasure. Then the sixth man shoved his huge dick inside her anus, which although already dilated by the previous customers, was sensitive and couldn’t stand his cock’s girth.

“Aiiiihh!” she cried.

The young girl had had a long training in these obscene acts, but tonight the clients were particularly aroused, which only made them more violent and mean. They didn’t care about giving her pleasure – for them she was just a dumb fuck object. Goaded by the cheers of the audience, each one tried to outdo the other by fucking harder.

“Come on, whore! Shake your hips! Wiggle your ass! I didn’t pay to fuck a corpse.”

“Ahhh, please, my butt is too tight. Please, you’re hurting me!” Danae shouted. “Noooo, Auuuhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! You’re tearing me apart, you sick bastard!”

“Hold your tongue, you fool!” ordered Madame Candia, who was supervising the brutal show. “You’re here to be fucked, very deep and hard! Come on, you dogs, don’t worry, she can take all of you. Don’t refrain from fulfilling your darkest desires on her supple body. Give the little whore everything you want.”


The Night Fucker

Suddenly a giant jumped onto the stage, pushing the customers aside.

“Where do you think you’re going, asshole?” asked Madame Candia, mad at the intrusion. “You haven’t paid; you have no right to touch my girl.”

The huge man smiled at the Madame, then grabbed her hand and placed it on his bulging crotch.

Madame Candia groped it, marvelled, and then smiled lasciviously. She immediately realized she could turn this opportunity into an unforgettable show for the audience.

“Very well, my dear, I think it’s worthwhile to give you a test,” she said to the stranger. Then she turned to the audience and said, “My dear customers, listen to me please, this man is so well endowed that I think it’ll be worth our time to see him in action.”

But those who had already paid started protesting.

“Be calm,” she asked them, “you’ll have your turn, but for now just watch and enjoy this stranger fucking our young Danae.”

Madame Candia got on her knees and pulled down the giant’s pants and undergarments, immediately a thick and long cock sprang semi-erect from between his legs. Madame Candia grabbed the prick in her hands, caressed it sensually, she even kissed it.

“There, let’s get it erect and ready,” she said as she gently licked the shaft and head to make it reach its maximum length and width. Within a few seconds of the operation she had performed with her tongue, the cock was throbbing in the giant’s hands, leaking precum. “Do it now, my friend, fuck her any way you want!”

The crowd started cheering the giant. And when his prick, slowly and with some effort, entered the girl’s burning and wet ass, the women present started shrieking in one voice, blocking out Danae’s excruciating pain as she felt her entrails being devastated.

The giant was leaning over her, his big hands were on her buttocks, pulling them apart. His rod moved in and out of her bleeding anus with ferocity and vigour. Danae breathed deeply, trying to ignore the pain.

Everyone was mesmerised by the size of the cock: all the people present, men and women, cheered the brutal penetration, and indeed urged the giant to thrust it against her faster and harder, to really hurt the innocent-looking slave. The session was unbearable for Danae.

“Uughhh! Unnff! Arrrgh… Noooo, no, please… Nooo!”

“Huff, huff,” the giant panted. He didn’t stop to catch his breath. He was big and strong like a bull, and he was obviously loving every moment, as his sinister and wide grin showed. Sometimes he lowered his head to try to kiss the lips of Danae, who struggled to avoid his disgusting mouth full of saliva.

His cock was constantly slipping between her ass and vagina. Whenever he got tired of fucking one hole, he moved to the other. But he wasn’t getting tired of abusing her body, for he kept groping and fondling it while he pumped his cock inside her.

Even though she was tied up and bound, Danae writhed hard in her ropes. But they were too strong to break; instead her squirming only helped the ropes to bite deeper into her body, leaving her pale skin full of red weals.

At last, a long bestial grunting announced that the giant was going to come. He got up from her and slowly dislodged his filthy and soaked cock from inside her body; then he started spraying her buttocks, thighs, breasts and back with hot sperm.

Danae felt a sickly emptiness in her entrails and passed out.

The brutal stranger was elected the fucker of the night and was offered all the free beer he wanted. He drank until he fell on the floor, asleep.


Another Battle

After the impressive show, the clients, already full to the brim with booze and itching for sexual release, started requesting the varied sexual services that the Pearl of Hedonia offered and which Madame Candia knew how to obtain.

Like most bordellos in Hedonia, the sexual services include in most cases the almost total submission of the whores, to the point that many establishments offered punishment cells where the chosen slave or slaves could be punished and abused and spanked by the clients.

It just depended on the level of viciousness and on the sexual fantasies of the client in question. On the whole, there wasn’t a sexual fantasy that couldn’t be fulfilled in Hedonia, provided there was money to pay for it. The city was always in need of fresh meat because the women didn’t last long in these dens of depravity.

The Pearl besides its main room with tables and chairs and a stage, had many backrooms that the clients could rent for special shows, and also small rooms, alcoves, dungeons, a cupola-shaped torture chamber, punishment cells for disobedient girls, and the great stable where most of the women lived in captivity when they weren’t serving clients.

The girls remained tied up in their cells, available for the clients, who visited them there to pick up their favourites. Some of them were reserved for special clients, rich men who paid in advance for the privilege of having their personal whores.

Usually these wretched women looked exhausted, were skinny and weak from malnutrition, their bodies were covered in cane marks and they all had slave-like personalities. The haughtier ones didn’t last long or they endured special trainings that removed all traces of insubordination from their personalities.

Arker and Victus, the mercenaries, already a bit tipsy, hadn’t fucked a female in many months. They were led to a sinister cell where four slaves waited them, bound in ropes and looking maudlin.

“Very good, my friend” Arker said. “Do you think we can take on these four bitches?”

“I’m sure, my friend, in this battle we don’t accept neither truce nor defeat.”

Skull Fucked

Imitating the famous pathway of a thousand mouths, each brothel, depending on its possibilities, offered the clients its own pathway, where more or less young girls stayed on their knees for long stretches of time giving blowjobs to men. It was cheap and exciting, one just had to drop a copper coin in the cauldron each whore had between her legs, and then he was allowed to grab her by a tuft of hair and push her face against his dick for fellatio.

In its pathway of mouths, the Pearl used to have five or six women; they weren’t the prettiest, for according to custom the suckers were elected from amongst disobedient women who needed punishment. But they were suitable to the task and the clients didn’t complain about their looks.

The clients only had to enter the pathway, elect their victim, throw the coin down, and start penetrating their open mouths.

“That’s right, bitch, suck, suck, eat my cock!”

Glop gluglug gloplop!

The men went crazy at the wet, sloppy sound the women made when they sucked their cocks or when they gagged on their bursts of cum.

The place was humid and stank from sweat and old sperm, which was dry in solid patches on the floor which was never washed. There was also a pungent smell of piss in the air since the women stayed there entire days and had to piss and shit into holes over which they squatted, and sometimes they happened to miss the target. It was a hellish place for the women to work in, but for some men, horny and unable to rent expensive private quarters, this was a good solution.



The structure of the citadel of Hedonia was strange and curious. The blueprint was an almost perfect square surrounded by invulnerable walls, and excepting the great towers and central palaces that rose over the walls, the rest of the buildings formed an intricate and mysterious labyrinth of dimly-lit little streets, save for the ample main squares: the Square of Pain, where public tortures and punishments were administered, since the private punishments were enforced in the brothels or in the avenue leading into the city; the Great Market Square, where slaves were bought and sold; and the Council Square, where the authorities had meetings.

The other buildings weren’t particularly tall. Like The Pearl, many brothels, small in appearance, hid under its faзade innumerable halls and rooms on different subterranean levels. Hedonia was like an iceberg in the desert: under the burning sand one could find a vast rock formation that had been ably perforated and drilled by its dwellers in ancient times and refurnished several times, and below this formation there was a huge well that concentrated all water from several miles around it.

By means of a sophisticated hydraulic system, this water was pumped up to the surface and distributed throughout the city. It wasn’t in vain that its founders, a strange nomad tribe, settled there after finding, in their desperate exodus, the greatest oasis in the region.

In one of the outskirts of the central palace you could find the Temple of Hedon, unusually run by a woman, the Great Priestess. Not all women were slaves in Hedonia, and not all slaves were women, there were also slave men who were used in the harder tasks, and as breeding studs for the ladies. Many of them were freed slaves, others belonged to the caste of the Sect of Hedon. And they were as cruel and depraved as the men. Or perhaps even more.


Servants of Hedon

After the Great Priestess, there was a cohort of high priestesses, also called dominas, then minor priestesses, then novices, and finally the bitches, who were given this name because they were the lowest slaves who served the sect. In the sect a woman’s servitude was unconditional and for life. For any fault or disobedience they could be demoted and punished in unspeakably cruel ways.

The capital punishment was crucifixion in the middle of the Pain of Square, but this punishment was reserved only for the dominas, and once or twice a Great Priestess had been punished this way too.

A penitent woman was placed upside down and tied up by her breasts. In Hedonia this method wasn’t very usual but it was effective. The penitent woman was punished by impalement, stretching and even having her breasts slice off. Bound upside down and with her legs spread wide open, she received a double punishment: metallic screws strangled and slowly stretched her tits out of shape until they were tore apart. Meanwhile a thick phallus slowly penetrated her vagina. It was a heavy lead chalice that they inserted inside her. A weight was attached on the other end of the phallus and it pushed the chalice down until it was fully lodged inside her vaginal cavity.

The process was slow-moving and methodical, and always attracted a huge crowd. Men went there to enjoy the debasement of these powerful and untouchable women who belonged to the sect. Twisted men liked to bring whores with them and fuck them in front of the dying women. Other men liked to attend these punishing rituals to steal glances at the beautiful and ripe novices, who were forced to watch the horrible show and shivered in terror at the thought that one day they could be tortured like that too.

After the punishment, the servant of Hedon was left in the square for a whole day, naked. The next day she was examined by physicians, and depending on her state, released, healed and transferred to the pathway of a thousand mouths to serve with her mouth for all life. Usually these women were popular for a while, for everyone liked to debase and humiliate a woman who had previously been a servant of the prestigious sect of Hedon. But if she was in a poor shape, with extreme cruelty she was left in the square to expire in agony.

Legend has it that the Great Priestess Arianna, whose heresy caused a revolution in Hedonia, was punished in this manner and that she resisted the ordeal with propriety, that her female organs endured the maximum penetration of a chalice of great calibre, and that the flesh of her breasts survived the stretching unscathed, without permanent lesions and disfigurement. Released, she was taken to the Great Master, on her four, like a bitch, dragging along the floor her painfully stretched tits. In his presence she submitted to him and begged for mercy. It is said that she ended her days in the pathway of a thousand mouths, and some old men swear nonetheless to have enjoyed her voracious mouth in their youth.

The Rites of Hedon

Before being accepted as novices, every bitch in the Sect of Hedon had to pass harsh tests.

Each bitch must learn to submit herself to the authority and lust of several priests: her future as a novice depended on her complete and willing submission. The priests cruelty was extreme. Under the guidance of a high priestess, several priests fondled, groped, pinched and caned the novices body and also used it for countless penetrations. She had to pass a test of endurance: she had to be capable of being penetrated by dozens of men one after another without passing out, without showing signs of tiredness, showing always a content, eager face that showed desire to please the priest mounting her. She had to be oblivious to the pain their rape and flagellation caused her, and the priests were instructed to force screams out of her by hook or by crook.

After the session the slave was seated with her legs open and manually penetrated with the chalice of Hedon, a strange punishing instrument shaped like a chalice and ending on a pointy edge.

Oh great Hedon, give me strength, the slave chanted during the ritual.

Oh great Hedon I offer myself to you.

Oh great Hedon I want to be your servant.

Oh great Hedon take me.

Oh great Hedon make me yours.

Well greased, the pointy-shaped object slowly entered the slaves vagina, which dilated as the object grew wider and wider, until it entered completely inside her. Then her vagina closed around the chalice, outside only a small handle on the base of the chalice in order to pull it out again. Once this procedure was completed, she was lifted up and made to wear the chalice inside her for at least a day.

To add a special touch of malice to the ritual, the slave is given many hard tasks during that day in order to make her feel as uncomfortable as possible with that intruding object inside her. During that period of time, the slaves receive contrary signals from their loins, of pain and of pleasure. Some cant take it and try to remove it, which incurs in serious punishment. Others go crazy and beg to have it removed.

If the penetration is painful, the extraction of the chalice is no less cruel, the slave is forced to expel it by pushing it out as if she were giving birth; or else its extracted by ropes tied to the handle of the chalice.


The Hedon Chalice Sacrifice

The next initiation rite of the novice to become a worthy servant of Hedon, consists in being hung wide open and sat on the chalice which slowly spread and penetrated her sphincter while the acolytes sing litanies and give themselves to lustful passions in an infernal orgy in front of the bitch.

Oh great Hedon, give me strength, the slave prays during the test. And the acolytes sing.

Oh great Hedon, I offer myself to you.

Oh great Hedon, I want to be your servant.

Oh great Hedon, take me! Ahhhh! Auuuhhhh!

The greasy object grows wider as it pushes deeper into her anus, distending the inner walls of her rectum. Her weight pulls her body down to it. This rite was similar to the first one. For novices aspiring to become priestesses, the chalice was wider and it was covered with ridges and sharp points to tear their sensitive interiors.

After total penetration, the novice is lifted up and made to wear the chalice inside her entrails for two days. This time she is made to spend a period in solitude, praying and walking back and forth in her small cell. Then when the time is ready, she is taken before the whole congregation and is forced to expel the object from inside her; it is a ceremony as liturgical as it is scatological for the sect believes in the spiritual power of humiliation.

The third rite happened in a cage. The bitch is locked in a cage in the patio, for five days, day and night, regardless of the cold and the heat. The bitch lives these days in almost total reclusion. She is fed on nothing but the semen of the guardians, who are free to violate her.

Once again her cunt and ass are penetrated, this time with wooden chalices. She grows weaker and weaker: at one point she can no longer drink and swallow cum down her throat because the forced fellatios have made her mouth hurt and her throat parched. Her belly is bloated due to the penetration caused by the Hedon chalices. And she is made to sleep and stand in her own filth, her piss and shit.

This last rite is to fully disarm her of her notions of dignity and decency and self-worth. It is her last stage in making her a fully docile and submissive servant ready to serve the higher echelons of the sect.

If the slave passes the test she is ordained as a novice and shell have to wait two years before she can submit to new tests to be ordained as a minor priestess.

Come on, whore, suck my cum, you need nutrients to keep your strength up. Be strong, you just have one more day to go before being ordained


Hedon Slaves

However, not all slaves are worthy of becoming novices, of serving Hedon, and those unfit are used to serve and pleasure the members of the sect.

Two recently bought slaves are being forced by a trainer, a very virile slave. One is anally taken while shes forced to lick the cunt of her companion. The pain caused by the penetration causes her to reflexively bite her friends vulva.

Uhhhmmmm, gggggrraaghhh!

Shut up whore, you dont deserve better. Just wait for your turn to be penetrated, if youre good and you know how to fuck, youll be of use to some of the old priests. As for you, wiggle your ass, put some effort into this.

The slave being ass-fucked is taken then to the viewing path where the priests walk in pious meditation; but if there is a bitch there to excite them, they can possess her mouth, and if they want, they can recruit her into their personal service.

What do you think of this cow, brother? a priest asks.

Well, she looks like a debauched and sensual whore who enjoys carnal pleasure, his companion said, staring at her naked figure. But I saw her first, brother.

Then enjoy her, and once youre sated, Ill fuck her too, and if any of our brothers wants he can have her too; then well decide who she belongs to.

Immediately the girls mouth is invaded by a fat cock that nearly dislodges her jaws in the brutal rush to force itself inside her. The priests believe in the way to pleasure through pain, that is, pain for the women, and pleasure for them. The more tortured and abused and mistreated the women are, the more the priests enjoy themselves. An important component in their sexual rituals is physical and mental humiliation. In the case of the slaves, the priests enjoy pissing in their mouths after the blowjob, and the gurgling sound of the slaves choking on their urine is divine music to their ears.

Gloop glop glublub agghhh!

Thats it, youll make a good servant for your master.

Humiliation and Punishment

The priests are free to punish their servants whatever way they please, but if he causes them excessive damage, the acolyte can be punished with a painful and prolonged masturbation, carried out by several slaves over many days.

Dorita was a slave in the pool. She is pissed on, made to drink her masters urine. If she refuses, there are slaves ready to open her jaws long enough for the priests stream of piss to finish.

Dorita had been a former priestess and domina, but she broke Helons iron rules and was demoted from her prestigious rank. Once a slave she fell into Zirus hands, a sadistic and cruel priest who tortured and punished her without rest, forcing her to remain entire days in the pool to break her haughty manners.

You see, you proud cunt, this is how a man tames a rebellious slave! From now on I want your full obedience and devotion; your days as domina are over forever. Youre a common slave whore now!

The next day Dorita is removed from the pool and taken to the bath house, where Zirus forces her to suck his cock underwater. This is one of the most curious attractions in some of the pleasure houses in Hedonia, which Zirus tends to visit and has introduced in his private quarters. The sexual baths are small pools where one slave or several slaves satisfy their customers underwater; these women have to be well trained and experienced in this mermaid art. Or else there could be complications. They have to last long periods of time without breathing and with a cock stuffing their mouths.

Ill make you a horny, filthy, complacent and miserable whore! Zirus shouted at Dorita after he pulled her up from the water.

Ill never forget how you humiliated me in front of the congregation when you voted in favour of my punishment masturbation, and which you personally supervised. I know you enjoyed my suffering. But now its my time to take pleasure in hurting you. Youve fallen into my hands. And youre going to pay with interest.



Mea is a slave who has incurred in punishment after failing to orally satisfy the High Priestess.

The wretched bitch who displeased her is seated over a chalice, with her legs wide open. An automatic mechanism pushes the intruding object into her vagina. The insertion is deliberately slow and painful. Cupping glasses are added to her breasts, which swell until they turn red and sensitive. More cupping glasses are attached to areas of her body. During the ordeal shes ordered to drink mandrake juice, in order to increase her stamina and sensibility. Pain and pleasure mix into one single sensation, making the slave confused and docile.

Auuuhhhh she moans.

This way youll learn to suck, you filthy sow. And you want to be a novice? Youre fucking useless, you dumb bitch! You dont even know how to move your tongue and wiggle your buttocks. Whore!

Its the Law in Hedon: the slave must feel pleasure and pain, at the same time or at intervals, so that she can endure the vilest and most degrading humiliations and punishments. Thus mesmerized with the pleasure she receives, in the end she offers herself willingly to her ordeal. In this way she enjoys the cruel and perverse feeling of obtaining pleasure along with her torture. And she likes it so much she even begs to be further punished, and harder.

In most cases, the slave is aroused through several means, including painful ones, until she almost reaches orgasm; then the priest denies her the pleasure of climax, and for the slave its a new torture that begins. Her patience is tested, and the priests and priestesses find in her discomfort and inability to reach climax a source of sadistic pleasure that affects her mind as much as it does her body.

In other slaves, forced masturbation is practiced; and when she reaches one orgasm and is in a state of bliss, immediately shes masturbated again, and again, in a continuous way, until each climax becomes a sea of suffering. With her senses overloaded with pleasure, pain and the effects of the mandrake juice, the whore almost thinks shes going to die.


The Unfaithful Wifes Punishment

If cruelty was ingrained in the mentality of the priests and priestesses of the Temple of Hedon, in the city customs could be even crueler, if that was possible.

Indira, the third wife of the rich merchant Dominius, fell in disgrace after her husband discovered that she was cheating on him.

Charged with infidelity, she refused to confess.

Speak, whore, speak! Or my henchman will make you speak.

Dominius had her tortured mercilessly until she gave the names of the slaves she had slept with.

Desperate and deranged, Indira confesses after a night of infernal mortification of her body, and then she is forced to suck the cocks of all her slave lovers, one by one, while they are being castrated.

No, for Hedons sake, nooo! No!

Shut up and suck, whore! And mind you, the punishment isnt over yet!

Afterwards they take her to a cell where they strangle her breasts with ropes soaked in salt. She is tied so that the tight ropes bite into her tender fleshes. While her breasts are being destroyed, her anus and vagina are also being torn apart by massive iron dildos with special ridges that cause her entrails to bleed and tear.

Mercy, my lord Oooh, argh! Please, mercy, I promise I wont cheat you again. Ill be loyal to you from now on.

You dont have to swear anything to me, slut; from now on I repudiate you and Im going to sell, although I doubt anyone will pay much for you after Im finished, ha ha ha!

In the end, several slave traders of limited resources enter the cell to inspect the damaged goods.

There you have it, Dominius said. Do as you wish with her, shes worth a lot, but shes a good cock-sucker. And I assure you that after this, and he pointed at the battered body with its remarkable welts and bruises, shes the most submissive of all whores.

The Slaves Arrive at Hedons Temple

A new shipment of slaves enters the temple. Tied to each other, a taut rope passes between their legs, splitting their labia open and sharply rubbing against the tender interior of their vaginas. Theyre forced to walk along dimly-lit sinister corridors, illuminated here and there by oil lamps that reveal gigantic status of golden phalluses lined up on both sides of the way.

Naked and terrified, the unfortunate women, feeling vulnerable, are confusedly herded to the undergrounds humid and stuffy entrails, where priests and priestesses await them to initiate them in Hedons depraved cult of pain and pleasure.

New concubines for the priests of Hedon, says one of the terrible guardians as he hands him the end point of the rope to the Manager, who oversees all the bitches living in the underground stables.

They look healthy, let us hope this time they can endure the ritual, said the Manager, ogling the women with a coarse air of appetite in his face. He still remembers the last batch of whores they sent him, and how he easily broke most of them to the point of physical exhaustion and mental insanity, so that they were useless to Hedon. As he fondles the sweaty bodies of the captive newcomers, he appreciates the vivid redness of their cheeks and the athletic build of their legs and torsos. They seem like excellent fuck puppets, capable of withstanding cruel brutality without breaking down. He was eager to put them to the test and fuck one or two right there, but he had other duties to attend to first.

They look very good indeed, he said as he pinched a womans nipple, eliciting a cry from her mouth. Silence, whore! If this hurts you, then you wont survive a single day in the temple.

Dont worry, sir, the guard said, these whores were supplied by the great Valentio himself, theyre practically house-trained. The guard rolled the whip in his hand while he waited for the manager to sign the delivery papers and dismiss him.

Very well, whores, assume your submissive positions, ordered the Manager, ignoring the guard and unknotting the rope binding the women together.

The women obeyed with swiftness and knelt with their legs wide open and their hands touching the top of their heads, showing their armpits. In that position they looked like they were inviting someone to fuck them, and the Manager had to control himself lest he sodomized one of them.

Youre here to serve Hedon and its followers, started the Manager. Youve been selected and chosen, some for the rituals, others as possessions of the priests and priestesses Some will be integrated as novices, which is a great honour others will grow mad or die from the unthinkable sufferings you will experience here…

He enjoyed the wave of fear that ran through the rank of kneeling women in front of him. He surveyed them slowly. Valentio had chosen them well: they were young, strong-looking, and beautiful. Breaking their will and submitting them to tortures and mental degradation would be a pleasure he was eager to enjoy.


The Antechamber of Hedon

The slaves were exhibited in the antechamber of Hedon and waited for the beginning of the initiation; meanwhile the priests and priestesses gathered around them to examine and select the best ones from the group.

The women are ordered to assume a submissive position to remind them of their low status within the temple and the sect. Theyre kneeling down, with their legs tucked behind under them, slightly apart, exposing their naked vaginas. Their torsos are erect and still, they breathe slowly. Their arms are behind their back, without the aid of handcuffs or ropes.

Theyve been warned that if they break this position theyll suffer extreme consequences. In order to test their concentration and resistance to pain, the priests place their breasts and nipples under torture. Powerful metal pincers sink into their nipples, discharging constant waves of pain through their bodies. The women must quickly learn to ignore the pain. Others have ballasts attached to the nipples, distorting the breasts and forcing them to sag painfully. Silently they endure these sadistic entertainments. The priests and priestesses inspect them closely in order to find the weakest women.

I see that this big-breasted one is very sensitive, says Rona, a priestess in charge of selecting the girls today. She was talking about a frightened woman who sported a pair of vast tits and who was squirming uncomfortably at the pincers macerating her nipples. Lets add her to the other big-breasted women and increase the pain on those fat udders.

You should show her to the priest Sensulo first, advised the Manager. You know he has rights on the administration of pain upon all big-breasted women.

Certainly, Manager, but for now Im doing the selection here.

The woman who caught Ronas fancy is taken away from the file of kneeling women, and immediately another one occupies her place. The woman with the voluminous tits is forced to walk on all fours, like a dog, to a group constituted wholly by women with the most impressive breasts. This is how Hedon operates, it divides them into groups, like cattle, in order to psychologically torture and destroy their mental defences and sense of dignity.

You, Big-Tits, come here and lick my pussy! ordered Rona to the new girl, who obeys without hesitation and crawls to the chair where Rona is sitting with her legs open. She puts her head between her thighs and faces Ronas pussy. Her velvety tongue starts rubbing Ronas wet pussy; Rona immediately starts feeling pleasure and grows oblivious to the women being examined.

Uhnnggg Oh, yes, yes you do it so well, Rona sighs as she feels the expert tongue touch her sensitive spots. You filthy whore, you have such a good tongue Continue, make your mistress happy Ughhhh, oohhh Like that, keep it up, suck me, suck me


The Gag

After being selected by the priestesses, the slaves are rigorously examined. The priestesses always use these moments to have fun with the new girls.

Rona, already aroused by the cunnilingus she had received from the big-breasted slave, has fun poking through the pussies of the bitches while they remain tied up and held in place by trustworthy slaves. Rona lingers. She infiltrates fingers in the slaves pussies, pumps them in and out, searches for their G-spots, stretches their labia, sticks small objects inside the orifices, like candles and pointed amulets.

Urghhhg! a bitch whimpers because of the profanation of her vagina. Ronas sharp nails scratch her cunt.

Latimo, one of the priests in charge of selection, gets up and walks towards Rona.

What a pretty whore, why does she wear a gag?

Because this haughty bitch likes to bite cocks.

Thats what well see Shes going to suck my cock while we continue selecting the whores, and youll see how she quickly loses her taste for biting.

Latimo shows to the whore a curious phallus ending on its rear-end in a large and slim flexible tube that has a button attached to it.

Insert it!

With pleasure! replied Rona.

Uuhhhn! moans the woman.

Rona introduced the phallus in the slaves sex organ and held the far end of the tube.

Hold it down well! ordered Latimo, who picked up the tube and pressed the button. The slave writhes in pain and cries behind the slimy gag.

Yeearrrghhh, Ughhuu!

Latimo released the button and the slave fell on her knees putting the hands on her groin. On the ground, she adopted a foetal position, hiccupping miserably.

Well, whore, I hope you understand that youre going to suck my dick until I get tired and if you just try to bite me, Ill press the button and the hidden teeth on the phallus expand again, lacerating your entrails So now, behave Take off your gag and open your mouth!

The whore, terrified of a new punishment, opens the mouth and licks the limp cock that Latimo reveals from his robe. In her mouth it slowly grows longer and thicker, and in moments its hard like rock and the slave is licking and kissing it with devotion, afraid of displeasing him.

Like that whore, thats it follow me, he said slowly moving backwards, walk on all your four come on, dont break off contact with my cock

The whore skilfully accompanied him back to his chair.


After the women are selected, they are fitted with ornaments that complement their physical beauty. But first Rona and the perverse Varia take a few minutes measuring the anuses and vaginas of the girls, humiliating them without mercy, forcing them to satisfy other slaves, on whose thighs and tits one can see the terrible mark of Hedon burned on them.

A woman with tremendous udders attempts to run away, however shes immediately chased by obedient slaves, who grab her in the corridor. Theres no escape from Hedon, one of the loyal slaves hisses at her. Varia decides to punish her by introducing in her vagina another fearful phallus with metallic teeth.

Dont move, whore, itll be worse for you.

With the sadistic air that she gives to the slow movements, Varia pushes the terrible apparatus inside the slave and then presses the button that unleashes the teeth, making them bite into the vaginas tender interior. The big-titted rebel bawls in pain and falls on the ground, shuddering in violent spasms.

Auughhhh! Nooooo! Mercy! Please, mercy!

Come on, whore, get the fuck up! Youll keep that thing inside you for a few hours, until we brand your flesh with the venerable mark of Hedon. Soon youll be ready to be blessed by the golden phallus. Youll learn to be an obedient bitch! Now walk!

Two branded slaves violently lift up the rebellious whore and force her to walk with the sharp-toothed phallus lodged inside her vagina. Each step is a unique torture that seems to last an eternity. She feels the teeth pinching, biting her flesh, scratching it. She has an urge to remove the intruding object from her body, but shes too afraid of the consequences. So she endures the torture.

Noooo, ohhhhh, ahh, arghhh, aiighhhh!


The Mark and the Phallus

On the blacksmiths workshop, the bitches crowd together on the ground, dominated by terror and expectation. The heat is unbearable, the stench of burnt flesh is overwhelming

Come on, whore! This is your place! Stay there!

The big-titted girl is thrown on the ground, onto the heap where the women are huddled together, waiting to be branded by the red-hot irons

They sigh and whimper without offering any resistance to the branding ritual. Fear has turned them weak and oblivious, they prefer to imagine themselves far from Hedon.

One by one the slaves are tied up to the branding table. Hedons blacksmith descends the iron upon the designated area of their bodies that are about to receive the mark that will identify them forever as property of the sect.

Two loyal slaves help keeping the slave pinned down, making lascivious gestures with their tongues at the newcomers. Two horny guards block the exit, excited by the innocent-looking women shuddering in fear.

One of the women attempts to escape from the iron, shes not bound in ropes yet, but is caught instantly by the guards. They overpower her, kick her down and fuck her anus, pounding her groin against the cold stone floor.

After the insurgent is taken care of, shes tied up to the table with her hurting ass overflowing with hot semen. The branding iron leaves a mark on her buttocks, her cries of agony echo through the chambers and corridors of Hedons underground.


Next, after the iron leaves her body, the guards lift her up and drag her to the altar where the golden phallus rests, waiting for the girls to sit on it voluntarily and to be blessed by Hedons lustful god.

But this woman refuses to sit on the phallus and one of the guards grabs her by her thin waist and deposits her on the phallus violently, tearing her anus apart, not giving the orifice time to distend naturally at the intrusion of the bulbous object.

Nooooooooo! she cries in pain.

Fuck you, whore! snarls the guard.

Blood pours from her torn anus and drips onto the golden phallus, an omen of good luck, the priests of Hedon tend to say.


After the Mark, the Ferocious Punishment and Taming

Once their bodies are branded, the new slaves are put in a severe regime of sexual abuse and physical punishment. In order to learn the essential art of fellatio with professional zeal, theyre firmly forced to masturbate the guards with their mouths during long, exhausting sessions that last hours or even days. The guards evaluations will influence their physical punishment, theyre all flagellated and crucified, tamed without respite in order to learn to serve with devotion and fervour the followers of Hedon.

Come on, whore! shouts a guard as he pushes a slaves head against his crotch. Open your fucking mouth wide, I want you to look lively sucking my dick, make it look like youre loving it. Take your time, no ones in a hurry, if you make me shoot my load in your mouth, another guard will come to take my place. Today youre going to get your whores filthy mouth fucked really good and full of healthy spunk! Youre gonna learn to suck without gagging, youll see

Hear these screams? a violator asks one of the women. Its one of your friends on the cross. The wedge is wrecking that dirty bitchs pussy!

Next were going to rip her ass hole apart, says another guard. Then shes going to cry for real, like the worthless piece of shit of a whore that she is!

The crucified woman screams desperately every time the whip makes her squirm on the X-shaped cross and makes her rub her sore pussy against the wedge placed between her legs, a wedge already polished by the sexual juices of a thousand whores previously tortured there.

Come on, scream! shouts the formidable Varsia while she whips the slaves belly. Scream! Obtain pleasure from the wedge, you wont be lowered from the cross until youve reached an orgasm rubbing your clit and pussy against the wedge, we want to see your juices glistening over the wedges surface. I want to see my reflection on it, ha ha ha!

Nooo, mistress, please, dont! Have mercy, this is killing me! Arghhhh!

There can be no pleasure without pain first! sentenced the aroused Varsia, fingering herself while she continued to whip the helpless slaves tits.

Breast Torment

Sensulo examines the big-breasted slaves previously branded, and elects a pair of them to submit them to his perverse sexual punishments: flagellation, pressing, piercing, strangulation of the breasts using barbed wire, stretching total submission of the slave, who offers her fat and sensible tits to martyrdom to please her new master.

I like this one, nice flesh, firm and fat, smooth skin and delicate, my dear Rona

Sensulo liked fleshy women who had enormous and tender tits, he enjoys watching them suffer while the torturer flagellates their breasts with a cane or a cat o nine tails, or applies the terrible vise, keeps them on their knees and forces them to introduce their breasts themselves on the vise and then turn the screws until the grip starts crushing them. He also likes to see the women suck cocks while they endure the terrible piercing without the help of any anaesthetic, revelling in their cries.

You know that payment is high in return for keeping bitches to yourself, says Rona.

Ill empty my semen on Hedons altar every week, Ill spill it in your throat, my dear priestess

That is what I wish, Sensulo, theres nothing that pleases me more than eating your gigantic cock.

Well, tonight Im going to flagellate these fleshy teats, he said, fondling the tits of the slave, meanwhile you can taste my prick and my semen, if you wish.

Tonight, replied Rona, the Great Priest has requested my presence to penetrate a novice to physical and mental exhaustion. Well have to postpone it for another day.

Then tomorrow morning, when Im hanging my favourite slave from her tits

But you still keep that bitch alive? I thought she hadnt withstood the last tit-hanging.

She survived it, much to my surprise. But now, when she walks on all fours like a bitch, her distended tits drag along the floor, ha ha ha ha ha!


The Whipping

Dorius liked to train his slaves personally, and so he had furnished his chambers with torture instruments turning it into a perfect torture dungeon.

Im going to wreck your tits, whore, the cane is going to leave weals of pain on your whore skin!

Mercy, I beg you!

Mercy! What mercy! Youre here to suffer! Suffer, cry, scream, nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing you tremble in fear and agony.


Im going to hit you until your tits fall on the floor like ripe apples from a tree.

Tzasz! Tzasz! Tzasz!

Noooo! Noo, please, mercy Mercy, auughhh!

Im also going to leave your buttocks full of bruises. You wont even be able to sit down to take a shit!

No, my lord! Please!

What do you give me in return for sparing your ass?

My ass, please fuck it, fuck it

Ahhhh, you crafty bitch, you know just how to get me excited. Guard, penetrate this dumb whore, tear her a new ass hole

The guard, excited from watching Dorius strike the slave, jumps into action immediately and gets the woman ready amidst desperate screams from her. He turns her on her belly, pins her down and pushes his cock inside her he finds a rhythm and fucks her slowly but with deep and strong thrusts of his pelvis against her buttocks, pushes his cock into her up to the hilt.

Unnfgh! Unghhhh! he grunts in ecstasy.

Auuuhhh! Aiighhh! No no no, Arghhh!

Meanwhile Dorius is seated in a chair, masturbating from a corner of the chamber, hes about to ejaculate but he stops and thinks of something better.

Wait! Bring her to me, guard, shes going to eat my cock!

And so the guard throws her in front of Dorius, who grabs her by her long tufts of hair and pushes her face against his throbbing cock.

Glop! Glop! Glop!

Oh yes, ahhhhhh Youre such a good fuck puppet oohhhh, yes, like that, my beloved whooooooreeeeee


The Bed of Pain and Pleasure

Such a nice fuck. Oh yes, such a nice fuck.

Alteus, Frono and Gorgus, three new priests, are enjoying tonight a pair of slaves recently branded, tied up to the filthy fornication cots. The lustful and strong men force themselves into them without mercy, penetrate their holes with barbaric sadism, while they eat and drink merrily.

This new batch of whores that Valentio brought is full of fine meat, firm and resplendent Arrghhh, roared Gorgus.

Oh yes, magnificent for fornication, this ass is driving me crazy with lust, added Frono. Ooufff! Thats it, whore, take my cock!

Wiggle your ass, whore, nobody likes a dead fish, shouts Alteus. Show more vitality, you dont even look like youre enjoying being screwed by a priest of Hedon, ha ha ha!

Let us offer, my friends, our semen to Hedon, the god of carnal pleasure and pain exclaimed Frono.

For Hedon! said Alteus.

Ufff! For Hedon! repeats Gorgus.

The fucking session is long and the bitches, hurting and humiliated, groan in despair. Theyre tied up to the cots and receive the tireless pricks of the priests, who are under the influence of an aphrodisiac beverage that increases their virility until dawn

Again and again the bitches are fucked to the heights of agony Wrecked like fragile toys, the almost lifeless women are untied from the dirty and sticky cots and dragged to the patio, where theyre placed under a harrowing flagellation to keep them wide awake.

Its time to work, whores, and youre going to work extra hard! You have to tidy up our chambers, clean up our cum-covered beds, and wash the sheets that you have soiled with grease from your disgusting vaginal juices and drool.

Hedon’s Altar

After a severe flagellation focused on their tits, two slaves are taken to Hedon’s altar for the offering of semen…

Tied with their hands behind their back, and kneeling on the harsh stone floor, the women are going to receive in their mouths the main priests in order to effectively take the weekly offering of semen to the god.

While everyone sings the ceremonial chant, the whores work hard to extract the white nectar from the balls of the priests, who take turns and wait in two files to offer their virile sacrifice…

It’s a long and strenuous ceremony, which leaves the women physically broken, especially after they’ve spent all night enduring an intense breast and buttock flagellation in order to leave them purified for the semen-offering ritual…

Forty priests make their weekly offering… And once the last priest has finished emptying his ball sack, the whores are placed over the altar, tied up one to another, mouth against pussy, and forced to lick each other in order to offer their pleasure to Hedon too…

One guard watches over them with a cane in hand… he periodically hits them and thus encourages them to masturbate themselves in honour of Hedon.

“Come on, whores, don’t stop! That’s sacrilege!”


The Night of the Penetrator

There’s no greater disgrace for a priestess than degradation, to be humiliated for disobedience and converted into a bitch.

Harla, after many years of loyal service, has disobeyed the High Priest, an action considered a sacrilege under the rules of Hedon. For that she has been sentenced to a terrible humiliation. Marked on her pubic area like a vulgar bitch, crucified, pinched with ballasts that stretch her tits painfully, she is forced to submit completely to the will of the Penetrator.

A sinister mask gives anonymity to the Penetrator, who is frequently seen in the torture chambers. His prick is armed with a gigantic steel phallus. Once every hour he forces her legs open and penetrates her while she hangs from the crucifix. Harla resists to his hands that try to pry her legs open, she knows how painful the Penetrator can be, but he overpowers her and thrusts the metallic rod into her vagina, making her gasp in horror.


Vagina and anus are equally fucked. The Penetrator ignores Harla’s screams of pain. He’s methodical and silent. Harla thinks she’s being fucked by an automaton. She looks down and sees the shiny phallus covered with her blood.

“Aughhhh, no! Please, no more! You’re going to kill me! Please be more gentle!”

The High Priest watches the penance from an opening on the dungeon’s wall… The degraded bitch suffers intensely upon the cross, but she also enjoys the brutal penetration. Aroused, the High Priest removes his cock from his robe and masturbates.

When dawn comes, Harla is lowered from the cross and taken to the patio…

“I regret my disobedience! I regret it! I ask forgiveness for my madness! Please show me mercy! Please!”

Without paying any heed, the High Priest makes a gesture with his hand, and guards place the woman on her knees in front of the vise.

Her tits are placed inside the vise and the screws are turned slowly, crushing them. The High Priest forces her to give him fellatio while her breasts are horribly scarred forever.

Harla drinks semen amidst howls of agony.


The Chosen One

The slave chosen for the great lunar sacrifice is shown before the High Priestess. She’s one of Valentio’s new and beautiful slaves.

Her ass and pussy have been violated previously by five priests and she’s ready and well lubricated for the occasion. Full moon will be on the sky tonight and, as tradition demands, every time there’s a full moon a slave is seated on Hedon’s golden chalice.

This is the sacrifice of the sun and the moon. A slave is penetrated deeply anally in an ancestral and terrible ritual.

The elected bitch howled in despair during the previous penetrations… but her fate is written on the sky. Little did she know that she was just being prepared for a much harder ordeal.

Quickly she’s suspended over the chalice and slowly seated upon it. Her open anus easily dilates while the column ascends up her orifice. The slave hiccups and cries, accepting her fate peacefully.

The priests chant a litany of adoration to Hedon and in file approach the chosen woman. They move closer to the chalice. Each priest kneels before the victim, prays and offers his prayer to her, then rises and pushes the woman firmly against the chalice’s cone, participating in her public degradation.

“Yahhhh, arghhh!”

“Suffer in silence, child,” a priest mutters, “you suffer for the grace of Hedon. Rejoice in your pain.”

But the woman suffers each time a priest pushes her against the chalice, which continues to bury deeper and deeper inside her rectum.

The High Priestess presides over the sacrifice, in a trance, as if a strange sexual force has possessed her.

When the chalice has penetrated the victim up to the hilt, her legs are lowered and the elected woman is made to sit fully over the column. Convulsing in extraordinary pain, her agony is ignored by the priests who form a circle around her and commence to masturbate until they ejaculate. Their semen is aimed at her body, which is covered in burning man juice.

The Female Slaves of Arghon

Arghon, Hedonias great magistrate, owns several slaves who are kept in a state of total servitude. Sexually dominated and perverse, theyve been transformed into sex-starving bitches on heat, living only for debauched pleasures. Even though they must endure terrible punishments, these women dont want another type of life. None of these women is free from the brutality of the whips and disgusting acts of humiliations. In fact, they perversely offer themselves to submission and pain with a strange, intense and sensual abnegation.

Arghon has gone down to the baths under his palace, and between the vapors examines two of his slaves and demands complete obedience from them. His treatment of each slave will be intense, brutal and cruel.

Come on, bitch, suck my dick carefully, hurry up, he orders the bitch sitting on her knees. I want to feel all your mouths heat and humidity thats it, very slowly.

Meanwhile he hurts the other slaves breasts with severity, gripping the bulbous mounds of flesh firmly, twisting and pulling them sadistically, and castigating the swollen, red nipples with tight pinching.

Ohhh, my lord, the slave moans with the assault on her breasts, Im hurting so much.

Shut the fuck up, whore! Your tits are delicate, perfect for pain. Itll be a way of controlling you. I hope your vulva is as sensitive as your knockers

Ohhh, my lord, Im at your complete disposal. Im your servant.

And yet you dont have the faintest idea how hard your training will be.

This slave will take anything her master gives her; shes here to serve, the slave said as she panted for breath.

In his palace the slaves are trained to become sexual slaves. In some cases, theyre trained to serve as prostitutes in Hedonias many brothels, a lucrative side-business. Indeed he owns the infamous House of a Thousand Delights, the most exquisite and expensive brothel in Hedonia.

Many women submit willingly to the tests for admission, since serving in the brothel is a great honor for the ladies of Hedonia. Such is the case of Shara and Damila, the two bitches on heat who have relinquished their freedom in order to become Arghons new slaves Nevertheless they have to endure many trials, terrible torments and physical and spiritual degradations before theyre accepted as true sexual slaves of Arghon.

Come on, whores, on your fucking knees, both of you. I want both of you sucking my cock. Open your lips, show me what your tongues can do to please my shaft.

Yes, my lord, the two trainees reply as one. Oohh, what a lovely cock!

Dear master, thank you for letting us lick your glorious prick, says Damila.


The Terrible Training of Zuzane 1

Arghon lives obsessed with finding the perfect slave, and he believes hell find one if he uses the most cruel methods and subjects a woman to the basest depravations. He believes he can turn the beautiful Zuzane into this perfect slave. She has been sentenced to death for offending her master, Claudus, a merchant and friend of Arghon.

After harsh interrogation sessions, the girl confesses her guilt and is sentenced to die in the penetrator, a terrible machine that simulates human coitus. This machine will introduce wooden and steel dildos inside her anus and vagina several times, each dildo growing in width until the slave perishes in an agonizing mixture of intense pleasure and pain.

While waiting for the execution of her sentence, Zuzane is kept attached to a pillory that keeps her body twisted in pain, seated on thorns and with a phallus shoved up her ass, being regularly flagellated by an executioner. Arghon visits her in her cell and offers her the possibility of commuting her sentence. In return she only has to agree to offer herself completely to him, to abandon her will and agree to become his mindless and submissive fuck object.

Think it through, slave youll be exchanging the shame of public punishment for a private life of total enslavement, not exempt from suffering; but youll also obtain pleasure, a pleasure as powerful as pain.

Zuzane, disorientated, is in horrible affliction and only desires for her martyrdom to be over. However the sight of the terrible machine, the Penetrator, at the end of the cell, makes her take a decision.

Yes, my lord, Ill offer myself to you, Ill accept anything you do to me

Well, then you can start by sucking my cock, and do it well, because I want to be sure youre worth the ransom price your master Claudus is asking for you. Youre worthy a considerable sum to him. Make sure youre worth the investment. If you make me have regrets later on, I swear you Ill make you wish you had died in the Penetrator.

Terrified by these words, the girl accepts and anxiously and carefully starts sucking the dick Arghon has placed in front of her face. She opens her sweet mouth and takes out her slimy tongue, rolls it around the stiff shaft. Nibbling at it with care, she fills Arghon with sensuous delight. Slowly he pushes more of his cock past his lips, until the whole length of it is accommodated inside her mouth; she can feel the head pressing against the end of her mouth and suddenly hot semen spurts down her throat.

Arghhh, yes Bitch, swallow my load, swallow! Ohhh, you do it so well, I like it. I see Ive made a good deal.


The Terrible Training of Zuzane 2

After the blowjob, Arghon releases Zuzane from the pillory and orders the lackeys to prepare her for a new type of punishment. Claudus, who had remained hidden in the shadows, moves toward the middle of the dungeon.

I see my whore has pleased you in fact surpassed your expectations, my friend.

So it seems, Claudus.

She never sucked me like that, the merchant sneers, glancing angrily at the slave. Zuzane cowers in fear.

Thats because her life never depended on it, Arghon jokes. Now you see how a painful punishment and the fear of dying in the Penetrator have a positive effect on whores: our little Zuzane was so frightened she sucked me off as if we were true lovers ha, ha, ha!

Well, then I can count on you paying the agreed sum

Certainly, my friend, just talk to my secretary, he has the payment ready for delivery. And kindly sign the contract ceding Zuzane to me.

Certainly. I shall depart now for Im sure you want to continue to enjoy your new toy.

I see you around, Claudus.

My dear Arghon

After the merchant left the dungeon, Arghon picked up a whip and started violently whipping Zuzanes bare cunt. Gagged and tied by her wrists, the girl had her legs forced open, making the whip easier to find her sensitive genitals. Amidst cries and moans, Zuzane endured the ordeal.

Im going to enjoy your ass and pussy, bitch, but first I want you to feel intense pain in your bodys most sensible areas. This is just a sampling of what awaits you from now on.

For more than an hour Arghon punishes the sore and raw vulva, which quickly swelled and became extremely sensitive to touching. He continues the punishment, refusing to let the pain ease; he attaches pincers on the ravaged flesh, to leave painful and deep marks on her sensual and tender flesh and skin.

The harrowing punishment of her intimate areas turned her into a wretched and sobbing girl dying for relief from the pain. However the only relief Arghon wanted from her was to hear her demand more pain and torture, more humiliation and violation.

“Ask me to fuck you whore, he said.

Please fuck me, my lord. Fuck me! I want to taste my masters cock!

The Desperate Debauchery of Soneta 1

Dubois, Arghons lieutenant, is busy disciplining Soneta, a lady of noble birth who has fallen in disgrace and wants to be admitted into Arghons services, to work at the House of a Thousand Delights.

But I fear youre not up to the task, objects Dubois. Being admitted into the House is an extraordinary honor few deserve.

Oh, I beg of you. Im full of debts and no means of paying them The Mayor has warned me: if I dont pay within three days, Ill be publically punished in the squares pillory!

You owe a lot of money Dubois doubted she could repay in time. But he was aroused by the sight of the voluptuous and graceful woman kneeling in front of him, with her hands behind her back, in a slaves expectant pose. He was secretly exciting himself with fantasies about degrading her, a woman of noble birth. Im not authorized to pay you just because youve volunteered to join the Houses staff

Please, my lord, look, she begged and quickly revealed her appetizing white breasts. They want to strangle these marvels with barbed wire until they fall off. Dont you think, my lord, that its a pity to waste such good attributes? They want to hang me on my tiptoes, with my legs open and feet standing on wooden poles, until my strength abandons me, until pain defeats me Then Ill collapse and remain suspended in the air by the barbed wire, which will slowly amputate my breasts. You know this torment very well, surely youve seen it administered to other female criminals before.

Yes, laughed the sadistic Dubois, who never missed a public torture.

But if you be so kind as to admit me into the Houses service, whispered Soneta, who walked towards him on all four, sensually wiggling her buttocks and looking sultry, then the Mayor will wait until I pay off my debt. And you can have me for yourself, whenever you want.

Dubois didnt budge while Soneta searched for his throbbing cock inside his pants. She found it, grabbed it, rubbed it and when it was stiff, started sucking it with gusto.

Very well, agreed Dubois, visibly excited by her oral skills, Ill submit you to a hard test, if you pass then perhaps youll be worthy of serving the House of the Thousand Delights. Because you have to be ready. In the House of the Thousand Delights, physical punishment is part of the duties of the woman who submits to sexual slavery.

Servants prepared Soneta for the test. Hanging from her legs she received the whips violent kiss on her thighs, her hips, her vulva, her belly and her buttocks

Soneta howled in pain, cried in tears but withstood the brutal cruelty of Dubois, who took pauses between the whippings to enjoy her expert mouth. Soneta sucked with devotion in order to please, anxious to show Dubois her vast sexual prowess. These moments of relief from the whip, she made them last with extraordinary blowjobs, slowly controlling Dubois pleasure and arousal, in order not to make him cum too soon. She sucked him like a slave indebted to her lord after he had shown her some small kindness.


The Desperate Debauchery of Soneta 2

In spite of her freely giving her body for use, the lady is severely treated. For Dubois shes not a woman of noble birth, a fallen lady, but a mindless fuck puppet that landed in his hands because of her stupid debts. He made her spend the night with him, abusing her in the basements cell, naked and flagellated, her mouth dirty with dry semen. At dawn, from her cage she can see Dubois talking with the Mayor. She is sure she is saved. Still the lieutenant returns to her with a grim look.

I havent passed the test, my lord she worriedly murmurs.

Youve passed it, says Dubois. But the Mayor doubts your skills and doesnt believe youve fully submitted to my power, that youre just acting to escape from punishment. And he doesnt believe that even if you work at the House, you can repay the debt. Therefore he demands to watch me discipline you once more, to prove that youve become a docile slave whore who only wants to please her new master.

No, please, thats too humiliating, she protests.

Nonsense, the Mayor chuckles. Nothings too humiliating for a bitch willing to serve at the great House of the Thousand Delights.

The Mayor is right, says Dubois.

I dont want this man to see me like this He has always desired my body, to possess me, and Ive always refused his advances; thats why he wants to punish me in the public pillory, he prefers to see me humiliated and mutilated if he cant have me

Shut up, whore, ordered the Mayor.

Is that right, Hamid?

Well, you see, when this woman became a widow she fell in disgrace and I offered her my protection, but she refused me as if I were a poor wretched.

Bad idea, slave, grimaced Dubois.

Damn whore, retorted the Mayor.

Well, Ive consulted my master, Arghon you have two options: either you become the Mayors whore, and hell forgive your debt and save you from public torture; or you offer yourself to the House of the Thousand Delights, for the rest of your life

I didnt say I forgive anything.

Be quiet, Hamid!

Noooo! I prefer to serve all my life in the House of the Thousand Delights, instead of being offered to that repugnant monster!

Very well. As for your, Hamid, dont worry, go and know that your debt will be repaid in full. And dont forget, you can always visit her once shes working at the House. Our slaves are not allowed to refuse clients, ha ha ha!

The Mayor chuckled loudly and went away, thinking he had made a great deal: his debt would be paid and soon, once Soneta was a prostitute available in the House, hed be legally free to hire her body every night, to rape her, torture her, and debase her any way he imagined, provided he paid the Houses fees.

As for Dubois, he had found a new slave who would be quite popular, not just because she was a gorgeous, sensual woman, but because her status as a fallen noblewoman would make her irresistible to powerful men who liked to assert their power by ravaging and humiliating a prostitute born in a good family.

Soneta in the end had got the worse part of the deal: she was now the Houses property and would have to serve its many clients, for the rest of her life, or so long as she remained attractive.

Sonetas training continued. Dubois liked to whip her pale skin every day, in order to decorate her with daily fresh red welts. After the flagellation, hed bend her and anally fuck her. Day after day he continued this ordeal, for almost a month, until the punished and docile Soneta had lost her mind and was nothing but a mindless sex object. Then she was sent to the House of the Thousand Delights.


Humiliating the Sheiks Daughter

The petite and gorgeous Yanira is delivered by her father, Sheik Insoman, as part of a war tribute, after the terrible defeat of his desert dogs, marauders committed to attacking the caravans headed in Hedonias direction. The haughty desert princess is viciously humiliated by Araghon himself, who despises her.

Dragging her by her hair, he takes her down to the cells under his palace, where bandits waiting execution are kept. Throwing her in front of one of them, he bends her towards the cell and forces her to suck the bandits dick, which he pushes through the bars. The dick in front of her is long and thick, and filthy and foul-smelling. She wants to throw up when she smells it.

Nooooo, please!!!

I dont do you favors, you desert whore. Youre going to suffer in your flesh the pain and suffering your people have caused to the citizens of Hedonia, the tradesmen, the travelers attacked by your people This dog youre going to suck is one of yours, make him enjoy pleasure before we shove a pole up his ass. Perhaps you can make him forget a little whats coming to him.

Damn you, Araghon, you and your people Ill come back from the tomb to avenge myself.

Shut up, slut, now spoke the marauder in front of her. Suck me instead, Im going to die because I served your father. At least its fitting his daughter sucks my cock.

You filthy cur, your disloyalty sickens me.

Yes, princess, but I havent had a woman in ages, so suck, at least let me take one last good memory to the grave.

Filthy pigs Gaghhhhh!

Arghon slapped her head. Less words and more attention to the cock youre sucking.

While she sucks the marauder, Araghon prepares her for another ordeal.

Get your ass hole ready, princess, because Im going to impale you alive!

While Arghon penetrates Yanira again and again, wrecking her tight orifice, the bandit continues to enjoy the forced blowjob. The desert princess was warned not to bite the cock off in defense or shed be harshly punished. When the marauder comes, shes forced to swallow the cum and lick her lips for the remaining droplets. Then Arghon pins her down on the floor, next to where a drop fell.

Pull out your tongue and lick it off the floor, he orders. Yanira, scared by his strength and determination, obeys immediately, in spite of the shame.

She has finished sucking off the marauder but Arghon hasnt finished pounding her ass. He rides her savagely, putting all his weight on her fragile figure. His balls slap against her buttocks, theres a wet sound coming from there. Yanira is crying, hurting from the anal pain and the humiliation. After he explodes his load in her anus, she hopes hes finished with her.

Well, Araghon, lets fuck her again, suggests the marauder. During the time he watched him raping her ass, his own dick has grown back to its stiff size.

Certainly, agrees Arghon. You fuck her now, Hadrus, you filthy traitor

No, please, no more, thinks Yanira.

Fuck her in the ass, Hadrus, I want to keep her a virgin for an auction.

You filthy, disgusting mongrels. Noooo, noooo, Ayhhhhhh!

Dont be like that, princess. Perhaps your rich father will buy you back in the auction, although youll be returned being worth less than when you arrived here. After all these fucks, your market value has surely decreased, ha ha ha.

After Hadrus finished violating her anus, the two men forced her to clean up their dirty cocks with her tongue. Given her vulnerable position, the royal daughter submits to the embarrassing task and licks the cocks until theyre clean of all cum and shit.

Take her back to her cell, Arghon tells one of his guards. Tomorrow shell suck her tribesmens cocks while theyre being impaled.

Nooooo, you vile dogs! Noooo

Yanira kicks and scratches at the guards who drag her into her cell, desperate at that fate waiting for her the next day.

The Pain Lady of The House of Delights

Licia is a great lady who works as a slave whore, locked up inside a luxurious alcove in the House of the Thousand Delights. There she receives visits of clients who treat her like a slave, whipping her, degrading her, ass-fucking her, and forcing her to gorge upon their cocks. Shes been practicing this painful form of prostitution for months now, totally involved in this life of vice, but voluntarily living in this state of absolute degradation. Lascivious and depraved, she always dreamed about offering herself to these morbid and perverse pleasures. She has a taste for corporal and mental punishment, humiliation and brutal, painful sex, and her mission to quench her desires has taken her to live this cruel experience in spite of her family forbidding it.

Licia, regardless of the punishment, enjoys when brute strangers possess her body. It took her more than a year submitting willingly and gladly to her clients depraved fantasies, in order to become one of the Ladies of Pain at the House of Delights.

This time the client has demanded that she be chained to a marble column in order to flagellate her back thoroughly until her skin is a vivid crossway of red welts. Blood flows from the whips cuts. Licia is excited to go through such agony.

The client insults her first, then humiliates her to get her aroused. He whips her mercilessly until Licia cant stand it anymore and reaches her limit of arousal: she begs to be fucked in the ass by his huge, pulsating prick.

Shut up, whore, enjoy the whip some more. Im not ready yet.

Yes, master, Licia obediently replies, impatient with lust.

The bastard doesnt stop until the Lady loses the strength on her legs and starts vacillating. Then the client lowers the whip, unchains her and slaps her back into consciousness, making her scream from pleasure and pain. The anal fuck is terribly intensive however the client refuses to come. He takes his time, he moves his pelvis back and forth probing her ass deeper and deeper. Then he pulls out and turns her on her back. Finding her mouth he offers her his shit-covered cock, which the Lady accepts without hesitation, totally depraved and lust-ridden. The cum flows from his cock moments after she starts licking the shaft, her expert tongue knows how to drive the male organ crazy with desire. She swallows every drop and ardently sucks as if shes not happy with the amount in her belly already. The client laughs at her zeal.

Youre a dirty little whore, arent you? You just love cock.

Yes, master, this whore just lives for fucking.


Gambling Debt 1

The beautiful Camila became Arghons favorite slave, delivered to him as payment of a gambling debt. But Camila is too proud and refuses to offer herself willingly to her new master.

Arghon is fascinated by her sensual body and decides to discipline and train her, slowly and implacably to keep her as his main and personal whore. But for the first time in his life, he doesnt want to damage such a succulent body, such a hot vulva that excites itself with the playing of his fingers

Youre so wet, my lovely whore

Ahhh she moaned, but no matter how much pleasure you give me, youll never pleasure me, never!

Im not in a hurry, slave, the day will come when youll beg that I touch you, in fact youll scream and cry to let me whip you.

Never, do you hear me? Never, ahhhhh!

Yes, the day will come when youll beg me to hurt your tits, your buttocks.

Terrified, Camila sobs. Shes offended by the callous betrayal of her lover, Captain Martel, who bet her away during a game of cards. But she cant forget him, and she wets herself at the experienced touch of Arghons fingers, she cant let herself be excited, she continues to be in love with the dashing Martel.

Arghon decides to slowly play with her deranged with the vision of her huge udders, he cant help biting her tits leaving his teeth mark on their spongy flesh.

And next he masturbates his cock between them, until he has an orgasm and his semen flows onto her chest. Disgusted, Camila endures this cruel captivity in silence.


Gambling Debt 2

After many hard sessions, the uppity Camila continues to resist submitting to her new owner. But even the proud lady isnt immune to Arghons refined cruelty, and she sucks his cock with gusto and desire.

Ahh, you see, whore, you love it, you know how to do it and you do it very well I believe the torture your tits have endured have finally broken your spirit.

And he was right. Two hours having her tits pulled apart, twisted, pinched, seared, milked as if she were a cow had left her hurting but complacent, so much so that having the dick offered to her lips, she took it without complaints.

Once she had been the whore of a powerful judge, who abandoned her to Captain Martel. He didnt treat her the way she was used to, but she was madly in love with him and enjoyed like a depraved whore when he fucked her with his long dick.

The tits torment continues, Arghon penetrates her ass with a hook and prepares it for ass-fucking.

Yaghhhhhrgg! Nooo, it hurts too much!

Youll keep it inside until you beg me to take it out to fuck you.

I wont do it.

Youll suffer a lot, and for nothing, you wont stand the pain and youll give up. Make things easier for yourself and submit now. The hook causes incredible pain, and soon all your body will be aching Well see tomorrow.

Night felt eternal to Camila, who suffered the hook stuffed inside her rectum. But at dawn Arghon doesnt return, shes hungry and weak. She has pissed on the floor and is feeling sick with the smell. But he doesnt show up. Shes getting desperate. She screams after the guards, asks them to call Arghon, she wants him to penetrate her.

Arghon takes a while to return, and when he appears he pulls out the hook from inside her violently and without further delays assaults her anus with his erect dick. The wretched woman is so brutally ravaged that she howls in pain and for a moment thinks her body is being torn apart.

Ayghhhhhh! Noooo, noooooooo! Auhhhhhhh! Aahhhhh!

Arghon ignores her screams. Camila pretends its Martel fucking her anally, and her fantasy makes her cum after a while.

I give up, I give up she sobs, exhausted. Im yours, use me as you wish.

Arghon doesnt believe her and orders two servants to chain her on all four.

Masturbate them until they come in your face, until there isnt a single drop left in their ball sacks! But dont place their cocks in your mouth, dont touch them with your lips even, or Ill rip their hairs off with my bare hands.

Luzia’s Initiation

Slave Luzia spends hours lying in bed, tied up by her wrists and ankles. Her back are being rubbed by a harsh sheet. She’s a slave of another magistrate who has put Arghon in charge of educating her in the arts of pain and pleasure, without forcing her. The magistrate has paid a good sum for her training.

“Have you slept well, my little whore… You’re going to suck my cock, then I’m going to penetrate your intimate orifices with the thickest dildo I have in my vast collection, and burn your smooth skin with boiling wax. You’ll ask for clemency and pain by turns… you’ll find pleasure in agony.”

The blindfolded girl can’t see her torturer.

She whimpers in expectation of the brutal torment and fears the penetration very much. She feels the dildo’s polished surface enter her rectum and fill her intimate holes with lust.

Her tits are pinched. Luzia feels the burning wax being dripped on her body, burning the tits and especially the bare vulva that is punished and stimulated by turns.

The magistrate watches in silence, excited by the cruel and perverse training his friend is administering. The slave writhes in pain and excitement as the punishment continues.

After an intense hour, Arghon stimulates and caresses her excited vulva.

“Well, now I think you can penetrate her,” he says to the magistrate.

Hung like a mule, the magistrate is already naked and stroking his cock in his hand. He throws himself over the girl’s small body and starts raping her, beastly stealing her virginity away with one heavy thrust of his dick. The slave screams and kicks, but she’s incapable of fending off his attack.



Life in the Stables

Yanira, the petite desert princess, is disciplined with extreme cruelty. Today she’s forced to sexually service the bandits of her tribe arrested and sentenced to death by impalement. Prior to this ordeal, Arghon had Yanira repeatedly and mercilessly abused. Now she’s in the dungeons, with her face buried in the crotches of the condemned men, forced to suck them off one by one and swallow their prodigious loads of cum.

After ten men she’s already feeling her stomach sick and wants to throw up. Fearing further punishments, though, she perseveres and finishes the task with composure.

At least it seems Arghon has tamed her rebellious spirit, but deep down Yanira is burning with hatred for Arghon and wants nothing but revenge.

She spends a few days resting her body and stomach in the harem, and when it seems she’s not going to be tormented anymore, the cruel magistrate orders her to be taken to the stables where she falls in the hands of Araghon’s hostler, a brutish and miserable man always hungry for sex.

“Ah, come here, little one, I’m going to tame you like a wild mare.”


The desert princess tries to escape from his claws, but she’s locked up inside the filthy stable, the nauseating smell of the horses’ sweat and manure making her dizzy.

The delicate royal girl fights him off the best she can, but she’s grabbed by the vicious and sadistic man and violently thrown against a wall. He takes her from behind, pinning her belly against the cold wall. She feels the cock rubbing her buttocks. Next his fingers invade her anus, looking for an aperture. Finally there’s a thrust, and his prick is buried deep inside her.


His rape is so bestial the young princess starts crying and nearly faints from pain.

Arghon enters the stables and lifts her up by her long hair. Then he throws her against Haed, the hostler.

“Let’s have some fun, whore. You’re going to learn how far your holes can be dilated. You’ll be surprised at your own body’s elasticity.”

Mercilessly, Yanira is fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time by the horny pair. She spends a hellish afternoon in the stables, barely conscious of anything save for the pain she feels in her intimate regions.

“You have a pretty mouth, my royal cunt,” says Haed. “Now suck it, I want it to disappear all inside your mouth.”

“And she can suck more than that,” said Arghon. “Leave her in the pillory all night. Tomorrow we’ll return to investigate her improvements.”


More Torments for Yanira

Placed in the pillory, Yanira spends an infernal night without drinking and eating. Her body is sore and she’s cold. She cries herself to sleep.

In the morning the hostler shows up and serves her breakfast, a nice ration of cock with great quantities of milk.

“You can have all of it, ha ha ha! Enjoy because this will be your last meal.”

Soon Arghon arrives, eager to discipline his feisty new acquisition. But her tight fit hasn’t dilated enough to receive each thrust of his cock without feeling pain.

“Let’s see how your little anus is doing today.”

Arghon examines the dark rim that has been cruelly punished. Her anus twitches at his touch. He caresses her rectum for some moments, gently fingering the orifice’s entrance.

“Nooo, nnhh, ah, yes… no, please, have mercy, master!”

Don’t beg, whore, it’s not becoming in a princess, ha ha ha! You’re going to be fucked brutally. A life of pain and suffering is waiting for you. Soon you’ll beg me to kill you in the pole like your tribesmen rather than endure what waits you, you devilish desert sow.”

The young whore is sadistically trained and fucked in every imaginable way. Raped once and again in the mouth, penetrated in her snug rectum until she bleeds.

“Nooooo, not my anus, please, I beg you, it hurts too much. You’re splitting me in half.”

“Shut the fuck up, princess!”

“Gaaahh, nnnuhhhh!”

“Oh, shit, what a fucking pleasure I have deflowering this whore’s ass,” shouts Haed. “So tight, so small, but it opens up around my cock, I plunge it deeper and deeper into her, all the way down. Yahhhhhh!”

“She’s a great whore,” Arghon agrees. “And she’ll pay with her body every crime committed by her tribesmen against our caravans.”

Arghon inspects her rectum.

“Haed, I think the whore is finally dilating. So hit her pussy and ass so that she swells up again and closes off the orifices. Tomorrow she’ll be like a virgin again and feel more pain.”

“It shall be done, master… but do I leave her in the pillory?”

“No, after whipping her, take her to the patio. Tied her up to four poles, with a phallus under her pussy mound, so that her ass is shooting upwards. Leave her like that all night. She’s going to be very sore in the morning. Tomorrow we’ll fuck her in that position, I’m sure it’ll hurt her a lot. Then you’ll brand her like a common criminal.”

Desert Vixens

As the sun is rising in the Afgia oasis, a mysterious silhouette approaches from the direction of the desert. The animals become restless and a sentry shouts a warning.

The men flex the strings of their bows and aim the arrows at the menacing and hobbling figure. However, before they can fire, the obscure shadow collapses on the ground. Everyone rushes to the newcomer and gathers around him: it’s a naked man, his body covered in bruises and scars. His huge phallus and his swollen testicles are garroted by a thick rope; the end of it is attached to a large and heavy piece of wood that the wretched man had to drag through the desert.

This black ma is named Jamek, the leader of a slave caravan attacked by bandits. The only survivor, he managed to run away and reach the oasis in Afgia after walking for several days with the genitals tied up to the heavy piece of lumber.

After regains a bit of consciousness, and just before dying, he informs the men around him that that the bandits are in fact women.

A band of women that devotes itself to attacking slave caravans, releasing the female slaves en route to Hedonia and other horrible destinations. Once freed, some of these women join the ranks of the bandits. Like wild beasts, they perform surprise attacks, and no one knows their camp.

They call themselves the Sisterhood of the Liberators. Their purpose is to destroy the inhuman traffic of female flesh that every year condemns hundreds of young and beautiful women into servitude and sexual bondage. Some are moved by justice, others fueled by revenge to see these men destroyed and killed after growing rich abusing innocent women.

The caravans’ guards are massacred and the few survivors are raped and abandoned in the desert, in order to die a slow, scalding death under the burning sun.

Like vampires they swoop down on their victims, grab hold of their penises, and fuck and suck them until they’re in raw flesh and the balls totally dry.

Some of these men remain prisoners for days and are sexually tortured in order to reveal secrets about future caravans.

After using them until physical exhaustion and savagely beating them, the female warriors abandon the survivors in the dunes, naked and with their genitals tied up to huge weights in order not to escape from the sun’s punishment. Like in Jamek’s case.

The authorities were quickly informed of the extraordinary attack on the caravan coming from the East.

But in Hedonia the incident wasn’t very talked about until further attacked occurred and three more caravans were ransacked and made to vanish with their precious cargo in the desert dunes.

Faced with the growing complaints of Hedonia’s slaver merchants, Arghon ordered his officials to put an end to the female rebellion.

“Fuck them and punish them without mercy,” he declared. “And find the leader and torture her until she loses her mind with pain. Those who submit like slaves will save their lives, those who resist will be crucified and impaled as a warning.”

But it’s not easy to locate these fighting women, nothing is known about them, their hideout is unknown, and no one can gather information about them. The soldiers’ searches were fruitless.


A Pair of Old Whores

The bandits mostly probably hide in several different villages and settlements that have a special treaty with Hedonia that prevents their women from being kidnapped and enslaved with impunity. Arghon’s chief of guards decides to start his search in them, and he hires the services of Khefir, a crafty spy. This man, with several of his friends, goes to the house of a pair of old hookers, two aging prostitutes who know everything. And who are used to arrange whores for brothels.

Amila and Sorea received the men as clients, but quickly discovered that the brutes didn’t just want to fuck them.

Held against their will inside their own abode, they’re raped until they pass out; after waking up they’re tormented and interrogated about what they regarding the secret sisterhood.

“Now, you fat whore, you keep all kinds of relationships with slaves and streetwalkers,” and you’re up to date on everything going on; so you’re going to spill everything you know about those vixens who go about ransacking caravans and releasing slaves!”

“Oh my lord, I don’t know anything, let me suck you, I’m the best at it, my tongue is sweet and my mouth voracious.”

Khefir slapped Amalia’s face with brutality, leaving a red mark on her cheek. The old whore fought hard not to cry in front of her abuser.

“Speak, whore!”

“I swear to you, my lord!” said Amila, beginning to tear up.

“Open your mouth, slut!”

Mercilessly Khefir introduced his member all the way down to the back of Amila’s throat, making her choke and gasp for air. When he pulled it out, the woman’s cheeks were flushed and she was totally out of breath.

“I don’t know anything! Ahhnghhh!”

Meanwhile Sorea was crying her heart out on account of all the hard slaps the men were giving her buttocks, while taking turns fucking her used up whore’s pussy.

Again Amila was fucked in the mouth, choking many times for long moments.

Khefir then showed her a thick phallus and shoved it into her mouth and ordered one of his men to start caning her buttocks hard.

“Speak, whore! Confess! Admit you’re part of the sisterhood. Confess and we’ll go easier on you.”

The terrible caning made her buttocks tremble in that huge whore’s body while the atrocious phallus, reeking of shit, slowly asphyxiated her and caused her nausea.

Used to the most brutal types of fucking, Amila resisted the round and the terrifying attacks on her body and mind, until the skin of her red ass started frying and lines of blood began showing up.

“Auurrghh!” she shouted in pain, like a wild animal whose paw had been caught in a poacher’s trap.

Khefir shot his load inside her ass with savagery and then grabbed her by her hair and made her climb onto the table where she was tied up and penetrated again and again until they confessed.

The two old whores were violently raped countless times by Khefir and his men, and in the end they left their house without answers.


Torments in the Dungeons

Those whores had to speak. Khefir ordered his men to take them to the basements that they used for interrogations.

When Amila saw the torture table she shuddered in terror. She was dirty and hurting, she didn’t know how much she could take, without opening her mouth.

Khefir threw her against the wall; the voluptuous and sensual whore excited him, he liked how in spite of the torture she swung her hips in the chair and moaned while she was raped.

“Disgusting fat bitch, dirty whore, you’re gonna tell me everything… I’m certain you know some girl who has mysteriously showed up in some tavern, or in some house.”

“I don’t know.”

“Of course you do… You’re gonna speak, cow!”

He forcefully tore up her clothes and grabbing her throat he started strangling her while he brutally penetrated her.

“Ahrghhhh! Nooooghhh!”

After the violent penetration, Amila was stretched on a table and prepared for a session of torture.

Her legs were forced open and held with ropes. Her udders were tied with thick ropes and strangled until they were swollen and red. Khefir’s men systematically raped her, one by one, without obtaining from her more than petitions to show mercy and sighs of pain.

“Speak, cunt! Save yourself! Give up the others.”

“Use the candle on her, dog!”


“This whore’s pussy is burning like a furnace.”

“Fucking her is so good!”

“The whore doesn’t speak but she really loves sucking cock!”

That was the truth, the old whore enjoyed the fucking in spite of the torture and the hardships they were inflicting upon her body.

Thus Khefir quickly realized they were going nowhere with this method.

The two finicky whores were never going to betray their sisters unless the men used harsher methods to unloose their tongues.

“Well, whore, are you going to keep protecting these criminals? Then you’re going to remain suspended by your tits until you give us names. So while you make up your mind we’re going to punish your friend, who seems softer than you. At least she feels pain when we fuck her in the ass.”

It was true, Sorea, in spite of the years being sodomized, had a sensitive anus that didn’t stand ass-fucking very well, especially when the man was savage and the cock was big.

Torture with Candle

They took Amila to a smaller room and prepared her teats for punishment. They placed her on all four and slowly hoisted her while they rubbed her pussy with hot wax.

Nooooo! Nooo! Argh, mercy!

Speak and put an end to your torment, cunt!

I dont know anything, I dont know anything!

Yes you do. Come on, you must have heard some rumor!



Amila was left hovering in the air, barely poised on two wooden stakes. At the smallest movement shed lose balance and would fall away from her tits, ripping them apart from her body.

One of the men lighted a candle and started approaching the flame to her swollen and sensitive udders.


Speak, damn it!

I dont know anything! Its the truth!

This bitch can take a lot, boss.

Put the candle on the floor, between her legs, let the heat get to her filthy cunt. Keep her like that all night, when the candle burns out, light another one, and so on. This whore is going to speak!

In another room Sorea was tortured in a similar manner; the candle burnt out once and again in her whores pussy, eliciting cries of agony from her. But the fat woman wasnt talking, and so in the end Khefir decided to tie a rope around her tits and slowly pull them and strangle them all night.

The two whores didnt stop crying and moaning in pain all night



Confession and Punishment

On sunrise and after an infernal night, the whores revealed everything they knew. They hoped that would relieve them of further suffering, or at least diminish its intensity in the future.

They knew that if they continued to be tortured theyd lose the handsome attributes that they used to make a living. They feared Khefir and his men would disfigure their already aging bodies, rendering them worthless and unattractive to clients.

They ended up confessing Ц after a hard torture session and with their tits all wrecked Ц that they themselves had placed some of the bandits and freed slaves as servants in some houses.

Very well, whores. Now next youre going to suffer until you tell us who the leader of the bandits is.

That we dont know, cried Sorea.

You can continue suffering the punishment, in a couple of days you can drag your tits along the floor like tails. Were going to continue stretching and pulling them until nothings left of them.

Well tell you what you want to know, my lord please, sire, our tits are our livelihood!

And at last the two whores spoke of a mythical woman, a mad Amazon who, naked, gallops across the desert on her stallion. A fierce, indomitable woman, a legend that in her first adventure released some slaves destined to the market. Using the nights silence, she killed the slaves guards who carelessly slept in a nearby oasis, without ever dreaming that a woman was coming to kill them.

It seems pain has unloosened your tongues, but I dont think thats going to exempt you from further pain. Both of you are going to meet a terrible ordeal for having cooperated with that madwoman.

No, sire, please, weve told you everything we know! Weve collaborated with you, furthermore well serve you sexually, with pleasure and total obedience, but dont punish us any further! Mercy, sire!

Very well, whores! Youre gonna drink semen until your bellies are swollen with our loads and you drown.

And during the rest of the day Khefir and his henchmen abused the fat whores without mercy and consideration. Defiling their lewd bodies, whipping their buttocks with cruelty and caning their cunts and breasts.

These two whores will remain locked up here until we have captured everyone, and then will be delivered to justice like accomplices.

Tired, beaten and fearing for their lives, they were led to a somber cell, where the two friends wrapped up in each others arms and cried together, wrecked by sexual violence, covered in bruises and semen.

The place was filthy and foul-smelling, and the insects immediately showed up from the shadows in the corners, followed by the rats. There was no end to their martyrdom.

Well never leave this cell, prophesized Amila. And if we do itll be to be crucified or worse.


The Hunt

The next day the capture of some suspicious girls began. One by one they were plucked from their homes and hidden and dragged to the desert to be submitted to cruel interrogations.

Yaneta, a gorgeous house servant is led to a distant marsh.

Tell me who your leader is, bitch!

Gork the Bedouin is a cruel man, an expert torturer who prefers the desolation of the desert for his interrogations because it inflicts a sense of hopelessness on his victims. They find themselves away from civilization and help, they realize their lives are fully in his sadistic hands. Theyre easier to break. His victims cant escape anywhere and no one can help them and the extreme heat cooperates in breaking their mental defenses.

My mistress is Lady Dania, you know that!

Dont be stupid! You know who Im talking about! Fine, be stubborn, cunt! Your skin is going to wither away and fall dead from the sun. A few days from now youll be covered in blisters.

I dont know who youre talking about, I belong to Lady Dania!

And also to the Sisterhood of Liberators!

On hearing this name horror took hold of Yaneta, she understood she was doomed, whether or not she spoke she was destined to the most terrible of tortures.

Come on, whore, you better give me the names of your companions and of your leader that will ease your sentence, because youll be punished anyway, but if you speak quick I may released you before I cut off your tits.

Im Lady Danias servant, thats all, no one elses.

Well, then, youre gonna love this, cunt!

Gork showed her a thick and thorny phallus.

He hoisted her on a tree and started introducing the sexual object into her dried up pussy.

Aughhhh! Noooo!

You can scream all you want, no one will hear you in this desert!

Yearghhhhh! Nooooouhhhh!

Of course in the end itll go up your snatch and burn your disgusting entrails, you filthy whore!


Im going to give you an opportunity, so you can see I take pity on you. Lick it so it can slip easier and lets both enjoy it! I dont like it when your cunt is so dry! A slut like you should get wet just from feeling this cock inside your sensitive cunt!

Ahhhh, mercy!

Take it, whore!

Gork filled the phallus up her twat without problem this time, and Yaneta started bawling in pain, but didnt say anything.

Since you dont want to speak, I have to change my methods!

Without mercy he gagged the wretched victim and started pumping the phallus in and out of her orifice, frantically, until sunset.

I think youre more willing now. Are you going to speak?

Yaneta nodded with her head. She was at the end of her strength.

Suneta from Goha, thats my leader thats her!

Very well, whore, lets hope youre right.

The Bedouin got on his horse and rode to the settlement of Goha.

Untie me! Dont leave me here, begged Yaneta. Dont leave me here alone.

Ha ha ha! Dont worry, my beauty, soon the vultures will come to keep you company.

Dragged By Her Pussy

Suneta of Goha was dragged out of her house during the night, inside a bag of flour. Shes a free woman, so the Bedouin has to operate with discretion and care. On arriving on the edge of the desert he removes her from the bag and forces her to satisfy him sexually.

Dont kill me, I beg you, dont hurt me, Ill do everything you want, Ill show you pleasure like you never saw before.

Thats what I hope. Now suck my cock, bitch!

After sating his lust with her mouth, he ropes her like cattle and pulls her along, forcing her to walk naked in the desert. Her delicate feet burn on the scorching ground they walk until physical exhaustion overwhelms the prisoner.

Mercy, sire, I cant walk any further What do you want from me?

The truth.

What truth?

Tell me who you are!

Im Suneta, a free woman, I have an tile shop where I continue my deceased husbands business, Im a widow Have mercy, I offer myself to you, Ill be yours, but dont maltreat me like this

Youre a fucking liar, a bandit, you belong to the group of the liberators, you attack caravans, murder and torture drivers and soldiers, release slaves who are the private property of Hedonia slave merchants. Youve broken the laws of Hedonia and youre going to pay for that!

Who told you that? I sell tiles!

You have a gorgeous body, my lady, as beautiful as the body of a woman now suffering under the sun. A woman who told me things about you. It may be vultures are devouring her tits right now

Why are you so cruel? I dont know what you talk about.

My mission is to find the leader of the bandits, and thats you!

Noooo! I know nothing of bandits, I myself have lost shipments, do you believe Id cooperate with them?

Maybe you speak the truth, but lets confirm it, nearby theres a stone slab. Im going to tie you to it and leave you exposed to the sun. So get the fuck up and start walking or Ill drag you by your pussy!

Making an effort, Suneta got up and started walking with her sore feet, it took a while but eventually they arrived at the stone slab.


Exposed to the Sun

Fatigued after the harrowing walk, Suneta fell asleep and the Bedouin didnt meet any resistance when he started tying her to the stone stab. The woman was so tired she only squirmed and whimpered in her sleep when he poised her body on the burning surface. Tying her up in a Y-shaped way, he slapped her cheeks a few times to wake her up.

What are you going to do? asked Suneta, groggy. Are you going to fuck me again?

I know that would only give you pleasure, you dirty cow, and I intend a harsher and more humiliating punishment for you. Soon youll find an irritating friction on your skin, the pain of deep penetration. With only the sun as your company, youll slowly burn, your flesh will peel itself away. Your throat will feel parched after a few hours and even a mouthful of cum will sound like a banquet to you. Youre going to suffer until you tell me the truth.

I beg you, my lord, I dont know what you want! Im not the leader of the bandits, I dont know them at all!

Then have a taste of the phallus! Itll go in easily since your cunt is already full of my cum.

Nooo, please, not again!

The phallus indeed slid into her vaginal canal without problem. Gork kept it in there for a while and then started pulling it out slowly. Suneta felt the rugged object burning her entrails with each thrust, each time it came out and went back in waves of pain shot into her brain. Gork had gagged her, first he wanted to penetrate her for hours, without asking her anything. Sometimes he stopped to drink water, and she had to watch him throw water from his canteen onto the sand, just to shatter her willpower. She was thirsty and dying for relief. Gork wanted her to confess once she had no more willpower left to resist.

Are you going to speak? sometimes he asked her, looking at her mouth-gagged face.

Nhhmhnmm! she groaned incomprehensibly, like an animal, but Gork understood she was refusing. And so her continued to torment her body.

We have all day, I have food, water, I can build a fire for myself nearby Do you know how cold desert nights can be? If the sun doesnt kill you, the cold will. But you better talk now before your pussy is nothing but a red sore of raw flesh.

The Bedouin showed no mercy and his arm didnt grow tired. He continued to penetrate her all afternoon and only stopped at nightfall. At last he removed the gag from her mouth.

Speak and live.

She was half dead.

Im not the leader of the bandits Im innocent, but

But what?

I have heard of a woman in a tribe, a true savage

Go on whore, dont stop

Water, please

Youll have it after you speak.

This woman is the daughter of a sheik Arka, her name is Arka!

What does she have to do with the bandits?

Shes a bandit too! She kills and steals And she goes around rescuing captive women maybe she has something to do with

Well, thats a nice story, you should have told me before

The Bedouin untied Suneta from the stone slab and threw her onto his shoulders.

Im taking you back to your home, but if you say anything about our little encounter to anyone, or if I find out you lied to me, Ill find you again, drag you back here and finish the work! And this time Ill impale you to death!


The Long Walk

Apparently no one really knows the secret identity of the bandit leader. The Bedouin informs Khefir of what little he has been able to ascertain so far. Kidnapping Arka would be a more delicate matter, since the sheiks hordes would defend her. So they go back to the fat whores in the basement, torture them some more and receive confirmation that Arka is the second-in-command of the bandit leader.

After keeping an eye on the sheiks daughter for several days, Gork succeeds in kidnapping her in order to interrogate her. After being undressed and tied up around her groin he forces her to trot after his horse. Another long and excruciating journey through the desert, Gork is loving these trips he has to undergo to break the will of his stubborn captives.

The tribe girl groans like a feral beast, but the gag remains fastened to her mouth. He cant understand what shes saying, but probably shes declaring revenge against him or cursing him and his family and friends.

In the middle of the desert he removed the gag and asked her what she knew about the bandit leader, promising to release her unharmed if she helped him.

I wont tell you anything, you filthy henchman from Hedonia. You only deserve to have your prick eaten by jackals, I hear yours is pretty small and that you cant get it up, thats why you rape women with wooden dicks. Because you lack the natural tools.

Youll find out soon just how big my prick is, desert whore!

A terrible slap hit her across the face, making her spin and fall on the ground. Before she could react Gork was already on top of her, groping her body in search of access to her pussy. She was clenching her legs so he had to fight hard to part them. Although she was fierce, physically she was no match to the stocky Gork. He ended up fucking her, after showing her his fully erect dick in front of her eyes.

See how big it is, whore. The stories about me are false. But your snatch is going to learn just how big my dick is.

He fucked her viciously, punching her in the face while he invaded her vaginal orifice. The physical pain was not as big, however, as the shame of being overpowered by a stranger outside her tribe. That hurt her deeper than the penetration.

Without hurry, taking his time, the Bedouin mounted his horse, while the girl is forced to walk, blood dripping from between her thighs. The wind blows sand over the trace of blood as soon as the drops fall on the ground. She walks all day under the sun, exhausted and dizzy. Gork refuses to give her water and food, but shes too haughty to beg for any either. Soon hell break his pride though.

Arkas rage grows with each new step. The Bedouin sometimes makes the horse gallop and the girl has to run after it, until she falls. Then he forces her to get up again by dragging her along for a few meters, and the path continues to take them deeper and deeper into the most desolate parts of the desert.

Hours pass as the sun disappears in the horizon. Arka hopes that the Bedouin will stop at nightfall to give her some much needed physical relief.

Then nightfall comes at last, and Arks is incapable of walking any further.

The Deadly Hook

Gork stopped the horse in front of some ruins and took Arka to them, them removed his boots and placed her under a long wooden beam.

He releases her agonizing cunt from the rope and prepares her for a new punishment. Arka looks in terror at Gork removing a metal hook from his saddles. But in spite of the distressing walk, the girl retains all her bravery.

No ones ever hooked your pussy, I bet. Well tonight youre going to find out what it feels like. I suggest you tell me the truth, because otherwise youll spend the rest of your life with that hook between your legs.

I wont say anything because my father will flay you alive while you see your severed dick burn in front of you, you disgusting pig!

Oh, I doubt that will happen. Your father will never find you nor will he find out what happened to you Im at Hedonias service, your tribe may be wiped off the face of the earth at an order from the Governor Now speak, whore!

Do what you want with me, I wont speak!

But as soon as she felt the cold iron pushing past her labia and into her entrails, she felt a terrible pressure inside her belly. Arka started weakening in her resolve.

Gork fondled her tits with brutality. He forced her to bend down to push the iron hook deeper into her entrails.


Arka couldnt take more of that the desert walk had already undermined a lot of her determination, and now this hook was turning her insides into a wound. She didnt owe anything to the bandit leader, even if she had collaborated with her in some skirmishes, but she wasnt even her second-in-command deep down she was even her enemy since the Sheik also had slaves he bought from Hedonia. But if she talked shed break the desert law, shed be damned for life, shed be expelled from her tribe after being flagellated, as the law ordered. And shed have to wander the rest of her life begging alms in the settlements, or shed be enslaved or forced into prostitution to make a living.

She was shivering under the nights cold, the damp was making her freeze. The hook inside her vagina seemed to grow in size, to take more room inside her guts. The iron seemed like ice inside her.


The Confession

Gork pulled out food and drink from the saddles and sat down in front of girl. He ate and drank merrily in order to restore his strengths. Arka watched him and was dying to beg him for a morsel to trick the hunger in her stomach She was trembling with cold and dog-tired from the fucking and the walking. Her body was covered in bruises and her joints ached. She knew she wasnt going to last longer although she wanted to remain true to her ideals and values, she knew she was losing the battle in her mind. Furthermore she couldnt think straight what with having to remain in total balance in order not to fall, or the hook would rip her belly apart.

Gork finished his meal and got up to have a look at the ingenious method, to revel in the humiliation of the daughter of the powerful sheik.

I know you want to speak Youre about to fall on your back and be gutted by the hook you know you cant take it any longer.

Arka stared miserably at him, a silent look that begged him to show compassion. He took the gag from her mouth.

Now speak. You know you want to.

As a desert man, you know the law, you know what will happen to me if I speak

And also if you dont speak

Very well, Ill reveal my secrets if you promise that you deliver me to me tribe and that no one will ever know that I spoke to you.

It depends on what you know.

The truth, I know who the bandit leader is. Ive robbed some caravans with her.

You were her second-in-command.

No, I was never that. I always attacked caravans to benefit my tribe, I hate that bitch

Then why didnt you speak before?

To respect the bandits law But if no one knows I spoke, I wont reveal either that I was raped and humiliated by a servant of Hedonia my tribe wont know it

Thats easy, but now tell me who she is.

Its Danela, a lady of noble lineage, rich and powerful, who hides under her rank many horrible crimes.

After fulfilling his promise of dropping Arka off in the proximities of her tribe, Gork rode away to inform Khefir.

Detaining a lady of high society like Danela was a more complicated affair. Khefir immediately informed his superiors.

Arghon considered the difficulties, hed have to present an warrant before the court, that would take time, the bitch could disappear, some high-ranking friend could always warn her, so far no one knew the extent of the women who were part of her group.

One day, while crossing the gardens of her palace, Danela was attacked by hooded men, who undressed her violently and tied her up.

Were going to fuck your cunt, whore!

Who are you? You have no right!

Of course we do! Youre the leader of the Sisterhood of the Liberators.

Noooo! What are you saying?

Shut up, cow! Youll have time to confess everything when we arrive in the cell. Gag her and take her to the torture chambers under the court.


The Bandit Leader

By order of Arghon, Danela was taken to the torture chambers and submitted to violations and sadistic ordeals. She was locked up in a sinister cell and surrounded by henchmen, libidinous and cruel men who were eager to fuck her senseless.

All night she was raped by dozens of men, who took turns assaulting her orifices. The corners of her mouth were already in blood from sucking so many dicks, and her ass was sore from the brutal penetrations she had been subjected to relentlessly and without respite. Dozens of men came on her body, covering her from head to toes with semen, leaving her in a disgusting mess that got mixed up with their drool and dirt from the floor.

All the time they kept ordering her to confess she was the bandit leader, but she always denied it over and over again she denied, in spite of the brutal ordeal.

After the first infernal night ended they took her back to the torture chamber and continued to rape her body. She asked permission to see Arghon, but she only received slaps and insults from her captors.

Arghon observed from a secret hole in the wall, while one of his slaves sucked his cock, obediently standing on her knees in front of him. Arghon was especially aroused at the spectacle of seeing an otherwise powerful noblewoman being brought low by a handful of rapists and cruel sadists.

Kehfir ordered the men to inflict pain on the tits by tying ropes around them until they swelled and turned red like ripe apples. The lady felt her breasts being pulled and stretched. A henchman forced her legs open and positioned himself between them in order to rapes her pussy. Another man was underneath her, thrusting his cock up her rectum.

Her anus was bleeding and gaping like an open wound.

Im not a bandit! This is a mistake! Im not a bandit! Mercy!

Open your mouth, whores taste my dick!


The ordeal continues throughout the night without any confession being obtained.

Arghon continues to watch while his slave sucks him off. The beaten and wretched body of Danela, covered in sweat and semen, makes his cock throb in the slave girls mouth. From his position he can see her anus dilated after dozens of men have used it, slowly seeping semen mixed with blood.

Are you sure thats her? he asks Khefir.

Yes, my lord.

If were wrong, we face a grave danger. She belongs to a powerful family in Hedonia.

We have interrogated several whores, my lord, and none confessed on the first day. We have to insist, punish their bodies, before they give up their secrets. Give it time, let us wreck her mind and body, and the bitch will confess her guilt!



Headstrong and Lecherous

Danelas haughtiness made her continue to proclaim her innocence in spite of the torments and the humiliations she endured. Khefir handed her over to a henchman with orders to wreck her breasts until pain made her lose consciousness.

Im gonna get the truth out of you, whore, or Ill flay your sweet body with this whip!

Mghhhh! Danela defiantly moans in her gag, nodding her head stubbornly while the collar chokes her and forces her head to stand upright. The henchman whips her clamped tits; theyre red and swollen and each strike of the whip makes her wince in agony. She cant stop writhing; the pain spreads from her breasts down to her crotch, still burning painfully from the violations it endured the previous day.

This session is going to last a long time, cunt, and youre going to suffer every second of it. I aint removing your gag until your udders have known the limits of physical pain.

Nghhh! Nhghhhhh! she whimpers.

From time to time the henchman rubs her vulva with his rugged fingers, confirming that his work is making her moist and excited, like a cheap whore.

Ha ha ha! I see you like this, slut. You may be a lady in looks, but deep down youre just a debased whore like all women, you just want a man to put you in your place.

Again and again the whips metallic tip crashes on her breasts, marking her skin with deep red welts. The wretched womans body twists and turns at every hit and the pain envelopes her breasts and grips them as if claws of fire were squashing them. Eventually she loses consciousness.

When she wakes up from a troubled sleep, the first thing she sees is the henchman holding a fearful pair of iron pincers.

These fat knockers are going to know real suffering know my lovely bitch.


Danela moves her head around in panic while the henchman squeezes, twists and pulls her tits already extra-sensible due to the whips handiwork. This time the pain is so unbearable shes ready to confess anything. But the henchman is so absorbed in his sadistic task he doesnt realize she wants to confess; instead he continues to torture her breasts until theyre raw flash.

Pain consumes her, shes falling into shock and her sense of time disappears her body burns and when the henchman rubs her pussy again, Danela has a desperate and embarrassing orgasm that leaves his fingers drenched with juices.

Innnngggghhhh! Innnnnnggghhhhh!! Innnnnnggghhhhh!!

Aha, its obvious youre loving this shit! I bet you dont confess because youre enjoying this too much, you depraved bitch!

And without giving her time to realize what is happening, he forces her down on her knees and shoves his cock in her mouth. Dizzy, desperate, and brimming with lust that had to be spent, Danela starts sucking his hard prick.

Thats it, just the way I like it, I always knew you noblewomen were better cocksuckers than the maids.


Meeting Arghon

“Get up, whore, your master has called for you How are your titties doing?


Still hurting, uh? Pity, bitch, you asked for it!

Grabbing Danela by her sore tits, the henchman makes her walk along sinister corridors towards Arghons chambers. From time to time a scream of agony disturbs the ominous silence and Danelas nude body shivers from head to toe, as if she were cold.

Arghon waits for her in a luxurious and well-lit room. The light blinds Danelas eyes, the woman spend several days underground and isnt used to brightness anymore.

Still no confession?

No, my lord, shes a tough lady but she enjoys her torture like a debauched whore.

Hm, thats an inconvenient. Were not here to give her pleasure. You can go.

Arghon examines the captured woman, walking in circles around her, laughs and then orders one of his slaves to cinch a very tight black corset on her that barely lets her breathe.

On your knees, whore!

Danela is too tired to stand up anyway and gladly obeys.

Well, my dear lady, youd better confess; there is enough evidence against you, your accomplices have denounced you, you are the leader of the bandits. Youre going to end up in a whorehouse. If it were up to me, youd be crucified right now. But I need a confession.

Im Danela de Mital, my family is powerful, you cant do this to me, theyll strip you of our authority and honors, and if youre lucky youll only be expelled from Hedonia.

Are you threatening me, whore?

Suddenly Arghon hit her breasts with a cane.

Ayyyy! No, please!

Confess, its wiser. Torture will end and your sentence will be merely symbolic, I promise you, Lady Danela.

Auuuu I beg you believe me, Im not the woman youre looking for.

You are, only a woman like you could lead the band of liberators.

Without mercy Arghon continued to hit her tits while she twisted and writhed on the floor. The pain was so strong she lost control of her bowels and pissed herself.

Disgusting whore, a nice lady like you you just ruined one of my best carpets imported from Hasecha. Come on, clean it up, with your tongue.


With a kick Arghon brutally pushed her against the ground and grabbed her by her hair, forcing it to rub against the filthy humidity on the carpet.

Noooo! Noooo, you vile bastard!

Arghon stamped a foot on her head while the poor woman licked her own urine, disgusted with herself.

And now youre gonna suck my dick, whore, since the taste of piss doesnt bother you.

Danela crawled in front of him and opened her mouth to receive the magistrates shaft.

Mercy, my lord, show me some mercy I beg you, mercy!

Suck and shut up, whore!


Without Confession

After the blowjob, Arghon, highly pleased decides to give Danela a second chance. He squeezes both tits with pincers and starts pulling them violently.

Come on, slut! Confess once and for all! Youre a rebellious whore and youre going to end up hanging from your tits in a cross And I assure you thats a horrible ending, long hours of agony while your tits tear and fray. But first youll be tortured savagely and fucked in all your slimy holes by my brutal men. Youll wish death a thousand times, but itll take its time to come. But if you confess, if you submit like the most worthless of slaves, like my personal cocksucker, youll only receive a public flogging and I wont crucify you.

Aughhhhh! Ayyyyhhhhh! Noooooo! Noooooooooooooooo!

Danelas screams echo through the palaces corridors and chambers, and some slaves whimper in fear and hide in corners.

The master is very upset. Hes torturing a slave, and thats a bad sign, a slave whispered.

Im a lady Danela stood firm in spite of the suffering running through her body. Youll never humiliate me; I wont say anything to you, Ill never be your personal cocksucker out of my free will. When you force me to crawl in your presence, when you make me behave like a servile bitch, Ill just be a thing, but you wont have my soul.

Your body is enough. Now speak, whore!

This time the pull was so strong that the pincers jumped off the swollen and crimson breasts. Danela fell on the ground, contorting in pain.

Im not the woman you speak of! I have nothing to do with the bandits! I dont know what else to tell you I swear.

I dont believe you. But I have time, the group is being captured and one of your bitches will speak rather than endure more punishment. Soon youll see them hanging from poles in the public square, crying and screaming while the henchmen rape them and drive nails through their tits!

Youre a sick monster!

I dont give a shit if youre the leader or not. Youll end up confessing, Ill confiscate your possessions, your family will repudiate you, and youll rot in the womens jail Youll end up so degraded you wont recognize the noblewoman you used to be when you look at yourself in the mirror. Henchman, take her to the Square of Sorrow. Let her contemplate true pain and the most abject humiliation.

You cant lock me up in that place, Im a lady of good breeding, my family will stop you, youll be fired, youll be deported, you filthy pig! Youll grovel in the deserts mud.

Ha ha ha! Your family believes youre travelling, and when they see you naked in the square theyll be so ashamed theyll pretend not to know you. Youll be shunned by them.

Come on, cow, walk! said the henchman after binding her ankles and wrists in shackles. And be quiet, I dont want to hit you inside the palace.

The Square of Sorrows

The henchman drove her to the women’s jailhouse. Danela is violently thrown into the Square of Sorrows. She falls on the ground and hurts herself. She remains stretched on the floor, waiting for instructions. The henchmen are discussing what to do with her.

“Put her in a cell looking into the courtyard, the master wants her to see the punishments administered to the other inmates before you touch her.”

The chief of the guards gives orders that she be herded through a door leading into a cell adjoining the yard. From there she can see the whole court. The place is somber and chilling. The women all look horrified.

“Have a good look at these wretched cunts, look how they atone for their sins. Soon will be your time.”

Danela thinks she has entered a nightmare: a woman is forced to introduce her torso in a big box, leaving her ass and legs outside.

“Come on, whore, hurry up, inside!”

“No, my lord, I won’t fit!”

“Hurry up, shithead!” And the guard kicks her ass to push her in. Then he closes the box and the woman puts out her pretty ass. Without remorse the guard sodomizes her. His cock is long and hard and already ejects pre-cum in anticipation.

“Hm, what a lovely crack you have, whore!”

Low moans escape from the sinister cage while the woman is fucked with brutality.

“Yes, ah yes, this whore is loving it, listen how she moans, the perverse criminal! But that’s wrong, they don’t come here to enjoy themselves. They come to suffer!”

And he pushes his fat cock into her rectum, forcing her ass cheeks to open wider.


The slave screams inside the cage, hitting the bars with her fists, powerless to stop the cruel violation.

Meanwhile another slave, dirty and covered in bruises left over by the daily beatings, is masturbating the men who are going to fuck the caged woman, getting their cocks ready and in the right mood.

“Come on, bitch, get me hard! I need my tool sharp when I’m pounding her crapper. Use your mouth, that’s a good girl.”

After cumming, the guard picks up a cane and starts whipping the woman’s buttocks. The screaming resumes inside the cage. After the caning another man violates her, this time anally.

“Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screams.

“Aha, it seems she doesn’t have lots of experience in this hole.”

Her grunts arouse the man, who starts pounding her ass harder and faster.

“Suffer, cunt, suffer like the miserable common whore you are!”

Her ordeal is repeated many times that day. Between each fucking the woman receives several canings. And the sucking whore not only excites the men with her anxious and well-trained mouth, but she also cleans their shit-covered penises after the penetrations.

Disgusted, Danela closes her eyes, and feels bad at the excitement she feels in watching their punishment. She never believed pain and humiliation could arouse her in such a way that she’d desire for herself the same abject treatment. But now she desires to be in the cage too, sucking cocks and being forcefully taken from behind.

She doesn’t know how many hours passed, but the woman in the cage was penetrated by more than six men. When they fished her out of the cage she was half-unconscious; they dragged her to a plank and left her over it, with her legs wide open.

Both the pussy and the anus were terribly swollen and gaping, oozing cum and blood. The buttocks’ flesh was sore and seemed to glow a bright red under the sun’s light.


The Bandits

“Enclosed in the infernal patio, some of the women of the band suffer atrocious rapes and punishments. The henchmen have orders to abuse them every moment of the day, in order to tire them out and break their will, as well as to cause them as much physical discomfort as possible. They’re treated as mere objects and toys. The henchmen have complete freedom to use their bodies as they see fit.

When word spreads out about Danela’s identity, a few women try to end their pain by accusing the noblewoman of being the bandit leader. Terrified, she denies everything.

Naked, she spends day and night in the infernal patio. She’s poorly fed. Her breakfast is cock every morning, and a piece of moldy bread she picks up from the floor and which she must eat as if she were a bitch. The guards watch her to make sure she doesn’t use her hands to pick up the food with. She’s a fast learner.

One of the bandits is impaled sadistically. For hours a henchman shoves a phallus in and out of her pussy, he twists the object inside her vaginal orifice, stretching it and causing inner tearing from the friction.

“Arrrrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! No, please, no, don’t hurt me anymore, I beg youuuuuuuuuuuuu!”

“Keep the noise down, bitch, and be strong for your master; there’s a lot more to suffer.”

The bandit isn’t being interrogated, she’s just being tortured for the guards’ sick amusement. She’s already been tried and sentenced. She’s no longer a person and has no rights in the Square of Sorrows. The judge sentenced the following for her: first to be anally and vaginally penetrated; and then crucifixion at sunrise. She’ll die hanging from her tits.

The men have been fucking the bandit cruelly for days; she’s a beautiful woman, in spite of the bruises that cover her body now, and it’s a pity to waste her body. After the serial violation of her body it’s time to receive the phallus that will destroy her entrails. But before being crucified she’ll visit the cage too.

Her accomplice is a bandit who’s compressed in a narrow cage from which only her tits and head jut out; she doesn’t stop receiving cum shots in her face; she can only swallow and suck and lick her jism-covered face. Meanwhile they beat her, punch her, step on her tits and kick her nipples.


“Yes, swallow, take my cum down your throat, you’re dying for a meal, aren’t you? It’s going to be your last meal, whore, a belly full of cum. Then you’ll be taken to the public square to be put out of misery, like a sick animal.”


“I doubt that, Afreh, until the queen of the bandits confesses, these whores are staying here being punished. Obviously she doesn’t give a shit about the pain her followers are suffering.

“She’ll stay a week here, watching our loving ways towards these whores, ha ha! Then she’ll be taken back to the palace for questioning.”


Infernal Night

The screams grow dimmer during the night. The courtyard becomes silent save for the groaning and screeching of an unfortunate girl who continues to be fucked or punished. Bound by their wrists, four inmates wait their turn to be placed inside the cage. They’re simple slaves sentenced for disobedience to spend a night in the courtyard.

Naked and shivering in cold, they wait the henchmen to finish having pleasure with a poor adulteress stuffed in the cage who’s been sentenced to suck cock.

Rebeca, the adulteress, spends all day shoved inside the tight cage sucking dicks pushed forcefully down her throat. She’s covered and filled with cum, much of which is dried up on her face and lips. She was close a few times to choke on the men’s spurting because they kept her mouth on their dicks for longer than she could take it. Her gurgling sound of panic only arouses them.

“Suck, whore, you’re almost finished.”

“Ha ha ha! Just five more blowjobs and we’ll be finished with you.”

“This is a blessing compared with what you have in store for tomorrow: you’re gonna be taken to the public square and whipped.”

“I can’t take it anymore… mercy, I confessed my guilt… Ahhhh!”

“Shut up and use your tongue!”

“Please… this is too much! I didn’t even have to be taken to the rack… I confessed immediately!”

“Just suck my cock, slut!”

“Glug! Gurghhhh, gurrggugh!”

“Get ready, I’m coming!”

“Gggggggggmmmmmmmmmgggggggggg! Ghhhhh!”

“Ahhh, this is so nice… Ah, now take your mouth off my dick!”

“Let go, whore!”

“Did she bite you?”

“What the fuck, she’s gone rigid on me!”

“Damn bitch, what do we do now?”

“Take her out of the box and reanimate her!”

The limp body of Rebeca was pulled out from the infernal confinement and stretched on the ground. One of the henchmen bent over and started fucking her until the woman coughed and spat the semen.

“You’re crazy!”

“You didn’t think I was going to give her mouth to mouth with her mouth covered with cum, did you?”

“Well, take her back to her cell, tomorrow she’s going to take a nice whipping in the square.”

After taking Rebeca away, the guards brought a new slave and put her inside the cage.

“My dick can’t get up anymore!”

“Mine still can! I just need to see these bitches whimpering in fear to get rock hard in a second!”

Danela, freezing to death, watches the violation of the poor woman, feeling nausea and pity. And asks herself when this bizarre nightmare will end.

Savage penetrations

The systematic rape of the inmates continued day after day and Danela’s morale slowly weakened as she had to watch the wretched victims and hear their inhuman screaming and crying. Sometimes she wanted to confess, in spite of her innocence, that she was the chief of the bandits. But some other times rage toughened her up and she defied the cruelty of the henchmen.

“Come here, you pigs, come punish me instead, just fuck me to death already, drown me in semen.”

But the pigs only laughed at her.

“Your time will come, don’t worry. Be patient, you’re gotta get special treatment when we raid your ass.”

“But for now have a good look at what we do to your whore followers. I bet they’re regretting having joined your band of marauders instead of behaving like proper, obedient women.”

The bastards dragged a young girl along the ground and hanged her up by her feet.

“No, please, fuck me, do me whatever you want… please.”

“Shut up, whore, or it’ll be worse.”

Without mercy they approached the flame of a candle over her pubic hair until they singed it completely. The stench of roasted hair was nauseating.

“Nooooooo! Auuuuuuuuuuuugh! Ayyyyyyy!”

The force depilation was administered without mercy over her beautiful pussy, until the flame burned away all the hair and left her bare pussy exposed.

“Nooooo! Please, noooo! Aughhh!”

After the depilation they started dripping the hot wax over her body, aiming at her intimate parts, especially the clean labia already moist from rubbing.


When the girl’s genitals were covered in wax, they lowered her and placed her wrists and ankles in iron shackles and stretched her on a stone bench.

Then two horny men started fucking her mouth and pussy with savage impetus, without giving her a truce when they exchanged places in her orifices.

“Aaahhhh! What a nice slit this bitch has! So warm and juicy!”

“Oh yeah, this cow knows how to eat cock… Yes, whore, lick my dick clean, lubricate it with your spit that I’m gonna ram it in your ass crack now.”

“Nooooooo! Pig, bastard!”


Brutal Ordeal

One day the guards brought out a woman who was sentenced to be inhumanly tortured. The captors dragged the wretched woman by the arms, listlessly and without resisting. She has just been interrogated and sentenced to die a horrible death.

Danela found out she had murdered someone.

The poor woman was tied up firmly to a pole and gagged in such a way her jaws seemed they were about to dislocate from the pressure.

“Aghhhh!” she gasped for air, salivating on the gag.

After twisting and pulling her tits with thick ropes they tied them to a bar. At the ends of the ropes they put a box which they slowly filled with rocks. This caused the ropes to twist around her tits like a tourniquet and to cause the flesh to strain, for the ropes to bite harder and deeper into the delicate flesh.

She grunted miserably like an animal in pain. Danela heard and found this sad noise to be a horrible form of mental torture. She could barely stand the pain of these women any longer. She closed her eyes not to see more, but the grunting and moaning continued to assault her ears.

“What’s the matter, whore, does this horrify you?”

“Well, get fucking used to it because you’re going to suffer the same punishment. It’s reserved for thieves and killers.”

The woman’s agony was slow and sadistic, the terrible weight slowly flayed the skin off her breasts leaving her flesh raw and bloody. Without aid she remained like this all day, suffering alone.

And Danela was forced to watch it, so close to her, to listen to her crying and moaning…

At nightfall the woman passed out from the inhuman pain. But the cruel men just kicked her lacerated tits in order to revive her. She was meant to be awake during every moment of her punishment.

When the sun rose they untied her from the pole, and still with her tits all sore and bloody, they forced her to give them all fellatio with her hurting jaws. She barely had the strength to open her mouth and pull out her tongue.

With a halter on her neck they forced her to walk on all fours, dragging the loose and flabby tits along the dirt, causing an extra torment for her as the sensitive flesh stung with pain.

“Ha ha ha! This whore has received a worthy punishment for murdering her mistress, but the worse is yet to come.”

They took her to a pit and sat her on a thick and dirty sharp stake at the bottom of it.

“We’re gonna sit you there… Ha ha ha! There, your suffering is over.”

Brutally they sat her down on the sharp end of the stake, aiming her ass hole with the tip.


“Quiet, whore, we’re not done yet.”

With a shovel they buried the woman in the pit, leaving her covered all the way up to her tits. They pissed on her flabby breasts and kicked them and stamped on them.

They dragged Danela out of her watching place to get a better look at the infamy, and they forced her to lick the maltreated breasts.

“And now for the best part.”

They forced Danela to put her pussy in the woman’s mouth. The dying woman was ordered to lick her.

“He he, that way both of them can have some fun together. Don’t say we’re cruel, ha ha ha!”


The Punishment Begins

Danela was disturbed, exhausted and hopeless.

“Yes, I confess, I’m the queen of the bandits, take me before the judge, I’ll confess everything to him.”

“Is that really? But now’s not the time or the place. But if you wish to participate in the punishments, don’t worry. We’ll give you something to your liking.”

They tied her up to a stool and put her in a tight corset, then fucked her without mercy.

“Ahhhh, auuuuunhh! Yes, you bastards, fuck me, spill your disgusting jism on me, I’m a whore, I’m a slut, I’m the queen of the bandits!”

“Shut up, cow!”

“Now you’re going to witness the deep-fucking one of your bandits’ ass… We reserved her for this moment.”

They brought a young woman and forced her to eat Danela’s pussy until she entered a lust-induced trance.

“Ahhhhh, ouuuuhhh! Yes, yes, yes!”

Chas! Chas!

With strong strokes of the cane in her vulva, they made Danela reach a brutal orgasm mixing pain and pleasure.


Then they took the young woman away and bent her frail body over a stone, attached clamps to her tits and started fucking her, taking turns in her orifices.

“Nice titties you have, for a skinny slut like you… They’ll rip easier on the cross.”

“Nooooo! Sons of bitches! Dogs! Leave her alone! You filthy murderers!”

“Fuck her harder, harder, ravish her, split her in two!”

“Noooo, you vile mongrels!”

While the woman was fucked Danela received a brutal flogging on her vulva and the inner side of her thighs, making her crotch spasm and eject all the cum that had accumulated inside the folds of her labia.

Chas! Chas!

“Auughhh! Nooooo, auuuuuuuuuu!”

“That’s it, whore, push it out, don’t leave any man juice in your nice snatch.”

One of the henchmen put a bronze cover in his penis and forced Danela to lick before ramming it inside the entrails of the bandit girl.


The Bronze Box

“Since we see youre anxious to suffer and have pleasure, were gonna give you what you want.

The henchmen rolled in a strange bronze box and forced Danela to squeeze herself into it. The box kept her shrunk and oppressed, with her ass and neck jutting out from both extremities. Her head and the salient parts were the only visible parts of her body.

Now while you watch the women being ravished, were gonna get your ass shattered.

In front of her a woman had been hanged by her feet and was standing upside-down; her body had been slowly shaved with fire and covered in scalding wax. Another woman, a handsome brunette, was hanging from her tits and was caned at the same time men stretched her holes with their hard cocks and metallic dildos.

Uuuuuuuughhhh! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Filth! Scum! Stop hurting these women! Im the queen of the bandits, yes, meeeeeeeee! Call the judge.

Ah, but not yet, you degenerate whore!

The day was long and her gaping asshole was dilated several times by men who spurted their cum inside her. At the end of the ordeal it was oozing male juice along with blood from her torn rectum.

Five prisoners were raped and tortured in front of her.

The fat Amila, a veteran whore who had been detained since Kefirs men had captured her, had experienced unnamable degradations. Interrogated in the rack, violated with a gigantic phallus, hung by her tits and fucked suspended from the air, buried neck-deep and then mouth-raped. They attached clamps to her breasts and made horses pull them in the patio, dragging her along the rocky ground. They raped her vagina with a burning candle and pushed the labia aside to drip the hot wax right on the pink folds. Even after all this torture, the deranged woman remained on her feet and was used as a fuck-toy by the cruel men.

After she had confessed, the judge immediately sentenced her to a year of seclusion in the Square of Sorrows, and to receive the appropriate punishments: daily punishment and rape.

They forced Danela to tongue Amilas filthy and scarred snatch, and also her swollen anus suppurating with pus from the infected bruises the lashes had left on her. Danela also had to fondle and bite her wrecked udders, two bags of shapeless skin that had been battered for so long they had lost their natural rigidity. Danela tried to give the wretched woman some pleasure, for at the rate of the savagery the guards were inflicting on her, she wasnt going to last until the end of the month.

Thats it, suck her well, jeered the guards. The bitch will thank you

Ahhhh! Yesssss, my lady Ahhhh! Thank you What a relief, a female touch after these monsters callousness.

Whores, youre a nasty pair of whores.

Danelas disgrace increased She was almost forgetting who she was, and was ready to admit she was the queen of the bandits, and also the lowest of slaves.


The Interrogation Room

The next day they took Danela to see the judge. She was tired, anxious and obedient.

In the great antechamber of the sinister place, several women waited their turn to be judged, sitting on a long stool from which wooden phallus jutted out; the women were obliged to sit on these cones until the stool was supporting their buttocks.

All of them sighed because of the irritating and brutal discomfort the cones caused their rectums. But it was just a preview of what waited them inside the judges chamber.

Danela was made to walk towards the door and introduced in the Hall of Justice.

Why does this whore enter before me? Weve been sitting here for hours now! My ass is torn asunder!

Shut the fuck up, whore! Or youll be the last one to enter! shouted a guard at her and cracked the whip in her direction. The prisoner crossed her arms in defense and bowed her head submissively.

Forgive me, sir!

The Hall of Justice was a sinister place, wide and gloomy On a rostrum three judges remained seated, waiting for the prisoner, looking rigid and cruel.

Arghon admired Danelas breasts, her buttocks, and paid considerable attention to her vagina and rectum.

I see you continue to be beautiful in spite of your ordeals.

My lord, I want to confess, I submit to your authority I cant take it anymore.

Oh, no, this is too easy I want you to suffer some more. But first youre going to watch the interrogation of this bitch, one of your bandits.

And he made a sign towards a woman lying in the rack, brutally stretched and being penetrated anally with a thick dildo with spikes. The woman was unconscious, and her mouth was covered in semen.

Proceed with the interrogation, and you, whore, take you place.

Danela sat down where she was ordered, feeling the cone open up her rectum and push inside her.

In her presence the young woman was wakened up and stretched further, the dildo was pumped in and out of her mercilessly as far as it could go. Meanwhile four men were ejaculating onto her face and hair, covering her with a thick layer of goo.

The girls agony lasted more than an hour until she confessed.

The girl was Siria, Danelas personal maidservant.

Yesssss, thats her shes the queen of the bandits

Danela, who had sat silently while her maid was tortured, jumped out of the cone and placed herself on her knees in front of Arghon.

Yes, its me, Im the one you want I cant take it anymore I deserve punishment, do what you wish with me. But dont punish this poor innocent girl anymore.

Well! exclaimed Argon. Take her to the patio!

What? Youre not going to interrogate me?

Its not necessary, not today, the judges have to deliberate Youre to remain one more week in the Square of Shadows, free to be used and abused by its guards. In one week you can discover the sadistic whims of most of them.

Noooo! Noooooo! I want to be sentenced I want to submit to you to be your personal bitch!

You will be, fear not, but not today.


The Burning Rape

Danela was returned to the courtyard and the chief of the guards quickly decided which punishment to administer to the noble whore. After tying her breasts tightly they took her to a rope stretched out between two rings. The rope, harsh and thick, was covered with knots at regular intervals.

Youre going to walk with the rope between your labia.

Nooo, please!

You will, and were going to flog you while you do it, youre going to walk forward and then back, again and again, until sunset.

No, please, mercy, Ill suck you

Yes, but later. Now you walk!

Against her will they placed the rope between her legs and stretched it in a way it parted the Danelas labia. Danela had to walk on tip toe in order not to flay the smooth skin of her vulva.

Then a sudden hit of the cane made her start walking normally. Then the flogging increased in intensity until she was forced to trot and finally run, leaving her vulva a bloody mess. After walking back and forth one she fell on the ground. The men examined her sex.

Lets go, again, start again.

Desperate, being flogged willy-nilly on her tits and buttocks, Danela walked back and forth. On sunset her sex was swollen and red, weals covered her labia and the rope seemed to be welded to her skin, since when they removed it, it hurt her as if they were cutting pieces of her own flesh.

Her only comfort that night came when a prisoner licked her vulva. The burning pain, mixed with the sensation of pleasure she received from the sensitive licking, drove her insane with lust and gave her gushing orgasms.

Next day the tortured continued.

Please, I cant take it anymore Please, I beg you.

Worry not, whore, the pain in your pussy will soon spread all over your body. Take her to the small furnace.

They shoved her inside a sort of room. They placed her over a hole covered with an iron grating and opened her legs wide apart.

Quickly she felt the heat rising up from the well, roasting her back and ass.

The chief of guards and his subordinates surrounded her with their rigid cocks, ready to rape her while she slowly grilled.

They told us you were horny and hungry for cock, that you were asking for men to put out the fire in your pussy. But I, you dirty whore, prefer your ass.


Nice ass, dark and deep! Look what a mess they turned your cunt into. That rope really left it torn to pieces, like a piece of leftovers given to dogs. Dont worry, your pussy will soon toughen up and learn to take more abuse.



The Bench of Physical Abuse

“In the underground chambers of the Palace of Justice, the sexual abuse of Danela continued. The powerful men now in charge of this fallen noblewomans fate wanted to torture her as much as crush whatever dignity and decency remained in her spirit.

The judges decision was eagerly awaited by those whose task was to inflict pain on her body and humiliate her. Having confessed her role as the leader of the female bandits, the death penalty was a foregone conclusion, and for her crime crucifixion was the usual method of meeting out the sentence. But Arghon had the final word on the matter.

The cruel and lascivious magistrate tarried in giving his approval to his judges because he relished in contemplating the slow degradation of Danela. Her elegant and well-shaped body elicited from the guards a sadistic desire to control and abuse it. Hers was a rare kind of beauty that drove the men insane with violent dreams and fantasies. Furthermore they were aroused by the fact that they had a real lady in their hands. They werent just content with fucking her holes or rubbing their cocks between her massive tits. No, they also took pleasure in forcing her to go through a series of debasing and repugnant tasks: drinking male piss, eat horse sperm after stimulating the beasts organ with her mouth and tongue; clean the anuses of the guards after they had taken a crap. From morning to night her mouth was used to receive disgusting substances until it was filthier than a public latrine.

Danela was undergoing a subtle transformation into a mindless whore; she reacted to the abuse and punishment with moans and groans that mixed pleasure and pain. This fearful combination was driving her slowly insane.

Ahhhh! Noooo! Arghhhhh, mercy, nooooo! Not my ass, it hurts too much, please, I beg you!

Shut up whore! Shut up once and for all and suck my milk, dont leave a fucking drop, you dirty little cow!

The courtyards heat was suffocating. Drenched in semen and sweat from head to foot, Danela remains bent over the greasy, dirty stool the guards use for penetrations. Taking turns the guards fuck her ass while she keeps her legs as tightly shut as possible and the feet are compressed inside special punishment clogs that impede her from getting up and cause her blisters.

Savage lust invades her entrails every time the henchmans cock stretches the ring of her anus beyond the limits of endurance exposing her to extreme agony. The deep fucking hurts her at the same time it excites her and makes her forget shes a lady of good breeding.

Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh! Dear God, nooooo, please! she whimpers, afraid the men will notice the ecstasy in her voice.

Ha ha ha! laughs a henchman. This bitch in heat is loving this!

No, no, thats not true, she cries. Youre filthy monsters, youre hurting me. Please stop!

The pleasure tears her mind apart: she loves her degradation at the same time she feels dirty and ashamed for enjoying it. In moments of lucidity she hope the judges will deliver the sentence and finally let her have eternal peace.



The next morning, while Danela is still sleepy, shes violently dragged out of the humid and sinister cell that she shares with other whores. Outside the cell shes allowed to walk on her feet and naked she goes to the courtyard where a crucifix has been put up. Shes made to kneel in front of the cross and to witness the execution of a woman.

The prisoner is pushed into the courtyard and falls on the ground. A henchman grabs a tuft of her hair and drags her to the cross, while the woman screams and tries to scratch his hand. In order to tame her three men surround her and start kicking her in the thighs and stepping on her breasts and vagina.

Dirty whore, this will teach you to treat your masters with respect.

Aiiii! Arghhhh! she screams, and she stops fighting back. Peacefully shes suspended upside-down on the cross. Her face is at the level of the henchmens waist and they rub their cocks on her face. Her head starts turning red from the accumulation of blood. The men speank her face with their dicks and force her to suck them. Unable to breathe correctly, each cock causes her to choke and experience the horrible feeling of drowning. This feeling is heightened by the fact that they unload their thick, pasty cum inside her mouth. When her mouth is filled with cum, she can barely breathe because of the thick, mucous substance clogging the back of her throat. When the men remove their limp cocks from her mouth, she coughs and spits out the semen in relief.

Aaaggggg, sshhhffff coff coff Nuuuu, please she pants heavily.

Once her mouth has serviced every cock, the men pick up sticks and start caning her breasts, back and vulva.

This womans suffering excites Danela in a strange way. She never thought she had sadistic tendencies, that her sexual fantasies could be so dark, but now seeing this woman being overpowered by brutal men and treated like an object and not a human being, Danela feels a surge of pleasure invading her vagina, which shes sure is wet. She hopes the henchmen wont notice it.

But suddenly she realizes that if theyre showing this horrible punishment to her its because theyre going to apply it to her, and this fills her with anguish and dread.

Uaaaa! No, put me down, you pigs! shouts the prisoner on the cross. Youre going to kill me! You cant!

Paying no attention to her complaints, a henchman starts masturbating her pussy while he shoves his cock deep inside her mouth.

Suck it, whore, suck it, it helps ignore the pain, ha ha ha!

Youre going to eat a hundred dicks before you die, whore! a sinister voice declares.

No, no, ughhhhh, she cries.

Danela shivers in recognition of the voice: it belongs to Arghon, who observes the execution from the veranda of the palace.

Danela learns that the crucified woman is one of Arghons servants who refused to suck his cock and bit his penis. The magistrates retribution is implacable. Even so Danela turns around and stares him with anxious eyes waiting for mercy.

When youre over, do the same to the bandit queen!


On the cross

The agony of the prisoner hasnt finished when the men grab Danela and crucify her on a similar wooden cross. Black ropes are tied up around her breasts, pressing them and making it painful for her to breathe.

Arghon has descended from the veranda and stands in front of the fallen lady. He caresses her body. The magistrates desires the bandit more than he wants to admit, he lusts after her beauty and craves to sate his fantasies with her, but his role as defender of the law forces him to punish and degrade her in his perverted mind he searches for a way of saving her from the cross, of making her his bitch forever, even though he knows its not permitted. The woman has been judged and must fulfil her sentence.

Danela recognises her master, who with a strange tenderness holds her breasts in her hands and rubs her nipples while his erect prick brushes against her face.

Danela feels her pussy getting wet again. And when Arghon passes his fingers along her martyred labia he notices the wetness and smirks.

My lord, my lord, please take me Take me away from this horrible torment Take me with you, Ill be your loyal whore forever. Ill do everything your servants refuse to do. Ill fulfil all your desires and whims obediently.

Shut up, whore, youre doomed But you have an option: you can decide the day of your execution

And when he uttered the last word he introduced his dick in Danelas willing mouth, and the noblewoman sucked him with joy and expertise.

Ahhh, I love your dick, she cried when he abruptly removed it from her mouth. Are you going to let me die upside down like this wretched woman?

No, the judges have chosen a harsher torment. Youll be suspended by your tits.

Nooo, thats too horrible!

The magistrates dick invaded her mouth again, but Danela didnt suck it as anxiously as before.

Shut up, whore! Just suck me thats it, put more life into it, I know youre an expert cocksucker! Drain my balls to the last droplet of cum!

Danela bounced her head back and forth, to the rhythm of Arghons thighs, which pushed the cock into and away from her. When her mouth and his cock came together, she opened her lips wide to take in as much cock as possible, and with her salivating tongue stimulated the shaft. Arghons knees nearly buckled under at the feeling of pleasure she was giving him.

Oh shit, Im cumming!

After ejaculating the magistrate cleaned his cock with tufts of her blonde hair.

You know, whore youll remain in the courtyard suffering until you decide to be crucified. You will choose the date of your own annihilation.

After Arghon returned to his chambers a henchman took his place in front of Danela and offered his limp cock for her to suck back into full erection.

Come on, cow, work your magic. Whats the matter? My dick isnt big enough for you? Keep sucking and youll get a surprise. When its full size Ill break your jaw with it, ha ha!

The Sarcophagus and the Stone

“Worn out by the punishment, Danela lies on the ground, sore and weak. In images created by dreams she sees herself on her way to the gallows, dragged by her tits by two horses that deform and tug at them until theyre ugly and lifeless.

Pain makes her wake up and realize that the henchmen are placing her inside a sarcophagus, a sort of tight iron frame buried vertically in the ground, designed in a way that her head remains at the disposal of the men and their cocks.

Its breakfast time, whore!

Plaf! Plaf!

A brutal thrust of the cock on her face makes her open her eyes wide, and she unwillingly swallows the first spurt of burning semen.

Ha ha ha! Dont stop! You heard the magistrate, he wants this cow to drink abundant quantities of man milk. He wants her belly to swell with the concentrated loads of a hundred men.

Now open your mouth and guzzle my cum, and dont spill my juice! Or you prefer staying all day inside that metal cage?

While she blinks dumbly at the henchman and feeds on his spurt, Danela cant stop thinking and imaging how her execution on the cross will be

And when they pull her out of the sarcophagus and tie her up to a stone slab to ass fuck her she asks herself how much longer shell be able to resist this abuse before she gives up and begs to be put out of her misery.

Her anus burns in pain each time a henchman penetrates her, the ring contracts in atrocious agony each time a new man takes his place between her buttocks, but then it starts dilating shes becoming numb to the pain, feeling that shes becoming like any low prostitute who ignores the client who uses her body as an object. Danela is terrified that shes losing the sense of what it means to be a decent woman, but at the same time she feels a dark and perverse pleasure in her own degradation.

Come on, you bastard, fuck me! Harder, harder! Come on, kill me already, fuck me to death, you pigs!

Crazy whore, if youre loving this shit were not doing our jobs properly, ha ha.

Dont worry, cunt, we know everything about being brutal to women, a henchman joked.


The Pit and her Tits

Obsessed with the harrowing death that awaited her, Danela dreams that her breasts are tied up in a brutal way that cuts off the blood circulation and that next shes thrown into a dark pit one of the painful ordeals the doomed women are made to go through before being hoisted on the cross.

The ropes bind her tits so tightly that their skin cracks in a dozen little cuts, and she screams in pain.

But its not a dream, its real, its terribly real.

The slut is getting too used to the blowjobs, the chief of the henchmen had reported to the magistrate the day before. Shes beginning to enjoy it, shes out of her mind, Lord Arghon.

Well, dump her at the bottom of a dark well with her tits well pressed by ropes cover her in filth urine, excrements. Let her feel the ghastly stench of death, let her experience the horror of living amidst cockroaches and rats And bind her tits until blood stops circulating in them. I want them deformed and ugly, I want her to look herself in the mirror and pointlessly search for the beautiful woman who could drive men crazy with those natural attributes of her.

The pit was cold and the walls were covered in shit and insects. The fetid smell made her throw up when she woke up at the bottom of the well. She vomited allThe over her belly and legs, and now besides the odor of the pit she has to put up with the stale smell of her own puke too. From the corners of her eyes she can glimpse rats devouring leftovers, bones that still have bits of human flesh clinging to them, no doubt the bones of a wretched woman who was thrown into this hole and left to die of starvation.

In her painful pose she cant rest or sleep, she only nods for short stretches of time, acutely listening to the noise of rats moving in the darkness, gnawing at bones. Garbage and filth falls on her from time to time, at irregular intervals, keeping her alert and dirty the rats climb onto her body with their claws, leaving marks on her skin, and start eating the filth off her hair and shoulders.

Please take me out, please! she thinks looking up at the hole high above her, where a small circle of blue heaven can be seen. I beg you, show mercy! She cant shout. The gag lodged in her mouth only lets her utter some inarticulate beastly grunts, like a mindless beast.


She thinks theyre almost breaking her spirit and turning her into an animal. In the darkness, Danela cries while the rats gorge on the trash covering her beautiful body.



She remained in the well two days. When they retrieved Danela and untied her tits, she was hysterical and mad with rage. She launched her petite, frail figure against a henchman and scratched his face and attempted to bit his nose off.

Whore, stupid whore! Damned woman!

Grab her hands, bind them with ropes!

Although she was out of her mind physically she was no match to the well-muscled henchmen and she was easily overpowered. They shackled her feet and handcuffed her hands behind her back. Next they washed the filth and dirt off her body, and when she was clean again they gave her a brutal session of lashes all morning in order to punish her for daring to strike a henchman.

Chaf! Plat! Chaf! Plat!

Noooo! Noooo! Let me go, release me! My breasts are burning!

Yep, theyre swelling like melons. Soon theyll turn purple and then black. Disgusting whore! Did you like your stay in the pit? I bet it felt like home to you, I bet you didnt want to leave, thats why you attack me, uh? I bet you loved staying down there, with the shit and the rats. I knew your being a lady was just an act. Deep down youre a cheap whore.

Around noon Arghon appeared in the courtyard. A naked man accompanied him, a long and thick penis dangling between his legs, so big it was impossible to take into her mouth, or so Danela thought.

Im told youre not sufficiently tamed. Theyre going to have to cut your nails, or your fingers

Please, sir, Im an abject, miserable whore. Dont mutilate my body too

Do you seek the peace of the cross?

Yes, my master, I cant take it anymore.

First I want you to see something. Bring Dea in!

The henchmen brought in a beautiful red-haired woman whose body was covered in welts and whose tits had endured unspeakable torture.

Look at her closely.

They place both women close to each other, and the woman had her breasts nailed to a wooden plank. The men kept her standing up on the tip of her toes. The womans face was deformed by pain and covered in dry semen. The corners of her mouths had marks of blood, as if the skin had cracked there in order to take something monstrously huge in her mouth.

Take into account, said Arghon while he weighed Danelas tits in his hands, that you may be crucified like this

Nooo, please Danela cried, horrified at the idea of iron nails being driven through her tits. Show me mercy, sir.

I see you havent made up your mind yet. Nevertheless once youre unshackled youll eat the disagreeable and gigantic cock of Igok, while the men nail Dea to the cross.

The Rope

“Punish this high-class whore without mercy, ordered Arghon. I want her to be able to shout her desire for death, I want her to suffer so much shell consider death a blessing.

The chief of the henchmen plans a series of agonising sexual torments determined to defeat and break the body and spirit of Danela once and for all. Once again they passed a rope between her labia, stretching it so tautly it bit horribly into the innermost crevices of her rosy, sensitive vagina. Buried up to her knees and placed inside a corset that compressed her tits and made her gasp for air that barely passed through her crushed lungs, the rope cruelly rubs her vulva back and forth, mercilessly all day.

The terrible vision of Deas crucifixion by her breasts gives Danela courage to endure the worst of punishments. Shes pissed on. But she receives pleasure with this humiliation and the burns the rope causes in her vulva. Her pussy wets itself, shes been fully perverted, she receives sexual pleasure even from her own suffering.

In front of her theres the cross holding the martyred body of Dea, the red-haired looker elected to give the lady an example of what awaits her. Besides being hanged up by her tits, the girl has been mouth-fucked by the gigantic dick of Igok

Auughhhhhh! Uuuuaauuuuu!! Aiiiiiii!

Then it ends abruptly and Danela is released. Her burning cunt receives the relief of water when they sit her on the ground with her legs wide open and rub some rags soaked in water on her bloody genitals.

The henchman then inspects the sore skin and she screams when he probes the labia.

Without mercy the vicious animal masturbates her sensitive clitoris, forcing an unexpected but amazing orgasm out of her.

Yyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Yyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!


The Machine

A new session in the sarcophagus, a new visit of Arghon who daily inspects the progress of the humiliation of his favourite bitch.

The tortured body of Dea continues on the cross. Its a frightful sight for Danela, forced to contemplate the atrocious agony of the young maiden as a premonition of her own.

With perverse pleasure she licks Arghons shaft, anxious that he release her from her horrible captivity.

After coming in her mouth, Arghon orders that she be released from the sarcophagus and held to a stool to inspect the state of her cunt.

Next to the stool theres an uncanny machine, a vaginal and anal driller, a remarkable, exotic piece of machinery devised to make women crazy with lust.

Even after all the abuse my men have heaped upon you, your body continues graceful and inviting; you endure everything and you seem to enjoy your abuse. What sort of lascivious whore are you?

Danela cant contest his words, since she knows the truth in them: the martyrdom rather than bring her to agony has unleashed secret fantasies she didnt know she had.

She glances at the driller and feels a shiver run down her spine; she can intuit who its going to be used on, and for what purpose. A debauched horror invades her mind, makes her nimble.

What do you prefer? The cross or the driller?


Danela nods a refusal with her head, she doesnt want to be drilled alive, but the cross is too terrible, shes in her masters hands, which immediately start caressing her punished breasts and her vulva gushing with pleasure.

He rubbed her with malice, eliciting pain and pleasure from her simultaneously. In a muffled cry Danela has an orgasm and cums in his hand, staining Arghons fingers with her virginal juices. He licks them as if the juice were a rare delicacy.


Ha ha ha! The dirty whore is incredible! Even at the hour of her death shes capable of cumming in her executioners hand. Youre safe from the machine today, youve given me too much pleasure already. But tomorrow youll receive this infernal machine in your pussy, and then finally youll make up your mind!


The Box

One very sultry morning they placed Danela inside a box, leaving only her head outside.

All the henchmen and guardians formed a line in front of her face and prepared to force her mouth with their rigid cocks, ejaculate on her face, and bathe her in semen until her face disappeared beneath a thick veil of translucent slime.

Glob Glob Glob

Suck it, swallow, move your tongue and open your mouth wide, more, whore, more, do we have to dislocate your jaws, or perhaps cut your tongue off to make room in your mouth?

Indeed the brutality was so much the men broke her jaw in order to push their cocks inside it. Again and again she received the disgusting spray of burning semen on her face, which was left covered in that irritating goo that stung her eyes and left her blind.

When they pulled her out of the box they took her to Arghons presence, who was fucking a slave against the wall in the balcony.

Are you ready for the cross, whore?

I dont want it, Im your whore, I love your cock, make me submit to your dark caprices, keep me forever as your sexual pet. Ill take your cock in my mouth and the driller in my pussy. The day I choose the cross, to be hanged by my breasts, then youll lose me, I wont be yours Ill be just a leftover, like poor Dea You wont be able to keep deriving pleasure from my martyrdom

Offended, Arghon slapped her ruthlessly.

Fuck her, fuck her, yes, in every hole in your body. Open up her pussy with the driller, rip her ass hole asunder. Shell end up begging for the cross! Filthy whore, your agony in the cross will be so long and refined, Ill have tremendous pleasure watching your body contort in pain. Thats what Ill miss the most, the pleasure of watching your rare beauty in a moment of exquisite suffering.

And Arghon himself took her back to the box and anally raped her with malice without a single shred of passion, only cruelty.

Then the other guards imitated him until nightfall.

They left her stretched over the box desolate, every inch of her body aching badly.

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