Darkmoor Asylum [MR. KANE’S]


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Time, the future…

On the border of Confederation, near the Abyss of Keil, lies a black wasteland, a largely features landscape marked only by the watch-towers. On the surface the towers appear to be unconnected, but under the ground runs a maze of tunnels to and from the Abyss of Keil itself.

Over the Abyss endless moveable bridges and walkways, snaking their irregular way across the Abyss. Heavily armed sentry posts mark the border. There have been no border passes since the dishonorable Peace of Verf.

The Abyss conceals the richest mining region in the Confederation, and is protected by the largest garrison on the Eastern border. It conceals too the most feared of all women’s prisons. Prostitutes, thieves, smugglers, drug pushers and their victims, abortionists and killers spend their days and lives in enforced prostitution to satisfy the physical needs of the miners and soldiers working in the Abyss of Keil.

The prison consists of another intricate underground network of cells and outposts, all of which are connected to the Abyss and also to the soldiers’ barracks and the miners’ living quarters. Each cell is individual, a punishment cell. The female prisoner is taken to where her services are required, and is taken immediately back to her cell. If she does not provide a satisfactory service she is punished, and if she is rebellious she is punished again, and if she has not been trained properly she is punished again. She is punished over and over again for almost all possible reasons.

Such is Darkmoor Asylum…

1. Punk Girl. Cell 45/F

Clarisse has been reported for thieving by Captain Gerard. She was his Personal Assistant in the Supplies warehouse, where her status as a “freed” woman left her free to come and go as she wished in the Warehouse. She was allowed a small room of her own next to Gerald’s bedroom, a rare privilege.

Her room contained objects and furniture belonging to the Confederation, something unthinkable for other prisoners. Many deduced that Clarisse was trading with them. A small phial of synthetic Lydaina and a syringe found under a loose tile were sufficient for her to be placed in the hands of the guards at Darkmoor and interrogated.

Clarisse sits in her new cell waiting for the long hours of pain that will come from discharges in her badly beaten breasts. The sharp nails on the bench are punishing her crutch, bandaged and painful from the laser punishment of the previous day.

For the moment Clarisse has not given a single name… But soon she will crave the powerful drug and will talk…

“OK, girl, lets start again… I want those names now!”

2. The Fighter. Cell 34

Andrea has just arrived at Darkmoor. She is a strong-spirited whore, with numerous indictments for robbery and murder. A specialist in hand-to-hand fighting, she could kill a man with her bare hands.

In view of her record, Governor Manor has decided to break her spirit as soon as possible, with a brutal course of treatment. Several guards were necessary to tie her down with the barbed-wire hose and connect the electrodes.

Hour after hour, she is given electric shocks, and each time she convulses the barbed wire digs deeper into her flesh. The unbearable heat in her hips is beginning to take its toll…

“Carry on,” the Governor orders, “as long as necessary, until you have deleted all signs of insolence. Then bring her to me… We’ll see if she can still do a good blow-job!”

3. – Sonia the Dirty Slut. Cell 12 (Guard Block)

“That’s the way, Sonia, carry on peeing, you dirty little slut!”

“When we take the tubes out we’re gonna fuck you, all of us this time.”

“No, pleeease, I promise, I… AAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

This is not the first time Sonia has been tortured, nor will it be the last.

From the first day Sonia participated fully in every sexual act that was required of her, however filthy or painful, in the hope of avoiding torture. In vain. She was humiliated and ill-treated mercilessly and raped at all hours of the day or night. She was Sonia the Dirty Slut.

Her cunt and asshole are so stretched now that she cannot satisfy the guards. They take their pleasure in different ways, electrocuting her until her swollen vulva contracts and looks virginal.

Then they all fuck her.

4. Karim the Blonde. Cell 53

Karim the Blonde was scarcely more than a child when she received the first strokes of the cane in the Angusta Re-education Center. She failed to learn from them, and now she is shut up in Darkmoor accused of prostitution and robbery.

“I see you already got your daily dose of the rod, my dear”.

Karim turns her head, frightened, and sees the imposing figure of Governor Manor standing at the open door of her cell. She knows him well, first as the man who caned and humiliated her in the Center, later as a brutal guard who raped her, and now as the much-feared Governor.

“You are looking beautiful. More beautiful than ever. A splendid specimen of a woman.” The unspeakable Governor licks his lips. “After the punishment you will work for me personally. I know it all seems hard. You’ve just arrived. You don’t know the rules, but you can learn. Any act of disobedience or rebellion, however small, will mean a brutal punishment for you. And more hours of duty providing sexual services…

5. Marian the Innocent. Cell 03

Marian is dragged naked from the transport vehicle and taken to her cell. Her generous pubis is shaved and a thick electric dildo placed deep inside her vagina. Her inflamed and sore clitoris and nipples are clamped.

The guard in charge of her administers electric discharges and checks that she remains standing to take them.

“As long as you keep saying you’re innocent, you’ll get punished, this way or some other way,” the guard says. “

“I AM INNOCENT! I haven’t killed anyone! I’m innocent, I tell you!”

“OK: Fine by me, kid. I get to fry your cunt and your nips! You’ll confess one day anyway! You’ll

be more sensitive when I come to visit you tonight


6. Vanesa the ballet dancer. Cell 89

The beautiful ballet dancer writhes and twists as the tubes pull savagely on her nipples.

A former lover of Gangster Fantuche, Vanesa has ended up in the prison by virtue of an agreement between organized criminal groups. She was captured with other members of the band. The Gangster himself was shot down in the ambush but lived to face trial and punishment. The money he kept in the Club never surfaced and the Governor suspects that Vanesa knows where it is…

“No, pleeeease! I can’t take any more! Pleeeeeeeease!!!”

“Tell us where the money is, and all this will stop,” the Governor says quietly between puffs on his thick cigar.”

“Don’t ask me. It’s not mine. I don’t know anything about it!”

“You were working in the Karisma Club,” the interrogator says, “when they killed your boss and his cronies…”

“I said, I don’t know anything about it!”

“You were Fantuche’s fuck-bag. He dipped his wick in you. That’s why you’re here. The word is, you know where the money is.”

“Well, the word is wrong! I was just a ballet dancer. OK, some nights I was a pole dancer. I fucked poles, not Fantuche.”

“Flick the switch, Bronx! Her nips are just begging for stimulation…”

Video Pain.

Before the brothels were built, punishment sessions were sometimes broadcast on closed circuit television. The troops and the miners were thus able to sit comfortably with a cool beer in their hands, watching giant screens on which female prisoners twisted and writhed under the whiplashes. For a time, the sessions were free.

Later Chartress, a prisoner who served in the Governor’s private quarters, suggested that all the punishment sessions should be filmed and sold to the soldiers and the workers. The idea worked well and the tapes were fed into the already flourishing black market in porn videos.

Initially, only the legal punishment sessions were filmed. After a time, however, the most beautiful women were simply taken away and tortured whether or not they had done anything wrong.

Chartress often masturbated while she watched the horrendous videos she smuggled into the small cell she was entitled to as the Governor’s concubine.

1. The cross.

Annabel will lose her nipples when Captain Gerard starts flogging her. She has been personally selected by Chartress to be brutally mutilated in front of the cameras. Annabel had recently joined Chartress, working in the Governor’s private chambers. She was a sweet, innocent girl who had been falsely accused of practicing abortions. She had been sent down for life. The Governor had soon taken a fancy to her, and had her moved to his chambers. Chartress was keen to get the young rival out of the way. She set a trap for her and the girl was caught stealing. The Governor had no choice: he ordered her to be punished.

Annabel has been on the cross all night, with a camera on her to whet the troops’ appetite. It would be a successful video.

2. The Penetrator.

“Celine in the Fucker’s cage” is the title of the latest best-selling video. It has sold so well that poor quality private copies have been circulating. Governor Manor has decided to put a stop to the pirate copies by showing the video free in all the barracks.

Now everyone can see how Celine is raped again and again by the machine that pulls her, lifts her up and penetrates her while her cage swings on the edge of the Abyss of Kiel.

3. Deadly funnel.

Laurette has been sentenced to vaginal stretching. She has already had three sessions of brutal penetration with three different caliber pieces. The internal damage is inevitable and the pain terrible.

Governor Manor and his cruel associates watch her suffering. Their faces show little sign of emotion. Chartress is working on the Governor and two other men, using her mouth and her hands. She cannot see Laurette, but she can hear her blood-chilling screams, which excite her so much that she brings her thighs together to press her moist cunt, unknown to the men.

4. Interrogation.

Darlene, girlfriend of mafia boss Kirfon, has confessed after a long, hard interrogation session. The session grew crueler and crueler as the night progressed. In the end the torturers shot off all over her face and into her mouth. Then they screwed one of her nipples down to the ground.

The Police Chief, Fonch, who is responsible for the fight against organized crime on the border, is satisfied with the session and grateful for the work done by the Darkmoor prison wardens.

A copy of the best scenes from “Dalene’s interrogation session” will be put into circulation on the black market, to see if Jimmy Kirfon takes the bait and comes out into the open.

“Thanks to your good work, Governor, we’ll track down a dangerous criminal and put him away for a long time.”

5. Betting on the Blonde.

Betting sometimes brings in more money than the videos. The Governor has chosen one of the dirtiest-minded whores in a long time and has strung her up by the tits. The Blonde, as she is called, will be the bet of the month.

Wagers are placed as to how long she will stay on the posts, whether she will lose her breasts or not, and also if she will withstand the terrible pain without losing consciousness.

The session is broadcast in real time and can only be seen in those barracks where gambling is allowed. And obligatory, of course.

6. Chartress on the Hot Seat.
It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last… Governor Manor has caught Chartress watching videos without permission.

He knows what a hot slut she is. So he’s going to teach her a lesson.

Needles dipped in acid will go into her breasts. In addition she’ll do one or two rounds of blow jobs on the guards.

And then the hot seat. The hot seat is a dirty old bench from a bar with a glass tube sticking up from it to penetrate vaginas. The tube is connected to another, thicker tube that is in turn connected to a heater. Hot, dirty water flows up and down the tube, causing searing pain in the whore’s crutch. The afflicted woman knows she must not move or she will break the glass and cut her cunt open…“Well, Chartress, it’s time you were on video yourself.” The Governor’s voice rings out over the loudspeakers, his tone lightly mocking. “Do a good job. We’re relying on you to put the sales up. Fuck the glass carefully if you want the film to have a happy ending.”

Gerard the Impaler

Captain Gerald was responsible for maintaining discipline. This included controlling and administering minor punishments, but also severe discipline sessions and the extreme torture sessions which were sometimes fatal. Gerald displayed admirable enthusiasm in his work. Any woman who fell into his hands was broken in spirit and marked physically and mentally for ever…

None of them escaped his specialization: impaling.

1. The White Rod.

Lubna is about to receive the full flogging: fifty strokes with the laser rod, the terrible “white rod”. The hook attached to the vagina was Gerald’s way of making the torture more interesting…

Lubna’s lovely body will be marked for ever, part of her beauty destroyed and her cunt deformed. She will end up serving in the mines…

Down the pit, the sex slaves got very little sleep. Their working conditions were horrendous, and sometimes the girls flared up rebelled against their fate. Lubna had dared to spit out Governor Manor’s semen. It would have been much easier to swallow it like all the other enforced prostitutes did. She took the wrong decision and must face the rod.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget, you whore!”

2. The Stakes.

Jady will not survive the punishment. She is a repeat offender, always rebelling against authority, always stealing things, and always complaining whenever she is fucked. She has been sentenced to punishment on the stakes. She will be penetrated by the wood, but only after several nights of continuous abuse by the camp guards, in which she will be subjected to all kinds of sexual abuse and torture.

The Governor has sentenced her to total penetration. She has been taken down to the mine, possibly for the last time. Few women have ever survived the terrible punishment.

Gerald is hitting the stakes in slowly. He wants Jade to feel them as they go into her innards, millimeter by millimeter.

You were such a great fuck that as a reward, I’ll make this last as long as I can… Who knows, perhaps I can use this lovely mouth of yours a few times before you pass…

3. Impaled .

Gerald is in favor of impaling all prisoners who have been sentenced to death. Especially if he can apply the torture slowly, in his own twisted way. The cruel claw that pulls on Sofie’s mons veneris is all that prevents the sharp cone from tearing her asshole apart. The condemned woman can hardly keep her balance in this awkward posture…

Gerald is having his fun masturbating he the poor woman.

“Please kill me now… please… I can’t bear it!”

“My dear Sofie, you shouldn’t complain. You chose the cone rather than the mechanical phallus…”

“Aaaaaagh! Please, nooooooooooo!!!”

“You are a murderer, a poisoner… and you’re so much fun!”

4. Trampled

Anita the redhead was one of the unfortunate girls who refused to shine Manor’s boots with her cunt… She paid a terrible price for it: her vagina was permanently stretched.
Manor first trampled on her nipples, cruelly. Then he masturbated her and pushed a large steel ball deep into her vagina.
Anita was left for hours and hours on the penetration board with her ass on sharp nails, while the Governor rubbed her suffering cunt with the tips of his boots.

5. Carola, known as “wet cunt”

Carola Hastings was not a prisoner. She was a government worker in charge of the prisoners. One day she made a mistake: she took an interest in Manor. Manor was not a man for subtleties. He put his hand straight into her pants and ran his finger up and down her wet lips. She pulled back and pushed his hand away. When he reached for her crutch again, she slapped him in the face.
Manor flushed red. He called the guards and told them to take her down to the basement to be tortured. The guards hesitated and reminded him that she was not a prisoner. Manor told them they would be sent to the marshes on the Northern Border if they made another stupid comment like that. Anyway, he added, glaring threateningly at them, who was going to know anything about it?

Carola was cooled right down on a large block of ice (good for her fuck-hole, said Manor). She was then covered in semen, her breasts were burnt by electrical discharges, and her underwear was nailed into her vagina.
Manor did not know it at the time, but that torture session was later to mean the end of his reputation and professional career.

6. Torture machines

Every month some horrendous torture machine arrived from intelligence headquarters. One of the most common was an alleged “truth machine.”

Some of these were old technology and were only suitable for the scrap-yard. Others came with instructions to limit the discharges because of the risk of death on the part of the interrogation subject. Manor’s personal mechanic, “Noser” Brown, checked the machines out and then tested them on the prisoners with the worst discipline record. He and Gerald tortured the women while Manor looked on.

Sometimes the sessions were carried out in front of other prisoners. Other times they were carried out in the terrible solitude of Level 23.

Group Punishments

Running a tight ship had been an obsession with Governor Manor since Day One. He insisted on total obedience at all times and in all places.
Josef L. Manor was the son of an embittered, resentful prostitute who had spent the war keeping in with both sides and keeping out of the way of bullets. She even betrayed one of her officers. To her surprise, she was then promoted to fill his place. The war was going badly and they needed officers. When she was captured she was sent to Darkmoor until she reached retirement age, or until the miners finished her off.
Manor inherited his mother’s disgruntled character, and passed it down the line to all the officers. The prison was run with an iron fist. The occasional revolt was put down brutally, and the leaders simply disappeared.


1. A welcoming flogging

The new female prisoners are taken down to the boiler house one at a time to receive their first lesson in discipline in the suffocating heat.
They are flogged as they take their clothes off. Then the Governor himself appears to give them a lesson in discipline.
“Listen to me, fuck-face. You’ve come here to suffer. You’re a whore, a dirty slut. You’re gonna be putting it out for every randy miner or soldier in the place – and that’s all of them. You’ll find some of them a bit hard to swallow at first, but that’s just what you’re gonna do, kid, swallow them! Keep your mouth open good and wide cos these guys shoot some a lot of spunk!”

2 Silicone Pain

Mary Jane was always as flat as an ironing board, the sort of skinny blond that men didn’t take too much notice of. The guards in the North Tower had the idea one day of giving her intensive silicone treatment to fill out her breasts and buttocks. She refused to accept the treatment and was punished by a massive injection of semi-solid silicone into her breasts and buttocks.
Maybe if she had been more cooperative she would have avoided the painful surgery. Maybe not…

3. Amber the insurgent

Ex-Lieutenant Amber Lionel was recalled from the Northern Front and sentenced to life imprisonment, to be served in the prison brothel. She refused to carry out her new duties, and attacked several guards. Governor Manor has had her locked up in the much-dreaded Level 23, where she will receive the punishment reserved for rebels.
“Thorough punishment of both breasts, separately and simultaneously, followed by anal dilation and blockage, partial suspension by the tongue, severe floggings with a cat-o’-nine tails directly on the open vagina, and a severe beating with a long cane directly on the unprotected clitoris. The prisoner will then crawl to my feet and masturbate on the tip of my boots” (Punishment Order 457po/G).

4. Dilated.

Amelie will not be allowed to die, despite the brutality of the punishment. She has been sentenced to maximum stretching of her vagina.

The well-greased piston moves relentlessly in and out. The Governor has asked for a larger one to be inserted before the session finishes. Gerald warned him that the prisoner might not survive.

“That’s a risk we’ll take,” said Governor Manor, lighting up another cigar. “I want this slut’s cunt stretched wide as a manhole cover. Then we’ll get everyone to come and have a good look. It’ll encourage the others to obey orders.”

5. The Fakir’s bed .

Vilna, one of the most disobedient whores, is receiving cruel treatment at Gerald’s hands. She is stretched out on a wooden plank. There are nails sticking out of it. Gerald is pushing a wooden bat into her asshole.

Sooner or later nearly all the female prisoners disobey orders and refuse to carry out the hard manual labor of prostitution. But not all of them can be punished for strictly logistical reasons. The torture sessions leave them in such a deplorable state physically that neither the miners nor the soldiers will have anything to do with them. The Governor has decided to punish selected prisoners in a specially cruel way, to exhibit them immediately afterwards to the others, and so suppress any attempt at insurgency.

“On second thoughts I’ll use you again before proceeding further. You can’t be better placed for a man’s pleasure, dear…”

6. The Leader.

Corinne is a conspicuous woman with her dyed hair. She has been reported as leader of the rebellion.

Her silence was short-lived. In her very first interrogation session with the Governor they beat her again and again on her naked, unprotected breasts and she confessed.

She was shut up alone in a cell for several days waiting to be sentenced. When she heard her punishment she fainted.

They dragged her still unconscious to the cross and stood her on the iron podium with her legs spread wide apart.

She came round when she felt the knife cutting into the soft flesh of her vagina. Gerald was careful to make only small cuts, not to open her vulva completely.

Corinne stands, trembling in terror, looking at the terrible drill. She has been sentenced to penetration in both the anus and the vagina, again and again with different caliber objects, until she is dead.

No way out

When a woman is sentenced to Darkmoor she only has one thought. Escaping.
She thinks it as soon as she hears the sentence.
She thinks it on her way to the prison camp, trussed up for delivery like a bundle of food.
Escape, escape, I will escape… The words ring through her mind when she arrives and ring through her mind during and after the terrible abuse to which she is subjected. The thought never leaves her, whatever the torturers may do to try to drive it out of her head…


1. The plot

“OK; so you don’t want to talk. We’ll start again then. I asked you when the breakout is planned for. And where? We’ll do it right this time. If you don’t tell me, I won’t just scorch your tits this time, I’ll roast them…”

Charleen did her best to withstand the terrible interrogation session. Governor Manor himself was one of the most dreaded torturers. Rumors of an escape bid had been going round for some time and Manor had decided to take them seriously.

Charleen was the fifth girl on his list. None of the others had said anything useful or even coherent after their sessions. It was reasonably clear to Manor that Charleen would not talk either because she knew nothing.

Manor questioned two girls from each block, and then exhibited them in the large courtyard, naked and branded, with signs round their necks saying they had confessed. His idea was to make the ringleaders nervous…

2 The Traitress

Simona was the first to fall into the trap. The Governor’s loyal secretary got nervous under torture and asked to be moved to another section.

“I’d move you to a cell if I could,” said Manor angrily. “But I don’t want the Council investigating my patch. I’ll punish you here, myself. Then I’ll have you moved, but with the recommendation that they strip you of your rank as well as your clothes. Your University degrees won’t help you then. You’ll be sent to a brothel on the border, probably. We’ll get you ready for the job. We’ll open your asshole up with a stick, nice and wide. And you’re gonna tell me who’s involved in all this. Or I’ll tighten the hooks!”

3. The hedgehog

After Simona’s confessions, a number of girls were taken to the torture chambers. No one knew their names. No records were kept. They were cleaners and maintenance staff. They wouldn’t be missed. It was more difficult for Manor to get rid of enforced prostitutes like Jenny, who were all well known…

They transferred Jenny to Forgus, a rough, rowdy miners’ bar. The miners had their own initiation rites for new girls. Jenny was forced to ride a mechanical hedgehog. It bruised and bumped and jolted and battered and cut her cunt for five unbearable minutes. The show was a huge success. From time to time the miners ask her to repeat the performance.

4. The strap

Sonia had unusually large breasts for a ballet dancer turned pole dancer. They took her to the old Council offices and beat her with leather straps in an attempt to drive the idea of escaping from her head for good. For good measure, they put a hook in her asshole too.

She never went onstage again. She worked in the old video clubs in the mines, offering to suck cocks for a good price.

5. W.C.

Another of the prostitutes was subjected to unusual medical treatment. The idea had come from Dr Parsons, the new head of the Medical Dept. He was an old friend of the Governor’s.

“A week in the toilet and she’ll forget all about escaping,” Dr Parsons told the Governor as they watched the prisoner twisting and turning. “And her organism will be clean as a whistle, free of impurities for ever! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

6. Fatal escape

To Governor Manor’s surprise, a prisoner did escape. She had not been under suspicion, and was certainly not part of the plot that worried Manor.

Unfortunately for her, she was captured by an enemy patrol. She was raped and tied to the barbed wire fence around the Abyss of Kiel.

Manor had little choice. He sent a patrol to rescue the prisoner. After all, she was his responsibility and had fallen into enemy hands.

“I’ll wait a couple of days before I teach this slut a thing or two…”

Winter on Darkmoor

Winter sets in on the Abyss of Kiel. It brings an added touch of cruelty to the inmates of the much-feared penal colony and the guards defending it. All soldiers were given a double helping of cheap rum, and the miners worked harder to keep the boilers going.

The cold did not stop the awful punishment sessions. Naked, trembling female prisoners were submitted to the most painful and humiliating punishments…

1. Execution: the short straw.

As winter sets in, a series of draws are organized to select the first female prisoner to be executed that year

Governor Manor is a man of regular habits. He likes to start a new year by torturing a prisoner to death, to maintain discipline among the others.

Deborah is an ex-thief. She has been the lucky one this year. She has won the draw, and will face a horrendous death.
Her agony is being broadcast to all parts of the prison complex, even to the border posts.
She has been penetrated by her guards over and over again, hour after painful hour. She has been flogged and burnt. She has taken all this while suspended by her tits. Finally they have cut her nipples off. The Governor likes a keepsake to remember his prisoners by…

There is nothing left for Deborah now except a cold death…
Soon she will be suspended over the Abyss and her body will be left there, exposed to the elements and to the eyes of all, until the last ice has melted.

2. The New Captain.

The arrival of the new Captain, Vorsina Dhaga, has meant a change in the policies of the prison management. Her appointed was intended to eliminate sexual abuse on the part of the prison guards against the female prisoners. But she did nothing to stop the terrible punishment sessions, and for the prison staff her appointment meant an increase in cruel and arbitrary punishments of the prison officials themselves.

The secretaries were always punished first. They were all, without exception, flogged on their naked buttocks once a week, for real or imaginary mistakes they had made. It was a cold winter, but the girls were warm enough…

3. Lovers.

All sexual relations between prisoners are banned on Darkmoor. Anyone caught in any kind of sexual activity is punished in whatever way seems appropriate to the guard who discovers them.

Beth and Jona were lucky. The Captain was not on duty when they were caught. The Governor took responsibility for them. He likes to see lesbians in action. He enjoys watching two women kiss while they writhe around on the penetration bench.

The only problem is that the girls end up with their bottoms and their cunts torn and sore from so much fucking…

4. The rival.

The arrival of Captain Dhaga in Darkmoor has not pleased the Governor. He sees her as a hard bitch, an ambitious woman who is after his job. She disobeys his orders all the time, and she does whatever she likes with the female prisoners. He would like to have the upper edge. He would like to have her at his mercy.

At night he imagines he is standing over her. In his most common fantasy, she is submissive and sobbing after a brutal session with the guards. She will do anything to avoid being sent back down to the underground torture chambers with penetrating stench of semen, blood and pain…

He imagines her degrading herself at his feet, on her knees, with a huge ball gag in her mouth. Like an obedient bitch. But Governor Manor has a problem. He can’t come when he thinks of her, even in his favorite fantasies…

5.- Hooks.

Captain Dhaga’s iron rule has provoked uprisings in the dining room. Dora, the prisoner responsible for that section, has lost her privileges and is being subjected to terrible torture sessions with the hook. Her companions are assembled and forced to watch. This time Gerald has chosen the punishment. He has established a distant but interesting relationship with the sadistic prison warden. His hope is that this will blossom into a deeper kind of mutual satisfaction, based on pain, pleasure, and suffering.

His hand is on his balls as he watches the torturers pull the ropes tight. He leers at the Captain, but she has eyes only for the beautiful girl about to be tortured. The Captain is thinking that she will get the girl to chew her cunt for her, as a way of avoiding another punishment session.

6.- Mother and daughter.

Mauren and Rachel, mother and daughter, are both whores. They used to ply their trade in the most luxurious hotels on the coast of Bruni and Piacella. Their clients were always wealthy businessmen whose drinks were sometimes spiked to facilitate the removal of their valuables. On one occasion they made a mistake and the client failed to wake up. For some time they were not caught, and carried on the same practice, but the day finally came when a judge looked at them and said, “Darkmoor, life.”

The prison guards were happy. They seldom had such good-looking, experienced hookers in their care.

But the stupid girls tried to escape. As they wanted to be outside, the prison authorities have taken them outside into the cold, with whiplashes to warm them and help them withstand the harsh winter.

7.- The Mask.

Nobody knows who the torturer is. They all call him The Mask. When the Ministry have a specially difficult case, they call him in. He is merciless, slow and methodical… He always gets a confession.

He has arrived at Darkmoor in a bullet-proof vehicle with the three prisoners. He carries an order from the government to the Governor, who has placed himself under his orders and has prepared a torture chamber so that the enigmatic, sinister torturer can do his unspeakable work on the female prisoners.

Not even Governor Manor knows what condition the girls will be in after these horrendous sessions. But he fears the worst as he sits at his desk listening to their blood-chilling screams…

The old whore-house
The old Darkmoor whore-house has not been refurbished since it was built as a prison. The smell of a dank unwholesome past still lingers in its gloomy rooms.

The soldiers and miners complained about it so much that the camp management have decided to do it up while the final plans for the new brothel are being completed.

Captain Dhaga has the twin job of overseeing the building work and controlling the prisoners who have been sentenced to enforced prostitution.

1. “You’ll make a good dyke whore!”.

The Captain repeats the phrase from time to time to the new prisoner. She is subjecting her to cruel sexual torture as punishment for refusing to chew her cunt. So far the young prisoner has been able to stand the pain, but the Captain knows that her complete surrender is only a question of time. “It’s up to you. Either you chew my pussy or you spend the rest of your days in a tight little sucking cell. You won’t want to refuse then, believe me. It’s your choice, bitch!”

2. Sara surrenders .

Sara is a mature prostitute. She knows that it is far better to offer her breasts for punishment than to be forced to kneel at the praying bench and receive two or three times the same number of blows on her tender tits. Her role as informer and madame does not exempt her form corporal punishment if she fails to keep discipline. It teaches her that she is, at the end of the day, just another prisoner.

3. Raped to death.

Claudette has no way out. She has done her time in the brothel and her body is not as beautiful as it was. The Governor looked into her case, and decided to apply one last sexual punishment himself. The woman, in a fit of panic, threw herself at him and scratched his face. The Governor’s reputation for cruelty is well-deserved, and Claudette has been sentenced to a terrible torture session.

The guards show no mercy. Laughing, they rape her again and again while she is held by hooks through her fallen breasts. She twists and turns, to no avail…

4. Hard discipline.

The Captain has noted that most of the whores are not only disobedient, but unprofessional, showing little knowledge of the tricks of their trade. She has decided to apply severe discipline, starting with the specialist in blow jobs. Most of them are unable to take a penis all the way in, let alone swallow the semen. She has ordered the best endowed guards to force the prisoners to suck them off and swallow all the semen. For each drop that falls, they receive a blow with a punishment rod…

The girls are slowly learning to swallow it all.

5. Sinister cross.

The open rivalry between Governor Manor and Captain Dhaga is becoming unbearable. The Governor has decided to punish as hard as he can all the Captain’s favorite prisoners, for absurdly trivial offences.

Peeba is a cleaner in hut 23. she annoyed the Governor by refusing to show him her breasts one day. Later the Governor had seen her speaking affectionately to the Captain. The poor girl end up wired to a cross.

Dhaga’s protests were in vain. The governor has power over life and death, over breasts and cunts…

6. Sucking cells.

The sucking cells are horrible little cells where the prisoner is obliged to suck a visitor’s cock every time a coin is put in the slot. If the girl bites the visitor or fails to satisfy him, he can pull out and press a red button. This delivers a painful electric shock straight into the girl’s anus. Visitors have sometimes been known to amuse themselves by pulling their members out and then masturbating and ejaculating onto a girl’s face and breasts. Just as their semen shot at the girl’s face they pressed the red button, catching the girl by surprise.

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