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Janis could not believe what has happening. She had never even seen the inside of a courtroom before, yet now she was being pushed almost stark naked behind the dank, cold bars. She had expected to pay a small fine when she had been stopped on the road for “speeding.” She was shocked when the local deputy had instead yanked her violently out of her car, smacked her hard across the mouth, handcuffed her and put her into the back of his police cruiser.

Now, it had come to this—to this. “Oh yeah,” said the deputy. “No need for clothes in there. It might seem a little cold at first but we’ll warm you up. We’re gonna wear that pussy out with our cocks—so you better keep that cunt wet. On second thought, don’t bother—I love tearing up a dry pussy, too. Oh, yeah, bitch, it’s gonna be rough. Real rough. You can count on that.”

The words burned in Janis’s ears. She teared up and dropped her head in humiliation. Already, a black fear was creeping into her—an awful dread of some sort of dark, swirling pit of indescribable pain and misery.


Deputy Carter grabbed roughly at the woman’s vagina and inner thigh, bruising and mauling the tender white flesh. Janis screamed loudly at the abuse, flailing her arms. How could she be here?! Her eyes became wide with panicked hysteria.

Deputy Thompson stood just beyond the bars in the shadows.

“You’re goin’ all crazy already bitch? We’re just starting on you! Ain’t nobody even got in your stupid cunt yet and you’re already screaming like a stuck pig!”

Deputy Carter laughed and mauled the woman’s pussy and inner thighs even more roughly. Janis struggled under his touch, the remnants of her tattered clothing falling away. This turned the deputy on even more.

“Oh yeah…fight it, bitch!,” he said with an evil leer. “I love when they fight it! I’m gonna rock that pussy so hard it’s going to punch a hole in your stomach. I’m gonna’ paint those guts good, girl.”

Janis was crying and screaming hysterically by now. It was worse than any nightmare she could ever imagine—yet it was real.


The word “agony” could not begin to describe what Janis was going through.

Scars from the severe whipping she had received already covered her backside. Her pussy was raw from the rough fucking Deputy Carter had given her. She could hardly imagine anything worse. Yet, “worse” was happening.

She suddenly felt an intense pressure against her anal ring. Her mouth formed a lurid “O” of screaming pain as Deputy Thompson pressed the head of his dick all the way in.

“Yeeh-hah!” shouted Deputy Carter with evil glee from the other side of the cell. “Ride her, cowboy! Ride her!”

Following his colleague’s encouragement, Thompson grabbed a fist full of Janis’s hair and yanked it back hard, as if he were grabbing the mane of a horse. Again, Janis let out a loud shout of screaming pain. She bucked against the bonds holding her in place.

“No!… No!… No pleeeeease!… Pleeasse!… No Pleeease!… Ahhhh!… It Hurts!… It hurts!… Ahhhh!… No!”

The deputies leered at the trussed-up woman on the cell floor. After beatings, whippings, oral, vaginal and anal abuse, the pain and humiliation had only been worsened. The ropes had come out, holding Janis in place so tightly that she couldn’t even put up token resistance to the rough dicks, hands, clubs and fists that had penetrated or mauled every orifice. Tied up, Janis had been reduced to an animal. The ball gag prevented her even from begging and pleading and made breathing hard. Her arms, connected by tight ropes back to her legs, were in severe pain.

“Had a fun day?” sneered Deputy Thompson. “Well, tomorrow’s gonna be even better. Thought we’d let your simmer overnight like this, though. You stay like this, bitch—all tied up like the pig you are. Tomorrow we’re going to be all over you. We’re going to drive you into the ground. We’re going to destroy you, bitch. Today was just a warm-up. Tomorrow’s the real thing. Sleep Tight!”

All the deputies laughed as more tears flowed freely down Janis’s cheeks. For the first time in her ordeal, she found herself wishing for death. Compared to what the men were describing for her, it sounded merciful.

The lights were turned out, and blackness fell over the quietly weeping woman.


The morning brought no relief to Janis. “Breakfast” consisted of a thin gruel almost force-fed to her. Still, she ate because she was famished. After that, the abuse continued almost immediately. A thin gag was wrapped around her mouth. It blocked clear speech—or screaming—but at least it was easier for her to breathe. The deputies carried her to a chair and fastened her securely to it. Deputy Thompson stood menacingly behind her with a nightstick—then brought it roughly under her chin right next to her throat. Janis quivered in fear.

“Now, bitch,” he said, “the day’s fun is gonna start. You can kick, you can scream, you can cry… we don’t care: it’s all part of the fun. Just know one thing: we just gave you a life sentence. That means every day is gonna be like this for the rest of your fucking life. The only way you’re ever leaving this cell is in a body bag. Now, spread those legs wider so I can get a good look at your cunt, bitch. The day’s begun.”


Deputy Jackson came up behind the handcuffed and naked Sarah, roughly mauling her tits. “God-damn!” he said. “You’ve got some great tits on you—big as melons and soft as marshmallows. Fuck! Me and the other guys are gonna go to work on these. You ain’t never had your tits really worked over, have you? I mean really torn up. We’re gonna be pulling, pushing, grabbing, biting… we’re gonna be slamming these fucking tits, bitch. Mmmmm…. your tits are good size for cocks, too. So we’re gonna be riding these tits with our dicks. I can’t wait to get my big black dick between your tits, grab hold of your nipples and pump hard until I cum all over your goddamn face. Fuck!—that’s gonna be good! Fuck!”

Sarah wept uncontrollably as she heard these words, tears running down her face and soaking her cheeks. She looked pleadingly at the huge black deputy and tried to beg him for her mercy through her gag. The sound was muffled, though, coming out through the gag as “Mmmph…. ummmmm!… mmmph!”

Ignoring this, Deputy Jackson kept painfully squeezing and pinching her tits. He moved himself even closer behind Sarah, and she could feel his thick ebony rod hardening in his pants as he pressed himself close to her naked ass. “Oh yeah, you piece of shit slut,” he whispered evilly in her ear. “You’re gonna be gettin’ hard black dick soon. I’m gonna ride your body hard bitch. I’m gonna tear you up. Fuck! This is gonna be good! Fuck!”

Sarah struggled wildly in the handcuffs and straps which held her down on the mattress. The bed was disgusting, heavily stained with and stinking of blood, urine and cum. Even in her horror, Sarah dimly wondered how many other women had been ravaged on this dirty jail mattress.

The very thought caused her to burst out into frightened tears again.

As Deputy Trent pulled down his pants and his cock sprung out, Sarah began crying hard again and screaming into the duct tape covering her mouth.

Mmmmph! Mmmmph! She squirmed in her chains, bouncing up and down on the mattress as she tried frantically to escape.

Out of her mind with dread, she struggled even more as Deputy Trent closed in on her pussy.

He pointed his hard dick straight at her cunt.

WhatТre you struggling for, bitch? he sneered. I ainТt even got inside you yet! You donТt want this dick? You donТt want this dick you fucking cock-teasing whore?! YouТd better calm the fuck down and get ready for me. IТm going up in that pussy right nowЧhard and rough. IТm gonna jam that cunt full of hard cockmeat. IТm gonna wear that pussy out with this dick. IТm gonna break that pussy in; IТm gonna break it, bitch! IТm gonna give you something to scream about as I burn that raw pussy up. YouТre gonna be in pain, bitchЧin so much fucking pain. IТm gonna break that cunt, bitch. IТm gonna break it in! So BITCH GET READY!

In a full panic, Sarah cried even harder and yanked against her chains as the hard meaty cock moved closer to her cunt. She was crying so hard she couldnТt even see through her tears.


Deputy Walters was all over Denise, the college girl from Boston he had arrested for speeding.

I like it slow, whore. You filthy fucking college whore, I like it slow. So fucking kiss me, whore. Open up your fucking mouth and French kiss me like a fucking movie star. Otherwise, IТm going to take my police stick and knock all your teeth outЧand then break it off in your fucking cunt. So French me, bitch. French me nice and slow

Weeping, gripped by a black fear, Denise followed the deputyТs orders. She knew Walters could be extremely cruelЧshe still had scars on her back from the hours-long whipping he had given her earlier.

Denise opened her quivering mouth and tried to French kiss him as if he were her boyfriend. At the same time, Deputy Walters almost lovingly squeezed and molded her breasts.

Good tits, college bitch he murmured as he groped her. ThatТs it, college whore, he continued. Not so smart now, are you? You worthless fucking dumbshit college slut. ThatТs it. feel my dick getting hard against your leg? IТm gonna be rocking it inside your ass in a minute. IТm gonna be rough on you, college bitch. IТm gonna rock your asshole until it hurts hard. But you better not scream or yell. YouТd better be telling me how much you love it. Otherwise, IТm gonna snap your fucking neck and toss you in a hole outside. Now French-kiss me again, whore. And do it like you mean it this time. Or IТm gonna whip the living shit out of you! And donТt cry so fucking much, whore. I want you to act like you love this dick. YouТd better love it, you college whore. YouТd better learn to worship my cock! YouТre not so high-class now, are you, college girl? Not so smart now, eh? YouТd better learn to love my country dick. Love it, and stop fucking crying!

Scared to death at hearing this, Denise tried to control her tears as she was forced to French kiss him. Still, though, the tears came. She was just too scared.


Tied to the floor and bars of her jail cell, Janis looked up pleadingly as Deputy Harris stood outside the cell door. She was no longer a successful big city bank managerЧinstead she had been reduced to a thing by these local cops.

Please. she said. Please let me go. Please. I wonТt tell anyone. I wonТt telljust let me goplease? I just want to go home I wonТt tell anyone. Tears again began rolling down her cheeks.

Of course you wonТt tell anyone, said the deputy, grinning as he looked in on her helpless body. Because you ainТt never leaving this jailЧexcept in a coffin.

JanisТ tears again began flowing as she heard these. Please she begged.

Now just stop talking so fucking much, said Deputy Harris angrily. Just shut the fuck up, city bitch. You fucking big city whore! Now listen: I got a crowd of men from the bar outside this cell. They paid $50 each to get at you, so youТd better show them a good time. TheyТre gonna swarm on you, bitch. They ainТt forming no line Сcause thereТs too many of СemЧtheyТre just gonna pile on your body. Lots of time you might be sucking 2-3 dicks at once. You might have two dicks jamming your cunt at onceЧever felt that? TheyТre gonna be ramming you with cocks right and left. When one of the local guys dumps his ball juice in your mouth, cunt or ass and pulls out, thereТll be another right behind him to take his place. YouТre gonna be getting plenty of slaps and punches, too. And youТd better do whatever the fuck they say! We ainТt had no city women in here for a while so they canТt wait to blast your pussy. WeТll be goinТ all night. So keep your fucking mouth shut unless itТs got a dick in it.

Deputy Harris turned to the eager mass of shouting men behind him. OK, sheТs all yours, boys! Dive in!

Janis wept bitterly, paralyzed with fear as she looked up in tears at the crowd of men just outside the cell doors. They were as wild as animals, burning with lust and reeking of stale country beer and sweat.


They began taking off their tattered shirts and jeans, shouting and pushing each other just outside the cell door, trying to be the first to get inside. Janis noticed at least two dozen hard dicks pop out of pants.

Filled with dark fear, Janis began frantically yanking at the ropes which tied her to the cell floor and benches, but there was no escape.

No! she cried. Please! No! Pleaseplease NOOOOOOOOOOOO! My God! Please NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Party time, guys! the men yelled as they rushed into cell.

An elegant Manhattan socialite who had never worked her entire life, Karen had been arrested a day ago while driving through this rural county by cruel local cops. The last 24 hours had been a nightmare of fat, smelly, country-cop dicks roughly ramming every hole in her body. The station cops had reduced her to their plaything, and only laughed at her tears and begging. When they tired of fucking her, they whipped her savagelyЧlaughing as she begged them to stop. Now, strapped into a chair in her cell, her whole body still ached from that treatment. Worse, the ropes holding her to the chair were so tight they caused her severe pain in her arms, legs and waist. She could barely feel her arms and legs anymore because of the pain. She begged through her gag to be released from all this, for the punishment to stop, but the sounds came out muffled through the dirty cloth plugging her mouth. Ummph! UmmmphMrrghggghhhh!

Deputy Collins laughed at the garbled words, What the fuck you talkinТ about, filthy slut? You filthy city whore!

Ummmph! Ummmph! said Karen through her gag. Hmmm, said Deputy Collins, looking over the helpless woman. Sodo you want more whipping or more fucking or both? Do you want to be whipped on the ass with a cock in your mouthЧor whipped on the tits with a cock in your ass?

Ummpph! Ummpph! cried Karen through her gag.

I think I understand what youТre saying, said the deputy. Now, IТm gonna get my whip. IТm gonna whip your tits as hard as I can, until they turn cherry red. IТm gonna whip your tits until theyТre covered in scars. And while IТm doing that, Deputy Lopez is going to be face-fucking you as hard as he can and Deputy Carter will be jacking off in your hair and Deputy Jones is gonna be fucking your ass. Your face is gonna be filled with hard dick as I whip the living shit out of your tits. YouТre gonna have cum dripping all over your face and filling up your ass. IsnТt that what you want?

Mmmmph! Mmmmph! cried Karen through her gag, out her mind with fear and panic. ThatТs what I thought, said the deputy. Just hold on, wait right here. I need to get my whip and the other guys and then weТll start on you right away.

MMMMMMPH! screamed Karen through her gag.


A pigtailed young beauty, Jessica had made the mistake of hitchhiking along the country highway. The local cops who had offered to help her instead jailed her and treated her ruthlessly.

Now, she was forced to suck the unwashed, throbbing dick Deputy Benson had jammed in her face.

Suck on this, bitch! he said angrily. Suck on it or IТll blow you away with my gun! IТll blow your fucking brains all over this jail cell wall.

He jammed the cold steel of the gun just inches away from her face, and placed a firm hand on the back of her neck, Jessica wept bitterly as she took Deputy BensonТs dick into her mouth. The thing was as fat as a sausage and she choked and gagged as she took it in. Deputy Benson pushed her head down further onto his cock.

What the fuck you doin? he growled. Get it in you deeper, bitch, deeper. Take it all the way in, you fucking slut!

Ukk! Urghh! Ukkk! Jessica painfully choked and gurgled on the fat dick filling her mouth and trying to force its way into her throat. His hand tightened around her head.

You ainТt even got it a quarter of the way in and youТre choking already? he said, irritated. You better open wider. IТm gonna put this thing in the back of your throat, whore. You need to deep-throat me, bitch. I want your fucking nose in my cock hairs. I want you to take me so far in my cockhairs are in your face and your lips are around my balls. Deeper, bitch!

The words stung Jessica, and she cried harder in shame. Still, the hand on the back of her head forced more of the awful cock into her mouth. In pain, humiliation and fear, Jessica wept despairingly as she took more of the sickeningly foul-smelling dick between her lips, over teeth, and onto her tongue. The shame of it was just too much!


Wendy bit down hard on the gag in her mouth and tried to talk through her flood of tears.

I mmpph please hurts mmmph it mmmph hurts hurting. hurting me. mmmph hurting meeee!mmph

Wendy cried even harder now. Just trying to move her head and speak made the ropes tighter and caused even more pain.

Watching her, the two deputiesТ dicks grew rock-hard in their pants. They hadnТt even started on this one yet but she was already crying so hard!

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!