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Story by Phoenix Prime

Posted August 19th, 2005

A small fleet from the Barbary corsairs had docked just before dawn and began to unload the goods from the European ships they’d intercepted, raided, sacked and sank over the past month.

Qutb, the leader of the squadron of ships and captain of his own ship, led the women captured to the castle of the Emir. As a sign of respect for his protection and the use of his harbor the Emir always had first choice of the wenches captured either for his personal harem or to give as gifts to those in his favor.

As the sun rises above the citadel’s walls Qutb led the four European sluts into an inner courtyard where Mutawalli, the Emir’s trusted advisor, and Kazim, his assistant, waited to view the bitches and make any selections for the Emir.

Once the selections have been made Akil, the head of the harem and its guards and trainers, sends all those chosen except for the blonde wench to the harem to be prepared for their training. The blonde he leads by a chain attached to the iron collar now around her neck to an interior room.

As he stands looking over her svelte nudity and addressing her, telling her what her duties will now be and how she’ll spend the remainder of her life as a sex slave, the Emir, Hashim the Great and Wise, passes the door and looks in then speaks.

Meanwhile in another part of the stronghold the training of pleasure slaves has begun for another day, much to the horror and disgust of some and the pain of others as they have obedience beaten into them.

In another room a tawny skinned wench from Southern Europe is standing with a rod forcing her legs wide apart and her cuffed wrists stretched up and to either side of her head as Basil, one of the slave trainers, is teaching her what happens to a slave who refuses to swallow the blessed gift of a man’s seed when it fills her mouth.

Yashir stands watching from the doorway as ‘Udayl, a trainer, plies his heated needles on the most tender areas of the body of the slave who was to slow in obeying his command to bend over and prepare herself to pleasure him last night.

Each time a needle pierces her flesh her screams fill the room and bring a sadistic smile to Yashir’s and ‘Udayl’s faces.

Lady Elizabeth of Newham hangs by the wrists with her body twisted, forced to watch her lady-in-waiting Miriam on her knees with her mouth full of the disgusting manhood of the naked man who’s just stopped beating her to take his pleasure from the girl’s mouth after threatening to whip her pussy 50 times if she didn’t do a good job or if she dared to lose a drop of his seed rather than swallowing it all…

Uthman, the Emir’s second son, is sitting taking his ease as he watches a naked Nubian slave and a blonde fair skinned naked slave bitch.

The slave tripped and spilled fruit juice on his favorite robes last night and today he’s personally directing her punishment with a sjambok, a whip made from a rhino penis.

A naked woman from the far lands of ice and snow is outside of Mahir the Master Jeweler’s shop. She was a gift from the Emir for years of pleasing the Emir with his skill and craftsmanship in making plates, statues and jewelry for the Emir and his family.

Last night she had been tired from a dawn until after hark work day and little sleep the night before. As a result she had been far from enthusiastic and eager in giving her new master the pleasure he wished with her mouth, her cunt and her ass.

Now she was suffering the pain and humiliation of her punishment as passersby freely looked at her nakedness and painfully displayed punishment.

No woman of the faith would be subjected to such humiliation, but this was just a white slave bitch.

Helga, the fire haired and big titted bitch hung from the rafters like a pig trussed and hung for slaughter. Her torturer, a hard muscled big cocked African slave, has just finished fucking her mouth and cumming in it.

As the cum drools in strings from her mouth, as she screams out her anguish from the new welt on her right ass cheek he made with the sjambok his hand closes on the ropes holding her the height of his crotch off the floor.

In the public punishment square a naked female slave is stretched on the wooden “X” of a St. Andrew’s Cross screaming her lungs out. In the shade from the blazing sun provided by the walls of the surrounding buildings men sit watching and talking.

Two men stand before the helpless and vulnerable woman with burn marks decorating her nakedness. Each holds a wooden handled iron and uses an iron brazier full of hot coals to keep the tips of the irons red hot.

Her inner thighs, her flat stomach, a tender arm pit, the undersides of two large and heavy breasts and an areola have all felt the kiss of the red hot irons.

Now another area of her belly is being burned as she screams to the heavens, “AIIIIIIEEEEEEEIIIIIAAAA UHHH UNNN ARRRRRGGGGGGG NOOOOOOOOO!”

She has been expelled from the Citadel and sentenced to work the fields or sewers naked for the remainder of her life for accidentally letting teeth close on the manhood of the Emir’s first son Abdul-Azim.

She has been sentenced to the red hot irons in the blazing sun until she can scream no more. Then she’s to be given water to drink and to have salt rubbed into her burns before each of her teeth is removed from her mouth. Then her mouth is to be packed with salt and tied closed for the night.

Tomorrow she becomes the play toy of her torturers for a month before she’s turned over to the overseer of the fields where she’ll work every other day and pleasure him every other night.

The alternate days and nights she’s to work naked in the sewers and is the overseer of those workers for his pleasure… and so it will be until she dies.

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!