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“Awake at last, you white bitch? Then cross the Convent’s doors to start your new life!” the oriental priest barked as he pushed the surprised and tearful Sister Evangeline out of the car and across the iron gate. Her cheeks burned in shame at her nakedness, and tears ran across her face ashamed, seeing how her naughty nipples stood aroused. Her jaws ached painfully, a big ball wickedly distorting her exquisite features, and she shivered in shame feeling the sting of the ropes running between her legs…

Without a word, a couple of lewd men led the surprised nun in bondage to the Convent’s basement and to Sister Evangeline’s despair they stripped her till she remained stark naked, only her black coif and her white wimple covering her hair… She tried to plea when they ungagged her, but there was no pity for Sister Evangeline. On her knees, painfully tied to a pole, a ring gag now opening her luscious mouth and two clamps on her sensitive nips, the terrified nun waited in darkness. Then she heard a man, chuckling…

“Bet you’re thirsty, and hungry too. Such a long trip, and now all this time waiting… But don’t worry, I’ve got something for you: Eight inches of cockmeat to suck and lick, and plenty of male cum and pee to eat and drink. Aren’t you happy, Sister?”

Poor Sister Evangeline spent a nightmarish night, endlessly sucking cocks and drinking all kind of vile wastes, but at last next morning she received some hope. They brought her religious habit and once dressed, they guided her upstairs. But all her hopes vanished as she met Bishop Gonzaga. The man in red began to undress her again, this time his horny fingers caressing the nun’s body while his lips and tongue kissed, licked and sucked all over her face.

“You’re a lucky girl, chosen to serve us here. But you have a lot to learn… too shy I heard. Let’s see if you’re dripping yet or if you need more attentions… A clamp on your tits does wonders, they said. The ones who enjoyed your mouth’s skills last night, told me you doubled your efforts when they pinched and twisted your nips…”

Sister Evangeline’s shame grew when her body betrayed her. Her mind revolted, feeling the randy bishop’s touch, but her flesh reacted in a very different way, even under the kiss of the scourge. And her screams while he whipped and tortured her changed from pain to lustful ones… Bishop Gonzaga laughed fully pleased, enjoying the different reactions in his victim. He knew he was starting to break her will, so he advanced to the next step. Slowly, the bishop stripped and in the same time untied Sister Evangeline. His wicked smile broadened as she stood there while his lewd tongue traced a path down across her belly. Only his rosary tied loosely Sister Evangeline’s hands, but the young nun stood still like if she was enthralled by his touch…

“Really the sweetest cunt I ever tasted! And what a naughty clit you’ve, proudly standing unhooded… Sister, you’re juicy and hot, a natural slut! I’m sure you’re a fast learner and, with the proper training, you’ll soon join the Chosen Ones. You shall live to please us here, at the Convent, from now on!”

Sister Evangeline’s life became a living hell of tortures and perversions. The squeamish nun did all kind of disgusting things she never dreamed possible, to please men and women, and little by little they broke and tamed her body and soul. At last, one night they led her to the torture room, wicked Father Kramer’s realm. But that night was a different one. Sister Evangeline’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets seeing another nun hanging head down from the ceiling. Sister Josephine was another of the Convent newest recruits, and the wicked priests had been training both nuns to become their sex slaves… Strong hands stripped Sister Evangeline and tied her against the branding post; a filthy rag filling her mouth while Father Kramer advanced carrying a red-hot cross.

“Why do you shrink back from the symbol of our faith, Sister Evangeline? Once the cross kisses your creamy ass, you’ll wear forever the brand of the Chosen Ones, and you’ll be ready to join this order of supreme servitude, like your friend did just a while ago…”

From that night on, Sister Evangeline became one of the Convent’s sex toys. She spent most of the day shut in a dirty cell, laying in a mattress and waiting to please the next visitor’s most base and often sadistic desires. Pain and tears were to be her partners for the rest of her life. But pleasure, too…

“Come on, you lazy slavecow! Shake your hips to welcome my hot fuckmeat and I’ll ram my dick into your hungry womb and beyond! C’mon, smile, whore… I brought some toys to spicy our little party. I’m sure you like it rough and kinky!”

Bishop Gonzaga had special plans for Sister Evangeline. He knew she was formerly known as Hannah Cavendish, one of the richest European heiresses, and that she disliked materialistic life, and all kind of luxuries. Sister Evangeline would be his crown jewel in the convent. With her gorgeous, well-developed body, and beautiful face, she was sure to be a favourite, and make lots of money for the Order. But even better, she would be tortured into donating her vast wealth to the Church, the Bishop’s Church. Although some of her noble relations may object, it will be a simple task to convince the Courts that her renunciation of material wealth was long in the making, and not a result of her short time here, at the convent.

“Good morning, Sister. My job is to bring you to the next level of obedience. I’m going to break you into little pieces, kick the shit out of those little pieces, and then sew you back up again. After a few times, your dirty little mind will be erased, and your preconceived prejudices about sex deleted. No one can resist, but if you want to add to my enjoyment, you may try to resist. Afterwards, when you’re just a whimpering blob of mindless jelly, I’ll get the men back in here, and we will all fuck you senseless. How does that sound, Sister?”

“There’s nothing like torturing a beautiful, naked woman, to get my dick rock-hard. I’d better ram my cock into you now, so I can be hard again by lunchtime, and ram it into you again. That feels good, doesn’t it, bitch? Yes, from now on, you’ll be getting a lot more spunk in all your holes, and all over your body. In society, stuck up bitch-whores like you never get any real cock, but that will change here. You noble cunts are all the same. Once you get enough hard cock, you’ll beg for more, you’ll see.”

“Well, well, Sister Evangeline, you look much better today, I see that cocks agree with you. We’re going to nail down some of your body parts to the rack. Then the men, you remember the men, will come by for some rather serious fucking and sucking. We are all getting used to you, and I must say, you’re beginning to respond rather well. You’re wet all the time now. Soon you’ll be barking like a dog in heat. Isn’t that something to look forward to?”

“Now that your pussy’s used to all that hard cock, we’re going to keep you stuffed, all the time. You’ll get used to these, they are your friends, hahaha. Time for you to show me some gratitude for being so nice to you. A juicy, long blow job should do it. Then I’ll hose you down and dress you, a bit, for his excellency, the Bishop. You’d better be as cooperative as possible, if you don’t want to get sent back down to me. Cunts like you rarely survive a second helping from me.”

After being raped and sodomized repeatedly over the next few days, poor Sister Evangeline’s courage was gone. All she could think about was stopping the pain and torture, and she made up her mind to do anything they asked of her. Of course, it wasn’t that easy. No one removed the ball-gag long enough to ask her if she was ready, so the torture continued. More and more men appeared with big grins on their faces. Sister Evangeline knew why they were smiling, because they were going to fuck a beautiful, young woman, poor Sister Evangeline!

“Yes, my dear Sister Evangeline, you look much better, even ravishing, I must say. Now, do not look so afraid, I’m going to make sure you get fucked enough times to satisfy you. The men tell me you’re experiencing orgasms already, very good. You don’t want to go back to the basement again, do you? What do you think Ivan?”

“Yes, your Grace, she is one great looking piece of ass. A perfect body, a perfect fuck machine for our most discerning guests”.

“What is troubling you whore?”

“Your Grace, this place is worse than hell, how could you disintergrate into one of these vile and hideous creatures?”

“You, Sister Evangeline, are the one who has ignored her God-given quest. To be born with such incredible wealth, you could have made great strides for mankind, helped thousands of the poor, and influenced many corrupt and incompetent politicians to do good. But instead, you wanted no wealth or power, you only wanted to retreat from society, and lock yourself up in a convent, where you would never have to think. You would only have obey, to be satisfied that you are doing God’s work. You have chosen the path of slavery over meaningful work, so here you are, cunt”.

Father Docktor Luge was a mysterious man, unknown to the Order until Bishop Gonzaga picked him personally to take charge of the final brainwashing of the whores. Some say he was the former warden of the notorious Kracksheen Insane Asylum, where every inmate died in a suspicious fire, one night five years ago. Who ever he was in the past, though, did not matter, because the Order protects all members from the outside world. There were many fierce and ugly men, who had bought their way into the Order for enough money. Here, they would remain, protected from their pasts, and living the present with all the pussies they’ve ever dreamed about. The Order is law unto itself, and the Docktor was a man best left alone.

“Frightened cunt? I mean Sister. Why, I thought all you nuns had to do was to pray, and all would be fine. But it doesn’t seem to be that way, does it? Electricity is so simple, it treats everyone the same way. As I increase the current, you feel pain that will go well beyond your physical and mental limits. Now prepare yourself for unbearable, unthinkable, and inhuman sessions with me. Later, I’ll come around for some special favors. I love fucking women whom I just recently tortured. They work as hard as they can to make me come”.

“AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRGGGGGGG…..NUUUUUUUUUGAG” “Move the bitch a little to the left, my cock can’t get in deep enough from this angle.” “By all the Saints, Father, this bitch is one hot fucking piece of non-stop humping meat. She can take cock all day and cock all night.” “Yeah, she’s white hot and I can’t keep her down, she’s fucking going crazy. This is the best part of the job, when the bitch finally goes bananas for cocks, hehehe.”

“OOOOOHHHHH baby, Sister, your fine ass is something from heaven. Your skin is so soft, and yet so hot. But you look so sad, and your eyes are full of tears. Do not try to understand all this. You are simply a whore doing God’s work, and you must accept your situation. Here, here, let me hold you, and make you feel better. I know, it’s confusing, but you can confide in me. You can tell me everything you’re thinking and feeling. I’ll take good care of you, you’ll see, but first, my cock needs a few hours of concentrated sucking…”

“There, that blowjob was excellent, and you seemed to really have your heart into it. Soon you’ll grow to love sucking cock, and it will become second nature to you. All women love sucking cock, every single one of you. Trouble is, women are asked to think too much. When you see a man, instead of sucking his cock instinctively, women waste time thinking about stupid things as how the man looks or how much money he has. Looks and money are superficial things that should not concern the tiny minds of women. You should only have to think about your cock sucking techniques, and all the wonderful ways to please a man, hehehe.”

“Sister Evangeline, meet Sister Beatrice, all the way from Normandy. You two cunts have a lot in common. You’re both whores, but your both too stupid to admit it, yet. Doesn’t matter to me, though, I got you both here to give me an “Around the World”. You dumb sluts probably never even heard of it. Well, it’s so simple even cunts with brains in their asses can learn how to do it. Sister Evangeline, you begin by sucking my cock, nice long tongue jobs. And you, Sister Beatrice, stick your tongue up my ass as far as you can. I know you will, or I’ll send you back to the Docktor, hahaha. Then you both move your tongues all around my crotch, nice wide circular licks, that’s how it got it’s name. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it Sisters?”

Sister Evangeline finally was brought into a room to service her first guest. Guests were well paying gentlemen with lusts that could not be satisfied by the everyday brothel whores in the villages. Convent guests expected, and got, beautiful, voluptuous women, with whom anything could be performed. Several whips were always stocked in each room, and guests could avail themselves of choice, erotic, entertainment, for hours on end. Sister Evangeline was exhausted, and the whip marks on her ass still stung like crazy. And she could hardly move her jaw, from sucking dozens of cocks. Each new day she realized how hopeless her plight had become, and she slowly began to even enjoy some sex, as it was a relief from the constant torture and physical abuse.

“That’s the way, baby, just like that, YESSSSS! There’s no whores like the convent whores, and you are the best one yet. You were made to fuck, baby, and I was made to fuck you. Yeah, nice and easy, at least until I get my cock rock hard again. You should be complimented, slut, I’ve never come so many times in one cunt in one day. After my next come, some whipping should help me get back some juice in my cock, it’s all for you, baby, HA HA HA…”

“You may wonder why you’re strung up here, Sister Evangeline. Don’t worry, it’s not punishment, you serviced the guests just fine, and they all said they wanted to fuck you for next time. But the Docktor says we must maintain constant pain and torture, in order to cleanse our minds and bodies. That is, for all you cunts, anyway. Men are naturally, vastly superior to all you bitches, and we maintain our devotions through pleasures we take from your bodies, with force. Now get ready to give me some good absolution, HA HA HA!”

“Inspection time, Sister Evangeline. We have some honored guests here who have heard about your expert tongue and tight pussy, and they want to check it out themselves. No time to rest, bitch, these four men want to examine your completely.”
So the group of men began inspected her body all over, every one of them eager to come in all her holes, eager to hurt and abuse her.
“You say this cunt can fuck all of us until we tire, and even beyond that, father?” “Yes, my sons, Sister Evangeline has more stamina than most of our nuns, and her cock sucking techniques are truly versatile…”

“I always bring this along” said the Docktor. “I cannot waste any time with formalities. When I remove your gag, you start sucking like the dirty little slut you really are, like your life depends upon it. Then I have some papers the Bishop asked me to get you to sign. And I know, you are going to sign them. The feeble minds of you women really fascinate me. You go through your little lives concerned with such foolish things, but once you are set free, you all become the same: slaves, sex slaves to be used, and then discarded, by your masters…”

Once a year, the convent opens it’s doors to aid the poor and vagabond men who wander, homeless, through the realm. Giving to the poor has always been a priority for the Order, and every year some of the new whores are left outside, in the courtyard, for the passersby to take pleasure upon. “You two cunts are the only ones not presently serving our guests, so you’ll have to do. Brace yourselves. The hordes of men coming up here to fuck you haven’t had a woman for a whole year, and they’ve probably not washed for a whole year as well, hahaha…”

Sometimes, the building’s caretaker was given a gift of one of the women, for the night. He was a real pervert, with superhuman stamina, and a gigantic cock. He took a liking to Sister Evangeline, and began requesting her only. He would have her stand in the garbage to warm up, then he would tie her down and fuck her brutally for hours. Afterwards, he would make her eat the garbage, right from the can. At nightfall, he would tie her down and dump rotten food all over her naked body. Then her would wait in the dark, until the rats came. He would wait until Sister Evangeline was screaming insanely, then he would drag her back into his bed.”

On the slower days, with two large wooden stakes up both her holes, Sister Evangeline was forced to sit on the Knob, for all the guests to view. This actually excited some guests, for it allowed their imagination to run wild with sick possibilities. All knowing well they could act out those fantasies upon the body of this beautiful woman, as perverted and destructive as they were. Sister Evangeline was subjected to every imaginable abuse and sexual humiliation, from the thousands of guests every year. But her most fearful experiences were from the men in the Order. For there was no law, and no possibility for mercy.

And so the weeks turned into months, and the months turned into years. With Sister Evangeline’s fortune in the Bishop’s hands, none of her relations gave a damn what happened to her. Day in and day out, she would service the guests, and service the men in the Order. And then there was the Docktor. His huge cock up her ass, hurt worst of all, and he had her act out all sorts of humiliating scenarios. Every night she would despair, because of her untold suffering and pain, that God has made her lot in life as a whore for the Order. She would be a sexual slave until she died.”

Her painful days went slowly, because the Order did not believe in wasting valuable time or pussy. Each hour was planned, to give the clients maximum cums for their money, and the more humiliation for the sister, the better. Bondage, torture, and rape became commonplace, as the sister serviced thousands of customers. And the order was never satisfied, always increasing her pain and anguish.

Every morning before prayers, the sister would be examined carefully, and it would be decided how much pain and punishment was to be applied to her bruised, and beaten body. No matter how much she pleased the clients, and no matter how much sexual abuse she was subjected to, the punishment never stopped. “You are truly a whore possessed by the devil. How else could your beautiful body withstand the countless whippings and torture?”

During her weekly meetings with the Docktor, he would beat he up for no reason at all, before even speaking to her. The sister lived in mortal fear of him day and night, for she was the Docktor’s favourite, and his cock did the most damage to all her holes. After fucking her repeatedly, he would amuse himself with little games, played upon her trembling flesh.

Finally, the sister was tied and packed away for a one way ride. The Docktor could not restrain his monstrous urges, that were even too blood curdling and disgusting for the other members. Now that his insane lust was thrust upon the sister, he would have to leave the Order for a few months. The poor sister would be going with the Docktor, never to be seen again, by anyone. She was to fulfill his many sadistic and demonist urges, and forced to satisfy his super sexual appetites. Someplace, hidden from everyone, never to be rescued, in the hands of the Docktor!

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