Bizarro Township [HINES]


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Bizarro was a traditional place and it accorded it’s more senior citizens the respect and deference that they rightfully deserved. Yes, respect for one’s elders was a well-engrained concept here. And in keeping with this gracious tradition, the older men and women Citizens were always given the right to conduct the first ‘interviews’ with any new outside inductees.

Ol’ Sheriff McGill was usually instrumental in spotting the best potential ‘guest’ prospects among those passers-through as they stopped to buy supplies or inquire about local attractions or possible lodging. Thee was a good reason why the townsfolk kept re-electing him to office over and over…

Tonight, after disposing of her husband, Sheriff McGill and his cousin Little Ray were taking their time in conducting a long and intimate interview of Kathy. Kathy and her spouse and stopped to ask the Sheriff about the best place to lodge overnight in Bizarro. Now the hapless widow was being given a first-hand sample of ‘town hospitality’ and was being shown just how she was expected to pay for it…..

Mayor McGill, and his wife Amy were proud of their little town and always made it a priority to at least meet every new “inducted” female guest. The mayor also was there to perform another very old Bizarro tradition: designating a new girl as either ‘town property’ or as ‘slave wife’ material. A ‘Town Property’ lady would be available for use by any Citizen who went down to the Town Hall and reserved their time with her (Bizarro Citizens were very rule-abiding people).

A female who was marked as a potential ‘Slave Wife’ was offered up at a official Auction and bid on by any Citizens, either men and women, who wanted a more exclusive type of relationship. Bidding wasn’t a problem, as the starting bid price tended to start at 75 cents and rarely climbed to over 5 dollars.

‘Slave Wives’ tended to get used up fast, so it was not unusual for their tenures to last only a few months. After that, they might be transferred to the general “Town Property” pool or put to other uses – or just disposed of. Most Citizens averaged at least two Slave Wives per year; some even more (That Mrs. Lyles was rumored to have had over a dozen wives at a time retained in her spacious mansion at the top of the hill – but now one was really certain about that).

This evening, the Mayor and Amy had stopped by the Town Hall to inspect this weekend’s catch of new girls. This first one brought out was Bonnie. Bonnie had been hitchhiking through the area, on her way to attending classes at her new university on the West Coast. Bonnie would not have to go that far now to get an education; she would learn so many things right here with her new hosts in Bizarro.

Ezekiel had entered the winning bid of $4.50 to take Muriel as his latest wife. Ezekiel was re-known hereabouts for his size and virility and his ability to power-fuck for over two hours at a time, cum hard and then be fully erect and ready to go again within another thirty minutes. Many a nights it was that the other townsfolk could hear the desperate moans and screams emanating from Ezekiel’s bedroom as he repeatedly took his rough pleasures.

“Oh, God! Please! Please! No More! You’re killing me! I’m so sore! it hurts so much! ”

“Now, c’mon, gal. What kind of wife doesn’t want her holes filled up all the time with her husband’s big cock?”

“No, not there again! Nooooooo! Please! It’s too big! Nooooo! AAaaaeeeeee…!

“Ummmm….uhhhhhhhh……that’s it, now push back while I shove it all the way . Ummmmmm….okay, here we go….”


Ezekiel was in a hurry to starting breaking in Wife Muriel. But being a law-abiding Citizen, he wanted everything legal and in accordance with tradition, so there was the quick trip to the Town Preacher’s office – conveniently located new to the Town Hall – in order to convene the required official nuptials. Ezekiel’s two younger sisters, acting as bridesmaids and patiently anticipating their frequent use of Muriel whenever their brother was away, were again amused to notice just how anxious he was to start consummating his new marriage. Their sibling’s trousers were already open; his half hard cock – even now an impressionable ten inches – slowly beginning to swell.

Of course, one of the problems with slavewives was that they were always so many more new girls to choose from. So it was all too easy to soon tire of one and decide to replace her with a yet another captive bride; one with fresh, less-used flesh and who still had at least a small residue of spirit left.

But it wasn’t too big a problem – because, over the decades, the townsfolk of Bizarro had come to appreciate everything that their slaves had to offer. These were sturdy and frugal people who had a deep belief in the old proverb, ” Waste not, want not.” And in keeping with this proud tradition, the esteemed Miss Ellie had saw an opportunity to mix business with service. Got an unwanted wife? Well, Miss Ellie would pay you a whopping 3 cents a pound (pretty good money) for her.

Miss Ellie was the finest cook in all these parts and her wonderful slow-smoked barbeque method always made a tender piece of meat. Everyone raved about her secret seasonings that fully complimented and even enhanced the natural smoky sweetness of every delicious mouthful……..

The capturing of additional female slaves who came through the Bizarro area was quite frequently a family affair. Of course, it was the sheriff and his deputies who tended to obtain the majority of the Township’s new fuck-toys, but sometimes circumstances worked to deliver a potential slave right into the hands of one of the everyday town citizens. Sometimes it might be a tourist couple stopping to inquire about a hiking trail or a traveler stopping for a quick meal in one of the local diners.

Today it was the Bucher family that was realizing a virtual windfall concerning the unplanned acquisition of three future slaves. The trio, all college attending sisters on a hiking vacation with their respective boyfriends, had encountered Jude Bucher and his sister June while searching the area for a good location at which to camp overnight. Jude had volunteered to show them to a convenient spot – and he had. It was a much-used and very convenient bluff just above an almost-bottomless sinkhole at which he calmly shot the boyfriends and kicked their bodies over the edge. The three young ladies would be staying a lot longer than they had planned – forever, in fact.

Jude and June were civic-minded folks and after having a few nights of fun with their three prizes, they dutifully drove them into town and turned them over to the ladies who operated the Central Slave Pool, where they would be further trained. The Pool ladies were always very enthusiastic about their work and they showed it in the way that they immediately set about getting acquainted with their new charges.

“Come on up here, gal, and join your sister. We’re gonna get ya all roped up so we can start workin’ on ya and gets ya all ready! And let me tear the rest of that raggedy ol’ blouse off ya. Ya won’t be needin’ much clothes for anything from now on!”

This was the summer season, so there’re a good deal of comely female tourists traveling through Bizarro on their way to various destinations. So many attractive young women to choose from. Ol’ Sheriff McGill was being kept busy – damn busy – deciding which pretty things would be staying on as permanent guests of he and his horny constituents. The Sinkhole was getting plenty of newly disposed-of male bodies plunging down into its dark depths. But since there was hardly any crime in Bizarro (the citizens were a very contented lot), the Sheriff and his deputies could spend practically all their time scouting out and obtaining fresh talent to be added to the Pool. Yes, McGill really enjoyed his job.

Tonight the Sheriff was getting ready to enjoy a new prisoner whom he had captured. Susan had come through town on her way to take a new job out West, but her new duty was being made shockingly clear to her now as she lay on her back in this cramped little cell. Thoroughly frightened and cowed, Susan obeyed Sheriff McGill’s order to begin slowly, very slowly, stoke his hard cock with her soft fingers. McGill always enjoyed seeing the look of astonishment on a gal’s face when she first saw the size of his member. Like all the Bizarro men, the Sheriff was hung huge. Susan’s reaction was no different as her eyes widened, pretty face registering surprise along with fear.

McGill would take his time with her. He enjoyed making a captive spend time worshipping his monster dick before getting down to the business of fucking her throughout the rest of the night. He would demand that she suck that big dick and would chuckle as she would barely be able to stretch her lips around its large cockhead.

She would begin to cry, scared at the thought of what so huge a cock could do to her captive pussy and asshole. And then he would lay on top of her, laughing and then show her that all her fears were true. Susan’s screams and pleas would be clearly heard outside the jail and people would smile and say, “Guess McGill’s got himself another nice little filly that he’s gonna be ridin’ hard all night. Man, that ol’ coot can fuck longer that almost anybody I know!”

“You gotta real soft touch there, gal. You just keep running those soft fingers up and down that big dick of mine. And I want ya to keep lookin’ at it and then I want ya to start tellin’ me how big it is and how you ain’t never seen one like it…”

Bizarro’s law enforcement was doing extremely well. Young Deputy Tate had been fulfilling his duties as well. Having quickly gotten rid of pretty Bonnie’s husband, Deputy Tate was too damn horny to escort her all the way into town before exercising his first rights to that pussy of hers. Fortunately, the Deputy had remembered that old storage shed nearby that he sometimes used to catch a quick nap on especially boring days.

Deputy Tate’s cock was much larger than the Sheriff’s, a fact that caused some friction between the two of them. But right now, the real friction was that being felt by young Bonnie as the Deputy’s monstrous shaft forced it’s way deeper inside her cunt.

“UHhhhhhhh…No! God! Don’t! It’s too big! I can’t take it! God, no!!!!! Uhhhh!”

“Yeah, sweetheart, you’ll take it,” Deputy grunted as he griped her hips and pushed his hips forward. His dick was almost halfway in now.

Susan could only whimper in pain as her pussy was stretched wider and wider by the girth of that cock. She felt like she was being split in half…….

“C’mon, babe, keep those hips up and push ’em back and take this big ol’ thing that I’m givin’ ya! You doin’ real good, keep it up….. pretty soon you gonna have my balls slappin’ against that ass of yours…..”

Of course, some of Bizarro’s working, blue-collar men folk didn’t have the time to be actively seeking out new talent on their own or to be waiting for their weekly number to be called up to be able to choose a slave from the Central Slave Pool. Sometimes the cock and balls just twitched from wanting some warm, tight pussy or ass to plow. At these times, when the balls were full of cum and the urge was just too overpowering, it was Mrs. Tillybane’s Slave Sweetheart Service to the rescue.

Billy Bob was as horny as a toad. It was Tuesday and his Pool number wasn’t due up until Saturday! Luckily for him, Mrs. Tillybane still had a couple of slavegirls still available for rent; real nice – lookin’ things, too. Billy Bob picked the cute blond named Cindy, reserving her for the entire night. It would cost him a good bit of cash, but he’d make sure to get his money’s worth. That was for sure.

“She’s been workin’ for a couple of weeks, so she’s stretched a bit – but with the size of that thing of yours, she’ll still be tight as hell fitting around it,” Mrs. Tillybane remarked thoughtfully.

“Girl, get down on your knees and unfasten Mr. Billy Bob’ s pants and examine that big meat of his for yourself. I want to watch it in your hands.”

The slave did as she was told, involuntarily catching her breath as Billy Bob’s huge whopper came into view.

Mrs. Tillybane smiled at her customer. ” Damn, Billy Bob, that’s a fine cock you’ve got on you! Now don’t you go damaging my girl here too much. You do and I’m gonna have to make you buy her outright, you hear?”

“Keep holdin’ it in ya hands, girl. It ain’t completely hard yet. It’s still got a couple more inches to grow. Yeah, your man Billy Bob’s gonna take real good care of ya tonight. Yep, I’m gonna see just how much ya can give me and see how much ya can take…”

Billy Bob was a real cocksman; in spite of Mrs. Tillybane’s fine compliments, there were plenty of men in town with bigger dicks than he. But few of them could fuck as long and as hard as he. Poor Cindy found that out to her great despair as her holes were repeatedly assaulted by his monster meat throughout the night. Her cries of agony and her pleas for mercy only worked to further invigorate his ardor and keep him hard and wanting more.

Billy Bob bounced Cindy’s abused ass up and then forced it down over his huge shaft. Again, the tightness of Cindy’s asshole around his dick caused him to start shooting yet another load up her impaled rectum. As he continued to pump his semen, he pulled Cindy’s ass down all the way to his twitching balls.

“Ahhhhhhhh….” he grunted in pure pleasure once again that night.

“Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd….!!!!” Cindy’s groan was that of overwhelming pain, all – encompassing pain; so much so that her mind was now dulled…. But there was something even more terrible happening now to Cindy – at first only a distant hint seeping through all the agony, it now took control of her body…causing a hard, sharp spasm in Cindy’s asshole that throbbed against Billy Bob’s cock, milking it, and then traveled upwards, making her entire body stiffen and flush pink.

Cindy had just begun her journey, against her will, to becoming a pain-fuck slut.

Although the men of Bizarro enjoyed their time with the many slaves made available to them, the women of the town were just as indulgent. Many of the slavegirls would rather choose – if they had the choice, that is – the rigors of the men’s’ giant cocks than be the objects of attention from some of the town’s female population.

Tonight, one pair of new slaves would discover just why some of the Mistresses were the cause of so much fear and dread….

Surprisingly, some of the most dreaded of the females were often those who were also the smallest.

As a little woman called Miss Ellie would soon demonstrate……

“Come on out here, my cute darling girl. Your Miss Ellie and her friends want to really get to know you better and show you how you can make us much happier sluts. Ohhhhh, you like to cry, do you? Well, we can help you cry a lot more….”

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