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Doctor Bishop had just concluded another session with Devon. The whipped and beaten brunette lay beneath him as her bruised and torn cunt oozed with his semen. Devon realized that the old bastard whoТd been keeping her here had fallen asleep on top of her. Gently, careful not to awaken him, Devon eased out from underneath the snoring old man. His pants were piled on the floor next to the bed and thatТs where Devon noticed the keys. Her breath caught in her throat as she realized that freedom could be hers if she acted before the sadistic Dr. Bishop awoke from his slumber.

The keys jingled slightly when Devon unhooked them from the belt-loop. She froze, glancing at the Doctor. His eyes were still closed and he had begun to drool in his sleep.

Hurriedly but quietly, Devon threw her dress on over her slender 18 year old body and headed on tip-toe toward the cell door. Locking the door behind her to buy time, Devon sprinted quietly up the stairs and toward the front door. She heard women screaming and cruel male laughter in the cells behind her as other Doctors and attendees enjoyed the fringe benefits of their chosen profession.

Devon made it to the front door and into the yard of the Asylum. The rocks cut her bare feet as she ran. Still desperate but feeling the fresh air against her face, she ran madly toward the parking lot. She found the DoctorТs car parked in his reserved spot. She leaped into the driverТs seat and fumbled with the keys trying to start the car.

Suddenly she felt the car shift on itТs springs as a shape loomed up in the rear view mirror. Devon screamed as a heavily muscled arm circled her throat. The car door was thrown open as other hands grabbed and tore at her.

Let me go you motherfucking bastards Devon screamed. She kicked and clawed but the strong young men in the white coats were too strong and too many.

YouТve given us great sport today Devon! She turned still thrashing and saw Doctor Bishop smiling behind her. He was fully dressed and wide awake. Of course you didnТt think weТd be so careless as to let you escape now did you?

Laughter was all that answered her pitiful pleas for freedom as the sobbing young girl was carried back into the asylum.

Devon was immediately stripped and forced into a straight-jacket. Dr Bishop walked directly behind his reluctant charge as she was carried back into the basement.

It seems that you will need a little negative reinforcement dear Devon, Doctor Bishop told her, in order to help prepare you for the rigors of the life you are about to encounter.

Wh-why are you doing this to me? Devon stammered, what do you want?

Sweet young flesh such as your own Devon, Bishop answered, is a precious commodity.

“You are going to be sold to the highest bidder after you have been trained and broken to serve.

You will not be punished for your little escape attempt today. Instead it will be your privilege to watch as all the other captive young ladies are tortured in your place. Just remember that every scream you hear, every drop of cum swallowed, every time the whip falls on tender yielding female flesh, it will be because of you!

Devon was dragged down to the basement and into a green and white tiled room. A beautiful girl, certainly no older than Devon herself, knelt on the cold tile floor wearing only a straightjacket.

This is Alyssa, the first girl who will be punished in your place Devon, said the doctor. Then, motioning to the three attendants the Doctor nodded. Heinrich, if you please

Immediately two of the men twisted the girl up onto her knees and pushed her face down onto the floor while holding her unprotected ass up and fully exposed. Heinrich, the third attendant, knelt behind the wide-eyed beauty and gently began to spread thick lubricating gel along the exposed labia, Alyssa jerked at his touch as he separated her nether lips and spread the lubricant into her tight vaginal entrance. Heinrich paid special attention to the center of her womanhood which had begun to swell and harden. Then, after stimulating her clit into an unwanted state of sexual arousal, Heinrich began to press his heavily lubricated fist against the young girlТs cunt. The girl began to squirm and then to struggle violently as the huge fist slowly began to twist and force itТs way into the extremely tight channel of AlyssaТs pussy.

Alyssa is a virgin Devon, the doctor said, but only for another moment. Her flower will be taken away from her now because of your transgression.

AAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE! Alyssa screamed as the pressure against her cunt grew.

Devon watched in horror as AlyssaТs pussy lips stretched around HeinrichТs massive fist. The girl screamed and pleaded. The words she babbled were nearly unintelligible.

The other two attendants were heavily taxed to keep the thrashing girl in place as she was being brutalized by the twisting thrust of the fist that slowly forced its way into her firm teenage body.

Then Heinrich braced himself; thick cords of muscle stood out along his arms, as he punched violently into the girlТs body.

AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGH! NOOOO, PLEEEASE, STOP Alyssa screamed as her maidenhead was breached and the fist laid her fully open for the first time. Heinrich still went deeper as the girl continued to buck and thrash on the tile floor. Then, after forcing his arm in nearly to the elbow, Heinrich slowly, methodically began to withdraw.

Devon and Alyssa both thought he would surely remove his entire arm but he stopped just short and began to push back inside AlyssaТs ravaged vagina. In and out went HeinrichТs arm faster and faster until the arm was just a blur. Alyssa was quiet now except for grunting each tome the arm slammed into her beautiful body. With his other hand Heinrich stimulated AlyssaТs clit. It was clear to Devon now that, even though in great pain as she repeatedly gave birth to this massive fist and arm, Alyssa was approaching a forced orgasm.

The tortured girl began to buck again now but not just because of the fist that ravaged her. The climax had begun to course through her belly and into her brain.

NNNNNNNNNNNNNGHHHHHHH Alyssa screamed as she came around HeinrichТs arm. Alyssa shook uncontrollably, covered in sweat as she experienced the combination of massive pleasure entwined with exquisite pain.

The attendants pushed the straight-jacketed Alyssa roughly onto her side against the wall as Heinrich withdrew his bloody hand and arm. Alyssa simply laid there glassy-eyed and trembling as her brain shut down in an effort to cope with the reality of what had just happened.

Oh no, please no more, Devon pleaded, IТll be good. IТll do whatever you want. IТll just then Doctor Bishop slammed a rough leather gag into DevonТs babbling mouth. He slapped her hard across the face and screamed at her, Of course you will do anything we ask. This we already know. But we need to finish breaking your will you stupid bitch! And the best way to do this is by making others suffer in your place.

Bring her gentlemen, The Doctor ordered, Clarisse waits in the next room.

Clarisse sat bound in a chair in HeinrichТs office.

As you can see Devon. said Doctor Bishop, your next acquaintance, Clarisse, is not as young as she used to be. She is going to be 40 years old soon and so her value on the white slave market is limited. However, Clarisse has a few things left to contribute to our little venture. Besides her being good for an occasional fuck, she can now aid us in your continuing education.

Devon stared at the faded beauty bound in the office chair. It was obvious that she had been magnificently beautiful when she was younger. Her legs were still long and shapely, her breasts large and firm.

Heinrich, said the Doctor, I believe you know what to do.

Devon watched as Heinrich opened a coal brazier. Devon saw three rods of different sizes with wooden handles. Except for the handles they glowed bright orange. Clarisse began to weep silently; she knew what was coming.

HeinrichТs assistants moved to either side of Clarisse and held her head still. She had not begun to struggle yet as Heinrich approached her with the thinnest glowing rod.

Watch closely Devon, this is all because of you

Heinrich pressed the rod into one side of ClarisseТs nose and out the other.

NNNNNGHHH Clarisse moaned although she still did not struggle.

The next rod, medium in size and about a foot long was pressed against the cheek of the unfortunate woman. It went through easily enough. Clarisse opened her mouth slightly to allow the rod to pass between her upper and lower bicuspids. Still smoking, the orange rod popped out the other cheek.

GGGHHHAAAA the gagged woman screamed. The two attendants now had to hold her still as Heinrich approached with the largest rod. It glowed fiercely and was about two feet long.

Devon, now wearing her gag tried to protest; shaking her head from side to side and grunting.

Hush child, replied the Doctor, СitТs for your own good that Clarisse suffers.

The first two rods that had gone from side to side through ClarissseТs nose and mouth had indeed been horrible but this was barely conceivable.

Heinrich roughly grabbed the womanТs left breast with his right hand and pulled it away from ClarisseТs body. Then he pushed the rod completely through. Clarisse now screamed in earnest as the smell of cooking meat filled the room. Next Heinrich grabbed the left breast and repeated the process.

Devon moaned in horror as tears coursed down her face. The wounds did not bleed. The intense heat had cauterized the wounds. The three rods jiggled as Clarisse struggled and screamed. The two attendants stepped away now.

The Doctor grabbed Devon by one arm and pulled her right next to the chair where the tortured woman sat. With the other hand he grabbed a handful of ClarisseТs hair and pulled her head back until the two women were staring into each otherТs eyes.

Clarisse was going to be raped again today and thatТs all Doctor Bishop stated, SheТs even learned to gain pleasure from the rough attentions of the staff. But because of your little stunt today Devon, this woman has suffered pain, humiliation and disfigurement. Perhaps weТll let Clarisse get even with you later. Would you like that Clarisse?

The bound woman nodded.

Perhaps later Clarisse but now Devon has another new friend to meet


Posted June 29th, 2006

“It canТt get worse than this Devon thought to herself as she was roughly dragged from the macabre torture of poor Clarisse. The rods were still sizzling in her ravaged flesh as the woman wept around the gag that held back her words.

Next, the doctor said, you get to meet two of our young ladies that were recently purchased, Vanessa and Tracy. They went up for auction last week and the buyer, a man from the middle east, arrived today to train them personally. These girls are to be used as breeders and fuck slaves.

Watch closely Devon, you may wind up with them quite soon. This man is very rich and already owns twenty-seven of our finest western girls. He is always looking for more.

Devon was ushered into a room where she saw a girl, Vanessa, sitting on the floor in a straightjacket. The other girl, Tracy, buxom girl with thick long black hair, was tied and bent over a chair with her ass in the air. Between them stood a dark-skinned man holding a thick plastic rod in his right hand.

Who is she Doctor Bishop? said the man gesturing to Devon, another new acquisition? Quite a lovely young tramp she is. Is she broken yet?

Devon is very new Husam, answered Bishop, fresh off the street. She tried to escape this morning and, of course failed miserably. We are teaching her by example what happens to unruly female dogs who defy their masters.

Please stay and let her observe, said Husam, I love to perform for an audience. This whore called Vanessa needs a little of my personal attention

Vanessa was no more that 18. The tears of pain and fear she shed made her ravenous beauty even more radiant. Not even the straight jacket could fully hide the swell of her full firm breasts.

Heinrich, said Husam, would you mind assisting me?

As you wish sir; it would be a pleasure, replied Heinrich stepping forward.

In a moment Vanessa had been removed from the straight-jacket and hung upside down by leather manacles around her shapely ankles. The manacles were attached to chains suspended from tracks in the ceiling. Her hands and elbows were tied stringently behind her back. Through her large ball-gag she tried to plead but her garbled words were completely unintelligible.

Heinrich pressed a button on a control panel by the wall and the chains began to separate. Soon VanessaТs legs were spread painfully wide apart and her naked sex was fully exposed and very accessible.

VanessaТs gag was removed. Husam loved to hear a slaveТs reaction to her punishment.

He wasted no time with a preamble; he gave her no time to beg or plead. The thick heavy plastic cane whistled through the air and slashed down perfectly between VanessaТs defenseless cunt lips.

Her eyes grew as round as saucers; a surprised draw of breath; then GHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! ! The poor girl screamed in sheer agony as the ultra-sensitive nerves relayed their message to her brain at the speed of light.

Suddenly and without warning the rod whistled through the air again and again. The shrieks of pain echoed through the room as the hanging girl twisted and jerked in her bonds.


HusamТs target was primarily the exposed pussy of his new slave. He struck down directly across her clit sending mind numbing pain throughout VanessaТs body. Her naked tits and ass did not escape her tormentorТs expert attention either. The rod made a thwacking sound as it landed across her bruised nipples. Her ass was soon covered with welts.

You, new girl, said Husam gesturing to Devon, you can stop her suffering if you wish.

The Doctor removed DevonТs gag so she could speak.

How sir? What must I do, Devon replied fearfully as she watched the tanned body of the sweat-soaked girl sway and twist. The sounds of VanessaТs pain-wracked sobs filled DevonТs head like breaking glass.

Sweet Vanessa is being shown how the slightest hesitation to obey any command, no matter how disgusting or vile, will result in torture and humiliation. The memory of this day will temper her obedience in future days to come.

She refused to lap at the pussy and ass of my other new slave-dog, said Husam gesturing towards Tracy still tied to the nearby chair,

Turning to Doctor Bishop, Husam said, this new whore Devon is more beautiful than any slave you have yet sold to me. Name your price and it shall be yours.

The Doctor simply nodded and the sale was accepted.

DevonТs jaw dropped as the realization struck home; she was suddenly the property of this man. She had no more rights here than a horse, or a cow. She was only considered to be a piece of property. But a horse or cow would never be treated as cruelly as these poor abused women!

You belong to me now Devon, Husam smiled, you will now ease her pain while you spare yourself the same.

DevonТs reaction was immediate. She knew these people were not joking around. She realized that she was just chattel to be bought or sold on a whim. She had seen the horrible torture and abuse and wanted none of it. Totally motivated by self preservation Devon took two steps forward, lowered her head, and knelt before her master.

I am your slave Sir, your whore she said quietly, command this unworthy western dog as you will

Her tears fell silently and landed on the floor at the feet of her owner.

This bitch learns quickly Doctor Bishop, said Husam smiling as he gently stroked DevonТs auburn hair, but we shall soon see if she is earnest in her desire to please me.

Husam removed DevonТs straight-jacket and motioned for her to approach the still swaying body of the now silent Vanessa. Devon rose and approached as directed.

The girlТs cunt was exactly at DevonТs mouth level. She needed no prompting. She knew exactly what this perverted man wanted to see. Although it disgusted her, she lowered her face and began to lick the girlТs cunt and even went as far to press her tongue into VanessaТs asshole. Devon reached down and began to twist and lightly pinch VanessaТs nipples. Husam and the men murmured their approval.

Vanessa jerked slightly when she felt DevonТs attentions, but so eager was Devon to avoid pain that Vanessa soon started to moan quietly. The moans grew in volume as Devon began to concentrate on the swelling clit; licking, sucking, biting.

Vanessa, shouted Husam, “return the favor you selfish slut! Welcome my newest slave into the harem by making her cum!!

Husam slapped the girlТs ass one time and Vanessa lifted her head and began sucking on DevonТs exposed pussy enthusiastically.

Tracy had been watching the two girlТs tongues busily at work and wondered when she would be called to task. Husam seemed to read her mind.

Heinrich, Tracy is lonely, Husam laughed, what kind of a host would I be to not include her in out little party? Although her cunt and mouth are off limits, her asshole is open to pleasure any who wish to partake.

Doctor Bishop made a general announcement over the intercom and soon a considerable line was forming behind the helpless brunette.

Heinrich lubed her properly shoving two fingers deep into her nether hole. He wasted no time in slamming into Tracy with all the strength he could muster.

GGGGNNNNNNNNHHHHH the gagged girl uttered as Heinrich ripped past her straining sphincter muscle and on into her rectum. Her huge breasts were slammed back and forth as he fucked her like a dog.

After what seemed like forever to the sweating grunting brunette, Heinrich finally pressed all his considerable weight into the girl and emptied his balls into TracyТs bowels.

He pulled out and looked back at the line of staff waiting their turn to feel pleasure while ravaging TracyТs ass. Toward the end of the line he saw the only two female members of the staff; Natalia, a tall Slavic blonde from Russia and Gabriella a voluptuous Hispanic from El Salvador. These two were hard-core sadistic dykes and were both just as beautiful as any girl in the asylum. Their speciality was to training the straight girls in the art of Sapphic love no matter how much torture was required. Both wore large black strap-on dildos and were already locked in a loverТs embrace.

Heinrich, minding his manners, decided that the two ladies should be next to go. Motioning them forward he stepped aside as they approached. Both were gloriously naked and ready to perform.

Natalia stepped up behind Tracy and slapped her hard on the ass, You so lucky little bitch. Natalia know just what you need.


NataliaТs strap-on was much thicker and longer than HeinrichТs cock and itТs forced entry into TracyТs cum oozing hole was another horrendous experience in pain.

Come on Gabrialla, sad the Russian woman, donТt just stand there like idiot; fuck your loverТs twat like a man!

Gabriella smiling, eased her strap-on into the blonde russianТs cunt and started pumping furiously. Each time Gabriella slammed into Natalia; Natalia, hands pulling roughly on the slaveТs thick hair, slammed into Tracy.

Natalia screamed with pleasure as Gabrielle rammed into her pussy.

Tracy screamed and grunted like an animal each time the huge black monstrosity Natalia wore slammed deep into her bowels again and again.

TracyТs tears only served to fuel the desires of the Russian sadist.

Yes, thatТs it my pet, weep! Natalia grunted out, I love it when you sluts cry.

As if to emphasize her point, Natalia reached around the Brunette and groped until she found TracyТs nipples. She squeezed and twisted the sensitive nubs of flesh making Tracy scream and cry even harder.

Meanwhile, Devon and VanessaТs 69 session was progressing wonderfully. DevonsТ desire not to be tortured and VanessaТs fear of being tortured any more made them both exceptionally enthusiastic. Tongues, lips & teeth flashed as each girl tried to make the other cum.

Husam decided to partake and after lubing the length of his thick shaft, parted DevonТs rear cheeks, found her asshole and pushed. Devon grunted and gasped as HusamТs large cock tore into her. Vanessa, hanging upside down as she was could witnessed DevonТs savage rape up close and very personal. Husam was so excited that he began to shoot his load after only a few strokes inside DevonТs hole. So he pulled out immediately, Pushed Devon to one side, and covered VanessaТs face with copious amounts of thick cum.

Lick, it Vanessa, Husam ordered, clean your sister slaveТs shit off my cock! Do not hesitate unless you wish to feel the rod again. Or perhaps you wish to feel the cattle prod up your infidelТs cunt instead!!

More threats of violence and torture worked on the hanging girlТs broken spirit. She opened her mouth and eagerly licked sucked and eventually cleaned the vile mixture on shit and cum from her masterТs manhood.

When the party was over and the girls were finally released from their bonds, they were all taken to the medical examiner. His name was Lucius.

He had been fired from his job in Hospital as an Obgyn after being caught taking liberties with a few sedated female patients. The last one was a female police officer who had a camera in her purse. He was arrested, tried, and sentenced to 6 months in prison. As a professional in the medical community he was finished. But as a full time employee in Doctor BishopТs white slave asylum, he fit like a glove.

Time to assess the damage and make sure you three young whores have sustained no permanent injuries.”

The women had all been gagged again and splayed open on obgyn examination tables. Lucius poked and probed all three young ladies in all their most intimate and secret places.

IТve seen hundreds of stuck-up cunts like you girls. You donТt feel so high and mighty right now do you? he remarked casually as he shoved his latex covered hand into DevonТs tight pussy.

The fucking had been bad. But it was just in-and-out. What Devon felt now was much more humiliating? He probed and felt in every direction. His hands were not kind or gentle; nor were his words. He obviously enjoyed making these girls hurt as part of his examination. But at least he was thorough and he knew his job. But now for a little fun

The girl in the center was Vanessa. Beneath his smock Lucius wore nothing. Having not been able to attend HusamТs party his lust was obvious. He lifted his tunic and exposed his erect cock to the girls. Vanessa saw the evil gleam in his eye as he approached her. Devon and TracyТs exam tables were so near to VanessaТs that Lucius was able to have a hand in each of the girlТs cunts while he viciously raped VanessaТs asshole. Part from shame and humiliation, part from pain and violation the girls wept openly as their own will was taken from them and a man from another country claimed them for his own.

Husam smiled while he watched the display on closed circuit camera from Doctor BishopТs office. Cash had exchanged hands. His business here was done.

After Lucius had completed his brutal examination of the three girls, they were all force showered, fitted with straight jackets again and tied to beds in the shipping area. A truck would arrive for them soon and shuttle them to HusamТs private jet.

Doctor Bishop came to bid them adieu and to get one last look at Devon. He was pleased with the price he had fetched for her, but he could not tarry here.

Other new arrivals required his immediate attention. A particularly pretty yet troublesome young female police officer had just arrived. Luicius had a score to settle with this one. Doctor Bishop had placed a no limits placard in her files. She was to be LuciusТ plaything for as long as he wanted and he would be allowed to do with her whatever he wished.


Posted July 7th, 2006

Lucius stared happily at the hooded form of the woman. She still wore her police uniform with badge and “Sam Brown” belt. The gun and spray can of mace were gone of course, but Lucio hefted her black baton and twirled her hand cuffs. He had definite ideas concerning these particular items.

Kimberly Wenton was the police officer that had gotten his license taken away and subsequently put in prison. And Why?? Just because he took a few liberties with his female patients? If a woman was pretty and wanted a qualified Doctor to take care of her cunt; then what was the harm in a gynecologist using that particular pussy for a little fun of his own? No harm done. The women had all been unconscious anyway. But there would be harm done now. Lucius had it all planned out…

He just stared at her; relishing the moment. The navy blue skirt she wore was bunched up and wrinkled. Her Policeman’s shirt was untucked on one side.

Kim moved her head slowly from side to side as the drugs began to wear off. She moaned softly as consciousness began to intrude on her forced slumber.

She stood tied to the cell with her ankles and knees bound to the bars. A rope held her neck tightly in place and her tied arms were pulled sharply up above back to keep her in a standing position against the bars.

After another moment Kim began to struggle weakly then, regaining strength began to fight her bonds in earnest. Lucius stroked himself absently as Kim tried to free herself.

“GGGMMMPH!” she tried to speak around the gag.

Lucius grew concerned that Kim would hurt herself in her futile thrashings and that would not do. Lucius wanted to be the direct cause of her pain.

So he stepped forward and removed the hood. She blinked in the bright fluorescent lights of Lucius’ lab for a moment as her eyes adjusted. Then saw him. Recognition flowed in as her eyes grew wide.

Even with the gag still in place she began to try to threaten him and order him to release her immediately, but all to no avail.

Lucius just smiled and slowly began to undress her. One button here, a buckle or zipper there.

“MMMMMMPPPH!” the woman screamed in panic now no longer forming words because the terror of this man stripping her was nothing compared to the array of sharp utensils, ropes, pulleys, chains, cuffs, machines and more that she saw behind him. She was in real trouble and she knew it.

Lucius had her stripped down to her bra and panties now. She wore lavender lace with just a hint of some exotic perfume behind her neck and between her tits. Lucius knelt and sniffed deeply at her lace covered twat. Yes it was here too; the same intoxicating scent she had worn when she had come to his old office pretending to have a yeast infection. Pointing the hidden camera in her purse toward the examination table. Smiling her fake smile. Pretending to confide in him…

He produced a scalpel now and cut the fabric in the front center of the lavender bra.

Her magnificent breasts sprang free of the lacy fabric. They were just like the rest of her; firm, tan, and utterly flawless.

Next the panties came off with a couple of cuts and she was completely nude. Her tears were silent. She made no sounds now but only stared resolutely at the ceiling as this pervert had his way.

That was when she saw the cameras.

Doctor Bishop watched the monitor while his personal slave bobbed her head up and down in his lap. He stroked her head absently as she deep throated his oozing cock. He stared intently as Lucius, in full rut now, removed the policewoman from the bars and tied her struggling body to one of his custom made exam tables. It was the same one a young woman named Devon had occupied only hours before. Devon and her new sisters were now high over the Pacific Ocean where no one could hear their desperate screams…

Kim was soon tied with her scented cunt completely exposed and open. Lucius wanted to take his time with her, but she was too beautiful to resist. He would fuck her first. Then he would have a clear head and all the time in the world to torture this fucking cop whore. First though a few well placed lashes just to prepare his canvas.

The whip came down on her firm flesh again and again before he flung it aside and threw himself into her. He tore her gag loose so she could beg, plead, threaten, and scream as he rammed his fully erect cock into her tight warm cunt.


The hot officer began to shriek as he savaged her hole. Stretching and pummeling. He remembered how tight her pussy had been during her undercover visit to his office. He intended to loosen that up considerably along with her asshole too. He watched her tear-streaked face intently as he felt his first orgasm begin to build.

Suddenly he pulled his prick out and showed it into his victim ass…


“You like it better here, bitch?” he said hammering the girl mercilessly.


Licius pulled his prick out with a pop and leaned over her face allowing the thick hot jets of semen to flow over her face and into her eyes. He would keep this bitch for months before he finally sold her broken-spirited body. She would be completely submissive by then seeking only to please the ones who commanded her.

Janelle was new. She waited in her cell wearing another straight jacket and a large green ball-gag. Her naked ass showed the preliminary markings she had received at her first introduction to the asylum.

Janelle had struggled hard at first. Her young body twisting and bucking when the men in the panel van jerked her off the street as she went for her usual late night jog. Now she waited lying in a fetal position, tears drying on her face.

The doors to her cell opened soon and Heinrich and Doctor Bishop stood in the opening ready to properly greet and introduce Janelle to the rigors of her new life.

“I will remove your gag Janelle,” Doctor Bishop told her, “but be careful not to speak until spoken to. Do you understand?”

Janelle nodded and so the gag came out. She licked her pouting trembling lips as Heinrich lifted her to her feet.

“Now if you promise to be a good girl, we’ll take off that uncomfortable jacket.”

“I promise to be good” Janelle replied

The Doctor nodded and Heinrich removed the jacket. Immediately the girl’s modesty kicked into gear and she covered her sumptuous tits and clean shaven crotch with her hands.

This was immediately rewarded with a hard slap to the side of her head. “You promised to be good Janelle”, the Doctor said to the quivering woman before him, “now stand up straight with your hands at your sides!”

“Yes sir” she replied and complied immediately still reeling from the blow.

Heinrich and the Doctor exchanged meaningful glances. Janelle was going to be easy. Now she would be tested as she got the tour.

First Janelle was brought to visit a troublesome young brunette who had made the mistake of striking a potential customer as he was examining her for flaws and imperfections.

Her name was Kristy and when Janelle saw her, she gasped in horror at the pitiful plight of this woman. Her hands and ankles were bound together and she was hanging upside-down from the ceiling.

“Hello Frederick. How is little miss bitch coming along?”

asked the doctor.

“She’s still resistant. A real tough bitch but I’ll break her soon enough.” replied Frederick.

“Watch closely Janelle,” Heinrich whispered to Janelle, “this is what can happen when you’re a bad girl.”

Frederick chose a large white phallus from the table and dipped it in a jar containing some sort of orange slime.

“It’s standard lubrication combined with red pepper sauce.” explained the Doctor, “It will sting and burn her insides for hours. Her screams will be quite piercing Janelle. You may cover your ears if you wish.”

At first Janelle raised her hands to her ears but as the huge dildo was forced past Kristy’s clenching sphincter and into her bowels, Janelle began to lower her hands to her sides. The screams began almost immediately; first from the pain of the forced entry then from the stinging pain of the red peppers sinking into the walls of her nether passage.

The Doctor and Heinrich watched Janelle closely as she witnessed the torture of this unruly slave who hung suspended like a twitching fly in caught in the web of a very sadistic spider.

Janelle’s hands clenched and unclenched as her breathing increased. Janelle was totally lost in the scene unfolding before her. She licked her lips and began to perspire lightly, her face became flushed and her nipples became longer and rigid as she watched.

“A moment Frederick if you please,” interjected the Doctor. Frederick stepped away leaving the hanging girl trying to push out the offending dildo.

“What is it Janelle? You seem agitated by Kristy’s predicament. Here we welcome and reward those who show incentive toward our programs. Is there something you would like to contribute?”

The girl could barely believe that she was really here at all. But now she was being offered a role in the torture of another beautiful woman. Janelle remembered fantasizing about scenes just like this, rubbing herself; bringing herself off as she lay in bed at night. And suddenly she was thrust into the middle of a real session in a real torture chamber with a real living, breathing girl.

She looked up at Doctor Bishop questioningly. He nodded and Janelle stepped forward.

At first she just caressed the bound beauty tentatively. Janelle lightly traced her fingers over Kristy’s calves then to her thighs and over her stomach. All this she did with one hand since was busy touching herself with the other. Janelle leaned over and touched Kristy’s left nipple with her lips then, as she became more excited by the prospect of her helpless plaything, she began to nibble and then bite down on the sensitive nipple. Kristy elicited a high pitched squeal at the pain. This reaction sent Janelle to the next level as her confidence began to grow.

She removed her wet hand from between the dripping folds of her own moist pussy and grabbed Kristy’s hair with the other. The bound woman found the wet hand of her tormentor smearing the musky smelling ooze of sex all over her face.

Next Janelle moved behind Kristy to where Frederick had stood and, after glancing at the Doctor (who nodded his approval), began to push the dildo deeper into Kristy’s rectal passage. She bucked and tried to push as the phallus invaded her bowels but Janelle only seemed to feed off the struggles and screams.

What happened next shocked even the jaded Doctor and his assistants. Janelle leaned over, while still ravaging Kristy’s ass, and began to suck furiously on the proffered cunt of the struggling girl.

Doctor Bishop, Heinrich, and Frederick stared in awe at the demoness they had set free. Janelle was slamming the white plastic cock in and out of Kristy’s asshole while savagely forcing the gurgling girl to the edge of orgasm.

“Ungh, UNGH, UUUNNNGH! GHHUUUUU!!” the bound girl screamed as the pleasure/pain washed over her drowning her senses in a wave of sheer ecstasy.

Janelle stood back, chest heaving, her face awash with the juices of the tortured girl…

“Well done Janelle, superb performance!” said the Doctor applauding, would you like to meet another special young lady?”

“Please sir,” Janelle sneered as she wiped her face with the back of her hand, “may I have another.”

Dimitri had a real thing for long-haired Asian women. Doctor Bishop saw to it that they were always in abundant supply. His latest girl was a Japanese National who had come to Europe on vacation. Her name was Amiko. He had raped her repeatedly but soon became bored since she had simply stopped reacting to his frantic thrusting and simply endured the vaginal onslaughts.

In an effort to get more sport out of this exceptionally beautiful woman, Dimitri had suspended Amiko by her ankles with her legs spread so far apart that she felt the tendons between her legs tearing. He was preparing to do a little minor surgery when there came a knock at the door. Dimitri’s boredom was about to disappear.

Doctor Bishop and a gorgeous young girl Dimitri had not yet met stepped into the room.

“Sorry to bother you at your work Dimitri,” said the Doctor, “but our latest acquisition seems to be a bit of a prodigy. Would you mind if she played with your little asian friend?”

“Why of course not”, smiled Dimitri as he regarded the naked beauty who stood before him, “it would be an honor.”

He finished toweling the remnants of shaving cream from Amiko’s freshly shorn pussy.

Janelle entered the room and regarded the dangling Asian woman before her. Then she looked into Dimitri’s eyes and motioned him to one side. They whispered for a moment quietly while the Doctor regarded the slender hard-bodied asian woman who dangled helplessly before him.

Presently Dimitri and Janelle began rummaging through boxes and closets.

“Ahhh,” said Dimitri, “here it is. Keep it Janelle, I never have a use for it. Please consider it a gift.”

Janelle looked again to the Doctor for approval which he granted with a nod.

Dimitri had, at Janelle’s request given her a very large studded strap-on didlo. As Janelle strapped it in place around her slim muscular waist, Dimitri forced a large O-gag into the mouth of the struggling asian hanging from the ceiling. It was so large in circumference that it distended her jaws painfully wide apart. Once finished, having strapped the gag into place, Dimitri stepped aside to watch.

Janelle, now sporting an enormous rubber faux-cock, knelt in front of the widely stretched bald-cunted slave. Janelle licked the tears and streaks of Dimitri’s cum from Amiko’s beautiful face then calmly said, “you keep my cock happy and I’ll keep your pussy happy, alright sweetie?”

Amiko didn’t respond. Janelle hadn’t really expected her to. But she would soon respond quite enthusiastically in just a few short moments. Janelle smiled at Doctor Bishop as she stood and looked down over the warmth of Amiko’s upturned cunt.

“Doctor,” Dimitri remarked, “you may want to summon Natalia and Gabriella to witness this. Little Janelle is quite the sadist. I’ve got the cameras rolling at all angles.”

Doctor Bishop summoned the two dykes via the intercom. They arrived just in time to see Janelle slide the huge rubber strap-on into Amiko’s helplessly distended mouth. With this in place Janelle lowered her head into the musky depths of Amiko’s bald cunt and began to lick tenderly at her pussy. She separated the labia and lifted the hood to find a fairly large clitoris hiding there. Janelle also began to pump the huge rubber strap-on into Amiko’s mouth.

Natalia and Gabriella watched as the new girl worked the hanging girl’s clit with her tongue. The button of flesh grew larger, and as it grew larger, Janelle pumped ever deeper into Amiko’s throat. Soon she started gagging, fighting for breathe between thrusts. Her heart beat increased as blood was pumped to the stimulated area between her legs where Janelle masterfully tended Amiko’s secret garden.

“Grrrggl, Gaggggsh!” Amiko tried to speak with no success.

The two lesbian dykes stood arm-in-arm still not knowing what Janelle planned.

Soon it was obvious that Amiko was fast approaching an orgasm. Janelle, sensing this, began pumping the rubber strap-on faster and deeper into the asian slave’s ravaged mouth. Amiko’s clit now stood at rigid full-attention as her whole body began to shudder. Janelle licked and sucked at the center of Amiko’s womanhood with unmatched fervor as the orgasm began to wrack through the asian’s body. Every muscle strained and tensed as the full shuddering force of the cum-rage surged to her brain. Amiko had never had an orgasm like this. She was nearly delirious from the pain and the intensity of the pleasure.

Just then Janelle glanced up into the eyes of the two leather-clad lesbians and bared her teeth like a vampire about to feed.

Gabrielle gasped, her eyes wide, when she realized what was about to happen.

Janelle sucked the engorged clit up into her mouth as far as it would go and bit down with her incisors at its base. Amiko’s reaction was immediate and more intense than anyone could have possibly imagined. She bucked and thrashed, screaming and shrieking around the oral assault of the pounding strap-on.

Janelle twisted her head savagely to one side and tore the blood engorged clitoris completely away from Amiko’s cunt. She then stepped away and knelt down in front of Amiko’s pain-wracked face.

She extended her tongue and showed her the bloody piece of meat that lay there. Janelle pulled her tongue back now and swallowed.

“Hope you enjoyed your last orgasm,” Janelle said softly, “because you’re castrated bitch!”

The two lesbians came around to Janelle and took turns kissing her deeply.

Dimitri danced and applauded.

“Unbelivable!” the Doctor cried, “Janelle you are truly one of us. You were destined for this place. Gabriella, Natalia; take her and instruct our latest Dominatrix. We have a new Asylum Member!”

The sisters, Christina and Jezebel, had arrived. The Doctor was elated. These had been marked for sale for over a month now but their acquisition had proved most difficult. They came from a very well-to-do family in Barcelona and the armed security around them had been very tight.

The daughter of a very affluent German client had seen them while on vacation and told her mother that these two were simply the ideal gift for her 18th birthday. So ideal in fact, that nothing else would do.

Mother had raised her daughter to believe in her Aryan supremacy and that any “inferior” race was to be used as desired and eventually enslaved for any purpose the super race deemed proper, or improper as the case might be.

So Doctor Bishop and his staff were offered a ridiculous amount of money for their capture and unharmed delivery.

The sister’s were watched and their schedules were learned. They were accompanied by their male body guards everyplace they went; except one…

The girls went to the gym to sculpt their exquisite young bodies into nearly superhuman perfection every day but the guards never accompanied them into the Women’s Locker Room.

That was all the Doctor needed to know. The trap was set…

Two days ago Natalia, Gabriella, and the newest girl Janelle, had decided to pay a visit to the gym themselves.

The sisters arrived right on time.

If someone had been walking past the bushes beside the windows outside the women’s locker room they would have noticed the limp forms of Christina and Jezabel being loaded into the back of a laundry truck. But no one passed by. No one saw a thing.

The chloroform had done its job well and the girls were immediately trussed up and the trip to their new life was underway.

Their security guards had waited another five minutes before sounding the alarm. By then the laundry truck was on the outskirts of town and headed northeast.

“Look mom,” said Alexa as she began to unwrap her birthday presents, “they look even better with no clothes on. I was afraid they might have saggy breasts or stretch marks but they are perfect! Just look at their muscles!! Can I play them right away or do I have to wait until we get home?” Alexa had been so anxious to see her new toys that she had refused to change and still wore her school uniform.

Alexa was fairly tall ~ just shy of six feet. She was in the full bloom of Aryan womanhood and vastly sure of herself since her parents had filled her impressionable young mind with meanspirited propaganda and hatred for all other races.

She wore her long blond hair in pony tails that trailed down over the swell of a well endowed chest. The lightly tanned legs that disappeared just above the knee into her gray school uniform, were finely toned and muscular. Alexa had led a very sheltered life being an only child. She had shown a propensity for sadism at an early age which her mother encouraged. She liked to play “Dungeon” with her playfriends. Her mother watched how Alexa enjoyed tying up her friends and pinching them or slapping them with belts. Her friends quickly deserted her for quieter and safer pursuits like “Tea Party” and jumprope. So her mother had begun to supply her daughter with peasant girls from the village to “play” with.

Isana was Alexa’s mother and still quite beautiful even though she was well into her 40’s. She was the one who had paid Dr. Bishop for the two Spanish girls. Alexa was a hopelessly spoiled young lady and her mother always indulged her every desire. Especially since they coincided so closely to her own.

“Go with Herr Doctor my love and choose a room. We will let you play with these little whores as long as you wish before we take them home.”

“Thank you mommy! Thank you, Thank you!!” Alexa cried gleefully, “come Doctor and show me all available rooms. I love to hang them by their wrists and watch them wiggle while Mother pokes them with the prod.”

Alexa left with the good Doctor in tow.

Isana turned to the two sisters and slapped Christina hard across the face. “Now listen to me you fucking Spanish huren,” Isana said sternly to the two sisters,”you belong to my daughter now and you’d better please her if you know what’s best. You are going to learn how to lick her fotze and make her cum. You will eat her shit and say Danke. And if Alexa grows tired of you two schlampen. I will take you myself. That will be when your torture will truly begin!”

The first room Alexa saw contained Heinrich and a new girl named Dawn. She was an American exchange student and had just been captured. Although bound hand-and-foot she was still wearing her street clothes.

“She’s very pretty,” Alexa commented to the Doctor, “and Heinrich has quite a large cock. Will he hurt her and make her scream? I just love it when they scream”

Heinrich smiled and slapped Dawn across the face then punched her hard in the stomach.

“Gwhuuuaaaa” Dawn lost her breath all at once as tears streamed down her check.

Alexa clapped,”very nice Heinrich,” she cheered. I would very much like to see you fuck her. Will he Doctor? Will Heinrich rape her?”

Heinrich began to tear Dawn’s clothes away exposing her quivering flesh. Soon she was totally nude and Heinrich had turned her over to fuck the girl from behind like an animal.

“Let me help Heinrich,” Alexa whined,”Mother showed me just what to do!”

Alexa might have been a bit of a simpleton and an extremely sadistic lesbian, but she liked to feel a man’s cock in her mouth once in a while. She fell to her knees in front of Heinrich and took his erect member into her mouth. Soon his raging cock was glistening with her saliva.

Next Alexa spit into her own hand and spread the gooey saliva around and into Dawn’s cunt.

“Ooooh,” cooed Alexa, “you’ll like her Heinrich, her cunnie is very tight!”

Heinrich leaned down and seized the bound brunette by the hair and roughly impaled her onto his spit-shined cock.

“No, no, please NOOOOAAIIIIIEEEE!!!” Dawn screamed as she felt the large cock part her labia and invade her most private of places.

As Dawn was drawn back, her breasts came up off the bed. Alexa had been waiting for this. She grabbed both firm mounds of female flesh and squeezed them with all her strength. Dawn renewed her struggles and screams with all her might and nearly broke free but Heinrich had anticipated this and held her firmly in place as he pummeled into her tight young body from behind.

“This one’s a lot of fun Doctor,” Alexa said matter of factly, still squeezing and mauling Dawn’s tits, “When you’re done with her Heinrich, please join the Doctor, my Mother, and me. I have two new toys to train and would love to watch these two conceited young virgins cry and fight as they get fucked for the first time!”

With a quick slap to Dawn’s tear streaked face, Alexa rose and said, “come Doctor, I need to see the other rooms please.”

Half an hour later Alexa had chosen a room. She led the Christina and Jezebel through the door making them crawl like dogs.

“Move faster you worthless bitches,” Alexa scowled tugging furiously at their leashes. The girls both felt the whip fall against their flanks as Isana drove them on to greater speed.

“Its time for fun and games,” Alexa announced, “we will see which of you fine young ladies deserves the honor of licking my clit and which one of you will be whipped, electrocuted, and finally raped by my little puppy. He loves young girl pussy.”

The Doctor translated and the sisters looked at each other with wide unbelieving eyes.

The two girls were lined up facing each other. Heinrich and Lucius bound their hands and elbows tightly behind their backs with rough hemp rope then began to wrap more around their full plump breasts. The ropes were wound tightly around the base of each tit making them balloon out. They first turned pink then became a light purple color which soon grew darker.

The girls struggled and threatened in Spanish but this all went on unheeded. They were just property now and, like cattle or any other beast of burden, a little noise was to be expected.

Next, another ten foot length of hemp rope was strung between the girls which bound their tits one to the other. A large iron hook was lowered from the ceiling and the length of rope was placed in its crook.

Finally the girls ankles and shapely legs were spread widely apart and bound to the floor with chains.

Both girls knew what was about to happen and changed their threatening tones to pleas for mercy.

In perfect Spanish the Doctor explained the nature of the competition. Both girls would be hung by their ripe tits. The first one who cried out or even spoke would be the loser. This girl would then get to watch her sister undergo the tortures that Alexa had already explained.

Alexis’ mother, wearing a carbon copy of her daughter’s sadistic leer, slowly began to turn the handle on the mechanical wench. The hook which held the rope began its slow ascent. The two sisters stared at each other with wide eyes as the rope that connected their breasts first grew taut, began to pull, then to actually lift them both from the floor. The pain was obviously excruciating by the looks on their silent faces as their tits were pulled toward the high ceiling. But now the chains around their widely spread ankles reached the end of its length. The girls were suspended in space, ten feet apart, facing each other. They were being stretched as their breasts were slowly pulled even tighter and higher while their ankles remained chained in place about two feet off the floor.


Isana, Alexis’ mother, turned the wench very slowly now savoring the pain she was dispensing. The two suspended sisters barely dared breath as the horrendous pull on their tits increased. Alexis walked around and between the two hanging sisters first caressing one then the other. Suddenly Christina let her bladder go. A steady stream of urine splattered onto the floor.

Once again, like cattle, a little piss was to be expected.

Alexis laughed at this involuntary display of instinctive desperation. Heinrich, always ready for any such occurrence, produced a mop and bucket and began cleansing the old concrete floor.

At last when it seemed that their dark swollen purple tits would be torn away from their young bodies, Christina, the youngest sister nearest the door, the one who had urinated on the floor, let out a piercing wail and began to plead and beg in Spanish.

A winner and a loser had been decided. Both girls were lowered to the floor.

Christina, who given in first was tied to the wall and made to watch as her older sister was secured to the whipping frame with her hands over her head. She was given 30 lashes with the bull-whip. Each time the whip landed, it tore open a gash and the blood began to flow.

Alexis reached up under her school girl’s skirt and pulled her panties down. She stepped nimbly out of them and wadded them up into a tight ball. She shoved them into Jezebel’s screaming mouth and taped them into place.

As she hung there shrieking around the damp panties Alexis had given her, Jezebel became dimly aware that her sister was licking the German bitches cunt. Alexis had grabbed Christina’s head and pushed it under her skirt.

Alexis watched the whipping while the youngest sister licked and sucked her blonde thatched pussy for all she was worth.

Although she was very aroused she thought she should be able to hold out for the next phase of the torture before cumming all over the face of the broken sister. Alexis was impressed. The kneeling Christina had a tongue that was proving quite adept at licking german pussy.

“Oooooh Mommy” Alexis said, “Ummmmpf. This one is really trying hard to make me cum. Maybe you should go ahead with phase two.”

“Of course dear” Isana responded to her daughter. “Maybe you will lend me your little cunt-licking friend in a few moments?”

“Oh yes Mother” Alexis responded, “It would be my pleasure.”

Isana rummaged around in her bag for a moment and produced a large double-headed dildo. The handle and the shafts were purple rubber but along the thick shafts were rows of shiny metal studs arranged in a spiral. Isana plugged the dildo into the wall and approached the hanging girl just after the last stroke of the whip was counted out.

She stood in front of the sweat-soaked body of the weeping Jezebel so that she could see it all. Torture was always so much more effective if the victim had a chance to get a good look at the instruments of pain. The gagged girl began shaking her head frantically with wide eyes. But no plea could save her from Isana’s cruel attentions now.

The handle of the double dildo had a large array of buttons and dials. Isana flicked one switch and the shafts burst into wild vibrations. She pressed it against Jezebel’s left nipple making the girl jump. Next Isana hit a red button but nothing appeared to happen. Isana lay one shaft flat against Jezebel’s right nipple.

“MMMPHH!” The girl jumped and discovered that the dildo had been electrified. Being careful to turn off all the switches, Isana began to pour clear lube over the lengths of both shafts. For a moment she massaged the steel-studded rubber shafts the way a woman would stroke a man’s cock.

Isana motioned to Heinrich, “Tie her legs please”.

Jezebel’s ankles were spread wide apart and her knees were secured to the edges of the whipping frame. Her cunt and asshole were now fully exposed and completely vulnerable.

Alexis watched her cruel mother slowly but forcefully push the double heads of the dildo into the two holes of the struggling Jezebel. Isana and Alexis both loved it more when their victim’s tried to resist the tortures they inflicted. It made things so much more interesting.

Ripping through Jezebel’s hymen, taking away her virginity, Isana pushed on until the double heads of the dildo were fully inserted into the weeping girl’s body.

Alexis felt herself coming closer to orgasm now as Christina’s wet warm tongue pushed into her vaginal tunnel then back to her clit.

“Hurry Mother! Ummmmphh. Do it, I’m about to cum!”

Isana pressed the button that made the dildos vibrate. Slowly she turned the dial that made the vibrations increase in speed and density.

Although in great pain from the massive dildo’s intrusion into her slender tortured body, Jezebel felt the awakening of her own arousal. It was humiliating that another woman could bring her to feel this way. The dildo was at full speed now. Isana glanced over at her daughter and saw that Alexis was on the edge. She waited until Alexis’ eyes began to roll back in her head and then hit the red button.

“MMMMMMMMPPPHHHHHHH!!!!” Raw bolts of lightening suddenly coursed through Jezebel’s pain wracked body as Alexis began to flood Christina’s face with the creamy white slime of her orgasm. Alexis gyrated her hips heavily into Christina’s upturned mouth and nose as the orgasm crashed into her lions, marveling at the younger sister’s ability to suck cunt.

Jezebel’s body dripped with sweat from her exertion.

Every muscle in her body thrummed and contracted in stark relief. She really was a magnificent specimen and suffered so beautifully.

Jezebel shook and twisted so violently that the rack to which she was secured began to groan as nails started to come loose.

Isana shut down the power and Jezebel’s body went completely limp. The girl was still alive but had passed out. Isana would not allow her to die. These two sisters would provide years of enjoyment and unbridled pleasure.

Only one task remained for the unconscious girl to perform. Her limp body was unchained from the damaged rack and tied down on her back over a low oaken bench.

The bench was not the type usually associated with sitting in the park or at a pic-nick table. This bench was built for a specific purpose. The unconscious Jezebel lay secured there on her stomach with her ass in the air and once again; her legs were spread. Her arms and elbows were locked into two steel clasps as were her ankles and thighs. She might thrash around but she would go nowhere.

The Doctor broke open a small vial of smelling salts and waived it around under Jezebel’s nose. She awoke violently and, realizing that she wasn’t dreaming, began to weep and moan around the panty gag still taped in her mouth.

Isana bent over and began to pull the huge dildo out of Jezebel’s orifices. She pumped it in and out a few times just to watch Jezebel struggle then she pulled it free.

“Give it to me Mother,” Alexis chirped, “We’ll take Christina off ‘cunt-lick duty’ long enough to clean her sister’s shit and cherry blood off your precious little toy.” Then turning to Christina, Alexis held the double heads of the dildo to the broken sister’s mouth. Christina said nothing, nor did she need an interpreter, she simply opened her mouth and began to lick first one phallus then the other until the device was sparkling clean.

After handing the dildo back to her mother, Alexis bent over Jezebel and gently stroked the dark sweat-soaked hair out of her eyes.

“After having such a wonderful orgasm at your expense dear Jezebel, I think it’s only fair that I return the favor. I have just the ideal lover for you.”

Alexis whistled and a large Bull Mastiff trotted over to Alexis and nuzzled her gently.

“This is Rommel,” said Alexis,”He’s been specially trained. He will fetch, or roll over, he heels well, he’s a great guard dog too…oh, and did I mention that he fucks on command?”

The Doctor translated once again. Everyone watched Jezebel’s face as the meaning sunk in.

“Okay Rommel,” said Alexis “are you ready?”

Rommel barked once and began to sniff the upturned ass of the girl on the bench. Alexis began to tickle Rommel’s balls and stroke his cock sheath. Very shortly the animal was in full rut awaiting a command from his Mistress that would allow him to take his bitch.

Alexis smiled and said, “Rommel, Fuck Pussy!!”

The order had been given and Rommel the bull-mastiff wasted no time. His front paws came up and dug into Jezebel’s whip-marked back for purchase as he began humping the mortified woman’s cunt. Rommel had done this before and was indeed well trained.

Jezebel’s pussy was still tight but the animal encountered no challenges pushing himself into her body. Jezebel tried to struggle. She was of much stronger will that her already broken sister, who sat complacently licking Isana’s exposed pussy. Growling, the dog slammed into Jezebel’s cunt over and over again.

“Fuck your bitch Rommel,” screamed Alexis, “make her cum boy!”

Alexis reached underneath and found Jezebel’s clit. She began to masturbate her slave whore while the dog slammed in and out.

In spite of her disgust and humiliation; in spite of the abuse and pain, Jezebel’s body began to betray her and she felt her loins heat up as Alexis and Rommel abused her sex. Soon the dog’s thrusting became more urgent and Jezebel knew that he would cum soon…and so would she. Alexis was just too good at what she was doing. Jezebel began to grunt as the dog raped her abused body. She felt her cheeks redden and then it happened. Rommel slammed inside her tunnel one last time as he began to empty his balls into her and as he did Jezebel came all over Alexis hand. The gut churning orgasm, no matter how horrible the cause, was powerful and totally engulfed Jezebel’s pain numbed mind.

No sooner had her orgasm began to subside when Jezebel felt rough hands free her from the fuck-bench and bind her again.

“Heinrich,” remarked Alexis, “I think our new friend Jezebel still needs a little more attention. Do as you wish with her. Just try not to kill her.”

Jezebel’s body was fully bound now and hanging upside down from the ceiling. Doctor Bishop explained to her in Spanish how she was to be used and abused at the whim of her owner Alexis. He went on to say that the sooner she came to accept this, the better things would be.

Heinrich approached with the rod and began the beating. Fully all his power went into each stroke as the girl screamed around the ball gag the Doctor had given her. Her body swayed and spun wildly partly from Heinrich’s swinging rod and partly from Jezebel flailing about trying to avoid the pain.

Shortly Jezebel was taken down and laid beside her broken willing sister. The doctor stood over her inert but conscious form. After a word in Spanish to Christina, he turned back to Jezebel and unzipped his trousers. Christina gently pulled out his partially erect cock and masturbated him to full erection until he shot his seed across Jezebel’s face. Then it was Heinrich’s turn, then Lucius, then a line of other employees began to stretch out of the room and into the hall. Life was good here at the asylum thought Doctor Bishop as he buckled up his pants and got back in line…

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