Alumni [HINES]


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Every Alumni organization has it’s own way of celebrating it’s members and of thinking of ways to better involve them in activities to raise funds for the school. The Hopkkel Alumni’s annual gatherings were always well-attended because they knew how utterly pleasurable the activities would be. Even the exterior decorations served notice that a good time would be had by all.

The Alumni always made it a point to provide especially attractive ladies culled from all over the countryside. These girls sometimes were not all anxious to participate in the various activities thought up by their hosts, but that didn’t matter as much as the pleasure and fun that they would give from the use of their bodies.

The Alumni who made the most contributions to the school usually were treated to free rooms and room service at the schools. Each suite came supplies with the best of appointments and also with a comely lass who could be – and would be – used in any way that the esteemed guest chose to use her….

The Alumni’s elected President, Mr. Marsh and his wife Henrietta exercised one of the perks of office, getting to pick first from the available slavegirls who had been provided for the occasion. Mr. Marsh might been somewhat overweight and out of shape from his corporate duties, but that didn’t effect that long and fat dick of his. Mr. Marsh was used to being in power and he also fucked that way.

All throughout the school campus there were lust-filled unions of Alumni and slaves. Even the very prim and proper Mrs. Ellison, the regal matriarch of one of the richest and most connected family in the echelon of high society, availed herself of the many pleasures that her appointed slaveslut would give to her.

There would be many contests and games of fun to further enliven the mood and give the Alumni something special to remember until the next year’s gathering. This year, the ladies had thought up their own unique competition, Saw the Neck, in which entrant would be timed as to how fast she could completely saw off the head of a live slave. There was lots of cheering and side-bets among the audience – and lots of delicious screaming from the unfortunate slavegirl, of course…..

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