Alice [ED]


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by Ed. All rights reserved.

Year 1530. Denmark

Hugh Turner was a greedy fool. He had let several men use his dockside warehouse for a night for sixty gold Marks. Money for nothing, he thought.

Only the men were assassins, waiting to kill Duke Karel Andressen when his barge made dock. The plot failed and most of the killers themselves were now dead. Two had been taken captive and, after an hour of having their genitals boiled, gave up Turner’s involvement quickly. Hugh himself came home just late enough to see the Duke’s soldiers storming his house and vanished in panic. The only other person still at home was his 19-year old daughter, Alice. Wailing her ignorance and innocence, the beautiful young girl was taken to the ducal Keep. A day later, frantic with fear, Alice Turner was brought to a luxurious waiting room to face the Duke still dressed in her red dirndl dress. Standing at her side was a strong, dark-haired woman with a cruel look on her face, the ducal wardress, Ulrike. Another woman, Lady Constance Karlson, a pretty blond noblewoman, sat with him on a long low couch.

“I have reviewed your situation, Alice Turner, and believe that you may, may I say, be innocent of the illegal plot against my life.” His eyes drank in the pert, red-haired beauty of the girl standing before him. “So rather than simply sending you to the death that awaits all traitors, I have decided to be generous. You will face an ordeal of my choosing. If you pass it, you will have proved your innocence to me and be free to go. Fail and I will assume that you are guilty”.

“Here is your choice, Miss Turner: You shall be stripped naked to the waist. You yourself will expose your body this way if you know what’s good for you. Once displayed, you must endure twenty strokes from the whip over the bared front of your body. You will not be tied in any way, but must raise your hands above your head and arch your back to present your front for every stroke. Following each, I will turn over this glass,” he indicated a small hourglass sitting on the low table beside him, “giving you one minute to make ready for the next stroke. If you fail to have your hands and arms above your head and out of the way once the minute is done, or touch yourself following any lash to soothe your flesh, you will earn an additional stroke to be administered after the first twenty are done. Fail to meet the requirements I have described through all the strokes and you will be consigned to the dungeons and there given into the hands of my executioners for death. I need not tell you the death given to traitors is not an easy or a quick one.

“No… do not answer yet. First you must take a stroll through the lower rooms-just to, ah, fully appreciate the potential consequences of your decision. Ulrike, take our guest down for a short tour of the lower chambers. Make sure she sees the executioners at work, not just the casual punishments.”

The pretty teenager felt the dark-haired woman take her elbow and she followed numbly behind her. Then out of the fine room and then down, down, down the stairs to a heavy iron door. Ulrike pounded on it. It was opened from inside and Alice was pushed roughly inside.

She found herself in a dank antechamber. Two corridors led off from it in opposite directions. Immediately upon entering, she heard the screams and piteous moans of souls in unutterable torment floating through the corridors. Ulrike came up before her and grabbed her short chestnut mane, bending her head back.

“I would have you sent here now, bitch, and given nude to the royal executioners for their bloody work, but Lord Andressen wishes to give you a chance. Very well, let this excursion show you what awaits below if you fail your test. But you must learn to fully appreciate what being naked down here really means-and for that, you must be exposed yourself. Remove your blouse! The dress can stay for the moment, but I want that shirt off. Now, bitch, the Duke is waiting for you!”

Alice saw no escape. She dropped the red shoulder straps and her small fingers went slowly, but steadily to work on the buttons of the white blouse beneath, starting at her neck. One after another, they opened until the final button parted and Ulrike could see the line of living white between the fabric. Alice looked up, pleading silently before continuing, but there was no pity in Ulrike’s dark eyes. She slipped the thin cotton off her arms and dropped it to her feet, momentarily stripped to the waist. Then the shoulder straps came up again. Alice was embarrassed at the way the front of the dirndl pushed up against the bottoms of her now bared titties, lifting the firm globes prominently on her chest. Ulrike next bound Alice’s arms overlaid and crossed behind her back, hands on elbows, pulling the arms back and forcing the magnificent feminine gourds to stick out even further. The sergeant smiled at the sight. Her Duke relished seeing arrogant young female breasts suffering under the lash and this little bint sported a pair of beauties worthy of a much older and taller woman. And she, Ulrike, would have the enviable task of flogging them. First, though, she would see to it that the prisoner came to fully appreciate the horrors of failure. Ulrike gave her a push down the right-hand corridor.

The tour was a trip through a hell the girl could scarcely believe as she was shown the dread activities. Room after room, tableau after lurid tableau, she was made to view the hideous punishments inflicted in the lower dungeons. There were a few men, but mainly women here, all tightly bound to various demonic engines of torment. All, she saw, had first been stripped naked as worms to make even the most private parts of their bodies available to the ghastly instruments of torture. No abuse was too intimate or too extreme in their pursuit of bringing endless and intolerable agony to the helpless victims. Blood flowed from crushed and shredded flesh. Countless hard red welts striped bare vulnerable skin. Some were stretched on the rack until their joints were torn from their sockets. Others hung painfully from bound body parts. The incredible barbarous variety was mind-numbing. One twenty-five year-old with straw-blond hair she saw had been strapped tightly to a demonic chair of iron. Short sharp spikes studded every inch of its upper surfaces and holes had been drilled through the metal seat. A small tray holding a shallow layer of glowing embers had been chained at the level of her belly to allow the hot roiling air to lave at her chest and roast the lower bulges of her trembling bare breasts. While she watched, one of the executioners stuck a torch into the bed of wood shavings piled under the iron seat. The flames bloomed quickly and Alice saw with horror the frenzied reactions the blond began as the fire flared up against the seat. Her little hands clawed frantically at the unyielding armrests, bloodying her nails as yellow tongues of heat darted up through the holes to lick at her bleeding naked genitals and ass. The miserable wench’s screams ripped out through the smallish room, raw and broken. “Roasting the little thief’s bottom and sex this way won’t kill her, of course,” Ulrike said. “She’ll stay aware for several hours yet before the executioners take her off and flay her-that means slowly peeling her skin away with blades and hooks. Eventually, she will die from blood loss-if the pain doesn’t kill her first.” The next room held another nude girl with long raven hair bound on her back to a short whipping bench. Leather straps held her arms, neck, and waist firmly against the dark wood. Her ankles were also tied, up toward the ceiling, but loosely, able to kick and dance, but never close enough to hide her tender sex. Two men were working on her, one at her side and one at the base of the bench. Both were armed with short, thick tapered strips of cured hide. Both were also naked but for their boots and the black hoods of their profession. One worked on the blonde’s bare torso, whipping the soft flesh into bloody tatters while the other flogged her jiggling ass cheeks. Every so often, the agony would be too great to endure and the girl would stab her legs widely out and apart, rigid with tension. At such times, the man at the foot of the bench would sweep his arm down in a brutal vertical stroke that dashed the pointed tip of his whip straight into her gaping slit. The labial lips were already swollen and raw from countless lashes there and oozed scarlet. The topless young redhead was shocked to see that both men were sporting raging erections while they whipped the hapless girl. Never had Alice imagined that such ghastly human suffering could engender sexual arousal, but almost everywhere she was made to look, the executioners were naked as their prisoners and active rape was commonplace. The raping was bad enough, but little Alice Turner was truly appalled to see the special fiendish attentions the mainly male executioners applied to the bared sex organs of their female prisoners. The captives’ legs were always spread wide to reveal the private parts between, exposing them to be beaten raw and bloody, or seared with flame and red-hot iron. Alice could only imagine that hellish pain. She was thankful that her own genitals were hidden, but still intensely aware of the way her lovely breasts sat naked and exposed on her chest. The Duke had ordered twenty strokes over the bared front of her body as her “test”. Alice was no fool and knew that her tits had been bared to make them available for the torment such an order doubtless meant, but the horrors she had seen inflicted on the bared chest melons of the female captives down here chilled her blood. The poor girls’ titties were torn, burned, and crushed by hellish devices. One she saw had been hauled up off her feet by thin cords tied tightly around the bases of her plump tits-the chest melons had ballooned into a pair of taut round globes flushed an ugly red-plum color. With her proud twin beauties thrust out high above her dress and her arms bound behind her back, she was terrified at her utter helplessness to protect them from the horrors in these rooms. But the Duke had said that her hands would be free during the ordeal. There was that, at least. Surely nothing could be worse than being tightly bound and naked-defenseless-while these fiends attacked her poor nude body with their biting whips and red-hot tools.

* * * * *

When Ulrike returned with pretty Alice in tow, Duke Karel noted two major changes in her: Most obvious and welcome, of course, were the two stunning naked turrets sticking out from the top of her dirndl dress, glorious milk-white turrets. The globes were every bit as lush and appealing as their bulges under the blouse had promised and he felt a delicious twitch in his loins at the sight. Beside the tits, there was also a look of haunted terror now in place of the earlier defiance in her eyes. He was not surprised. After the horrors she had just witnessed, the wench now understand why she should fear being naked in their hands. Especially when the naked parts were her proud young female breasts. Good, time to move on.

“Well, now, Alice. You’ve had a little look around and you have seen what will happen to you if you refuse or fail the challenge I have proposed,” he said genially. “So what is it to be, girl? Present yourself for twenty strokes of the lash, here and now, bare to the waist… or death in the chambers below, naked as the day you were born?”

Neither option was the least bit appealing, but submitting to the ordeal was far less terrifying than returning to the execution chambers to face the royal torturers, nude and helplessly bound. The young redhead remembered the screaming bloody captives she had just seen below and quailed. “I… I’ll do it. I’ll do it!” Alice shrieked in panic. “I’ll take your challenge, I’ll do it, only don’t send me back down to that-that place. I’ll do it!”

“All right then,” Karel said, “let’s get started. I am eager to test your courage. Drop your dress down to your hips, girl, you must be bare to the waist for the test. Ulrike, secure her ankles, would you? I don’t want the wench to turn her back-certainly not with such an intriguing front to play with.” The female wardress went down to her knees and quickly tied the redhead’s feet a yard apart to rings set in the floor for this very purpose. This would keep her facing the Duke throughout the ordeal, although her arms would be free. Numbly, Alice’s hands reached behind her for the back laces, tugging them open. If baring her upper torso would keep her genitals out of their hands, she would do it and gladly-anything to keep her tender sex hidden. In a moment, the laces were open and the dress top hung loose on her body. Desperate for some final reprieve, she looked up at the two nobles piteously. The Duke and his lady both leaned forward, eyes bright, and he gestured sharply with his hand. Get on with it, wench, the hand said, strip your top away. There would be no escape, no reprieve, she realized. Resigned, she looked down again and slipped the straps off her shoulders and let the patterned red fabric float down. Feeling a sudden chill as her torso was exposed, Alice hugged herself. Again the hand gestured, upward, insistent, and she obeyed, raising her hands up above and behind her head. Ulrike grabbed the waistband of the girl’s scarlet dress and tugged it a bit further down until it caught over her hips, baring her abdomen a hand’s-span below the cute dimpled navel. Now the lovely young redhead stood vulnerable and helpless before them, arms raised and gloriously nude to the waist.

Karel exhaled loudly at the sight. The teenager’s exposed torso was awesome in its lush feminine perfection. Her hips were slim beneath the skirt, but still tapered in sharply above it to a tiny wasp waist. Alice Turner was breathing deeply in fear and shame, an action that set her ribs into periodic high relief as she sucked in air. The action also made the globes above shimmy in a most eye-catching way and the Duke took full advantage. The bare breasts perched high and proud on the deep ribcage, fine twin bulges of soft white skin the shape of ripe pears. Each was crowned with a broad rose-pink disk. These, in turn, peaked in their centers to delicate, rising buttons. He was delighted to see a light dusting of freckles across her chest just above them; a cute addition he found uniquely arousing.

Alice’s hands instinctively dropped down to try to hide her tender tits from sight, but Duke Karel would have none of her attempts to maintain her modesty. “Raise your hands again, my dear. Above your head. Oh yes, and arch your back this time. We’ll get around to your pretty titties soon enough, but I want them to stick out right from the start. Yes, that’s it. Ah, they are exquisite.”

With horrified trepidation, Alice obeyed, lifting her hands up again toward the ceiling. Soon both twitching little hands were up high, far away from where they wanted to be: protecting her delicate chest globes. Then she gradually arched her back until the two large white beauties thrust out toward the seated nobles invitingly.

“Time to begin. I grow impatient. Ulrike, take your position.”

Ulrike moved to Alice’s right side. The pretty redhead was terrified to see that she was holding a cruel-looking strap, two feet of supple flat leather attached to a yard-long handle. The demonic instrument required both hands and delivered a furious stinging slash with every blow, but wouldn’t rip the skin. It was the perfect tool for introducing a pair of soft female breasts to the pain of the whip. There were holes drilled through the leather, a refinement that not only added to its speed through the air, and so the sting it imparted, but could also produce hideously painful little blisters on the skin should the flogger desire.

Alice’s arms had drooped a bit at Ulrike’s preparations, but Duke Andressen merely gestured again. The cute little redhead squared her shoulders, staring at the two nobles proudly, and lifted her hands high above her head. Karel stared at her meaningfully until she remembered and slowly arched her back again, fearfully conscious of the way this position forced her large bare breasts up and forward toward the lash. Ulrike saw the Duke raise his finger and looked back at the standing beauty. Then: hsssssSSWACKKT! The pliant leather strap curled around her waist and the tip bit viciously into her tender side just above the hip.

Determined to maintain her dignity, Alice stopped the scream of pain behind her clenched teeth, but only just! The sting was like a hot band of fire and she couldn’t stop her hands from flying down to try to soothe the hurt. Only at the last moment did she remember his rule and stop before she touched herself. The lovely young redhead trembled as she fought to endure the hot throbbing hurt. As she watched, Duke Karel turned the glass over and the sand started falling.

All too soon, the last grain fell through the glass’s waist and it was time for Alice’s second stroke. Her little fists had dropped down to the level of her shoulders, but now they went back up toward the ceiling. Again her back slowly bent backward, forcing her large naked breasts out toward her tormentors. Ulrike took aim and swept the strap over the redhead’s taut ribcage just above the deep concave. Uhnnh, oh that stung! Again she was able to keep her hands from grabbing her ribs and soothing the bitterly painful tingle there. She looked up and saw that the glass was already turned and running. Oh, gods, no no no.

SWOCKKT! This lash was a rising horizontal cut that burst across her tender naked breasts for the very first time, punishing both bulging white undercurves. “Aaaaaahhhhhh,” Alice hissed, her little hands flying down to cup the throbbing globes before she could stop them. Oh, the pain, the pain! She knew that these fiends were going to whip her tits eventually, but that knowledge did little to prepare her for the shocking agony of the first slap there. Her beauties had been growing in erotic sensitivity as they grew in size. Only recently had she come to enjoy the touch of a boy’s hands and lips fondling them and now this man was having them whipped!

She saw him turn the minute glass over again-and then saw something else even more disconcerting. After Ulrike’s last stroke, the Lady Constance had untied the cord holding his gown together and was now drawing the sides apart, one after the other. In a moment, and while Alice watched, still rubbing her tits, the blond flipped the last flap over and the Duke was exposed below the waist. Alice was shocked to see that the man was naked under the robe, but there was no mistaking the large rod of flesh now exposed. Already stimulated by the sadistic thrill of watching her beating, the added delight of feeling his penis bared to the lurid tableau had it twitching up harder from his loins. The Duke saw Alice’s shocked gaze and smiled.

“Brazen little bitch, aren’t you, Miss Turner? Yes, I am enjoying your performance immensely, my dear, as you can see. I hope you are enjoying your look, because it will cost you. See, the glass is empty already and your hands are still down. That’s your second extra stroke.”

He laughed at the sudden look of horror in her eyes as realization hit, then her hands flew from her chest and up high, her back arching quickly. The redhead’s tits reached their point of greatest protrusion and Ulrike struck instantly with the whip, a bitter smack to both upper curves just above the rosy aureoles. Caught completely by surprise, a sharp squeal of pain escaped her control. Her hands dropped, but she caught them just above the heaving mounds, frantic to soothe them, but afraid to add more strokes to her ordeal. She hadn’t expected them to go after her tits so soon. Only now that she had seen the Duke’s sex respond to her torment there, she knew that the poor tender globes would be destined for more than their fair share of the pain. She had only received five lashes so far, sixteen-no, seventeen!-more before this hideous challenge was over. She was still sure that she could survive the ordeal. The price of losing control completely, of being unable to raise her hands that one final time was too ghastly to consider.

Karel flipped the glass and leaned back. Constance had reached out one slim hand just as Ulrike struck again, her fingers curling around his naked penis to stroke lightly up and down the shaft. His eyes slitted with pleasure at the erotic caress. He was watching Alice Turner’s desperate contortions with lusty interest. This one was strong and proud, but he was patient. Between whip and will the whip had never lost. And he preferred his sport to last a long time. Connie’s deft fingers were creating delicious sensations in his sex; sensations he knew from past experience would only grow more intense and more delicious as the evening progressed until it culminated with a rousing fuck.

Alice looked between the falling sand and the noblewoman’s lurid masturbation, terrified and ignorant of its true meaning. That her pain was bringing him such obvious pleasure was abhorrent to her, but at least he wasn’t raping her. Let the blond bitch play with him if it would spare her that indignity. But for now, there were other concerns …

SWAPPT! “Uhnnnnnn.” Ulrike left the tits this time, blasting a red line just beneath, across the taut ribcage again. The savage drilled tip stung high up on her tender side, leaving a row of darker red spots under her armpit that would soon rise up into taut blisters.

SWACKK! “Haaaaaaaah.” This vicious snap swept around the narrowest point of her waist, again stinging the soft curved side.

SWACKKT ! “Oh. Oh. Oh!” Ulrike went back to the thrusting bare breasts with the eighth, a diagonal cut that curled across the right’s underside and sent the flat end directly over the left’s middle, flattening the sensitive budding teat into the aureole. This time, pretty little Alice couldn’t stop her hands, both diving to protect and quiet the shrieking nerves in her poor pap. Even as she tried to gentle it, she could feel the naked nipple swell with blood, growing hot, harder, and bigger.

On the divan, Connie continued her lissome genital play, teasing Karel’s scrotum with her nails and sliding her fingers softly up and down the now oak-hard rod. He kept one hand near the crude timer while he sipped at a goblet of wine with the other. A warm sexual pleasure flowed through his loins. He had come to relish these darkly lurid sessions of sadistic play and relaxed under the noblewoman’s delicious masturbation. Lady Constance had been his companion during a few of these affairs and knew to keep him in throbbing erection without bringing him to ejaculation before he was ready. The one time she had failed, he had his executioners strip her naked, tie her to a chair, and torment her pert round tits with needles and lash. There had been no fire and little blood, but the agony had been hideous and she had learned her lesson. In truth, she had come to enjoy these little interludes almost as much as the man obviously did, feeling her own sex grow hot and moist during the hideous torments.

The ninth punished Alice’s flat belly just below the cute navel, but the tenth returned to the girl’s jutting naked breasts again, hurting the delicate lower curves viciously. Her hands flew unconsciously down again, soothing the fierce stinging before she could stop and think. “Hold, Ulrike!”

The Duke rose and approached the shaking young girl, his hard heavy sex protruding from his robe and wobbling obscenely. He imperiously waved her arms up again. He peered closely at the embarrassed wench’s whip-streaked nude torso once it was fully exposed. The soft white skin of her bare breasts showed the broad darkening weals to fine advantage and her upper body carried a glistening sheen of sweat although the room was cool. Enduring such cruel torment was hard work. He cupped the left globe lightly, rewarded by Alice’s sharp gasp of pain. He fondled the silky gourd as a lover would. The flesh was hot and the welts stood out hard against his fingertips, stimulating him yet more. He looked into her beautiful blue-green eyes, relishing the hurt and shame he saw there.

“I knew these lovely mounds would be supremely sensitive when I first saw them, you know. Having them whipped must hurt terribly. Still, it would seem that you have stood up rather well under your ordeal. So far. Only four extra strokes earned; that’s very good, you know. I admire your strength. I can’t think of when I’ve enjoyed one of these challenges as much, as you can see. You take the lash beautifully, little Alice, and I am eager to see more.

“Well, time to continue our little game.” The Duke went back and sat down. He spread the wings of his cloak, again exposing the heavy root of his sex. The Lady Constance refreshed his wine goblet. “Oh, by the way, the second ten lashes will be administered by the dog-whip. I wouldn’t want you to grow complacent.”

W-what?! The dog-whip! Alice heard a wicked pop to her side and looked over to see Ulrike testing the new whip by her side. It was a beastly weapon, three feet of finely braided leather that tapered to a thin split tip. The tall brunette swept the new scourge into a whistling overhead circle that terminated in another explosive pop. Ulrike smiled over at her and her eyes flicked down to the blushing chest mounds. Alice caught the glance. The braided whip looked vicious and she could only imagine what kind of hideous pain it was capable of inflicting. Her poor tits already burned with heat from the brutal strapping they had just endured and she instinctively knew that this new lash would administer a pain even more harsh. She didn’t have long to wait. Karel gestured with his hand again. Arms up and chest out, it said. She vaguely noticed that Constance had taken advantage of the Duke’s inspection trip to drop the top of her dress as well, exposing her slim feminine torso for his caresses. Then Alice Turner remembered the ghastly dungeons below filled with the shrieking nudes and raised her elbows, grabbed her hands together behind her neck, and bent her back, presenting her naked upper body again to the ordeal. HisssSSSWICKKT! The thin braided whip cut through the air and curled around Alice’s torso, a hand’s-span beneath the jutting tits, abrading the thin skin over her taut ribs. The girl’s hands dropped immediately, but she was able to keep them from reaching the stinging line. Oh gods, this whip was even worse! The strap stung, but nothing like the thin red line of fire that this thing limned on her flesh. These next ten would be bad, really bad, especially when they went inevitably back to her high round breasts. And they would, soon, of that she was sure. The Duke’s insistent phallus told her plainly that this entire onerous ordeal was being conducted solely for his enjoyment, and that meant that her poor tits were going to feel the lash again and often. But what could she do? Alice’s proud chest globes already throbbed with hot pain, but she couldn’t let them bare and torture her sex. Despite her current pain, she couldn’t forget the screaming naked girls she had seen below. She saw the sand running out already and raised her hands up again. Karel watched the delicious way her tits lifted on the teenager’s ribcage, from plump and round to taut and thrusting. One more carved her belly and then, WHACKKT! Ulrike slashed up hard with the thin whip, lifting Alice’s right globe high on her chest and biting deep into the soft lower bulge. The naked tittie shook wildly as the redhead clutched her hands tightly together in front of her face, desperate to soothe her aching globe, but terrified of earning another one of these horrid strokes. But oh, the beastly pain! WhissSSSICKKT! WhisSACKKT! Two more bitter tit strokes, both harsh horizontal cuts that punished both of Alice Turner’s jutting bare breasts just above and below the turgid nipples. She somehow managed to keep her hands from cupping the aching globes after those two blows, but the next flew straight across the proudest points of her chest, stinging both nude nipples and teats cruelly and she couldn’t, just couldn’t stop from trying to ease the fierce burn in the tender paps. Another added lash for that weakness.

Constance kept one hand busy between the Duke’s legs, playing with the heavy sack. She had moved down to the floor in front of him. The two of them held her lush breasts together between her right hand and his while she sinuously arched her torso up and back against his loins. The soft flesh between her mounds captured his rigid naked penis, fucking him between the silky curves. The tall man moaned in pleasure at the exquisite sadistic pleasure. Oh yes, it’s good to be the Duke.

WhissSSICKT! A hard diagonal slash crossed the under-curve of Alice’s right globe, continuing to once again bite the pert left teat bitterly. Alice’s hands dropped and fluttered about her chest, but rose up again without soothing herself. Ulrike drew back her arm, but the girl dropped her arms fiercely.

“No!” Alice hissed, “I get the full minute, damn you! I get all the sand!”

Duke Karel laughed out loud. “Listen to the little lawyer, will you? Oh, but of course you get the full minute. How foolish of me. See, there’s the glass. Not much left, but you have your minute.” He was still amused and chuckling when the sands ran down and the girl tried to lift her hands away from her heaving breasts. The extra time made the horror of anticipation worse. Still, she managed to get them up, little fists hard on her shoulders, elbows high. “Tits out, out all the way, you hear me?” Alice’s slim back slowly arched.

SCRACKT! The lash smacked across both aching mounds just at the lower edges of her aureoles. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AH! AH!” For the first time, Alice’s cries rang out loud and raw. Tears ran from her eyes and her hands fluttered about her chest like little birds; desperate to comfort her burning turrets but terrified of earning another stroke. She had already earned nine extra and still had one more to endure before her initial twenty were done.

The final cut of the dog-whip laid another hot line of pain across little Alice’s sweating belly, the pointed tip cracking fiercely against the thin sensitive skin of her left side, ripping a tiny hole that started beading blood. The lovely young beauty hissed loudly again in response. Thank the gods, the harpy finally left her throbbing naked breasts, but that bitter little sting on her side still hurt atrociously. She became aware that this stage of her ordeal was over when she saw Ulrike return the dog-whip to its hook. Alice tried to take advantage, sucking in air loudly as she fought the horrible pain radiating through her heaving torso. Her rapidly heaving ribcage set the fine, high-perched globes jiggling on her chest in a most lascivious way, but she was helpless to control them. The Duke decided on one last break for the wretch, leaving his seat again to come up and play with his captive’s body. The pretty redhead could only stand, shivering in agony and shame, arms twitching impotently at her sides, while Karel’s hands wandered over her naked upper torso. The entire bared female chest was slick and shiny with the heavy sweat of enduring the Duke’s sexual torture. The man felt the hot pleasure ripple through his penis as he fondled the girl’s welted nude breasts. She moaned in agony when he examined the tiny scarlet blisters at the ends of the inch-wide strap weals and the hard, darker welts the dog-whip had left across her soft flesh. He moved up closer and lightly rubbed his thumbs back and forth across her nipples, brushing the aching swollen teats side to side and drawing fresh groans of pain.

“I know it hurts, hurts badly, doesn’t it? You would do anything to spare yourself more of the painful whipping. Well, I have another offer for you. Agree to two touches on your body with the red-hot needles and I will subtract five of your remaining strokes. The choice is yours, of course. Two touches for five lashes. Otherwise, you take every stroke, and this time with the Malachi cane, a most painful instrument. Well, what say you?

Alice stood shaking as the tall man continued fondling her naked upper body. She knew that the touch of hot steel would be ghastly, but it couldn’t, just couldn’t, be worse than the cruel bite of the cane on her aching nude chest. Her soft female torso was raging with the pain of her beating so far. Ulrike slashed the new instrument through the air to her left and it made a vicious sound. She instinctively knew that they had saved the worst for last-the cane promised even more pain than the vicious little dog-whip. But the choice between the rod and the hot needles was still a hideously difficult one.

The Duke returned to his seat and leaned back again languidly, Connie went immediately back to the rigid shaft between his legs, resuming her exquisite play. Karel looked back to Alice. He knew the signs; he had seen them many times before. The half-naked young wench couldn’t make up her mind between two equally hellish torments. A little more incentive was needed and the Malacca offered a uniquely painful one. Not quite the diameter of her little finger, it was a stiff, hardwood rod capable of delivering truly savage bites to soft female flesh. “Can’t decide, can you? I understand. Such a hard choice. Ahhh, yes, Connie. Keep using your nails like that. It feels marvelous. All right then. If you can’t choose, I will decide for you. Present your front to the cane. Ulrike, the wench has rested. Make this first stroke really hurt.” The Duke signaled his female wardress. Ulrike gestured with her left hand; come on, come on, stick your chest out for me, girl. This one’s gonna hurt, believe it. The teenager obeyed, arching her back to stick the naked beauties out toward her torturer. SWACKT! The woman used a full-arm swing to slice the thin Malacca straight across both poised nude nipples, distorting the mounds and flattening the turgid female teats. Alice had been expecting a start on her belly and the surprising cut to her nipples with this first stroke shocked her with its fiendish aim and intensity. Oh gods, gods, the pain was beyond belief! “AAAAAIIIIIIIAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” the girl screamed. The strap was bad and the braided whip was worse, but nothing, NOTHING, created the ghastly intolerable pang of agony that the stiff thin cane just struck in her soft tits. Alice was cupping her aching mounds before she even realized that she had earned another extra lash. Another extra lash from the ghastly cane. SWOCKKT! Alice’s hands were again down at her sides, but clear of her tits and so the brutal stroke burst over both upper curves with a stunning impact. Oh, the pain! Anywhere, it would have hurt. On fresh skin, it would have hurt, but after the previous twenty strokes with strap and whip, Alice’s poor female nerves were throbbing and angry from abuse and the cane hurt her terribly. She cried out before she knew what she was saying, “Yes. Yes, oh yes! I’ll do it, I’ll do it! Five less, you promise, you promise. I’ll do it! I’ll take the needles!”

“Put down the rod, Rike. You heard our guest. Prepare the needles for me. I will handle this task myself.”

The dark-haired woman did as she was told, setting down the hateful cane, and placing two long, slim lancets into the coals before the fireplace. Glancing back briefly at the shivering topless girl, she fanned the embers until the needles glowed a bright cherry-red. When they were ready, she looked over at Karel. Duke Andressen left his seat again for this. A girl’s first taste of the red-hot steel was a pleasure he savored. She stood, terrified, while Ulrike fanned the coals holding the sharp implements a last time and gripped one with a pair of small tongs. Alice Turner stared with horror at the slim lancet. An inch and a half of needle-sharp steel, the metal dulled to a brick-red color when it left the brazier. The wardress blew on the point, creating a flurry of incandescent sparks in the lush room. The Duke accepted the tongs holding the glowing needle and moved up close. Pretty Alice’s eyes could not stop bouncing between the shimmering metal spear and the twitching fleshy one between the man’s legs. He moved up close to the horrified young woman. Again the hand gestured.

“Back. Back. A little more. That’s it, stick them right out here for me. Here it comes, Alice. Ready?” The terrified teenager bent her back so far that she was almost looking straight up at the ornate ceiling. Her swollen, whip-streaked nude titties thrust up and out with arrogant perfection. The Duke’s prick twitched up in anticipation as he darted in with the glowing skewer to quickly stab down the very center of her left teat, right down the tiny hole in its tip. Blood flashed to gas and the turgid tittie tip ballooned quickly into a grape-sized point spitting steam. Karel left the glowing lancet in Alice’s tittie tip for a moment, then pulled it quickly out.

“HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” There was no more battle to retain her dignity; the burning hot agony bursting through her left nipple was beyond any hope of control. There was no way she could keep her hands away from the spasming teat, either, although her best efforts at soothing only added to her pain, so outraged were the nerves there. “AAAAAHH! AAAAARRRRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Oh, sweet mother, it hurts, it hurts me so!”

Off to the side, Alice saw movement again and there was the Duke, rigid phallus sticking out toward her and a fresh glowing skewer in his hand. “Here’s number two, my dear. Stick that other one out now.”

“NO! N-No, no, I can’t. Ah, no, it hurts too much, too much.”

“So you give up the challenge …”

“Nooooo! No, I don’t, not that. Just not the hot needle again. Just not that …”

Karel replaced the cooling sliver in the coals. “Very well then. Your choice, as I said-only the agreement was for two touches and you’ve taken only one. So you still get the full number of lashes …”

“Oh, no no no no no.”

“Oh, yes. Now either stick your tits out for Ulrike’s lash or ask me to burn your other nipple. Lady Constance, be so kind as to turn the glass over, would you? I will give the wench a minute to think it over.”

Alice Turner’s eyes darted back and forth between the two of them, the harpy with her eager cane and the aroused man holding the shimmering hot needle. Both promised hideous agony to her already throbbing bare breasts, but which was worse? She had already endured one of the fiendish touches on her nipple and the savage burn still ached, but unless she took the second touch, it was all for nothing; she still had all of the remaining strokes to withstand. Still nine more lashes over her nude torso with the Malacca. All she had was somehow get through nine more cuts and she was free, free! The bitter agony of her left teat’s burning was still fresh and she just knew that she couldn’t willingly remove her hands and stick the swollen right nipple out for its own demonic kiss. No, the rod was bad, but she would force herself to somehow withstand the nine remaining strokes.

“I’ll accept the whip again,” the girl said with a faltering voice. Karel watched her raise her hands and arch her back again and he smiled. He gave the still-hot needle back to Ulrike who replaced it in the coals. Then she took up the cane again and went to Alice’s side. The duke remained standing where he was, watching intently.

SWOCKKKT! Ulrike deliberately applied the cane across Alice’s left nipple with all her strength, flattening the bloated red teat and disfiguring the ripe globe with the fierce impact. The fleshy mound wobbled vigorously as the chestnut-haired beauty shrieked loudly in desperate sexual suffering. The harpy’s cruel return to the girl’s just seared nude nipple infuriated the burning nerve endings beyond endurance and her hands dived down to the agonized globe in a futile effort to stop the insane ache there. “That’s another extra stroke, Miss Turner. You know the rules.” Back to nine more strokes again! Unless … One more burning touch and then she only had four to endure.” “OH, AAAAAHHHHH. Oh, gods! I’ll do it! I’ll do it. You can b-burn my chest again. But that means five lashes less! You promise. You promise!” Karel came back to Alice’s front and gently fondled her puffy right nipple. The left, he noted, had swollen to twice its original size from its recent searing. “Another needle, please, Ulrike.” Connie rose from the couch and stood up close behind the man, pressing her breasts against his back. She reached around in front of him to resume her sexual play with his naked phallus. Alice shivered in terror. Karel continued teasing her whipped right nipple intimately until Ulrike brought the reheated needle to him. Then he grabbed the soft globe, raising the glowing skewer up to the helpless tip. He wasted no time, lancing half an inch deep and bloating the delicate nubbin with internal steam.” “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! HIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! HAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OH, MY NIPPLE! MY POOR POOR NIPPLE! OH, IT BURNS, IT BURNS! AAAARRRRRRHHHH!” Karel let go with the tongs and left the cruel steel point embedded in Alice’s erect pink teat until the girl’s hands flew down in desperation and ripped it out with her fingers. Duke Andressen laughed out loud. He moved back to the couch and leaned back with Connie again taking her place kneeling between his legs. Then he turned the glass over. The sand was already half down before the agonized teenager noticed it with horror. “I will keep my word, Miss Turner. I take five strokes off the ones remaining. That leaves four-no five, you get one extra for removing that needle-to go. The same rules apply. You must stick your tits out and not touch yourself after the lashes. Just because you saved yourself five cuts doesn’t mean you can’t earn more additional ones. For these last few, you need not lift your arms; just moving them out of the way behind your back will be sufficient-just as long as you continue to expose your tits for Ulrike. Of course, I shall still require you to arch your back. Now bend back, my pretty, all the way back, the sands run low …” Tears streamed from her beautiful eyes as the fresh realization hit. Both of her naked nipples throbbed with razor-sharp bolts of agony from their ghastly searing. The sensitive beauties presenting them ached as well from the numerous strokes of strap and whip. Looking down, she was horrified to see how the once virginal globes had swollen and discolored under the hellish beating, in addition to the intolerable pain, flushing red, purple, and blue. And now she had to expose these terribly sore turrets to the torture once again. She whimpered loudly, but managed to wrench her arms behind her back, hands gripping elbows until the bones showed white under her fingers.

WHOCKT! The firm rod flew through the air to strike both of her nude nipples across their very centers, flattening both tender burned teats. Ulrike was now using most of her power to flog Alice’s tender titties and the rod burst open a few of the hard little blisters left from the strap’s ingenious holes.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRHHHHHHHH! AAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE! OH, MY NIPPLES, MY NIPPLES, OH THE PAIN! NO WOMAN SHOULD HAVE TO ENDURE THIS! OH, I HURT, I HURT!” As before, her hands flew around to soothe and protect her tits before she could stop them. Her fingers went right for her throbbing nipples, hurting herself with even that gentle touch. She was shocked to see that her hands were now smeared with her own blood. After being lanced by the red-hot needles, her delicate teats were incredibly more responsive to the cane’s brutal kisses. And still no progress made. She had been unable to stop her hands from trying to comfort her aching tits. And now yet another lash to endure for the privilege of taking this one.

SWOCKTTT! A new fiendish rising slice to both bulging under-curves lifted the feminine gourds and set them wobbling violently on her chest. Like the last one, it too cracked open a couple of the hard blisters and started more thin rivulets of scarlet dripping down the mounds.

Lady Constance bent her head down and started licking lightly around the swollen head of the man’s rigid naked penis. Karel groaned in lascivious appreciation. He eyed the semi-nude girl trembling before him. There were a few red lines across her belly and ribs, but it was clear where the bulk of the strokes had gone. Both jutting bare breasts were heavily striated with marks from strap, whip, and rod. The under-curves up to the tips were bumpy with raised ridges, blushed a variegated rash of angry purple reds, and leaking slow droplets of blood. Connie felt his prick jerk between her lips and lightened her fellatio still more. No novice to these sessions, she knew how to prolong his pleasure until he was ready to come. She could tell that he was not far from orgasm, but not quite ready yet. No, I know him too well. He will want to come inside this poor bitch and she can’t last much longer.

Despite his enjoyment, Karel was keeping up with his duty with the timer glass and the sands were running. Alice managed to get her hands to her waist, but couldn’t bring herself to move her elbows away from her front and arch her back. Ulrike had to roughly tap the arms back with the cane. Heaving with misery, she slowly complied until finally her swollen nude breasts stuck boldly out and away from her chest.

SWACKKKT! Straight across both turgid nipples and breaking several more of the blisters on her throbbing aureoles. Alice Turner’s upper torso bent forward and back repeatedly, groaning in agony. Only the greatest of efforts kept her clenching hands away from the pulsating tittie tips, but they hurt, they hurt. Karel waited until her cries died down before calling out, “Too bad you took so long, Alice. At least twenty seconds late adopting the position. Another extra stroke earned.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” the crazed girl wailed. “No, it’s not fair, not fair. No woman can do this; no woman can endure this. Oh, it’s not fair, not fair, not fair”

“You agreed to the challenge, my dear. Or are you saying you quit? Quickly now! The sand is running. Arms behind you and stick out those tits! Or do you quit? Do you want to be taken back to the dungeons, hah? Do you want me to have you stripped totally nude and given to the torturers? I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing your little slit exposed yet, my lovely, not to mention seeing how you react when it’s being whipped and burned. When you’re in the cells below, I can enjoy all of your young body.”

“No! No! Oh, by all the gods, no, not that, not that, not that …” Her voice died in resignation.

“Then stick your haughty chest out again, wench! I’ll teach you to be so bold with me. You have already earned another lash; do you want to earn two? Stick out your tits. NOW, wench, or I shall have Ulrike take you below right now and give your body over to the torturers.”

“AAAHHHHHHHH! No, not that, please don’t send me down there,” Alice wailed, but there was no escape from the horror of this ordeal. Karel stared at her with grim intent and she bowed to the inevitable.

For some reason, Alice raised her arms over her head this time instead of behind her this time. The Duke stared at the stirring sight the topless tortured girl presented, arms high, back arched, torso shiny with sweat, and bloated empurpled titties out thrust. A heavy drop of clear fluid blossomed from the tip of his prick under the intense sadistic stimulation. Lady Constance dipped her head to flick it away with her tongue. Then she began a skillful fellatio, sucking and licking around Karel’s turgid red glands delicately. The sands ran down and Duke Andressen waved his hand again.

With infinite cruelty, Ulrike sent the next cut straight back again to the flinty points of her nipples. Blood misted and the pretty young redhead screamed in unendurable agony. Every blow to the puffed up caps punished nerves not only well beaten, but seared raw by red-hot steel as well. Swollen to almost twice their original size, the slightest touch to them would have been intolerable-Ulrike’s demonic focus on her poor teats with the Malacca was an exquisite pain beyond the insufferable. The ordeal was horribly worse for her having to present her poor tits for the pain each time. At least the victims in the cells below were tied and helpless-they didn’t have the added shame of being accomplices in their own suffering. Again, her arms went up and she presented her beautiful bare breasts to Ulrike’s cruel ministrations.

THWOCKKT! The nipples again, flush on the bottoms of both aureoles. Her scream was almost painful to hear and more blood began to ooze from fresh cracks in the welted skin. Karel slitted his eyes. This wench was incredibly arousing. She somehow managed to keep from soothing her chest, but the sight of her standing so close in front of him, empurpled titties heaving on her ribcage added an almost painful pang to his sexual pleasure. Constance dipped her head down to envelop Karel’s penis halfway down the thick shaft, gently sucking back up it with her soft lips. Andressen’s eyes closed briefly with exquisite pleasure at the erotic sensations flowing through his sex.

How many left, Alice thought? How many left? Lost count. Three? Five? Oh gods, I don’t know! She looked down at her throbbing tits and was surprised to see her hands there, bright red blood on the fingers. Another stroke earned. Oh no, not yet another stroke. But the sand was running and she had to get through these last few lashes. Somehow, she got her hands and elbows back behind her again in time for the next bitter lash, one that went back to the tender under-curves. The slice spared her nipples, but the bottom bulges had had a brief rest and the cut there hurt atrociously. Alice danced with lascivious abandon between the rings holding her legs apart, her slim arms flailing the air. Close now, The Duke observed. This one had been strong, but the relentless bare breast torture would break her soon, very soon, and he was growing anxious. He turned the glass over. The girl’s arms were shaking as if with palsy as she tried to force them back behind her again, but her hands just didn’t want to leave the quivering nude tits exposed again. Karel looked once, meaningfully, at the glass, then back at Alice. Fiercely, she wrenched her fists back up to her shoulders, elbows high and back arched. Superb when first exposed, the once haughty nude titties had now swollen to stunning size. After the harsh beating and burning, the two female gourds were flushed an angry red-plum color overlaid with crimson stripes. The slightest touch to them now would be intolerable agony and Ulrike’s red-streaked cane was cutting through the air with fiendish intent. THWACKT! A crisp stroke that bisected the teenager’s poised right nipple. Pretty Alice barely got her hands out of the way, up above her head again before the next stroke burst cruelly over her left burned nipple. The glass turned over yet again, then… SWOCKKKT! A fierce horizontal impact across both of the girl’s throbbing nude tittie tips. “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH! N-NO MORE, NO MORE! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH, MY POOR TITS! NO MORE PLEASE, I BEG YOU! PLEASE, OH PLEASE STOP WHIPPING MY POOR TITS!” Alice dropped and cowered on the floor, awkwardly with her bound feet. She wrapped her arms across her upper chest and bobbed up and down in intolerable suffering. Tears poured from her eyes and moans from her throat. She had lost, lost. But she just couldn’t move her hands away again, just couldn’t expose her burning nude breasts to another intolerable slash from the cane. “OOWW, I CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE! OH, MY POOR TITS, MY POOR TITS, OH, THEY HURT, THEY HURT. Please, PLEASE, no more, no more, no more …”

Finally. Duke Andressen was beginning to think that this pert redhead was going to be the first to beat the challenge, but Ulrike’s cruel ministrations to her tits had broken her. The ordeal was over and he was ready. Jerking up from his seat, he stood above the cringing girl. After watching the prolonged flogging with Connie’s inspired genital play, his rigid penis stuck out from his loins, hard and turgid with blood. “Hold the bitch down, ‘Rike,” he commanded. “If I don’t fuck her soon, I swear, I shall explode!”

Ulrike grabbed the wailing girl’s hands and hauled her back prone on the blood-stained carpet. The Duke grabbed the waistband of Alice’s pantaloons. With one powerful wrench, he ripped the delicate fabric apart and down, for the first time baring the sweet young slit between her legs. Karel idly noticed that Alice was sparsely furred, a light down of auburn wisps over her dainty mons. The shiny pink lips of her labia sat plump and inviting just beneath. Under other circumstances, Karel might have taken some time to examine and play with such a delightful feminine notch, but now he was in a fever pitch of arousal after watching the young beauty’s brutal domination to the lash. He rubbed his right hand over Alice Turner’s bleeding breasts and used the scarlet liquid to anoint his rock-hard shaft. Ulrike held her hands down under her knees as Karel positioned his hips above the girl’s loins. Using the same bloody hand to guide his glands, he rammed the long, hard shaft to the hilt into her vagina. He felt the brief resistance of her maidenhood rip and laughed in delight. It was grand to be the Duke!

The shagging was brutal and fast. Karel fucked the splayed girl with vigorous abandon, pumping his prick rapidly in and out of her gash. He had been holding his orgasm back with effort for the past half-hour and was aroused to his limit. After just a dozen of the hot slippery lunges, the dam of his control broke and the incredible orgasmic contractions began rippling through his buried naked penis.

“UHNNN! UGHHHNN!” he grunted as the first hot liquid eruptions burst from the plum-hard glands. Broken under the savage whipping, young Alice’s slick inner muscles spasmed around his spurting shaft, milking the rod like a farm maid behind a cow. Karel pumped for minutes until the wracking spasms finally diminished and his embedded sex lost its iron-like rigidity. He pulled out of her and returned to his couch while Connie cleaned him with warm wet cloths. Five minutes later, he was back sipping his wine as the guards returned and lifted the half-conscious girl to her feet. They stood her before the Duke. Her bare breasts were horribly discolored and swollen, heavily laced with numerous welts and still slowly leaking blood. To a confirmed sadist like the Duke, she was beautiful.

“Secure her in a cell and treat her wounds. Never have I enjoyed testing a wench as much. I want to be present when she’s reintroduced to the torture. Give her a full two weeks to recover. I will want her lovely fat breasts to feel the lash again and they must be healed and whole again. Bring her to the room with the tit mangle. After a couple of hours laid out on her back on the whipping bench, we’ll see how she likes having them ballooned on the far side of the rollers. That will hold her steady when I fuck her again. Only that one won’t be as much fun for you, wench,” he continued to the miserable redhead. “No special deal for you then. In the dungeon, you’ll be naked as the day you were born. And as much as I will enjoy lashing your pretty breasts again, I am certain to take equal delight when your cute little sex lips feel the kisses of the whip-maybe even a taste of the hot steel down there as well, hmmm? No, the next time I take you your plump labia will be hot and swollen like your tits are right now. Oh yes, Alice girl, we will have much more fun together, you and I. I know so many games to play with a lusty young wench like you nude in the torture chamber! Now take her away.”

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