Choke Chamber – Enemy Within

Choke Chamber – Enemy Within

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Super assassins Dilena, and Natalia share a domicile together, as well as a partnership in crime. As they get ready for the day, Dilena receives a call from an unknown man, warning her that her partner, Natasha, has been issued a hit on her life. Dilena is disappointed, but plays it cool. Natalia, curious about the phone call, becomes suspicious with Dilena’s answer. She knows something is wrong. They both casually manoeuvre around the room, positioning themselves close to their weapons of choice. All hell breaks out. Dilena whips a blade from a kitchen drawer, but Natalia, already armed with a pistol, catches the knife, and returning the favor with two bullets in Dilena’s chest. Reacting to her wounds, Delina pulls herself together, launching an attack at Natalia, furiously stabbing her, over and over. But the tables are turned when Natalia shoots Dilena, driving her back against the wall, then empties her weapon into her. As Dilena falls to the floor dying, Natalia crawls to her side, and painfully dies.

Two Sexy Spies Shoot and Stab to death!

Fetish Elements:
Super sexy death stares, Eyes wide, Legs kicking and twitching, Full nudity, Multiple kill scenes, 2 models, Pantyhose or stockings, sexy business elegant attire, mini skirt, Nudity, High Heel, Pumps, bare feet, foot worship or foot views or foot play, multiple death pans, stabbing, shooting, silencer, muzzle flash, CGI bullet effects, blood effects, machine gun, pistol, blood spatter, body moaning, writhing, agony, belly clutching, back-arching, crawling, belly, breast, navel, pussy bullet wound, gasping, heavy breathing, tough girl

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