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Peachy Keen Films – Basic Failure 6

Peachy Keen Films – Basic Failure 6

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Shavelle Love and Pepper Hart

Shavelle and Pepper are new recruits to whore spy training at the Spy Assassin School. It’s day one and the two girls stand nervously in their sexy little spy bikinis as their new boss explains that they must train themselves to hold off orgasm, because orgasming spies give up information. He informs them that if they fail this pre-test, they will be shot by simulated bullets and experience a 24 hour simulated death. To intimidate them more, he demonstrates the 7 levels of power.

Standing side by side the two girls bend at the waist and insert their vibrating eggs into their already aroused pussies leaving the tails exposed, dangling from between their lips. The man increases the intensity, until finally it becomes too much for Shavelle, and lets out a moan signaling her cumming. The boss shoots her and she falls to the ground in pain, only for her colleague to follow suit shortly after. The two girls fall into their simulated death for 24 hours. The next day the 2 girls are practicing in their beds. The two girls lays in bed rubbing their clits as they fantasize about getting the jump on their colleague and masturbating over her body.

Day 3 arrives with the final exam and the 2 girls are scared and nervous because this time is is REAL bullets. The girls insert their eggs and the vibrations begin, starting from level 3, where they had failed before. The two girls moan and squirm with the radiating vabrations coming from deep inside their pussies. Sadistic as he is, the boss ramps up the vibes from level 5 straight to 7. Shavelle, competitive as she is squeezes Peppers nipple and it sends her over the edge. The boss immediately shoots her in the belly 3 times and then her breast. Shavelle only holds out for a few more seconds before 5 bullets enter her body as well. I guess basic training has become basic failure.

Fetish Elements: Graphic Sexual Content, Nudity, Vibrator, Gun Fun, Shooting, Simulated Death, Necro, Body Views, Foot Views..

Basic Failure 6.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Okay So Bad News

Peachy Keen Films – Okay So Bad News

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Papper Hart

Max is at it again. Today to his surprise he found a new app to order escorts. As he waits for his escort he finds an even more surprising timestop app. This time itТs a tight little redhead, that makes MaxТs pants feel restrictive just looking at her. She goes over the prices, he wanted some pretty freaky stuff so the cost is prohibitive; heТs found the perfect loop hole. Time-loop hole, that is. With the touch of a button, the lovely escort is frozen in time, unaware of anything that happens to her or around her, giving Max plenty of time to play.

First, he gets a good look at whatТs under her clothes. Spreading her legs wide and pulling her pantyhose down to leer at her $25,000 fire-red bush. Off come the shoes and the hose, so he can get a taste of her juicy hole. Pulling her tits out, he squeezes, licks and pinches her rosy nipples. All this play has worked his dick into a stiff erection, so he molds her dainty hand around the throbbing monster and slides it back and forth for a nice hand job. Wanting more, he shoves his meaty pole into her defenseless cunt, plowing away at her tight opening. ThereТs only so much a man can take, so itТs no surprise when he grips her round hips tight and grunts, unloading a healthy helping of goo while deep inside her.

Mission accomplished, he thinks and goes about the process of redressing her. Once he feels that she is suitably recombobulated, he repositions her on the couch and, with the press of a button, unfreezes her. Unfortunately, she realizes something is not right. Maybe itТs the the stretched out pussy or the repositioned cervix; either way, that sounds like trouble for Max. Leaping on top of her, he clasps his hands around her throat and squeezes to deliver some bad news. She struggles to get away, thrashing her limbs and squirming in his iron grip, but itТs no use. Soon, she weakens and falls limp, her young life snuffed out. In all the excitement, though, Max finds himself hard again, so he lays her on the couch with her head hanging over the side, her slack mouth open for business. Pushing his cock right inside, he fucks her throat, his shaft punching her uvula with every thrust. Soon, he empties his balls down the poor girlТs gullet. Hmm, two for the price of none, he thinks and walks off with a new appreciation for technology, leaving the girlТs abused corpse to lie on the sofa.

Fetish Elements:аExplicit Sexual Content, Timestop, Redhead, Pantyhose, Stripping, Posing, Lifting, Carrying, Handjob, Sex, Hand Strangling, Limb Play, Necro Face Fuck, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views.

Okay So Bad News.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Story Time

Peachy Keen Films – Story Time

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Moka Mora
Directed by JohnM

Little one’s grow up so fast. Certainly, darling Moka Mora has. When she comes looking for her big, strong daddy to protect her from her bad dreams, wearing an adorable, fuzzy, purple pair of footed pajamas, she seems every bit the frightened youngster. But when she curls up next to the older man, the weight and warmth of her curvy, sexy body causing his cock to twitch, she feels every bit a woman. Still, a daddy’s job is to comfort their little, so he begins to read her a story.

All is well, until the innocent girl feels daddy’s big, rigid pole, growing larger and harder by the second, poking into her and she reaches down to feel for what it could be. He knows he should be strong and not think of his little cherub in such a naughty way, but once her soft hands start to work on his neglected cock, his resolve vanishes. Knowing how the young scamp is always putting things in her mouth, it’s not hard to convince the naive lolita to suck on his impressive manhood. Swept up in the intoxicating lust she inspires, he makes her a woman and awakens a pleasure and a desire she had never known.

He also dumps a big ol’ ballsack of baby gravy into her mouth. Surprised by the viscous, sticky cream flooding into her mouth, she opens it, the copious man seed running down her chin and coating her tits and belly, making her a mess. They return to reading the story, but it is filled with dark and strange notions. Much like the King in Yellow, the story twists the mind of the reader, turning such dark ideas into desires and irrepressible urges. Daddy finds himself stuck on one particular passage in which the main character has sex with a corpse. Such is the book’s effect, that he instantly snaps his little girl’s neck, just to try it out.

Shoving himself back into her tight, wet cunt, he pounds aways at her limp and lifeless body. He is amazed at how good it feels, and it’s not long before he can feel the pressure in his groin building. Pulling out, his prick erupts and he sprays yet more hot cum onto her motionless corpse, before curling up next to her and continuing to read more of the strange book. I wonder what he’ll read next?

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Daddy/Daughter, Role Play, Footed Pajamas, Panties, Ankle Socks, Handjob, Blowjob, 69, Pussy Licking, Sex, Lifting, Cum Shot, Cum in Mouth, Cum Drooling, Neck Snap, Necro Sex, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views.

Story Time.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Friends Til The End

Peachy Keen Films – Friends Til The End

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Ashley Laine
Directed by JohnM

Ashley and her longtime friend stumble into her room. They had such a good night together reminiscing of their long friendship. But Ashley secretly has always wanted a little more, and with the liquid lubrication of the booze the words slip out. УYou should fuck me.Ф she says with a grin, as she begins kissing him.

Before he can process the assertion, Ashley passes out on the bed. He doesnТt know what to do as he tries to wipe the lipstick from his face. She is so hot lying there and heТs had a similar crush since they were pre-graders. She did say she wanted him to fuck her. He canТt itТs wrong, he knows it. The dilemma plays cyclic in his head as he paces the floor. He thinks to himself, maybe she doesnТt have to know.

He admires her soft body, so tactile under his hands his cock begins to harden in his pants, as he begins to strip her; talking himself into each maneuver to undress her. СThese clothes canТt be comfortable to sleep in,Т he assures himself as he slips off her panties revealing her perfect pussy. Not so much as a stir from herЕyea, maybe she doesnТt need to know.

He begins to meticulously check to see if anything he does will wake her. He rolls her around on the bed, lifting up her arms and letting them fall with a thud to the bed. He checks by dropping her legs and even her whole body, she just flops. He shakes her arms and wrists and nothing arouses her. Every way he maneuvers her and flops her is as muted to her consciousness as the breathe of a sleeping baby. She is completely out. She will never know.

He stretches her out and begins to pull out his cock as he lowers himself over her. She suddenly opens her eyes and in sobering fear of what a man she trusted was getting ready to do to her. She struggles to fight him off but he over powers her with his weight and quickly wraps her own thigh high stocking around her neck. He pulls the ligature tight, as she struggles to push him off her against the bed. Her body heaves as the nylon cuts tighter into her neck, making a deep dark ring. Her gasps and convulses make his cock throb as the last bit of life passes from her lungs and out her eyes.

Fetish Elements:†Graphic Sexual Content, Nudity, Flop, Passed Out, Drunk Girl, Stripping, Fondling, Rolling, Nylon Strangling, Limb Play, Necro, Body Views, Foot Views..

Friends Til The End.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Batgirl Captured By Wayne Brenen

Peachy Keen Films – Batgirl Captured By Wayne Brenen

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Batgirl has been captured by some of Wayne Brenen’s thugs, they drag her into her lair and lock her in a cell. The thugs sit down and play a game of cards. She distracts them by throwing something from her utility belt, and they go to check the noise, she then pulls a lock pick from the heel of her shoe and starts to pick the lock, she finally gets it when her captors come back and continue playing their card game, one of the thugs fold and goes to check on Batgirl, he notices the lock is unlocked and she kicks the cell door open knocking him down, the other thugs rush in and attack, she makes short work of them, when Wayne Brenen comes in and pulls out a raygun and fires, she collapses to the ground, weak and convulsing. Dr. Brenen orders his thugs to tie her up, they put her on a table leaning against the cell, with her arms over her head and her legs frog tied as she hangs there helpless. Dr. Brenen starts to punish this poor heroine by having his men tickle her, then he gives them the Hitachi magic wand and has them hold her down while they rub it on her pussy, making her scream in pleasure and humiliation as she cums again and again. Wayne Brenen decides it’s time to reward his thugs, so as he leaves, he tells them they can have their way with her, they argue over who gets to fuck her first, but Torro wins and fucks her till he cums all over her, she tries to escape so Torro grabs the rope and strangles her and leaves her dead body in the cell for future use.

Batgirl Captured By Wayne Brenen.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Threesome Choke Out

Peachy Keen Films – Threesome Choke Out

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Two sexy sisters, Penny and Zoey, are wondering how their dad gets so many women. Too shy to come right out and ask, they catch him in his bedroom and ask him how he met their mom. He admits that he has a secret and that they are old enough that he can show them. Pointing to the bedside night stand, he tells his little darlings to look inside. Seeing a large and powerful vibrator, Penny picks it up, amazed by its size. Encouraging his girls to try it out, he spreads ZoeyТs legs, causing her short skirt to ride up, exposing her red panties and giving Penny access to her naughty bits.

The bulbous, pulsing head does its job and, soon, both of the young sluts are moaning, pussies wet and needy, their lustful eyes turning to the nearest cock. Daddy is not one to let his little girls down and he fills their tight, innocent cunts with his thick shaft. Knowing that Penny is a kinky girl, her sister, Zoey, chokes her, as she is being fucked silly by the man of the house, but is so caught up in a haze of lust that she goes too far. Before they realize it, Penny is dead, strangled by her sibling, while her daddyТs dick was deep inside her. Zoey and her dad are upset by this unfortunate accident, but are so consumed with desire, they continue humping like bunnies. Pulling his dick out of his daughterТs dead cunt, he gets between ZoeyТs legs and shoves it into her young twat.

Not wanting his little girl to have to live with the pain of what she did, dad latches onto ZoeyТs slender neck with both hands and strangles her, his fat cock continuing to probe deeper into her pummeled pussy. Soon, both lie limp and lifeless, just instruments for their pappyТs pleasure. He fucks them both for a while, until PennyТs dead snatch squeezes the sperm right from his balls. What good little girls. ItТs a good thing he has more.

Fetish Elements:аExplicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Daddy/Daughter, Threesome, Knee-High Socks, Hitachi, Fondling, Pussy Licking, Lesbian, Sex, Stripping, Nudity, Limp Fetish, Hand Strangling, Necro Sex, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views.

Threesome Choke Out.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Schoolgirl Stabber

Peachy Keen Films – Schoolgirl Stabber

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Stella Cox
Directed by JohnM

An innocent, young schoolgirl talks on the phone with her friend, unaware that it is the last conversation she will ever have. Her boarding school outfit, white blouse, plaid, pleated skirt and knee-high socks, seem out of place with the curvy, young woman that sheТs developed into. Out of nowhere, a man comes up behind her, his strong arm wrapping around her neck and squeezing. Before she can react, he chokes her out and she falls, unconscious, to the ground. When she awakens, she is alone, bound with rope, wrists and ankles wrapped tight with rough cord. The man comes back and lifts her small body with ease, setting her on his lap. His hands grope her, kneading handfuls of plump boobs through her clothing. She pleads with the man, terrified, as he begins to unbutton her shirt and remove her bra to expose her full, young tits. Her eyes go wide as he pulls a knife out and starts to drag it over her soft, tender flesh. Placing the sharp point of the blade just below her navel, he pushes it in, piercing her belly and sinking the length of it into her gut. She cries out in pain, before mercifully passing out.

Laying her on the floor, the man lifts up her skirt and slides her white panties off, to reveal her hairless pussy. Burying his face between her legs, he licks the smooth skin around her cunt. The stimulation brings her back around and she moans weakly, before begging him to leave her alone. SheТs a virgin, she confesses, and no man has ever touched her there. As if in response, the man gets on his knees and spreads her legs wide, pressing the head of his cock against the velvety flesh of her untouched snatch. He slips inside her, pressing down with weight of his body, her tightness yielding against his persistent thrusts. She groans in pain, both from the huge cock opening her virgin hole wider and the belly wound oozing blood. Gripping the knife once more, he begins to stab her, over and over again, cold steel penetrating her chest, her massive boobs, as his shaft probes deeper into her most intimate regions. The man feels his impending climax approaching, so he plunges the knife deep into her heart, ensuring the last thing she ever feels is his cock pumping her full of his cum. She dies there on the floor, her blood pouring from the many stab wounds, her innocence violated and her corpse left like a discarded piece of trash.
Fetish Elements:а Explicit Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Schoolgirl Outfit, Violence, Terror, Begging, Forced Sex, Knife Play, Stabbing, Blood, Crying, Multi-Stabbing, Belly Stab, Drooling, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views.

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Peachy Keen Films – Dee Dee’s Dirty Fantasy

Peachy Keen Films – Dee Dee’s Dirty Fantasy

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Dee Dee and her lover, Miles are hanging out one night while her husband is at work. She tells him about a fantasy she has had for a while where she is abducted and tied up and raped. She starts rubbing her pussy through her pants while she talks about it. Miles likes the idea, and tells her that he is heading out, and maybe heТll meet her later.

Dee Dee finishes rubbing herself and heads out. While walking down a dark alleyway, Miles grabs her and chloroforms her, knocking her out, then takes her back to her house. He swings her floppy unconscious body around before tossing it on the bed, then takes her shoes and socks off and starts sucking on her toes and licking her soles.

He strips her all the way, then ties her spread eagle on the bed and starts to finger her pussy until she wakes up. Then he starts to tickle her. Dee Dee laughs and tries to get away, struggling under his hands, but canТt.

He goes back to playing with her pussy, then slides his dick in and starts to fuck her hard and deep. Then he unties her and flips her over into doggy style and wraps a rope around her neck and fucks her while choking her until he cums.

He unties her and she thanks him for fulfilling her fantasy, but tells him that she needs to break it off and tell her husband. She gets up to go, but he attacks her, wrapping the rope around her neck and pulling her down. She tries to escape, but this time itТs for real, and he pulls on the rope until she is dead, then leaves her on the bed for her husband to find.


Dee Dees Dirty Fantasy.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Wonder Woman Meets Violatrix

Peachy Keen Films – Wonder Woman Meets Violatrix

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Rose Black and Willow

Directed by Alex Dorian

The vile supervillainess Violatrix has stuck!

Wonder Woman rushes to where she believes the evil fem domme is hiding, to find her sitting casually in a chair, riding crop in hand, waiting for her.

She demands to know what atrocities Violatrix is up to now, and she tells Wonder Woman that she has discovered the location of the Amazonian Princess’s home, Paradise Island, and has hidden explosives throughout, and will detonate unless Wonder Woman follows her every command.

Wonder Woman, trying to figure out a way out of this, submits to the villains will for the time being.

Her new Mistress orders her onto her knees, and she reluctantly obeys. Violatrix examines her new toy, making her crawl around and having her bend over so she can feel her ass and humiliate the heroine.

She orders her new slave to worship her pussy, taunting her telling her that she will make all of her amazonian sistren her slaves. Wonder Woman, won’t take this anymore and refuses to submit, so Violatrix is forced to change the game.

She grabs a collar and forces it around her neck, as soon as it snaps around her, Wonder Woman instantly becomes Violatrix’s mindless slave.

She orders Wonder Woman to crawl to her and worship her boots, after they are thoroughly cleaned, she has her grab her strap on.

Violatrix orders her sub to worship her fake cock, and the hungry little cock slut does, impressing her Mistress. She lays her down on the bed and slides the cock into her superheroine pussy, then grabs a Hitachi and rubs it on her pussy while fucking her, bringing both girls to orgasm

Violatrix stands up and orders Wonder Woman to follow, she explains that she is bored with her, and orders her to open the desk drawer.

Wonder Woman obeys and finds a pistol, which Violatrix orders her to take out and put into her own mouth, then orders her to pull the trigger.

With a twitch of her finger, Wonder Woman shoots herself in the mouth, spraying blood out the back of her head, and she collapses dead in a pool of her own blood and brain matter
Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Strap On, Boot Worship, Boot Licking, Boot Cleaning, Dildo, Blow Job, Fucking, Forced Orgasm, Mind Fuck, Slaves, Female Domination, Lesbian, BDSM, Pantyhose Ripping, Mistress, Collars,Crawling, Blackmail, Rape, Suicide, Shooting, Blood, Body Views

Wonder Woman Meets Violatrix.mp4

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Peachy Keen Films – Stealing Life

Peachy Keen Films – Stealing Life

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Dee Dee Lynn and Willow Hayes
Directed By JohnM

A cat burgler with a molestation obsession breaks into a young couples home and renders them unconscious with knock out spray.

After assessing there valuables, she decides to facilitate her fetish and proceeds to unwrap the male and suck on his cock. After “almost” bringing the unconscious man to orgasm, she stops and starts on his lover.

She response subtly to the cat burglars fondling, but soon is making definite orgasm noises as she sucks and licks the unconscious girls pussy.

The man regains consciousness, but pretends not to. He finds the knock out spray and when the cat burglar is done with his girlfriend, he surprises her by spraying it in her face. She drips to the floor, spasms and is out.

He wakes up his girlfriend and they both agree they should have some fun with her. He lifts her up onto the bed.

She plays with her, then gets her man ready and he starts fucking the unconscious girl. Every time the cat burglar starts to wake up and protest, they spray her with the knockout drug and she goes out. This happens several time.

Finally, she runs out of spray and when the cat burglar is alert and trying to get way, she wraps a bra strap around her neck and to her boyfriends surprise and excitement, starts to strangle her.

The boyfriend is soon helping by holding some errant libs of the girl as she struggles.

After they kill her, the girlfriend sucks on her mans cock, building him up until he shoots his load all over the dead cat burglar.

With that done, the man realizes what a crazy bitch he’s living with, and quickly kills his girlfriend by snapping her neck. He lifts her up onto the bed and poses her next to the cat burglar, then leaves quickly.

Contains: Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Knock Out Drug, Unconscious, Unconscious Molestation, BJ, Pussy Licking, Break Licking, Fondling, Orgasm, Forced Sex, Unconscious Sex, Garrote Strangling, Neck Break, Lifting, Posing, Body Views Foot Views.

Stealing Life.mp4

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